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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmith Darlington. 

My name is Sean Bailey and I'm the owner and operator of an independent local locksmith company, working in and around the Darlington area.

I am a 24-hour locksmiths catering for all your lock problems both commercial and domestic.

I am ex forces so I pride myself on everything I do and always do this to the highest standard.

I provide numerous locksmith services to the people of Darlington some of which are listed below:

  • Mobile key cutting

  • 24/7 Locksmith service

  • Window lock repairs

  • Snapped lock replacement

  • Key extraction

  • Sash Jammers

  • Mortice locks

  • Commercial locksmith work

  • Domestic Locksmith work

  • Eviction service

  • Master Key Sets

  • Filing cabinet locks.

  • Conservatory lock repairs and replacement.

  • Home locksmith service

  • Business locksmith service

  • British Standard Locks

  • Ultions High Security Locks

  • Anti-Snap Locks

  • Anti-Drill Locks

All of my customers can expect the following as standard:

  • Locks that meet insurance Standards

  • No Call Out Fee

  • 1 Year Quality Guarantee

  • I have Insurance / Public Liability Cover to the Sum of £5 Million and A Police DBS Check which I always carry with me.

  • Be certain all the locks I supply and fit are to the highest standard and will always meet your security needs. as a local locksmith in Darlington I want to keep crime in the area I live and work in to a minimum. As a local locksmith in darlington I want to keep you safe. I see the distress caused by poor quality lock so I only fit the best.

Call your Darlington locksmiths today on 01325 234010 for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you.

Darlington Locksmith Mobile Key Cutting

Here at Lockforce Locksmiths in Darlington we have has the ability to cut keys on site. I have a state of the art cutting machine in my van allowing me to cut your key for you, while you wait at your home or work. We also stock most keys for commercial and domestic buildings so if your need keys for your house or business I can cut them and you can test they work. This will give you a correctly cut key guaranteed.

Key which are not cut correctly can cause the lock to ware and in time make the lock unusable so all our keys are tested by me, your local locksmith, to make sure the key is perfect for the lock its cut for. Faulty keys and WD40 are the biggest causes of locks to fail. So if you would like your lock lubricating we can do this for you using the products that are designed to do so. Lockforce locksmiths in Darlington is a local company so if you would like some advice give me a call today.

Darlington locksmiths key cutting service avalible 24 hours a day on 01325 234010

Domestic Locksmiths in Darlington

At Lockforce Locksmiths in Darlington, I am trained and experienced in Domestic locksmithing and all the latest security devices, allowing me to correctly advise you on what security / Locks will best suit your needs. As a domestic locksmith, I stock all locks for uPVC door as well as wooden doors. I also stock shed, garages and gate locks. We stock all different types as sizes allowing you to get your lock issues sorted the same day. Due to Lockforce locksmiths in Darlington realising how important security is we will always endeavour to get you booked in the day you call us, Day or Night. We are available 24 hours a day, so if your locked out of your home, been subject to a burglary or your door not working correctly.

For uPVC doors, we stock most gearboxes and MPLS allowing us to open your door causing no damage and replace the faulty parts the same day to get your door working like new. We also service your door whilst we are there using the correct lubricants that are designed to be used. Lockforce locksmiths in Darlington gives a 1 year warranty with all work giving you piece of mind everything we do is to the highest standard and it will work when its required to. To keep people out or allow free flowing access.

We understand how you like to feel safe in your home and if you have been subject to crime we can give you the latest advice and way on how to make your home safe using; Security lights, CCTV, High Security locks, Deterrents, Gate lock or Alarms. Together we will make you feel safe again in your own home knowing that you have the most protection you should require. All our security devices are designed to deter and prevent crime. By either slowing them down or making them visible.

Call our Darlington Dommestic locksmiths today on 01325 234010 if you require advice or a quote on security in your home

Mortice Locks

Mortice locks are normally found on wooden doors and in some cases found metal doors. The main sizes on these locks are 2.5" and 3" and differs between 3 and 5 leavers depending on the security required! If fitting from new lockforce Darlington will all ways fit a 5 leaver British standard as this is the highest security and is insurance approved!

A few jobs we have completed we have came up against 3 leaver Mortices which we have recommended for the customer to upgrade to a British standard type and after showing customers the differences they have made the right decision and upgraded! 

These types of locks come as a sash lock or a dead lock! As a sash lock this will have a dead bolt and a latch and the latch will operate but pushing the handle down! The dead lock is exactly the same but with out the latch the dead bolt would be the same! Most cases with a dead bolt the customer will have a night latch also fitted to the door so that would latch the door! 

With both types of Mortice locks they came with 2 keys as standard but if you require more we could cut keys in site! At lockforce Darlington we supply and fit this type of locks and will also off a 1 year warranty on all locks fitted by 1 of our engineers 

Call Sean today you local Emergency Locksmiths in Bishop Auckland on 01388 233025 for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you with your Mortice Lock Problems. 

Locked Out in Darlington?

Locking yourself out of your house or car is always an inconvenience. However, you can be sure that when calling Lockforce Darlington, you will be seen within 45 minutes by an expert in the locksmith profession. We personally assess each and every one of our locksmiths to ensure they meet our exacting customer service standards. In the majority of cases, our expertise also renders it unnecessary to break the lock in question, saving your further worry and expense.

If you've been locked out of your property and need to get back in quickly, call our Darlington locksmiths today on 01325 234010 and we will get to you as quickly as possible!

Darlington Locksmiths: Rapid Response

As a highly-trained locksmith, my ultimate objective is to give you peace of mind. Peace of mind when faced with a lock-out and peace of mind when you wish to make your home more secure.

I understand that a large element of this reassurance is driven by our guarantee to be seen to quickly. That's why we ensure a rapid response for each of our call outs, endeavouring to come to you aid within 45 minutes in an emergency and within 24 hours in non-emergency scenarios.

