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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmith Newcastle.

My name is John and I have a local, trusted locksmith and security company serving Newcastle and surrounding areas near me. 

We have a fantastic track record helping hundreds of customers in and around Newcastle with their lock and security problems. 

Key Points:

  • DBS Checked
  • CheckaTrade Vetted and Approved
  • Fully Insured (up to value of £10 million)
  • All Work and Parts Guaranteed 
  • Ex-Military Service Personnel
  • Checkatrade Approved

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If you require our locksmith service in Newcastle, do not hesitate to contact me on 0191 666 0206 anytime, 24/7.

Newcastle Locksmith Services

Whatever your issue, I’ll be there to help you. I’ve never left anyone in the lurch after starting a job. It rarely takes me more than 30 minutes to reach you in an emergency, but please be aware that sometimes I can’t leave a customer midway through a job. However I have cover for such eventualities to ensure one of my colleagues can help you in such an instance.

Here are the services I can offer you:

  • FREE Home Security Surveys
  • Lock upgrades to high-security British Standards locks
  • Non-Destructive Entry where possible
  • 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Callout Services
  • Window Lock Repairs and Replacements
  • Conservatory/Patio Door Lock Repair and Replacement
  • Snapped Lock Replacement
  • Snapped Key assistance
  • Mobile Key Cutting
  • Repairs/replacement of uPVC or composite doors and window locks
  • Antisnap locks as a minimum
  • High Security Mortice Locks to British Standards where required
  • Door bolts, bars and latches when required
  • Anti-Drill, Anti-Pick and Anti-Bump Locks supplied
  • Mobile Locksmiths – I bring the service to you
  • Residential and Commercial lockouts
  • Post-property-move door lock changes
  • Estate Agent services
  • Master Keys Set provision
  • Eviction services
  • Filing Cabinet Lock picking and replacing
  • Mailbox lock replacing
  • Home Care services
  • Discount for OAPs and vulnerable customers.
Should you have any questions or if you require a little advice, give me a call on 0191 666 0206, and I will be happy to help.

Local Locksmith - About Me

If you are looking for a local and properly trusted Locksmith across North Tyneside and Newcastle, then you’ve come to the right place with your top-class locksmith, John. Born and bred in Whitley Bay, I own an individual and very caring company, representing and protecting YOU and YOUR community interests, covering OUR local area. So, before you engage with one of the anonymous call-centre chains that farm out calls to sub-contracted locksmiths, speak directly to ME first so you know who you are dealing with from the first call to the end of the job. I have an Armed Forces background of 14 years and have always strived to help and protect people in all I have done. As a locksmith I can continue to assist in my local community and I love to help the more vulnerable people and make them feel safe in their homes as they have a right to do so. I collaborate with Age Concern and Bluebird care to help look after our parents and grandparents all across the region.

I work in a multitude of educational environments to ensure keeping our children safe in schools and nurseries up and down the area. I work with landlords/ladies and tenants across the region to be on hand for those times when a personal touch is needed to assist in their issues of security. My ethos is trying to protect against others who are less interested in their community; to make people feel safe in their homes, to guard against potential burglaries and opportunistic thieving from homes and businesses. I can provide the most suitable and up to date security to help protect your home, your family and your business. Just give me a call and I’ll be happy to help advise the best for your needs. Don’t wait until that stiff door or window fails completely, give me a call to come and assess the problem before it stops you getting into your home. Don’t put up with low security locks that have been installed by the manufacturers of the door or window you have had in the property for years. Get them checked out, for free, by me with zero obligation at all. I can install the highest grade of door lock security, domestic or commercial, which adhere to British Standards and are kitemarked with insurance and police approval for peace of mind.

If you have any further questions or if you require any more information, do not hesitate to get in touch on 0191 666 0206.

Moving Home in Newcastle

Just moved house or planning to do so soon? Have you considered that the previous owners may have spread their spare keys far and wide into the local community. I have heard of “new” neighbours checking out the latest new owners’ properties which they are away at work – helpfully checking out if spare keys still work in the new owners’ locks! Yes, some neighbours caught on camera trying their old neighbours’ doors for an opportunistic thieving, leaving no evidence of entry! I’ve also heard of builders returning to properties following work being done to spruce up a house before it’s sold, and keeping a hold of the key! I work with many estate agents who recommend changing all external locks to prevent this happening after you move into your new house or commercial property or unit. I can come and do a security survey to ensure that this is prevented and change all the necessary locks quickly to give you piece of mind.

If you have any further questions or if you require any more information, do not hesitate to get in touch on 0191 666 0206.


Are you aware of the latest trends and figures by which a property is broken into? Do you know what bad habits you may have that the burglar can take advantage of? Some people aren’t aware of the weaknesses they have in their doors or windows until a locksmith takes a look at their locks, and some people are horrified how they have been living at such a risk. Well, rest assured that I can help to make sure that you change those weaknesses to strengths and ensure that you are as safe as you can be. What price is the security of you, your family and everything you own? The price is zero for me to come and do a security survey with a written, no-obligation survey for you to keep. I’ll check all your external and secondary locks to make sure you are covered by insurance and advise on any weaknesses, such as installing a minimum of snap-proof locks or at least high security mortice lock upgrades in your doors. I will advise on what to do with flat roofs and accessible windows. I can examine high risk points in your property and what to do about them. I will also look at the advantages and disadvantages of your installed CCTV or smart locks and advise accordingly.

If you have any further questions or if you require any more information, do not hesitate to get in touch on 0191 666 0206.

Locked Out in Newcastle

If you are locked out and you live in Newcastle, then I know how you feel. Fret not! Lockforce Locksmiths are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Newcastle to get in your property fast. At Lockforce Locksmiths, we understand the need for urgency should you have no access to your property, especially if it's your business. Having no access to your business for an entire day can be an absolute disaster for both staff and customers. We fully comprehend just how much stress can be caused should you be locked out of anywhere. As your local Newcastle locksmiths, we take a huge amount of pride in our locksmith service. We especially take pride in the speed at which we carry out our services. At Lockforce Locksmiths, we pride ourselves in taking regular training and ensuring we are up to date with the latest techniques. The techniques we use allow us to enter your home quickly and in a nondestructive way. We can also install brand new locks too should you require them.

So, if you are locked out in Newcastle don't hesitate to contact us on 0191 666 0206 and we will be there as soon as possible. You won't have to worry about a thing, and when the job is done, we will even take care of the mess.

Newcastle Mobile Key Cutting Service

If you require 4 or more keys for your locks, Lockforce Locksmiths mobile key-cutting service may be exactly the solution you require. At Lockforce Locksmiths we have a van packed to the brim with the latest in machinery, tools and locks. There are many advantages to having this technology on the go, and we are proud to be able to offer you a mobile key cutting service.

Do not hesitate to call Lockforce Locksmiths Newcastle today on 0191 666 0206 if you need some keys cutting in a hurry.

Newcastle Lock Repair and Lock Replacement

If you require a lock repairing, or even a lock replacing in Newcastle, then Lockforce Locksmiths are the people to call for the best solution. We can provide a wide range of locks from child safety locks to digital locks. We are very experienced and trained to the highest of standards.

If you need a lock replacing or repairing and you live in Newcastle call us on 0191 666 0206 today.

Lockforce Payment Options

Lockforce Locksmiths in Newcastle have many payment options available, including:

  • Cash
  • Debit card
  • Contactless card payments
  • Credit card
  • Bank Transfer
  • BACS
  • PayPal
We're confident that you'll be so pleased with our locksmith service in Newcastle that you will happily recommend to your colleagues, family and friends. Give us a call on 0191 666 0206 today.

Local News

We are in the process of providing some local security news articles in Newcastle. Stay tuned.

Call John on 0191 666 0206 today.

Recent Jobs

Front door jammed closed, Newcastle NE2, 31st May 2024

A lady had been just about to take her dog out for a walk but found her door jammed closed completely and she couldn’t use the door at all. Looking for a “locksmith near me” online, she cam across my details and rang me straight away. I arrived to find the door was indeed jammed closed, but suspected that the gearbox had failed as there was just no traction on the composite door’s mechanism. I managed to open the door and stripped the mechanism down, and indeed found that the door’s gearbox had indeed failed and required changing. Fortunately, the owner of the house could get out of the house through the garage so the dog wasn’t too desperate by the time the door was fixed!

New house, new locks, Newcastle, NE2, 12th April 2024

Having just moved into her new house, a lovely lady was looking to get her locks changed on her external doors. She was new to the area so she looked for a “locksmith near me” online and came across my name. She asked for me to take a look seeing as I don’t charge for a callout so I headed to her house. I found that she had uPVC doors front and back so was able to change all the locks on her house for her, including her patio doors to the garden. She wanted to have the new High Security Brisant Ultion, British Standards 3 Star locks on all the doors, so she felt really safe once these had been installed.

Lock-out, Newcastle, NE1, 5th April 2024

A lovely lady rang to ask if I could help her, having found my details by looking for “a locksmith near me” on Google. I arrived 15 minutes after the call to find that she had put her keys back through the door after leaving the house (well, her husband had done so!). I managed to fish the keys of the floor and drew them back through the letterbox to enable to door to be opened.

Lockout, Newcastle, NE1, 29th March 2024

A desperate lad, just back home after a long “evening” out, arrived back home at 8.30am to find he’d misplaced his keys, and looked online for a “locksmith near me” and came up with my details. I arrived to find a very bleary-eyed chap sitting on his doorstep. I managed to get the door open really quickly much to the absolute mixed emotions of delight and shock all at the same time. I suggested he uses his mortice lock on his door in future to prevent anyone getting into his place so easily next time. One happy, and very tired, customer!

Key snapped in door, Newcastle, NE2, 22nd March 2024

A young student from one of the local universities had returned home from a night out and had snapped a key in his lock, preventing entry to his flat. He looked online for a “locksmith near me” and found my details and gratefully-received reviews on Google. I arrived within 20 minutes to quickly help let the lad into the flat, for which he was eternally thankful, as he had an urgent call of nature brewing for some time!

Patio door stuck shut, Newcastle, NE1, 15th March 2024

A lovely lady had been looking for a “locksmith near me” online and came across my details. She wanted her patio door freed up as it was jammed shut. I arrived to find that the gearbox had failed and required a replacement as it had ruptured due to excessive force being applied. The door was extremely badly aligned. Once I replaced the gearbox I also realigned the door to ensure it closed smoothly once more.

Wooden door stuck shut, Newcastle, NE1, 8th March 2024

An elderly lady in an elderly house had a door which had ceased to function and couldn’t be opened or unlocked. I was called by her daughter as she was looking for a locksmith in Newcastle online and found my details. I arrived quickly and found that the mortice lock had broken. I gained entry to the lock and used a replica for the ancient broken lock on the door to get it operational again. One happy elderly lady and her daughter!

Back door stuck shut, Newcastle, NE1, 1st March 2024

Having found himself locked out in his back garden a chap looked on Google for a “locksmith Newcastle” and came up with my number. I arrived 20 minutes later and the chap had managed to get through his house via his patio doors, so could let me into the house. His back door had just be reglazed and he believed it hadn’t been fitted correctly. I unlocked the door and depressed the handle and the door opened immediately, much to the surprise of the gentleman! However his gearbox had failed and the door no longer would operate and therefore needed changing there and then, which I could do from stock on the van. No second visit required and one happy chap!!

Lockout, Newcastle, NE1, 23rd February 2024

Having just arrived back up in Newcastle to his flat, a young lad was looking on Google to find a “locksmith near me” and came across my number. He’d found that his nightlatch wasn’t working properly, and although it was turning slightly, he thought the snib had dropped on the inside of the lock. I arrived quickly and suspected he was right, so set about gaining entry. After a few minutes he was back inside the house and very relieved not to be out in the cold any longer!

Key snapped in door of empty house, Newcastle, NE1, 9th February 2024

Looking for a “locksmith near me” a lovely lady found me on Google and needed to get her Grandmother’s house front door lock changed due to her passing away, but had snapped the key in the door. I managed to get to the house quickly and found that weirdly the middle of the key was stuck in the door, with the tip and the top present outside!? No way I could pull out the missing middle of the key so had to remove the lock by force which I did very quickly. The lock could then be changed for a new one and therefore the lady could carry on clearing down the house for ultimate sale in the near future. One happy lady!

New locks on house move, Newcastle, NE1, 26th January 2024

A chap having just completed his Army service had moved to the area and went online to find a “locksmith near me” and came across my number. I arrived quickly to make the changes to his external locks – he knew that people could have passed keys to neighbours who may still have access to his new property so wanted to get them all changed – a very wise man. All locks were changed from stock on the van so no second visit required. A happy chappy!

New door handles required, Newcastle, NE1, 12th January 2024

Having found that her handles had become excessively loose a lady went onto Google to find a “locksmith near me” and came up with my number! She thought she would get her handles changed before they failed, which is always a good policy. I put on some high security British standards 2 star plus handles on for her which are made by Brisant Secure. She was very impressed with the quality of these handles, and so will you be if you contact me, I’ll show you!

Landlord requires locks changing, Newcastle, NE2, 5th January 2024

One of my usual landlords needing a locksmith nearby, got in contact through one of my Estate Agent that I do lots of work for. The landlord needed all the locks changing on one of their properties before the new tenant came into the house. I managed to get all the locks changed from using stock, saving coming back for a second visit – always appreciated by both the current tenant and the agency!

Lock changes in new flat, Newcastle, NE2, 28th December 2023

A nice lady had just moved to the area and needed all her lock changing on her new ground floor flat. She looked online for a “locksmith near me” and came across my details and asked me to come asap. I arrived the same day and saw that she had three external upvc doors which need to have the locks changed. I could do the job there an then as I had the stock on the van, so she was a very satisfied lady indeed once I’d quickly completed the job!

Front door jammed shut, Newcastle, NE2, 12th December 2023

Unable to access her front door, a lady went onto Google and typed in that she needed a “locksmith near me” and came up with my name. I arrived quickly to get the door open for her within a couple of minutes and make sure she was out of the cold. I found that the gearbox had failed and that it needed replacement, which I managed to do from stock. A very happy, warm and safe lady was most grateful!

Key snapped in door lock, Newcastle, NE1, 8th December 2023

A neighbour of a previous customer had rang on a recommendation to help sort his front door with a key stuck in it. He would normally have typed in to google to find “a locksmith near me” however this was not needed in this case. I arrived to find the tip of the key well and truly lodged into the lock and after having no luck removing the lodged key, decided to change the lock, which I could do from stock on the van very quickly. Yet another happy customer!

