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If you’re looking for a professional locksmith to get back into your property or upgrade home security, Lockforce Locksmiths Whitley Bay is the only service you need.

Hello, I’m John McConnon, your local professional locksmith in Whitley Bay!

Let me introduce myself properly with some key facts about my professional locksmith services in Whitley Bay:

  • I am a fully insured (to the value of £5m) and DBS checked contractor.
  • I am a highly experienced expert working on behalf of the Lockforce brand
  • I offer an extensive range of locksmith Whitley Bay services, including 24/7 emergency call-outs.
  • I deliver a rapid response to all residential and commercial properties in Whitley Bay and the surrounding areas.
  • I pride myself on delivering the highest standards of locksmith services, with all work guaranteed for 12 months.
  • I offer free call-outs for all lock replacements and repairs.

When you need a locksmith in Whitley Bay, only the best service will suffice. After all, you cannot afford to take risks with the entry and security features of your home or business.

As well as offering a comprehensive range of both residential and commercial locksmith services, I will arrive at your Whitley Bay property in a punctual manner.

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Contact me, John at Lockforce Locksmiths on 01916 660 210 to learn more about professional Whitley Bay locksmith services today!

Whitley Bay Locksmith Services

When looking for a locksmith in Whitley Bay, you don’t just need an expert you can trust. You need one that can actually complete the work you require in the fastest and most cost-effective fashion. Here at Lockforce Locksmiths Whitley Bay, we are thrilled to deliver the highest levels of expertise across a full range of residential and commercial assignments, ensuring that all customers receive a one-stop-solution for all their locksmith needs.

All work is completed in an efficient manner while satisfying your expectations for reliable results that will deliver years of service to your property. In fact, being a local expert in Whitley Bay means I can often offer a same-day call-out for standard procedures, as well as a one-hour call-out on emergency projects. If you need help getting back into your property ASAP, I am more than happy to help.

The list of services offered by Lockforce Locksmiths Whitley Bay include;

  • 24-hour emergency locksmith in Whitley Bay
  • Mobile key cutting in Whitley Bay
  • Whitley Bay lock repair and lock replacement
  • uPVC door locks
  • Wooden door locks
  • Digital door locks
  • Window locks
  • CCTV systems
  • Alarms
  • Evictions
  • Re-securing
  • Post burglary repairs
  • Fire escape hardware
  • Panic hardware
  • Post burglary repairs
  • Insurance approved locks
  • Entry gaining
  • Yale locks
  • Night latches
  • Window boarding
Whether you need a standard locksmith service or an out of hours call-out, I would be delighted to help you regain entry or upgrade the security features of your property.For more advice or to book a locksmith service in Whitley Bay, call John today on 01916 660 210.

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Services in Whitley Bay

When an emergency situation surfaces, you need a reliable locksmith who can get to your property fast before getting you back inside without causing damage to the property. As your local emergency locksmith in Whitley Bay, I can provide that service to all residential and commercial properties in the area. Whether you need to prevent lost time in business or get back into the home when the oven is still turned on, I’m here to help.

Lockforce Whitley Bay offers a 24/7 emergency call-out with rapid response times. I regularly undergo training to understand the latest techniques and technologies used to achieve quick access with no or minimal damage to the property. After getting you back inside the property, I can change the locks as required.

If you’re locked out and need quick access to your home or business, call 01916 660 210 now and I’ll be with you at your Whitley Bay property in no time!

Whitley Bay Lock Repairs & Replacements

Whether you’ve snapped your key in the lock, have lost your keys, or feel concerned about the security after moving into a new property, seeking a quick lock repair or replacement service is vital. Lockforce Whitley Bay provides an efficient solution to ensure your property is equipped with the latest and greatest systems on the market, which will simultaneously deliver the peace of mind that you deserve.