Lockforce Locksmiths in Darlington is a local company this allows me to get to you fast to deal with any lock problems you may have. I can usually get to most of my customers within 20 minutes of them calling me in emergency cases. I pride myself on being efficient and effective to meet your needs. So if you need a Locksmith in Darlington day or night give Sean your local 24 hour locksmith a call

Call our Darlington locksmiths today on 01325 234010 and we aim to be with you within 45 minutes.

Darlington Security Lock Experts

Many people fail to realise that the locks placed in their door will have a profound effect upon their home security as a whole. This is the weak part on most doors due to the lake of regulations set when fitting these doors. So it pays to hire a locksmith to check your locks and advise you on the security your locks are providing. As standard we fit anti snap locks with give 10x the protection of a conventional lock, enough to stop some criminals.

As a Local locksmith I see the affect burglary has on people and for this reason I don’t fit and substandard locks. So you can rest assured the security of your home is increases. All locks fitted by Lockforce locksmiths in Darlington meet insurance standards to insure your insurance will pay out should the worst happen.

All the lock I fit are tested by locksmiths and are proven to provide more protection than standard locks.

My locks come from a Select number of Suppliers such as Brisant, who are know for there high quality and security locks.

We fit their British standard model which will give added protection by having the following features:

- Anti-Bump

- Anti-Pick

- Anti-Drill

- Anti-Snap

Are highest Level of security lock being the ULTION This provides the following:

- Anti-Bump

- Anti-Pick

- Anti-Drill

-Anti-Snap Up to 3 times.

This locks is TS007 3 Star and is the highest level of security on the market to locksmiths and is not available to the public. This lock has had numerous test from locksmiths trying to gain entry and with stands them. There are 11 pins so 5 more than conventional locks giving you 294,000 Security lock combinations. This lock is recommended by Lockforce Locksmiths in Darlington as it even comes with a £1000 Guarantee again entry being gained though lock snapping. So rest a sure this lock will keep you, your home and its content safe.

Call our Darlington locksmiths today on 01325 234010 for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you.

Window Boarding And Repairs

Whether you’re a home owner or a business owner a smashed window is easy access for a burglar if left untreated! At Lockforce Darlington we also offer professional boarding up service which will keep you at rest knowing your home or business is safe! We also offer reglazing and depending on the time of the day we could have it ready the next working day if that’s not a fast turnaround we don’t no what is! For more information on our boarding up services please don’t hesitate to contact us! If you have misty double-glazed units We could also help you with our reglazing services.

Durham Police

Lockforce locksmiths in Darlington are proud to announce that we are now the main supplier for a boarding up service across the full Durham area for Durham police! The police have instructed us that they would like us on site with a 30-minute response time 24 hours a day 7 days a week to secure whatever needed!

We have completed numerous jobs aside with the police either it been a door a window and even recently a iso container! We will either board up the full door if the door is unable to be locked or do our normal locksmith work and fix the door if possible! The police officers on site inspects all our work to make sure everything if safe before leaving.

Call our Darlington locksmiths today on 01325 234010 and we can help fix your window problems

High Security Locks.

Lockforce Locksmith’s only fit high quality materials from 5 leaver British standard mortice Locks as a standard and even only ever fit anti snap locks as a standard! The highest quality Euro cylinder we fit is the Brisant Ultion this lock comes with a £1000 guarantee!

Also this lock is 3 star diamond solid secure lock! The Ultion is Described as ‘the most secure lock ever made’, the Ultion cylinder has never been beaten in any test and achieved all leading security accreditations. If you are going to rely on any lock to protect your home, make sure its the Ultion.

Call our Darlington locksmiths today on 01325 234010 and we can ou with our high Security Locks

Commercial locksmith Service in Darlington.

Lockforce Locksmiths in Darlington provide an Emergency Commercial Locksmith service. So, if you need a Locksmith for your business night or day we can be there to help you within 45 minutes. Lockforce Locksmiths in Darlington are an experienced Locksmith, with years of experience in locksmith services. We are a CheckaTrade vetted company so you can see what other business say about our services and standards.

All our Locks meet the standards set by insurance, we carry our Police DBS check, ID and Public Liability Cover. Lockforce locksmiths in Darlington provide a 24 hour 7 day a week service so if your open we are open. Our commercial stock allows us to fix 90% of doors and door locks the same day causing you little or no disruption.

Some of our services include, Key less entry, Digital locks, Escape Locks, Fire Exits, Locks to insurance standards, Metal door locks, Adam rite locks, Dead Locks, CCTV and Alarms. Our security services are all to meet your needs so if you would like to increase your security or replace some locks then give us a call on 01325 234010.

Moved into a new Business premises.

Here at Lockforce Locksmiths in Darlington we understand the importance of knowing whom has keys to your business. Here at Lockforce we can fit new locks to all door within your commercial property. This included a master key system and Keyed alike systems. If you would like to reduce the number of keys needed. We can also change the code on digital locks to keep customers out of staff only areas.  We can also cut keys on site to if you need 3 keys or 300 we can do this the same day to reduce the impact on your business. We have conducted work for many local company’s this allows us to know what the common fault and weak points in the security are. We go on regular training to make sure we always have the knowledge and parts to keep your business working smoothly.

For any more advice or information on our Commerical locksmith services please call Sean on 01325 234010 Where he will happily give you advice and come to your business and get your doors working as they should. Call today for a friendly professional service we look forward to your call.

Recent Jobs

My old tenant has moved and not returned the keys, DL1 - 12/03/2021

On Friday morning a customer in darlington asked if we could take on an emergency as his tenants had moved out without handing the keys back and left the taps running we were currently just finishing on a job local to the property and said we could be there within 10 minutes we gained access to the property and the agent rushed straight up stairs to turn the taps off. Before he was back down we had both locks changed o the front and back.


A customer in Darlington called on Sunday morning and said she’s gone to open the sliding patio door to let the dogs out and it won’t open. We were on site within 15 minutes opened the doors and fitted a new mechanism. We had some very happy little dogs this morning. 

