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My name is Pete and I'm your local expert locksmith.

At Lockforce, we strive to meticulously meet the standards I believe Maidenhead residents should receive when seeking locksmith support. 

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Ultion Brisant Secure Yale Ring Chubb Remote Lock

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For top class domestic locksmith services, why not call me Lockforce Maidenhead on 01628 303031

Locked Out in Maidenhead

When calling a locksmith, it pays to do a little research. Not all locksmiths offer auto locksmith services, and those who claim to do so may not have the proper training or equipment needed to execute the job effectively!

However, when contacting me at Lockforce locksmiths Maidenhead, I can guarantee you will be seen by a technician who is at the forefront of this continually advancing trade, who has undergone a rigorous training programme and has a comprehensive bank of tools.

Deploying non-destructive techniques 'where able' and cutting & servicing locks regularly at prices and speeds below local dealers, call me Lockforce today on 01628 303031 

Maidenhead Mobile Key Cutting

As your local locksmith in maidenhead I am able to reach you wherever you are in Maidenhead in 30minutes to cut your keys to perfection.

Equipped with the latest mobile key cutting equipment, I can reprogram fobs to your vehicle’s transponder and cut your regular house keys on the spot – massively increasing convenience for my valued customers! 

For a Maidenhead mobile key cutter that works around you, call me Lockforce today on 01628 303031

Maidenhead Lock Security Experts

Do anti-snap cylinders secure your property?

This may sound to you like technical jargon, yet absence of these crucial locks leave your property extremely vulnerable to break-ins! A thief can break into bog-standard euro locks (fitted on the majority of UK homes) in as little as 13 seconds, and few customers know that many insurers won't pay out on burglaries if British Standard locks are not present on the property.

If you have a suspicion that your home may be susceptible to a break-in, call me, your lock security expert  today! 

I offer a range of burglary deterrents, including all British Standard locks, security bars and grills. Call today on 01628 303031

Recent Jobs

Smart lock upgrade, Maidenhead Locksmith near me, SL6 - 15th August 2023 

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead carried out a smart lock installation for a local commercial customer. They had purchased the smart lock for their workplace in the centre of Maidenhead. We removed the old locking system from the door and placed the new fingerprint smart lock. Keep your workplace and belongings safe with smart lock systems. 

New gearbox fitted to home in Maidenhead – 8th May 2023 

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead were called out yesterday to help a customer who could not operate their door handle as the mechanism had failed. We got to property within the hour and diagnosed that the gearbox was worn and needed to be replaced. We carried out this work and the door was back working within minutes.  

Lost keys and a lock change for brand new apartment in Maidenhead – SL6 – 19th February 2023 

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead took a call from a local builder who was calling from a new development just built. He had lost the keys to one of the new apartments and he needed us to gain entry and change the locks. We happily obliged. Lockforce locksmith keeping you safe 24/7. 

Gearbox Failure in Maidenhead – SL6 - 25th January 2023 

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead had a call from a customer after his door was jammed shut. When investigating the problem, we found that the gearbox had failed. In this instance we had to drill the gearbox to get it to release to open the door. We then went ahead and replaced the gearbox and replace the handles at the same time. 

New door locks required in Maidenhead, SL6 – 28th December 2022 

An old lock was being temperamental and difficult to operate and required swapping out. We always match or better the quality of the lock that's in situ. On this occasion it was an upgraded from a 3 lever to a British Standard 5 Lever Mortice Sashlock. This ensured the property was insurance compliant.  

Temperamental lock – Maidenhead, SL6 - 20th September 2022 

Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead received a phone call from a customer saying the mortice lock was a bit temperamental on their front door. There had been times when they could not open it and had been locked out for a short period. Our Maidenhead locksmith attended and replaced the mortice lock with brand-new insurance and police approved lock.  

Lock Change – Maidenhead, SL6 – 3rd September 2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead was contacted to gain entry and upgrade the lock for a wooden front door of a property. Our local locksmith firstly gained entry and then upgraded it to a new British Standard Yale night latch. Happy customer with a quick prompt service.

Locked Out of House - Maidenhead, SL6 - 19th August 2022  

One evening Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead were called out by a customer who had locked herself out of her home due to the Nightlatch malfunctioning. We gained entry to the property by slipping the lock and replaced the old cylinder with a new rim cylinder and provided extra keys to the homeowner. 

