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Lockforce Locksmith York - Emergency Lock Outs, Lock Upgrades and much more! Call 01904 599039!

Lockforce Locksmith York are always willing to help callers who require any Locksmith service. Please call 01904 599039 for more information.

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Customer Reviews

Lockforce York is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 customer reviews.

Are you looking for Local Locksmith in York? Then look to no further than me at Lockforce Locksmith York. I provide expert locksmith advice to the tenants and homeowners of York – and offer a reasonably priced, highly qualified and fully accredited service. I am available 24 hours a day to meet your lock needs. Lockforce Locksmith York is managed and owned by Your Local Locksmith your Local Locksmith who is available to meet all your security needs.

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Locksmith Services in York

For more information regarding the Locksmith services I can offer you, please look below…Lockforce Locksmiths in York Police DBS Checked

1.       Emergency Lock-out Support 24 hours a day by an expert locksmith.

2.       Lock Upgrades Including the Ultimate security of Ultion’s.

3.       Window Lock Repairs and Replacements.

4.       Sash-jammer and Security Chains for additional security.

5.       Digital Lock Fittings and Key Safes.

6.       Mobile Key Cutting whilst on site.

My locksmith York service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When calling my local York number (whether at 3pm of 3am) you can rest assured to you will always be calling my direct line. That means no more long hold-ups in call centres who give random pricing but instead instant phone access to a York-based lock security expert who can help answer your specific lock query. I am a Local locksmith so I can get to you fast to cause your less disruption.

Call me Your Local Locksmith today your Local Locksmith York for more information on the locksmith services I provide to the people of York. 01904 599039

Emergency Lockout Services – Lockforce Locksmith York Will Get You Back Into Your Property

After a long day at work, or an enjoyable evening with friends and family, the last place you would like to find yourself is being locked out of your home. Having to wait for a locksmith whose call centres have closed can be a nightmare, fortunately Your Local Locksmith of Lockforce Locksmith York is immediately contactable with a simple call and he will be with you as soon as possible to have you gain re-entry to your home. By using non-destructive lockout re-entry techniques from a skilled and trained local locksmith, you can be sure that you will be back in your home before you know it! For additional information about the emergency lockout services that Lockforce Locksmith York can provide, call Your Local Locksmith your local locksmith today on 01904 599039 , after all he is your local go-to locksmith in York!

Call me Your Local Locksmith today your Local Locksmith in York for gain entry into your home using non-destructive methods on 01904 599039

Lock Upgrades by a Local Locksmith in York

Lockforce Locksmith York provided locks which are all high-quality locks starting from Anti-Snap locks on uPVC Door to Ultions which are the highest level of security available for a uPVC door, these locks are tested by locksmiths. For your Wooden external doors, we fit British standard locks which are required for home / house insurance. As a locksmith I see how easy homes are broken into as I frequency attend burglary’s so to prevent this I only fit locks  I believe will provided you with adequate protection.  

Call me Your Local Locksmith today your Local Locksmith in York for more information on high security locks on 01904 599039

Window Lock Repairs - Don't risk your safety, call Lockforce Locksmith York on 01904 599039.

Having faulty window locks can be extremely dangerous in terms of home safety, after all burglars look at windows equally to doors in terms of home entry. Make sure you are safe this summer by ensuring all your windows are fitted with high quality locks to prevent burglaries by calling Lockforce Locksmith York on 01904 599039 - speak with Your Local Locksmith, he will be sure to give any window lock advice and services at affordable prices.

Call Lockforce Locksmith York on 01904 599039

Fully Accredited Locksmith in YorkLockforce Locksmiths in York Guaranee

I’m likewise police DBS accredited and will always carry ID and wear my trademark Lockforce uniform when attending to your property, for your peace of mind. As part of Lockforce Locksmiths, a national network of esteemed locksmiths, you can be confident in the quality of the locksmith York service I provide.

Here at Lockforce locksmith York we offer a mobile key cutting service while you wait, so if you need extra keys for your business, gate or home we can do this for you on site. Our key cutting equipment is state of the art allowing us to guarantee your keys will work 100% of the time. We also offer key tags and fobs so if you have multiple locks we can allow you to easily identify the correct key. As a Locksmith with years of experience we know how important the need for keys to be cut correctly to insure the locks life is not reduced with every turn. So need keys in a hurry and would like to be sure it works give Lockforce locksmith York a call today 

Call me Your Local Locksmith today your Lockforce Locksmith York anytime on 01904 599039

Moving Home By Lockforce Locksmith York

Are you moving into York? Are you Moving somewhere else in York? As I home owner, you need to be aware when moving into a new home, who might have keys for that house. We recommend changing all locks as part of the moving in process and double check what your insurance company requires.

This usually is on uPVC doors a 5 point MPL (Multipoint locking unit) with no set standard currently on the lock its self.