I can’t open my back door - 20/11/2020

A customer in Darlington called and explained she couldn’t open the back door all the time. We arrange a time for us to find out what the issue was. When we arrived on site she had a old mortise lock in the back door what would open now and then when it wanted to. We fitted a brand new British standard insurance approved mortise lock. Very happy customer can now open her door with ease.

I’ve bought a new home in Darlington and want the front door lock changed - 20/10/2020

We received an email from a customer explaining that she has just bought a new home and wanted the front lock changed. She asked if we could call Out and measure up and give her a quote as she will be getting 3 quotes we arranged the same day to call out and measure the lock she explained she wanted good locks but unsure what. The same evening we sent a quote via email but also broke it down into 3 different type of cylinders with 3 different types. Within 10 minutes of our email going out she booked us in for the next day for the highest security lock. The next day we went to fit the cylinder she explained that we weren’t the cheapest but we were the most professional 


a customer in Darlington called explaining she can’t lock her back door and the handles are all floppy. Aloe arranged a time with the customer to attend once on site we noticed straight away the mpl had failed we fitted a new centre case and adjusted the door hinges to get the door back to be like new if your handles are becoming stiff and you are struggling to lift them by call us out earlier we could save the parts and it will save you money.


A landlord in Darlington called to say his tenant can’t lock the front door of the shop and they are trying to lock up. We were on site within 15 minutes and fitted a new British standard insurance dead lock to the front door now they can lock up and go and enjoy their weekend.


A site manager in Darlington called and said they’ve come into work and the metal container have been broken into can we come out to secure them. 7am we received the call and were on site by 7.30am they had broken into 3 metal containers and 6 locks in total we fitted 6 deadlocks to the containers all British approved.


A customer in Darlington called and explained only way she can get the key out is while the door is open lock the door to take the key out then unlock the door then to lock the door. We arranged  a time with the customer to call out. We knew what the problem was and when explained what happened she agreed we fitted a new cylinder to solve the problem supplied with 5 keys.

I CANT LOCK MY BACK DOOR. DL1 - 07/08/2020

A customer In Darlington called and asked if we could call out as she couldn’t lock the back door she explained we have been and fixed her front door but now having problems with her back. We arranged a time to come and have a look. The door just needed some minor adjustments on the hinges that’s another returning customer happy. 


A customer in Darlington called to say she’s gone to lock the back doors and they won’t lock. We argued a time over the phone to call out. Once we arrived on site and on lifting the handles there wasn’t anything their. On this time of lock we had to renew the full mechanism as all the parts were riveted so we could just change the broken part. We fitted it in the door adjusted the hinges and give a year guarantee happy customer.


A customer in Darlington called in a little panic to say she snapped her key in the cylinder and couldn’t get in the house. We arrived on site and extracted the half a key out the cylinder and gained non destructive entry so the customer didn’t have to renew the cylinder.

We can’t lock our front door can you help? DL1 - 05/06/2020

A customer in Darlington called from Checkatrade website and asked if we could come and have a look at the door as they can’t lock it but it will. Lock once the door is open. We arrived on site and did our normal checks and the door had dropped and just needed the hinges adjusted a few minor adjustments and the door was like new.

I’ve come out to do some gardening and now can’t open the door in Darlington, DL1 - 05/05/2020

A customer in Darlington phoned to say she’s gone out to do the garden and now can’t get back inside the house. We arrived on site 20 minutes from her call. On inspection the door handle was stiff and we were unable to push it down. We gained access to the property and fitted a new centre case on the mpl 

Emergency locksmith in Darlington, DL1 - 17/04/2020

A customer in Darlington called to say they can’t open the back door to let the dogs out. Lockforce locksmiths in Darlington attended and opened up the back door using non destructive methods and fitted a new gearbox to the mpl after it failed due to the door been misaligned. Once we refitted the mpl we adjusted the hinges and had the door like new.


We received a call from a elderly couple in darlington who said this wasnt a April fool and they were locked out in darlington and couldn’t get back inside due to loosing there last key we arrived on site 20 minutes from the initial call. With the current situation we asked if they could wait at least 2 meters away for us to gain access to their door. We disaffected the work area before we gain entry to there home once we got in we fitted a new rim cylinder with he keys still in the lock we once again disinfected the area we worked on and let them back inside. Once they were back inside we said that we will send a invoice for them to pay for the work so we didnt have any contact with the customer 

My key isn’t working - 29/03/2020

We received a call from customer in darlington who stated she’s just finished her shift at work and can’t get inside her home we were on site 20 minutes from her call and notched her mpl had failed not allowing her to get in side. Once we got the door open we fitted a new park to the ppl and had it working fine. We asked her what she does for wok and she said she works for the NHS which at the moment in time we are doing a deal for all NHS staff that our labour is free of charge to show respect to all the hard work they are doing. 

We are struggling to open the side door - 19/03/2020

Lockforce received a call from one of our contract customers explaining the side door to the vets has swelled up and not working properly. When we arrived on site a worker showed us at the door and the door had swelled up at the bottom due to bad weather. We took the door offend pained down put the door back and it was like a new door the worker stated- "its never closed so easily".

My back door is catching - 15/03/2020

A customer in Darlington called and explained that his back door is catching and isn’t working correctly. We arrived on site at a agreed time and started to see what the problem was with the door. Everything seem to be fine but the mechanism was a little rough. We serviced the mechanism and had it working like new 

Can you fit us a master keyed suite - 24th February 2020 

We were called to a property to measure 15 cylinders to put on a master keyed suite we messed the cylinder and ordered them up the next day we were back to fit the master keyed suite to the property we fitted 15 cylinder all with there own key what will only open there own room then the master key what will open all the cylinders.

