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We are continuing to deliver all services to customer following all guidance from the government. We appreciate your support, understanding and co-operation with regards to any restriction on our works. FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE. If you need our help please call.
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Middlesbrough Locksmiths

by Lockforce Locksmiths in  Middlesbrough

Welcome to Lockforce Locksmiths Middlesbrough. My name’s Alastair Mcleod and I’m your local and trusted locksmith.

I am ex Armed Forces and DBS checked, available 24 hours a day to cater to your lock-out, lock repair and general home and business security needs.

My service is high quality and appropriatly-priced. Highly trained and priding myself on the use of only the highest-quality locks and fitting techniques in the locksmiths industry, call me for a locksmith service upon which you can rely. For more information, I also encourage you to click on the links below to access the some of the key information about my service you're seeking. 

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services WE OFFER

I'm only ever 45 minutes away from your emergency call out and whatever your lock issue, I'm keen to apply my expertise. Here are just a few of the lock services I can provide...

As an expert in all security we offer all locksmith and security solution which best meet your needs here are a few of the service we offer at Lockforce locksmiths in Middlesbrough

  • Lock changes
  • Lock upgrades
  • Insurance approved locks
  • Entry gaining
  • Warrant work
  • Evictions
  • Re-securing
  • Post burglary repairs
  • uPVC door locks
  • Wooden door locks
  • Yale locks
  • Night latch’s
  • Digital door locks
  • Fire escape hardware
  • Panic hardware
  • Electrical security devices
  • Alarms
  • uPVC window repairs
  • uPVC door repairs

If you would like to know more about Lockforce locksmiths in Middlesbrough services call your local locksmith today on 01642 921019

  • No call out fee
  • 1 year quality workmanship guarantee

I am Public Liability insured to the tune of £5million and Police DBS checked, for your added security.

Rest assured, all my locks are accredited by the British Standards Institution – meaning only the highest quality security fitments will be used to secure your property.

Call Alastair you local expert locksmith in Middlesbrough today on 01642 921019 if you require a new set of keys cut.

24 Hour Locksmiths in middlesbrough

Lockforce locksmiths offer a 24 locksmith and security service to the people of Middlesbrough. So if you are locked out of your home or busniess at 2am or 2pm we can come to your aid. Our 24 hour service includes all emergency work including re-securing buildings, burglary repairs, security upgrades, lock changes, entry gaining.

Call Alastair today you local Emergency Locksmiths in Middlesbrough on  01642 921019 for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you. 

Commercial locksmith and security

Lockforce locksmith in Middlesbrough have experience in working with commercial buildings to make sure there the safest they can be. We stock majority of commercial locks including Adams rite locks and their cylinders and even shutter locks should you need them. We also can cut the keys for the new lock on-site so that, it can have as negligible impact as possible on your trading and security.

All our work is guaranteed, and we always carry our public liability cover details and DBS check so you can see who it is your trusting with your business.

Or security services including locks and security devices will help following or stop a burglary happening.

Call Alastair you local expert locksmith in Middlesbrough today on  01642 921019 if you require a new set of keys cut.

Middlesbrough Locksmith: rapid REsponse

I pride myself on offering my customers a locksmith service that’s speedy in response but comprehensive in delivery. For while each customer lock query is different, I know that each of my valued clients wants a solution their problem provided by a dedicated tradesmen whose local base means he can respond to them in a timely manner. In my opinion, the security of my customers is not a matter to wait around on, so if you think you need a locksmith give me a call and I’ll endeavour to get out to you as soon as I can! Call me today on 01642 921019.

Call Alastair for a fast response from a local locksmith in Middlesbrough today on  01642 921019 and I aim to be with you in 10 - 45 minutes.

Security Lock Experts in middlesbrough

Indisputably, crime is becoming clever, with criminals become more and more versed in how to open our windows and doors. One such technique that’s on the rise across the UK is called ‘lock snapping’ and involves the burglar taking advantage of an inherent weakness in the locks fitted on common uPVC doors.

Locks that are a match for even the most-hardy of lock pickers. These locks are sourced from a number of select suppliers and audited by the national brand I represent. The vast majority deploy anti-snap and snap-safe technology to ensure that you’re protected from this worryingly easy lock breaking technique gaining currency across the criminal underworld.

Take a moment and watch this short video to see how quickly and easily your home and family could be in danger if your property is not secured with the proper locks. 

For more advice about how to best protect your property from lock snapping, call me today on  01642 921019. 

Call me today on  01642 921019 for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how I can best help you.

Local News & Info

Burglary rises when the clocks go back: is your home at risk?

