Door chains

Lockforce Door Chains

Having a door chain installed can enable you to answer the door without leaving yourself exposed to threat. A simple and cost effective way to add security and safety to your home, using a door chain can give you the confidence to answer the door to any visitors, without apprehension.

In 2009 there were 284,427 house burglaries in the UK, up by 4,000 on the year previously. More than 600 a day were victims of violent burglaries.

For added security we suggest fitting a secure ring security door chain. The Secure-Ring, the combined security door chain and door restrictor, developed two years ago, to reduce the risk posed by door step crime.

This unique door restrictor and security chain device is suitable for all types of UPVC and composite doors and is particularly suitable for the elderly or infirm, those with arthritis and all other vulnerable people in today’s society.

  • Provides peace of mind and security
  • Feel safer when you open your front door
  • Allows you to answer the door and safely see who it is
  • The Secure-Ring is easy to use
  • Particularly suitable for the elderly and all other vulnerable people

Lockforce have local technicians that live and work in your area 7 days a week. This means we can be with you quickly and keep our prices competitive.