Patio door can’t be locked, Newcastle NE2, 17th November 2023

Having had a massive battle with the patio door lock, a chap and his wife had gone on Google to see if there was a “Locksmith near me” and came up with me! The asked me to come as soon as possible, which was in about 20 minutes to the door. I found that the whole Multipoint Lock (MPL) had seized and required replacing. I put on a temporary MPL overnight and managed to get a new replacement the next day. The couple couldn’t believe that I’d done it so quickly and were over the moon being able to let the dog out into the garden once more!

Keys kept by cleaner, lock change required, Newcastle, NE1, 10th November 2023

Frantic, a cleaning lady rang to say one of her helpers had attended a property and had then gone unresponsive with the keys for that particular house. The house owner insisted, understandably, on having the locks changed on the property. So the cleaning lady boss rang me to see if I could help. Of course I could! I arrived quickly to make sure there was no time lost in changing the locks to ensure safety and changed all 3 external locks in the house. One very happy house owner who was very impressed with the response!

Café’s store room locked shut, Newcastle, NE1, 3rd November 2023

A frantic café manager rang to see if I could help as she had in imminent delivery and had to have access to her store! She’d been looking for a “locksmith near me” and came up with my number. I arrived quickly to find that the bottom lock on the store door had a snapped key inside and needed to be released. I manipulated the door open and then found that the gearbox for the lock was very stiff – resulting in the snapped key! I swapped out the broken barrel and gave the gearbox a good drink of lubrication which loosened it up properly. If you start to feel that a lock is difficult to lock-up or open, give me a call before it’s too late!

Shed lock required after break-in, Newcastle, NE1, 13th October 2023

After a devastating break-in of a garden shed a single parent rang to ask if I could re-secure her garden shed. The lady had just finished her Christmas shopping for her children, having started exceedingly early, keeping nearly all the presents in the shed, she was devastated to find the whole room cleared of presents. I recommended to put on a shed-door bar which goes across the door and is locked securely against break-ins, providing much better security. She said she wouldn’t be putting any presents in there again as it was too much to face losing again as we get closer to the date. So very sad but she felt so much better that the shed was now secure.

Gate lock required, Newcastle, NE1, 6th October 2023

Due to the amount of people who had been using a resident’s bins without permission, a nice chap searched online for a “locksmith near me” and came across my name. He wanted to see if I could get something to secure a back street gate against “tippers”. I supplied and fitted a long-throw lock to the gate and that did the job straight away, with the ability to lock from either side. One happy resident!

Window stuck shut, Newcastle, NE1, 29th September 2023

A repeat customer rang as his bedroom window couldn’t be opened. I arrived to find that the handle had been snapped off! I found that the window had dropped out of alignment and was very difficult to lock, even moreso without a working handle! I managed to get the window open and changed the alignment on the window so it closed easily and got a new handle fitted. One happy customer!

New door locks and furniture, Newcastle, NE2, 22nd September 2023

Having just moved into a new house in the area, the new owner was keen to get new locks put on her doors and also, due to the amount of corrosion that was around on the door furniture, she wanted to get the door handles, knocker and letter box changed also. I do a 20 year corrosion guaranteed set of door furniture, and also carried some on my van, so was able to change all the furniture on her composite door, as well as changing the locks front and back of the house as you never know who may have a key in the neighbourhood!

Multiple issues with locks, Newcastle, NE1, 10th September 2023

Having just moved into their house, a couple had quite a few issues that needed to be sorted in their home. The garage door needed a new lock as there was no key! The garden gate needed a good lock (I installed a long-throw bolt lock) to keep the children safe and the bikes in their own possession! And a new front door lock was required too. I had all the stock on the van so could get that all done on the same day, leaving the family safe, secure and happy in their new living space!

Lockout, Newcastle, NE1, 1st September 2023

A carer called who was looking after a lady who had learning difficulties who had lost her keys while she was out with the carer. She was unable to get into her house without her keys so she asked if I could help. Of course I could. I arrived just 10 minutes later and managed to let the lady and the carer in quickly which kept the young lady nice and calm being back in her house!

Door can’t be unlocked, Newcastle, NE1, 18th August 2023

Having had to climb over a neighbour’s balcony to get back into their flat, a couple rang me to see if I could fix their stuck closed flat door. The mechanism seemed to have seized and it was their only means of entry, without climbing balconies that is!) I arrived to find that the top bolt had stopped working on the multipoint lock and had to replace it. Fortunately, I had a spare top bolt on the van so could do the job there and then. All happy without any need to risk their lives getting into their flat anymore!!

Locked-in, Newcastle, NE1, 11th August 2023

Having found that the only way in and out of her house was to climb through a downstairs window, a nice young lady rang in a bit of a state as she was locked in her own house. I made a change to my schedule, explaining to customers about the situation and they were happy to shift their appointment to allow me to go rescue the lady. I arrived within 20 minutes and found that the upvc door lock mechanism had failed. I quickly gained entry and changed the broken gearbox; the young lady was so relieved to be able to get in and out of her house without the acrobatics through the window!!

Locked out, Newcastle, NE1, 4th August 2023

In the pouring rain, a customer discovers that while walking his dog, he has lost his keys. Soaked to the skin after looking for hours the chap gives me a ring to see if I can get him into the house and change his locks for him urgently, as he has lost his driving licence as the same time! He suspects that he has been pick-pocketed. However likely/unlikely this story is I agreed to come to see him and firstly verify that the chap did indeed live in the house he wanted to gain access to. He was quite surprised to hear of my uncertainty but I had to explain that I can’t just break into any house that anyone asks me to. He eventually understood and got his wife to arrive with some identification herself. I let them in very quickly and they were both very grateful for that and for changing the locks on the doors. Another one for the storybook!

Latch not working, Newcastle, NE1, 28th July 2023

After finding that their kitchen/garden door couldn’t be opened and seeing that the latch was stuck in the keep on the frame, a couple asked if I could help. I arrived quickly to find that the latch had indeed disconnected from the gearbox and therefore was stopping the door from opening. So, I used my tools to free the door and replace the gearbox with a new one. All sorted in 15 minutes from arriving, and a very relieved couple!

Shared accommodation lock broken, Newcastle, NE1, 14th July 2023

A local charity rang to see if I could help their families who had a broken communal door lock. I arrived quickly as the problem affected so many people, and found that the door lock had taken quite a beating in its short but hectic life! I managed to get the lock changed for a more durable lock than had previously been used and cut several extra keys for the residents. All safe and happy once more!

Locks changing for Estate Agent, Newcastle, NE1, 6th July 2023

One of the regular Estate Agents that have me on their books asked if I could change the locks on a flat in Newcastle as yet another tenant had done a runner and taken the keys with him. I managed to gain entry to the flat quickly and changed both the front and back door locks for high security Ultion locks as requested, and dropped the keys off at the office!

New locks for new house, Newcastle, NE1, 30th June 2023

As is strongly advised by locksmiths, moving to a  new house should entail changing the locks – you never know who the keys have been passed out to. Taking such advice a young lady rant to ask if I could assess what needed doing after she had just moved in. I recommended that a new high security lock was place on her front door as there was a very easily breakable glass window on the door, enabling anyone to reach in and open up her latch for quick access. I put on a British standards lock and also fixed the two mortice locks, one of which was on the front door and one on the rear. She felt very much more safe once I’d visited and carried out the work.

New nightlatch required upon house move, Newcastle, NE1, 23rd June 2023

Having just moved into a new flat, a lovely lady was looking online for a “locksmith near me” and came up with my details. I went to have a look, with no callout charge, to see what she needed. She was after a Yale style nightlatch which I could supply and fit from stock that day, so went ahead and fitted it there and then once I’d quoted for it. A very happy and safer lady!

Door can’t be unlocked, Newcastle NE1, 9th June 2023

Desperate to get their door fixed due to an imminent  business trip, a lad rang to see if I could help sort out his door for his family to be made safe again. I arrived quickly to find that the door was seized shut and the handles wouldn’t budge on the composite door – the gearbox had failed. I managed to get the door open and swapped out the broken gearbox for a new one and the door worked sweet once more. One relieved businessman and a safer family!

Locked in, Newcastle, NE1, 19th May 2023

Upon trying to leave the house for work this morning, a lady rang in a panic as she just couldn’t get her door to open. I arrived in 15 minutes and quickly managed to open the door for the lady. I also found that the gearbox on the door had failed and quickly changed that from stock for a new one. One very relieved lady!

Garage door key lost, Newcastle, NE1, 12th May 2023

Having lost the last key that they owners had, they turned to Google and typed in a “locksmith near me” and came up with my details to help them try make their garage roller door work once more. I visited and found that a whole new handle would be required. I managed to find like for like for the 40-year old plus handle and had it delivered the next day! A very happy customer with a secure garage once more.

Door can’t be locked, Newcastle, NE2, 21st April 2023

A fitness trainer’s wife was having issues locking their front door as the handle had to be lifted right up until it closed and was able to lock. The called me and asked if I could help, which of course I could. I arrived to find that the door was extremely badly aligned, so I went about my way to put it all right again. Once I’d finished, the door was easily closed and locked.

Garden gate lock required, Newcastle, NE2, 14th April 2023

A lovely chap rang to see if I could help fit a new lock to his back gate. I suggested fitting a long-throw type lock with key ways on both sides of the gate. The chap thought that it was a perfect solution so I fitted it for him there and then from stock. One happy gardener!

Door stuck locked closed, Newcastle, NE1, 31st March 2023

Having to use her garage to get out her house a lady used google to find “a locksmith near me” and came up with my name as I was indeed close by. She couldn’t open or unlock her front porch door. I arrived quickly to find that the door lock was very “spongey” and didn’t feel right at all. Once I’d stripped the door down I found that there was a piece of pen stuck inside the lock! No idea how that got in there! Once I removed it the door operated perfectly and I tested it thoroughly to make sure it was in perfect order. The lady was bamboozled as to how that got in there, but over the moon to have her door back working again!

Lockout, Newcastle, NE1, 20th March 2023

A lady who saw the funny side of things found me by typing on Google “a locksmith near me”. She was laughing because her door, which was very old, had locked her out yet again! This time it was the mortice lock that had gone on the door so I thought I had a challenge on to gain entry. Fortunately the lock wasn’t high security and it took seconds to get the perpetually smiling lady into the house. I advised that the lady should have a new high security mortice lock fitted, which she agreed to, and it made her feel much safer and reassured that the lock wasn’t going to give way again any time soon!

Garage door won’t lock, Newcastle, NE1, 17th March 2023

Having done a few jobs for a customer before, he rang to see if I could help with his garage door which was not aligned properly and stopping his lock from operating. Once I arrived I could see that one of the door bolts was not engaging properly and managed to get it straightened and back in full operation. One safe garage and happy customer once more!

Bathroom door seized shut, Newcastle, NE1, 9th March 2023

Panicking about her running bath and the fact that the door had slammed behind her, a lady rang for help having managed to shut off her boiler after not being able to get into her bathroom! I prioritised her call and got to her as quick as a door-slam. I managed to gain entry to the bath and changed the latch for one that wouldn’t stick. The lady was very relieved to be able to use the bathroom once more, pardon the pun!

Landlady needs urgent lock change, Newcastle, NE1, 2nd March 2023

After having a very poor experience with a tenant involving the police breaking into a property to make an arrest, a landlady was desperate to get the locks renewed on the external doors. I arrived inside 15 minutes to make the changes to the doors, putting the highest security locks, the British Standards 3 star Ultion locks on each of the doors. A very relieved landlady, left to pick up the pieces of the ex-tenant.

New mortice lock on metal door, Newcastle, NE1, 16th February 2023

Looking for a “locksmith near me” a lady found my details and asked me if I could sort out her very unusual metal back door. When I arrived I saw that it was more of a high security door which had been put on the house by the previous owner, who was obviously paranoid in the extreme about security! The old mortice, which was about 50 years old was no longer operational and needed swapping out. A quick bit of research found a perfect replacement which I managed to get done by the next day. A proper happy and much safer house owner once done!

Elderly lady struggling closing/locking front door, Newcastle, NE1, 10th February 2023

A lovely lady in her 90’s was struggling to get her door closed on a regular basis and asked to see if there was anything I could do to help her. She showed me what her problem was and it was simply that she didn’t really have the strength to close the door. I told her that it would be a good idea to get a set of handles which had an extended lever on them to help her close the door properly as there was nothing wrong with the gearing or mechanism. Once she had the new handles, she had absolutely no problems closing and locking the door once more and was extremely grateful for helping her – as usual, an absolute pleasure!

New house lock changes required, Newcastle, NE2, 1st February 2023

A family were looking to get all their locks changed in their new house, which I always say is a great idea as there’s every chance there could be spare keys all over the neighbourhood!! I also advised that the garage door lock was very vulnerable and ended up putting a garage door defender on to supplement not only the new door lock but to stop the door being forced all together. One happy, safe family in their lovely new home!

Garage door key snapped in lock, Newcastle, NE1, 16th January 2023

We were contacted to see if we could help a couple gain entry to their garage, where the “heavy-handed” husband had somehow snapped the key off in the lock. I was definitely up for helping the couple so I set off, arriving in 20 minutes to see if I could help. I attempted many things to get the key out, however it just wasn’t going to budge. The issue I had was that the handle was failing to move at all, so made me think there could be something inside blocking the handle. I managed to get a thin metal bar under the garage door and swept from side to side, which knocked the offending object out of the way of the door, enabling me to move the handle successfully. Unfortunately, the lock had been destroyed by attempts to open the door previously, so it had to be changed with a handle from van stock. Happy customers, but also educated in knowing to keep things way, like the broom which had fallen against the inside of the handle!!

Key stuck in door, locked out, Newcastle, NE1, 2nd January 2023

A student rang to ask if I could help as they were online and had typed in “a locksmith near me” and came up with my name! I arrived in 20 minutes and managed to get the door open non-destructively very quickly. I advised the student that his door was very vulnerable with only a nightlatch on, as he had just witnessed, and recommended that he should install a mortice lock as supplementary security, or upgrade his nightlatch to a British Standards high security nightlatch. He would let the landlord know and would get back to me with his decision. I will still be waiting come the summer, no doubt!

