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  • DBS Checked
  • CheckaTrade Vetted and Approved
  • Fully Insured (up to value of £10 million)
  • All Work and Parts Guaranteed 
  • Ex-Military Service Personnel
  • Checkatrade Approved

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Lockforce Locksmiths Gosforth offers a range of services to assist you directly at home or at your business for ease and peace of mind. Get in touch with a specialist today by calling 01916 660 360 to discover how Lockforce Locksmiths can help you.

Lockforce Locksmiths Gosforth Services

If you find yourself locked out of your property, our quick and efficient service will never leave you waiting and will strive to get you back into your property in no time. Lockforce Locksmiths Gosforth offers a wide range of services for problems at your home or your business. Whether you want to change your locks or upgrade your security, Lockforce has specialists that are equipped and ready to handle all your needs and concerns.

Lockforce Locksmiths Gosforth services include:

  • Support for evictions
  • Repairs after a burglary
  • CCTV installations
  • Window boarding
  • Fire escape hardware installations
  • Panic hardware installationss
  • And many more
  • Evictions

There is no lock that we cannot replace. Whether it is a window door lock, digital door lock, uPVC door lock, night latches, or deadlocks, Lockforce Locksmiths Gosforth is fully equipped with the skills and insurance to provide a solution. You can trust knowing your security is in safe hands. While onsite, all our specialists are available to provide free and expert advice to increase the security of your home or business, to ensure your family, assets or business is safe and you can rest with peace of mind. Lockforce Locksmiths Gosforth professional services always come with high-quality equipment. Only the best and safest parts are used on your home or business, which are British Standard and Police Approved.

If you are in need of a locksmith in Gosforth contact us today on 01916 660 360 to see how we can assist you and answer any questions you may have. We are confident we are able to help you, and we look forward to working with you.

Why choose Lockforce Locksmiths Gosforth?

Lockforce Locksmiths Gosforth deliver to the outstanding golden national standard set by Lockforce. With over 9,000 reviews averaging 4.5 out of 5, you know you are in good hands when you choose Lockforce. While there are many local locksmiths to choose from, it can be hard to find one you can trust and rely on to help you at a time in need. Lockforce Locksmiths Gosforth specialists are all fully vetted, insured and can offer complete identification. If you wish to see identification, insurance, and DBS checks, please ask your specialist upon arrival. Lockforce operates with a distinct brand, so all vans and uniforms can be uniquely identified by customers to ensure a service you can trust and feel safe to use. Lockforce Locksmiths Gosforth offers a service that you can rely on. Specialists are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and strive to provide a rapid response to your property, to deal with your problem as fast as possible. You can guarantee that you will be our top priority. Lockforce Locksmiths Gosforth prides itself on its unrivaled customer service, 12-month guarantee to keep you protected, and expert advice to solve your problem to a high standard.

Get in touch now on 01916 660 360 to find out more about Lockforce Locksmiths Gosforth solutions and why we’re the right team for the job.

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith when Locked Out in Gosforth

When you are locked out of your house or business, there is not much time to spare. Lockforce Locksmiths Gosforth offers an emergency service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can get back into your property without having to wait. Our specialists are known for their quick response time and reliable service, so you can gain entry to your property or business premises as quickly as possible. It can be a worry when locked out, as it is likely you do not want any of your property to be ruined in the process.Lockforce Locksmiths Gosforth takes the worry away as we are equipped with advanced technology and the latest training so your property or business can be accessed with a safe, non-destructive solution to minimise any damage or safety issues. Lockforce’s emergency locksmith service in Gosforth is specially designed by experts, to ensure you are provided with a fast and trusted service. While onsite, our specialists will be able to change and replace any other necessary locks on the same visit, to save you time, money and for your peace of mind.

Access our 24/7 service now by calling 01916 660 360

Gosforth Mobile Key Cutting Service

You can rely on Lockforce Locksmiths Gosforth for all your needs, including a mobile key cutting service. You will never have to visit a shop again to get your keys cut. Lockforce Locksmiths Gosforth specialists are equipped with the relevant tools, training, and experience to provide a full end-to-end solution, including coming to your doorstep. This takes the time and hassle away from you, as well as additional testing the keys on your doors before we leave. That’s a service you cannot get in an ordinary shop. With a mobile key cutting service based in Gosforth, we offer a flexible service and can come to you at a convenient time. All we ask is that a minimum of four keys is purchased when choosing our mobile service.

To arrange a time and date that suits you, contact Lockforce Locksmiths Gosforth now on 01916 660 360.

Gosforth Lock Repair and Lock Replacement

Over time, it is common that your locks can fall into a state of disrepair. This can become problematic when it becomes unusable. Alternatively, your circumstances might change or you may accidentally snap your key in the lock! Regardless of the problem you are facing, Lockforce Locksmiths Gosforth offers a lock repair and replacement service for property and business owners so you can feel safe again. This includes (but is not limited to) child safety locks, digital door locks, and deadlocks. The service is flexible to work around you and offers an inspection to ensure all locks are operating as they should be.

If you are interested in hiring Lockforce Locksmiths Gosforth to repair or replace your locks, then please contact us today on 01916 660 360 to arrange a visit.

Lockforce Locksmiths Gosforth Payment Options

Lockforce Locksmith Gosforth offers a range of payments for you to choose from.

Please note that none of the options will impact the service, insurance, or guarantee. Payment options include:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Contactless card payments
  • Bank Transfer
  • BACS
  • Cash
  • PayPal
Lockforce Locksmiths Gosforth is a trusted and reliable locksmith that is happy to help with any problem you may have encountered. Please do not hesitate to contact us for help or advice. Call our friendly and professional team any time of day on 01916 660 360.

Recent Jobs

Garage door key missing before house sale, Gosforth, NE3, 12th April 2024

Having put the house up for sale recently, a couple rang to ask if I could get into their garage and put a new lock on before some potential buyers were coming to see their house later that day. I managed to fit them in pretty quickly by moving some customers around having stated the emergency. They all agreed and I could then get to the garage and sort it out no problem. One very relieved and grateful couple, who even sold the house on the day!!

