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My name is Pete and I am your local Lockforce locksmith in Windsor and the surrounding area.

Please give me a call and I am sure my knowledge and professional expertise will help solve your lock problem.

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So don’t hesitate in picking up the phone and call today, for a friendly, professional locksmith service in Windsor available 24/7…he’ll be with you in 30 minutes! Call on 01753 359 038

Windsor Mobile Key Cutting Experts

Ever traipsed up to town to get a key cut, only to find that it won’t work on our return – in our minds there is nothing more frustrating!! That’s why your Lockforce Windsor locksmith operates a mobile key cutting service that works with your convenience in mind.

Our operative can come to your home, place of work and even attend to you on the roadside, duplicating house keys to measure in moments…able to test whether a copy fits your lock before finishing the transaction, you can be confident that your key has been cut correctly. 

So for domestic key cutting by an expert locksmith, call  01753 359 038

Windsor Mobile Key Cutting Experts

Lockforce Windsor pride ourselves on using top quality locks to ensure the safety of you and your home, but what exactly is a ‘Top Quality Lock’? Well, there are three main types of top quality lock I provide;

  • Euro Cylinder locks – Used in UPVC and Composite doors, Euro cylinder locks are anti-snap locks of highest British Standard rating, meaning they pass all the safety checks before being distributed to homes.
  • Mortice Locks – Often found in wooden doors, which is only able to be used on the rotation of an inserted key.
  • Night Latch Locks – Frequently implemented into premises of multiple occupants, night latch locks allow for people inside the property to easily leave without the use of a key, but those outside do require a key to enter.

Regardless of your budgets, I always strive to provide my customers with only the highest quality locks to ensure their safety. Another lock of the highest security, scoring a 3 star security rating from the Master Locksmith Association, is the TS007 lock from Brisant. This innovative lock contains 11 pins which protects the components from drilling, picking, snapping and bumping, all of which are typical methods which burlgars use to enter properties. 

Would you like a professional recommendation on which locks to implement? Call us on 01753 359 038

Windsor Lock Security Experts

Count to thirteen. Not long is it! But that is time it can take a criminal to enter your home. With over 90% of Windsor residents estimated to have locks perceptible to observed criminal break-in methods.

We fit British standard locks and will upgrade main thoroughfares with anti-snap cylinders where appropriate, all of which will fortify your home and ensure you’re in compliance with your home insurance cover. In addition, we are skilled in UPVC repairs, garage locks and can fit security bars and doors for extra protection. 

Don’t delay when your safety may be at risk…Call your Windsor locksmith on  01753 359 038

Recent Jobs in Windsor

Locked out in Windsor - 5th May 2023 

Newly installed front door had an issue with unlocking. The homeowner also couldn't unlock the door as they had left the key on the inside of the door. Within the hour we had gained non-destructive entry to the door and given it a service. All in a day’s work. 

Lock inspection in Windsor, SL4 – 7th September 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Windsor attended one of our national clients customers to provide an inspection and diagnosis visit of a lock problem at a newbuild home. We attended the same day and examined the suspected faulty cylinder however after inspecting the cylinder out of the lock we found it to be working smoothly. We believe the lock issues was arising from the new door and the frame fitted. We have passed on our findings to our client and await further instruction. The tenant on site was very grateful for our speedy service and complimentary security advice. 

Locked out with keys inside property - Windsor, SL4 - 14th August 2022  

Lockforce Locksmith Windsor received an urgent call out by a customer who had shut the door behind them leaving their house keys and car keys inside. We were able to gain non-destructive entry with no damage to the door. Happy Customer. 

New chrome door handles – Windsor, SL4 - 4th August 2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Windsor was called out by a lovely couple who wanted new chrome door handles fitted to their front door. We were on site within 20 minutes. The handles requested were very specific to match the door, we placed the order for the chrome door handles and installed the new handles the very next day. Another very grateful customer. 

Locked in bathroom in Windsor, Windsor, SL4 - 6th December 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Windsor were contacted by a distraught lady for an emergency locksmith visit to help their trapped child in the bathroom. The lock on the door had collapsed. We were there within 20 mins and freed the anxious child. A new night latch was fitted and we left a very relieved parent and child. Just another day in the life of a locksmith.

High security cylinder lock upgrade - Windsor, SL4, 12th October 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Windsor attended a beautiful farm house property for a straight forward lock upgrades. On behalf of Brisant Security we installed 4 brand new 3 star Ultion cylinders for this Windsor client. This beautiful property is now far better protected from intruders after this upgrade. Lockforce Keeping you Safe.

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Locked out in Windsor, SL4  – 8th October 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Windsor had an emergency call out after a woman who had left her house to walk her dog accidently left her keys inside her home. Racing to her rescue we was there in a jiffy and had picked the lock, gained non destructive entry and had her and her beloved dog back in, in no time. However, due to the age of lock we agreed to change to a higher security version. A very happy customer.