Burglary claims on home insurance rise by over a third when the clocks go back, new research suggests, leaving many homes at risk when daylight saving time comes to an end.  Homeowners have been warned to take extra caution ahead of the expected increase in break-ins when the clocks go back. Why do burglary claims rise when the clocks go back?  New data from The Co-op Insurance revealed that burglary claims increase by 34% when the clocks go back. Claims data since 2013 show a consistent spike in the number of households targeted by burglars during the five months of shorter daylight between November and March.  Burglaries were more likely to be targeted raids involving forced entry during the winter months, The Co-op found, with criminals acting under the cover of darkness. In the summer, break-ins are more likely to involve deception and be more opportunistic, with summer holiday season more likely to leave homes at risk.

For a free survey, to look at upgrading your locks call Alastair on 07910490191

Thumb Turn Locks!

There have been a number of burglaries recently where entry has been made easily due to Thumb Turn Locks fitted on Front Doors. These locks are fitted mostly on new build properties in order to comply with Fire Regulations. I would advise that a Thumb Turn is fitted to any of the other doors in the property where there is no letter box or have a letter box guard fitted to your front door. If you would like our free advice please give Lockforce Locksmiths Middlesbrough a call.

Recent Jobs

Lock change for Local Charity in Middlesbrough - 02/03/21

I was contacted by a local charity who had an issue with a recently fitted lock. On inspection the lock had not been fitted correctly which had caused damage to the mechanism. I fitted a High Security British Standard Lock and cut an extra 2 dozen keys on site so that all staff could be given a key.

No new door required in Middlesbrough - 15/02/21

A customer had a locked door that would not open. They had contacted a couple of companies who said that a new door was the only option. With no call out charge I went to have a look for him. I gained entry to the door, once it was open I was able to supply and fit new parts and then realign the door to give it a new lease of life.

Key snapped in Lock in Middlesbrough - 06/02/21

I was called by a customer who had managed to snap their key in the lock as they were about to go out to work. The door was locked so they couldn’t get back in. I responded in 20 minutes and extracted the broken key and unlocked the door. Fortunately there were spare keys inside. I tested the lock and mechanism which were in good working order.

Front Door Locked - Handles spinning in Middlesbrough - 18/01/2021

I was called by a concerned customer, their front door had been tough to lock then the handles went loose and were just spinning. I gained non destructive entry to the door. The Gearbox had failed after been put under too much pressure. I fitted a new Gearbox and then realigned the door to make it easy to lock.

Key Security Compromised in Middlesbrough - 04/01/2021

I was called by a family who had recently had a lot of work done in their property. They had given keys to a number of tradespeople over a couple of months. They had not received all of the keys back so wanted all the locks changing for peace of mind. The locks they had fitted were old and offered very little protection against Burglars. I upgraded the locks to Anti Snap/Pick/Drill and cut extra keys on site for them.

Sales Lock Out in Middlesbrough - 28/12/20

After a trip to the Sales to grab some bargains a young couple returned home to find the key would not unlock the door. The Gearbox in the door had broken. I gained non destructive entry and fitted a new Gearbox. I also realigned the door to make it as good as new.

Christmas Shopping in Middlesbrough - 16/12/20

A young couple had been Christmas Shopping. While they were loading the car with bags they accidentally locked the keys in. I responded in 30 minutes and gained non destructive entry to recover the keys.

Elderly Couple Locked Out in Middlesbrough - 02/12/20

A couple had returned from a post lockdown shopping trip to discover that they could not unlock the front door. The lock on the front door had failed due to age and wear and tear. I gained non destructive entry through a rear door to get them back in the warm. I then unlocked the front door and fitted a new British Standard High Security Lock that also complied with their Home Insurance.

Burglary in Middlesbrough - 13/11/20

I was called by a family who had returned home to find that they had been burgled. The intruders had got in through the rear door, it had a lock on that offered little protection. I upgraded all the locks at the property to Ultion 3 Star Police Approved Locks. A hugely distressing event for the family who unfortunately did not realise how easy it can be to gain entry if cheap old locks are fitted.

Gearbox Failure in Middlesbrough - 19/10/20

I was called by a customer who had locked their front door last thing at night and then couldn’t open it the next morning. I gained non destructive entry to the door. I then removed and inspected the locking system. The Gearbox had broken after many years wear and tear. As I carry a substantial level of stock I was able to fit a new Gearbox making the door operational and secure again.

Key stuck in lock in Middlesbrough - 28/09/2020

I was called by a family who were about to go out, they locked the door outside but the key would not come out of the lock. I responded immediately. The lock had been damaged due to excessive force when locking the door this was caused by the door not been aligned. I fitted an Anti Snap Lock and realigned the door and it was as good as new.