Can you come and fit a new Yale lock? - 14th February 2020 

A customer in Croft in Darlington called and asked if we can come and renew a Yale lock. When customers say a Yale lock this could mean absolute anything. When we arrived on site we noticed the snib on his night latch had snapped off we fitted a new unit. He said he’s only just had loads of keys cut for this door we explained that he can keep the same keys as we didn’t need to renew the rim cylinder.

I want some locks fitted to some internal doors - 31st January 2020

A customer messaged us on social media asking if we could add some extra locks to some internal doors we arranged a time thought messenger and when we arrived on site she walked us around to show where she wanted the locks we given her a price what she was happy with and asked us to carry out the work we fitted 3 fresh deadlocks to 2 bedrooms and 1 office then we fitted 4 barrel bolts to 2 en suites and 2 bathrooms.

I've just moved into my new house and want the locks changed - 24th January 2020

A returning customer called and explained she’s just moved into her new home and want to make sure she only had keys for the property. She explained that she won’t finish work until 4pm so asked if we could meet her at 4.30pm this wasn’t a problem as we were working in the area and our last job wasn’t far away around that time. We fitted 4 new snap safe cylinders to the front and back doors then to the double patio doors on the conservatory.

I've lost my garage door key - 17th January 2020

A customer in Darlington called and said he’s lost his garage door key and its locked but won’t be home until after 6pm but he needed something out the garage once he got home. We told him that the time wasn’t a bother and would meet him after he finished work 6pm came and we were on site the customer turned up and we gained entry to his garage door and fitted a new gliderol unit with 2 new keys a happy customer can now use his garage and will be able to get out what he needed.

We can’t unlock our front door - 28th December 2019 

A customer in Darlington called and explained they can’t lock the front door he explained he’s took the handle off and noticed it’s all cracked where the bar goes though off the handle. We arrived on site and renewed the centre case on the mpl adjusted the door and it was nice and smooth and to top we off the customer give us a fantastic google review.

My neighbour has been out for Brake Up day and has lost his keys - 20th December 2019

Around 11.30 pm on Friday night we received a phone call from a customer in Darlington explaining his neighbor has been out for brake up day and has lost his keys and has no phone battery we were on site with 20 minutes and gained non destructive entry to his property and renewed his cylinder as he lost his last key. We think he would have a saw head in the morning when he wakes up.

Faulty front door lock - 29th November 2019 

We received a email from a customer asking if we could come to look at the front door in Darlington we agreed a time to call out to see the issue. She explained she wanted the top lock taken off and the bottom lock changed we took off the night latch box and covered the holes with a push plate. We then renewed the deadlock lower down which was a Chubb detainer we swapped like for like and cut 4 extra keys.

We've repossessed a business and need the lcoks changed - 15th November 2019

We received a phone call explaining they have repossessed a business in Darlington and need the locks changing quickly. We were already in the area and were with them in 15 minutes we fitted 2 new cylinder 3 bullet locks and a pad lock to secure the building we carry a large stock of materials on our van which allows us to complete 90% of jobs we attend.

Locked Inside, Lost Key - Darlington, 15th November 2019

A man called us at Lockforce Locksmiths Darlington in a bit of a panic explaining that his neighbour had called him to ask if he could call a locksmith as she can’t find her key to get out the house. We were on site in 15 minutes from his call and gained non destructive entry to the property and helped to try and find her key which was no where to be seen so she asked if we could put a new lock in, which we were more than happy to help her with.

Solving problems others can't - 25th October 2019

A customer in Darlington called explaining that they’ve had another company out but still have the same problem. We arrived on site to find out what the problem was she explained that she could lock the door open but not when it’s closed. She said the other company had renewed something on the mechanism and it worked for a day or two but now have the same problem. We noticed the door had dropped and just needed some adjustment and the door was working smoothly. She is now worried that the warranty she was given wouldn’t matter as they wouldn’t come out to solve a minor problem so what chance does she have with a major problem. Here at Lockforce Locksmiths Darlington we give a years warranty on parts used.

I'm locked out - 28th September 2019

A customer in Darlington called at 10.30pm to say she’s gone out to work this morning  and left her key inside her flat and has just finished work And could we meet her to open her door as the key is on the fireplace we were with her in 20 minutes and had her back inside in no time very happy customer can now get to bed after a long day at work 

My old tenants have moved out without handing the keys back - 13th September 2019

Friday 13th unlucky for this home owner when her old tenants left without handing the keys back lucky for her she called Lockforce Locksmiths in Darlington who gained entry to the property and renewed all locks to the doors we fitted 2 snap safe cylinders with 5 keys 1 British standard insurance approved mortise lock and a rim cylinder to the night latch. A happy owner now has access to her property and was the only person with the keys.

My 90 year old mam can’t lock her front door - 1st September 2019 

An existing customer called Locksmiths Lockforce Darlington explaining that I’ve done work on here house recently but her 90 year old mother can’t lock her front door. We were on site 15 minutes from her calling us. On arrival the cylinder had seized up so we fitted a new cylinder and adjusted the hinges and the door was working nice and smooth. Lockforce keeping you safe.

Lost Keys in Darlington - 16th August 2019 

A customer emailed us explains he has lost his key to the front door and he would feel a lot safe if we could call out to change the lock. He asked if we could meet him after work at 4.30pm we told him this wouldn’t be a problem and we would see him then. We meet the customer at his home in Darlington. We fitted him a new snap safe cylinder with 5 keys. While we where there he asked if we could look at the back door for him. The back door wasn’t latching probably so a few adjustments to the keeps and the door was locking normal again. Always nice to add a bit of additional value.

I can’t open my back door in Darlington - 2nd August 2019 

Customer in Darlington called explaining that the key is just spinning in the lock. When we arrived on site we noticed it was a vectis and a common fault on these locks is that the fail and the key will just turn. We opened up the back door and explained to the customer a better option was to convert this to a euro cylinder the customer was happy with the option we recommend. We fitted the new gearbox on the mpl as well and new handles and snap safe cylinder supplied with 5 keys. Once the job was complete the customer said it has never been so smooth a very happy customer with the outcome!