Key just spinning in lock, locked in! – Newcastle, NE1 - 23rd December 2022

A landlord had attempted to fix a door and failed, leaving the tenant to call me and ask for help (nice!). The lady was concerned that the landlord had now made the door unopenable and the key just turned in the keyway without unlocking the door. As soon as I arrived I managed to get the door open and found that the gearbox had failed and once it was locked, it couldn’t be opened again with the barrel. I changed the gearbox and realigned the door, which had been making the door very difficult to lock for more than 2 years! All family members happy again at not having to walk all the way round the back of the house to get in!

Garage door can’t be opened – Newcastle, NE1, 9th Dececember 2022

Finding that she couldn’t open her garage door a lady looked online for a “locksmith near me” and came up with my name. She sent a message through Google which I responded to quickly and arrived 20 minutes later to help her with the garage. I found that the handle had stopped working so had to do some jiggerdypokery to get into the door. Once in I could replace the damaged handle with one I had in van stock so didn’t have to come back later in the week. A very happy lady reunited with her “stuff”!

Garage keys locked in garage, Newcastle, NE1, 25th November 2022

A nice lady rang concerned and feeling rather embarrassed, that she’d locked her house (and garage) keys in her garage and needed help quickly to prevent any burglaries. I arrived quickly to help her into her garage by picking the lock and opening it for her. She was most grateful that she had found her keys and that I’d turned up so quickly to help her!!

Double lockout, Newcastle, NE1, 11th November 2022

A couple of brothers who lived together rang, actually laughing, as they had snapped a key off in a lock on their front door, but then went to get in the back door and snapped a key in that door too! None of us could believe it; a one in a million shot of bad luck! I managed to get both the doors open quickly while discussing with the brothers what they could do to mitigate against this happening again…it seems they’d been having issues with both doors for years. So just in case you read this and think that you should put it off until later, have a think about giving me a ring now before it’s too late and costs twice as much to put right once it’s gone wrong

Landlord needing door unlocking on tenant’s property, Newcastle, NE1, 4th November 2022

A tenant had abandoned a property in Newcastle and the Landlord was left with a locked back door to his property. He rang me looking for a “locksmith near me” and found my name. I responded quickly to help the landlord gain entry to the back door, which was a upvc door. Once the door was opened it was obvious that it was in a bad way, having dropped out of alignment significantly and badly in need of servicing. I changed the lock on the door for security purposes and made good the door’s alignment, leaving it almost as good as new. One contented landlord!

Garage door key lost, Newcastle, NE1, 28th October 2022

A nice chap who was using his garage as a store for his business had lost his last key for his garage door and needed to change the lock. A quick job was performed taking the lock off the door and replacing it with a snap-proof lock to ensure he stock was safer than previously with the non-snap-proof lock he had.

Better locks needed on garage, Newcastle, NE1, 21st October 2022

A call came in after a business had been looking for “a locksmith near me” on their computer, and came up with my name. The business owner wanted to enhance the security on their lock-up garage as it had an attempted burglary. I had some side bolts for the roller garage and fitted them as well as putting on a new garage handle which had been forced. A much happier business person and a much sager garage.

Kitchen to Garage door lock won’t turn, Newcastle, NE1, 11th October 2022

A lovely couple rang to ask if I could come and survey their kitchen to garage door which had a mortice lock that the key was stuck in and was just turning a little bit. They also wanted to get their rack bolts changed as they had stopped working too. I arrived quickly to see that the lock was very dirty and probably seized inside so offered to change it over – the rack bolts looked the same – very corroded and clogged with ages-old dirt. I swapped all of them out and replaced them with like for like and they all worked very sweetly and were able to be locked – apparently for the first time in 3 years!!

Finger guards at a school slipping, Newcastle, NE1, 6th October 2022

A headteacher rang me to ask if there was anything could be done to stop his rubber guards used on all his primary school doors from slipping down (the rubber bits at the hinge to stop the children getting trapped fingers). I managed to secure the guards with an extra little screw to grip the guards from dropping and dragging on the floor which was more than enough to keep the guards secure. We don’t just do locks!!

Door handle broken, can’t lock door, Newcastle NE1, 30th September 2022

A lovely lady sent me a mail to see if I could help her. She had had a house fire and a passer-by had broken her door down to rescue her. The fire service had put the door back on to the house once the fire had been put out, but the handle had broken in the process and the door was badly aligned, meaning the door couldn’t be locked from the outside. I changed the handles for the lady and realigned the door and even gave the door a clean as it was still covered in smoke damage. A very happy lady indeed!

Key snapped in lock, Newcastle, NE1, 23rd September 2022

A lovely lady needed to get a snapped key out of her barrel in her garage external door. The key had bent off and snapped and couldn’t be removed as was stuck fast. I advised that it would be quicker to remove the lock than try to remove the key, and also there would be a risk that the lock may have been damaged in any case. Lock changed and a happy lady!

Lost keys and locked out, Newcastle Spital Tongues, NE1, 16th September 2022

I received a frantic call from a mother and her child locked out of their house in Newcastle. I asked how she found me and she said she had just typed in “locksmith near me” and my name came up at the top of Google, so that was great. I got to her in 15 minutes to find that she had left her garage unlocked and a key in the back of her kitchen utility door, making life much easier for me. I gained entry quickly just as it started to rain and let the family back into their house! I emphasised that leaving keys in locks makes it so much easier for someone to break into your house, as does leaving the garage unlocked! I think she may have taken notice after seeing how quickly gaining entry into her house was!

Garage door handle and lock broken, Newcastle centre, NE1, 8th September 2022

A nice chap went online to see if there was a “locksmith near me” and came up with my name, as I was near him! He had an issue with his garage door which was locked shut and he needed help. I arrived and saw that the mechanism had badly corroded and needed replacing. As usual I had spares on the van to replace the offending part so could do the job there and then. One happy car in the garage as it could be set free on to the great North East roads once more!

Door can’t be locked, Newcastle centre, NE1, 26th August 2022

I had a call from a lady who had a back door which couldn’t be locked as the handle was just spinning on the door. I very soon saw that the handles had failed but I was pleased to tell the lady that the handles were the only problem with the door, although a bit of alignment was needed too. I quickly put on some 20-year anti corrosion guaranteed, high security door handles. One happy and much safer lady!

Key stuck in lock, locked out, Newcastle centre, NE1, 18th August 2022

A couple called to say that their son had snapped off his key in their front door lock so they couldn’t get into their home. I set off quickly from the job I was on to go help as I’d just finished. I got there within 10 minutes as I was only a couple of miles away and removed the key piece for them and allowed them to get into the house and retrieve their house keys. I cut the son an extra key while I was there. Happy days all round.

Lost last and only key to patio doors, Newcastle centre, NE1, 12th August 2022

A lady who had been a customer of mine before asked me if I could help her daughter as she had lost the one and only key to her patio doors. Of course I could! I made arrangements to go to the property and assess – no callout charge of course! I removed the lock and replaced it with a snap-proof lock and aligned the door properly for her as a freebie for using my services again! A very happy mother and daughter!

Yale type lock lockout, Newcastle, NE1, 5th August 2022

A chap rang to see if I could help as his daughter’s front door had closed behind him and he couldn’t get it open again – he suspected that the snib had fallen on the latch on the inside. I arranged a time suitable to meet up with him which had to be soon as his daughter’s plants needed watering! On arriving he gave me the key and I opened the door straight away. We both had a right laugh as he had had neighbours around and everything to try get it open. I found that the latch screws were very loose so assumed that the door had got stuck due to it moving around so much. I stripped it down and found that there had been a plate fitted to the lock which was the wrong size. I changed it over and voila, the lock worked perfectly! One happy chap, and very happy plants after a good watering!!

Lost key, locked out, Newcastle centre, NE1, 29th July 2022

A customer was looking online for a “locksmith near me” and came up with me! He’d lost his last key to his house and needed to get me to get him back in. I arrived as quick as I could although the estate where the property was ended up being a rabbit warren of mixed up streets with no roads to park!! I lugged my toolbox around until I found the property eventually, only a couple of minutes later than I’d quoted, but he understood too well having lost many takeaway deliveries to the maze of streets!! I quickly let the chap in and he was happy as one of the people who got his already paid for takeaways!

Snapped key in lock and can’t lock door, City Centre, Newcastle, NE1, 21st July 2022

A lovely lady phoned to say she had snapped her key in her front door and she had typed in looking for a “locksmith near me” while in Newcastle and came up with my company, Lockforce Newcastle! Great, off to Newcastle to help the lady lock her door once more. I arrived within 15 minutes to help the lady remove the lock and replaced it with a snap-proof lock and 5 keys to play with and snap to her hearts content ??. A happy lady indeed!

Landlord calls for tenant’s unlockable patio door, Spital Tongues, Newcastle, NE1, 14th July 2022

A landlord who we do work for rang to see if we could help one of his tenants who had an unlockable conservatory patio door. We arrived to find that the door had what is known as a “twisted cam” which occurs when a key is left inside a door lock on a lift lever handle set, and someone tries to get in from the outside, forcing the lock. The lock was swapped out quickly for a new snap-proof lock and 5 keys. If you end up with an unlockable door or a key which is stuck in the door, give me a ring and I’ll come and sort your issue out quickly and reasonably!

Patio door key lost, door locked Jesmond, NE2, 7th July 2022

A young couple had been online looking for a “locksmith near me” when they came across me, and after reading the very kind reviews they picked me to give them a hand. The patio door was well and truly locked so the lock had to be removed quickly, and it being a hot day, it was best to get out that red hot conservatory as quick as possible! I replaced the lock with a snap-proof barrel with 5 keys, and realigned the doors for the nice couple. One very happy pair once they could get back into their garden!

New garden gate lock needed to lock from both sides, Spital Tongues, Newcastle, NE2, 30th June 2022

A lovely lady rang to see if we could help secure her garden gate from opportunist thieves in her area. I advised her to put on a double sided long-throw lock which would do the job and dissuade anyone wanting to steal her gnomes! She loved the fact that she wouldn’t have to go all the way through the house now to get to open the garden gate and was very happy at the flexibility and safety the gate now gave her!!

Door lock not always unlocking, Jesmond, Newcastle, NE2 - 24th June 2022

John was asked to take a look at a uPVC door which was proving difficult to lock on occasions and the handle had to be lifted right up to lock it. John found that the barrel had been put under extreme pressure and had bent slightly meaning it had to be changed, which was done very quickly and a new snap-proof lock was put in its place. The door was also in need of alignment, all of which made the door like new and the property owner extremely pleased!!

Key snapped in door, locked-out, Spital Tongues, Newcastle, NE1, 17th June 2022

When a lovely lady was online and looking for a “locksmith near me”, she found me and asked if I could help her. Of course I could! She had just returned from holiday and was trying to get into her house when the key snapped in her lock! When I arrived she was in a tiz, so managed to calm her down saying that opening the door wouldn’t be a problem, which, as it turns out, 2 minutes later I managed to open the door and retrieved her broken key out the door. I managed to cut another key by taking the two parts and making a couple of copies for her to use in the future! One very happy lady, reunited with the inside of her property!!

New locking solution required for pensioner, City Centre, Newcastle NE1, 10th June 2022

A lovely old fella had issues reaching his ancient bolts on his door and was getting out of breath with the effort closing the doors at night. His son rang to get some inspiration for better and easier security for his dad. I suggested a British Standards Nightlatch to replace the current system and set of bolts and latches. I left them both delighted at how easy the solution was to close!

Lock-out from flat, Newcastle centre, NE1 - 27th May 2022

A callout to a block of flats in town where a chap had typed in looking for a “locksmith near me” as had left his flat door key and slammed the door shut behind him. I arrived quickly and let him in even more quickly to reunite him with his keys, phone and his dented pride!

Lost key to post-box, Newcastle centre, NE1, 19th May 2022

A charming chap rang from Newcastle after looking the web for a “locksmith near me” as he’d lost his only key for his post-box situated in his flat’s foyer, and asked if I could help. Of course I could! I arrived to find the post-box looking quite stuffed with mail, so it hadn’t been emptied for some time. I pulled most of the mail out and then changed the lock after picking it. The chap had quite a bit of mail to go through but seemed more than happy to have his post-box back!

Call-out, door slammed shut behind customer, Newcastle centre, NE1, 13th May 2022

I was called out to a job in Newcastle centre by a chap who had had a bit of an argument with his wife after she said had the door keys in her handbag, so “don’t worry about taking your keys”. And you guessed it; she was mistaken, she didn’t have the keys in her bag, but it was definitely the husband’s fault! I managed to separate them for a minute while I opened the door for them, and they (might not) lived happily ever after!

Yale-type latch lock not opening, locked-in, Spital Tongues, NE2, 22nd April 2022

A chap rang to say his wooden door was failing to open as the nighlatch bolt was refusing to be retracted from the locked position. The lock was a handmade, black, cast iron nightlatch which would need quite a bit of research to find. I found an exact replacement nightlatch and had it ordered in no-time, removed the broken lock and fitted the new one. The owner was very impressed at the look of the replacement classic lock that had broken on him!

uPVc Door mechanism failed – door can’t be opened, Jesmond, NE2, 15th April 2022

A customer who had used my services before rang to say that he couldn’t get out his front door as it seemed the mechanism had failed and wasn’t operating the door lock hook bolts. I managed to open the door without any damage and found that indeed the gearbox had failed. I quickly replaced the broken one for a new one from my van stock there and then and the door was put back together and tested. He was a very relieved chap who had got sick of having to climb through his garage!!

Door latch stuck in door, locked in house, Wingrove, Newcastle, NE4, 8th April 2022

A lovely lady rang all very concerned that she was locked in her hose as she thought her latch was stuck inside her uPVc front door. I prioritised her straight away as she sounded distressed and arrived 10 minutes after her call. Just as well she typed into Google “a locksmith near me” as it meant I could be with her straight away. I gained entry to her house and found that her latch had indeed stopped retracting from the door frame keep and was preventing her from leaving her house. I quickly changed the gearbox inside her door and she was then able to come and go as she pleased once more!

Landlady’s tenant can’t close or lock front door, Heaton, NE2, 31st March 2022

A really nice lady rang to say her tenant and her family couldn’t lock their front door or even get it closed properly. I turned up to find a house-full and a barking dog to keep me company! The door was extremely badly aligned so I managed to get it hanging correctly and ensured that the lock bolts were aligning to the frame keeps once more. The door could lock successfully once I’d finished.