Dogs locked in Car in Middlesbrough - 13/09/20

I was called by a dog walker who had walked her dogs and put them in car, it was a hot day so she was getting some water for them but managed to lock her keys and the dogs in the car by accident! I responded immediately and was there within 15 minutes. I gained non destructive entry within 5 minutes. Within that time the inside of the car was already really hot!!

Hospital Release in Middlesbrough - 17/08/20

I was called by a family who needed entry to their elderly relatives house. The keys had been lost in the initial rush to get to Hospital and they were due to be released that day. I responded in 30 minutes and gained entry and fitted a new Anti Snap Lock with 5 keys.

Help for an NHS Nurse in Middlesbrough - 28/07/2020

I was called late evening by a nurse who was about to set off on night shift and could not lock their front door. I responded within 20 minutes. The door was misaligned which was making it more difficult over time to lock. Luckily there was no damage to any parts, I realigned the door and made some small adjustments and the door was able to be locked and unlocked very smoothly allowing her to head off to work safe in the knowledge that her property was secure.

Locked in Flat in Middlesbrough - 07/07/20

I was called by a Customer who lived in a flat. He was visually impaired and was about to go out with his guide dog but could not unlock the front door. I responded immediately and gained non destructive entry to the Flat. The Gearbox had broken because the door was misaligned and it had been difficult to lift the handles to lock the door recently. I fitted a new Gearbox and realigned the door to ensure it did not happen again.

Keys lost on Dog Walk in Middlesbrough - 30/6/20

I was called by a Dog Walker who had been for a very long walk. Unfortunately they had lost their house keys on the way round. It was too far to retrace their route. I responded in 30 minutes and gained non destructive entry to the property. They had been having difficulty locking the door recently so I realigned the door and serviced the locking system while I was there.

Keys taken from Front Door in Middlesbrough - 11/06/2020

A house owner accidentally left the keys on the outside of their Front Door. They realised and went back but unfortunately by then the keys had been taken. I responded within 30 minutes and fitted a Lock Upgrade to an Ultion 3 Star Police Approved Lock with restricted keys.

Royal Navy Ship in Middlesbrough - 20/05/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Middlesbrough was called by an Officer on HMS Protector. The ship was in the Docks and required a number of specialist locks for Security purposes. I sourced and then supplied and fitted the locks so they were able to meet the Security requirements for the vessel.

Toddler Escaping in Middlesbrough - 01/05/20

I was called by a mother in a state of panic. Her toddler had twice unlocked the front door and wandered in to the street. I responded immediately. The lock that was fitted was a Thumb Turn Lock which means no key is needed to unlock the door from inside. I fitted an Anti Snap Lock requiring a key both sides and also fitted a Security Chain for peace of mind.

Keys lost during Lockdown in Middlesbrough - 17/04/20

A young family had managed to lose keys to the front and rear door. One door was locked and one was open. I responded within 25 minutes. I gained entry to the locked door. I fitted a Lock Upgrade to Anti Snap Locks with 5 keys, leaving the family feeling more secure in their own home. A full cleaning routine was carried out before and after work.

"House Move" in Middlesbrough - 31/03/20

A family had to complete their house move as soon as possible due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Unfortunately keys had been misplaced. They wanted new locks fitting to give them peace of mind. I fitted Ultion 3 Star Cylinders Police Approved giving ultimate security for their new house. Full disinfection carried out before and after work.

“New Locks for Dental Practice” in Middlesbrough - 11/03/2020

I was contacted by a Dental Practice as they were having issues with the locks on the main entrance door.It had taken staff 20 minutes to unlock the door that morning! I fitted 2 High Security Insurance Compliant locks to the door and cut extra keys on site.

“Locked In” in Middlesbrough - 03/03/2020

I was called by a family panicking because they were locked in. The rear door had seized shut many months before and they never got around to sorting it out. Unfortunately the front door had done the same that morning. I responded immediately and gained entry to both doors. I fitted new Gearboxes to both doors and realigned the doors to prevent any further damage.

“Can’t let the puppy out in the Garden” in Middlesbrough - 22nd February 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Middlesborough was called by a lady whose back door had locked and would not open. She was desperate for help as she couldn’t let her puppy out the back garden. I responded immediately and gained non destructive entry to the door. I discovered the door was misaligned which had put too much pressure on the locking mechanism jamming the door locked. I carried out a full realignment of the door which allowed it to open close and lock and unlock smoothly much to the relief of the lady ( and the puppy! ).