Pub needing new locks, Gosforth, NE3 5th April 2024

A pub chain rang me as I’d done some work for them in the past. They wanted some of the locks changing in their pub where a new landlord had just taken the pub on. 6 locks in all so a good morning’s work and enough thirst worked up for me to want to have a pint after the job; unfortunately I had a couple more jobs to do before being rewarded with a beer!!

New house, new locks needed, NE3, 29th March 2024

A young lady rang who had just moved into her new house in Wallsend. She found me by searching for a “locksmith near me” on Google and read my reviews and wanted to go ahead. I suggested some new Brisant Ultion, British Standards, 3 Star High Security locks for the front and back door. Both keyed-alike so easy for her to just carry the one key!

Locked out of stable, NE3, 22nd March 2024

A lovely lady rang as she had her stable door close behind her and she couldn’t get to her horse. She looked on Google to find a “locksmith near me” and came up with my details. I arrived quickly to find that the door had slammed shut behind her and managed to open it really quickly to reunite a very happy lady horse rider and her horse!

Lock changes in pub, Gosforth, NE3, 15th March 2024

Having just taken on a new lease to a pub in Newcastle, a new landlord looked online to see if he could find a “locksmith near me”. He came across the website and saw the entry that I’d recently sorted out a pub in North Shields who needed a total lock change on taking over a pub also. I arrived to do a quick measure-up and survey of what was required and returned the day after to change all the internal and external locks and increase the physical security of some external gates. The pub landlord properly appreciated the job and gave me a free pint and a meal to top-up the payment for the job!!

Back yard gate locked shut, Gosforth, NE3, 8th March 2024

A lovely elderly couple had been looking for a locksmith near me on the web and came up with my details and reviews. Happy that I seemed reliable and helpful, they got me to come and see the problem. I found that the lock had failed and needed to be replaced. The current lock was an internal door lock, so I managed to put on something far more substantial and suitable for the job of standing up to the North East weather!

Can’t lock front door, Gosforth, NE3, 28th February

A lovely lady who had just got out of being in a care home couldn’t be made safe in her home as the carers couldn’t lock the door after them. Having been a previous customer I got there quickly and saw that the handles had broken and required replacing, which I could do from stock there and then. I talked with the carers on how to shut and lock the door correctly as they had been forcing the door in an unusual way, and they then found it easy to lock the door!!

Dog locked in living room, Gosforth NE3, 22nd February 2024

Frantic, a woman looked on Google to try find a “locksmith near me” and came across my number. She shut the door behind her to keep the dog from getting out the living room into the kitchen where she was preparing food, and found she couldn’t get back in! Once I got there, I’d found that the handle’s mechanism had broken and the latch was stuck shut. I managed to get into the living room quickly and saw that the dog wasn’t even bothered about being locked in, but he made a bee-line straight for the kitchen!!

Mortice lock won’t lock, Gosforth, NE3, 8th February 2024

An elderly couple rang to see if I could help them. They were having great difficulty in locking their front door due to the mortice lock bolt not going into the lock keep on the frame. They’d looked on Google to find a “locksmith near me” and came up with my number, so were very pleased when I arrived about 5 minutes later! I found that the door had swelled due to the recent rain so made adjustments for the lock bolt to fit so they could close and lock the door easily. A very relieved couple indeed!

Back door lock key missing, Gosforth, NE3, 25th January 2024

A landlady was looking for a “locksmith near me” and came across my details online. She needed to change a lock as the previous tenant had not left a key for the back door. A quick gain entry and an even faster change of the lock and the landlady had a secure home once more and was very happy with the job!

Physio suite needed new lock, Gosforth, NE3, 9th January 2024

Sharing space at work is great for socialising and communal working, however it’s not great for security. A physio rang to ask if I could help him secure his space in the shared office. Of course I could! He’d mentioned that he’d found me online by searching for a “locksmith near me” and came up with my name, so was pleased I could help him. I installed a mortice deadlock in the door which allowed him to lock-up after sessions and at the end of the day! Magic!

Gentleman needed new lock, Gosforth, NE3, 3rd January 2024

A lovely fella with more mature years than his enthusiasm hid from the outside world, was having difficulty locking and unlocking his door from outside the house. He bounced about and explained exactly what the problem was, showing me where he through the problem was. And he was right. The outside of the barrel of the door lock appeared to have a pin within it that was proving very stiff to budge. I applied a little bit of the best thing to use, which is graphite powder, and the lock worked perfectly. No charge for him, which made him even more enthusiastic!

Lockout, Gosforth, NE3, 28th December 2023

A family had just returned from a meal out in Newcastle and had lost the door key to their house in Gosforth. Luckily for them and me, they went onto Google and searched for a “locksmith near me” and came up with my details. I arrived quickly and let them into their house even more quickly and made the household very happy indeed!

Flat door lock requires changing, Gosforth, NE3, 12th December 2023

A chap rang me who I’d helped before, but he’d come into possession of a flat unfortunately due to a relative passing away. No need for him to look for a “locksmith near me” online this time for him, which he’d had to do the last time I helped him. The door had a mortice lock which he required a replacement for, so I was able to supply and fit the lock with the keys on the day as the replacement was in stock! One happy repeat customer!

Locked out from home, Gosforth, NE3, 8th December 2023

A frantic lady rang after looking for a “locksmith near me” on Google, coming up with my name. She liked the reviews I’d received after the lovely and kind customers I’d had leave such lovely words for me. The door was seized shut and the gearbox had failed big-style. I had to gain entry and get that gearbox replaced which I could do with the stock I had on the van. All sorted nice and quickly, and the lacy could get on with the school run!!

Lock sticking, Gosforth, NE3, 14th November 2023

A lovely elderly lady rang as she was having issues locking her door from outside which meant she couldn’t leave her home! I arrived to find that the barrel had seized on the door due to very bad corrosion and therefor had to change the lock. She was so happy with the job that she said the door lock had never worked as well as it did now!

