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Searching for a reputable locksmith in Durham?

Look no further! My name is Sean Bailey and I’m an experienced and trusted locksmith with the Lockforce Locksmiths Durham brand.

Here’s some information about me:

  • I’m DBS checked
  • I’m fully insured up to a sum of £5m
  • I’m an experienced and professional locksmith
  • I’m a veteran with years of experience providing locksmith services to Durham
  • I offer a 24/7 service to Durham
  • All of my work is guaranteed for 12 months
  • I don’t charge fees for call-outs

If you need more information about our locksmith Durham service contact us today on 01916 660 161 and speak to me Sean Bailey.

Durham Locksmith Services

I’m a local locksmith in Durham that has provided their services to countless homeowners and businesses throughout the years. Some people just need new keys cut, others need their locks replaced and some want advice on overhauling their physical security. Whatever you need, I’m confident that I possess the skills, experience and tools needed for the job. In addition, my services are offered 24/7. This means no matter what issue you’re having in Durham, I’m available throughout the year to ensure that you receive a top-notch locksmith service. Here’s a list of the services that I can provide you:

  • 24-hour emergency locksmith services in Durham
  • Mobile key cutting in Durham
  • Durham lock installations, repairs and replacements
  • uPVC door locks
  • Wooden door locks
  • Digital door locks
  • Window locks
  • CCTV systems
  • Alarm setup and testing
  • Evictions
  • Re-securing
  • Post-burglary repairs
  • Fire escape hardware
  • Panic hardware
  • Insurance-approved locks and security systems
  • Entry gaining
  • Yale locks
  • Night latches
  • Window boarding and grilles

If there’s a service you need that isn’t listed here, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sean on 01916 660 161. I’d be happy to discuss your needs and provide a bespoke service to you.

LOCKED OUT in Durham

If you’ve never been locked out of your home then you can consider yourself lucky! Whether it was a mistake or your key snapping on your lock, you’d be surprised at how easy it is to be locked out of your home. Thankfully, Lockforce Locksmiths in Durham work around the clock to ensure that you’re only a call away from gaining entry to your property. Being locked out can be a stressful experience, so my focus is on making it as painless and quick as possible. I’ll arrive at your home, examine the situation and help you get back inside without destroying your door or your lock. However, if your lock has been broken and needs replacing, I can perform the swap immediately after and even cut you some new keys before I leave.

Being locked out of your home can be troubling, but it can be an easy issue to overcome with the right help. Just contact me today on 01916 660 161 if you need an emergency locksmith.

Durham Mobile Key Cutting Service

Key cutting is one of the most common services that a locksmith can provide in Durham. With Lockforce Locksmiths Durham, all of our technicians are equipped with a sturdy van that packs the finest locks, tools and machines. This allows us to repair and replace locks on-the-go and even offer a mobile key cutting service.

So if you need new keys cut to go with your lock replacement, I’d be more than happy to oblige. Just contact Sean today on 01916 660 161 and let me know about your specific issue.

Durham Lock Repair and Lock Replacement

Locks are usually really sturdy and durable, but they’re not indestructible. In fact, they can easily weaken over time and you might find yourself with a broken or useless lock. In a case like this, I’d be more than happy to come out to your location in Durham and help you repair or replace it. With years of experience as a locksmith, I’m confident that I can help you replace and repair your locks in almost no time. I can even provide you with extra keys with our mobile key cutting service. If you’re unsure about your safety and security, then allow me to perform a complete assessment of your physical security components. I’ll advise you on different locks to install, points of entry to reinforce and affordable ways to guarantee safety and peace of mind.

Just call Sean today on 01916 660 161 to speak with me about your lock repair and replacement needs.

Anti-Snap Locks in Durham

Lockforce locksmiths in Durham will only fit our customers with a anti snap cylinder as a standard! As lock snapping is on the rise and standard cylinders do not offer enough protection to prevent this and with our moto been keeping you safe we believe we will not be keeping you safe by fitting a standard cylinder! Anti snap locks can come with a 1* rating to a 3* rating and 3* been the highest security the Brisant Ultion is one of the highest security cylinders in today’s market with the company who making them offer a £1000 guarantee if your a broken into though that lock!

If you need more information about our locksmith Durham service contact us today on 01916 660 161 and speak to me Sean Bailey.

Locksmiths Working with Durham Police

The police have instructed us that they would like us on site with a 30-minute response time 24 hours a day 7 days a week to secure whatever needed! We have completed numerous jobs aside with the police either it been a door a window and even recently a iso container! We will either board up the full door if the door is unable to be locked or do our normal locksmith work and fix the door if possible! The police officers on site inspects all our work to make sure everything if safe and secure before leaving site.

If you need more information about our locksmith Durham service contact us today on 01916 660 161 and speak to me Sean Bailey.

Boarding Up and Repairs in Durham

Whether you’re a home owner or a business owner a smashed window is easy access for a burglar if left untreated! At Lockforce Durham we also offer professional boarding up service which will keep you at rest knowing your home or business is safe! We also offer reglazing and depending on the time of the day we could have it ready the next working day if that’s not a fast turnaround we don’t no what is! For more information on our boarding up services please don’t hesitate to contact us! If you have misty double-glazed units We could also help you with our reglazing services.

If you need more information about our locksmith Durham service contact us today on 01916 660 161 and speak to me Sean Bailey.

