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Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield provides expert, highly professional 24 hour locksmith service for the local community.

I am available around the clock to cater to your planned & emergency security needs. Fully trained, and using the only the best-quality locks and stock I can source on the consumer market. When you need a reliable 24/7 emergency locksmith in Wakefield, I’m your number one Locksmith to call! 

What's more, as I'm local to Wakefield I can be at the scene of your emergency call out as soon as possible within quick timeframes. Whatever your Lockmith enquiry i am eager to provide my expertise.

Please take a look below at a few of the Locksmith services that I provide for homes and businesses...

  • Mobile Key Cutting 
  • Non-destructive entry
  • Lock Repairs and Security Upgrades, includng the fitting of 
  • uPVC door and window locks
  • Anti-Snap locks
  • Mortice Locks
  • Sashjammers 

All my work is guaranteed for a year and I'm public liability insured for up to £5 million, for your own peace of mind. 

Wakefield 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

Opening Hours at Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield: There aren’t any…I’m open all hours! That’s right, at Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield, I recognise my customers are often in need of a reliable accredited Locksmith at unsocial hours so I run my business around the clock to ensure that when you encounter a Locksmith Emergency I’m on hand to answer your call! What’s more I can guarantee that when you call my 24 hour phoneline you will be straight through to my mobile. So instead of wasting your precious time in a call centre (which in many cases I’ve found close their phone-lines come 5pm!), you’ll have access to a real Locksmith professional who can deal with your problem with your home or business in real time. 

Lock Security From a Locksmiths in Wakefield: Lock Security Experts

Ask yourself…when was the last time you checked whether you had the correct type of locks fitted to your front door? It may be little surprise to you that the type of locks fitted to your front door will go a long way in determining your likelihood of falling victim to burglary. However, despite this logic, many of us still have the wrong types of locks fitted to our front door, meaning we’re unsuspectingly exposing ourselves to a break-in!

This becomes especially important given the rise in a break-in technique known as lock snapping that crime watchdogs have been reporting across the UK. Taking advantage of an inherent weakness in the euro-cylinder lock present in many upvc doors, a criminal can snap your front door handle, break and manipulate the lock before entering your home or business premises in as little as 13 seconds! 

So if you suspect that you may have the wrong type of lock fitted to your front door, give me a call today. I can conduct a thorough review of your home security and where necessary suggest a security upgrade to better fortify your home against burglary.

What’s more, I understand that when it comes to something as important as your security arrangements for your family & valuables, you’re looking for a technician in whom you can trust. So when you call me, Your Local Locksmith at Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your technician will come to your door in fully-branded Lockforce uniform, complete with an ID card, police DBS check and the quality assurances that comes with the Lockforce Locksmith brand I represent. 

Keen to know what locks I Supply and Fit?

At Lockforce 24 hour Locksmith Wakefield, I supply only high-quality locks, sourced from a small group of carefully selected suppliers, in whose products I can be confident will deliver locks of unparalleled security excellence to my customers. One such supplier is called Brisant Secure, whose catalogue of excellent locks and security devices have started to help enhance the security of homeowners across Wakefield. Take a look at how their BS locks help protect against lock snapping, a break-in technique increasingly used by locksmiths up and down the UK. 

The Ultion TS007: Fitted by Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield

Ladies and Gentlemen of Wakefield…I’m now taking orders for the Ultion, the undisputed pinnacle of lock security excellence currently available on the home security market. Operating off a whopping 11 pins (a usual lock has between 3-6), the Ultion has an astonishing 264,000 lock combinations which work the befuddle even the most advanced of criminal lock pickers.

What’s more, the Ultion has sustained rigorous testing by the Master Locksmith Association, which ranged from attempts to snap the lock, damage its structure and batter the materials around the lock itself. However, the Ultion prevailed, scoring a perfect 3 star diamond status by the MLA.  

The locks pins works against attack from a multitude of different break in techniques including…

  • ·         Lock Picking
  • ·         Lock Drilling
  • ·         Lock Bumping
  • ·         And not to mention the technique of Lock Snapping protection….

Locks and Home Insurance...are you covered?

