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Many of our teams are continuing to carry out emergency and critical work under the current government guidelines. We appreciate your support, understanding and co-operation with regards to any restriction on our works. FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE. If you need our help please call.
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Lockforce Headingley is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 17 customer reviews.

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Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley are Checkatrade vetted, Trading Standards Approved with Check and Vetted and Police DBS cleared. We bring a wealth of knowledge, combined with an efficient, skilful technique and a dedication to our craft, we will endeavour to resolve your lock problem as soon as possible.

So whether you find yourself locked out, need a lock security upgrade…or even if you just require a new set of keys to be cut, we will greet you with the same professionalism and competitive prices characteristic of our service. Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley offer 24 hours Rapid Response Emergency call outs and we are only a phone call away to resolve your lock problem, repair a broken lock or window, gain entry if you find yourself locked out or maybe you just want Security advise or check your locks are Anti snap or that they meet the latest BS3621/2007 Insurance Standards.

Please take the time to check Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley out before you call us out, take a look at the latest reviews from Headingley residents we are listed on Checkatrade, Check and vetted, Facebook, Yell, Trust and Google...

Smart Lock by Ultion fitted by Lockforce

Yes its arrived the new Smart Lock by Ultion and Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley are a approved installer. Can you imagine you can now open your door just by walking up to the door and not pressing a button! Yes this is possible as the system can be set to open when your mobile is in a zone area of your choice. Key assist systems, one touch systems all can be applied. For more info or a free demo please call Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley on Leeds 0113 8876285

Helena Bonnici

If anyone else is as dipsy as me to lock themselves out then definitely phone these!! Very quick to attend and very reasonable price! Lifesaver!!
Facebook reviews

Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley 24 Hour Emergency Locksmiths

At Lockforce, we understand that locks (and indeed the keys that open them) can falter at the most inconvenient times for our customers. Indeed, over the years we’ve served customers who have become locked out of their homes perilously close to their holiday departure to others who have been burgled and needed new locks fitting as soon as possible.

While every customer case is different, at Lockforce you can rely on the same uniform ability of our technicians to rise to the challenge – part of which is making themselves available whatever time of day or night. 

So if you’re a Headingley resident in a lock emergency – Call Lockforce Locksmith Headingley for a Trusted Service, call call us today on 07843648471 for round the clock availability

Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley Student Discounts 10% Off 

Leeds city has a overwhelming student population that gets bigger every year and the majority of student accommodation is right here in Headingley. We have students from all walks of life and all corners of the world reside in wonderful Headingley. 

Since the much published Fires in Tower Blocks and Student accommodations in the UK, all student accommodation must adhere to strict fire regulations and one of those includes Thumbturn locks and night latch locks and almost all include some sort of self-closing fire door mechanism to the rooms.

This has to be a good thing for your safety and wellbeing however there are slight inconveniences, mainly when you pop out your room for a snack in the kitchen or fancy a shower only to realise as the door has automatically closed behind you that the key is inside your flat or in your jacket pocket!!!… After some time attempting to try and open your door usually with a coat hanger or credit card, I have even seen somebody try with a can of coke! the door remains locked.

That when Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley can help… we are currently offering a substantial discount of 10% OFF my 24 hour lock out costs for students in Headingley and nearby surrounding areas with a Nightlatch or Thumbturn problem. Check us out and read are reviews on Facebook and Checkatrade

Simply add “Locksmith Lockforce 07843 648471” into your phone for future reference and should you get caught out then I can be with you within a rapid service time at a hugely discounted rate…

I have lost count of the amount of students that have fallen foul to this unfortunate situation, so take full advantage of this opportunity, hopefully you’ll never need my services but better to have my number to hand rather than spend a fortune on the first Locksmith you call on Google.

Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley fit Police Approved Security Locks

No one can afford to be complacent when it comes to the security of their valuables (be that of property or indeed family members!). Especially given how easy it can be for a criminal to break the common standard of locks fitted to properties in Headingley in just 9 seconds by snapping locks to gain entry to your home. The Ultion lock by Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley is Police and Insurance Approved, 3 Star British Standards and Sold Secure by Design. We also provide all Ultion locks fitted by Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley with a £1000 Guarantee from Lock snapping and also each lock comes with a 10 year Manufacturing Warranty. Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley can also provide key fobs that can glow in the dark or even key fob trackers to locate your missing key.