Lock Out – Maidenhead, SL6 - 7th August 2022 

A family called Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead after being locked out in their garden during the recent warm weather. The back door had slammed shut behind them and they had left their keys inside. Our locksmith arrived very quickly, less than 15 minutes after the call and gained non-destructive entry to the property.  

Emergency lock out in Maidenhead - 20th June 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead received an emergency text in the early hours the other day from a local resident in Maidenhead who was locked out of their home after leaving their keys inside. We were near and attended within 15 minutes to survey the door. For a highly trained locksmith there was a straight-foward solution. We conducted a non-destructive entry by unlocking the door from outside the home. Once the client was safe and inside, we recommended a lock upgrade to a high-security anti-snap cylinder which they chose to get installed for added security. The customer was very happy to be back inside their property and for the free security advice we offered before leaving.

Broken key in lock in Maidenhead - 19th May 2022

We were contacted today for a nice and simple job. A customer had a key brake in their front door and they had forgotten the back door key. Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead attended promptly and extracted the old broken key and checked to make sure lock was all working before leaving site. A clean and fast job.

Gate Master Garden Gate Lock Installation in Maidenhead, SL6 - 16th May 2022 

Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead were contacted by a customer who needed a gate lock installation and asked what types of suitable locks we had in stock. We attended the very next day and assessed the gate and provided the customer with various options. Customer chose the Gatemaster Bolt on gate deadbolt which added a high-level security to the back of their property. Happy customer. 

Locksmith Replaces Locks on Back Door in Maidenhead, SL6 - 5th May 2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead was contacted by a customer who was struggling to lock their back door late one evening. We were able to attend quickly and gained non-destructive entry to the rear door. We replaced the old gearbox with a new one and also fitted a 1-star high security lock and whilst there realigned the door. Customer was impressed with our swift response and reasonable price. 

Lost Post-box Key, Maidenhead, SL6 – 2nd May 2022

We received a call from a property owner in need of our assistance after losing their post box key. They were therefore unable to retrieve their mail. Our Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead technician was onsite to the property the same day and removed the old lock. A brand-new lock was fitted and new keys supplied to the happy owner.

Click to see more recent jobs.

Key stuck in back door in Maidenhead, SL6 – 25th April 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead were called out to a lady who had her key stuck in their backdoor due a twisted cam. We were able to extract the old lock and replace with a new high security anti-snap lock. Another easy fix for an expert locksmith near you in Maidenhead. 

New lock fitted to garden gate in Maidenhead, SL6 - 17th April 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead were called out to a couple who wanted a lock fitted to their garden gate. We supplied and fitted a Gatemate lock along with five new keys. Customer extremely happy with our response time and competitive prices.

Door not closing in Maidenhead - SL6, Maidenhead - 5th April 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead were called out to a customer who couldn’t close their upvc back door. We were able to attend same day and quickly identified the problem as being a failed mechanism (MPL). We replaced the old mech with new and offered a complimentary door realignment and installed new handles. All in a day's work.

Maidenhead Locksmith Replaces Gearbox and MPL – Maidenhead, SL6 – 23rd March 2022 

A couple called our local Maidenhead locksmiths after their gearbox on the front door had failed. Our experts quickly identified the problem, and proceeded to install a new gearbox and also did a full realignment of the door. 

New lock fitted after tenant removed in Maidenhead, SL6 – 6th March 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead were called out to a property by a landlord who had evicted his tenant but they had refused to return his property keys. We attended same day and replaced both front and back door locks for new high security cylinders. Landlord happy to have his property back and more secure than before.

New Window Locks in Maidenhead, SL6 – 2nd March 2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead had the pleasure of replacing all new window locks to a property which had just been purchased by a new buyer. They wanted modern locking window handles to secure their new property and make it much more safer and secure. We duly obliged supplying chrome handles for aesthetics as well as security. One happy customer in their new home. 

Maidenhead Locksmith Completes High Security Lock Upgrade, SL6, - 21st February 2022

A customer in Maidenhead called Lockforce Locksmiths to enquire about a high security lock upgrade. We explored the options with her and recommended the Ultion Smart Lock with a keypad as the best security solution for her requirements. Now her children can enter the property by their phones or by putting the chosen code into the keypad. Lockforce keeping you safe.

Solid Wood patio doors with faulty locks in Maidenhead, SL6 - 11th February 2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead attended a property where the customers were having problems with their solid wood patio doors. We found the problem to be a failed MPL which luckily, we had a replacement on our fully stocked van to replace. We also noticed the doors needed slight realignment due to the weight of them which had caused them to drop slightly.  One happy customer. 