Lost keys, locked out, Jesmond, NE2, 23rd March 2022

A young lady was looking on google for “a locksmith near me” and came across my Checkatrade site. She had misplaced her keys and couldn’t get back into her house. I arrived quickly as it was pouring with rain and didn’t want her stood out getting wet. I quickly gained entry and changed her locks for her as she was concerned about someone else finding her keys.

Door won’t open, latch and bolts seized, Fenham, NE4, 17th March 2022

A personal trainer rang to see if I could help him sort out his “stuck” door. I arrived to find that the mechanism had indeed seized and the door couldn’t be opened. I managed to get the door open to find that the gearbox had locked-up and was not responding to the pressure of the handles at all. As usual, I had a spare gearbox of the same kind on the van so could change the broken one quickly. One happy personal trainer!

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Old wooden door mortice lock seized closed, Heaton, Newcastle, NE6, 20th February 2022

A chap rang desperate to get his front door opened as he was having a party that night for his best friend’s wedding and really needed to get access. The mortice lock had seized completely on his door and needed freeing and replacing. I quickly managed to get the door open and took the old lock out and put in a replacement from stock. One happy party organiser!

Composite door slammed shut with lockout, Jesmond, Newcastle, NE2, 18th February 2022

A lady and her pre-school boy had been locked out when their composite door slammed shut behind them. I managed to get the letterbox tool out to get to the handle inside and was quickly able to let the lady and her child back into the house.

Back door difficult to open and close, Spital Tongues, Newcastle, NE2 - 6th February 2022

A nice fellow typed into Google that he wanted a “Locksmith Near Me” and my name came up at the top of the list. He had difficulty opening his back door which seemed to have seized. I told him that I charge no call-out so went to investigate. I had to gain entry to the door as it was completely seized. Once done I stripped the door down to find the door was plagued with the remnants of the door having been installed without all the scrap plastic shavings being cleaned from the installation and was all over the multipoint lock. I cleaned-down and serviced the mechanism and lubricated it thoroughly with white lithium grease, which doesn’t attract dirt like WD40 and the mechanism worked perfectly once more!

New gate lock after damaging wind, Dinnington, NE13 - 4th February 2022

A family on a spacious and open building in the country wanted a lock replacing on their fence after the wind had hammered away at it during the recent storms. I changed the lock for a long-throw lock which was lockable from both sides and left the family very content!

Shop lockout, Killingworth, NE12, 1st February 2022

A door had blown shut in Killingworth so I had a call to see if I could help. The door was a slam-shut type lock which meant I could let them back in very quickly and continue with their business.

Lady with baby locked out, Tynemouth, NE29, 31st January 2022

A frantic mother with her baby were locked out of their house and needed a locksmith in Tynemouth quickly. I arrived quickly and because of the cold got the lady to sit in my nice warm van so she could tend to her crying baby. I gained entry to the upvc door quickly and allowed her and her baby to get back into their routine once more!

Another key snapped in a lock, Ponteland, NE20, 29th January 2022

This time a mortice lock had a key snapped inside it so I tried some different tricks to get the lock to move. One of my tools worked quickly so I was able to remove the lock to understand why it had snapped. The lock was seized and wouldn’t work any longer so I swapped out the mortice lock for a new one. Job done!

Snapped key in lock, Benton, NE7, 28th January 2022

A chap asked me if there were any quick ways he could retrieve a snapped key out of his front door lock. I assumed he just wanted me to tell him how to do it, so I did – a little wd40 if it wasn’t a high security lock, then use something to get down the back of the key to hook it out – like a straightened fish hook or something similar. He said he’d tried all sorts of things but it wasn’t budging, so I went to take a look. I also struggled to get the key out as it had been in there for weeks and he had been jamming the remnant key up against it to open the door! I therefore quickly changed the barrel for a new one and 5 new keys for him, which made him one satisfied customer!

Door can’t be locked anymore, North Shields, NE29, 27th January 2022

A nice lady was looking for a locksmith in North Shields and found me! She found she couldn’t lock her front door any more and felt unsafe leaving it any longer. I called round to find that the door had dropped in the frame and needed realignment. I managed to do this very quickly and so made only a very small charge to the lady and left her very happy indeed!

Lock snapped in half, Wingrove, Newcastle, NE4, 26th January 2022

A confused chap rang me to ask how on earth a barrel could snap in half by itself? He’d typed into google that he needed a “Locksmith near me” and came up with my name. I went to see the problem and found that the core of his barrel (the plug) had come loose all by itself and meant that he couldn’t use his key from outside. This was a high security lock, so I replaced it with our Ultion 3-star locks straight away from stock. A happy chappy!

Garage door won’t close, Shiremoor, NE27, 25th January 2022

A call from a lad who couldn’t close his garage door as the lock seemed to have failed. I had a spare Henderson handle in my van so could change the lock over for a new one and he could then lock the garage once more.

Key snapped in lock, Benton, NE7, 24th January 2022

A woman phoned looking for a locksmith in Benton as she had snapped her key in her lock. I managed to get the key out of the lock and cut her a couple of extra keys.

New mortice lock in old hardwood treasured door, Tynemouth, NE30, 23rd January 2022

A lady rang to ask if I had the skills to cut a new mortice lock into her treasured 85 year old hardwood door. Using my DB morticer I managed to make a perfect clean slot for her new mortice lock to fit snuggly into position. She was very grateful for a very tidy job.

Student lockout, Jesmond, NE2, 22nd January 2022

A desperate student rang to say she’d been locked out of her flat as the door had slammed closed behind her. I arrived in 20 minutes to help her and quickly used my tools to get her back into her flat.

Key stuck in lock in locked position, Kenton, NE5, 21st January 2022

A lovely old couple in Kenton rang to get their door fixed as the key wouldn’t come out of the lock once it was in the locked position. I quickly assessed that the barrel had a “twisted cam” and needed changing out for a new barrel. The couple also asked for a spare key to be cut for them which I could do there and then in the van.

New nightlatch required for failing lock, North Shields, NE29, 16th December 2021

I had an email from a chap who had a very difficult to open and lock nightlatch. I arrived to find a lock barely hanging onto the door it was mounted upon and made the change very quickly to a high security British Standards 3621 nightlatch.

Back door keys lost and door not locked!, Spital Tongues, NE2, 15th December 2021

A nice couple had called me to change their lock as their back door was completely unlocked and they had lost all the keys. I changed the mortice lock and realigned the door as it was rubbing against the door frame. A happy and safe couple!

Door grill required fitting to shop front door, Newcastle City Centre, NE1, 12th December 2021

A call from a shop in the city centre who wanted to have a locksmith in Newcastle fit some grills to a front door. I measured up and got the grills ordered, which arrived in a couple of days. The grills were fitted and allowed customers to see the goods in the shop during closed hours, but without them helping themselves!!

Garden gate lock fitted, Westerhope, NE5, 11th December 2021

A lady stopped me as I was going into another job to ask if I was a locksmith covering Westerhope, which indeed I am! She wanted a gate lock to be fitted onto her back garden. Once I’d completed the job I had arrived to do, I visited the lady and installed a long-throw gate lock onto her gate which she loved as she could lock with a key from both sides!

Garage door defender keys lost, Shiremoor, NE27, 10th December 2021

A return call to a customer who had lost all his 3 keys to his garage door defender, which, without keys the garage was inaccessible; this, of course being the whole idea! He had given his keys to his teenagers so they could have a smoke outside while raining. I managed to change the barrel of the lock and presented the owner with 5 keys in all. I’m sure the dad was going to be a bit more careful this time!

Snapped key in lock, Benton, NE7, 7th December 2021

A lovely chap from Germany called for a locksmith in Benton, which is me, to come and help get a snapped key out of his communal entrance door lock. I quickly removed the lock and found that the lock had been installed upside down, causing the spindle to be very stiff against the back of the lock. I turned the lock around and the door worked just fine!

Sliding patio door can’t be locked, New York, North Shields, NE29, 6th December 2021

A nice lady in New York (only named once!) needed a locksmith in North Shields as her patio doors had seized. When I arrived, she made me a nice cup of tea; much appreciated on a freezing day! The doors were found to be badly aligned and meant that the doors had been forced over the years upon closing and opening. The handles were very loose and needed replacing, but apart from that there was no more need for anything after the alignment was performed!

Shed broken into needing securing, Scotswood, NE15, 5th December 2021

A chap called as his garden shed had been broken into. His padlock had been snapped off and his bikes had been taken. I recommended fitting a bar to the shed to add to the security, which I ordered and fitted once it had arrived the next day.

Student locked out of room, Jesmond, NE2, 4th December 2021

A student found him needing a locksmith in Jesmond, and that being part of my turf I quickly arrived and helped the student get back into his room and reunite him with his unwashed dishes and lonely keys!

Cycle shop shutters stuck, Byker, NE6, 3rd December 2021

A local cycling recycling shop rang up for a locksmith in Byker. They had shutters which had got stuck with a jammed lock. I arrived and quickly released the lock and opened the shutters, allowing the shop to carry-on recycling cycles!

Free Survey, Lemington, NE15, 2nd December 2021

A nice chap rang to see if I could to our free survey as he worked away from home and wanted to make sure he had the best security. I carried out the survey and advised upgrades to the front and back door to Ultion High Security Locks, which he was more than happy to upgrade to.

Door handle not working, Longbenton, NE12, 1st December 2021

A lovely lady called as she needed a locksmith in Longbenton for her very slack door-handles. I made a quick change using my stock from the van, and recommended a lock upgrade to a snap-proof lock in the process. A happier, safer lady indeed!

Front and back door lock changes, Killingworth, NE12, 28th November 2021

A lady called her local locksmith, me, to get her locks changed as she had just split up with her partner. I quickly changed the cylinders and aligned her doors for free! A happy lady indeed and her doors had never closed so well, she said.

Window stuck closed in kitchen, North Shields, NE29, 27th November 2021

A nice chap was looking for a locksmith in North Shields to help with his kitchen window being stuck closed. The key was having no affect on the lock so I had to open the window with my tools, which I did quickly, and advised a quick change of handle would be the quickest and cheapest option. A happy customer!

Yale Smart lock failing, Great Park, Newcastle, NE13, 26th November 2021

Yet another Yale Smart lock failed up in Great Park where I’m a local locksmith in the area. The couple wanted to have the lock removed and a standard keyed lock put in place, which I was happy to comply with!

Dog locked in living room, Ponteland, Newcastle, NE20, 25th November 2021

A frantic lady called as her huge husky was locked in her living room. The door latch had seized and therefore I needed to force entry. The dog was so pleased to be let out, however I think that within an hour or so it would have just knocked the door down anyway!!

Couple couldn’t lock kitchen door, Benton, NE7, 25th November 2021

A lovely couple needed a locksmith in Benton, NE7, so contacted me to help them. Their kitchen door was jammed locked so I quickly opened up the door and found that the cylinder had seized. I replaced the barrel with a snap-proof lock and all was well!

2 new cylinder locks on moving to new house, North Shields, NE29, 24th November 2021

A lovely couple were looking for a locksmith near me and managed to find me quickly. They had just moved in and wanted to change their locks. I recommended putting Ultion high security locks onto the doors along with their “lock-lock” 1 star high security handles too. A happy and much safer couple!

Fire escape handle broken, Newcastle, NE1, 23rd November 2021

A company in Eldon Square shopping centre, were looking for a locksmith in Newcastle so gave me a call to see if I could fix their handle on their fire escape, to which I obliged. I had to order a whole new panic bar system as the bars and handles had failed, as had the lock on the outside of the door. All changed in a morning’s work.

Keys cut, Elswick, Newcastle, NE4, 22nd November 2021

A nice lady called to ask if I would be locksmith who cut keys, and if I would cut her some keys as the ones she had cut by Timpsons didn’t work. I arrived and saw that the incorrect key blank had been used for the keys. I found the right key blanks for the locks and cut the required amount of keys and tested them successfully.

Lock change required after couple split-up, Heaton, NE7, 21st November 2021

A lady called to ask if I could come to change a lock as she was concerned for her safety after splitting with her husband. I arrived 15 minutes later to change the lock and actually upgraded the lock to a high security lock and advised the lady to get rid of the thumbturn on her lock as she had no letterbox protection and had reinforced glass in the door, meaning anyone could reach the thumbturn.

Lock change required after spare keys misplaced, Killingworth, NE12, 20th November 2021

An elderly couple rang as they were concerned they had misplaced their keys and wanted to change their front and back door locks. I changed the mortice lock on the back door and provided 3 keys and also changed the front door rim cylinder lock and also provided 3 keys. The couple were very relieved at the quick changes I gave them.

Tenant requires new door mechanism for 2 doors, Ponteland, NE20, 19th November 2021

A lovely chap called needing a locksmith in Ponteland and this being my area I arrived quickly to help. Both of the doors were badly corroded and one had a handle which had been twisted completely out of shape after a suspected break-in.  Both the multi point locking systems were changed, along with handles and locks.

Handles can’t be moved, Fenham, NE4, 14th November 2021

A chap looking for a locksmith in Fenham, Newcastle, called as his door handles had completely seized and he couldn’t lock-up at night. I quickly stripped the door down and found that the gearbox had seized-up completely and needed replacing. His handles were fine and didn’t need swapping out. A happy customer indeed!

Door can’t be locked, Longbenton, NE12, 13th November 2021

A chap was looking for a locksmith in Longbenton, and that being my area I was able to help. His front door was very difficult to close and he hadn’t been able to lock it either. His handles were also showing the signs of lots of force and were loose. I quickly realigned the door and replaced the handles for One Start “Sweet” high security handles.

Son locked in bedroom, Jesmond, NE2, 12th November 2021

I took a call just as I was finishing a job, heading to another, when a lady called sounding desperate as her son was locked in his bedroom! I rescheduled the next job and sprinted to the help of the lady, and arrived to find a savaged door lock which had seized. The lady had tried to dig the latch out of the door to no avail. Apparently, the lad (16 years old) had been locked in all night! I quickly released the door and asked if the lad wanted to go to the toilet, but he didn’t even take his eyes of the screen he’d been glued to for 15 hours! The lady was very happy to have her son back but more importantly to have a local locksmith nearby!