We can’t open our safe with over 1 million pound worth of keys inside - 26th July 2019

Evens Halshaw Citroen in Darlington called Lockforce Locksmiths Darlington explaining they have gone to open the safe to get some keys out to move a few cars and they can’t open the safe. We arrived on site and noticed it had a digital door lock in the middle and deadlocks top and bottom, he explained that the deadlocks would unlock but the middle lock won’t. We opened up the digital door lock, once we'd taken the broken lock off we noticed something had snapped inside, not allowing the latch to be operated. We renewed the digital door lock and the safe was back in working order!

Lost garage keys in Darlington - 12th July 2019

A customer called in a bit of a panic as he was ready to go fishing but found that he had lost his keys to the garage and couldn’t get in to get his fishing gear. We were on site 20 minutes from his call and picked open his garage door so he could get his fishing stuff out. We got the code on the back of the lock and ordered some keys up so he won’t have to change the lock. After he got his stuff out we locked the garage back up and now all he needs to do is wait for his keys to arrive.

New door locks at a Dental Practice - 26th June 2019 

A local dentist practice in Darlington called to ask of we could measure up for some door locks. We arrived on site at a agreed time and had a look around the practice to see how many locks they needed. After being shown around they needed 5 locks in total. We booked them back in for the Friday, arrived early on the morning so we could be finished before opening. We fitted the 5 locks to the surgery rooms nad the staff set the security codes.  

We have just got a new safe and can’t open it - 20th June 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Darlington had a call from an antiques shop in Darlington explaining they’ve just received a new safe without any keys. We arrived on site at the agreed time to have a look at the safe. When we arrived the customer showed us a very old safe. We opened up the safe using non destructive techniques by picking open the lock. Once we had it open we found a spare set of keys sitting inside! A very happy customer now can put it on the shelf for sale not costing him the fortune he was expecting.

We can''t lock our cabinet - 14th June 2019

Lockforce locksmiths Darlington received a call from Cash Converters in Darlington explaining that they couldn't lock one of the cabinets with all the stock in. We arrived on site and noticed that the lock was faulty not allowing them to push the lock in to lock. We renewed the lock on the cabinet and reriveted it back to the aluminium cabinet. Now they can put the stock back in and start to sell it again. A happy customer. 

Door locking issues in Darlington - 7th June 2019

A customer from Darlington called explaining she can’t lock her front door and can't unlock her back door. When we arrived on site she showed use both doors and we straight away knew what the problem was, both doors needed adjustments to the hinges and just like that they where like brand again. Another happy customer and another 5 star review! 

Lock change in Darlington - 30th May 2019

We received a call asking if we could change some locks and meet them on site around 4pm when we arrived on site it was a big detached home with a big red Ferrari on the drive. We knocked on the door we were greeted by Billy Joe Saunders a 2 weight world champion professional boxer. He explained he’s just bought the property and wanted to change all 4 door locks as he didn’t know who would have had keys, this is such a sensible move and one that we not only recomennd to or customers but have all done with our own homes! We changed all locks and asked if we could have our picture taken with him.

Faulty electric garage door in Darlington - 24th May 2019 

An elderly customer called us explaining she had an electric garage door on her property in Darlington that wouldn’t open when she pressed the button. When we arrived on site we noticed a key override on the side of the garage, after a quick chat with the customer she explained everything properly, we picked open the lock on the override, opened the garage door and noticed that the the electric had tripped on the garage door, not allowing it to work. The poor customer was thinking the worst and that she would have to get a new garage door but no, a quick visit from Lockforce Locksmiths Darlington and it's all sorted! Needless to say, she was incredibly happy! 

Emergency boarding up in Darlington 16th May 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Darlington were called by one of our Estate Agents, asking if we could respond to an emergency board up. We arrived on site within 20 minutes from the call and boarded up a back door that had been kicked in and both panels of glass smashed through on the doors. We boarded both panels first then over boarded the full door offering better security until the door could be replaced.  

Help provided to allow business to open as usual in Darlington - 8 May 2019 

Lockforce Locksmiths Darlington received a panicked call from a Chinese restaurant in Darlington who were unable to open their front door. I arrived on site and gained non-destructive entry to the shop. I then renewed the screw in cylinder hook bolt with new screw in cylinders. The customer was very happy as they could open their business as usual. Lockforce Locksmiths Darlington maintain a wide range of stock in our van allowing most jobs to be completed the same day.

Spinning patio door handles in Darlington - 3 May 2019 

Lockforce Locksmiths Darlington received an email from a customer who explained her patio door handles where just spinning. She had looked it up on the internet and thought it was the gearbox. We arranged a time to come out and solve the problem, on arrival the handles where spun the wrong way! We opened the patio doors without causing any damage using the correct tools, once we got the door open it was a very clear 25mm back set gearbox. This type of gearbox is not particularly common but i managed to find one hidden in the back of the van, so we put it back into the door and adjusted the hinges meaning the door opens and closes smoothly! Very happy customer can now open the patio doors and get out in the sun.

House secured after losing keys - 24 April 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Darlington were contacted by a customer who needed the back door locks to be changed after losing her keys. The customer explained that she had called out another local locksmith who had not been transparent in the charges involved. The customer’s lock had been removed by the other locksmith, however, the customer had decided not to proceed with the work due to the cost. I discussed the prices over the phone with the customer and on arrival at the property renewed the cylinder with a new snap safe cylinder supplied with 5 keys. Lockforce Locksmiths Darlington are fully insured and always provide a fair price.

Failed lock in Darlington

A business in the middle of Darlington town centre called explaining they couldn't lock the shop door and that they had finished for the day so waiting to go home! We arrived on site 15 minutes later and noticed it was an Adams rite lock with a cylinder, on inspection we found that the retaining screw holding the cylinder was missing and that the cylinder had slipped, not allowing them to lock the door. Who would have thought a quick 2 minute job would put a smile on so many faces! 

