Door viewers

Lockforce Door Viewers

Your door is your protection between you and potential danger. A door viewer is also often referred to as a spy hole, or a peep hole. They are a fantastic and simple way to quickly check who is at the door without even opening it! Door viewers are suitable for wooden doors and available with varying degrees of view. The larger the viewer the larger and clearer the view is.

The most common door viewer uses a 'fish eye' lens to give a very wide angle of view of the area outside your front door. They come in many designs and offer views from 160° to more than 200°. They are good for people with good eyesight, harder to use if you wear glasses. Most are designed to fit doors up to 50mm depth. They come in two parts that are fitted into each other from the opposite side of the door.

Prism viewers

These viewers collect reflected light from the callers face outside, which then goes through a prism lens and onto a viewing screen. This means you can view who is at the door from a distance of about 2 metres which is useful if you wear glasses. Although at night you would need a source of outside light as well.

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