102 year old struggling to lock door in Middlesbrough  - 31st January 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths were contacted by the family of a centenarian as she had snapped her key in the lock and could not get it out. She had been having trouble lifting the handle to lock the door. I was able to extract the broken key from the lock and then realigned the door to make it effortless to lift and lock.

Windows Locked in Middlesbrough - 17th January 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths were contacted by a young couple who had moved into their first home. All the windows were locked and they had no keys. I was able to gain entry to the windows and then fit new locking window handles. I was also able to make any adjustments needed to ensure they opened and closed smoothly.

Late night: "Door won’t lock” in Middlesbrough - 3rd January 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Middlesbrough was called by a young family who could not lock their front door. It was late and they were terrified at the thought of it been unlocked overnight. I responded in 30 minutes. I inspected the Locking System and discovered that the Gearbox had failed. I fitted a new Gearbox and realigned the door leaving them safe and secure again.

Window Safety for Children in Middlesbrough - 13th December 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Middlesbrough was contacted by parents who were concerned that their young children were at risk upstairs as the windows could be opened fully and they could fall out. I fitted locking window handles and restrictors to all the windows to give the parents peace of mind.

Caring Staff Locked Out in Middlesbrough - 30th November 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Middlesborough was called by Carers who could not get into an old ladies house. The lady was bed bound and could not help. I responded in 15 minutes and quickly gained non destructive entry. They had a problem earlier that week and had used another Locksmith. Unfortunately the problem had not been identified or resolved. I rectified the problem to ensure it would not reoccur.

Cash Til Locked, Lockforce Locksmiths Middlesbrough to the Rescue - 15th November 2019

We were called by a business who had an electronic cash till that would not open and could not continue operating with the till out of action. I responded in 30 minutes and was able to gain non destructive entry to the till and repair the locking mechanism leaving them able to continue business as usual!

Display Board Lost Keys - 19th October 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Middlesborough were contacted by a company in the town centre. They had lost the keys to their large display boards on the high street. I gained non destructive entry to the locks and changed all the locks to one Master Key allowing them to fit new up to date posters with their latest offers!

Recycling rubbish out - Lock out - 2nd October 2019

A lady called me saying that she had just taken her recycling rubbish out to her bin and could not get back in to her house. I gained non destructive entry for her and inspected the Multi Point Locking System. The gearbox had broken, I fitted a new Gearbox and the door was back in full working order.

New Houses - No Keys - 20th September 2019

I was asked to help out on a new build housing development where all the keys had been misplaced. I teamed up with my colleague and we successfully gained entry to all the doors at the site. We then fitted new High Security Locks to all the doors. No job too big, no job too small!

New house = New locks - 7th September 2019

A family had moved into a new house and had only been left 1 key for each door which made them question how many keys were in circulation for their house. I upgraded all their locks to Anti Snap with 5 keys for each lock. Some of the doors would not lock and unlock properly so I addressed the issues to ensure they were all working smoothly.

Locked out at 4am - 28th August 2019

I was called by a lady who had just been released from hospital in the early hours and had discovered the she had lost her keys. I gained entry and fitted a new Anti Snap Lock with 5 keys.

Keys locked in the boot - 17th August 2019

A customer had managed to lock their only set of car keys in the boot at a supermarket. They didn’t have much hope of getting a Locksmith on a Sunday. Lockforce Locksmiths Middlesborough are on call 24 hours a day so I was able to respond in 25 minutes. I gained non destructive entry to the vehicle and recovered the keys much to their relief.

Stag Party Thief Steals Keys - 4th August 2019

A guy about to return from a stag do had his suitcase pinched. Unfortunately it had his house keys in. He called Lockforce Locksmiths Middlesbrough and I was with him in 25 minutes. I gained non destructive entry so that he did not have the extra expense of a new lock.

Heatwave and Locked in! - 26th July 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Middlesbrough were called by a lady locked in her house with her children and dog. She could not open her front or back door. I gained non destructive entry to both doors. I inspected both locking systems and fitted new parts as I carry a high level of stock leaving both doors operational and secure.

Holiday on hold in Middlesbrough - 12th July 2019

A family were packing to go abroad on holiday and realised they could not get into their Safe, which held all their Passports. They called me and I was able to gain non destructive entry to the safe and recover the passports much to their delight.

Groundwork’s halted in Middlesbrough - 5th July 2019

Access to a new commercial building site could not be gained. A large double metal security gate was locked and no one had any keys. I was able to gain entry to get the gates open to allow the staff and machinery on site to begin work.