Don’t worry; I’ve been there and truly understand the stress and panic going through your mind. However, a quick and effective lock replacement or repair service will soon restore a sense of normality to your life. As an experienced professional, I am more than happy to offer my impartial advice on the best method to take, although the final decision is with you. After all, your satisfaction is all that matters.

Call me, John on 01916 660 210 to book a lock repair or replacement in Whitley Bay now.

Whitley Bay Mobile Key Cutting

If you need new keys cut, the hassle of heading out to a locksmith isn’t ideal. Our mobile key cutting service in Whitley Bay puts an end to those troubles. My Lockforce Locksmiths van is equipped with the latest tools and machinery to complete a quick and accurate key cutting on-site. So, I can visit your property, cut a new key, and test it to check it works as expected.

Call Lockforce Locksmiths Whitley Bay on 01916 660 210 to arrange a mobile key cutting visit today!


Lockforce Locksmiths are dedicated to making your experience as convenient as possible. In addition to a professional and punctual service, we accept multiple payments to make life easier for all clients.

As such, we accept:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Contactless card payments
  • Bank Transfer
  • BACS
  • Cash
  • PayPal
Call Lockforce today on 01916 660 210.

Recent Jobs

Better security on patio doors, Monkseaton, NE25, 8th December 2021

A lovely lady called as she was concerned about her patio doors being unsafe. My recommendation to her was to take advantage of my special offer of the Ultion Lock High Security 3-star upgrade along with the new 2-star Ultion “Lock-Lock” handle. I had the equipment in stock so could fit them quickly and the lady felt very safe after I talked her through the benefits of both. If you need to take advantage of the best home security on the market and have me fit it, just call me.

Lockout and yale lock replacement, Seaton Sluice, Whitley Bay, NE25, 3rd December 2021

A family called after their door had slammed shut behind them and they wanted a locksmith in Whitley Bay to help them. I arrived and quickly let them back into the house. They wanted to change the lock so it wouldn’t slam-shut behind them again which I did equally quickly!

Lost keys, Whitley Bay, NE26, 30th November 2021

A nice chap called to say that he’d lost his keys so he wanted to change all his locks. I changed his front and back door, improving on their 1-star yale locks with our Ultion 3 star high security and Police approved locks. He also wanted his garage door changing too, for which I was happy to oblige and replaced with my van stock.

Door handle upgrade, Whitley Bay, NE26, 16th November 2021

A lady was looking to upgrade her handles in Newcastle as hers were getting very worn and loose. I put on some Ultion “Sweet” high security locks and the lady was extremely happy.

Locked out of house and no spare key, Monkseaton, NE26, 08 November 2021

A desperate lady called as she and her babies were locked out the house and the dog was all alone inside and she needed a locksmith in Monkseaton, Whitley Bay urgently. I quickly rescheduled my work for the day and turned up in 15 minutes. I quickly gained entry to the property and made sure the kettle was put on for the frantic lady while she settled her babies. I changed her lock for a more secure snap-proof lock and went on my way, leaving a very relieved mother and babies and happy dog!

Remove Yale Smart lock, install keyed lock, Whitley Bay, NE26, 02 November 2021

A very friendly lady was looking for a locksmith in Whitley Bay, to help her remove her Yale Smart Lock and install a normal lock with a key. We removed the smart lock very quickly and put on some high security handles and snap-proof locks on for the lady. She was relieved to get back to normal locks once more!

Wooden door difficult to close and lock, West Monkseaton, NE25, 30 October 2021

I had an enquiry from a nice lady who wanted a local locksmith in Whitley Bay. Being just a couple of minutes from the lady’s house we turned up quickly to find that her door had swollen with all the water which was pooling at the foot of the door. Her door foot plate was faulty and the rain was running inside the house instead of over the door foot of the frame. We made a quick change for her and sealed the door runner again and adjusted the door to close properly and the lock was then able to function once more!