Lock Repairs for Windsor Locksmith – Windsor, SL4 – 19th September 2021 

This morning our Windsor Locksmith received a call out request from an anxious homeowner who was unable to secure their front door. Our technician attended to the emergency call out request in a jiffy! After inspecting the lock and door, our Windsor Locksmith found that the lock was not in line within the keep of the frame. The necessary adjustments were then made, allowing the door to now operate smoothly. The customer was now able to lock the front door and secure their home!  

High security lock upgrade required in Windsor, SL4, 10th September 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Windsor were called out to replace a lock due to the owner seeing they had no anti-snap lock fitted to their front door. We quickly recognised that this was the case and explained the options in depth with the customer. The customer then chose to install a high security Ultion lock, which we changed very quickly and effifently. The customer was very satisfied with the lock seeing all the security features the lock had above his current lock.

Lost keys to property in Windsor, SL4, 23rd August 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Windsor attended within 5mins to a distressed caller in Windsor after losing her keys to her home. We reassured the lady and got her back into her home in 15 minutes and then went about replacing the lock and installing a night latch. Speedy and efficient service to all our Castle Bromwich customers. Lost your keys call Brian at Lockforce. 

Customer in Windsor calls in Locksmith for new locks, SL4 - 9th August 2021

A customer looking for a new lock called our Windsor locksmith. After arranging a convenient time with the customer our locksmith arrived at there beautiful Windsor home and fitted a new 3 lever mortice lock to replace the one that had failed. The customer was very happy with the work of our Windsor locksmith and said she would not hesitate to use Lockforce Locksmith Windsor again. 

Failed Nightlatch in Windsor, SL4, 31/07/21

Lockforce Locksmith Windsor was called out to help solve a lock problem for a domestic customer in Windsor. The home had a solid oak wooden door where the night latch had failed. We gained non-destructive entry to the property and replaced the old night latch with new high security night latch. Improving home security in Windsor, one home at a time.

Previous locksmith left them in a right mess! in Windsor, SL4, 19/07/21

Customer had a faulty cylinder where the key was spinning on the external side so they were unable to lock or unlock their door. Customer contacted the 1st locksmith they found online who attended and drilled the cylinder and damaged the Gearbox in the process, they then left without any resolution, leaving the door unsecured and the house at risk. Lockforce Locksmith Windsor attended within half an hour and replaced the gearbox and cylinder. Customer very impressed with our effifency and workmanship.

Lost Keys in Windsor, SL4, 13/07/21

Lockforce Locksmith Windsor were called out to a commercial property where the customer had lost the keys to the industrial door. We were able to gain entry by through our professional lock picking techniques. From there we set about carrying out a lock replacement and installing a new high security lock. Lockforce keeping you safe.

Ring Doorbell fitted in Windsor, SL4, 01/07/2021 

Lockforce Windsor attended an elderly gentleman’s property today and was met by the children of the property owner. They were growing increasingly concerned by the amount of cold callers arriving at their fathers property who were trying to sell various unwanted services. Lockforce Locksmith Windsor discussed all options and they all came to the discussion to install a ring doorbell. This would put off protentional cold callers and also would give the children the ability to know they are there and speak directly to them when at the property. Hopefully this will be a deterrent for these pesky callers. 

Locked out in Windsor, SL4, 23/06/21

This morning our Windsor Locksmith received a call from a customer locked out of their home! We were able to send a technician out immediately and were on site of the property in less than 15 minutes! The customer had forgotten their keys inside the home as they had left in a hurry. Non-destructive entry was gained through the door, leaving no damage to either lock or door. The customer was appreciative of our Windsor Locksmiths speedy response to their call out request.

Insurance company wanted more property security in Windsor, SL4, 17/06/21

Lockforce Locksmith Windsor carried out a security survey of a commercial building in Windsor. They wanted a high security lock fitted on the front and back door. We replaced old locks with new high security locks and the firm and manager were very pleased with the service.

Couldn't lock door late at night in Windsor, SL4, 15/05/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Windsor were called by a property management company to attend a flat where the night latch had failed and the tenant could not lock the front door. We attended that night, replaced the night latch for an Era so the tenants could go back to bed. The couple were most grateful of our speedy emergency locksmith service.

Door Alignment issue in Windsor, SL4, 10/05/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Windsor were called to a detached home where a customer was really struggling to lock the rear door. Upon assessment, the hinges on door needed to be realigned which we carried out. Another happy customer in Windsor. 

Front door lock failed in Windsor, SL4 - 07/05/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Windsor were called to a large house in Windsor after a customer rang to say that their back door lock had failed. We ended up replacing the lock to avoid causing any damage to the door. The customer was very happy with the new lock and having an operating back door again.

High security doors jammed in Windsor, SL4 - 22/04/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Windsor were called by a family who were renting an apartment in Windsor. Their high security doors on the main building would not open. We gained entry and advised them to contact building maintenance team to resolve. The customer was very happy to get into their property as it was 11pm!

