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My name is Pete and I'm a local locksmith in Henley proudly serving the town and surrounding areas near me. 

Call or text now for honest and trusted security advice or to book an appointment. 

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Key Points:

  • Lives locally on Greys Road, Henley
  • Fully DBS Checked
  • Full business insurance
  • Proud member of Checkatrade
  • NHS / Armed Forces Discount
  • Work is guaranteed for 12 months
  • Free Security Home Survey
The manufacturers we work with and the products we install…
Ultion Brisant Secure Yale Ring Chubb Remote Lock

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Give Pete @ Lockforce Locksmiths Henley-on-Thames a call on 01491 225 025

Locked Out in Henley

Found yourself locked out? It's more common than you might think, and absolutely nothing to worry about when you have a local expert at your side.

I understand the stress and inconvenience a lockout can cause, which is why I'm committed to providing prompt, professional lockout services throughout Henley.

Day or night, I’m here to ensure a quick, secure, and respectful re-entry to your property. Remember, when you're in a bind, I'm just a call away – a local helping another local.

Lock Changes in Henley

Your home's security is paramount, and a robust, reliable lock is the foundation.

If recent events have left you feeling vulnerable, such as a lost key or a new home purchase, I'm here to help. 

I offer personalized, professional lock change services tailored to your specific needs.

Together, we'll review the best security options for your home, from traditional solutions to the latest in high-security locks, ensuring your Henley residence is safe and sound.

Door and Lock Repairs in Henley 

A fully functional door and lock are critical to your home's security and your peace of mind.

Whether you're facing a sticky lock or a door that won't close properly, I am at your service.

Specializing in a wide range of repair services, including the popular uPVC mechanisms, I aim to restore the security and functionality of your Henley home's entrances efficiently and effectively.

Trust in your local locksmith to keep your home secure — because a safe home is a happy home.

Smart Lock Installations in Henley

Embracing modern technology can enhance both the security and convenience of your Henley home.

As your local locksmith expert, I am well-versed in the latest smart lock technology.

I offer comprehensive installation services and personalized advice to seamlessly integrate these modern solutions into your lifestyle. If you're curious about keyless entry or remote lock management, let’s discuss how smart locks can meet your needs.

I’m here to make the transition to modern security smooth and stress-free.

FREE Home Security Surveys in Henley 

Ensuring the security of your home starts with understanding its current state.

I offer a no-obligation, complimentary home security survey for Henley residents.

I’ll review your home's security setup, identify potential improvements, and discuss straightforward solutions tailored to your situation. It's about providing peace of mind with professional, neighborly advice.

Let's work together to make your Henley home as safe as it can be.

Call Pete at Lockforce Locksmiths today for a free security check on 01491 225 025

Recent Locksmith Jobs in Henley

Henley based Locksmith Saves House Move Day - 5th May 2023 

What could be worse - you've been counting down the months until the date of exchanging keys on a property chain. You say goodbye to your house and go to lock the door for the final time... and the key snaps in the lock! What do you do? You call Lockforce Locksmiths Henley. This is exactly what happened recently, our local Henley locksmith was at the door in less than 10 minutes. He gained non-destructive entry, replaced the cylinder with an insurance approved one and provided multiple spare keys to the outgoing homeowner ready for the new owner. 

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Lost keys for window handles in Henley-On-Thames, RG9 – 22nd February 2023 

Lockforce Locksmith Henley were called by a customer who had lost the keys to all their property window handles. We quickly solved the issue and got the windows opened and then changed the handles so they could be used and locked as normal. 

Failed gearbox situation in Henley-On-Thames, RG9 – 22nd January 2023 

Lockforce Locksmith Henley had a phone call from a customer who was having trouble locking their front door. We arrived and found the problem with the gearbox. We fitted a temporary one for that night and arrived the next day with a new MPL that would operate perfectly.  

New home new door locks in Henley, RG9 – 2nd January 2023.  

Lockforce Locksmith Henley received a call to attend a property to replace their locks after just moving in. The locks were upgraded to a British Standard night latch cylinder and a 1 star euro cylinder. If you move in, move your old locks out! 

