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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmiths Sunderland.

I am Sean Bailey, your local Sunderland trained locksmith expert covering the wider Sunderland area, from the Sunderland Docks all the way to Crowther (Washington) and right down to Hetton-le-Hole and everything inbetween (including rural areas like Easington).

Whenever you're in need of a locksmith, we're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and able to get to you as quickly as possible.

You're in the safest hands across the Tyne and Wear region.

  • Our team hold a DBS (criminal) certificate.
  • We're also covered with public liability insurance (£5million policy cover).
  • Furthermore, all work is protected with a 12 month guarantee which means there will be no call out charges for arranged visits.

We provide a wide range of business and home security and locksmith services across Sunderland including:

  • 24/7 emergency locksmiths
  • Sunderland mobile locksmiths
  • Sunderland business locksmiths
  • Locked out of home
  • Locked out of business premises
  • Door latches, door bolts and door bars
  • Property security upgrades include:
    • Fitting snap safe locks
    • Fitting anti snap locks
    • Fitting mortice locks
    • Fitting sash jammers
  • Non-destructive entry
  • Lock replacements
  • Lock repairs
  • Key cutting
  • British standard locks
  • Eviction services in Sunderland
  • Broken key extraction
  • Door handle replacements and repairs
  • Window lock replacements and repairs
  • Window handle replacements and repairs
  • Snapped lock replacement
  • Anti pick / anti drill / anti bump lock replacements and repairs
  • UPVC door and window lock replacements and repairs

Call Sean, your local Sunderland locksmith expert on 0191 666 0206 for discuss further or to request a rapid response callout in Sunderland.

Locked out in Sunderland

When you're locked out of your home, day or night, with our rapid response emergency service, we will have you back inside as fast as humanly possible. Thanks to our non-destructive techniques, we avoid causing damage to your property, however, should there be no alternative but to cause damage, then our work is covered by our guarantee to put it right for free.

Our Sunderland locksmith team is ready to help you, no matter the time of day or night, or how big or small the job is. We're comprehensively trained locksmith professionals - you really could not be in safer hands.

When you're locked out in Sunderland, don't panic, just Call Sean 24/7 on 0191 666 0206 24/7.

Home Security Services in Sunderland

Are you considering upgrading your home security? Our Sunderland security services are on standby, ready to assist you in assessing your property, considering the best solutions for your property. This can range from locks to alarms and closed circuit TV systems (CCTV's) and alarms and more. We can help suggest and source security products for your home, as well as the installation.

Call our Sunderland security professionals today on 0191 666 0206.

Our Approved Locks

At Lockforce Locksmiths Sunderland we fit only the highest security locks which are approved by both police and the security and locksmith industry. Your safety and security is our sole concern and a responsibility we take very seriously, as reflected in the quality of our parts, tools and service.

Whenever you need a locksmith in Sunderland, don't hesitate to call Sean on 0191 666 0206.

Sunderland 24 Hour Locksmiths

Emergencies can strike at any hour of the day or night, which is why our Lockforce Locksmiths Sunderland team work around the clock whenever you need us. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Call Sean now on 0191 666 0206 for all locksmith enquiries, day or night.

Commercial Security Services in Sunderland

We understand the local Sunderland area, and the security trends associated with it. This puts us in a unique position to advise local Sunderland businesses on their security and work in partnership to eliminate risk.

We strive to go the extra mile for all our business customers to reduce the impact on your business. Our team will clean up after themselves and are available to help you out of hours. We are DBS checked, insured and remain discreet, reliable and professional at all times.

For more information or advice on our Sunderland business security services, contact Sean on 0191 666 0206 today.

Recent Jobs

I can’t open my front door - 30th January 2020

A customer in sunderland caled and said he can’t open his front door. We arrived on site within 30 minutes and opened the door the ppl had failed and the handles were just spinning we fitted a new centre case on the mpl and adjusted the door and had it like brand new. He quoted that he was a engineer but he couldn’t open the door he was amazed that we had the door open and the parts already on our van.

I'm locked inside my flat - 22nd January 2020

A customer in Sunderland called and said she was locked inside her flat and can’t get out with been an emergency we were on site within 30 minutes and she said though the letter box that her partner has gone to work and locked the door leaving her without a key to open the Door. Regained non destructive entry and then she asked if we could fit a new lock as she won’t be able to lock the door if she goes out. We fitted a new snap safe cylinder to the door with 5 keys.

Can you change my locks please -15th January 2020

A customer in sunderland late at night called and asked if we could call out to chnage some door lock as she had lost a key and didn’t feel safe we were on site in 30 minutes and fitted 2 new snap safe cylinders supplied with 5 keys each. Our customer will now be able to sleep at night knowing only she had keys.

Our front door needs boarding up - 27th December 2019

We had a call from a customer in Sunderland explaining he needs his front door boarding up as it’s unfixable. We didn’t really no what to expect before we turned up on site and noticed the panel on the UPVC door had been kicked in. We asked what happened and he said he was locked out and wanted to get back in. Because he could wait to get in he now had to have the front door fully boarded and will have to use the back foot until fixed or replaced.