Insurance Approved Locks in Durham

There are so many things to consider when it comes to the security of your property. However, one factor which many of my customers often don’t take into account is whether their locks are compliant with their home insurance policies. While such compliance is often taken for granted, it’s best to be 100% sure…as alas not all locks are created equal! Indeed, for when commonplace locks on our doors and windows can be snapped using only a few household tools, insurers may be less inclined to pay out! Fortunately, at Lockforce Durham, we only use high quality locks that are compliant with the majority of policies such as BS3621 on the home insurance market, meaning you’re better protected from theft and financial loss should a burglar attempt a break in. Fitting locks that are made to the industry standards set out by the British Standards Institute, you can always recognise the locks we stock by the BS kite mark printed on our locks, which signals its excellence in the field of lock security. If you are unsure if your locks meet BS3621/2007 insurance approval and Police Approved standards please give us a call today to discuss a lock upgrade.

Durham Mortice Locks

Mortice locks are normally found on wooden doors and in some cases found metal doors and gates. The main sizes on these locks are 2.5" and 3" and differs between 3 and 5 leavers depending on the security required! If fitting from new lockforce Durham will all ways fit a 5 leaver British standard as this is the highest security and is insurance approved! A few jobs we have completed we have came up against 3 leaver Mortices which yes will lock your door but will not meet your insurance standards! we have recommended for the customer to upgrade to a British standard type and after showing customers the differences they have made the right decision and upgraded to meet the insurance requirements! These types of locks come as a sash lock or a dead lock! As a sash lock this will have a dead bolt and a latch and the latch will operate but pushing the handle down! The dead lock is exactly the same but with out the latch the dead bolt would be the same! Most cases with a dead bolt the customer will have a night latch also fitted to the door so that would latch the door!  With both types of Mortice locks they came with 2 keys as standard but if you require more we could cut keys in site! At lockforce Durham we supply and fit this type of locks and will also offer a 1 year warranty on all locks fitted by one of our engineers.

Durham Adams Rite Locks

These locks are usually found on commercial buildings and come in many types such as, hook or bolt lock with Euro cylinder or screw in Cylinder locks. These locks are a great and secure way to secure a metal framed door whilst keeping the door looking smart and with not extruding parts. Adams rite locks are fitted and Supplied by Lockforce Locksmiths in Durham as well as the locks as required. We also cut keys for these lock types so if your business needs multiple keys we can do this for you whilst on site using our locksmiths state of the art key cutting equipment. 

Durham Night Latches (Yale Lock)

From the traditional style right through to British Standard, night latches offer a cost-effective way of securing your home. These locks are surface mounted and come in various shapes and sizes which include auto dead locking, a lockable handle and BS extended bolt versions. The lower end of the market is usually installed along with a Mortice lock however the latest British Standard night latch includes all the benefits of added security which often include a cylinder pull with rotating disc to prevent picking and drilling. The bolt is 20mm wide and often reinforced to give additional strength and security to meet the BS3621/2007 specifications.

If you need more information about our locksmith Durham service contact us today on 01916 660 161 and speak to me Sean Bailey.

New Locks for a New Home in Durham

When moving into a new property it is recommended that you change your locks, if you’re unsure of any keys being with anyone else. So one of the first things you should do is change your locks to ensure all your property remains safe whilst moving in. Due to the high number of rented properties there may be multiple key which have been cut and stored. So by installing new locks you can rest a sure you are the only people with keys and that your locks meet insurance regulations. All window must also be lockable so ensure you get the window keys from the previous owners. At Lockforce Locksmiths in Durham we can change your locks causing no or little disruption as part of your moving in process. Your local locksmiths Sean will arrange a time which best suits your needs. You can also buy the locks and fit them yourself. However you need to make sure you get the right locks and the tools to fit them. As professional locksmiths we can help you with this should you choose to do so. We do however recommend you use a qualified Vetted Locksmith. As a Local Locksmith company in Durham we want to increase security and in turn reduce crime.

If you need more information about our locksmith Durham service contact us today on 01916 660 161 and speak to me Sean Bailey.

Durham Lock Repairs

When a lock brakes, it doesn’t just hold up your door but also your whole routine – So we will get to you and get your lock back functioning how it should do within 45 minutes. We use the latest technique allowing us to open your door without causing any damage.  Lockforce locksmiths in Durham are used to repairing broken lock and are adequately trained to do the same. So if your locks not working we can help you get this working in the correct way again in no time with little disruption. We work using the latest equipment, training and tools to make sure as a locksmith company we are trained to deal with all lock problems giving a simple and quick solution.

If you need more information about our locksmith Durham service contact us today on 01916 660 161 and speak to me Sean Bailey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What service do you provide? 

A. Lockforce Locksmith’s Durham services include locksmith services including emergency door opening, supplying and fitting new locks, UPVC locks and handles repair or replace, fitting Thatcham accredited dead locks to vans, window and garage locks, safe and vault services, door repair and carpentry services, access control systems, electronic and number entry systems, mobile key cutting and burglar repairs

Q. Will I need a new lock? 

A. Lockforce Locksmith’s in Durham try to repair locks where we can, however in some cases a new lock may be the only solution.  We will do the best we can to keep your original lock 

Q. Can you supply new locks?

A. Lockforce Locksmith’s in Durham can provide you with high quality locks as we only provide anti snap locks as a standard! We can all so offer you higher security locks which gives you a guarantee of a £1000 if that lock is broken in though by been snapped 

Q. Can you come to my home and fix my lock?

A. Lockforce Locksmith’s in Durham provide a fully mobile locksmith service from a snapped key in a lock to fitting a brand-new mechanism to your door! Our van carries a high range of stock so that we can change most materials there and then while on site! 