Local couple locked out of property - Henley, RG9 – 19th September 2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Henley carried out an emergency callout for a local couple who had shut their front door to leave their house but had left the keys inserted in the lock on the other side of the door. Living and working in the area were able to attend within minutes of their call. A simple job while on site, we gained non-destructive entry and had the door open quickly. The couple were very relieved and thanked us for our speedy service and reasonable price. 

Local Locksmith Installs Smart Lock – Henley, RG9 – 8th September 2022

A local customer contacted Lockforce Locksmiths Henley to enquire about smart locks on their property. They called the right locksmiths as Lockforce are an official installation partner of Brisant and the Ultion Smart Lock. We showcased the product to the customer who was more than impressed and proceeded to instruct us to install the fantastic bit of kit onto their front and back door. Customer’s home is now secured to the highest standards.

Gate Lock Installation - Henley-on-Thames, RG9 - 20th August 2022 

A local customer was in need of a gate lock installation and asked Lockforce Locksmiths Henley what types of suitable locks we had in stock.  After a lengthy discussion and showing the customer different options they opted for a Gatemate lock, along with 5 sets of keys, much to the customer's delight. 

Home Security Check – Henley-on-Thames, RG9 - 8th August 2022 

A local customer contacted Lockforce Locksmiths Henley after considering upgrading the security on their beautiful 6-bedroom home. We walked them through the potential security flaws of their home and did a wider security audit. We agreed to upgrade all their locks to 3-star Ultion high-security locks which improved their home security immensely. 

Local Locksmith Services in Henley - Lock Out Specialist, RG9 - 20th June 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Henley received an emergency phone call in the early hours the other day from a local student in Henley who found themselves locked out of their flat after leaving their keys in the door. We were near and arrived within 30 minutes to survey the door. For a qualified locksmith there was a straight-foward solution. We operated a non-destructive entry by unlocking the door from outside the property. Once the client was safe and inside, we recommended a lock upgrade to a high-security anti-snap cylinder which they chose to get installed for added security. The client was grateful to be back inside their property and for the free security advice we offered before leaving.

Lock upgrade in Henley, RG9 - 19th May 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Henley were contacted by a customer who found us on a Facebook local recommendation site. They had just moved into the area and wanted the locks changed on 3 doors and a new lock fitted on their garage door. We discussed different options and the customer decided upon keyed alike anti snap locks. Happy customer in their new home.

Henley Commercial Locksmith, Henley, RG9 - 16th May 2022 

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley were called upon by a commercial customer who had lost the keys to their shop door. Living locally, we attended within 10 minutes, gained entry to the door by picking the lock and proceeded to replace the lock with a high security version. 

Emergency gain entry, Henley, RG9 – 11th May 2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Henley received an emergency call from a mother who was locked out of her property with her 3 kids in tow. Living in the area we were able to attend straight away and gained entry by a downstairs window. Mother and children happy to be inside out of the rain. 

New Locks Installed In Apartment, Henley, RG9 – 3rd May 2022

A couple who had recently moved into a new apartment and contacted their local locksmith. Lockforce Henley attended and were advised that they wanted new locks to be fitted, this was to ensure no previous tenants were still in possession of keys and would be able to gain access. The couple chose to have the anti-snap euro lock upgrade. Due to the variety of stock, we hold on our van we were able to complete the job there and then.

Emergency locksmith nearby freed up door in Henley, RG9 – 20th April 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Henley attended a property where the front door was jammed shut. We were able to gain access to find out that the full MPL mechanism was seized, so we replaced old for new, like for like, and upgraded their locks whilst we were there to high security anti-snap locks.

Locked out with keys inside property, Henley, RG9 - 18th April 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Henley were called out to a customer who shut the door behind them leaving their house keys and car keys inside. We were able to gain non-destructive entry with no damage to the door. Customer was happy with our swift response and reasonable price.

Lock out in Henley, RG9, Henley - 7th April 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Henley were contacted by an elderly lady who had been taking her rubbish out and the door had slammed shut behind her in the wind. She had left her keys and phone inside and was stuck outside in the cold. Luckily Lockforce Locksmith Henley reside in the area and arrived in no time to let her back into the warmth. 