Snapped door handle – burglary attempt, Whitley Bay, NE26, 23rd October 2021

A concerned customer asked us to have a look at their patio door handle which had been snapped off. Although the door was not opened, it was believed to be an attempted burglary. We made a quick appraisal of the door locks and upgraded them to Ultion High Security locks, and replaced the handles with the new Ultion “Sweet” One-star locks which offer superb security against burglars.

Broken nightlatch lock, Monkseaton, NE25, 20th October 2021

Another caller from the Whitley Bay area from a couple who said their nightlatch wouldn’t lock. When I arrived the lock was in pieces as they had try to take it apart and fix it themselves. I noticed that a part of the lock was shattered and therefore had to replace the lock with a new one from stock. Happy customers once more.

Snapped key in garage door, Whitley Bay, NE26, 19th October 2021

A call came in from a lady who had problems with her garage door, and had snapped the key in the lock, not for the first time! We arrived and quickly removed the trapped key-end and made sure that the lock and garage mechanisms were properly lubricated.

Back gate and front door keys missing, Whitley Bay, NE26, 15th October 2021

I was called by a landlady to change locks on two doors where the keys had gone missing from the previous tenant who had just moved out. The new tenants were due in imminently so I had to act quickly. I changed the front door barrel and the rear mortice lock for like-for-like locks supplied off the van stock and all was good for the new tenants!

Patio doors won’t open, Seaton Sluice, Whitley Bay, NE25, 9th October 2021

A lovely retired couple in the beautiful hamlet that is Seaton Sluice asked me if I would have a look to see what was wrong with their patio doors. “Do we need new doors, as that’s what the last person told them” was the question I was asked. “Of course not!” was my answer. I realigned the doors and changed the very loose handles on the doors, gave the mechanisms a quick lubricate and service and that was all that was required to get the doors back to working like new!

Windows unable to be opened, Monkseaton, Whitley Bay, NE25, 1st October 2021

Another call to a house found that yet again 3 windows were proving difficult to open and close. We found that all 3 windows had different issues – one had a snapped handle, one had a key snapped in the lock of the handle and another required a new mechanism as it had corroded.

Window handle snapped, Whitley Bay, NE26, 26th September 2021

A nice lady rang to say her bedroom window had a broken handle. We found that the mechanism had seized and she had snapped the handle trying to get it to open. We lubricated the mechanism, checked it was moving freely and replaced the handle quickly.

Door unable to be closed, Earsdon, Whitley Bay, NE25, 23rd September 2021

A lady called as she was unable to keep her door closed in the wind and suspected the lock was loose or broken. We found we had to change the nightlatch as it wouldn’t close all the way and adjusted the door as it had been damaged by the wind also.

Key stuck in lock, NE26, Whitley Bay, 12th September 2021

We had a call from someone who couldn’t leave their house as the key had got stuck in their lock. We found it was a mortice lock and lifted the key when turning it. That did the trick allowing the key to lock the door, but there was an issue with the lock meaning that we made a quick swapout of the lock from stock.

Lockout and gain entry, NE25, Whitley Bay, 4th September 2021

Arriving at a property following a callout for a snapped only key, we quickly got a panicked client back into their home and replaced the damaged lock with a new snap-proof euro lock.

New shed door lock after break-in, NE26, Whitley Bay, 31 August 2021

We were called to a house which had a shed break-in during the night and a requirement for a new lock was given to us. We tidied up the damage to the door and fitted a new long-throw bold lock there and then from our van stock. We came back the following day and fitted a door bar and padlock to enhance the safety of the shed.

Bolt lock for back gate in Whitley Bay, NE26, 28th August 2021

A property in Whitley Bay had a need for a more efficient lock on the back lane gate. We put in a “long-throw” bolt lock on the property which the lock is accessible and lockable from both sides.

New Ultions fitted in Monkseaton, NE26, 21st August 2021

A lovely couple rang to say they would like to have our High Security British Standards 3 star Ultion locks fitted to their front and back exterior doors for added security and anti-snap properties for their house. We came and measured up and made the change very quickly but carefully and the couple are now far safer in their home than before.