Key won’t turn in lock, Gosforth, NE3, 7th November 2023

A lady who I’d looked after before, rang to see if I could help with a lock which had a key stuck in it. I arrived quickly and sorted out the problem – one of the hooks on the door wouldn’t work properly as a screw had come out. I replaced the screw, tightening up the mechanism to allow the thing to work once more. Key came out no problem once that was sorted! One happy customer!

Door can’t be locked at night, Gosforth, NE3, 2nd November 2023

A lovely old couple rang to ask if I could help them. They’d had my number from a neighbour who I’d done some work for previously. They’d looked online previously for a “locksmith near me” but had only come up with call centres claiming to be local locksmiths. Always a problem for our community. Anyway, I managed to get to them within 20 minutes and found that the door was poorly aligned, meaning that the door was almost close to a lockout situation. It was rectified nice and quickly and put into a much better working condition that it had been since it was installed, according to the lovely couple, who were so very grateful!

Key safe required, Gosforth, NE3, 10th October 2023

As a carer for his aunty, a lovely chap was looking for a “locksmith near me” to see if they could help provide a keysafe for his aunty, who was sadly developing dementia. I usually install the Supra c500, which is police approved and used by the NHS for such times, and the chap agreed to have this installed too. I made sure is was fitted discretely down the side of the house and showed him how to operate it and change the combination. One very happy chap. If you have need of a keysafe please contact me and I’d be more than happy to help supply and fit one for you!

Keys lost, locks need changing, Gosforth, NE3, 3rd October 2023

A father was looking online for a “locksmith near me” and found me - his daughter had been out the night before and had an incident – she ended up losing her keys and credit cards so the father was very concerned about the house being broken into. I showed up straight away and supplied and fitted the front and back door barrels with some high security, 3 star British Standard locks. One happier father and safer daughter!

New door lock required after lockout, Gosforth, NE3, 27th September 2023

A lady rang looking for a “locksmith near me” came across my name on the web and asked if I could help. A very helpful new neighbour of hers had come to her rescue when she was locked out over the weekend – she didn’t want to ring a locksmith as she thought it would be too expensive. She then had to ring me to try to recover the damage that the helpful neighbour had made in destroying the lock on the inside of the door with a drill! I patched up the door and supplied the lady with a new lock and door keep. She was very pleased at the cost which wasn’t nearly as expensive as she had been quoted by others and promised to pass my name onto others, which was very nice of her!!

Pub door can’t be opened, Gosforth, NE3, 19th September 2023

The manager of a pub phoned me in the morning as one of his front door locks had failed and he couldn’t get into work – punters due in just over an hour or so, so the pressure was on. I arrived and quickly found that the mortice lock on the door had failed and I had to gain entry quick. I managed to gain entry non-destructively, much to the relief of the manager, who had a good 25 minutes to spare before the punters arrived!! Phew!

Dog stuck in the house – locked out!, Gosforth, NE3, 15th September 2023

Frantic that the dog walker had left her dog in the house with the front door jammed shut, a lovely, but frantic, lady rang to see if I could help her. The dog walker couldn’t operate the front door to get out so she had to go out the back and scramble over the gate! Fortunately, there was a key available so it was an easy job for me to climb over the gate and open the rear of the house to rescue the poor panicky dog! All was well however, and the door lock was just on a snib. Nice simple job, but very appreciative owner and dog reunited!

Back gate needs lock, Gosforth, NE3, 29th August 2023

A chap was given permission by the vendor to change the broken lock on a house he had exchanged on, so he could move his stuff into his house on the day of the completion. He just needed the current mortice lock removing and a new one putting in its place. I managed to source the replacement lock from stock on the van so the house was ready to go whenever the completion went through. One happy chappy for moving day!

Estate Agent couldn’t lock office door, NE3, 15th August 2023

A young lady from the local Gosforth estate agents was trying to lock her office door when she had completed her day, but the door wouldn’t allow the key to lock the door shut. She rang me and asked if I could help – of course I could! I found that the gearbox on the door had seized and needed replacing; the latch keep had also broken on the door so I repaired that too while I was at it. One happy estate agent!

Cat trapped in the kitchen, Gosforth, NE3, 9th August 2023

A desperate older lady rang me to see if I could help her get into her kitchen as the door handle wasn’t working anymore, and the cat was trapped in there too. I arrived quickly and managed to get the broken door open quickly, with the cat giving me a lot of attention once I’d opened the door – obviously relieved at being let out. The lady was very grateful and wrote me a lovely review!

2 x front door locks need changing, Gosforth, NE3, 1st August 2023

A lovely lady having just moved into her new house wanted both the locks changing on her two upvc doors, one inside and one external. I asked why she wanted the inside door lock changing as if someone did have that key, they wouldn’t have the external one that I was going to change. She thought about it and still decided to have the two locks changing; so that’s what I did. I do try to save people money by coming up with suggestions, especially at this time of cost of living crisis where money is short, but you can’t convince everyone!!

Back door mortice seized, Gosforth, NE3, 25th July 2023

A lady was in a bit of a pickle as her back door to her garden had seized shut and wouldn’t budge. She was looking on Google for a “locksmith near me” and sent me a message through Google Maps. I received it and gave her a ring, arriving 20 minutes later. The door lock had indeed seized, however I asked the lady if she had a spare key, as the one she was using looked damaged, and “voila!”, the lock opened very quickly. I cut the lady a couple of keys from the one that worked and she was over the moon at how cheap it was to sort out!

Door handle not moving on outside of door, Gosforth, NE3, 13th July 2023

A lad wasn’t able to leave his house due to the fact that his handle wouldn’t work on the outside of his house and he was afraid he would not be able to get back into his house. He rang and I managed to arrive quickly and found that the beautiful old door handle was riddled with corrosion. I dismantled the handle and gave it a good cleaning, servicing and lubricating and got it back working just fine. The lad was most relieved as he loved the handles and thought I’d have to change them. Happy days!