Q. I won’t be finished work until late and I can’t open my door! 

A. Lockforce Locksmith’s in Durham are a 24/7 emergency locksmiths service which can work around all our customers so if this means that we have to meet you at a certain time no matter the time of day/night we will be there to assist your problem! 

Q. Can you come and have a look at our security on our home? 

A. Lockforce Locksmith’s in Durham offer free security surveys and will recommend what will be best for you and your security on your home! 

Q. I’ve lost my keys to my house what should I do? 

A. Lockforce Locksmith’s in Durham can come out and gain non-destructive entry to your property and if you don’t have any spare keys inside we can renew your lock! If you have spare keys inside, we could also offer you our mobile key cutting service and cut keys on site! 

Q. What is non-destructive entry? 

A. Non-destructive entry means that our highly skilled engineers can gain entry to your home/business without causing any damage to your property.

If you need more information about our locksmith Durham service contact us today on 01916 660 161 and speak to me Sean Bailey.

Lockforce Durham Payment Options

We aim to make things as convenient as possible for you by offering multiple payment options. Lockforce Locksmiths Durham currently offers the following for payment:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Contactless card payments
  • Bank Transfer
  • BACS
  • Cash
  • PayPal
If you need more information about our payment methods then don’t hesitate to contact me on 01916 660 161 for more details.

Recent Jobs in Durham

Back door not locking and leaving a home unsecure in Durham, DH1 - 1st August 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Durham received a call from a lady in explaining she can’t lock her back door. When we arrived on-site we noticed the door just needed some adjustments. We adjusted the back door then she asked if I would look at the side door which was the same both door adjusted and back to been perfect 

Durham Emergency Locksmith Services - 17th April 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Durham received an emergency text message in the morning the other day from a local tenant in Durham who locked themselves out of their property after leaving their keys in the door. We were in the local area and attended within 20 minutes to assess the door. For an experienced locksmith there was a straight-foward solution. We performed a non-destructive entry by unlocking the door from outside the home. Once the client was safe and inside, we recommended a lock upgrade to a high-security anti-snap cylinder which they chose to get installed for added security. The client was delighted to be back inside their home and for the speedy service.

Click to see more recent jobs.

Double lock change in Brandon, Durham, DH7 - 14th March 2022

A customer called and asked if we could meet him at his property to change 2 new locks. We arranged and time and fitted 2 new snap safe cylinder to front and back doors supplied with 5 keys each. A happy customer now knows he’s the only person with keys to his property.

Lock stuck caravan wheel in Chester-le-street, DH2 - 16th February 2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Durham took a call from a customer in quite a panic who called to say they had parked their caravan up in storage and just put a brand new lock on the wheel and now they can’t get the lock off. 30 minutes from the call we were on site. However the customer had now snapped the key in the lock. We had to drill the lock out to take the wheel lock off. The customer is now over the moon they can have the caravan ready for the weekend to go away.

Landlord locked out of property after losing keys, DH2 - 26th January 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Durham received an emergency call in the morning the other day from a local landlord in Durham who found themselves locked out of their home after losing their keys. We were nearby and arrived within the hour to assess the situation. For a skilled locksmith there was a simple fix. We conducted a non-destructive entry by unlocking the door from outside the home. On this occasion we found their missing keys inside the property and did not recommend a lock upgrade. The customer was grateful to be back inside their property and for the fast response.

No keys to patio doors, DH1- 12/03/2021

One of our landlords called they have just had a new family move into the house but there isn’t any keys for the patio doors and they can’t get the couch in the house. We arranged with the tenant and opened the patio doors fitted a new cylinder with 5 keys a happy tenant now can have a couch to sit on.


A customer in Durham DH1 called and said they can’t lock the front door and that the handles were just spinning. We arrived on site within 30 minutes of them calling and noticed the part where the spindle goes though has sheered off we fitted a new centre case and adjusted the door and had it back to normal happy customers can now lock the door and feel safe in their home.

I’ve lost the key to my filing cabinet - 19/11/2020

A customer in Durham called to say he’s lost the keys to his filing cabinet which is locked and he needs something out. When we arrived on site he explained he just needs it open and not bothered about locking it back up. We gained non destructive entry and also give him is code so he could get keys cut if he ever wanted to lock it back up. 

We’ve bought a new smart lock but need help fitting - 22/10/2020

A customer in Durham called and said he has bought a new smart lock but can’t figure out to fit it. We arranged a time to call out to fit the new smart lock. We took off the old handles which were bolted thought and were a nightmare to take off. We got them off successfully and fitted the new smart lock. And paired to the customers smart phone we also paired the key pad they were now all set up and didn’t need to carry a key out with them anymore.

I don't have a key to my lock and I'm frightened it's going to lock and I get locked out - 25/09/2020

a customer in Durham called to say he’s just moved into his student room and it has a lock on the door which can lock but he didn’t get a key so is frightened it’s going to lock it’s self. We arranged a time to go and fit a new rim cylinder to the night latch so he then had 3 keys to the lock and didn’t have to worry about the locking it’s self.