High security cylinder lock upgrade in Maidenhead, SL6, 3rd February 2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead attended a property for a straight  forward lock upgrade. On behalf of Brisant Security we installed a new 3 star Ultion cylinder for the client, whilst there we also suggested then upgraded the back door to a 3 star cylinder to be in line with the security on the front door. Now the property is much better protected encase any intruders every attempt to break in. Lockforce Keeping you Safe.  

Maidenhead Key Extraction, Maidenhead, SL6, 4th December 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead helped a desperate customer who had gotten their key stuck in the lock! We attended in a jiffy and had extracted the key and put in a new higher security cylinder to keep the customer safe.

DIY Lock replacements gone wrong - SL6, Maidenhead, 14th November 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead were called to a property where the customer had purchased 2 x brand new lock and attempted to install them themselves. Once installed they attempted to check their work and in one of the locks used the wrong key and completely jammed it! You can imagine the disappointment having got so far and then broke the lock using the wrong key. Our Maidenhead locksmiths gained entry to the property and after lengthy discussions the customer decided to upgrade both locks to our high quality 3-star Ultion high security locks. We replaced both the locks and showed them how to use them properly to avoid any future issues. They were very happy with their whole experience of using Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead.

Faulty Night latch in Maidenhead, SL6 - 16th October 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead was called out to help a customer with a faulty Night latch on their front door, Lockforce Maidenhead assessed the situation and found the night latch was not operating and was beyond repair. To solve the issue we fitted a brand new British Standard Yale Night latch to the door and made some minor door realignments to have the door back operating as normal. 

Key stuck in lock - Maidenhead, SL6 - 13th October 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead received an emergency call from an elderly lady who stated she was having issues with her front door and the key was getting stuck in the locked position. We inspected the lock and noticed the curtain of the lock had come away from the lock, we talked through all options with the lady and advised a new lock would be needed.  After instruction from the client we fitted a new British standard lock which was a upgrade from the previous one. The customer was really pleased knowing she had better standard of lock fitted and felt her property was more secure than ever. 

Front door lock issue, Maidenhead, SL6 - 6th October 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead received an urgent call from a customer who was having issues with their MPL lock. Once on scene, Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead were quickly able to diagnose the issue. After explaining this to the customer it was requested that we renew the MPL lock and install new door handles. The customer went fully out and also wanted to upgrade her existing cylinder to a high security ABS 3* insurance approved. One happy secure and safe customer.

Door Jammed in Maidenhead, SL6 - 6th September 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead was called up by a customer in Maidenhead who couldn't open their front door, leaving them outside there property. We gained a fast entry then upon inspection found a broken gearbox, we fitted a new gearbox and the door was back working as normal. Another happy safe customer.

Mortice lock upgrade in Maidenhead, SL6 - 27th August 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead were contacted by a customer on Friday afternoon wanting to change the front door lock on her flat in Maidenhead, she had recently separated from her partner and wanted to change lock to feel safe. I arranged to visit that evening and replaced her old mortice lock with a new 5 lever British standard Mortice deadlock. Customer was left feeling safe and happy. 

Patio door key can’t be removed, Maidenhead, SL6, 10th August 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead arrived at a new build to find a patio door lock had seized and needed changing. We removed the troublesome key and worked out why the door lock key had got stuck. We aligned the doors as they were badly misaligned and the customer was then able to lock and unlock the door freely. One happy customer.

Shed won't Lock in Maidenhead, SL6, 30/07/21

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead was contacted by a customer who had been recommended us to help with their shed locking issue. Lockforce Maidenhead was out in a jiffy to resolve the issue, it was luckily a simple realignment issue due to the weather. Customer can now lock there shed door and was extremely happy.

French Doors Jammed in Maidenhead, SL6, 20/07/21

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead were called out over french doors not opening we attended within 15 minutes of call out. We assessed the french doors stripped the doors down and put back together making it just a call out fee rather than a lock replacement. Very happy customer for saving them money.

Door Handle Repair in Maidenhead, SL6, 11/07/21

A very distressed customer who was in need of an immediate door repair service contacted our Maidenhead Locksmith, this evening. Our technician was on site at the property in less than 15 minutes! We discovered the customer was unable to lock their back door as the handle had completely broken off! Our Maidenhead Locksmith had all the necessary parts in their van and was able to fit a brand, new handle to the door in the same call out. The door was then re-aligned, to ensure optimal and smooth operation! Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead left the customer in a much better frame of mind.

