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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmith Slough. My name is Pete and I am your local and trusted locksmith in Slough. 

When you call upon the services of Lockforce Slough, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of a real professional. I hold a breadth of knowledge of how to fix, repair, upgrade and even (on occasion) break the locks that are causing you bother.

I am also DBS checked and available 24 hours a day.

So if you’re a Slough resident with a lock query, call Lockforce on 01753 359037

Slough 24 Hour Emergency Locksmiths

Unlike many of the more corporate locksmith networks who turn off their call centres at 6pm, here at Lockforce we like to work with the customer's best interests in mind.

For when you call Lockforce, you can contact your local slough locksmith Head Office directly, whether that’s in the middle of a Wednesday night of early on a Sunday morning – Lockforce extends his lock expertise around the clock and is delighted to receive your custom. 

So for a 24 hour locksmith in slough, for emergency and out-of-hours enquiries, call Head Office today on  01753 359037

Slough Mobile Key Cutting Experts

Unlike many locksmiths and trade stores, Lockforce has been trained in the latest key cutting techniques and utilises mobile key cutting equipment to ensure that he can cut your keys wherever you are – saving you the trip to the store and the anxiety that your keys may not fit the lock when you return home.

Reasonably priced and highly skilled in cutting most domestic keys, call Lockforce today on 01753 359037

Slough Lock Security Experts

Did you know that many homeowners are falling foul of their home insurance agreements by not having the correct locks on their windows and doors? Indeed, without having the right British standard locks fitted, you could potentially be footing a hefty bill in the event of a burglary. So make sure you prevent the worse by calling Lockforce Slough locksmith Head Office today. Lockforce offers a range of comprehensive lock security services, including…

- UPVC and garage door repairs

- Safe relocation services

- Safe engineering service 

-Safe key and lock repairs

- The fitting of security bars and grills

- Burglary repairs 

Nowadays, criminals can break into most homeowner locks with frightening ease!!

Police DBS checked and able to deploy a whole host of burglar deterrents, call Lockforce today on 01753 359037

Locks Available at Lockforce Slough 

At Lockforce, we believe in providing our customers with as much information as possible about the locks we stock, so they can learn about how best to protect their homes from the threat of burglary. And indeed, when choosing a locksmith, having the knowledge that your locksmith fits locks that’s quality approved by British Trading Standards goes a long way!

So at Lockforce, your local lock aficionado in slough Head Office can guarantee to fit locks and keys from a number of select suppliers authorised by the national brand to which he belongs, whose models have been deemed of a quality high enough for Lockforce’s valued customers. One such supplier is Brisant, a small lock provider with a large national standing! Their launch of the TS007 lock is their latest addition to their stock portfolio and offers Lockforce customers the ultimate protection from break-in, scoring a perfect 3star security rating from the Master Locksmith Association!

Its 11 pins protect from:

-  Drilling

-  Picking

-  Snapping

-  And the bumping of locks (a kind of lock picking technique used by seasoned criminals).

We have a range of locks available for more information, call Lockforce today on 01753 359037

Recent Jobs in Slough

Key stuck, Slough, SL2 - 7th November 2021 

Lockforce Locksmith Slough were called out to retrieve a key stuck in the clients front door lock. We arrived on site at the arranged time and completed the door key extraction and then replaced the faulty cylinder with a new high security cylinder. Whilst at the site we also cut a further 3 keys for the customer and did a free home security survey on the whole property. Peace of mind. 

Lost keys to property in Slough, SL2, 18th October 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Slough attended within 15 minutes to a distressed caller after she went shopping and lost her keys on her journey home. We reassured the lady and got her back into her home fast and efficiently, we then went about replacing the lock and installing a night latch in no time at all.  Lost your keys call your local locksmith Peter at Lockforce Slough. 