New window locks in Monkseaton, NE25, 17th August 2021

We had a call from a lady wanting to have window locks put on her windows as she had her grandchildren visit on a regular basis and was worried about the children climbing out of the upstairs windows. We had the stock on the van to do this quickly.

New lock for Vestibule in Seaton Delaval, NE25,15th August 2021

A priest rang us to see if we could help change over their ancient lock on their vestibule. We managed to remove the old lock and put in a new mortice lock in its place and gave the priest 5 keys in the process!

Fixing UPVC door handle Seaton Sluice, NE25,15th August 2021

Are you tired of having to pull up hard on your upvc door handle, feeling the crunch each time you have to close up at the end of a day in the garden. Then give Lockforce Locksmiths Newcastle a call and we can sort you out immediately!

Padlock successfully picked Whitley Bay, NE26,13th August 2021

The local club hut from scouts/cubs rang up to ask to unlock a padlock on a metal gate as they had misplaced the last remaining key. The lock was about 50 years old and as thick as a tree branch and was definitely not going to opening with bolt cutters, so we set about picking the lock. Withing 2 minutes we had released the lock and gained entry to the hut. The jamboree could go ahead at the weekend once more!

School needed new finger-protectors installing on 5 doors, Monkseaton, Whitley Bay, NE25, 9th August 2021

A headteacher rang to ask if we could fit replacement finger protectors to their primary school classroom doors. We came to measure up and ordered the new protectors which arrived the next day. Once we fitted them the children would not be able to trap their fingers in the doors, which is always a good result!

Landlord’s tenant eviction requiring lock change, NE26, 6th August 2021

A landlord had not received rent for two years and was in need of help to change a lock for his flat which had been evacuated rapidly. We gained entry and changed the necessary lock and made the property safe.

Patio Doors couldn’t be opened as lock was stuck, NE25, 5th August 2021

We were called by a door installer to look at a problem a couple were having with their patio doors. We quickly released the door locking mechanism and gained entry. We found the gearbox and the locks to both doors were forced and broken and quickly set about realigning the doors so the problem wouldn’t come back, leaving the couple to enjoy their garden once more.

Door won’t close properly and locking is very difficult, Whitley Bay, NE25, 3rd August 2021

A repeat customer called us to see if we could help him with his difficult-to-close front door. We quickly found that the hinge had stopped working properly and allowed the door to drop. We got straight to our stock in the van and found a replacement hinge, realigned the door and double checked that the door operation was correct.

Door lock needing changing as had ceased, Monkseaton, Whitley Bay, NE26, 2nd August 2021

A family had an urgent need to change a lock which had stopped working and they had to break in through a glass window to open the lock! We quickly found that the lock had indeed ceased and in spite of our efforts had to change the lock to a high security British Standards lock.

Composite door lock failing and key can’t be removed, West Monkseaton, Whitley Bay, 31st July 2021

A farmer called because he was having trouble closing his front door. We found that the lock had disintegrated due to forcing and had left bits in the gearbox. We dismantled the door mechanism and cleared out the broken lock. We checked the mechanism was working and changed the lock.

Keys lost for all window locks in landlord’s flat, Whitley Bay, NE26, 29th July 2021

A frantic landlord asked for a solution for his lost keys for all his windows in his flat as tenants were moving in the next day. We suggested changing the window locks in the flat, and he agreed, and left all spare keys with the landlord.

Door won’t lock on newly installed composite front door, Shiremoor, Whitley Bay, NE27, 28th July 2021

A door manufacturer called us on a warranty call to look at a newly installed door they had put in just a week ago. When we got to the new property, we saw that the problem was with a thumbturn lock which was just spinning and not locking the door. We tightened up the thumbscrew on the underneath of the thumbturn and the lock could once again be engaged and problem solved!