I'm having trouble with my patio doors, DH1 - 04/09/2020

A customer in Durham called to say she was having difficulties with her patio doors and can’t seem to get them to lock. We arrived on site at an agreed time and noticed the centre case had failed explained what had happened and she was happy with us to continue to complete the work we fitted a new gearbox and adjusted the doors and they were like new

We have seen your number in a new smart lock we have bought, can you come and fit it? - 28/08/2020

A customer in Durham called to say he’s bought a smart lock and the leaflet it comes with asked to call us if they need help fitting. We arrange a time to call out to fit there new smart lock. Set everything up what they need and showed them how to use it on the app.

I've lost my keys and can't get in my house, DH1 - 16/08/2020

A customer in Durham called and explained she lost her only key to the front door and can’t get in. We arrived on site 30 minutes from the call even though it was a Sunday. Opened her door and fitted a new cylinder set with 5 keys. Another happy customer over the moon with the service 

Can you fit a new lock on my student accommodation? DH1 - 04/08/2020

A customer in Durham called and asked if we could fit a lock to his student accommodation we arranged and time for us to come out he explained what he wanted. We fitted a new roller ball night latch and rim cylinder. So the customer wouldn’t lock them selfs out but could lock the door when they wanted 

Returning customer in Durham for locksmith services - 08/07/2020 

A returning customer called to see if we could attend one of his properties in Durham as the tenant has done a bunk and not left any keys. We gained entry to the property and fitted a new snap safe cylinder to the back door and fitted a British standard insurance approved mortise lock to the front door. Now the owner had access to his property so he can get it ready to let back out.


A customer in Durham called to see if we can come and see his back door as it won’t lock when closed but will when open as to look at his kitchen window as he can’t get it open. When we arrived on site we adjusted the hinges to get the door working. The window was working as normal but catching somewhere not allowing it to open. Once we got it open we we moved the keeps slightly and had it working nice and smooth.

Lock changes for back french doors in Durham, DH1 - 05/06/2020

We received an email from one of our contacts asking if we could call out to a property to change the locks in the back french doors. We contacted the customer to arrange a time so we could call out to fit some new cylinders. Once we arrived on site they had 1 cylinder in one side and no cylinder in the other. We fitted two new cylinders keyed alike so one key opens both locks happy customer said it’s better  ow then when it was first fitted as they don’t need loads of keys now.

I’m getting my student accommodation ready and need some extra locks fitted in Durham - 07/05/2020

A customer in Durham asked if we could fit a master suite to his student accommodation like we did on the property next door. We fitted 4 roller ball night latches to 4 rooms thought out the property and a new door cylinder meaning the students will be able to open the front door and their own room only. And we give 3 master keys to the owner who will be able to open the front door and all 4 rooms.

Emergency locksmith in Durham, DH1 - 15/04/2020

An elderly lady in Durham called to say she’s been out on her walk and lost her front door key so she can’t get back In Lockforce locksmiths in Durham attended within 15 minutes gained non destructive entry and fitted a new cylinder to her door so she was 100% sure she was the only one with the keys to her home.


A customer called and said she’s just bought a new home and wanted the locks changed but she lived down south so what’s the best way to get keys to us. We told her we didnt need keys and if she was happy we could go to the empty house gain entry renew the locks and post the keys and send her a invoice no no contact is needed. She was happy with the we would carry out the work. We went out in our own time and went around the back of the property so no contact with people passing by we gained entry and fitted 2 new cylinders to from and back doors we then posted all keys to our customer who will now have new keys and the only keys to her new property.

We can’t lock the back door - 23/03/2020

A customer in durham called and said he’s due to travel home due to everything what’s  happening and can’t find the back door key to lock up. We agreed to call out and asked them to wait in another room while we fitted a new lock to the back door. Once we fitted the lock we told him that we will email over the invoice so we didnt have to be in contact with each other a happy customer can now travel home knowing his accommodation will be locked up.

I'm locked out my house - 20/03/2020

We received a call from a customer who said they locked out the house due to losing her key. We arrived on site 20 minutes from her call and gained entry to her house she asked if we could change the lock due to a key ring been on her key we fitted a new cylinder which came with 5 keys. She couldn’t thank us enough and stated its the last thing she needed after a long shift at work. We asked what she did for work and she said she works for the NHS. With everything going on we know how much pressure our NHS staff is under we told her that all NHS staff get a 40% discount due to alll the hard work they are putting in.

Can you come and look at my security on my doors please? - 09/03/2020

A customer in Durham asked if we could call out and have a look at the security on his home. We arrived on site and noticed all doors had standard cylinders fitted. We talk s him though different level of security and he decided to go with out 3 star cylinders and asked if he could have them all working off 1 key. We measured the cylinder up and ordered them up. The next day we arranged to go back out and fit 4 keyed alike ultions we helped him register his keys and set him up with his £1000 guarantee.

We want abs cylinders fitted on the same key - 27th February 2020 

A customer called and said he wanted some 3 star abs cylinders fitted all on the same key we arranged a time to call around to measure the cylinder the next day we called back tot the property in durham and fitted 3 abs 3 star cylinder to the front door back door and side door to the garage.