As mentioned, it’s imperative to have the right type of locks fitted onto your property…but not just because it can protect you against break in. The fine print of many home insurance policies also take note of the locks fitted to your doors, and some will dictate that homeowner claims after a burglary will only be honoured if locks accredited to British Standards of Security were fitted on the broken doors. You can look out for the British Standards accreditation in the form of a kitemark which should be embossed on your lock. If you can’t see this, or worry your locks may not meet the standards set by the British Standards Institute, give me a call today and I’ll conduct a thorough review of your locks, upgrading them where appropriate.

Trusted 24 hour locksmiths in Wakefield

Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield is a trusted Locksmith and we provide a high level of customer service to both domestic and commercial customers.

We publish all our reviews with links to the original review so you the customer can see the original review and whom left it. We have public liability cover (insurance) to the sum of £5 million giving you reassurance should the worst happen. We also have a Police DBS check for a locksmith and carry ID. If you ask your locksmith he will happily provide this for you as should all reputable locksmiths. Lockforce locksmith Wakefield carry an electrical copy of these documents and ID at all time for you to see. 

We also wear uniform and drive a sign written van, so you the customer know who we are from the moment we pull up at your business or home. Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield is happy to share and show you our qualifications upon request so you the customer know you’re getting a genuine qualified locksmith. 

We work a lot of the time with customers whom have been subject to crime or high levels of stress so these in turn can reassure you your locksmith is up to the highest and trusted standard.

What Lock Do I Have? Lock Identification - A few Tips...

Do you know what sort of lock you have fitted on your front door? If you have a problem with your locks, knowing exactly what sort of lock is fitted can be very useful, saving valuable time which can be used to help you solve your lock problem for good! So for a quick guide on the most common locks to be fitted onto people's households, look no further than my quick lock guide below...

Euro Cylinder

The euro cylinder is the the most common lock found in Upvc doors and is easily identifiable by its shape. As a rule of thumb with euro-cylinders, the older the lock the more likely it is to be targeted - as it is easily snapped and increases in fragility with age. However, with new Anti-snap locks it is a lot harder for the burglar to get past! Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield stock all sizes of this lock.

The Rim Cylinder:

The rim cylinder is the most common lock used to operate a night latch, most customers will refer to this as a Yale lock but this infact the name of one brand there are also many manufacturers including the new Ultion Rim Cylinder. Your Local Locksmith your local locksmith can gain entry and replace these locks for you day or night

The Mortice Lock

The mortice lock is the most common locks found in older wooden doors, including sheds. Like the rim cylinder, a mortice lock can come from many different manufactures but is easy to identify. Generally you have to look into the door to see the keyway. Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield fit these locks to british standard, (required for home insurance)

Beware Of Scam Locksmiths.

With the growing number of so called Locksmith companies popping up recently a word of warning to keep in mind. These companies are not actually Locksmiths they are sublet companies that will take your call and give you a quote for work but then have to search for someone to come to your property to carry out work. The people they send tend not to be actual locksmiths with no formal training and will more often than not leave you with a bill considerably more than originally quoted. Use caution when searching for a locksmith and always get an invoice for the work done as if there’s a problem with the work later then you the customer will need a way to get the company back out to rectify the work to a standard that befits the amount  of your hard earned money you've spent on it.

Lock Repair Locksmith Service in Wakefield

When you’re locks are broken, don’t be tempted to head to a jack-of-all-trades who may botch the job! Instead call me at Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield. I’m highly skilled and will be able to respond to every repair challenge with which your locks may present. My locksmith craft is second to none! With affordable prices and expert service call me today at Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield…I’ll even throw in some free lock maintenance tips to reduce the chance of you calling me out again!

Wakefield Lock Expert Home Security Survey 

Are you concerned about the security of your locks in Wakefield? If so then why not book a home security survey from a real expert in lock security in Wakefield. On calling me, Your Local Locksmith, I will carry out a thorough inspection of your property's locks and light security devices, identifying any potential faults in the system and making sure that any weaknesses are swiftly addressed. What's more, I realise that it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to book in a security survey...especially when there doesn't appear to be an emergency lock problem at hand that needs fixing - such as a broken lock or a lock out scenario. So that's why I am prepared to work around your schedule, having slots available in the evenings and at weekends to ensure that you can take advantage of my expert home security surveys in Wakefeld when convenient for you

Not Just Locks...

At Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield, I’m not just about fitting and repair locks…for indeed I can provide a whole host of security-related services for the protection of your home or business. From sash-jammer and night-latch fittings, to the fitting of CCTV and security grilles, you need not call any further than me Your Local Locksmith at Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield for all your property security needs! I use quality materials from a select group of suppliers authorised by the brand under which I trade, and I’m insured to cover all light security works - so you can rest easy in the knowledge that you have the best man for the job. I also can board windows...more information for which you can read below...

Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield Window Lock Solutions

While many people will be working to ensure that there door locks are up to the mark, we often fail to neglect the wellbeing of our window locks. But when as much as a third of all break ins can occur through entries such as windows where excessive force is not needed, it certainly pays to make sure your windows are fully protected! Fortunately, at Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield I am highly skilled to deliver a first class window locksmith service in Wakefield. With assured stock from reputable suppliers, and professional credence you’d expect from a leading locksmith company, call me today for all your window lock repair and emergency window lock service needs.

Summer Lock Maintenance: Stiff Deadlock Issues

At Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield, I’ve noticed that an increasing amount of houses I visit have burdened with a stiff or failing deadlock. Having functioned perfectly fine several months before, a lot of my customers tend to put their faulty locks down to the age or general wear & tear of the lock. However, when some of my clients started to complain their affected deadlocks were relatively new, I knew something was up! I quickly realised that the real culprit in the deadlock damage wasn’t the age of the locks, but rather the recent heatwave under which pressure the locks were beginning to change. Indeed, ‘summer swelling’ is a big problem this time of year for locks in Wakefield and West Yorkshire. If you have a wood door, heighted heat and humidity can cause the door to swell in its frame. As the components of a lock need to remain in perfect alignment to sync into place and ultimately work, the slightest alteration in door shape can throw off the precision a lock needs.  So if you’ve experienced a sudden stop the regular working of your deadlock, it could be a case of summer swelling. I can remedy this by re-aligning the lock so it sits in its right position relative to the door. For more information on how I can help or for more advice on lock maintenance during the summer months, don’t hesitate to call me today. 

A Helping Hand...

When repairing window locks, the need to lift the window frame to access and replace the MPL lock that’s enclosed within, often means two technicians are needed to carry out the job safely. While some less scrupulous locksmiths will bring an unqualified (and uninsured!) friend to assist with the heavy lifting, when using my window locksmith services in Wakefield, you can always rest assured that I can call on my fellow Lockforce Locksmith network members in Yorkshire area (all of whom are trained and public liability insured to the tune of £5million). Moreover, I will always charge per job rather than per technician, meaning you will always get a fair and just price for my locksmith services in Wakefield. 

Wakefield Emergency Window Boarding Service

So the unthinkable has happened…you’ve been broken into. Your door locks have been broken and importantly a window smashed to gain entry into your property! Traditionally you would have the worry and expense of calling out both a locksmith and a specialist window boarder to refortify your home against further attack. However, when calling me at Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield, you can rest easy in the knowledge that I can provide both services at once! I am highly trained to both upgrade your locks and board up any unsightly damage to windows or doors, while you wait your home insurance survey and the greenlight to fit new frames. I provide an excellent window boarding service to both homes and commercial properties, so for more information don’t delay in calling me at Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield today..

Wakefield Locksmiths - who can you trust?

Ask yourself…what does a locksmith wear? Is he easily identifiable? Probably not. While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with this lack of uniform association, you can quickly find yourself in bother if you unwittingly invite a technician into your home without knowing who they really are. Do you really want a stranger tinkering with the locks that protect you and your family from harm? Fortunately, when you call me at Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield, I will greet you wearing the easily-recognisable Lockforce Locksmith uniform, driving a liveried van and carry company ID so you can be assured that you can trust me with your lock security. And if any issues arise that I can’t deal with, you can always speak directly with a member of my head office support team. So to experience an excellent service from a reputable brand, call me Your Local Locksmith at Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield today...

The James Bond/Jason Bourne myth.

We have all seen countless movies and no doubt a lot of them we’ve seen one of the character’s that just has to look at at lock and it opens. It is unfortunately all a myth and a lot of poet licence. Ive attended a lot of customers that are shocked at the ease and speed that we gain entry into here property. The reason for this and how every other locksmith is able to gain entry quickly is because we have spent a lot of money on the correct tools and training to be able to do so. Please don’t be under the illusion that its as easy as they make it look, trust me its not and don’t recommend trying to do it yourself. Ive had to go to a lot of properties when i friend or a friendly neighbour has attempted to do something we have trained for and almost always ends up with a call to a locksmith.