New lock required after move, Gosforth, NE3, 5th July 2023

A lovely guy who was working for the University of Newcastle rang to ask if I could help him change his front door lock – he wasn’t familiar with our locks as he was from the US. I quickly explained the way the lock worked and that he only needed to switch over the barrel of the lock, which I did for him there and then. He was most impressed at how it was so easy to fix, unlike his expensive locks back in the States. One happy lecturer!

Door can’t be locked, handle not moving, Gosforth, NE3, 26th June 2023

Panicking that the door couldn’t be locked and the owner unable to leave the house, a call came through from the owner after looking online for a “locksmith near me”. I made the job a priority and moved a couple of jobs around to fit the lady in. I found that the gearbox had jammed and supplied and fitted a new one there and then from stock. I checked that the door closed smoothly and that all the bolts were engaging and the lock was in place once the key was turned. A very happy customer at the lightning fast response from me!

Handle not operating mechanism in door, Gosforth, NE3, 21st June 2023

A lovely chap rang to say that he couldn’t open his front door and was concerned it was a bit of a fire risk, not being able to use the door. I prioritised the job and arrived quickly to help. I managed to get the door open quickly but found that the gearbox was broken. I managed to have a spare from stock so could fit the gearbox the same day and therefore allow for the door to be opened and locked once more!

Cat trapped in living room, Gosforth, NE3, 6th June 2023

A cat had managed to get itself on the inside of a seized door with no-one the wiser as to how it happened! The living room door handle mechanism had failed and needed breaking into. The cat hardly moved as I entered the lounge and was in not as much of a desperate hurry as its owner was! Both reunited once more!       

Garage key snapped off in lock, Gosforth, NE3, 17th May 2023

A lovely elderly chap rang to see if I could help; he’d snapped a key off in his roller garage door. When I arrived I found that he’d done the classic of lifting the door when the key was still in the lock – he’d not only snapped the key in the lock but ripped the lock partially away from the door! I managed to get a spare fitted for him from stock and gently reminded him to make sure the key is taken out of the lock before lifting the garage – a little late for the first one but hopefully lesson learned!

Two new deadlocks required on office door, Gosforth, NE3, 10th May 2023

A chap who I had done work for before rang to see if I could make his office a bit more secure. My advice was to install two new British Standard deadlock mortices to the office door which he could lock while he was away, preventing any staff from gaining entry to his private stuff. I supplied and fitted the new deadlocks and left the chap feeling very satisfied that not only did the locks “look” the business but provided piece of mind while he went about his business outside the office.

Old 25 year old locks failing, Gosforth, NE3, 19th April 2023

A customer who had searched for “a locksmith near me” found my name and gave me a ring to see if I could help. And of course I could! She wanted to get the failing barrels on her external doors changed, which I managed to do the same day from stock I had on the van. A very happy lady now able to lock and unlock her doors very easily!

Corroded door furniture requires replacement, Gosforth, NE3, 13th April 2023

A nice lady rang to see if I could do anything about her badly corroded door handles, letterbox, knocker and number. Fortunately, I could as I supply door furniture which is guaranteed corrosion proof for 20 years. So she was so please I could supply all of this for her and thought that they looked very pretty once I’d fitted them for her!

New locks required in new house, Gosforth, NE3, 29th March 2023

A dad rang up to get some new locks fitted to his daughter’s new house, so he asked me to come and have a look at what I could do. I don’t charge a callout charge so this was great news to him. I changed the front and back door locks, the garage and the patio sliding door on the house, all with high security, snap-proof, insurance  and police approved locks which made the dad feel he’d made his daughter as safe as he could. A job very well done in his eyes!

Lockout, Gosforth, NE3, 22nd March 2023

A lady’s door had slammed shut behind her and then the sneck/snib had dropped on the lock, locking her out. I arrived to find no easy way to get to the lock, so I used another entrance with a mortice lock that had a key left on the inside of it, and gained entry to that door. I advised the lady, (and anyone else reading this), not to leave keys on the inside of locks as it makes them vulnerable to break-in!!

Locked out of flat, Gosforth, NE3, 16th March 2023

After having spent most of the day moving into a new flat, a lady found herself locked out after her door wedge moved and allowed the door to close behind her. I arrived very quickly and let the lady in to the flat equally quickly. A much relieved lady with a valuable lesson learnt!

Garage side door key missing, door locked, Kenton, NE3, 8th March 2023

Looking for someone who doesn’t charge a call-out, a lovely bloke rang to see if I could help him change his locked door mortice lock. The lock seemed to have seized completely and it was then he told me that his last key had snapped in the lock, but he managed to retrieve the remnants out of it. So I had to forcibly remove the lock and replaced it with a British Standards, 5 lever sashlock and he was exceptionally pleased at how safe and neat it was!

Sliding doors can’t be locked, Gosforth, NE3, 28th February 2023

After much fighting with their sliding patio door over the months, the locking mechanism had eventually failed. The couple had rang me after locking online for “a locksmith near me”, and coming across my name. Once I arrived I found that the gearbox had ruptured due to all the force it had been put through down the months. It needed a replacement, which I had to order as it was such an old set-up, but it arrived the next day and I was again able to make the property safe once more. The door operated so well I had to advise the customers to close the door gently, which they did with amazement on their faces as to how easy it was to close and lock once I’d finished!

Locks change required, Gosforth, NE3, 15th February 2023

A concerned father had rang me looking for someone who could help her daughter secure her house as a previous boyfriend had continued to visit the house without permission, using an old key. I prioritised the visit as it sounded like a not very nice situation for the daughter, and quickly changed over the locks on the house to make sure she was safe.

Mortice lock stuck in locked position, Gosforth, NE3, 8th February 2023

A chap was looking for help with his back door which was stuck closed and locked, with the mortice lock not responding to the key. I gained entry to the door non-destructively and managed to free-up the lock; but it needed to be replaced as it was beyond repair. I supplied and fitted a new lock from stock and made sure it was tested by the customer and that he was happy with how it worked, which he was!