Garden gate lock seized shut, Holystone, NE27, 11th November 2021

A lovely lady called to say her garden gate couldn’t be opened to let the gardener in and she needed a locksmith nearby to help her. I saw that the padlock was ancient and covered in rust and needed replacing, which I did, along with the latch which was also seized and very rusty. I finished just in time for the gardener arriving to do some autumn clearing up!

Door not closing properly and difficult to lock, Cowgate, NE5, 10th November 2021

A chap rang because he needed a locksmith in Cowgate to help sort his door out. I arrived to find the door had dropped significantly and needed alignement, which I performed quickly and made sure the door bolts all fitted into their keeps in the door frame. The door could then be locked perfectly and safely once more. The man said it had never worked like that before and was over the moon!

Window has snapped key inside and can’t be locked, Ponteland, NE20, 9th November 2021

A young couple rang to find a local locksmith in Ponteland. Fortunately I could attend that postcode in 15 minutes and did so, as the couple were going on holiday that day and couldn’t secure the window. I freed the lock from the stuck key and made a quick replacement and provided two new keys for the window, allowing the couple to jet off on holiday.

Install a new Ultion smart lock, Benwell, NE15, 7th November 2021

A nice chap was looking for someone to help him put a new Ultion Smart lock that he’d been recommended to buy, but was having trouble installing it. I arrived to find that the holes on the door weren’t the right size so made new ones that would still be hidden behind the new lock. I installed it and showed the owner how to operate it through the app he’d downloaded and he was very impressed, as was his lovely little dog who loved barking at the whirring lock!

Back gate lock needs replacing, Killingworth, NE12, 6th November 2021

A happy gentleman called us as he was looking for a locksmith in Killingworth to look at fixing or replacing his back gate. I found that the lock was very old and quite insecure so recommended installing a long-throw bolt lock to the gate, which I had on the van. I installed it very quickly and took the old lock away for recycling.

Door handles floppy, Heaton, NE6, 4th November 2021

A nice gentleman was looking for a locksmith in Heaton by using the “locksmith near me” search on the web and came across Lockforce Locksmiths Newcastle who cover the local area. I attended the property and saw that the handles were hanging loose, normally meaning that the spindle casing has split, but could be anything. After taking apart the door mechanism I discovered that the casing had indeed split and that the gearbox had ruptured at the back of it. I had the spare for repair on the van so was able to replace the gearbox quickly and made the door mechanism as good as new after servicing and lubricating the door strip and locking system.

Locked out, keys inside, Tynemouth, NE30, 3rd November 2021

A frantic couple had their door slam shut behind them in Tynemouth and they couldn’t get back into their house. We quickly gained entry and reunited the couple with their house, car, neighbours etc keys and they were extremely happy that I’d turned up in 10 minutes to help them

Interior doors handles not working, Ouseburn, Byker, NE6, 1st November 2021

A lovely lady looking for a locksmith in Byker found our name and asked if we could help fix her interior doors which were sticking. We quickly found that the internal mechanism had failed on the mortice lock doors and swapped them out for new ones from stock on our van. A very happy lady!

Key snapped in lock, Wingrove, Newcastle, NE4, 31st October 2021

When a nice chap went on the web and looked up a “locksmith near me” he came up with our name, Lockforce Locksmiths in Newcastle. He had just snapped his key in the lock in Newcastle and was locked out. We came to help within 15 minutes. We quickly removed the broken key and picked the lock to enable him to be reunited with his spare keys. We also cut keys so he had extras.

uPVC door not locking, Percy Main, NE29, 29th October 2021

A gent looking for a locksmith in Percy Main, wanted to get his uPVC door to lock properly as the key couldn’t quite lock the door fully. We arrived quickly, being a local locksmith in North Shields, and quickly found that the top and bottom shoot bolts were stopping the door mechanism from closing fully. We found that there had been a huge build-up of dirt in the bolt shoes and therefore cleaned them out, aligned the door so they could close freely, and found that the lock stuck in the door previously could close again and lock. One happy customer in Percy Main!

General free security survey, Wideopen, NE13, 28th October 2021

An email arrived through our Locksmiths Newcastle website asking if we did security surveys in the local area. We of course do free domestic and commercial security surveys, so were happy to visit the property. We found that the property owners needed insurance approved lock upgrades to snap-proof locks, and new high security handles fitting to front and back of the house. We also aligned the doors for free, making sure that the doors closed properly. One happy customer, using the best locksmiths in Newcastle!

New high security Ultion lock, Benton NE7, 27th October 2021

Being a local locksmiths in Benton, NE7, we were asked to upgrade to a high security lock, which we did very quickly, installing our top of the range British Standards (BS3621/2007) 3 star high security euro cylinder lock to the property. If you need a local locksmiths in Benton we can be with you in 15 minutes for emergency locksmiths in Benton.

New high security handles, Central Newcastle, NE1, 26th October 2021

We had a call from an office building caretaker looking for a “locksmith near me” and came up with Lockforce Newcastle at the top of the list. They wanted to install our new Ultion “Lock-Lock” high security door handle as their handles were loose and had no spring. We installed the handles quickly and showed the caretaker again how difficult they were to break-in to. A very happy customer having found the best of the Locksmiths in Newcastle.

Student locked out from flat, Heaton, NE6, 24th October 2021

A student had let the door slam behind him and locked him out from his flat. He called us to make an urgent call-out as he had his part-time job to go to and couldn’t leave his keys behind as he had some of his work’s keys on his keyring! We arrived and let the chap in quickly and gave him a lift to work!

Everest aluminium door can’t be locked, Longbenton, NE12, 22nd October 2021

A call from a chap with an ancient Everest aluminium door was a journey much like an archaeology expedition to find out how the old door worked! I found that the gearbox on the door had seized and was not engaging the door bolts which should rise and fall into the frame of the door. Apparently, the door had not been able to close properly for years. I realigned the door and had to replace the old gearbox. The door closed perfectly once more.

Lost keys, Woolsington, Newcastle, NE13, 18th October 2021

A nice lady rang, all distressed, because her son had lost her keys. She was so concerned that they had been stolen from him and that her house could be burgled. I reassured the lady that I could change her locks for her that day and did so promptly. She was a very relieved lady.

Patio sliding door lock failing, Longbenton, NE7, 16th October 2021

A call from a nice chap who had difficulty closing and locking his patio sliding door had me investigating what was the issue. We found that the lock was seized and the mechanism around it very stiff. We serviced the lock and mech but found the lock was beyond repair so replaced that and worked on the mechanism until it was satisfactorily operational once more!

Greenhouse lock broken, Marden, North Shields, NE29, 14th October 2021

A nice chap asked me if I could fix his greenhouse door lock. Once I arrived I found one of the biggest domestic greenhouses I’d seen, full of tomatoes needing harvesting badly! We managed to free the seized lock and replaced it with a new one, and received a nice bag of fresh tomatoes too!!

Nursery door not lockable, Ponteland, Newcastle, NE20, 13th October 2021

A nursery called us to see if we could fix a non-closing exit door. Once we arrived we saw that the door had dropped in it’s frame and was unable to close or lock. We realigned the door by putting in new screws into the frame, which pulled the door right back to the correct position and allowed the door to close safely once more.

Locked out of house, locked into porch! North Shields, NE30, 11th October 2021

I was called to a poor chap who had left behind his keys to his house inside, but also didn’t have the keys to get out of his front door. When I arrived, I couldn’t help but to have a little sympathetic smile, as the chap was a huge muscley type, but surrounded by glass for all to see while he waited helplessly for me to arrive in 15 minutes. I quickly picked open the front door, managed to let him into his main door and reunite him with not only his keys, but his perceived damaged dignity. He did laugh about it once I told him how it appeared to me when I first arrived.

New door very difficult to lock, Backworth, NE27, 10th October 2021

A lovely young couple were having issues getting their door to close and sometimes it wouldn’t lock from outside. They’d only just moved into the new house but the estate company had taken weeks to answer their calls for help! This happens quite a lot on new builds! I quickly learnt that the door had not been installed and “balanced” correctly, so had to realign the hinges and sort out the keeps for the door bolts to fit in properly. Their lock had been compromised due to the amount of stress it had been put under, but once it was all done, everything was like new, or in this case, better than it was when it was new!!

Young couple couldn’t lock patio door, Royal Quays, NE29, 7th October 2021

A lovely young couple with a toddler couldn’t close or lock their patio door and were worried about their toddler being able to escape. I quickly saw that the door had sunk badly out of alignment and adjusted the door in minutes for them. I wouldn’t charge them for this quick fix but they insisted on paying for my fuel! Bless! They gave me a fantastic review however, which is always welcome!

Key stuck in door, Elswick, Newcastle, NE4, 6th October 2021

A lovely later years lady phoned as she couldn’t get her door to lock or her key out of the lock. We discussed this on the phone and she described the door to me. I got to understand that the door was new and she didn’t understand how it locked. I described how to lift the handle and turn the key to 12 and remove, which she did, and was so please she could operate the door. All done for free!

Lockout, City centre, NE1, Newcastle, 5th October 2021

Another lockout in the city centre of Newcastle, this time to a web design company whose front door wouldn’t open. We quickly gained entry and changed the ruptured gearbox on the front door.

Immovable lock on front door, NE2, Jesmond, 4th October 2021

I had a customer in Jesmond who could not get into their front door, which was a mortice lock. We had to remove the door to get to the lock as it had seized completely no matter the lubrication!! We quickly changed the broken lock with a new sash mortice and the family were able to use the door once more!

Shop shutters lock broken, Walker, NE6, 28th September 2021

We received an urgent call from a butchers’ shop whose shutters wouldn’t open. We had to snap the lock as it had seized and got the shutters up. We replaced the snapped lock from van stock.

Lockout from flat, Tynemouth, NE30, 27th September 2021

A chap rang who had been locked out from his flat in Tynemouth. We gained entry non-destructively and changed over the intermittently failing lock.

Lockout, Heaton, Newcastle, NE6, 25th September 2021

A tenant was locked out of the house in Heaton and so called us after seeing our reviews on Checkatrade. We found that the latch on the door had seized, so we had to gain entry via the back of the house. We had to change the gearbox on the front door.

Door key spinning in lock intermittently, Wingrove, NE4, 24th September 2021

A doctor called as his house door key was spinning and not engaging the lock on a consistent basis. We found that the cam was catching intermittently on the lock, in spite of it being almost new, so we changed the lock. We subsequently found that the gearbox and door strip was also damaged due to the fact that the sliding rods inside the mechanism had been catching against the door, which had lead to irreparable damage.

Door handles broken, Preston Village, North Shields, NE29, 22nd September 2021

Upon approaching the house of the chap who called us, we noticed the handles were dropping on the door. So we changed the gearbox which had shattered around the spindle casing, change the cylinder barrel which was failing and fitted new handles, all of which were from van stock. The door was also aligned to allow free movement of the door mechanism in the frame.

New locks after house move, Wideopen, Newcastle, NE13, 21st September 2021

A call came from a lady having recently moved into her new home, she wanted the front and back door locks changing as she didn’t know if she had all the keys from the previous owner. We upgraded her locks in the process to Ultion High Security Snap-proof lock on the front and back of the house.

DIY rescue on lock installation, Benton, NE7, 20th September 2021

We had an desperate call from a nice chap who had been trying to install a nightlatch onto his front door. The key had become stuck in the lock when he went to test it. Upon examining the attempted installation, we found that the lock was in fact defective and required replacing. We put on a new lock from stock and the chap had to take his lock back to B&Q for a refund!

Patio Doors stuck closed, Newcastle City Centre, NE1 19th September 2021

An accountants’ office in Newcastle had difficulty opening their patio doors in the warm weather in the city. We analysed what was wrong and changed the gearbox which had ruptured due to excessive force. The doors needed aligning too.

New locks fitting, Great Park, Newcastle, NE13 18th September 2021

A lovely couple needed a new nightlatch fitting and also a supplementary mortice lock for added security. We fitted a British Standard sash lock and a new BS6231:2007 High Security ERA nightlatch and aligned the doors to fit.

New key safe fitting to B&B, NE29, North Shields, 18th September 2021

A B&B rang to ask us to advise on the best key safe to be fitted which would allow all the external service staff to have access to the community areas of the B&B. We made our recommendation and supplied and fitted the keysafe in a couple of days.

Door not able to be locked, NE27, Holystone, 17th September 2021

Another callout to an unlockable door meant we had to gain entry quickly and change and upgrade the current lock. The door had fallen out of alignment hugely and needed rectifying. We quickly did the work and allowed the customer to lock-up safely.

Lockout, lost keys, NE5, Blakelaw, 16th September 2021

A callout had us arriving in Newcastle in 15 minutes to open a front door where the keys had been lost. We gained entry in 2 minutes and let the owners into their house, and changed the locks to the front and back of the house quickly.

“Twisted cam” on a lock preventing it being locked, NE30, Cullercoats, 13th September 2021

A desperate lady called today to ask if we could urgently come to see if we could help her with her door which couldn’t be locked from outside, but was ok from inside. We took apart the lock and found the twisted cam which is a result of a door being force-locked which a key is on the other side. The lock was repairable, but was needing to be upgraded as was a very weak lock. We upgraded the lock in no time.

Smart lock needing fitting, NE6, Walker, 11th September 2021

We took a call from a nice chap who had just come from Berlin to live in Walker; he wanted to have is smart lock fitted to his house which we did, and also fitted his Nest home door camera and microphone/speaker.

Office lockout, NE1, Newcastle, 10th September 2021

An early morning call came from a chap who couldn’t get into his office for work and his staff were due in shortly. We arrived in 15 minutes and gained entry for the gentleman and his staff in two minutes flat. A much-relieved business owner, but very disappointed workers who didn’t even have time to finish their coffee!

Stolen keys meant 2 lock changes NE3, Fawdon, 9th September 2021

A nice, but upset lady rang to say that she had her keys stolen from her house. We quickly changed both the locks and did our usual service report to give to the insurance company to confirm the house was made safe. The lady was very relieved that we arrived in 15 minutes to make her safe once more.

DIY rescue to replace a nightlatch, NE15, Throckley, Newcastle, 7th September 2021

We came to perform a “DIY rescue” when a chap attempted to replace his nighlatch with a new high security nightlatch. However it had become jammed and wouldn’t either turn to lock or turn to allow the key to be removed. We stripped the lock down after freeing it and found that the new lock was in fact defective and a pin had sheered in the housing. We replaced the lock with one we had in van stock and the chap took the lock back to B&Q for a refund!