Ways to Pay

At Lockforce Locksmith’s we know how stressful being Locked out is and to make matters worse you either haven't got the cash to hand to pay for our service (often it is inside the property that your locked out from). At Lockforce there’s no need to worry about cash, we carry and up to date card reader so can take payment form debit/credit cards once we get you back into your property and reunite you with your belongings. We also accept bank transfers, cheques to make things even easier and stress free in your Emergency.

Recent Jobs

Job 1: Snapped Key in Door

Problem: I had an emergency call from a customer at the KFC Westgate Retail Park. The key had been snapped off in the lock and the customer requested my services to either extract the key or fit a new lock. The customer tried to get the key out himself but couldn’t turn the key to the correct position to be able to extract the lock from the mechanism and the metal window frame of the drive-thru window. He had every screw out of the lock and mechanism that he could see!

Solution: after inspecting the lock, I extracted the key quickly and checked for its serviceability. The lock was fine and working. What’s more, the customer had a key so I refitted the lock and put everything back together – making sure it all worked correctly. The staff were finally able to go home after what was probably a very long shift at work.

Job 2: Window MPL Lock Replacement 

I was recently out on a job with a fellow Lockforce Locksmith technician who had been called by a customer whose MPL unit in the window was broken on one side. This meant the window was only locked by a mushroom and deadbolt. The only way to get it one was to gain as much leverage as possible so I could see the faulty side of the unit and then manually move the mushroom into the unlocked position, which would also release the deadbolt. Once we had managed to get the window open (which was no easy task to do!) I then had to take the window out of the frame. This combined need for locksmith craft and heavy lifting meant that two people were definitely needed for safety.

 We got the window out and changed the MPL unit and then tested it for functionality before refitting the window which again is a two man job for safety reasons. Following one last function test, the job was complete. We then left the home of a happy customer, who could now open the bedroom window - which was absolutely essential as the summer approaches!

Job 3: New Mortice Deadbolt Fitted

Again I was accompanying a fellow Lockforce Locksmith technician in West Yorkshire to follow up on a routine security query.

The customer only had a night latch on the door and for extra safety wanted a deadbolt fitted as they had a lot of expensive items in the house, about whose protection they were quite rightly worried!

We got the lock in the door without any problems but as it was an old house, fitting the rebate was trickier and we took a little bit longer than usual (in my opinion, providing a comprehensive, over-and-above service is much more important than running the risk of botching a job under time pressure!). However we soon got it all sorted and fitted correctly, making sure everything worked properly – and we left the homeowner with much greater sense of security.

Job 4: Letting Agent

I received a call from a letting agent whose tenant had snapped their key in their lock. I quickly attended the premises to extract the key but unfortunately I wasn't able to do so. There was no option other than to replace the lock entirely. As it wasn't an anti-snap variety, I snapped the budget lock in a matter of seconds. 

I tested the lock with the door open and all was fine but when the door was closed, it continued not to work - as the mechanism wouldn't engage properly.

I then spent the next hour trying to realign the door properly. However, when the customer informed me the had received a bent key when they moved in, it became clear that there has been an ongoing issue with the door been out of alignent.

I finally managed to get the door to align properly, after which the door worked fine. Another happy tenant! 

Job 5: Digital Locks

We received an email from a customer who had just moved in to a property and wanted all his locks upgrading to a more secure variety of lock. He also was keen to explore the digital lock options we at Lockforce Locksmith wakefield could also have provided him. 

We changed 2 euro cylinders to anti snap and 2 mortice locks to British standard variety. We also fitted an extra night latch to his front door so he doubled up on the security at the front of his house.

The customer also had an external studio that he wanted extra security to protect and he requested a digital lock to be fitted. We fitted the lock with the default code but the customer could have chosen the code to suit himself - perhaps, for example, to a number he would easily remember. It was a long job taking a number of hours but the customer was happy with the level of security he had on his new premises.