Emergency Sunday lock out in Henley, RG9 – 27th March 2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Henley received an urgent call from a lady who had been doing her garden on a beautiful Sunday day and had forgotten to take her keys out with her. After trying to get back into her property for 10 minutes she decided to call in the experts. Lockforce Locksmiths attended within 5 minutes as was only 0.2 miles from our home. One happy customer.  

Locked out in Henley, RG9 - 25th March 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Henley received an emergency phone call in the afternoon the other day from a local family in Henley who locked themselves out of their house after leaving their keys inside. We were in the local area and arrived as soon as we could to assess the situation. For an experienced locksmith there was a quick solution. We carried out a non-destructive entry by unlocking the door from outside the home. On this occasion we found their missing keys inside the property and did not recommend a lock upgrade. The customer was grateful to be back inside their home and for the honest pricing.

Lock upgrades in Henley, RG9 - 8th March 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Henley were called out after a client was looking for new locks fitted to their new property. In total, 5 Locks were changed and upgraded to 1 Star insurance approved Ultion cylinders, we even had them keyed alike for customer ease. One very happy customer. 

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley Fixes Patio Doors, Henley, RG9 -  1st March 2022 

Our Henley Lockforce locksmiths were contacted by a lovely elderly couple who were struggling to lock there patio doors. Lockforce Henley assessed the doors and found  the issue was down to a failed mechanism. We were able to fix the problem after installing 2 new MPL’s and at the same time installed new shiny handles. 

Henley Locksmith helps customer just moving into 1st home, RG9 - 19th February 2022

Our Henley locksmiths received an urgent call to a property where the customer who was in the process of moving into her new home. She had left the keys inside and let the door shut behind her, after finding Lockforce Henley online she called our locksmith out who attended within 5 minutes . We gained nondestructive entry to the front door and gave the customer advice to upgrade the old locks to which she happily agreed and we did straight away. Happy customer can now continue to move into her property.

Key stuck in front door in Henley, RG9 – 13th February 2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Henley were called out to a gentleman who been given our name as a recommendation, he had his key stuck in his front door due to a twisted cam. We were able to extract the old lock and replace with a new high security anti-snap lock. Another easy fix for an expert locksmith near you in Henley-on-Thames.  

Henley Locksmith to the Rescue After Tenant Leaves Keys Inside property, RG9, Henley - 4th February 2022 

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley received an early morning call from a couple who found themselves locked out of their property after leaving their keys inside. Living nearby we attended within 5 minutes and assessed the lock. For our highly trained Henley locksmiths there was a straight-forward fix. Using a letterbox tool, we unlocked the door from outside the property. The client was over the moon for the very speedy service and not being late for work. 

Locked out of home in Henley, RG9 - 26th January 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Henley received an emergency text message in the evening the other day from a local tenant in Henley who found themselves locked out of their home after leaving their keys inside. We were nearby and attended within 30 minutes to assess the door. For a qualified locksmith there was a straight-foward fix. We conducted a non-destructive entry by unlocking the door from outside the home. Once the client was safe and inside, we recommended a lock upgrade to a high-security anti-snap cylinder which they chose to get installed for added security. The client was thankful to be back inside their property and for the fast response.

Locksmith gains entry for carers- RG9, Henley, 11th January 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Henley was contacted by a worried carer who couldn't unlock their patient's front door. We attended within 15 minutes and gained entry via our letterbox tool quickly and with no mess. Carer was so impressed with our speed getting to the job and getting into the property.

Locksmith Fixes Faulty Conservatory Doors - RG9, Henley, 2nd December 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley were contacted by a customer who was having difficulties with their conservatory doors. We were with the customer within 10 minutes and identified the problem as a faulty mechanism. We replaced it, alongside a new anti-snap high security lock and new matching handles to finish.

Henley-on-Thames Window Handle Replacements - RG9, Henley, 14th November 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley attended to a property to renew window handles that weren't working anymore and hadn't been for a while. Some handles had completely fallen off, some were rusting and some were jammed shut. In short, they weren't doing what they were supposed to do so we replaced in total 8 of them all and the customer was delighted with the finished job.