Key getting stuck in lock just after locking door, NE30, Tynemouth, 6th September 2021

A nice chap rang to say he couldn’t lock his door from outside and sometimes from inside. We stripped down the door and found that the gearbox and mechanism was fine, and therefore the lock was broken. It had been forced from both sides and meant that the lock was “out of synch” with itself. The lock was a very low security lock, so we recommended that while we had the door apart that they upgraded to a high security Ultion lock, which they did.

Patio doors stuck closed, NE27, Backworth, 5th September 2021

We get so many calls with misaligned doors and patios preventing people locking or unlocking their doors. Today’s challenge saw a patio door way out of alignment meaning that locking mechanisms couldn’t engage into the frame keeps, which meant that in-turn, the lock could not be engaged properly. We realigned the doors quickly and checked all the mechanisms. All was fine.

New nightlatch and mortice lock, NE29, North Shields, 3rd September 2021

A lovely couple asked us to see if we could fix their old nightlatch; unfortunately is was beyond repair. We supplied and fitted a new High Security nightlatch and also put in a new mortice lock as an added deterrent.

Patio door key spinning in lock, NE13, Wideopen, Newcastle, 2nd September 2021

A lovely lady called to see if we could help with her French doors in which the key was spinning in the lock and she was not able to open it. We had to force open the door as the door-mechanism was not engaging through the gearbox. Once we gained entry, we changed the lock and the gearbox which was broken, and then the lady was able to use her garden once more.

Back door lock upgrade following attempted break-in, NE2, Spittal Tongues, Newcastle, 1st September 2021

A stressed customer rang us to ask if she could have a better lock fitted to her back door. We assessed the uPVC door and recommended putting an Ultion high security cylinder on the door, which we supplied and fitted there and then.

Rapid entry gain for tenant locked out in North Shields, NE29, 30th August 2021

Finding he couldn’t get into his flat, a tenant called us after his estate agent failed to provide help. We called within 15 minutes and gained entry to the mans flat, not by picking or forcing the door, but by lifting the door with a lever under the door, which freed the tight lock from its housing. We then realigned the door to the keep and tested it thoroughly.

Main school door lock changed in Throckley, Newcastle, NE15, 30th August 2021

Another day, another call-out; this time to a school who wanted their main door lock changing as it had proven impossible to lock. We swapped out the lock and put in an upgraded cylinder with anti-snap properties for added safety.

School classroom fire door fix in Newcastle, NE1, 30th August 2021

We were called to try to help sort out a classroom fire exit door which had slumped and was dragging when opening. We took the door down and found the door pivot had worn down and collapsed. We had the right pivot in our stock so changed it there and then, and then righted the door so it worked perfectly.

Lock upgrades for shop in Arthur’s Hill, Newcastle, NE4, 29th August 2021

A call from Arthur’s Hill to do a couple of upgrades to a shop’s locks was made to us. We recommended putting in not only an Ultion high security lock to front and back of the property, but to also put in a mortice lock to supplement the back door which had no shutters.

Home secuirty survey in Marden, North Shields, NE30, 29th August 2021

A query about which lock would be best for a house to fit following a burglary had us making a free visit to survey the main exits and windows. We recommended fitting an Ultion lock to the front door and two to the rear patio doors. We also fitted some window locks, all of which we had in stock on our van.

Lock upgardes for kennels at Airport, Newcastle, NE13, 29th August 2021

An unusual request came from Newcastle Airport who were asking for upgrades to their kennel quarantine cage locks. We joked that the dogs were getting wise and knew how to pick them having been in the “clink” for so long. We ordered some new locks for the kennels and made the change for them.

Entry gain in Benton, Newcastle, NE7, 28th August 2021

A property withing sight of the expansive DSS buildings had issues with their bolt in the top of their patio door being caught and not allowing the owners entrance to the garden. We opened the door and took the mechanism apart; wire brushed the bolt and lubricated it. Putting it back together, the door worked beautifully once more.

Lock upgrade for local rowing club in Tynemouth, North Shields, NE30, 26th August 2021

A call from the rowing club in Tynemouth to come and upgrade a lock to the main door on the rowing club had us arriving in 20 minutes. We fitted the new lock and advised the manager on registering the keys online and how the lock opened in the 3 or 9pm position only.

New lock for tool shed in Murton, NE27, 26th August 2021

A farmer called to ask if we could provide a better lock to his tool shed. We had a spare bar in the van and fitted that to the shed, as well as placing a hasp lock on the shed for added security.

New lock for pet cage in Royal Quays, NE29, 25th August 2021

The local pet shop manager called us to say she had a cage which had a key missing; fortunately is wasn’t one of the snake’s cages, but a vacant one. We quickly opened the lock and changed it for the manager, providing a couple of spare keys for the lock.

Dog trapped in home in Arthur’s Hill, NE4, 25th August 2021

An elderly lady found herself locked out with her dog still in the house, and called us urgently. We came and let her back into the house, the door of which had closed behind her on the latch. We slipped the door open and reunited her sleepy dog, unaware of all the hassle!!

Office door not locking in Newcastle, NE1, 24th August 2021

A digital marketing agency called to say they had difficulty in locking their front door. We arrived in 15 minutes and found that the doors lock had been bent, having been bent when being slammed shut, with the bolt in the locked position. We straightened the lock and that meant the door could close smoothly and safely.

Locked out of student accomodation in Jesmond, NE2, 24th August 2021

A young chap found himself locked out of his student digs in Newcastle and needed help to get back in. We arrived to find a mortice lock on the door so needed to quickly pick the lock, which we did, and cut an extra key from his spare.

Lost key to store room in Killingworth, NE12, 23rd August 2021

We were called to a flat which had a store room in the basement for which the owner had lost the key. We had to gain entry to the store room and replaced the key and provided 3 extra keys for the man’s family.

Improved ease of access for carers in Shiremoor, NE27, 23rd August 2021

We were called to a property which had restricted access due to a failing door mechanism – the carers for the lady were finding it difficult to enter the property and to leave it safe after their visit. We tested the door and found that the gearbox was indeed failing, so changed it, lubricated the door strip and upgraded the lock in the door.

Mortice lock upgrade for Dentist in Denton, NE5, 23rd August 2021

A dentist rang us to see if we could add a mortice lock to the front door which had previously just had a yale-type lock for entry. We added a BS3621 mortice lock and provided the dentist with 3 keys, and cut an extra 3 for the staff.

Shop door needed adjustment in Cowgate, NE5, 22nd August 2021

A shop owner rang to see if we could help fix his front door which was misaligned and hitting the floor. We found the door to be an Adams Rite door with a pivot at the base. We adjusted the top load bar and lifted the door up from the ground and changed the speed at which the door moved and closed.

New nightlatch fitted for property in Dinnington, NE13, 22nd August 2021

A gentleman rang to say he would like to get a lock upgrade for the door night latch he had fitted which had a glass window, and was therefore prone to being turned if the glass had been broken. We provided a BS3621 High Security night latch which was lockable from the inside with a key.

Shed break-in repairs in Longbenton, NE12, 22nd August 2021

A couple rang to say they had their shed broken into and needed a “lock-out” lock providing for the shed. We had a shed bar in the van and installed it to the shed to provide added security whilst we ordered a more secure door lock than had been fitted previously.

Help opening patio door in Great Park, NE13, 21st August 2021

A lady asked for us to help get her patio door open as her key wouldn’t fit into the lock any more after working perfectly just the day before. We found that one of the pins had dropped and lodged in the installed lock (a very poor quality lock as usual) and provided her with our anti-snap high security lock.

New lock fitted for local library in Newburn, NE15, 21st August 2021

We visited a local library whose reception office door required a new lock fitting into the old mortice. We quickly managed to change the lock and then cut a couple of extra keys.

Key stuck in lock in West Allotment, NE27, 20th August 2021

A lady called to ask if we could help her get her key out of her front door as it was stuck, from the inside. We managed to free it up quickly and found that the lock was sticking due to lack of lubrication. We managed to get it working and didn’t charge as it was such a small job.

Helping local police in Murton village, NE27, 20th August 2021

We were asked to attend a property by the police who were investigating a break-in to a disused property. We repaired the forced door and replaced the lock, giving the keys to the police.

Jammed lock on boathouse door in Tynemouth, NE30, 20th August 2021

The lifeboat house manager rang us to see if we could free-up a jammed padlock on the boathouse door. We managed to get the padlock removed as it had been severely corroded, and provided a replacement padlock from our van stock.

Ruptured gearbox replaced in Killingworth, NE12, 16th August 2021

We received a call from a lady with problems closing her door and she said that the lock wasn’t turning. We quickly diagnosed that the gearbox had ruptured and needed replacing, which we did quickly, and the lady could once more close and lock the door. One happy lady!

Restaurant door not opening in Holystone, NE27, 15th August 2021

A local restaurant rang as the staff couldn’t enter the building and needed to open up for bookings that were reserved in the next two hours. We arrived quickly and gained entry, upgrading their non-snap-proof locks in the process.

Children's playhouse door damaged in Newcastle, NE1, 15th August 2021

This call was all about a children’s playhouse which had a broken hinge on the main door into the playhouse. We quickly changed the hinge and made it safe which allowed the children to enjoy their playhouse once more.

Misplaced key to Ottoman chest in Ponteland, NE20, 14th August 2021

A nice lady called to ask if we could help open her ottoman chest as she’d misplaced the key. We arrived to find that the chest wasn’t locked, but very stiff to open, and guess what we found inside the chest?! You guessed it, the ottoman key!

Butcher's fridge lock jammed in Blakelaw, NE5, 14th August 2021

A butcher’s shop manager called to say that their fridge had a lock that was jammed. We arrived to see that the lock was indeed stuck fast. We managed to change over the lock which was badly corroded and replaced it with a new snap-proof lock.

Popular free home security in West Allotment, NE27, 14th August 2021

If you would like to have a free house security survey by one of our skilled and experienced technicians, give John a call and get a free appointment booked in before the unthinkable happens to you!

Lost keys and lock change for home in Longbenton, NE12, 13th August 2021

A chap called to ask if we could help him gain entry to his house as he had lost his keys and wanted the lock changing. We quickly gained entry and then changed the locks, upgrading them to high security in the process.

Free up patio doors in Spittal Tongues, NE2, 13th August 2021

A call from a couple who wished to free up their jammed patio doors which were preventing the couple from entering their garden. We released the doors and found that the doors were very badly aligned, which was preventing the doors from operating correctly. Quickly aligning the doors, we were able to allow the couple to enjoy their garden once more.

Bowling club shed needed new lock in Marden, Tynemouth, NE30, 13th August 2021

A lovely gentleman called us to the local bowling green as the shed they use for the lawnmower had got a stuck lock. We managed to lubricate and free-up the lock quickly and managed to change the rusted lock for a nice new shiny lock, which we greased up to protect it from the sea elements.

Landlord required new hinges to patio door, Benton, NE12, 12th August 2021

A landlord who had used us before asked us if we could replace a patio door hinge which had been snapped off. We managed to have a replacement on the van so quickly made the change to the hinge and adjusted the door alignment too.

Back gate required new lock as key was lost, Tynemouth, NE30, 11th August 2021

A landlady rang to ask if we could put in a new lock as there were no keys for the back gate in her rental property. We replaced the yale lock on the back gate and also realigned the gate.

Front uPVC door not able to lock from the inside, Tynemouth NE30, 11th August 2021

We had a call to fix a front door where the owner was not able to close and lock the door from the inside, but could from the outside. We found that the lock had broken on the one side so quickly swapped-out the lock for a new anti-snap lock and fitted it.

Gate padlock had key lost and needed opening, Longbenton, NE12, 8th August 2021

We had a call to ask if we did padlocks, which we do, as the owner to an allotment had lost the key to his gate padlock. We opened the padlock quickly and then replaced it with a lock we had in stock.

Door key stuck in uPVC door, Fenham, Newcastle, NE4, 7th August 2021

A lady called to ask if we could help with her back door having the key stuck in it. When we arrived, we saw that the key was indeed stuck in the door and there was no getting it out without a struggle. We quickly removed it and changed the lock and set about trying to find out why it was happening. The answer was the door alignment which had dropped and wasn’t allowing the door bolts to engage fully in their keeps. Job done, and a happy lady with a door that closed perfectly!

School had many doors that won’t close properly, Ponteland, Newcastle NE20, 6th August 2021

We were approached by a company to help them survey a school which had many door failures over the past years. We analysed the door operations, safety and equipment state and reported back to the company.

Gate padlock not working, North Shields, NE30, 6th August 2021

A local man asked if we could help unlock his garden gate for which the padlock had ceased and had a snapped key in the lock. We quickly cut the padlock allowing the man to replace the lock quickly.

Patio doors locked for more than a year, Benton, Newcastle, NE12, 4th August 2021

We were called to a house whose doors hadn’t open to the garden for over a year. We had to drill into the completely ceased and rusted gearbox to open the patio and changed the whole door mechanism. The family once again reunited happily with their garden!

Door difficult to close on uPVC door, Tynemouth, North Shields, NE30, 1st August 2021

A house owner had problems closing and locking his front uPVC door. We found that the door strip and gearbox had perished and not been maintained. We changed the whole system and realigned the troublesome door.

Patio door key can’t be removed from lock, Hazlerigg, Newcastle, NE13, 30th July 2021

We arrived at a new build to find a patio door lock had seized and needed changing. We removed the troublesome key and worked out why the door lock key had got stuck. We aligned the doors as they were badly misaligned and the customer was then able to lock and unlock the door freely.

Gun cabinet keys not working any more, Darras Hall, Newcastle, NE20, 29th July 2021

A farmer asked us if we could get into his gun cabinet as his keys had stopped working. We quickly picked the lock on the cabinet and replaced the cylinder and provided the farmer with 5 keys for the lock.

Landlord calls for help unlocking bathroom window, Scotswood, Newcastle, NE15, 28th July 2021

One of our regular landlords called to ask for help with a seized bathroom window. We arrived to find that the mechanism had indeed failed and was seized. We lubricated it well and managed to prize the window open. We replaced the mechanism and all was well.