Tuesday 26th February we had a call from a lady explaining she can’t lock her back door in Darlington! 

Lockforce Locksmiths Darlington arrived on site 15 minutes later and noticed her MPL had failed in the back door. She explained her front door is going the same way so asked if we could change that also while we where on site. We took both mechanisms out of the doors, with Lockforce Locksmiths Darlington you can rest assured we carry a large stock whereever we go, so were able to change both gearboxes the same day! The customer was extremely happy with our response time, price and being able to secure the same day. This is why we have a good reputation in our local area of Darlington. 

Locked out at 11pm in Darlington! - A customer called explaining he was locked out his home in Darlington we arrived with him within 30 minutes from his call. Even though it was -4 degrees we gained non destructive entry to is home so no extra costs for locks and after we gained his access he explained he phoned a national company first who told him they would have some one out in the hour after 90 minutes of waiting he called us and we where half the price of what he was going to be charged! This is why it’s always better to use local services like our selfs who will actually turn up to the job within a decent time scale at affordable prices as you're not paying us to travel! 

Locked out Doctor in Darlington! Lockforce Locksmiths Darlington received a call from an existing customer, a doctors surgery in Darlington. She explained that the lock on the door to one of the doctors rooms was not working properly and therefor the door was unable to open! We arrived on site and opened up the digital door lock, gave it a quick service, put it all back in the door and just like that was back to full working order! An extremely happy customer! 

I can’t open my front door!" - One of our repeat customers called us at Lockforce Locksmiths and explained he couldn't open his new front door! We arrived on site and noticed that the mpl had failed, we got the door open and renewed the gearbox on the mpl, put everything back together and left the door working like new!

Lock in at 1am! - I was called at 1am on Saturday morning, to a house Iin Darlington. The customer was explaining that they couldnt get out of their house! Lockforce Locksmiths Darlington arrived within 30 minutes and immediatly noticed the customer had all ready taken the handles off the door. We opened the door without causing any damage and sourced the problem, renewed his cylinder in the door and put everything back on the door and just like that everything working as normal. 24 hour emergency locksmith in Darlington keeping you safe.

Lock out at 2:20am! - Lockforce Locksmiths received a call at 2:20am from a lady in Darlington that had just finished a night shift, only to discover that she couldn't find her key! Within 30 minutes of her call, we had her back inside and out of the cold. We gained non destructive entry meaning she didn’t need new locks either! 

"Pick up truck managed to lock itself" - I received a call from a customer in Darlington whos Pick up truck managed to lock itself! We arrived within 30 minutes of the call and had his keys back in his hand ready for him to set off to work!

Monday 15th October - Lockforce Locksmiths were called to a property in Darlington where the customer asked us to fit 3 digital door locks to 3 doors though out the property! We arrived on site at the agreed time and fitted the 3 digital door locks to 3 bedroom doors. Half way though the job the customer came up to see how we where getting on and with a quick comment to say how neat he thought the the work was being done and how happy he was with everything. He then asked us to look at the back door and asked if we could upgrade the cylinder! We replaced with a new anti snap cylinder and left the property with an extremely happy customer. 

Saturday 8th September 2018 Here at Lockforce Locksmiths Darlington, we received a call from a lady in a panic as she was locked out of her house and couldn’t get in! We arrived on site within 30 minutes and she explained she went out the back door and closed it without picking up the keys! We opened up the door without causing any damage, meaning no new locks or keys were required, she was very happy indeed! 

Friday 17th August 2018 we received an email from a customer explaining she had a drafty bedroom window, not ideal with the temperatures dropping! On arrival we noticed the hinges had dropped on the sash, so we took out the glass and sash, adjusted the hinges and put everything back in place. This lifted the sash on the hinges closing the gap and stopping the draft. The customer was delighted that the issue was resolved so simply as she thought she would need a new window! If in doubt call a Locksmith, we can do so much more than just change a broken lock!

Friday the 3rd August 2018 We received an email from a customer asking if we could quote for 2 new door locks as well as a garage door lock! After an instant reply we agreed a time to come out to complete the job! We arrived on site to meet the customer who had just got her new home but didn’t want to move her posessions in not knowing who really had her keys! Do you ever really know when you move into a new property? We quickly got to work and changed the front and back door as well as the garage doors cylinders to anti snap cylinders. We left a very happy customer to continue with her house move safe in the knowledge her and her posessions were now secure. She has even found time amongst all that unpacking to leave Lockforce a fantastic review!

Tuesdays 10th July 2018 Lockforce Darlington had a call from a business in town the centre explaining the door closer had dropped and it keep catching the door! We arrived at a time to suit the company when it wasn’t going to be to busy! We adjusted the door closer and set it correctly, meaning it now closes as it should! 

We haven’t had our patio doors open for around 3 years Saturday 23rd June 2018 A customer phoned Lockforce Darlington and said that they are soon moving house and need some jobs doing to the doors before they move! He explained he didn’t have any keys to the patio doors which haven’t been open for 3 years and that he had to grind the bolt on the back door to get it open and it just locked with shooting bolts top and bottom of the door! We opened the patio door and renewed the cylinder to an anti snap cylinder supplied with 5 keys! Then we put a British standard insurance approved mortice lock in the back door. The customer awas thrilled with the work and hopefully the new owner will be too!

25th may 2018 we had a call from a existing customer explaining her dads house who’s locks we changed around a year ago need replacing again after the police had to force entry and snap the locks has he left the keys on the inside and the carers couldn’t get access so she asked if we could put them locks you can turn in the inside! We arrived at a set time around her dad renewed his cylinders with new thumb turn cylinders now there won’t be any chance he can leave the keys on the inside and lock the carers out!