New flat new locks in Maidenhead,  - 01/07/2021 

Lockforce locksmith Maidenhead was called by a customer who had just moved into their new flat. They only received 1 key for the front door and were concerned that there were more keys still in the possession of the previous occupants. We suggested changing the rim cylinder on the night latch (Yale Lock), giving them a new lock with a new set of keys. Customer can now sleep easy knowing her new home is safe. 

New home, New Locks in Maidenhead, SL6, 25/06/21

A new homeowner contacted our Maidenhead Locksmith today. The customer was unsatisfied with the current level of security the locks in their home provided and wished to upgrade them. Our technician was able to tend to the call out within half an hour. On arrival, Our Maidenhead Locksmith discussed lock upgrade options, best suited to the customers preference .Our technician then fitted new, higher security anti snap locks to all doors that gave access into the home. The customer was very happy with their new higher security locks and with the speedy response to their call out request.

Stuck outside in Maidenhead, SL6, 18/06/21

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead attended a family cottage after the owners had reported that the door lock failed and wouldn't unlock. We replaced the lock with a 3 star high security cylinder and the customer was over the moon with the quality of the new lock.

Window locks needed replacing in Maidenhead, SL6, 31/05/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead attended a terraced house after the property owner's children had placed glue in the locks of window handles. We replaced all handles for every upstairs window in the property, with the parents relieved they can now open and lock the windows.

Door Lock Upgrade in Maidenhead, SL6, 12/05/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead were called to a flat in the centre of Maidenhead after a customer who had recently purchased the property wanted new door locks. In total, 2 door locks upgraded to high security locks. The customer was over the moon with the new products and self a lot safer already.

Locked out of home in Maidenhead, SL6, 09/05/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead were called to a lock out situation after a resident had left his door keys indoors  We arrived at property to find neighbours had attempted to gain entry. We carried out peofessional and traineed service, drilled out rim cylinder and replaced with new. Always call in the professionals. The client was happy it was sorted.

Door will not lock in Maidenhead, SL6 - 05/05/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead were called to a student flat where the occupants could not lock their main door. We attended as an emergency visit the same day, diagnosed the problem as an issue with the UPVC door cylinder failing. We then replaced the cylinder for an anti-snap and had the door back working as it should.

Students could not lock door in Maidenhead, SL6 - 20/04/21

Lockforce Locksmiths in Maidenhead were called out by some students living in a terraced house. They couldn't lock their back door. We identified it was a door allignment issue. The students were happy that it was only a small issue and saved them money.

Lock upgrades for flat in Maidenhead, SL6 - 12/04/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead were called the other day for a lock upgrade. A young family want to add some extra security to their flat in Maidenhead and thought the best step would be to upgrade their front door locks. We booked in a suitable time to attend and fitted a new Ultion Euro Cylinder. After finding us on Checkatrade, the customer left us a glowing review which was greatly appreciated. 

Entry Gain to Property in Maidenhead, SL6 - 05/04/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead had a late night callout after a man had manage to lock himself out of his property in Maidenhead. Being local, we were able to be round in 30 minutes and was able to get the man out of the cold and back into his home. The customer was more than grateful for our fast response time and was taken a back by our lock picking skills.

Locked out in Maidenhead, SL6 - 20/03/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead were called by a flat owner in Maidenhead after they were locked out of their property. We attended the same day and gained entry via drilling the night latch. We went onto replace the rim cylinder in the front door and made sure the customer was safe and secure. He was very happy with our service and relieved to be back home.

Handle repairs in Maidenhead, SL6 - 15/03/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead recieved a call from a couple living in an appartment in Maidenhead who were due to leave for work when the handle on their main door failed. We attended within 20 mins and changed the faulty door handles for new door handles. The customer was very pleased with the quick outcome and were keen to save our number for future locksmith needs. 

Lost keys in Maidenhead, SL6 – 03/03/21

Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead received a call from a customer who had gone out on a dog walk and lost his keys, we were asked to come out and gain entry to his home. After confirming that he was indeed the resident of the home, the front door was opened. As the customer was concerned that his keys were lost and somebody could have access to his home he wanted all the locks changed. Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead fitted new anti-snap locks to his front and back door, customer very pleased with the price and result.