On Wooden doors, a British Standard lock must be fitted. This can be a dead lock, Sash lock or even a British Standard Night Latch (YALE lock as commonly called) with internal key lock. All standards will be in your insurance terms and conditions. If you are in doubt ring your insurance and ask them to talk you though their requirement. They will be happy to do this.

Here at Lockforce Locksmith York I provided security surveys on your home and even offer free advice should you need it.

I believe it’s important to make sure your home is safe and secure upon moving into it. So, if you need a locksmith in York to fit your new home with new locks for your doors or windows then contact me and I will happy come and give you a free no obligation quote. To ensure your new home is safe and only you the new owners have keys for it. Together we can increase your security all the lock I fit meet insurance standards and come with a 1 year warranty from Lockforce Locksmith York

Call me Your Local Locksmith today your Local Emergency Locksmith in York anytime on 01904 599039 For Free advice on security for your new home.

Door Will Not Open Locksmith in YorkDoor Lock Failed in York

This is an example of a very common job for locksmiths around the country. A common fault with Upvc door is mechanism failure. Most faults are either with the age of the door itself or a poorly fitting door. This particular customer has been putting a tremendous amount of force to open and close his door resulting in damage to the mechanism and failure resulting in a lock out situation. As expert professional locksmith we gain entry with no damage to the door and replaced the mechanism leaving the customer happy as he thought as so many customers do that he would need a new door which is a very costly affair.

It’s not like you see in the movies.

I’m sure you've all seen that part in a movie when they gain entry with a credit card, I have and i can tell you that it will NOT work, I’ve attended customers property before where they have attempted it and end up stood on the doorstep waiting for the Locksmith to arrive with the phone in one hand and a snapped cash card in the other. We train to be emergency Locksmiths and we gain entry to your property quickly and with ease because we spend a lot of money on locksmith tools and training to be able to do so. Don’t be fooled into thinking if we gain entry in minutes its because its easy and you could have probably done it yourself. You may have eventually gained entry but what other damage has been done that will need to be rectified and will cost more than if you had phoned a Locksmith in the first place.

Leave it to the professional fully trained locksmith.

Recent Jobs By Lockforce Locksmiths in York

1 - Letting Agent Call Out

At Lockforce Locksmith York, I don’t just offer a helping hand to local homeowners. As a reputable York-based business that’s part of a wider network of fellow locksmiths in Yorkshire and the UK, I likewise have the credentials to cater to the needs of businesses in the property sphere – such as estate and letting agents in the local area. One such customer to which I attended was a letting agent for a shop who has a new tenant moving in. The previous tenant had lost the keys to the premises, meaning we needed to replace both the front door lock and the roller shutter that protected the building façade in the evening.

I fitted our best quality locks onto the shop in question and cut a key (plus a few all-important spares!) in time for the new tenant’s arrival.

2- The Hunt for a Rogue Locksmith

I recently took a call from a family who were not looking for locksmith services, but rather a ROGUE locksmith who had left their property’s security in a frightful state! The locksmith in question had turned up to their property in an unmarked car with a black bag filled with a few locks and the bare minimum of tools.

He had charged them over the odds for his services and by first accounts he hadn’t even fixed the lock problem they were concerned with! My initial thoughts were proved correct, as while my searching skills proved fairly useless in finding the offending locksmith in question, I was able to undertake a survey of the property and found that the locksmith had tackled the problem in completely the wrong way.
I visited the premises to find the door jammed shut and knew what the problem was immediately. I explained to the customer what needed to be done to refortify their property and we worked together to solve the problem swiftly.

If you feel that your locksmith hasn’t quite fixed your lock problem and would be keen for a second opinion from a highly trained lock professional in York, give me a call today!

3- Attempted Burglary

I received a call from a friend who had been the victim of an attempted burglary. Fortunately she heard the burglars and immediately turned on the lights in the house to spook them and get them away from the premises…which it did.

She rang and asked me to change the locks at the rear door once the finger print team had been.  I did as she asked and also carried out a small security survey as I noticed that some other locks were old and not to the current British Standard of security excellence. I advised her on the best locks to fit on her property and she decided that she wanted them both to be changed to save any problems with insurers, should they be burgled through one of those doors.

It also turned out that there had been 6 other targeted break-ins that night at properties with 4x4 in the drive. 

4- Warehouse Lock Change

I visited the premises of a business in Yorkshire to have a look at the locks in their warehouse, as the customer didn’t feel like they were up to scratch. I had a chat with her to gauge what she would like and she informed me that her business had recently suffered a break-in in the warehouse. Once they were in, the burglars had free reign on the rest of the premises - pilfering some very expensive stock from their shop!

Most of the locks were old and either didn’t work or they didn’t have the keys for them. I decided that if they had another break-in we would have locks on specific doors to try and pen them into a certain area and block routes to the rest of the premises including the shop.