My keys have been pinched 

Saturday 12th may 2018 we had a call from a customer in Darlington explaining some one has walked in his elderly mother house and pinched her bag with all the house keys in! We arrived on site to renew the locks to her home so she was at ease knowing no one has keys to her home! And can’t let them selfs in again! 

Thatcham accredited dead locks to secure a van

Saturday 21st April 2018 we went out to fit thatcham accredited dead locks to a Vauxhall Vivaro we supplied and fitted them the the slide and barn doors offering the customer maximum security to his van and protection to his tools! After a lot of vans been broken into in the area of Darlington the customer acted first before the thief’s! On completing the job the customer where extremely happy with the install and left us a 5 star review on out Facebook page 

I’ve locked my keys in my car and my works car park closes in 30 minutes!! On Thursday 29th March 2018 we where on on way to our next job around 5.30pm and we received a call from a customer explaining he has locked his car keys in his car and to car park will be getting locked at 6pm we had to phone our customer who we where in our way to. Just to delay his appointment as we had an emergency in! 15 minutes later we arrived on site to assist the customer with us his car! 5.50pm we where both driving out his works car park you don’t get much of a better service then that!  

Thursday 29th March 2018 we where on on way to our next job around 5.30pm and we received a call from a customer explaining he has locked his car keys in his car and to car park will be getting locked at 6pm we had to phone our customer who we where in our way to. Just to delay his appointment as we had an emergency in! 15 minutes later we arrived on site to assist the customer with us his car! 5.50pm we where both driving out his works car park you don’t get much of a better service then that! 

On Thursday 16th March 2018 a lady called in quite a panic that she couldn’t lock her front door! We arrived in site 30 minutes for her call and noticed her mechanism wasn’t functioning correctly! After taking the mechanism out the door we noticed the spring on the back had snapped! We renewed the gear box on the mpl and the door was back to like new! We also upgraded her standard cylinder to an anti snap cylinder another very happy customer leaving us a cracking review on our Checkatrade website 

On Monday 19th February 2018 we had a call from a lady as all 3 locks on wooden doors were playing up so quickly arranged a time with her to suit her work hours! On arrival she showed us the locks and the problem she was having. In two of them we were ok just to adjust the keeps so that it unlocked and locked smoothly, however the last one had to be renewed as it wasn’t working anymore. We swapped the mortice lock for a new insurance approved British standard 5 leaver mortice lock. On completing the jobs we had the customer test all 3 locks to make sure she was happy with the work carried out. Now all 3 locks lock and unlock smoothly. Another happy customer! 

On 2nd February 2018 we received a call at 9pm from our boarding client asking if we could cover a large board up job involving 6 windows and 2 doors. Within 30 minutes of the call, we had arrived on site and every lower ground window and door had been smashed or kicked in! We stared taking all the glass out at the property while the front was still getting investigated, we boarded the rear of the property which was 2 large windows and a door window, then started the front once the investigating team had finished. The front involved 3 windows, a bay window, a small bathroom window and the full front door. All were fully and securley boarded up due to the extent of the damage. Once finished the customer was happy with the work.

On Monday 15th January we had a call from a customer at 8pm explaining he had left his car open by mistake and someone had been in his car out side his home and taken his house keys! We arrived at 8:30pm to resolve the problem. We renewed the front door dead lock with a new era fortress dead lock, supplied with 2 new keys and on the back he had 2 night latches so we renewed the 2 rim cylinders, supplied with 3 new keys on each cylinder! The customer commented how happy he was with the service provided and the response time so late at night! 

Upgrade our locks 

On Wednesday 3rd of January 2018 a customer called for us to go and upgrade there locks on the shop! On arrival to the solicitors they had a large wooden door with a old night latch on! She asked what we could do to upgrade it! We recommend a British standard night latch and after showing her one she decided tonight with the night latch! After completing the job we tidied up all the wood shavings and had the customer to test the new British standard night latch offering them maximum security for her business 

I can’t lock my front door 

Lockforce Locksmith’s in Darlington early hours on Tuesday 19th December 2017 the customer called us at 06.30 explaining he was on his way out to work and can’t get his front door to lock! We arrived on site within 30 minutes and noticed something was jamming his mechanism from fully operating! We striped down the mechanism and give the parts a good service now the mechanism is working like new saving the customer money by spending a bit of time instead of just renewing l! The customer was so happy with our service he left us a great review on google 

On Wednesday 6th December 2017 we received a call from a customer to come out and change her locks after giving a key to a friend who have now fell out and she believes she’s helping her self in when she at work! She explained she would not be home from work until 8pm that night we told her this wasn’t a problem and could meet her once she’s home! We arrived on site at the time arranged and renewed to cylinders from standard to anti snap cylinders! Very happy lady now will fell safe going to work 

Wednesday 8th November 2017 we received a call from one of our boarding contracts asking if we could assist them with doing a board up in Darlington! On arriving on site to vets4pets Darlington the front door window pain had been smashed! Straight away we started measuring the opening and started cutting the osb down to size we secured with a wooden frame on the inside to secure the door! The customer was extremely happy with the work carried out and even stated that it was more secure now then it was with the glass in 

On Tuesday 10th October 2017 we received a call off a customer asking for us to go and have a look at their security on their home! We arrived on site to a very big home situated in a beautiful street! On inspection we noticed the customer only had standard cylinders fitted explaining to the customer that we only fit anti snap locks as this offers better security we showed the customer different types of locks better quality from his standard ones he decides to go with 6 ultions on 2 different keyed suites one key to fitted the 2 front doors and 4 on the same key for the 2 pairs of patio doors! Once fitted we showed the customer how to register the locks online to get the £1000 guarantee! The customer was over the moon with the new locks now knowing his house and 2 Mercedes amg cars parked in the drive will be safe 

On Friday 6th October we received a call from Durham police asking if we could complete a board up after their officers kicked a door in! We arrived on site 30 minutes from receiving the call boarded up the back door so it was safe and secure! 