Mortice lock sticking and failing intermittently, Gosforth, NE3, 2nd February 2023

A lovely lady, new to living in this country, had an issue with her front door mortice lock which kept on sticking – she didn’t know if she was doing something wrong or whether the door was starting to fail. The latter was the case with the lock failing to open quite often, meaning a lockout could be imminent. So I managed to swap-out the lock and popped in a new one from stock and made the lady feel very safe in the knowledge she wouldn’t be locked out, or in for that matter!

Concerns over door security, Gosforth, NE3, 17th January 2023

An elderly couple had rang to see if I could advise on what could be done for their front door security. When I arrived, I found that the night latch on the door was very vulnerable and had no slipping protection on the door. Also, I advised that the insurance from the house may insist that the front door, as it had a “weak” nightlatch on the door only, was also supplied with a mortice lock, or a high security nightlatch. The couple agreed on the latter, which I could fit from stock the same day, leaving a contented and more secure couple indeed!

Elderly couple locked out after door closed behind them, key in door inside! Gosforth, NE3, 3rd January 2023

A lovely elderly but very fit and active couple had managed to let the door close behind them in the recent winds we’ve had, locking themselves out. The rang looking for “a locksmith near me” and came up with my name. They’d checked my reviews on Google and Checkatrade before deciding that they should choose me, which was nice to hear! I arrived quickly to help, as I always do for lockouts, and rearranged my diary, asking permission from already booked customers if they minded me rearranging their appointments. Nobody ever seems to mind as they feel like they are helping someone in the whole “rescue” process.

It's funny, considering what we are all going through at the moment, as people are generally very generous and caring when it comes to helping out once a situation is explained to them, which is refreshing to hear just now. Once I’d arrived, I quickly found a way to get into their house non-destructively and let them in once more. They were extremely grateful that I’d managed to squeeze them in, and that other people had been involved in helping them, so all together a lovely experience for me, as well as them. Thanks everyone for understanding what we need to do sometimes to help the more needy!

A dad’s house front door couldn’t be locked – Gosforth, NE3, 21st December 2022

A lovely lady rang to see if I could help her 84 year old dad who couldn’t lock the front door. I went as soon as I could to help, and found that the gearbox had completely seized on the door – likely from the door being forced closed as the whole thing was very badly aligned. I realigned the door first and then replaced the gearbox, which did the trick perfectly. The lady and the dad tested the door and said it felt like brand new once more, so a great result.

Diy on patio door fix gone wrong – Gosforth, NE3, 6th December 2022

An embarrassed husband rang up to get me to help him recover from an attempted fix to a patio door which wouldn’t lock. When I arrived, I found that the door lock looked more like it had been taken out with a shotgun rather than removed with a screwdriver! I managed to take it apart and found that the whole mechanism had seized and needed replacement with a whole Multipoint Locking System. Once that was fitted, the door operated successfully and left the lady of the house feeling safe once more!

Door can’t be locked, Gosforth, NE3, 22nd November 2022

A couple who I had done work for previously rang to ask if I could sort out their unlockable front door (not what I had been asked to do previously, before you get suspicious! The door had become badly aligned, and yet there also seemed to be something wrong with the multipoint lock. I stripped the door down to find that the top shoot-bolt had become disengaged from the gearbox strip, preventing the door from locking fully. I managed to rectify the problem and lubricated the remainder of the door strip. One happy couple once more!!!

Back door can’t be locked, Gosforth, NE3, 9th November 2022

A lovely lady rang to see if I could help her get her door to lock. She was caring for her ill husband and was worried that he may wander off out of the house if it couldn’t be locked. Of course I could help, and found out that the door had been “fixed” recently. The door had been realigned, but the hooks could now not reach the door keeps properly as they were too far away. I realigned the door and sorted out the distance required for the hooks to fit correctly, and the door closed and locked like it was brand new. The lady was very relieved and extremely grateful!!

Back door can’t be opened, Gosforth, NE3, 1st November 2022

A lady asked me if I could help her open her back door as it had been stuck closed for months. She had been struggling with it for some time but it had eventually closed back in the summer and didn’t open again! I managed to gain entry to the door and found the gearbox spindle housing had shattered and there were bits of gearbox all over the inside of the casing – it had taken quite a battering! I swapped out the gearbox and replaced it with stock. The door was horrifically out of alignment so that was sorted too. Once it was all put back together again it worked like new, so the lady was exceptionally pleased with her “new” door!!

New nightlatches required on 3 doors, NE3, 25th October 2022

A lovely lady rang to see if I could fit 3 new nightlatches to her flats that she was converting. We looked at the best options for her – she didn’t realise that she would have to put on “non-deadlocking” latches due to the fire restrictions she had to conform to as a landlady. I had the correct stock on the van so was able to help her there and then and installed the locks immediately. One happy landlady!

Door can’t be locked, Gosforth, NE3, 20th October 2022

A lovely older aged lady rang as she couldn’t lock her door – the handle was too difficult for her to lift and the key wouldn’t turn to lock. I found that the mechanism worked fine when it was out the frame, which indicated that the door may be out of alignment. I aligned the door and the mechanism worked much better but it still wouldn’t lock. I stripped the door mech down and found that the gearbox had ruptured, preventing the door strip from engaging properly. A new gearbox was fitted quickly from stock and the door could then close and lock properly. If you have a door that won’t close or lock properly, don’t hesitate to give me a ring!

Lock changes after keys stolen, Gosforth, NE3, 12th October 2022

A pleasant chap rang to see if I could help after his wife’s handbag had been stolen with keys and ID inside the bag. He needed help that day. I made him a priority and changed all the locks on his doors as their address would have made him a target, so we had to act quickly. All locks changed quickly and a much happier and safer couple.