We can’t open our back door - 14th February 2020 

A customer in Durham called to explain she couldn’t open her back door this morning to let the dogs out and the dog walker later on that day will have to get in that way. She said she on her way to work but her husband should be home but will Have to go to work for 11. We squeezed this job in within our jobs booked in for the day. We opened the patio doors and fitted a new gearbox and went to lock the door but the handle didn’t go up smoothly we adjusted the hinges to get the door operating as it should.

I'm locked out - 31st January 2020

A customer in durham called to say he’s lost his coat with his key inside we were on site within 30 minutes from his call and had him inside 10 minutes later we opened up a right hand side era fortress and renewed like for like with 2 new keys a happy customer went straight to bed after a long night on the beers.  We carry a large stock on our vehicles so we are able to complete 90% of jobs while on site on the first visit.

My lock is loose - 24th January 2020

A customer in Durham called to say his bad had tried to tighten up his door handles and it wouldn’t locked now everything is loose. We arrived on site to see the handles hanging on by a thread and the cylinder was the wrong size and could have easily have been snapped we explained how we could fix this and recommend a new cylinder happy for us to carry on we fitted the correct size cylinder with 5 keys and tighten up the lock and handles so everything was nice and secure.

I can’t open the front door I’m locked out - 16th January 2020

A customer in Durham called and explained he turned the key to open the door but the door won’t open we arrived on site 15 minutes from his called and gain entry to is house. Even before we started to strip the door parts down we explained the customer what happened once we took the mech out we showed the customer exactly what we explained we fitted a new gearbox on the mech and adjusted the door a very happy customer feeling at ease as he already told his wife he had done the house work but went hime to do it and couldn’t get in

I can’t open my back door - 28th December 2019 

A customer in Bowburn Durham called explaining she has gone to let the dog out the back door but it won’t open it sounds like it’s working but the door just won’t open. When arrived on site and noticed the centre case on the mpl had failed and not allowing the latch back to open the door we opened the door and renewed the centre case on the mpl and the door was like new. 1 year parts warranty given an all our parts.

My front door won’t unlock - 20th December 2019

We received a phone call from a customer in Durham who said they couldn’t unlock the front door the handles were solid when we arrived on site and had a loom at the door we noticed the top hand corner of the door was leaning to far towards the frame. We managed to open the door and made a few adjustments to the hinges and the door was like brand new operating nice and smoothly a happy customer as she was expecting it to cost a small fortune.

Key won’t come out the lock when the doors unlocked - 29th November 2019 

A customer in Durham called explaining he can’t take his key out the lock when the doors unlocked and he needs to be at the doctors in an hour. We arrived on site and renewed the cylinder and supplied 5 keys. 20 minutes from our customers call he was on the road to the hospital a very happy customer very happy with our speeding service.

My front door will not open - 15th November 2019

A customer in Durham had phoned explain she can’t open her front door but had access to the back. When we arrived on site the handles were floppy this indicated that the mpl had failed we opened up the front door and renewed the gearbox on the mpl. We made some minor adjustments to the hinges and the door was back like new. 

Snapped Key in Lock - Durham, 12th November 2019

A lady called us from Durham explaining she has snapped her last key in the lock. She said she wasn’t locked out as she had the back door key with her to get in, so there was no immediate rush to race to her, but it did need resolving as soon as possible. Once we arrived on site, we opened up the locked door and fitted a new snap safe cylinder, and provided her with 5 keys.

New lock installation in Durham - 25th October 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Durham had a job booked in our dairy to fit 6 night latches to new student accommodation in Durham. This was a returning customer and previously we fitted a master keyed suite to another property so with this one we fitted the same keyed suite to the 6 bedrooms so the customer didn’t have to carry loads of keys if she needed access. 6 fresh night latches and 6 key rim cylinder set on the same master keyed system. 

I can’t lock my front door - 27th September 2019

A customer in Durham called to say he was about to go out and couldn’t lock the front door. We were already in the area just finishing off another job so we were with him in 10 minutes. We did a couple of checks to see why the door wasn’t locking and noticed the door had dropped and needed realignments we adjusted the hinges and the door was locking properly a happy customer can now go out and do a little bit of shopping.

I can’t take my key out the door - 12th September 2019 

A customer in Durham called and explained he can take the key out the door when it’s locked but not when unlocked. When we arrived on site we asked if a key would have been left inside and some one had put a key in the other side? He said yes quite often so we asked if he would like us to fit a thumb turn cylinder as this will prevent from This common problem from happening again. He was happy for a thumb turn to be fitted. We fitted a snap safe cylinder with 5 keys.

Additional locks fitted to bedrooms - 29th August 2019 

A customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Durham explaining that her kids have grown up and moved out and now she is thinking of renting rooms on air bnb so need extra locks fitted to 2 bedrooms. We arranged a time to call out to see what she wanted. She explained what she wanted and we told her we had the locks on the van if she wanted the job doing straight away. She was happy for the work to be done so we fitted 2 night latches and rim cylinders to both of the bedrooms.

New locks in Durham - 14th August 2019

A customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Durham and explained her parents have gone away on holiday and they were given her the wrong key to get in as the alarm was going off. We arrived on site in 20 minutes from her initial call where she then explained how she needed the locks renewed as she needed access on later dates. We gained entry to the property and fitted a new snap safe cylinder with 5 keys. Job done.