Shop owner locked out of shop first thing in the morning, Whitley Bay, NE26, 26th July 2021

A frantic shop owner rang us first thing to see if we could open up his shop as the lock seemed to have failed. Once we arrived, we could see that the handle of the door was all floppy, telling us that the gearbox had failed. We quickly gained entry so the shop could begin trading and swapped-out the broken gearbox for a new one in no time at all.

Doctor’s Surgery had lost keys to medicine store, Whitley Bay, NE26, 25th July 2021

We were contacted by a Doctor’s Surgery in Whitley Bay who had lost the keys to their store. We quickly gained entry to the store and changed the two locks that were on the door.

Door hinge failing on composite door which had dropped, Whitley Bay, NE25, 25th July 2021

We were called to investigate a door which had dropped severely in the frame and meant the door couldn’t be locked. We had stock in the van of the matching hinge so were able to take the door down and replace the broken hinge. The door was then able to be locked easily and closed very smoothly.

Replacement back door gate lock required, Whitley Bay, NE26, 24th July 2021

We suggested a long-throw lock to be the replacement lock for a lady in Whitley Bay who needed something which could lock her back gate with a key from both sides. We arranged a time to fit the lock and arrived spot on time to make the replacement.

Door lock starting to fail, Monkseaton, Whitley Bay, NE26, 23rd July 2021

A lady of more mature years was concerned her door could fail at any time as she was having difficulties locking the door at times. We quickly established that the door was out of alignment and making the door bolts difficult to locate into their strike keeps. We aligned the door and manipulated the keeps so the door was easier to close and lock. A very happy lady!

New restaurant door requires new mortice locks and door furniture fitting, Whitley Bay, NE26, 22nd July 2021

A new restaurant needed a whole load of work to its main door, so we set about sorting out the two new mortice locks and lock strikes, having to cut into the door carefully for both. We also were asked to fit new door handles, hand plate, door pull and new latch mechanism to the door just in time for the restaurant to open!

Broken lock on door which couldn’t be locked, Whitley Bay, NE26, 20th July 2021

We were called to see if we could sort out a lock which had fallen apart when trying to open the door. We found that the door had snapped at the anti-snap line for an unknown reason and needed to be replaced, which we did from our stock on the van.

Locked out from house with dog stuck inside, Whitley Bay NE26, 20th July 2021

We received a call from a desperate lady who had locked herself out of her bungalow in the North of Whitley Bay. We arrived within 20 minutes to let the lady back into the house quickly, and reunite her with her little poodle! A happy reunion!

Sports shed lock broken, Churchill Playing fields, Whitley Bay NE25, 19th July 2021

The groundsman from the local playing fields in Whitley Bay rang to ask if we could help unlock his shed where the local cricket club kept their sports equipment. We arrived to find a rusted padlock which we freed up with lubricant and opened the padlock without damage. Anyone for cricket?

Upvc window unable to be locked, West Monkseaton, Whitley Bay, NE25, 15th July 2021

An elderly couple could not lock their downstairs window and were concerned about what to do about it at night. We saw at the property when we got there that the handle had snapped on the window and it needed replacing. We had a variety of handles on the van so the couple were able to choose what they wanted and we changed it very quickly. We also lubricated the window hinges which were also very stiff. A happy, safe couple were very relieved at how quickly we responded!

Contract call from Property management company with lockout on new build, Backworth, Whitley Bay, NE27, 13th July 2021

Our company do many contracts for property management companies and lettings agents. One of them called to ask for an urgent lockout in Backworth. We were at the property in 15 minutes to find a gentleman who couldn’t get into his house as his keys didn’t seem to work any more. We gained entry and changed the lock for him and gave him 5 keys for his lock. He was very pleased with the speed we gained entry and loved the fact that he didn’t have to get any more keys cut.

Front door difficult to lock, Whitley Bay, NE26, 11th July 2021

A couple rang reporting that their mother was having issues getting in and out of the house to look after the couple’s children. We saw that the lock was not engaging the strikeplate in the frame correctly so moved the plate to allow it to do so.