Door can’t be locked, Gosforth, NE3, 4th October 2022

A lovely lady of age rang to see if I could help her lock her door. She had had a forced entry by the police on a mistaken identity – they had put the door back together, but didn’t account for the collateral damage when removing the door. I found that the frame had been weakened by the force of the entry and it was meaning that the door was leaning over too far. I secured the door frame against the wall, which rectified the misaligned locks and keeps and made the door much easier to close and lock. One happy lady, glad to have some luck after the unbelievable mess up by the local officers in the first place!!! It happens!

Door can’t be locked, Gosforth, NE3, 27th September 2022

A lady rang as she couldn’t leave her house as her door couldn’t be locked. I spoke to her on the phone to find out what was up with the door, and if it was working well when it wasn’t in the frame. She stated it was working fine, but as soon as the door was closed, the mechanism couldn’t allow the door to lock. I talked her through how to amend the hinges and she managed to rectify the door without me having to be present! One happy and relieved lady!

Patio door can’t be unlocked, Gosforth, NE3, 20th September 2022

A nice couple stopped me in a supermarket car park and asked if I could help them open their patio door which had been stuck since they moved into their new house a couple of months previous. I made an appointment with them to get the issue sorted. When I arrived, I found that the lock handles and the gearbox behind them had been drilled, possibly in an attempt to break into their house before they moved in! I changed the barrel, gearbox and put a high security set of handles on the door to deter any further break-ins. One happy couple feeling an awful lot safer!

Can’t lock patio doors, Gosforth, NE3, 12th September 2022

I had a very well-spoken gent ring me to ask if I could help sort his wooden patio doors out. He thought that the door he uses most (the master door) had dropped and was rubbing. Once I saw how bad the door was I went about rectifying the misalignment – it was out by more than an inch! I secured the hinges after adjusting to make sure the door wouldn’t drop again and made sure all the mechanisms worked perfectly and the door was lockable once more. All sorted and a happier, safer well-spoken chap!

Development property requiring better security on their doors while building work ongoing, Gosforth, NE3, 6th September

A young chap who was developing an old commercial building into flats wanted to see if I could help shore-up the security on the property he’d bought. While the planning permission came through and the utilities were moved to the correct position, he asked if I could make the doors more secure. I changed the fire exit panic hardware for more modern ones and made the main entrance easy to access for the builders with a high security nightlatch which would close behind the last person. A happy development site!!

Cat trapped in empty house, Gosforth, NE3, 24th August 2022

A call from the local estate agents enquiring if I could help free a cat which appeared to be trapped in a house which was under development. I arrived quickly and opened the door quickly too. I found that there were several clues to the cat having been there, like a torn-up pigeon carcass and some residue of what that looked like after it had passed through the cat! But no cat. Holes in the floor meant that it had probably escaped. After checking the whole house, I fit a new lock and took the keys to the estate agents, where all the staff were waiting to hear the good news that the cat must still be alive. Somewhere!

Front door can’t be locked, Gosforth, NE3, 14th August 2022

A lovely lady rang to see if I could help her in her home, she couldn’t lock her door as the door seemed not to be fully closed when she lifted the door lever. I found that the problem was that one of the door bolts had got loose and therefore wasn’t retracting or coming out far enough to allow the door to lock. I tightened up the bolt gearbox and all worked fine once more and the lady could rest knowing she was secure in her home once more.

Door very difficult to lock, Gosforth, NE3, 10th August 2022

A nice chap rang as he was having great difficulty locking his front door from outside. I found that the lock was very corroded and he needed an equivalent lock and so I put on an Ultion British Standards 3-star lock and told him all about how secure they were. I also had to adjust his door and make sure the whole family could operate the door lock once more. Happy families once again!!

Lockout from flat, Gosforth, NE3 - 2nd August 2022

A lady called desperate to get into her house and was looking for a “locksmith near me” on google. She came across my profile on Checkatrade and called me. I arrived in 10 minutes and got her into her flat very quickly. A very happy lady, reunited with her house cat!!

Front door lock not always locking easily, Gosforth, NE3, 24th July 2022

Having 3 children during the school holidays is often a challenging period, however having a door that can’t be locked from outside is a bit of a double challenge. I arrived to help the family secure their property by finding that the gearbox latch had failed and the gearbox had ruptured at the rear. I swapped out the gearbox and the door worked once more. Only one more stress remaining for the mother for the next 6 weeks of holidays!

Garage door key lost and needs replacement, Gosforth, NE3, 21st July 2022

A nice chap had just moved into his house but due to covid restrictions when he moved in, he wasn’t able to verify that there was a shortage of keys to locks, like the garage. I managed to remove the barrel from the lock once I got there and changed it for a replacement with 5 spare keys – the lad seemed not to know what to do with so many keys and was very grateful for so many to be included in the reasonable price!!!

No alcohol lock-in, Gosforth NE3, 9th July 2022

A chap invited me to a lock-in at his house but found that it wasn’t for a drink in spite of him having a bar in his garden! His front door had stopped being able to be open and he could only climb through a window to get out! I arrived quickly to help him and found that once I’d gained entry to the property that the gearbox had failed and just wouldn’t budge! I quickly changed the gearbox and freed the family. I still didn’t get to have a lock-in however!

Bedroom door required lock fitting to make secure – Gosforth, NE3, 2nd July 2022

A young chap was getting a load of work done on his house and he wanted to make sure that any temptation was removed from any visiting workers to the property over the coming months. I fitted a yale-style lock to his bedroom and he felt much more relaxed about the safety of his possessions during his house re-fit.

3 windows all stuck closed and seized, Gosforth, NE3, 27th June 2022

A lovely elderly lady rang to ask if I could help her open her 3 bay windows all of which had stuck closed; she was beginning to feel too warm with the nice weather we were having. I arrived to find the windows without any keys for all of them so managed to open them without one! I lubricated all the working parts and cleared all the dirt out. The window mechanisms all operated just fine after that but the lady wanted to have new handles with spare keys for all of them, so I made it happen for here there and then with my van stock to the rescue!