Emergency Call Out – Key stuck! - Maidenhead, SL6 -  21/02/2021

This evening our Maidenehad emergency locksmiths were called by customer who could not remove key from their French patio doors! Once Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead were able to extract the key and it was found there was a fault with the gearbox and cylinder ! Our Lockforce Locksmith Maidenhead then replaced the cylinder and gearbox with a high security lock after advising the customer it would boost their security in their home. The customer was very grateful for our emergency locksmiths in Maidenhead coming at such short notice.

EMERGENCY DOMESTIC LOCKOUT in Maidenhead SL6 - September 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead received an urgent call out from a distressed customer who was locked out from her flat. The wind blew the front door shut. After waiting three hours and being letdown by a national locksmith company, she found Mark from Lockforce Maidenhead from a Google search on her smartphone. Mark arrived promptly and opened the door non destructively allowing entry for the very much relieved customer. Lockforce Maidenhead can also be found on Facebook, please visit our website for further information and reviews.

BACK UPVC DOOR FAILED CLOSED in Maidenhead, SL6 - June 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead were called out to a customer’s house where the rear UPVC door mechanism had failed, disabling the door in a locked position. Mark, our Lockforce locksmith gained entry and replaced the failed mechanism with a multi point locking system from his fully stocked van. The customer was extremely grateful and mentioned that she had been recommended Lockforce  Maidenhead from Facebook and after reading the recent reviews, she felt reassured to contact Mark. To access our Lockforce Maidenhead Facebook page, please hit the hyperlink 

FAILED GARAGE DOOR LOCK in Maidenhead, SL4 - May 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead received a call regarding a failed garage door mechanism which had snapped. The customer was unable to access his garage. Mark our Lockforce locksmith gained entry and replaced the broken mechanism from our fully stocked van. Lockforce always has a fully stocked van to help customers in need of urgent help.


Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead received a call from a customer who needed to upgrade the security on his wooden oak front door due to insurance purposes. After a Google search, Mark our Lockforce locksmith was called out. Following a discussion with the customer, Mark fresh fitted a CHUBB British Stsndard 5 lever deadlock. For any queries regarding security upgrades or insurance compliance, please call Mark on 07561523432

LOCKED OUT SLAM SHUT - Maidenhead SL6 March 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead received an emergency call out from a customer who had locked themselves out as they slammed shut the front door without the keys as they embarked on their daily exercise. Mark our Lockforce locksmith engineer, responded rapidly and gained entry non destructively. Another satisfied customer from Lockforce!

VAN LOCK OUT - Maidenhead SL6 - March 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead got an urgent call early evening after work, from a customer who had left his keys in the back of the van. Mark our Lockforce locksmith, picked open the door and swiftly gained entry. Another satisfied customer rests easy tonight!

LOCKS CHANGED DUE TO THEFT - Maidenhead SL6 March 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead received a call after a customer’s vehicle had been broken into and the keys were stolen. Our Lockforce locksmith, Mark upgraded the lock to a high security 3 star British Standard anti snap lock, which was police and insurance approved. Lockforce left site with another happy satisfied customer. In this current climate, whilst adhering to social distancing rules, we at Lockforce are still managing to help the community in this time of need.


Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead SL6 attended a pre arranged early morning repossession for a commercial landlord. Our engineer, Mark worked safely alongside the bailiff to gain a non destructive entry where all locks were replaced within British Standard and insurance approved guidelines. All domestic, auto and commercial locksmiths services undertaken.

LOCKED OUT WITH THE KIDS - Maidenhead SL6 Feb 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead received an emergency call: a panic stricken mum was locked out with her children. Mark, our locksmith engineer arrived with a rapid response within thirty minutes and gained entry non destructively within seconds much to the surprise and relief to our customer. In addition, we carried out a free home security survey and recommended to upgrade the locks due to inadequate security level. Feel free to enquire about Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead’s complimentary home security survey anytime!


Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead received an emergency call out early morning to a car that locked itself whilst still running. The customer had started the vehicle to defrost the windows as it was cold outside. It subsequently locked itself. Lockforce Maidenhead had a rapid response within 25 minutes and Mark, our Lockforce engineer picked it open in minutes.


Lockforce Locksmiths Maidenhead got an emergency call out from a customer who was locked inside his home and couldn’t get out. Mark, our Lockforce engineer, gained rapid entry with no damage. The gear box which we had in the van, was replaced in the failed mechanism. All our Lockforce vans are fully stocked at all times ready for any situation.

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