Early Morning Business Lock Out - 29th June 2019

A local business turned up early for work with a busy day ahead. Unfortunately they realised they were locked out! Lockforce Locksmiths Middlesbrough responded quickly and gained non destructive entry within minutes allowing the business to carry on as normal.

Local Business Helped Out - 21st June 2019

Lockforce locksmiths Middlesbrough received a call from a Cafe Bar who had a broken lock on a door whom could not open for business. We responded quickly and gained non destructive entry. A new lock was fitted and realigned the door to prevent it happening again. All done before their opening time ensuring business as normal.

Child Safety - 15th June 2019

Lockforce locksmiths Middlesbrough received a call from a mother who was having to continuously watch her toddler in a town house as they had become fascinated with opening windows and there was a danger they might fall out. I was able to source and fit suitable restrictors to all windows to prevent any accidents and put the mothers mind at rest.

Locked safe in Middlesbrough - 31st May 2019

I was called by a customer who had a safe from a deceased relative and could not open it. It had been sat in the loft for a few years. They discovered it when clearing up. I gained non destructive entry to the safe. The safe contained a huge amount of money and valuables. One very surprised customer!!

Help provided following a theft – Middlesbrough - May 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Middlesbrough received a call in the early hours from two young partygoers who were friends and whose house keys had been stolen. I responded within twenty minutes and gained entry to both customers’ houses. I also upgraded their locks which meant that they could go to bed safe in the knowledge their properties were secure.

House secured in the early hours following a theft – Middlesbrough – 23 April 2019

A customer had their purse stolen whilst on a night out which contained their house keys and identified their address. The customer was very distressed and concerned that somebody could access their property, especially as they lived alone. Lockforce Locksmiths Middlesbrough responded to the call at 1am and arrived at the property within thirty minutes. I was able to fit new anti-snap locks making the property secure and enabling the customer to feel safe in their home.

Quick access gained to help an elderly lady in Middlesbrough – 5 April 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Middlesbrough were called out by a family whose elderly mother had fallen and was locked in the house.  I responded within 10 minutes of the call and gained entry by non-destructive means in less than a minute. I am first aid trained and assessed the elderly lady before an ambulance was called. I held the lady’s hand and reassured her until the paramedics arrived.

"Lockforce Locksmiths Middlesbrough to the rescue!"

I was called out to a customer who was trapped in their house in a wheelchair. The front door was the only means of access and the door was locked and would not open. I was able to gain non destructive entry. As I carry a high level of stock on my van I was able to fit new parts to the locking system leaving the door in good working order.

"Key snapped in Middlesbrough"

I had a call from a Company who had a key snapped in a Fire Exit Door and urgently needed it removed. Lockforce Locksmiths Middlesbrough responded swiftly and were able to extract the key using specialist tools. I tested and proved the door and gave advice on keys and general Security of their premises.

"Locked out in Middlesbrough"

I received a call out in the early hours to a young lady locked out of her house. It was snowing and -3 degrees, I responded in 20 minutes. I was able to offer her a seat in my van with a warm blanket while I gained entry. Within minutes I had the door open and had her safe and warm in her own home.

Car lock out in Middlesbrough

A customer realised they were locked out of their car just as they were about to set off for a weekend break! I responded in 20 minutes and gained non destructive entry to the vehicle. They were over the moon and were able to start their journey and begin their weekend break.

"Broken safe lock in Middlesbrough"

A lady could not access her safe to recover her valuables including her passport needed for a festive holiday. She was on the 13th floor and the lift wasn’t working. I zipped up the stairs and opened her safe without any damage. She was over the moon and got away on time.

"Locked out in Middlesbrough"

A family called me to say they were locked out when they returned from a weekend shopping trip. I was able to respond quickly and climbed a large metal fence with spikes on to get to the rear of the property. From there I was able to gain entry to the property and get them back in the warmth of their own home. I also upgraded their locks to Anti Snap/Pick/Drill for improved security.

"Lost keys"

Lockforce Locksmiths were called to help an elderly lady who had returned home from shopping to find that she had lost her keys somewhere. I responded quickly and gained non-destructive entry for her. I left her enjoying her mid morning cup of tea!

"We've been burgled"

Lockforce Locksmiths were called by a family today saying we've been burgled in Middlesbrough. I secured and repaired the damage caused and also fitted Anti Snap Locks to the entry points at the property. 

"Broken lock on our office door"

I was contacted by the local football club Marske United as they had a broken lock on the main office door. I replaced the lock and upgraded it to an Anti Snap which Lockforce supply as a standard. I also carried out a survey of their other buildings and offered to assist them in the redevelopment of the facilities at the ground as they progress and require adequate security and panic hardware.

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