Extra security bolts needed for patio doors, Gosforth, NE3 - 21st June 2022

A very nice chap called to have some added security added to his patio doors, which already had the top rated Ultion 3 star locks on. I was happy to make the chap feel a bit more secure so fitted some easy to operate door bolts which can withstand up to 1000kg pressure and not allow anything like easy entry. I left the chap feeling very happy and safe again!

Front porch door extremely difficult to manipulate and lock, Gosforth, NE3 - 14th June 2022

A lovely old chap rang as he was having issues closing and opening his porch door; he needed something doing to make it easier again for him as he had weak wrists after a recent fall. I arrived to find that the door was very badly aligned, having dropped significantly. I managed to make the door align with the frame keeps once more and made sure the locking mechanism was lubricated properly with white lithium grease. The door locked and unlocked once more just like new and the chap was able to manage it easily and was very pleased!

Euro-profile lock not allowing the key to unlock from either side, Gosforth, NE3, 7th June 2022

A nice chap rang to ask if I could help him with his euro profile barrel in his door. He couldn’t get the key in all the way on either side of the lock to unlock the door. I took a look and to me it seemed like it was the wrong key, but he insisted it was. I took the door apart and had to remove the lock to analyse the issue, however there was nothing apparent which was preventing the door from operating. Sometimes you just have to admit that the customer may just sometimes not be right!! ?? I changed the lock and provided him with 5 keys so that he wouldn’t lose his anymore!!

New padlock required for stuck closed garden gate, Gosforth, NE3 - 25th May 2022

A lady rang looking for a replacement padlock for her back gate as hers had corroded and she couldn’t use the key any longer. I arrived to find that the gate was completely overgrown as she hadn’t used the gate for years!! I hacked away at the overgrowth and got to the padlock, which took one tap with a hammer and it disintegrated! A new lock provided and one happy lady as a result!

Garage/utility door not closing properly, Fawdon, NE3, 18th May 2022

A lady rang to see if I could sort a door which hadn’t been closing properly for years. Of course I could! When I got to the property the door, I found had dropped out of alignment significantly and the keeps in the frame had been put on far too low for the door bolts to engage. I quick realigned the door and put the keeps in to a postion where the door would be able to be locked securely once more. A very happy lady who was going to recommend me to her golf club ladies’ team that she belonged to. Excellent for both of us!!

Callout, door lock seized, Gosforth, NE3, 11th May 2022

A lady’s daughter called to say that her mother had yet again locked herself out, leaving her keys behind in her kitchen, and the cat was driving the neighbours mad, meowing through being locked-in. I arrived quickly to open the door for the lady and her daughter and the cat stopped meowing, but it didn’t even move out of the kitchen. That’s gratitude for you!

Door furniture corroding including handles, Westerhope, NE5, 22nd April 2022

A lady rang to ask if I could do something about her corroding door handles and letterbox. I told her, very pleased with myself, that we were the main seller for Brisant-Secure “Sweet” door furniture and locks. I took a sample for her to see and she was very impressed, especially with the 20-year anti-corrosion warranty against all the line of door furniture, including door knockers! She took the whole “sweet” (hahaha) of letterbox, handles and door knocker which is now on order for her!

Front door nightlatch failing, needs replacing, Gosforth, NE3, 15th April 2022

A lady contacted me as she had been recommended by a neighbour for whom I had done work. She wanted to get a replacement nightlatch fitted to her front door as it had been difficult to lock and open. When I arrived I saw that the lock was in a very bad way and was probably 50 years old!! I showed the lady the British Standards 3621 High Security Era Nightlatch which I normally fit as a replacement, which she was very impressed with as seemed very well built. I had to make some adjustments to the door so the lock would fit properly, but she felt very secure knowing she had an insurance approved lock to supplement her safety in her property!

Door difficult to lock, Longbenton, NE12, 7th April 2022

A referral from another person in this customer’s street meant that I was able to help very quickly. I arrived to find that the door was indeed difficult to lock while it was in the door frame, but was very easy to operate when out of the door; a first sign that perhaps the door had misaligned, or dropped in the door frame. Once this happens, none of the locking bolts will engage with the keeps in the frame, which prevents the door from locking. So not only did I find that this was the case, and amended the door hinges to bring the door back to the right height, but also that the main deadlock on the centre of the door was needing alignment too as it needed to be pushed into place to lock. A simple adjustment on the door latch was all that was needed and the door operated perfectly once more. A very happy customer, who only needed to be charged for the alignment and wasn’t ripped-off for changing hardware unnecessarily. We pride ourselves on only doing what is needed to keep the cost to the customer down, so if you are worried about being taken for a ride, give us a call and we can sort your issues out at a reasonable and realistic price that will keep you smiling!

Gain entry to disused house for solicitor firm, Fawdon, NE3, 30th March 2022

A probate service called me to escort a solicitor to a house and ensure that he could enter a house under probate – the family were trying to settle a will and the house needed to be searched for evidence. I quickly gained entry and was also asked to secure the rear of the house, which I did. The solicitor was then able to gather all the mail and paperwork which had been left at the property.

Front door porch locked shut, Kenton, NE3, 22nd March 2022

A lady called as she and her family were on the way to watch her daughter graduate, but the porch door had failed and they worried when they came back later that they wouldn’t be able to get back in the house. They found me by typing in “a locksmith near me” and came up with my number. The door was a mortice lock and the lock had seized closed completely, but I managed to get it open fairly quickly and cleanly. The lady could then follow her family to the graduation which she made in time!!

Vet’s shop front door unable to open, Gosforth, NE3, 16th March 2022

An early morning call for a vet’s shop whose front door couldn’t open for the day’s business. When I say business, I mean to earn money, not the stuff that goes in the poo bags! I quickly arrived and managed to open the door and replaced the broken mortice lock and allow “business” to continue!

