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Whether you’re locked out of your home, in need of a lock repair following a break in or looking to replace your locks to a stronger model, then don’t hesitate in giving me a call today – I’m available 24/7!

Here’s a snapshot of some of the services I can provide…

  • ·         Lock Out Solutions
  • ·         Post break-in repairs
  • ·         Sash Lock & Window Grille Fittings
  • ·         Upvc locks
  • ·         Mortice Lock Work
  • ·         Anti-snap lock upgrades
  • ·         Lock repairs

As standard, my service also includes

  • No call out fee
  • a 1 year quality workmanship guarantee
  • and I'm Public Liability insured to the tune of £5million and Police DBS checked. So if you're in need of a locksmith in Huddersfield or the surrounding area, don't hesitate to give me a call today.

Huddersfield Lock Out Solutions

Like death and taxes, the late night lock-out is something which most of us can expect at some point in our lives…and I’ll admit…lock outs are rarely convenient! However, when you call me at Lockforce Locksmith Huddersfield, I can make the process as painless as possible, getting you back into your property as soon as possible. Because I live locally, I can get out to you within 30minutes of your emergency call out. Moreover, unlike other providers, I can guarantee that when you call the hotline below, you will call through directly to me – a trained locksmith technician – rather than a call centre that will hang up the phone come 6pm!

Investing in non-destructive techniques to enter your property and with full security credentials,  when calling me you can feel assured that your contracting the emergency service of a true lock professional. 

Call Lockforce Locksmith Huddersfield today

UPVC Locks?

They may be new and glossy, but those Upvc doors that front your home (and pretty much 80% of residential builds in your neighbourhood) may not have the right level of protection you think…This is because the criminal phenomena that is lock-snapping is on the rise! Named because of how the lock can broken by snapping a fault-line within the lock cylinder, even the most amateur of criminals can break into your property using a few commonplace household tools.  

Indeed, lock-snapping is an inherent weakness in lock design that only a lock upgrade to a fully-fledged anti-snap can fix. Fortunately, at Lockforce Locksmith Huddersfield, I stock only the best quality anti-snaps that will better protect your property from intruders and offer a 1 year guarantee on their quality!

Why not take a look at the vimeo, below to see a before-and-after depiction of an anti-snap lock protection. 

Call Lockforce Locksmith Huddersfield today 

New Product Launch: The TS007!

Locks like these don’t come onto the consumer market everyday! Comprised of 11 pins and the capacity for an astonishing 64,000 combinations, the TS007 truly is the king of locks! Having undergone strenuous testing by the Master Locksmith Association to achieve its 3star accolade for security excellence, the TS007 offers some of the best protection to Huddersfield’s homeowners from the threat of burglary. Look at the following vimeo to see it in action!

If you’re a discerning homeowner, why not give me a call and book your TS007 fitting today.  Call now

Huddersfield Locksmiths: 24/7 Rapid Response

I pride myself on being able to provide a service that is not only comprehensive in its delivery, but also swift in response! Living locally to your area, I can reach my customers within 30minutes of their original call out - whatever time of day or night that might be! With all calls feeding directly to my phone, you can contact me around the clock! So if in your in need of a locksmith solution FAST, then call me today. Alternatively, why not save my number in your phone for safe-keeping...you never know when you might need me!

Contact Lockforce Locksmith Huddersfield today 

Huddersfield Lock Security Experts

Ever walked all the way up to the high-street key cutters, only to come home to realise that spare key doesn't quite fit the lock! It's an infuriating scenario, and one which can be 100% avoided by using my mobile key cutting service in Huddersfield. I'm equipped with the latest key cut technology to duplicate your keys on site, meaning if you're having locks fitted, changed or upgraded I can cut you new sets of keys for these locks in real time! 

For more information on my expert mobile key cutting service, call me today 

Lock Identification

to make things a little easier for you and so that you can easily identify what kind of lock you have your door, this not only makes it easy for you but also makes it easy for me to ID your lock and will be able to give you a more accurate quote when you call. These are just the more common lock that you will generally come across and are likely to have one or more fitted to you door.