Problem with sliding doors, Henley-On-Thames, RG9 - 6th November 2021 

Lockforce Locksmith Henley were contacted by a client who wanted us to look at their sliding doors, they couldn’t lock fully and needed to be sorted urgently. We arrived within 5 minutes as we live in the area and saw that the doors had fallen out of alignment due to a roller having failed under the door. Lockforce Locksmith Henley stocks such a vast array of such rollers on the van so we could make the changes quickly allowing the door to be locked. Client was so pleased. 

New 3 star cylinders in Henley-On-Thames, RG9 - 18th October 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Henley had the pleasure of installing two 3 star insurance and police approved cylinders to both front and back door locks. A couple who had purchased there 1st home together was very conscious on safety and keeping there insurance company happy. Lockforce Henley installed the two Ultion cylinders to the property and even put up a police approved key safe for the lovely couple. Good luck in your new home.

Key snapped in Lock, Henley-on-Thames,  RG9 – 9th October 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Henley-on-Thames received a call from a customer who told us that a part of his key had broken in the lock. We turned up within 10 minutes and had the key extracted and opened from the outside. Luckily it was just a faulty key and not anything more costly. Customer was so pleased to be able to get back into there property so quickly.

Faulty gearbox on front door, Henley, RG9 - 5th October 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Henley-on-Thames carried out some additional work for a repeat customer today. The customer had a faulty gearbox in the front door of there home, we happily and quickly changed the old gearbox for new. We also had to make slight adjustments to the door to ensure perfect alignment.

New gate lock for a home in Henley-on-Thames -  RG9 – 17th September 2021 

Lockforce Locksmith Henley were called by a lady who wanted to ask if we could put in a new lock as there were no keys for the back gate in her rental property. We replaced and upgraded with a Gatemate Rim Gate Lock to ensure safety and protection on her property. Customer was extremely happy as were able to attend within 15 minutes due to living in the local area. 

Faulty Euro Cylinder, Henley-On-Thames, RG9, 8th September 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Henley was called about a faulty lock that the customer was struggling to lock/unlock the door. We attended within the same day and at a convenient time for the customer. Upon inspecting the door the key would not turn the cylinder to lock the door, after a little conversation with the customer it was recommended a replacement cylinder was required to ensure customers safety. Customer was extremely pleased.

Window Repairs in Henley-on-Thames, RG9, 23rd August 2021

This morning our Henley-On-Thames Locksmith was contacted by a customer in need of a window repair service. Once on site of the property, our technician inspected the window and found that it was stuck, in a locked position! The handle of the window was very old and preventing the window from operating smoothly. Our Henley-On-Thames  Locksmith was able to free the window with no damage occurring and a new handle was then fitted. The window was now in good working order and operating, as it should!

New locks to fix patio door in Henley-On-Thames – 15th August 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley were recently called out to a young couple whose sliding patio doors had been tried to be repaired by another locksmith and had been left in a mess. She then contacted several locksmiths who all refused to do the job, claiming it required a new door installation. We were able to go, inspect, price the job accordingly and repaid the door to Lockforces golden moto "keeping you safe". We installed a new mechanism, new anti snap lock and new handles to cover the bad work from the previous locksmith.

Snapped Key in Henley-on-Thames, RG9, 29/07/21

Lockforce Locksmith Henley received a very distressed call from a customer who had snapped their key in the lock. We attended within 15 minutes and retracted the broken easily however, upon inspection the cylinder had failed causing the key to get stuck and snap. Luckily our Lockforce Locksmith Henley had all the parts to replace this 3 star cylinder quickly and efficiently. Customer was relived to be able to enter their home in a flash.

Ultion Smart Lock installation  in Henley-on-Thames, RG9, 22/07/21

A customer who had recently purchased an Ultion Smart Lock contacted our Henley Locksmith today. The customer requested a technician come out to their property and fit the new smart lock. Our Henley Locksmiths are specialists in the installation of this lock and were on site within the hour, ready to assist! The Ultion Smart Lock was then installed and calibrated to the customer’s preferences. The customer was appreciative of the helpful and responsive received and were delighted with their new, high spec Ultion Smart Lock!

Digital locks required in Henley-on-Thames, RG9, 15/07/21

Lockforce Locksmith Henley was called out by a property management company who required our services. On one of the properties they maintain required 2 digital locks fitted to the electrical cupboards in communal areas. Lockforce Locksmith Henley assessed the doors and realised special digital locks were required due to the way the doors closed. Fitted in no time and one very happy client.