I’ve been burgled and I can’t unlock my front door - 19th December 2019

A customer in Sunderland called to say she has been burgled though the night and had gone to get out the door not to be able to do when she walked around this is how she noticed as the handles had been ripped of and cylinder snapped. Due to the force of the brake in they completely broke the gearbox on the mpl. She also said she has already had a locksmith out first thing but they told her that they couldn’t get the part until after Christmas. With us carrying a large amount of stock in our vehicle we where able to renew gearbox handles and cylinder on the same day and first visit.

We can lock the door open but not when it’s closed - 28th November 2019

We arrived on site and noticed straight away that the hinges on the door had dropped so the door wouldn’t lock correctly. We explained what had happened to the customer also asked where they found us and the said that a leaflet called Checkatrade gets posted in the Sunderland area every now and then and that where they found use. We adjusted the front door and got it working as it should happy customers can now go to bed and sleep better.

I can't open my front door, 14th November 2019

A customer in Sunderland had called explaining he can’t open his front door and that it wasn’t an emergency as he’s in the property but would like it today. We arranged a time on the phone and when we turned up on site we noticed it was a night latch had jammed up. We striped it down and serviced it and it was back to working order.

Locked Out of Flat - Newcastle, 10th November 2019

We received a call during the early hours on Sunday morning from a customer in Sunderland explaining he’s come home from holiday and put the key in the lock and it won’t open. When we arrived on site he showed us his problem first and we asked if that was the right key. The lock had ceased not allowing the key to turn so we renewed the cylinder and the door was back to normal. That's the last thing anyone expects when they return from holiday but luckily Lockforce Locksmiths Sunderland were on hand to help.

My back door lock is sticking - 13th September 2019 

A customer in Sunderland called explaining every now and then her back door lock sticks and she can’t open it or lock it. We arranged a time to go out and have a look for her. After inspection we told her it will eventually fail so it would be best to renew she was happy for us to carry out the work so we fitted a brand new mortise lock to the back door which was a British standard insurance approved mortise lock 

We’re locked out - 31st August 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Sunderland were called by a customer who explained they have gone out for a family meal and when they have come home the key wouldn’t turn in the lock. We arrived on site 20 minutes from the call to see a night latch on the door. The lady explained she never had any problem in the past. The snib on the night latch had dropped now allowing the customers back in. We gained entry to the property renewed the rim cylinder and had the door working again as it should 

I’m locked out my house and can’t get in - 28th June 2019

A customer in Sunderland called explaining she’s lost her keys and can’t get back inside her home. We were with her within 20 minutes from her calling and picked open her front door lock. She was amazed how quick we responded to her call late at night. And even more amazed she didn’t need new keys to her home. 

Lost keys for my garage and I’ve drilled the lock my self - 22nd June 2019

Early Saturday morning I received an email from a customer explaining that he has lost his keys to his garage and that he had tried to drill the lock his self. With no Success. We arranged a time for us to attend after the same day. When we arrived on site at the agreed time to see that the customer has drilled the lock that bad it had caused more damage to the lock than needed. He had drilled the core and the body leaving nothing left of the cylinder. We opened up the lock using expert locksmith technics and renewed the cylinder with an anti-snap cylinder that is also supplied with 5 keys. This was a DIY attempt gone wrong and made it a lot harder for us to gain access. Luckily with our expert knowledge with years of experience on how locks work as I locksmith we managed to sort this without causing anymore damage. Sometime its worth getting an expert professional like us at lockforce locksmiths in Sunderland out as we can sort this is a fast time causing no further damage therefore reducing the costs. Plus, we stock majority of locks on our van. 

Can you renew my shutter locks please - 14th June 2019 

Lockforce locksmiths Sunderland received an email on Friday morning from a customer asking if we could renew his shutter locks in Sunderland after they had to let a member of staff go and were worried they would try and get back into the the building after it was closed. 30 minutes from his initial email we were on site and supplied him with 2 new bullet locks for his shutter to the front of the shop. Another happy customer.

Lost keys in Sunderland - 8th June 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Sunderland received a call at 1am by a customer that had lost her keys. We arrived on site within 30 minutes of the call and she explained she’d lost her key and had looked everywhere but couldn’t find them. She said she’d been out celebrating and had searched the house they were celebrating in high and low. We gained non destructive entry and got her inside without renewing the lock of causing any mess or damage. Fortunatly she had a spare set of keys in the house.

Boarding up in Sunderland - 30th May 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Sunderland received a call from a commercial landlord explaining he needed a property boarded up. We arrived on site at a agreed time and had to board up two doors and a large window. We boarded up the doors so they could still enter the property without taking the boards off and back on all the time. The landlord is very happy as they now have a secured property. 

Faulty patio door lock in Sunderland - 20th May 2019 

Lockforce Locksmiths received a call from a customer in Sunderland explaining he couldn't lock his back patio doors. We arrived on site at an agreed time and noticed that the gearbox on the mpl had failed. With us carrying a large stock on our van, we where able to swap the gearbox there and then without leaving to find the part. Once we had finished, the customer could lock his patio door which even comes with a 1 year warranty on the parts supplied by us at Lockforce Locksmiths Sunderland.

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