Back door stuck in Durham - 31st July 2019

A customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Durham and explained his door won’t open and that it feels open at the top but not the bottom. We arrived on site at an agreed time to suit the customer and noticed that the gearbox had failed and was not retracting the bottom hook. We opened up the door and explained that he needed a new gearbox on the mpl. He was happy for us to renew and carry out the works on completion we went to close and lock the door for the door to catch he said it’s done this for a while. That explains why it failed in the first place we had adjusted the hinges so the door was operating smoothly 

I’ve lost the keys to my back door - 25th July 2019

A lady in Durham called Lockforce Locksmiths explaining that she had lost a key to her back door but wanted the lock changed to be in the safe side. We arrived on site at an agreed time to suit the customer and renewed the cylinder on the back door, we only fit snap safe cylinders as a standard supplied with 5 keys. A happy customer will now sleep better knowing the lock is changed and she is secure in her house.

Locked out in Durham - 11th July 2019

A customer in Durham called saying that her husband locked up this morning and now she can’t get back in side the house. When we arrived on site her curtain had turned on the sash lock not allowing the key to go in as it should. She explained this has happened a few times now and asked if we can renew it so it doesn’t happen again. We renewed the sash lock on the door with a British standard insurance approved sash lock supplied with 3 keys. No more lock problems in this household!

Locked out in Durham - 27th June 2019 

A customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Durham as they had closed their front door, forgetting the key was in their back door! We arrived promptly and picked open the back door, picked up the key to open the cylinder a special method is used when a key is in the back of the door. Happy customer can now get back inside and let her dogs out! 

We Need Urgent Help at Care Home - 18th June 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Durham received a call from a customer who worked for a care home and explained that they can’t get in to a vulnerable client. We were on site within 20 minutes from the call. They explained they don’t have any keys to the door and need access. The door had a 1 star UAP cylinder in which we opened the door within seconds giving them the access they needed they also asked if we could renew the cylinder so they had keys. We put in a new cylinder an give them 5 sets of keys.

Lock change - 14th June 2019

Lockforce locksmiths Durham received a call from a lady in Durham centre asking if we could call out around 4.30pm and change all the locks on the house.  We arrived on site at the agreed time and we had to change 2 mortice locks and a garage door lock. We fitted 2 British standard insurance approved mortice locks to the front and back door then fitted a snap safe cylinder to the garage. Now a happy customer can rest a little better now she knows no one will have keys to her home.  

Can't open the door in Durham - 6th June 2019

A customer in Durham called Lockforce Locksmiths explaining he can’t open the door from inside but could from the outside. When we arrived on site we noticed that the door handles had cracked and it was turning the spindle to open the door from the inside. We renewed the handles and now he can open the doors from both sides not just the one! 

Customer can't get into their new house in Durham! - 30th May 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Durham were called by a customer explaining she had just got the keys to her new house but couldn’t get inside. We arrived on site and gained entry as she had the keys but the doors where stiff. She explained that she wanted to change all 4 doors with new mortice locks anyway for added security. We explained she could have all 4 doors running off 1 key and didn’t have to carry lots of keys around with her. She was happy with that option so we keyed 4 British standard insurance approved sash locks in the back of the van and fitted them to the house eased all the doors so they were nice and smooth to open again. Happy customer in her new home thanks to Lockforce Locksmiths Durham.

Broken door handle in Durham - 22nd May 2019

One of our Estate Agents called to explain that their tenant was having a problem with their front door. When we arrived we noticed that the handle was infact hanging off and that the cylinder had a twisted cam. We had to ring the estate agents to confirm the problem, so that they could authorise the work to be carrwied out. Once we had this we renewed the handles and cylinder with a snap safe cylinder, easy as that! Happy tenants means happy landlords! 

Improved new home security in High Shincliffe, Durham - 16th May 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Durham were contacted by a customer in High Shincliffe, Durham because they had just moved into a new home and wanted some higher security locks fitted! We arranged to call out to find out exactly what was required and measured up. In his old home he had abs 3 star cylinders fitted and that’s exactly what he wanted now. We ordered up the cylinders and returned the next day to fit the front and back doors and double patio doors at the back with abs 3* cylinders, all working off the same key so there isn’t any need to be carrying loads of keys around. Now the customer knows he is secure in his new home.

New British Standard locks for outbuildings - Durham - 10 May 2019 

A customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Durham and advised that they had just moved into a new home in Durham and did not have any keys to the outbuildings. I organised an appointment to visit the property at a time that was convenient for the customer. On arrival at the site, I found that the customer had three outbuildings, one with a deadlock and the other two with rim deadlocks. I picked open the two rim deadlocks and renewed them. I then updated the deadlocks with new British Standard insurance approved versions. Now the customer can now get on with the rest of their move and settle into their new home. 

Snapped key in lock in Durham - 5 May 2019 

We received a call from a customer who explained he had snapped his key in the lock and was now locked out. We arrived with 15 minutes of the call for him to explain this happened the night before but had slept in his car last night! We got the key out and picked open the lock, getting the customer back inside who could not thank us enough after his long night in his car!!

Locked inside house - 25 April 2019 

Lockforce Locksmiths Durham received a call from a panicked customer who stated that they were locked inside their house as the door handles had become floppy. I arrived at the property within fifteen minutes and explained to the customer what had happened. The gear box was replaced in the door which resolved the problem. A one year guarantee is provided on the parts supplied by Lockforce Locksmiths Durham. I left a very happy customer who was able to leave the house and to go to work.