New House New Locks - Henley, RG9 - 30/06/21 

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley were called today by a new property owner who was very security conscious. Upon inspection of all doors and windows and a discussion with the customer, she decided to upgrade all locks and window handles within the property. Lockforce locksmith upgraded all door locks to 3 star Ultions and also new insurance approved window handles. Customer can sleep easy at night now knowing she’s safe in her new home.

Window jammed in Henley-on-Thames, RG9, 15/06/21

Lockforce Locksmith Henley attended a cottage after the owner couldn't open their windows. We attended the property in central Henley and assessed the windows which were very stiff. We replaced the old window handles with new hand checked that the customer could open them on her own. Another happy customer.

Golf Club needed help in Henley-on-Thames, RG9, 04/06/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley attended a local golf club after they couldn't gain entry to a loft hatch. We gained entry to the loft hatch, stripped down and put back together. The management team were amazed with how quickly it took to do.

Golf club needs keys cut in Henley-on-Thames, RG9, 12/05/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley were called by a local golf club who needed our key cutting services. In total, 5 keys were cut and the golf cub secretary left a great review on our checkatrade page.

Lost keys for family home in Henley-on-Thames, RG9, 10/05/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley were called out to a large detached family home in Henley where the owners had lost all keys for their side door. We gained entry and replaced the lock with a 1 star Yale cylinder.  Perfect solution and efficient response. 

Door locks for garden cabin in Henley-on-Thames, RG9, 30/04/21

Lockforce Henley were called out by a couple in Henley who had a new log cabin in their garden and wanted it be secure and lockable. We decided to install an Adams Rite lock on the aluminium sliding door. The customer let us know that they were very impressed with our speed and tidiness.

Door will not lock from inside home in Henley-on-thames, RG9 - 15/04/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley were called out by an elderly couple who owned a detached home in Henley. The couple could not lock the front door from the inside. We decided to replace the lock like for like BS mortice lock. Customer was so pleased and gave a glowing reference.

Lock upgrades for home in Henley, RG9 - 11/04/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley were called by a local couple who were looking to have new locks installed on their main doors in their home. We attended their detached home just on the outskirts of Henley and went ahead with 2 cylinder changes, new gearboxes and two brand new high security handles. The customers let me know they saw our advert in the local paper (Henley Standard) and after I was finished they let me know they were very happy with the new locks. 

New door locks for property in Henley, RG9 - 05/04/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley were called by a family in Henley who needed their home locks changing after losing a set of keys. We spoke through some options on the phone and we agreed to replace the cylinder and nightlatch with two new euro cylinder locks. We attended the next day with the locks and was able to replace the locks and fit the new ones within the hour. Another safe and secure family in Henley. 

Entry gain to garage in Henley, RG9, 25/03/21

We recieved a call from a customer in Henley after they had managed to lock themselves out of their garage next to their home in Henley. We spoke to the customer and arranged a suitable time to meet and went ahead drilling out the exisiting lock and replacing with a new upgraded half euro cylinder. All in a days work and another happy customer who finally had access to his belongings in his garage. 

Night latch upgrade in Wargrave, RG10 - 23/03/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley were called out to a home in Wargarve, after a couple were having an issue with their exisiting night latch on their front door. We attended the same day and removed the old night latch and replaced this with a new british standard night latch. The installation of this upgraded night latch required a little bit extra rework as it was slightly larger however ended up fitting nicely. The customers were happy with the job done and off we went to our next job.

Banking Error in Henley, RG9 – 02/03/21

Lockforce Locksmith Henley was called out to a bank in distress, they could not open there doors and could therefore not serve the public. I attended within 20 minutes and gained entry via drilling there BS 5 lever dead lock, once the entry had been completed the staff could then get back to helping the public. Lockforce Locksmith Henley replaced like for like and left the staff members and customers very happy.