I upgraded 4 mortice locks and also installed two new combination locks to stop anyone getting to the offices of the premises.

5- Lockforce Locksmith York to the rescue!

A lady rang me on behalf of her daughter, who was in the process of kicking her partner of her house. She was concerned about her daughter’s safety and wanted to enquire about changing the locks and making the property more secure in general.

She had some ideas about what she would like to be done and we arranged a time for me to visit once the partner had gone…though we had to make a snap rearrange on the day as the partner still hadn’t left and we thought that a locksmith turning up would aggravate the situation further!  I informed her that I would visit as soon as she was happy.

I eventually visited the premises and upgraded all the locks in the property. I also upgraded a mortice lock to British standard after advising her about the Upvc locks that Lockforce fit. She decided that as she wanted peace of mind, the Ultion lock was the best option for her mortice upgrade. An excellent choice!

The daughter and mother were both happy not only because the lock upgrades were covered by their insurance policy but also because now neither boyfriend nor burglar could enter the property!

6- Locksmith York Alarm Fitting

My fellow Lockforce technician, Carl, and I visited a property which had unfortunately been burgled the day before. Carl had already visited and secured the property and explained to the customer what other security measures he could have to keep himself and his partner safe. It was decided that he wanted to utilise the option of having a burglar alarm fitted. We visited the property and set to work fitting a new wireless alarm system for the customer. All went well and the customer was happy with his new alarm, which is now a massive deterrent to opportunist thieves. The point of entry for the burglary, we took particular care to attach sensors across all of his property’s windows. 

7. With the scourge of so called Locksmiths around at the moment i find myself fixing a lot of there work as its not up to standard. At Lockforce locksmith York we pride ourselves on completing every job to the highest standards. One such job recently was a customer who had phoned an emergency Locksmith to get him into his property after his mechanism on his Upvc door had failed. He got him in certainly but he also charged him a small fortune of parts that shouldn't have been needed. The customer then phones me a couple of days later as he couldn't lock his door.

I attended, fitted a lock that was the correct size and readjusted his door at a fraction of the cost the other company had charged.

8. At Lockforce Locksmith York i attend a lot of different types of jobs from lockouts to burglary repairs but one job i attended recently was a little different. I had to attend and fix the damage the police had done to a door to get into a property as they suspected the occupant had passed away. Unfortunately they were right and the grieving son and daughter called me to fix the damage. A very somber affair i must say as i fixed the lock and they started to go through the list of what they needed to do with his belongings and the house itself. i fixed the damage and upgraded the lock to insurance standards as quietly as i could so as not to interrupt them and then left leaving them to grieve without the distraction of a tradesman being there.

9. Been an Emergency Locksmith in York means just what it says, we are here to deal with your Emergency, we know the situation you in and know how to solve the issue almost immediately. However I recently had a customer that was in a blind panic, after a couple of questions i knew what the issue was and how to remedy it but no matter what I said to the customer she had it in her head that she would need a new door and couldn't afford it and was in a very stressed state. I arrived on scene and explained everything again to her and asked her kindly to trust me. I got to work and in a matter of minutes the door was open and I changed the mechanism on her door. The look of relief on her face when I showed her the fully functioning door  is exactly why we chose to be locksmiths. She couldn't thank me enough I stayed for a cuppa and a chat before I went of to my next customer.

10. Lockforce Locksmith York fit snap-safe locks for a good reason, and that because we know they work. I’ve recently been to a property that was unfortunately a victim of an attempted break in but the lock did its job and stopped the intruder in his/her tracks. Once they had snapped the handle and the lock came apart at its sacrificial point then they had no other option but to leave it and move on.

This is exactly what the locks are designed to do and why we recommend them as the minimum standard on your Upvc doors.

Call me today your local 24 hour Locksmith in York on 01904 599039

Lockforce Locksmith York Payment Options 

Lockforce Locksmith York accepts;Lockforce Locksmiths in York Payment options

  • All Major Credit and Debit Cards
  • Bank Transfer
  • BACS
  • PayPal Transactions
  • Contactless

Contact Lockforce Locksmith York

So if you have a lock problem, don’t delay in calling me today on 01904 599039.


Rang as my front door wouldn't lock. Came out quickly in the time he said. Was very helpful and friendly and efficiently solved the problem.


Anne Green

Reliable very happy with work also gave advice highly recommend and use again ??



Marta Gonzalez

Review posted on Mar 16, 2017

Excellence service and fast!!! I left my house keys inside my flat and I have to go to work. Simon came and sort it in less than an hour. I couldn't be more chuffed and a good price too. Thank you

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Marta Gonzalez, York

Heather Thompson – 5 star Excellent and very prompt service following a break in, came out Friday evening and secured our door, friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you


Heather Thompson

Lockforce Lockforce York Located at
York, North Yorkshire YO8

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Customer Reviews

Lockforce York is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 customer reviews.

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