Ornamental Ottoman chest had no key and no way to get into it, Tynemouth, NE30, 27th July 2021

A lady called asking for help in trying to get in to her Ottoman chest. We were able to pick the lock quite easily and gain entry to the chest so the lady could retrieve her valuables. We researched the latch lock online and found a supplier and refit the lock to the chest within a day.

Door won’t open consistently with lock operating intermittently, Darras Hall, Newcastle, NE20, 25th July 2021

A property on a new build had an issue with the lock which wouldn’t allow the owner to lock the door in a consistent manner. We discovered that the alignment on the door was out and preventing the door from fully locking when engaging the multipoint locking bolts and buttons. We aligned the door and found that the lock also needed changing, which we did quickly too.

Key stuck in door and could not be locked, Willington Quay, Newcastle NE28, 24th July 2021

We had a call to help a couple who weren’t able to lock their door due to a key being trapped in the lock. We stripped the mechanism down and found that the gearbox had ruptured and needed replacing. We changed the whole MPL as it was a single unit and replaced the lock. The couple had never had the door working so well by the time we finished.

Failed high security lock needed replacing, Walkergate, Newcastle, NE6, 22nd July 2021

We were asked to make a call on a chap who had a failed high security lock which had just shattered in the door’s gearbox. We discovered that the door was being continually slammed as it was catching in the wind, and had sheared at the anti-snap point, with the lock thinking it was being attacked by a burglar, not the wind! We quickly replaced the lock and asked that the owner made sure the door was not caught so often by the wind!

Lost keys preventing entry into workshop roller shutters, Walkergate, Newcastle, NE6, 21st July 2021

A chap called to say he had lost his keys for his workshop roller shutters and needed assistance to gain entry. We arrived quickly and began working on opening the garage shutters to enable the chap to continue his work.

Fishing boat gate locked and rusted, Cullercoats Bay, Tynemouth, North Shields, NE30, 18th July 2021

A local fisherman rang to say he had problems getting his gate open where his boat was kept on a boat park in Cullercoats. We quickly arrived and had to remove the rusted lock and replaced it with a well lithium-greased outdoor lock.

School reception door needs new lock, Jesmond, Newcastle NE2, 17th July 2021

A receptionist from a Jesmond school in Newcastle rang to say their wooden door had problems when locking and unlocking. We arrived to discover that the door lock had indeed failed and the key was just spinning in the lock. We took apart the mortice lock and replaced it with a British Standards high security mortice lock in no time at all.

Upvc patio door lock not locking properly, West Denton, Newcastle, NE5, 16th July 2021

A nice lady contacted us via Checkatrade to ask if we could help her with her patio door which was sticking and difficult to open. We made an appointment and arrived to find that the patio doors were indeed very difficult to open. The locks were failing on the master and slave doors and the doors were badly misaligned. We changed the locks and re-aligned the doors. A happy lady once more in her garden.

Nursery having issues locking patio doors for the night, Heaton, Newcastle, NE6, 12th July 2021

The manager of a nursery rang for urgent assistance due to not being able to make the nursery safe for the evening. We found that the door lock had failed and also that the gearbox was also past its best, so changed both and made the nursery safe by also aligning the doors, preventing any further damage being made.

A company had two internal doors which were failing in an office block, Newcastle, NE1, 9th July 2021

We made two lock changes to a commercial property which had no keys nor combination available for the doors.

Letting agent requires postbox lock repair/replacement, North Shields, NE29, 8th July 2021

We were asked if we could do a postbox lock replacement, which of course we could. We quickly gained entry to the letterbox, which had no keys, and replaced the lock and gave the tenant 3 new keys to the lock. Job done!

Lock-out at West Allotment, NE27, 5th July

Another couple locked out after an afternoon lunch were quickly let back into their house once we had gained entrance through the rear patio doors.

Lovely old lady couldn’t get her door unlocked from inside, Battle Hill, Newcastle, NE28, 4th July 2021

A lovely lady in Battle Hill was very worried that her door couldn’t always be locked securely as the key wouldn’t come out of the lock every time. We made a quick change to the lock and gave the lady the five keys that we supply with that lock. She was over the moon about how quickly we came and how efficiently we changed the lock for her, but more importantly how we didn’t rip her off!

A couple locked out after an evening meal out, Gosforth, Newcastle, NE3, 2nd July 2021

A lovely couple had an evening out for their anniversary, however when they returned they realised they had lost their keys. We arrived in 15 minutes for them and had them back in the house very quickly. They had actually left their keys in the house and we were able to pick the locks non-destructively. Happy anniversary!

Fire exit door on a school needed replacing, Heaton, Newcastle, NE6, 1st July 2021

We were asked to look at a failing fire exit at a school in Heaton and immediately saw that there was no repair possible to the door, with the handle having snapped off and the housing damaged. We ordered a matching mechanism and fitted it two days later, having made-safe the school door in the meantime over the weekend.

Bifold doors not closing properly, West Denton, Newcastle, NE5, 30th June 2021

We had a text through Checkatrade to say that a chap couldn’t get his bifold doors to close all the time. We took a quick look and found that one of the rollers on the top of the doors had broken wheels. We quickly swapped out the offending rollers and the doors were made good once more.

Communal allotment entrance gate lock failing, Walkergate, Newcastle, NE6, 28th June 2021

A large communal allotment had its combination lock fail with no-one able to access. The site manager asked us to urgently look at the situation. We arrived and quickly opened the gate allowing the gardeners to enter. We then replaced the lock with a more robust version of the current lock and setup the combination for the allotment owners to share.

Gate entrance requires new lock after badly rusting lock failing, Ponteland, Newcastle NE20, 27th June 2021

A large property in Ponteland needed a new remote electric lock fitting to the driveway to the house after the previous one had failed due to age and lack of maintenance. We had to source the replacement and found a local supplier, allowing us to fit the gate lock the same day and make the house owner feel secure once more.

Several new locks to be fitted to block of flats, Newcastle, NE1, 26th June 2021

A property owner wished to replace all locks on his apartment block due to the master keys having been lost by one of his staff. We had 35 doors to change on the property which we completed without fuss in one morning and cut more than 150 keys for the landlord. He was very impressed at how quickly we completed the work.

An increase of security needed for a front door latch, North Shields, NE29, 25th June 2021

A lady had seen on YouTube how easy it was to slip a latch, the same latch she had on here front door so she asked if we could help make her safer. We recommended fitting a British Standards High Security Nightlach with deadlocking to replace her simple night latch, and we had it fitted in no time at all. She felt very much safer once our new lock was fitted and the 3 keys handed over to her.

Lock-out. A butcher’s shop door was needing a new mortice lock, Longbenton, Newcastle NE12, 24th June 2021

An emergency call first thing in the morning to open a butcher’s shop where the staff couldn’t get in for work. We quickly found that the key was just spinning in the lock and meant the bolt was not moving. We found that just by lifting the key slightly we were able to get the lock to open, but of course the lock needed to be changed. We got a replacement lock from the stock on the van and quickly matched the current broken lock and replaced it. All-in-all, a 15 minute job and no custom lost for the butchers!

Locked Bedroom door, Jesmond, Newcastle NE2, 22nd June 2021

A lovely lady called late in the evening as she couldn’t get back into her bedroom in her shared accommodation. We arrived 20 minutes later to gain entry to the bedroom with non-destructive entry techniques and let her back into her bedroom where she could retrieve her keys.

Padlock to basement has lost keys, Tynemouth, North Shields, NE30, 22nd June 2021

We were called to a lovely period property which had a basement padlock and no keys available. We set about opening the padlock and changed the lock for a 5 lever mortice lock which we fitted in keeping with the surrounding décor. A very happy customer who could get to their wine once more!

Outhouse door handles very slack and not always working, Billy Mill, North Shields, NE29, 21st June 2021

We were called to sort an outhouse door which had failing handles and were very slack. We checked the whole system for gearbox, door strip or lock failure but found none so changed the handles quickly to the choice of colours which we had readily in the van in stock.

Patio doors not closing properly and key spinning occasionally, New York, North Shields, NE29, 20th June 2021

We were called to look at a set of patio doors which had issues. We quickly saw that the doors were badly misaligned and set to work to balance the doors once more. The key had been forced over the years of pushing against misalignment and needed changing also.

Communal door to flats not closing correctly, Woolsington, Newcastle NE13, 19th June 2021

We were called to a set of flats in Woolsington where the property landlord was reporting that their communal entrance door wouldn’t close properly. We quickly discovered that the door had warped and needed realigning, which we did quickly. We asked the landlord to fully check the working, which he was!

B & B needs extra keys cutting for front door, Tynemouth, North Shields, NE30, 16th June 2021

A local bed and breakfast were in need of some spare keys for their guest house. We quickly cut 15 extra keys for the front door for all the guests and all the staff on our mobile key cutting service.

French doors unable to be locked Ferryhill, County Durham, DL17, 16 June 2021

A lovely elderly couple couldn't get their door closed and it was causing concern for them and their safety. We quickly analysed the problem and found that not only was the door very misaligned but the gearbox was also crunching due to forcing the door. We made a quick replacement and made safe the French doors. Two happy customers!

Patio door unable to be locked Sunderland, SR3, 15th June 2021

A young couple could not lock the rear of their house due to the patio doors not closing fully. We quickly changed the alignment of the doors and enabled the family to be safe again once more. Happy, safe customers!

Backgate lock won’t lock, Billy Mill, North Shields, NE29, 14th June 2021

A customer called us to ask if we could help with his back door lock. We scheduled a visit and set about trying to understand the problem. The lock was very old and had seized probably due to moisture, rust and dirt. We advised changing the whole lock on the gate and making sure it was kept sprayed regularly with lithium grease which would prevent the lock seizing again.

Garage door handle failure High Heaton, Newcastle, NE7, 14th June 2021

A gentleman could not lock his garage door from inside due to a failed handle locking mechanism on a very old garage - he couldn't find a replacement. We set about asking around if there were any suppliers who had the handle to replace however we could only find a compatible handle, ordered it and fitted it. One happy customer yet again!

Patio Doors difficult to close, Backworth, NE27, 12th June 2021

A nice elderly couple were struggling to get their patio doors closed. We quickly saw that the doors were badly aligned and hence made closing the doors difficult. We sorted out the alignment and balanced the master and slave door perfectly. We asked the couple to make sure they could open and close the doors easily which they both could and showed them the “two-finger rule” which they managed on the doors!

Keys are in the door inside the house and I can’t get in the house, Quayside, Newcastle, 11th June 2021

An urgent sounding customer called us to see if we could help her get back into her house. She had a cat and needed to make sure it was ok. We turned up inside 15 minutes and quickly got the lady united with her cat! One happy customer, and one happy cat!

Handles need changing as spring has gone, Tynemouth, North Shields NE30, 10th June 2021

We attended a property where the owner had told us the handles were broken and needed replacing. We checked to make sure we had the correct stock and made a quick change of the handles. Another happy customer!

Scout hut lockout Newcastle, NE4, 10th June 2021

Scouts had to be cancelled last night due to the hut not being able to be accessed because of a failed lock. We quickly drilled the mortice lock and accessed the mechanism allowing the door to be opened. The scouts were again able to gain access to the building.

Garage lockout Newcastle, NE15, 9th June 2021

A chap called Lockforce to help him get to his beers in his garage but he was unable to gain entry due to a turning key on a mortice lock. We arrived within the hour and got into the garage inside half an hour having to replace the broken mortice lock. One happy customer reunited with his beer!

Locked out the house, lost keys, North Shields, NE29, 8th June 2021

We were called out to a customer during the night as they had lost their keys. We quickly checked identity of the customer and then gained entry to the house and provided the property with a new set of locks for the front and back of the house for security reasons.

Gearbox is crunching when lifting handle, Killingworth, Newcastle, NE12, 7th June 2021

A houseowner contacted us to see if we could do anything about a “crunching” door handle. Once we’d surveyed the problem, we saw that the door had become misaligned and was making the owner force the door closed. This had been happening for months. We took the door mechanism apart and changed the gearbox which was on the verge of failing completely due to it being forced for such a long time. Another happy Lockforce Newcastle customer!

Bifold Doors won’t close properly and can’t lock, Fawdon, Newcastle, NE3, 6th June 2021

A customer contacted us to say that they had heard a crack when locking the bifold doors the day before and since then they couldn’t close the door easily or lock it when done. We changed the gearbox and door strip mechanism and upgraded the lock and aligned the door fully. The customer stated that the door had never, ever worked like it did now and thanked us for our prompt work.

Patio doors’ handles spinning and not engaging with door mechanism, Walker, Newcastle, NE6, 5th June 2021

A couple’s patio door became unusable when the handles wouldn’t connect with the gearbox. We quickly gained entry to the patio doors and replaced the gearbox and upgraded the quality of the lock and improved the door lock security to insurance approved levels.

Stable door lock seized with horse inside, Ponteland, Newcastle, NE20, 5th June 2021

A frantic stable-hand rang to say that a door had seized which a horse still inside the stable. We quickly arrived and applied some graphite powder to the lock which freed up the door immediately, without frightening the horse. We changed the lock to the stable to ensure it wouldn’t happen again. No more mares for the stable hand!

Bathroom window jammed and seized Kenton, Newcastle, NE3, 5th June 2021

A customer’s bathroom window had suddenly stopped opening. We freed up the mechanism and opened the window which had seized with all the moisture from the bathroom.

Key not working all the time, just occasionally, Kingston Park, Newcastle, NE3, 4th June 2021

We arrived on site to find a shop with a “dodgey” lock, not working sometimes and sometimes it did. We advised to change the mortice lock, which was agreed, and sorted out the problem with the intermittent problems. One happy shop owner!

Locked out after door closing behind customer, Walker, Newcastle, NE6, 3rd June 2021

A very upset lady called because she had a door slam behind her when she left the house, leaving her keys inside the lock inside the house. The door had locked and the handle wouldn’t work from outside. We gained entry very quickly to the house and the very upset lady stopped being upset as quickly as we’d got into the house!

External outhouse doors require keys to lock every time North Shields, 3rd June 2021

A lady was concerned her Uncle was always locking himself out due to the external mechanism of the keys to his outhouse being needed every time he went out the door. He kept forgetting his keys and getting locked out. The customer asked for new locks to be put in, but we advised that it wasn’t necessary and that simply new handles would be sufficient as the locks were fine. The customer saved so much money by only replacing the handles and was very happy.