Lock out in Durham - 16th March 2019

We received a call from a customer in Durham explaining he had misplaced his front door key and he was locked outside! 30 minutes from receiving the call we had him back in his house and the lock was upgraded! He was very happy with our service he has saved our phone number in his phone if this was to happen again  

28th February 2019 and Lockforce Locksmiths Durham receiv a call from a customer explaining she has locked her self out her room! 

We arrived on site 20 minutes later and noticed it was student accommodation, we got her back inside and without her having previously known, knocked 20% off the bill as we offer discounts to students, nhs, armed forces and senoir citizans. From been in a little mood with her self that helped her a little extra as it wasn’t as expensive as she thought!

Conservatory door not locking! - A customer called from Durham and explained he opened his conservatory door for the first time in years to get some furniture in and now can’t get it to lock! We arrived on site and noticed the door had dropped and wasn’t the same level as the fixed side. So we adjusted the hinges lined the door back level and serviced his mechanism, now the door is smooth to lock and we have yet another happy customer!

Struggling to lock the front door in Durham - Lockforce Locksmiths Durham received a call from a landlord explaining the tenant of his property in Durham was struggling to lock the front door! We agreed a time to suit the tenant, on arrival we did a few checks and noticed the door would lock while open but not while it was closed, this alerted us to the exact problem straight away. Just a few adjustments to the door hinges and the door was locking perfectly! 

"Locks changed in Durham" - A lady phoned and explained she had evicted her old tennants and wanted to change the locks asap. We arrived on site at an agreed time and fitted a new abs 1* snap safe cylinder to her front door and a new British standard insurance approved mortice lock to the back door! Also while on site she asked if we could renew a snapped window handle when we had a look at the handle we also noticed that the window mechanism was missing so we fitted a new mechanism and handle to the door stairs window. She was extremely happy with the service. 

"Could you give us a quote on 2 5 leaver mortice locks" - We had a customer call asking if we could quote for 2 five leaver mortice locks, after we gave him a price he said "wow that is a £100 cheaper than the last company, could you come out straight away?" We agreed a time and met him at the property, changed the mortice locks to British standard insurance approved locks! A very happy customer now secure in time for Christmas.

"Can't lock the door!" - A customer called explaining that when lifting the door handles to lock the door, nothing was happening, meaning they can't lock the door! We arrived on site and noticed the mpl (multipoint locking system) had failed. All we had to do was replace the gearbox on the mpl and it was good as new! We stock a wide range of materials in our vans, so that most jobs can be carried out the same day and completed keeping you safe and secure and causing as little distruction as possible.  

"Digital door lock fitted to the bedroom door" - A customer from Durham called and asked if he could have a digital door lock fitted to the bedroom door. We arrived on site, laid out our dust sheets and started fitting the digital door lock. The customer had numerous questions about the lock as we were fitting it so we advised how to use the and then set his preferred code for him. Leaving behind a very happy customer as the job was (as always) completed to a high standard without leaving a trace of mess!  

Monday 15th October 2018 Received a frantic call from a customer explaining his garage had been broken into and now the lock won’t work anymore! We arrived on site and it looked like a screwdriver had been used to open the lock! We ordered the part we needed and had it the very next day, returned at a time that suited the customer and fitted the new garage door lock leaving the garage safe and secure. 

Saturday 29th September 2018 Lockforce locksmiths in Durham received a call after the customer was locked out of their home, they said the key wouldn’t turn in the lock! We arrived on site 15 minutes after the call and gained non destructive entry to the door after a couple of pins in the cylinder had jammed! The customer asked if we could renew the cylinder so it wouldn’t happen again, so we up graded them to a anti snap cylinder.

Saturday 8th September 2018 Lockforce locksmiths received a call at 9pm from a customer in Durham city centre, explaining he had snapped his key in his front door and as a result can’t lock the door! We were on site 20 minutes later with all the right tools and equipment and extracted the key which saved the customer money since the lock didnt need changing and he had a spare key.

Thursday 16th August 2018 A customer called explaining he had just bought a new home but the front door didn’t have a mechanism in it if you can believe that!!! We arrived on site and he was using sash jammers in the interim (not an ideal soloution) and using the back door to access the house. He mentioned that he had another company out the day before, they said they wouldn't be able to help him because they wouldn't know which mechnamism to use for the door! As a fully qualified and experienced locksmith at Lockforce I find this unvelievable! We carry a large range of stock in our vans at all times, including universal mechanisms, which is in fact what we used in this instance. Extremely happy customer now has a fully working and extremely secure front door and even gave me a little tip after the job was completed!

Wednesday 1st August 2018 Today Lockforce carried out a job that we had previously quoted earlier in the week. On arrival the customer had the tea and biscuits ready! Which was much appreciated whilst fitting 4 internal mortice bolts to 4 internal doors, 6 keyed alike anti snap cylinders to 5 doors and 1 garage door, all operating on the same key! Meaning the customer didn’t have 30 keys for 6 locks! We also fitted patlock to her patio doors for extra security at the back! Extremely happy customer who now feels settled, safe and secure in her new home, what more could we ask for?!

Wednesday 11th July 2018 Lockforce received a call late at night from one of our boarding contracts, explaining they need our service to board up a window in Durham! We arrived on site to board up the rear door window after it has been smashed and the house had been ransacked! Property now temporarily secure!