Job 6: Cutting a Mortice Deadbolt

Last week, I was called to a property to fit a mortice lock onto a property. Mortice locks are one of the more secure varieties of locks that can be fitted onto domestic properties, on account that the lock is installed into the cavity of the door recess – as opposed to having the lock fitted behind the UPVC handle. To ensure that lock functioned properly I fitted the deadbolt with absolute precision, aligning the deadbolt to the other lock components in the mortice. If you've ordered a wooden door and need a mortice cut, or feel your mortice lock needs some TLC repair, call me today. 

Job 7: Stock Enquiry

While not a recent job, I thought I would nonetheless mentioned a call I received the over day from a concerned member of the public. I was approached by a local Wakefield resident who was enquiring about the Brisant locks I have been fitting onto people’s homes. He was keen to purchase some of these locks himself but couldn’t find them in his local hardware store. I responded that these locks are unfortunately only available to purchase via certified manufactures (such as Brisant) which are used by accredited locksmiths such as myself.

Brisant has a great range of leading anti-snap locks, which can make all the difference to your security when put in your home (!!) however they’re not available in stores. So for a lock that’s a cut above, call me today to book a fitting. 

Job 8: Patio Break-In & The Missing Dog

The call came from a customer that had returned home on a Friday afternoon to find that her rear patio door had been smashed and that she had been burgled. The thieves had chosen the window as the easiest point of entry because the key was in the lock –  indeed all they had to do was turn it and they were in!

Looking at the lock from a professional point of view is was clear that it was a budget lock that would have been susceptible to attack. It would have been child’s play for a competent burglar to gain entry.

Unfortunately for the customer, when they were in the house they also let their dog out. As the dog was the only item that was not insured they were naturally concerned for its wellbeing. Luckily it was found safe and well. I boarded up the door as a temporary measure until the insurance company came to do their survey and a new door was fitted for them.

Job 9: Wakefield Rogue Locksmith - Beware!

I recently attended a call from a local resident, who had previously had another locksmith around to his property on two occasions. Yet despite these two visits, the problem with his locks continued to persist. What’s more, the customer went as far as to say that they did not want the previous locksmith back at the property again, as he was actually a bit strange and creepy! He had also demanded a call out fee the last time he visited – and given he had failed to fix the problem, this gesture was hardly welcome by the customer.

During my visit the customer was continuing to relay her concerns about the previous locksmith that had come out to her property and it soon transpired that the locksmith uncannily matched a description of another rogue locksmith - given by a previous customer of mine. He appears to be particularly active at the moment in the Wakefield area, so if you have concerns that you may be dealing with a ‘cowboy locksmith’, don’t hesitate calling me today at Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield for a second opinion!

I spoke to the customer to find out what the problem was to begin with and set about working out what he had done so I could then work out how to fix the issue. The customer was extremely pleased that I had fixed the problem and not charged her a small fortune (like the other locksmith had attempted!). I made sure the door was working correctly before I left.

Job 10: Child Locked in Bathroom

I received a call from a panic-stricken customer, whose daughter was locked in her bedroom. They had phoned a couple of different locksmiths but none of them could get there fast enough as she wanted her daughter out of her bedroom ASAP.

I was there with 15 minutes and set to work on releasing her daughter from her room. I was expecting a lot of screaming and crying from the daughter but she was as good as gold and never made a peep - she just got on with her homework and let me do what I needed to do to get her out. The lock had failed completely so I was confident I could get the door open quickly. Five minutes later the door was open and then little girl was free. I left the property with a very thankful and relieved mother.

Job 11: Broken Locks on the Office Toilets

I received an email from a repeat customer who was having problems with locks on their bathroom doors. Numerous members of staff had fallen victim to the dodgy locks and they were worried that it would eventually lead to a customer being the unlucky one to get trapped.

I visited the property and fitted all new locks so there would be no risk of another bathroom lock-in occurring

Job 12: Door Closers

I recently attended a job where the customer had encountered a problem with her door closers. Door closers are mechanical devices sometimes found at the top of doors that help them to close properly. They can be automated or manual, and are often installed to reduce the resistance people such as the elderly or infirm encounter when they try to close their doors. They can also help to close doors slowly to reduce noise. The customer in question was a hotel whose doors were not performing this latter function.  As a consequence, doors were beginning to slam and wake up their guests! After I listened to the customer’s problem and surveyed the scene, I managed to replace some of the door closers and readjust the others to ensure they didn’t make a sound.