Please click on the video below to see how quick and easy it is to break a standard euro lock and the difference compared to a Ultion lock fitted by Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley

So at Lockforce, we are equipped with the latest home security stock that is available on the market, to ensure that you receive the protection (that as a Lockforce customer) you deserve! Our locks are industry accredited and may help bring down the overall cost of your monthly insurance payments. We fit all insurance approved locks such as British Standard BS3621 and the latest Snap Locks such as the TS007 3 star British Standard Sold Secure Design locks.

We are Police DBS checked, always carry ID along with wearing our branded Uniform and logo Lockforce Locksmith Vans. 

Lockforce Locksmith Headingley carry over 10,000 lock parts so we always look to fix your lock problem in one visit! Call us today on 07843648471 for an initial quote

Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley Mobile Key Cutting Service

At Lockforce Headingley we know that when customers come to us to have their keys cut, one size does not fit all! So whether you simply need an extra door key cut or require an emergency set of house keys duplicated, you will find that we will provide a bespoke service that’s a cut above what you’re likely to experience at competing dealers.

Mobile key cutting Service at Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley a competitive pricing structure and practice that’s efficient yet thorough, call us today for all your key cutting needs on 07843648471

Lockforce are proud members of Checkatrade please feel free to click on our link above to read our reviews and view our photos. Dont take a risk on your home security avoid the Rogue Traders, call Lockforce for a professional trusted service

Recent work

Filing Cabinet Surprise -

Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley were called by a customer in Meanwood, Leeds when the key for a filling cabinet had gone missing for several months and the customer had even forgotten what was inside. Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley arrived and promptly opened the lock with a picking tool and opened the cabinet, what was inside you may ask, paper work?, cash, invoices, receipts?? No Chocolate Easter eggs!!  The customer was so happy she insisted we take one home

Bike Lock

-We were called to a customer in Headingley this evening 08/02/19 who had lost his Bike lock key and was unable to remove his Bike to get home. A call to Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley and we were soon at the scene, to remove this lock we do require proof of ownership and photo identification but that was all at hand. We picked open the lock so the customer could use the expensive lock again should the key turn up

CCTV Cameras and door viewer

Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley have been busy fitting extra security in Headingley this week. Many customers have seen the Door camera motion detectors on the TV and have called Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley for more information. The door bell cameras are a fantastic way to watch over your property from a smart phone or ipad and you can even remotely speak to the person who presses your door bell. Coverage of your front door 24 hours a day! Please call Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley today to book a free call out survey. 

Postbox Locks

We received a call on Saturday 23rd September where a Student had moved into a new flat but did not have keys for the postbox. A quick visit and in no time Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley had changed the cam lock to the postbox and presented 2 new keys to the new tenant with a rather lot of letters and postage!!!!

New Keys Cut

We find many Landlords only give you one key and you have to trial to a shop that will cut you a key only to get home to find it does not work or it will only work if you force the key in the lock and force to turn the lock. At Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley we offer a mobile key cutting service, we will come to you!. We can cut a key at your front door and test it before you purchase a new key saving you time, hassle and reassurance it works. Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley are a cut above the rest call us today

Student Fire Door Locks are you safe?

We received a call from a landlord in Headingley on Saturday 1st July 2017, he was getting ready for new students into his home that had 6 flats. He was concerned the current locks on the doors did not meet fire standards or were not safe in the event of a fire. The locks he had in place were 5 lever deadlocks which can only be opened with the use of a key from both sides. We recommended that a mortise euro lock be fitted with a thumb turn euro lock, this is were you use a key to open and unlock from the outside of the door but from the inside you use a thumb turn knob that you can quickly open the door in the event of a fire without the need for a key. If you are a Landlord or student and wish to learn more on fire safety and locks please call Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley

Key snapped in the lock

We received a call at 1am on the 24th June 2017 from a customer locked out of there own home in Headingley. The key had snapped in the lock and they were stranded outside. If your key snaps in the lock it is generally one of two reasons, firstly the key is a copied key and the key is made from very soft metal or the actual lock cylinder reached a part in the lock where it got stuck and then was forced breaking the key in the process.Normally it the second option as the multi point locking system has failed but in this case it was a just a cheap copied key that had snapped, so we extracted the key, picked the lock open and the lock was as good as new and cut some more keys using British Standard key blanks

Handbag snatch

We were called to change all the locks to a house in Headingley this week because her handbag had been snatched with all her keys and ID inside. This is now very common in places such as Costa Coffee and Starbucks to have gangs visit and snatch handbags so please be on your gaurd. All the locks were upgraded to the latest British Standard BS3621 insurance approved locks.

Burglary Lock Snapping

Burglary attended on Cardigan Road, Headingley.Thieves had gained entry by breaking the locks on the patio doors. This kind of attack is called "lock snapping" and is very common (see the video above) it can take less than 13 seconds to break into your home. The property is now secured with the latest TS007 British Standard 3 star Anti snap, Anti pick, Anti Bump and Anti drill Ultion Locks. This lock also has the sold secure diamond approval.

Locked out 

Student locked out of her flat - we helped a student who was locked out of her flat as she went outside to empty the rubbish the door slammed shut, locking her out of her flat. She called Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley and within 20 minutes we arrived and opened the door with our lock expertise causing no damage to the locks or doors.

British Insurance Standards are you covered?

We upgraded the locks to Meanwood customer today. He had recieved in the post his home insurance details and read the small print, which states locks must meet the British Standard Requirement of BS3621/2007. He called Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley and we explained and showed him the difference to a British Standard lock and non British Standard he was shocked he was not covered by his current locks. He is now safe in the knowledge his protected by his insurance but also from potential burgalry.

Shop Closed!!!

Shop Closed - We receieved a call from a very worried and panic shopkeeper this morning at 6am. The shop shutters were slammed shut and the key would not work! by 6.30am the shop was open for business and the shutter locks replaced. Morning Bacon butties on the go!

Leeds Rhinos and Lockforce

Whilst Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley are proud sponsors of the Leeds Rhinos we also attended a problem gate lock this week at the ground. The high security Digital lock had failed and would not open when entering the code. We used our Locksmith tools to bypass the lock system and open the gate.and replace with a new digital lock and new code. 

UPVC Multi Point Locking systems

We attended a locked out a customer with a Multi Point Locking system on their UPVC door this evening. The customer advised that the handle had become stiff to open and close and then it just went snap. This is very common and the internal parts in the lock have broken. We set about opening the door and changed the gearbox to the locking system. If your UPVC door is stiff please call Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley so we can service your lock before it fails saving you money, time and stress


We had a emergency Lockforce Locksmiths Headingley swiftly attended within 30 minutes of the call. Lock repaired and new keys cut. Excellent


MPI Law, Headingley

Excellent Service. Job was done within a few hours - great price - very good quality work. Would use again. Thanks Carl.


Jez Pritchatt

Job -  Customer locked out of there house, lost keys after dog walk, called Lockforce Headingley.

Mrs Mitchel left her review on our Checkatrade website which is vetted and checked, to view the full testimonial please click here 

Feedback Published: 2nd January 2018

Work done: 2nd January 2018


Mrs Mitchel, Headingley, Leeds

Locksmith Headingley - New Locks

From: Mr Blonder

“Carl provided a fantastic service. The price he quoted was the price he paid, which makes a change to other companies which estimated the same amount as Carl, but wanted to charge three times as much. Good standard of work, very polite and courteous and would definitely use again if needed. Recommended!”

Feedback Published: 7th November 2017

Work done: 5th November 2017

Original Review on Freeindex click here to view


Mr Blonder

New door locks, door and windows adjustments.

From: Mr Barnes

“Many thanks to Carl who visited us this afternoon to add some replacement locks to our doors. The job was done quickly, he explained options at the start. Talked us through our current strengths/weaknesses and even did some side jobs for us regarding door and windows alignment. Fantastic guy would certainly use again and recommend to others in the future.”

