Sash window locks

Lockforce Sash Window Locks

A sash window lock is usually installed in addition to the existing locks to provide further security to your windows.

They are key-operated, which means they are accepted as sufficient protection by most home insurers. They will usually either block or vent the window, preventing it from being fully opened. This means that the windows can be opened enough to provide air circulation but cannot be used to access the property.

Common sash window locks

Duel screws

A dual screw is made up of a full or half threaded bolt which is screwed through an internally threaded barrel fitted in the top of the lower sash into a hole in the bottom of the upper sash or into another threaded barrel If you want to improve the security of a modern timber sliding sash you will have to use the all threaded bolt to prevent the sashes from being forced up and in. These locks should be fitted in pairs.

Sash stops

These locks are fitted in pairs to the stiles of the upper sash and stop the two sashes from sliding past each other. There are two forms of sash stop. The locks can be fitted to the top of the lower sash to allow the windows to be opened a little way for some ventilation or two pairs can be fitted with the second pair fitted lower down to prevent any movement. Remember to lock the windows when you go out.

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