Lock and gearbox replacement Benton, Newcastle, NE12, 3rd June 2021

We were asked to make a lock and gearbox replacement to a home in Benton. The replacement was made very quickly and the lock also renewed with a high security lock. We also found the door was badly misaligned and therefore made good the fitting of the door. A very happy customer indeed.

Replacement shop door mortice lock Newcastle, NE1, 1st June 2021

Lockforce Newcastle were called to a shop for a replacement of an old mortice multi-lever lock. We carried the stock for the replacement which we made, like for like, very quickly and left the customer very contented with the new 5 lever high security lock.

Unlockable front door in Gosforth, Newcastle, NE3, 1st June 2021

Customer could not lock their front door after finding a previous locksmith had caused a gearbox failure with drilled out bits getting stuck in the gearbox. We quickly removed the lock and the mangled gearbox, finding that several bits had been left to jam the gearbox having been attempted to be drilled out. The whole mechanism had been damaged by forcing the broken gearbox and needed replacing, which we did. Further door alignment was required as the door had dropped in the frame.

Door is really difficult to close, Percy Main, North Shields, NE29 30th May 2021

A lady rang to say that her grandma was having problems closing her front door in Percy Main, North Shields. When we arrived we could see that the mechanism in the door strip was very loose and failing due to the amount of banging and forcing that the door had taken. We made a full gearbox and door strip change, having carried all the stock on the van that were necessary, and swapped out the failing mechanism. We ensured that the grandad understood how to work the door without too much force, which would reck the mechanism again in due time, and showed him the “two-finger rule”, meaning that no more than two fingers should be used to lift the handle and to turn the key. He was a very please Grandad!

Key spinning in lock, Scotswood, Newcastle, NE15, 29th May 2021

We were contacted via Facebook to see what we could do with a spinning lock. We saw immediately that the lock was broken and used a special tool to turn the lock and allow the owner into the property. We quickly replaced the lock giving the customer the chance to upgrade to a high security Ultion lock, which she did. A very contented customer indeed!

Sticking door gearbox in North Shields, NE29, 28th May 2021

Customer rang to get their back door gearbox replaced and possible lock upgraded. When we arrived we analysed the lock and gearbox and decided to service the door mechanism instead of replacing a perfectly good system. The lock was already a high security lock so no further action, other than cleaning down and lubricating the system was required. No callout charge for the job and one happy customer!

Snapped key in lock, Dinnington, Newcastle, NE20, 27th May 2021

A gentleman rang to say he’d snapped his key in the door and couldn’t gain entry into his house. Lockforce Newcastle arrived in 15 minutes and retrieved the key from the lock very quickly and picked the lock so the gentleman could get into his house. We then cut a new key from the remnants of the broken lock and tested it to make sure it worked; and it did perfectly. We then cut some extra keys for the gentleman once it was tested properly. A very happy customer!

Door won’t go into frame, Cullercoats, Tynemouth, North Shields NE30, 26th May 2021

A nice elderly couple rang up to say that their bathroom door wouldn’t close as the door won’t go into the frame and they can’t lock the door for privacy. Lockforce arrived within 20 minutes of the call and re-hung the door due to misalignment and fitted a better latch onto the bathroom door. The couple were very relieved.

Lost house keys in Newcastle, NE6 - 23rd May 2021

Lockforce received a callout for lost keys and attended the property inside 30 minutes. The owner had lost their keys, uncertain of whether they had been stolen or just misplaced, wanted the security of mind to just have his front door lock changed immediately. With a non destructive entry we managed to extract and replace the lock with a higher security lock with a snap-proofing lock. The customer was very pleased with the job, leaving it nice and tidy afterwards, having hoovered any mess and wiping down any surfaces thoroughly.

New bifold door lock upgrade - 22nd May 2021

A customer rang us to ask if we could look at his new bifold doors and assess if the locks were suitable to protect his home considering his substantial investment in the bifold "high security" doors. Unbelievably upon seeing the lock in the door we knew immediately that not even the simplest of security had been fitted as standard to the doors. We made the recommendation that the locks be upgraded to the highest level of security, which he did and was extremely relieved at having a wife and children to protect in the home. If you have any concerns over the safety of your home, need locks upgrading, or assistance with improving your sleep, then please give us a call

Crunching lock/lock upgrade in Ponteland, NE19 - 21st May 2021

Lockforce Newcastle were called to look at a crunching lock at a back door . The owners were informed that the door needed to be aligned properly which we did quickly and then checked that the lock was ok. It still was crunching so therefore needed changing as the damage had already been done. The owner asked if he could have like for like, however we showed the owner that they didn't even have anti-snap lock and showed the owner what this all meant. After showing him the ease at which entry can be gained by having locks which weren't anti-snap, he wanted to upgrade to the highest security eurolock that we had, which was the Ultion by Brisant. We gave him all the brochures and leaflets on the lock and showed him that only he could authorise any cutting of extra keys, which he liked the sound of very much. Another very happy customer!!

Handle change in Holywell, NE25 - 20th May 2021

Lockforce Newcastle were called to a property whose front door had spinning door handles. We quickly found that the springs had snapped in the door handles due to their age, and replaced them quickly. If you have andy issues with loose handles, spinning keys or handles or just need door furniture upgrading or replacing quickly, please give us a call.

Lock upgrade following stolen keys in Lemmington, Newcastle, NE15 - 19th May 2021 

A very upset lady called to ask for help as she had had her keys taken from inside her house, also resulting in her car being stolen! We went to the property and made sure she was safe by changing her locks to high-security Ultion locks, being far more secure than normal locks, with multiple protection methods being used by these locks. We have evidence of thieves having attempted to break into these Ultion locks but have abandoned the break-in upon seeing which type of locks these are! She was very please with the lock upgrade and the speed at which we came to help her.

High Security lock upgrade and window lock jam Burradon, NE12 - 18th May 2021

Lockforce Newcastle were called to make a survey of the current locks on a house in Burradon NE12. The owner had heard that their locks were likely not to be snap-proof locks and needed reassurance that they would be enough to deter thieves. After carrying out the analysis of the locks at the rear of the property, we did find indeed that the locks were not installed correctly as the outside barrel of the locks was protruding too far past the handles and that they locks weren't snap-proof. We set about changing the patio doors, including the lock on the slave door, to a high security Brisant Ultion lock, who we are partnered with to install their locks. We told the client that the locks had excellent resilience to break-in, especially against snapping, which is nearly 80% of forced entries being made currently. The client was very happy with the new safety he had for his wife and children!

Lock sticking and Door Jammed in North Shields, NE29 - 14th May 2021

Lockforce Newcastle were asked by a prospective customer in North Shields whether there was anything that we could do to try fix a front door which was needing so much effort to close it was waking up the whole street when it slammed late at night! When we arrived at the property and examined the door, it was immediately apparent that the door no longer sat at the right alignment to the frame. Over time, this meant that the door lock didn’t quite fit snug into the door latch and meant that the lock began to stick. Eventually the owners had been using the key to try and lock the door with such force that the lock mechanism began to fail and was intermittently not opening at all! Fortunately, all our vans carry sufficient stock to be able to make the replacement lock available straight away and we were able to fit the new lock immediately. We also made sure that the door alignment was corrected and that meant that the lock and door could work together in harmony with each other, as it should! One happy customer, saying “At last no more eggs being thrown at the house for having woken up the whole street at night with the slamming doors!!” Another peaceful, safer and happier neighbourhood having had 2 years of crunching locks and slamming doors coming to an end after a half-hour visit from Lockforce Newcastle!!

Can you change a lock? - 30th January 2020

A landlord called and asked if we could change a lock on one of his flats as the tenants had changed it due to been locked out but it wasn’t on his master key they explained that they already have the cylinder in the flat with the tenant. We arrived on site in Newcastle right beside st James park we fitted the new cylinder to the flat which now works with the owners master keyed suite.

I've given builders keys and they haven’t had them back - 23rd January 2020

A customer in Newcastle called and explained that they have been getting work done to the house and have given the builders keys but they haven’t returned them yet so wanted to change the locks incase they have lost the keys we fitted new cylinders tot the front and back doors with 5 keys each  a happy couple now feels safe again in there own home.

Can’t lock my front door - 5th January 2020

A customer in Newcastle called and explained that he can’t lock his front door and some times when its closed it fellas like something is catching and have to force the handles down. We arrived on site at a agreed time and noticed he had a wink Haus mechcanisam where the to hook wasn’t getting brought in fully which was catching the door when trying to open it. We had to renew the full mech as all the parts are fixed on this type after we fitted the new part we adjusted the door and had it working nice and smoothly as it should happy customer means a happy engineer

We’ve just bought a new house to do up but need access - 27th December 2019 

We arrived a time to meet this customer at the property in Newcastle. When we arrived on site he explained he’s bought the house at a auction and is doing it up to sell but the house didn’t come with any front door keys. We gained entry to the property and fitted a new snap safe cylinder with 5 keys. While on site he asked us to look at the back UPVC door which was only locked by 2 pad locks there was no mechanism no handles no cylinder and no keeps. The door was cracked down the frame we explained it would be cheaper to renew the door the trying to repair.

We’re locked out for Xmas - 19th December 2019

Lockforce recieved a call at 1am on Thursday morning from a customer in Jesmond who firstly apologies for calling us so early then secondly said they were in a rush to go out due to the taxi waiting they left the keys inside and walked out the house and closing the door and the door self locking behind them. We were with them with 30 minutes from the call and had them back inside in no time. A very happy customer called us a Christmas hero with out the cape. 

My back door lock is faulty - 29th November 2019 

A customer in Wallsend Newcastle called explaining her back door lock works every now and then but not all the time. We arranged a time to go out to see the lock and noticed the lock had failed we fitted a new British standard insurance approved mortise lock to the back door then she said she had an out building with a door each end and she didn’t have a key for 1 of the doors and she can’t close the other. We fitted a new lock to one of the doors then had to take the other door off to plain down as it has swelled with the rain 

I'm locked out my flat - 14th November 2019

A customer in Newcastle called 4.30am in the morning explaining he’s locked him self out his flat. We arrived on site 30 minutes from the call and had him back inside his flat in no time. He said I wasn’t expecting you to answer so early in the morning I thought I would have been stuck out side for a couple hours. Lockforce locksmiths in Newcastle are a genuine 24 hour locksmith.

I can't open my front door - Newcastle, 7th November 2019

A a customer in Newcastle called Lockforce Locksmiths Newcastle explaining she can’t open her front door and the handle is jammed. We arrived on site 30 minutes from her call and gained access to her house. We noticed that the MPL has failed and we had to fit a new gearbox onto the MPL. We carry a wide range of stock on our van which allows us to complete 90% of jobs the same day. She was very happy with our local Newcastle locksmith service.

I've snapped my key in the lock - 27th October 2019

A customer called in Newcastle after she had snapped her key in the lock and no longer could lock the back door. We arrived on site 30 minutes from her call and ended up renewing the cylinder as it was the last key she had for the lock. We also fitted a new snap safe cylinder and gave 5 keys, so she had plenty.

I have walked out the house and left the keys inside - 11th September 2019

A customer in Newcastle called 10pm Wednesday night explaining she walked out the house to go to work and left her house key in side the house she explained she will be finishing work in 30 minutes and could we meet her there to let her back in. 30 minutes later we meet her at her address and got her back inside with causing any damage very happy customer back straight back inside after a long day at work.

I’m locked out of my house - 31st August 2019

A customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Newcastle explaining they are locked out the house in Newcastle they went to take to dog on the last walk and closed the door behind them without picking up the keys. We where on site 30 minutes from the call and slipped the night latch minutes later. A very happy customer can now get him self to bed for the night.

I’m locked inside my house and can’t get out to go to work -  28th June 2019

We arrived on site 30 minutes from the customers call he opened the living room window and explained the handles won’t go down to unlock the door. We opened up the door using locksmithing methods and renewed the gearbox on the mpl. It’s a common fault on that type of case that the cog snaps off and jams. Now he can get him self to work 

I’m locked out of my house - 22nd June 2019

We received a call from a customer explaining he was locked out of his house and had tried to get in himself for the last hour.  We arrived on site 30 minutes from his call and when on site we noticed it was a night latch. We gained non-destructive entry by slipping the night latch within minutes we had him back inside. This method allows us to get them back into their home or business in as short time as possible whilst causing no damage at all. Any Skilled locksmith can do this, and we are a 24-hour local locksmith in Newcastle who is highly reviewed. So, this is where we shine.  After we got him back in, he said he only went to walk his dog and pulled the door closed before he thought about his keys 

My keys have been stolen - 14th June 2019

Lockforce locksmiths Newcastle received an email from a customer from our website explaining her front door key had been stolen in Newcastle. We replied to her email asking if we could give her a quick call. After speaking to the customer on the phone  we arranged to call around 6pm after she got hone from work. We arrived on site at the agreed time to renew her front door cylinder to a new snap safe cylinder supplied with 5 keys. She was very happy.

Locked out in Newcastle - 7th June 2019

On Friday night we received a call from a customer in Newcastle explaining they had been away for the week and have come back and can’t get in. We were on site within 30 minutes from the call, the customer gave us the key and said it doesn’t go all the way in, he was right, it wouldn’t. I asked if there was a key on the other side he said no as he had come out of that door and locked it behind him. We proceeded to gain non destructive entry and found a key in the back of the door, he was baffled to how but we got him in and he was happy!

Lock change in Newcastle - 27th May 2019

On bank holiday Monday we received a call from a Welsh phone number so when we answered the phoned we didn’t no what to expect. A lady on the other end explained that she has a property up in Newcastle and the old tenants have moved out so could I meet her at the property at 4pm as she will have to travel up to meet us there. We arrived on site at 4pm and met with the owner. We had three cylinders to change, front door and rear patio doors. Now the owner has the only set of keys for the property she can now get it back on the market in wthe knkowledge that her new tennants will be he only holders of their new keys.

Home security upgrade in Newcastle - 21st May 2019 

Lockforce Locksmiths Newcastle received a call on Monday morning from a customer wanting to upgrade their home security. Following a detailed conversation they opted for abs 3 star cylinders for three doors, all working off of 1 key. We measured the cylinder and ordered them straight up. We returned the next day and fitted 3 x abs 3 star cylinders, keyed alike so they customer didn’t have to carry loads of keys around. We supplied the keyed alike suite with 5 keys on colour coded key caps and most importantly left a very happy customer safe in their home. 

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