Locking handle failed on front door, Kenton, NE3, 19th February 2022

A lovely lady called to have her inner porch door handle changed for something very similar. Her “tulip” handle had become unreliable and loose and she wanted a replacement. I also advised that she should put a mortice lock on that same door as the handle was not the best security by itself, to which she agreed after discussing with her husband. I fitted a 5 lever British Standards mortice lock and also put a door bolt on her outer sliding door for extra security.

Bathroom window seized shut, Fawdon, NE3 - 12th February 2022

A pleasant chap rang to see if I could help him open his bathroom window. Of course this is a common problem for bathrooms as the windows (like kitchen windows) get an awful lot of use and also moisture along with dust. I managed to open the window with a little technique with an alun key to knock the mechanism and free up the window. I found that the mechanism had properly seized so had to make a replacement from van stock and the window worked perfectly once more.

Patio door had key snapped in lock and couldn’t be opened, Kingston Park, NE3 - 8th February 2022

A nice lady rang to say that her patio door key had snapped in the lock and was the only key she had left. I quickly decided that the lock would have to be removed and replaced with a new lock from van stock, which I did. The lady was delighted to have the new lock and 5 keys.

Couple just moved-in, wanted locks changed, Kenton, NE3, 14th December 2021

A young coupe and a baby had just moved-in to their new house and wanted to change the locks. Rightly so, they understood that most people spray spare keys around just in case of emergencies and wanted to make sure that nobody was in a place to take advantage of stray lost keys. I changed all the locks on the doors for High Security Ultion locks and made the couple feel very safe.

Sliding patio doors difficult to lock, Kenton, NE3, 17th November 2021

A nice chap was looking for a locksmith in Newcastle to help sort out his sliding doors which were sticking and difficult to lock. I quickly saw that the moving door had dropped significantly. I made the adjustments to the door to bring it back into level so the door could be locked once more.

Window can’t be locked, Gosforth, NE3, 5th November 2021

A very friendly lady called looking for a locksmith in Gosforth. I cover that area and being equally as friendly as the lady, I attended happily to help repair the broken locking mechanism. I found that the system had seized with bad corrosion and had to replace the part from stock on the van. The lady was so please she gave me a nice cup of tea and a jammy dodger biscuit to say thanks!

Security survey on house, Gosforth, NE3, 21st October 2021

A lady was concerned that her house was vulnerable to burglars who had been reported very active in her area. I did my free survey of the house taking in the whole house security. The main weakness on the house was the lack of snap-proof locks on all the doors, which I changed to Ultion high security locks. I also changed the patio and front doors to the new Ultion “Lock-Lock” high security handles. The lady felt very relieved that her house was more secure.

Scout hut padlock key missing, Fawdon, Newcastle, NE3, 17th October 2021

A previous customer called me again as their property main gate padlock key had gone missing and needed opening and replacing. The padlock was a massive gate lock which was one of the biggest locks I’d seen. I managed to pick the lock quickly and replaced the padlock with something a little less frightening to the public!!

Door latch failing intermittently, Kenton, Newcastle, NE3, 12th October 2021

A nice chap contacted me as his nightlatch was starting to fail. When I arrived, I found a very old lock which required replacing as it was about 50 years old!! We put on a new keyed ERA BS High Security Lock which could be locked by key from the inside – always to be considered when fitting to a front door with glass in it. He also had a mortice lock fitted for extra security.

Intermittently sticking lock on door, in Gosforth, 2nd October 2021

We were asked to look at a door which kept on being awkward to lock and unlock, especially from the outside. We investigated and found that the lock was indeed sticking on occasions. We lubricated the lock but to no avail and had to swap out the lock. We upgraded the lock to a snap-proof lock in the process and put some new Brisant Ultion “Sweet” two star handles on the door too.

3 windows were unable to open, Gosforth, NE3, 29th September 2021

A customer contacted us to see if we could help him open three of his window, one of which had never opened since he moved into his house 3 years ago! We quickly opened all the windows and sorted out the two, which just required lots of lubrication and servicing. The remainder window had to have a new mechanism fitted which we fitted from stock in our van.

Scout hut field gate padlock had lost key, NE3, Gosforth, 15th September 2021

A nice chap who we had helped before called us to see if we could free-up a huge padlock on the field-gate which allowed access to the scout hut. We managed to pick the lock quickly and allowed the new lock to be fitted.

Door realignment in Gosforth, NE3, 28th August 2021

Summer coming to an end, with the cooler weather, now sees the patio doors and front doors starting to contract and move after the sunshine had been on them for so long. We were asked to come to a property and realign doors which had moved in the cooler weather which we did. Need your doors realigning? Call Lockforce Locksmiths Newcastle now.

Shop break-in in Kenton, NE3, 27th August 2021

A shop had been broken into in Kenton, so we had a call to come and fit new locks and make secure any other aspects of the shop. We upgraded the locks to Ultion High Security locks and made-good the hinges which had been damaged on the front door.

Finger guards for school doors in Fawdon, NE3, 15th August 2021

A local school had read about the great job we had done on the finger protectors we had installed in a Northumberland school. We had the finger guards measured and ordered them for each door, 25 in all, and installed them in no time over the summer holiday!

Door allignment issues in Gosforth, NE3, 14th August 2021

We often get asked what makes doors fall out of alignment so much and cause so many problems. The answer is normally the elements; cold, warm, sun, rain all affecting the elasticity of the doors. If you have any indication that your door is hard to close, open or lock/unlock, then call John at Lockforce Locksmith Gosforth now.

Door lock required replacing as key was lost, Gosforth, NE3, 13th August 2021

A family had a requirement to replace a lock as their only key was lost and they were worried that someone would find the key and let themselves into their house. We picked the lock quickly and replaced the barrel with a new anti-snap lock in the uPVC door.

Bedroom doors required locks fitting to them, Gosforth, NE3, 10th August 2021

A nice lady called asking if we could fit 2 mortice locks to her two bedrooms. We had the locks on the van and were able to fit them right away, leaving the lady very happy that she had two well-fitted new locks on her bedrooms.

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