On Wednesday 13th September 2017 we received a call from Durham police asking if we could help them out and go and board up a door after one of their officers had kicked it in after they had information that the tenant Inside came seriously ill! We arrived on site to see the frame was cracked and the keeps all shattered and the mpl not operating as it should so the officer on site asked if we could just board it up to secure it as they will be replacing the door! After a quick measure up we cut a board down and fixed the board to the door fully securing the property! 

Locksmiths in Darlington Working with the Police

On Friday 18th august 2017 we had a call from a customer who said he's just move in to a new property and want all the locks changed to all the same key! We arrive on site to a 7 bed room barn conversion to see that there was 22 Euro cylinders to change and the customer wanted 3 different keyed suites fitted! We measured up and on Tuesday 22nd we returned to fit the 3 different keyed suites 16 on one suite and 2 3s the customer was very happy as one key would open 16 doors! No more searching though keys to get a door open! One of our biggest jobs to date completed we asked the customer how he found us and he replied I searched locksmith in Darlington and we were at the top and after reading though our reviews he knew he could trust us in his home.

On Friday 11th August 2017 a customer left us a request to call back on checkatrade instantly we called the customer back she explained she has a tilt and turn window and she can't lock it or move the handle when we arrived on site we noticed she had turned the handle the wrong way and it jammed we took the handle on set it back on the right position the serviced the mechanism the customer was happy as she hadnt been able to lock the window for a bout a month leaving us another top quality review 

On Tuesday 8th of august 2017 we got a call from a customer who explained they had been away on holiday and came home to been burgled! And they are looking to get a safe installed we arrived on site to see what type of safe and where to put it! We noticed that on the doors they only had bog standard cylinders so we recommend upgrading the 3 door locks with ultions and after showing the customer he was more then happy to get them also! On the 15th we went back to install the safe anchoring it to the floor and upgraded the cylinders with ultions one happy customer after knowing he had the best locks on the market and a top quality safe fitted! After finishing we asked the question on how he found us and he replied with you's where the top of google with the best reviews but all so 3 other people had recommended us to him 

Job 1:

 1st january 2017 we received a call around 10.15 on the morning the guy had locked his car keys in the boot of his car we were currently stuck on a job so explained will would still be there within the hour 45 minutes we arrived bad news for the customer was that he couldn't play football as his football boots where in the boot to! We opened the car door with a special method for that type of car and managed to get the keys to the customer  without any damages caused to the car! At this point the game was coming to the end and he didn't play apart but at least he got home on time 

Job 2: Locksmiths in Darlington commercial locksmiths

Thursday 2nd February 2017 I was just pulling up to my first job of the day around 8am and I received a call from a lady who runs a maintenance company to say that the next store in bishop Auckland couldn't open the front main door of the shop I explained to my customer that we had an emergency come is it ok to attend that first after they where happy for me to come back after! I went to the next store!We gained entry to the front door! we took the cover off the lock to see why the key couldnt open it! The lock was clogged full with grit and dirt we give the lock a good service and put the lock back on the door and it work perfectly! 

Job 3:

On 22nd February 2017 at 3pm I received a call off a older lady that she can't open her front door! She explained that she had already phoned a locksmith company but they where going to charge her the earth! 
I arrived on site at 4pm even no the door lock was open the hooks on the mech weren't shooting back after using my air bag and door spreader I managed to get the door open with out any damage we took the mech out and notice the springs had piped out of the back on the gear box! 
We explained to the customer what had happened and that they need a new gear box! She was happy for us to carry out the work to get the door back to how it was! We gagged the old GU gear box with new and fitted it back into the door now the door operates as it should 

Job 4:

Thursday 9th march 2017 I had a customer call us up asking if we could upgrade her locks on the house we arrived on site around 30 minutes later to see what she currently had in she had just a standard 6 pin cylinder so we give her 2 options we offered schlosser ultimate anti snap cylinders and ultions she decided to go with the schlossers and asked if she could have  the same key for both locks on the patio doors so we fitted her a pair of keyed alike very happy customer 

Job 5:

On Thursday 23rd march 2017 we got a call at 6 o'clock on the morning from a customer who had locked her self out of the house! She said the door slammed behind her and her keys where inside the house we asked a few questions over the phone to identify which type off door and lock! We arrived on site 15 minutes later from getting the call!  we gained entry to the customers house by slipping the night latch! The customer was over the moon as she was back inside her home around 17 minutes after calling us.

Job 6:

On the 5th April 2017 we received a call at 19.45 the customer had locked his car keys in the boot of the car and they don't have a spare key to open the car! We arrived on site 30 minutes later from receiving the call opened the car in less then a minute using a special method the customer was over the moon as he didn't have to call work to let them no he would be late! Because of our fast service  

Job 7:

On Saturday 3rd June 2017 we had a call off a lady who seemed quite stressed that she locked her keys in the car and she can't open it! She said after a quick search on google for locksmith darlington she come across us towards the top with the best reviews! 20 minutes later we arrived on site and 30 minutes from her calling us she was driving home a lot happier and calmer!and left us one of our best reviews we have received to date 

Job 8:

On Friday 30th June 10pm at night we got a call off a customer explaining then have been burgled! We arrived on site 20 minutes later! We recommend ultion locks to the customer they where more then happy to have these locks fitted after having a look at them on the internet we fitted brisant ultion 3* British standard locks to both front and back doors and all so upgraded the back door handles! Even though they had just been burgled you could sense that they where starting to feel safe again after having the best locks on the market fitted! We asked the customer where did they find us and their reply was a google search for a locksmith darlington and we where at the top with the most reviews 

Job 9: Locked out keys in outlet mobile home 

On 26th June 2017 we received a call at 11 pm off a customer explaining that they have locked the keys inside and they can't get in and there was 3 locks on the door we arrived on site 15 minutes later and gained entry non destructively and give the customer his keys! On completing the job I asked the customer how he found us and they told us they search for locksmith darlington and we where on the ad words list and was the only local company 

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