Locksmith provides free security check – Henley, RG9 – 24/02/2021

Lockforce Locksmith Henley-on-Thames received a phone call from a customer after seeing our advertisement on a local facebook post offering a free security check. Lockforce locksmith Henley attended within 30 minutes, after surveying the property and speaking with the customer decided to upgrade his front door lock to increase his security. Property owner was extremely pleased with the job and peace of mind over the security of his home.

NEW HOUSE LOCK UPGRADES in Henley On Thames, RG10- September 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley On Thames was called by a customer who found us via our website on Google. The family had moved into a new home and requested a free security survey. Mark from Lockforce Henley On Thames upgraded the locks to an ULTION 3 star British Standard key suite throughout the property allowing one key to access all the locks for increased convenience. For further free and impartial advice on locks and security, call Mark from Lockforce.

COMPOSITE FRONT DOOR NOT LOCKING in Henley on Thames - June 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley On Thames was called out urgently to a customer’s house who’s front composite door could not be locked as it was out of alignment due to the hot weather. Mark our Lockforce locksmith engineer arrived promptly and realigned the front door mechanism allowing the customer to secure his property. He had found Lockforce Henley-on-Thames On our Google business page.


Lockforce Locksmiths Henley On Thames received a call from a customer who was unable to lock her conservatory doors leaving her house unsecured. The NHS key worker needed this job done urgently. Mark our Lockforce locksmith engineer upgraded the 3 lever lock to a British Standard 5 lever sash lock conforming to insurance standards. He then serviced all access doors free of charge. For a free home security survey please call Mark Lockforce anytime for experienced no fee advice.

LOCKOUT IN BACK GARDEN -in Henley on Thames - April 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley on Thames received an urgent call from a customer who was locked out in his back garden on a Friday afternoon whilst bbq-ing for the family. The rear access UPVC door blew shut. Mark, our Lockforce locksmith engineer, arrived quickly and gained entry non destructively. BBQ saved! Happy Friday everyone!

KEYS LOCKED IN THE BOOT - Henley on Thames, RG10 - March 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley on Thames received a call from a distressed customer. He had accidentally locked his keys in the boot of his Audi TT. Mark our Lockforce locksmith engineer, arrived quickly and picked open the driver side door with ease, retrieved the keys from the boot much to the relief of the stranded customer.

CAR LOCK OUT - Henley on Thames, RG10 - March 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley on Thames received an emergency call out late night after the customer had finished his shift at work. Mark, our Lockforce locksmith engineer, gained entry non destructively and picked the driver door open, much to the relief of the tired customer.

SECURITY UPGRADE - Henley on Thames, RG10 - March 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley on Thames was requested to upgrade the security on front door lock after a spate of burglaries in the area. Our experienced Lockforce locksmith Mark fitted an additional lock, an ERA Fortress British Standard 5 lever deadlock to the wooden front door leaving a happier safer feeling customer. In today’s current climate, whilst adhering social distancing rules, we are still managing to help the community in this time of need.

DOMESTIC LOCK OUT in Henley On Thames, RG9 - March 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley on Thames received a call from a distraught full time carer for a severely disabled patient who had managed to lock herself out whilst putting the rubbish out; leaving the patient on the toilet. Mark, our Lockforce engineer gained rapid entry to the property much to the relief of both carer and patient. Lockforce Henley On Thames keeping the community safe!

DOMESTIC SAFE OPENED in Henley on Thames - February 2020

Lockforce Locksmith Henley on Thames was called out to access a domestic safe where an elderly customer had forgotten the combination. Mark, our Lockforce engineer managed to pick open the safe and reset the combination. Whilst on site, the customer requested a replacement night latch for the front door as it was very old and insecure. This was expertly replaced with a British Standard Yale PBS1 which conforms to British Standard specification BS3621. We are always happy to provide a free security check for your property.

CAR LOCKOUT AT TESCO, RG9 - February 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Henley On Thames RG9 received an emergency call out from an extremely distraught mother who’s child was locked in the car after shopping at Tesco. Mark from Lockforce Henley On Thames, arrived promptly in thirty minutes as promised and picked open the car within minutes for a very relieved mother and child.


Lockforce Locksmiths Henley On Thames received a call to access a domestic safe. Our engineer, Mark had to crawl into the loft where? the safe was concealed and pick open the safe where the spare keys were kept. Another satisfied customer.

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