Door Closer In Home 

Job 13 - As a emergency Locksmith in Wakefield the majority of emergencies we get called out to are burglaries or Lockouts. However i have recently been called to a number of jobs at hospitals that are most definitely Emergencies that could leave patients not getting the life saving drugs that they rely on. 

With hospitals such big and busy places it is inevitable that keys will be lost. unfortunately the jobs i have been to have been keys lost to cupboards that keep the patients drugs. With entry gained to the drugs and knowing the patients will get what they need then i was left with a great sense of achievement.

 Job 14 -   Been an emergency locksmith in Wakefield makes this job very interesting and varied. recently however I've been called to numerous times to come and rectify problems that other so called locksmiths have left the customer with. Nearly all of the customers have been left with substandard work or the actual issue been fixed and with no invoice for the work are left with no contact numbers and have to call another locksmith.

Been a fully trained emergency Locksmith in Wakefield you can rest assured that the work you wish to be carried out will be of the highest standard and also an invoice provided so if there is an issue or you would like more Locksmith work carried out you have a number to call.

Job 15 - I may not be a religious person myself but i do have great admiration for the work that church’s do. recently i had a first hand glimpse of what they do do help there local community. I was recently asked to visit a church and fit a new lock and upgrade the current locking system. not only does the church open to let the homeless of Wakefield have a nice pleasant place to sleep on the cold winter night they also upgraded the security so the women would have peace of mind knowing the room they were going to sleep in would be locked and they would be safe.

Job 16  - At Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield we take pride in being trained fully to deal with any job that is put in front of us but recently theres a lot of maintenance men etc the are doing jobs that only a locksmith should do. The Non-Locksmith will get the door open but a lot of the damage is  irreparable, I’ve attended are  recently where customers have accepted the cheapest quote but then the damage thats done would cost far more to fix than it would have been to get a fully trained locksmith to do. From people using a holes to open a mortice lock to drilling 6 holes through a Upvc  door to get the failed gearbox open. Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield will never damage your door and the drill is the last option but as the old saying goes you get what you pay for…

Job 17 - Not a particular job but we have just had our first Facebook group UK Locksmiths meeting and i must say it was a very enjoyable and successful day. Its always good to meet fellow Locksmiths. As with a lot of Jobs its impossible to know everything and theres always little things that some will struggle with and some will find easier the others so it was good to learn from each other and hopefully everyone attended took something away from it. The meeting was held in Wakefield and set up by another  Emergency Locksmith in Wakefield so a big thanks to him and to everyone else that travelled from all over the country.

Hopefully everyone took something away from it and i look forward to the next one.

Job 18 - I’ve recently attended a number of different jobs that have all been the same issue. Customers have moved into a new house  and have noticed problems with there locks etc. Having spoke to the customers a common theme seemed to appear, none of them had physically checked the doors themselves before agreeing to move in. Previous occupants will know the little knack for opening or locking there doors but the new occupants don’t so end having to phone and Emergency Locksmith to come and fix the issue. I cant stress enough the importance of checking the doors and Locks yourself before moving in so any faults can be rectified before an Emergency call to the Locksmith is needed.

As mentioned previously i recommend changing your Locks immediately upon moving in. You have no idea how many keys to your locks there are and who has them. why risk the security of the home and the belonging that you have worked hard for.

Job 19 - I recently had to attend a customer who had mistakenly left there keys in the door for not more than a few minutes. Unfortunately it only took those few minutes for them to be stolen and at risk of whoever had them coming back at a later time and simply letting themselves into the property decided to call Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield. Entry had to be gained and all the Locks on two properties needed to be changed.

A very unfortunate job but just goes to show how quick people will be to take something that doesn't belong to them and potentially come back to take peoples belongings out of the house.

Job 20 — At Lockforce Locksmith Wakefield we often get called out to break in’s or attempted break in’s and recently we have been to a few where the Snap-Safe lock that had been installed has done its job correctly and stopped the intruder from getting in. That is why we only fit snap-safe locks and recommend this as a minimum level of security on your Upvc door.

Unfortunately there will be some damage when they attempt to get in but a small bit of damage in my eyes is a lot better than coming home to find all your belongings gone.

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