Another locksmith said it was a security lock! 

On Saturday 23rd June 2018 Lockforce Durham received a call at 8:30am explaining an old tenant had left with out handing the keys back! And the customer on the phone has just had a locksmith out who couldn’t get in! He told her it was a security lock!  We arrived on site by 9am! On seeing the lock to me it just looked like a standard cylinder with 2 drill holes where the other locksmith failed! Within 10 seconds we had picked the lock open! And then fitted 3 anti snap lock around the house! Please be careful which locksmith you choose and take time to read the reviews, they really are the best way to trust you are letting a qualified and trusted, professional Locksmith into your home!   

Early hours of the morning on the 26th may 2018 we had a call from one of our main boarding up contracts, asking if we could cover a board up in the Durham area after someone threw a brick though the front window. We got the call at 1.30am and were on site measuring up by 2.00am with no access to the property as the home owner wasn’t home, we boarded up the front window of the property! 

My tenant can’t open the back door 

Thursday 12th may 2018 we had a call from a landlord stating his tenant can’t get the back door open and the handle is just spinning around! We arrived on site at a set time due to his tenant been at work we opened the back door non destructively and renewed the gear box on the mpl! Now the tenant can get out in the back garden to enjoy the sun 

Extra security 

Saturday 21st 2018 we where asked to fit 4 dead locks to a van supplied by the customer! The van was pinched off the drive around Easter time and now they wanted it securing to prove the this happening again we arrived on site and fitted dead locks to the slide, barn, passengers & drivers doors the customer loved the job we carried out and stated that now their van is now like fort knocks!

My van has been broken into! On Sunday 25th March 2018 we had a call from a customer explaining his van has been broken into and all his tools have been taken! And unable to lock his van back up! 

The customer stated that he has been and bought a hykee lock but can’t fit it! So we arrived in site and noticed the lock on the van had been snapped allowing the thief’s access to his van we fitted the hykee lock to his vehicle and booked in for dead locks to be fitted later on next week! Friday 30th we returned to fit his van with thatcham accredited dead locks to the slide and barn doors! Giving him extra security 

On Monday 12th March we received a call from a customer that they wanted extra security locks fitted to his van! We went out to see why they wanted fitted! And what we would recommend! After agreeing about fitting thatcham accredited dead locks! We booked him in for the Wednesday for the install! On the Wednesday we turned up to the customers work so he didn’t have to take any time off to get them fitted! We fitted 2 dead locks to the customers van both locks on the same key a very happy customer now knows his tools/livelihood will be nice and secure 

On 23rd February 2018 we had a call from one of our contacts explaining their customer had had her door kicked in and as a result the lock was no longer working properly! On arrival we noticed their was a night latch fitted which wasn’t working any more! We renewed the night latch unit but kept the same rim cylinder meaning the customer didn’t have to change their keys! Leaving a happy customer now at ease knowing she can lock her door again! 

30th January 2018...

We've had a fun day around Durham today with 3 jobs having exactly the same issue! All customers had previously had the wrong size locks fitted so we upgraded them to the correctly sized, anti snap locks.

The original locks were old and badly fitted, meaning they stick out and can be easily snapped, making them an easy target to burglers!

After a quick visit from Lockforce Locksmiths, all customers are now a lot safer and a lot happier with their new anti snap locks. 

On Monday 15th January 2018 we received a call from Caffè Nero in Durham city centre explaining they had a locksmith out recently to renew a snapped hinge but now the door isn’t right and the bottom lock wasn’t locking! We arranged a time when the cafe wouldn’t be as busy! When we arrived on site we notice the door was hinge bound and not hung correctly! We had to adjusted the hinges and lift the door up so it was hung correctly now the door is opening and locking as it should.

Locks to be changed... 

On 2nd January Lockforce Locksmiths received a call from a customer explaining his elderly mother needed her locks changed on 2 doors we arranged a time around his mam and called out and upgraded her patio door lock from standard to anti snap cylinders and her front door with a new British standard mortice lock she was very happy and now feels age in her own home. 

Can’t lock my front door...

On 18th December Lockforce Locksmiths received a call from a customer who on leaving her home couldn’t lock her front door! We arranged a time with the customer and arrived 15 minutes earlier then arranged! On inspection we noticed that someone had super glued her locks! After explaining to the customer what has happened she agreed to renew both front and back door cylinders with new anti snap cylinders the customer was over the moon with the service she received from us at Lockforce locksmith in Durham and left a cracking review on our Facebook business page! 

We're locked out!...

Lockforce locksmiths received a call on 8th December from a customer exhaling they have looked there selfs out there home in Durham 30 minutes from getting the call we had our customer back inside with a non destructive entry by picking open the lock! Very happy customer to get out the cold back 

At 9pm on 25th November we had a call from a young lad sounded a bit in a panic as he locked his car keys in the boot of his car! 20 minutes later we arrived onsite and noticed the RAC there with the bonnet open with the battery discount and he’s been going for around about an hour! He told the customer there was no way in and nothing he could do! So then we started work within minutes we had picked the car door open and had the keys back to the customer! For him to say I wished we just rang you first! But they had a package deal with their brake down cover 

If you need more information about our locksmith Durham service contact us today on 01916 660 161 and speak to me Sean Bailey.

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