Upvc door not able to be locked, Whitley Bay, NE26, 10th July 2021

A nice chap rang to see if we could help him sort his front door out which couldn’t be locked. We analysed the problem and found that the lock had indeed failed, so swapped it out and put a new high security Ultion lock in place.

Another free survey on a property in Whitley Bay, NE26, 7th July 2021

As part of our special deals for free surveys, we quickly spotted that a property had a very old mechanism in their door which was on the point of failure; the family had been having to put much effort into closing the door with force and had very little play left on the door hook bolts’ action. We changed the gearbox on the MultiPoint Locking system and made good the alignment on the door. We also upgraded the lock which was also difficult to put in and remove the keys.

Free Survey carried out at a property in Whitley Bay, NE26, 6th July 2021

A free security survey carried out at a property in Whitley Bay found that a front door was at risk of having easy access due to the proximity of the letter box to their thumbturn lock. The risk is that this could make a burglar’s job very easy to break into the property. We suggested and fitted a keyed euro cylinder with snap-proofing, and fitted it quickly.

Door not able to be unlocked, Whitley Bay, NE26, 29th June 2021

A gentleman rang to tell us his wife couldn’t lock the front door and she had to use the garage. We quickly turned up to see what was the problem. Immediately we saw that the door had gone seriously out of alignment and the lock was no longer able to fit well into the bolt housing to lock-up. We had the alignment sorted very quickly, however there were other issues with the gearbox and Multipoint Locking system, which had all failed due to excessive pressure on it. The bits of the geabox litereally fell out of the door when dismantling. We replaced the full MPL and the door lock and made sure the alignment was all done once completed. A very happy husband and wife!

Patio door key spinning intermittently and door very stiff, Seaton Sluice, Whitley Bay, NE25, 23rd June 2021

A lovely couple called as they had problems locking their patio doors; someone had been to attempt to fix the door previously but had only made things worse and had given up! We called round quickly and found that the door was very badly aligned, so we corrected that, and then found that the lock had broken due to all the force that had been applied to lock-up attempts previously. We quickly changed the lock and made sure all was working well. A very happy couple indeed.

Garden Annex door won’t lock, New Hartley, Whitley Bay, NE25, 18th June 2021

We were called to a beautiful garden house annex in New Hartley which had a failing lock. We saw that the upvc doors had misaligned due to the sunny weather and made amendments. Unfortunately the gearbox had also been stressed and was not consistently engaging the door strip locks, so we changed that from our on-van stock also.

Lost keys but spare keys inside house and locked out, Whitley Bay NE26, 13th June 2021

A lady called us for help. She had just returned home after the school-run but thought she had left her keys inside the house. We explained that she would have had to have closed the uPVC doors with a key and therefore had lost her keys. She said she had spare keys, however we explained again that unless she finds her keys quickly, her house could be at risk of entry with the lost, or maybe stolen, keys. Once we quickly gained entry, we changed the locks on the front and back of the property and made it safe for the lady and her family. A very relieve Lockforce Newcastle customer!

Lock upgrade required in Whitley Bay NE26 12th June 2021

A customer was concerned that his sash lock was easily reachable from outside due to the proximity to their letterbox. We quickly changed the sash lock for a lockable sash lock which was insurance approved and British Standards. The customer was very happy with the advice that we gave and the speed at which we replaced the less secure lock.

Mortice lock failure Whitley Bay NE25 10th June 2021

We were approached to find a replacement for a rare lock with an unusual set of measurements. Instead of replacing the lock, we rebuilt the inside workings of the lock at a much cheaper price, saving the customer ££££s.