3 New Ultion Locks for Property in Windsor, SL4 - 12/04/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Windsor were called out for a free security check of a family home near Windsor. After an extensive survey of their property, we put foward a list of recommendations. The customers studied this list and agreed to upgrade their 3 main door locks with Ultion cylinders. The customer was exceptionally pleased with the high standard of the locks and felt their home was 3 times as secure as before. 

Windsor Door Lock Upgrade, SL4 - 06/04/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Windsor had an urgent callout for a customer had managed to snap a key in the door. We attended as soon as we could and carried out safe removal of the snapped key in the patio door. Due to excessive damage on cylinder we had to replace the cylinder. The customer was happy with our services and appreciated our fast response time from the initial callout.


This afternoon Lockforce Locksmith Windsor was called to gain entry for a customer who had locked themselves out, but had left the keys inside the door on the inside. Using our trusted professional tools, we were able to fish the keys out of the door, which we then used to open the door. Needless to say, this was a non-destructive technique that did zero damage and meant the customer could continue using the key as we didn't replace the lock. He was very happy with Lockforce Locksmith Windsor.

URGENT CAR LOCKOUT in Windsor, SL4 - September 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Windsor received an emergency call from a customer who was locked out of her new Fiat 500 after walking her dog in Windsor Great Park. She secured her dog inside the car and shut the door with the keys on the front seat; the car locked itself with the dog inside! After a rapid response, Mark from Lockforce Windsor picked open the door non destructively and gained entry swiftly, reuniting the customer and her dog. Happy days for all. For rapid response and prompt arrival for emergency lockouts, call Mark from Lockforce Windsor. 24 hours a day.


Lockforce Locksmiths Windsor was called out to a customer’s house where the UPVC French doors had seized closed. They had not been opened in two years. Mark our Lockforce locksmith gained entry and serviced the mechanism making the doors operational again. The locks were upgraded to keyed alike ULTION 3 star British Standard cylinders. Whilst on site, Mark carried out a free security survey on the property. As a result, the customer chose to opt for our annual  maintenance service for peace of mind. Lockforce Windsor was recommended from a Facebook community group.

UNABLE TO LOCK FRONT DOOR in Windsor, SL4 - May 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Windsor received a call from a customer who was unable to secure his front UPVC door as it was out of alignment due to changing weather conditions. This left his house unsecured. Mark our Lockforce locksmith realigned the door and serviced the mechanism. He then carried out a free security survey whilst on site at the customer’s request.


Lockforce Locksmiths Windsor received a call from a customer who’s upstairs bedroom UPVC window seized closed. It had not been opened for a long time and due to lack of maintenance. The customer forced the window open, the mechanism broke and the gearbox shattered. Our Lockforce locksmith engineer Mark, removed the pane of glass due to complete failure of the window mechanism. He manipulated the window open, replaced the mechanism and the gearbox to three windows of the upstairs rooms. Mark upgraded the window handles to new security lockable ones from his fully stocked van. Windows open letting in the sunshine. Another happy customer!

NIGHT LATCH UPGRADE in Windsor, SL4 - March 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Windsor got an emergency lockout call late evening. The customer was locked out after the door blew shut whilst he was putting the rubbish out. He had put the snib up to keep the door open but the night latch failed as it blew shut. Mark, our Lockforce Locksmith gained entry and replaced the night latch with a British Standard Yale PBS1. All good to go!

LOCKED KEYS IN CAR BOOT in Windsor, SL4 - March 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Windsor received a late night call from a customer who was packing up to go home and locked the car keys in the boot of her Mini Cooper amongst the luggage. Mark, our experienced Lockforce locksmith picked open the driver door and retrieved the car keys. Another very relieved customer. In today’s current situation, whilst adhering to the social distancing rules, we Lockforce are still managing to help the community in this time of need.

KEYS LOCKED IN CAR in Windsor - 23rd February 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Windsor received an emergency call out as the customer’s Vauxhall Corsa locked itself whilst being serviced by a mechanic at the customer’s home. Mark, our Lockforce engineer managed to gain non destructive entry to retrieve the keys from the front seat much to the relief of both the customer and the mechanic.

GAINED ENTRY TO A FIRE RATED SAFE in Windsor, SL4 - December 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Windsor was called to an estate agent’s office in Windsor to open a fire rated safe as they had snapped the key inside the lock. The broken key fragment was removed and the invincible fire rated safe was skillfully cracked open non destructively by our experienced engineer, Mark. Lockforce Windsor strikes again!

SNAPPED KEY IN THE LOCK , Windsor - January 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Windsor received a late night emergency after hours call. The customer had snapped his key in the lock to his apartment door. After gaining non destructive entry, Lockforce Locksmiths Windsor cut a new key using the retrieved broken parts leaving a thankful and relieved customer.

CAR LOCKOUT IN LEGOLAND in Windsor, SL4 - October 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Windsor received a call from an upset customer who was locked out of their car after a day out in the theme park over half term. They loaded up the car, shut the boot and the car locked itself with the keys inside the boot. Mark, our Lockforce engineer swiftly picked open the Mercedes. Another happy Lockforce customer!

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