The euro cylinder.

The most common Lock we as professional Locksmiths come across. If you have a UPVC door then you will generally have one of these fitted. Its an easy lock to identify and we can give you an accurate quote for any upgrades, lockouts etc. We carry a large stock of Anti-Snap euro cylinders in most sizes so can generally fix your problem in one visit. 

The mortice Lock.

Still a very common lock thought the Uk, the mortice Lock is found on wooden doors and is commonly referred to as a Chubb lock. Again an easy lock to identify by looking  on the inside of the door and will have a longer key. These locks can be fitted on internal door and external with insurance companies stating they require a British standard 5 lever lock to cover your insurance. 

The night-latch

The night-latch commonly referred to as a Yale lock as these were the main supplier and manufacturer of these kind go long for long time. There are many manufacturers of these locks now and will generally be stamped with there logo on the unit on the back of the door. The from of the door and the part that you put your key into is known as a Rim Cylinder and will normally be the same brand as the locking unit. As the are two separate parts if your require the cylinder to be changed for example if love lost our keys etc then only that part will need to be changed and not the whole thing. Found on wooden doors as a backup to a mortice lock these kind of locks are very common on older doors.

Leave it to the professionals.

There is  a lot of joy that we as professionals make look easy and we could do with our eyes closed and yes there probably is but the reason for that is we are highly trained Locksmiths that when we are not on site with a customer then we are practicing. I can assure you its not as easy as your think and the recent surge in Youtube videos or handy men masquerading as locksmiths are giving real Locksmiths a bad name so next time you have an issue or are looking for work to be carried out then please give a Locksmith a call and find one that gives you a suitable price that your happy with as if you get a local handy man to do it it may cost you a lot more in the long run.

Anti-Snap as Standard.

At Lockforce Locksmith Huddersfield we don’t use cheap nasty cylinders in your doors. We only fit  Anti-Snap locks of a good quality and that for 2 reasons. The first is that we trust the Locks that we fit, I personally couldn't fit a lock to protect your property and not actually think that it is gonna do the job we expect it to. We know the dangers of lock snapping and see it countless times so we spent bit of time to do our research and found lock that will deliver the protection we expect from it and also that not going to put a giant dent in your bank account. 

The second reason is if i came and fitted a standard cheap cylinder and then two weeks later you were either locked out because the lock had failed or even worse you had been broken into then i’m pretty sure i know who one of the first people you would ring would be and that would be me with probably bit of an angry call.  At Lockforce Locksmith Huddersfield we aim to please you as the customer and also keep you and your property safe from the people that want to take it from you.  Our reputation rests on our customers been happy and feeling safe.

Recent Jobs

1-  At Lockforce Locksmith Huddersfield we strive to not only help customers with there security at there home but also to help local business keep there property safe. One such job was for a cyber security business that had a lot of issues with there physical security when they moved into their new office. With a great deal of expensive equipment they required a full Lock upgrade as they had no way of knowing who else had keys for there doors. From BS3621/2007 mortice sash locks to digital locks fitted as extra security to specific area’s they are now completely happy with there security and no longer worry if there is any weakness’s.

2- the handy man strikes again, a customer recently contacted me and informed me that they had called a local handy man to gain entry to there property when the mechanism failed. They told me that he hadn't managed to get the door open and there was signifiant damage to the door. Having assured them that i will not cause any further damage and quoted for the work they were over the moon as it was a lot cheaper than the handyman had quoted. Arriving on site i noticed the tell tale signs of a failed mech and the damage that had been caused. The cylinder, Handles and the door frame were all damaged so i got to work, 5 mins later the door was open (2 hours the handy man had been there) and then a further 30 mins to change the mech, fit new handles and a new cylinder and sneak in a cheeky cup of tea. Happy customers who wish they had phoned a professional Locksmith to start with but as we all know hindsight is a beautiful thing.

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