Feedback Published: 25th September 2017

Work done: 24th September June 2017

Original Review on Checkatrade click here to view


Mr Barnes

Locked out of house broken upvc door

From: Lee Hardy

“Last night at around 9pm my locks broke to my front door, I called Carl at Lockforce who said he would be with me in 15 minutes to help. True to his word he arrived, gained entry and fitted an emergancy lock for me as we agreed it was too late to fit a full new mechanism. Long story short, a brilliant, brilliant service and will certainly be using and reccomending again! Thank you!

Feedback Published: 26th September 2017

Work done: 25th September June 2017

Original Review on Facebook click here to view


Lee Hardy

Locks upgraded to Anti Snap

From: Mr Ian Garret

Wanted my locks upgrading following a burglary to my neighbours. Called Lockforce who were very helpful on the phone and explained what anti snap locks did and gave me some prices. I arranged for Carl to call that day and he fitted a high security lock. Very pleased with service and price Thank you

Feedback Published: 21st March 2017

Work done: 21st March 2017

Original Review on Freeindex click here to view


Mr Ian Garrett Headingley

Broken lock.

“I thought would need a new lock and I would have not known any different but Carl was honest and told me he could fix it for me at minimal cost very polite efficient honest and on time would recommend.”

Review left on Tuesday 14/3/17 via Checkatrade. To view full company profile and all reviews on Checkatrade please click here 


Miss Barnes, Meanwood, Leeds

New door locks.

“Excellent job, highly recommended.”

Review left on 27/12/16 on Checkatrader website. Too see the full Checkatrade review please click here


Mrs Todd, Meanwood Leeds

Replaced lock on internal garage door.

“Immediate response speedy work.” Review left on 29/7/2016. To see original review left on Checkatrade click here


Mr Bradley, Headingley, Leeds

Fixed new locks on two doors.

“100% happy with the work carried out.”

Review posted on 19/7/2016 on Checkatrade click here to see


Mr Hutton, Headingley, Leeds

Lock sticking.

“Absolutely fantastic service. My door was stuck shut but Carl opened it 10 seconds. Great price too.”

Review posted 15/7/2016 on Checkatrader. Click here to see 


Mr Batty, Meanwood, Leeds LS6

Phil Weller  5 starFantastic service. Carl turned up in great time, knew what the issue was straight away and cracked on. No problems at all, and very reasonably priced. He ended up down the road at a neighbour's house after my call-out, so he did quite well this morning :) 
Would highly recommend - they stand out in the world of locksmiths!


Phil Weller, Leeds

Katharine Hartley  5 starSuper service! Speedy, efficient, professional and friendly. Thanks so much!


Katherine Hartley, Meanwood, Leeds

Tehmina Khan  5 starexcellent and fast service wud defo recommed to family n friends


Tehmina Khan, West Park, Leeds

Terry Hemingway  5 star

after ringing round four other large locksmith companys three of which did not answer both contact numbers despite claiming to answer any call im sure most people in my pradicament have had the same experince i phoned lockforce and carl answered straight away i explained my problem carl had a good idea straight away what was wrong with the lock on my door carl said he would be with me within the hour 40 minutes later carl arrived with a professional look and a smile on his face . at first i was cautious due to a larger locksmith company giving me a really expensive quote carl put my mind to rest by giving me a quote straight away and a quote that was a fraction of the price the larger company gave me . my day instantly got better straight away haha .. carl got to work straight away and gave some brilliant advice about the old lock and the new lock ... i think some of the larger companys should take a leaf out of lockforce's book rather than capitalising on the domestic area lockforce are the best locksmiths that i have encountered and before becoming a carer after my wife passed away i was a security officer and delt with quit a few locksmith companys

all in all .. professional / friendly / fare price rates / and they sponsor the leeds rhinos ... you cant go wrong with this company i will definatly be recomending this company to friends . Terry Hemingway

Terry Hemingway

Kirstie Watson  5 starCarl from Lockforce is a good guy. He was able to call the same day and as well as fitting a brand new external door lock was also able to give us loads of security advice too. Thanks for doing a great job.


Kirstie Watson, Headingley, Leeds

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Customer Reviews

Lockforce Headingley is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 17 customer reviews.

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