Locks on side of patio doors not moving when closing door, Seaton Sluice, Whitley Bay NE25, 9th June 2021

A customer called to say that the locks weren’t moving on the doors to their garden. Once we examined the doors we saw that the bolts and buttons on the door strip had indeed stopped working yet the lock on the door still engaged. We stripped back the door mechanism and assessed that the gearbox was failing to engage the door strip bolts and buttons and so replaced the gearbox. The customer was asked to test the door to make sure it was to their satisfaction and then stated it had never worked so well! A happy Lockforce Newcastle customer again

Failed handle replacement Seaton Delaval, Whitley Bay NE25 4th June 2021

The customer had problems closing the door as the handles for the outside door were very loose and didn’t always pick up the mechanism in the door. The client asked for new door locks but we reassured him this wasn’t necessary and only needed to put on new handles, saving them a fortune. Understandably the customer was very happy with the advice and saving money.

Key spinning in mortice lock, Brierdene, Whitley Bay, NE26, 2nd June 2021

The owner of a lovely old house in Brierdene called us because one of his back-porch doors had a key that was spinning in a mortice lock. We had to drill into the lock to release the bolt from the door and replace the mortice lock with a similar lock, which we had on the van. We were done inside 30 minutes and had one happy owner.

Door is catching on the frame when closing, Monkseaton, Whitley Bay, NE25, 1st June 2021

We were called to a flat in Monkseaton because the owner was concerned, he was annoying his neighbours as he had to force his door closed each time. Once we examined the wooden door, we saw that it had swollen due to the damp weather so we amended behind the hinges and rehung the door. The door closed perfectly and no longer need to bang the door closed.

Door lock won’t lock door, Hillheads, Whitley Bay, NE26, 28th May 2021

A lady rang to say that her door wouldn’t lock and that she needed a new lock. Once we’d arrived within 5 minutes as we were in the area. We immediately saw that the door had gone way out of alignment. We quickly realigned the door within 3 minutes and tested the lock – there was nothing wrong with the lock, so we lubricated the uPVC door strip, gearbox and latch and left without charging the nice lady due to the small amount of work that needed to be done. One very impressed lady!

Patio door unable to open and lock upgrade in Whitley Bay, NE26 - 18/5/2021

Lockforce were asked if they could open a locked patio door which hadn't been opened for 2 years! Upon arriving at the property we carried out a survey of the subject door. We found that it indeed was jammed solid - the multi-point locking mechanism had failed and the gearing did not respond to the door handle. We informed the customer what we were going to do as we had to "gain entry" to the door, although we could access both sides! We managed to open the door without any damage to the door or the frames and changed the "MPL" and the gearbox. The owner wanted new brass handles on the door which we had in stock on the van as always, and changed the lock to an anti-snap lock. The owner then asked us to look at the conservatory patio door locks which were also changed to anti-snap locks. We serviced the mechanism of both the slave and the master patio doors as they were both very stiff due to age, but managed to give them a good lubricating to alleviate the stiffness and give the doors a good few years left of usage! The very happy owner also decided to upgrade his front-door lock to a high security Brisant Ultion Plus lock as his previous lock was also without anti-snap technology.

Lock sticking/keys failing in Whitley Bay, NE26 - 17/5/2021 

Locksmiths Newcastle were contacted to see if we could help with a sticking/crunching mortice door lock on a flat in Whitley Bay NE26. When we took a look at the keys we immediately knew that there had been some force used to open the door as the keys were bent. This was looking likely to be a door alignment problem in our first opinion, meaning that the door lock wasn't quite ligning up to the strike plate. On looking at the mortice lock we found that the door was indeed way out and had dropped on the lock side of the door. There were also rub-marks up and down the lock side of the door too at various points. We immediately aligned the door to match up, but the lock was still crunching and keys not fitting meaning the damage had been done. We quickly replaced the mortice lock and cut a further two keys for the owner. The owner was extremely please with the result as the door had been awkward for as long as they can remember. The owner said "I don't mean to sound daft, but, the door actually opens and closes like a door should now!" Which to be fair, did sound a little daft, but there again, isn't it a little daft to put up with an awkward door for so long. If you need your door opening and closing made more easy, or your doors realigned or just want us to come and survey your property's locks as a kind of "house MOT", we would be over the moon to help.

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