Key not slotting into lock -  Slough, SL2 – 13th October 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Slough was called out after the customer had an old outstanding issue relating to door alignment. On inspection in fact the door issue was a result of the anti-drill plate on the lock being installed upside down by the previous Locksmith. Lockforce Locksmith Slough were able to fix this instantly and had the door opening and locking in a jiffy. One happy client.  

Slough Locksmith gains entry to stuck door – Slough, SL1 – 6th October 2021

A customer in need of urgent assistance with a bathroom door contacted our local Slough Locksmith. Once on site, we found that the customer’s bathroom door had become stuck and in a locked state. Our Slough Locksmith was able to gain entry to the door and replaced the faulty lock with a new, 3-lever sash lock. The customer was so happy to have access into the bathroom and so soon after our Sloughs Locksmiths arrival.

Door not locking in Slough - SL2 - 18th September 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Slough received a call from a worried customer as door would not lock. We attended within the hour and diagnosed the problem. We had to order the stock in as this was an old obsolete lock. However, we were able to fit a temporary lock in door to keep customer safe for the time being. New lock received and fitted within 24 hours making the customer extremely happy. 

New Locks  fitted in Slough, SL3 - 10th September 2021 

A homeowner in need of assistance with a faulty Lock contacted Lockforce Locksmith Slough today. Our technician was able to assist and on site in less than 30 minutes. Once inspection of the lock was complete, our Slough Locksmith discovered that the lock had failed and would need to be replaced. Our Slough Locksmith carries a huge range of parts on the van and was able to install a new Yale Lock and rim cylinder, in the same visit! Very happy and satisfied customer.

Gearbox Replacement, Slough, SL1, 25th August 2021

Customer could not operate the handle as the mechanism had failed. Our Slough locksmith got to property and knew it was the gearbox was worn and needed replacing. New gearbox installed and upgraded lock.

Intermittent Locking Issues, Slough, SL1, 10th August 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Slough were called out to a new build property that had an issue with the lock which wouldn’t allow the owner to lock the door in a consistent manner. We discovered that the alignment on the door was out and preventing the door from fully locking when engaging the multipoint locking bolts and buttons. We aligned the door and found that the lock also needed changing, which we did quickly too. Happy Customer.

Seized Back Door in Slough, SL1, 01/08/21

Our Slough locksmith was contacted recently by a customer who could not open her back door. The door had seized. Our local Slough locksmith was able to gain entry from the inside and stripped the MPL, added a new gearbox and anti-snap lock. Customer was impressed with the technicians knowledge and capability.

Faulty MPL in Slough, SL1, 22/07/21

Lockforce Locksmith Slough was called out by a customer who couldn't unlock there front door. After a brief discussion over the telephone we gave our opinion it was a faulty MPL, customer was given our price and they accepted. Lockforce locksmith Slough attended the property within the hour and managed to repair the MPL with parts on the van. Therefore, cost was only for a attendance and repair rathan than a full replacement. Very happy customer for saving them money.

Locked out in Slough, SL1, 12/07/21

A customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Slough who had locked there front door key on the internal side and it had turned as they shut the door, engaging the lock! There was no way to pick the lock so we had to use a drill and use destructive entry, and then replaced the cylinder. Regardless of the fact we had to use destructive means to gain entry, the customer was happy with outcome.

Gate not secured in Slough, SL0 - 29/06/21 

Lockforce locksmith Slough was called by a customer who was struggling to lock their gate. There was already a lock installed but in the forever changing weather the gate had significantly dropped which meant there was an alignment issue. Lockforce Locksmith attended the property the same day and discussed all options with the customer, they chose to then upgrade to a much better gate lock altogether. Customer is ecstatic to be able to lock their gate and the added security that now has given their home. 

House move in Slough, SL1, 15/06/21

Lockforce Locksmith Slough had a callout to a detached residential property in Slough. A couple had just moved in and wanted new locks fitted for security. We replaced 2 euro cylinders and a night latch and the couple now felt safe in their new home.

Door alignment issue in Slough, SL1, 30/05/21

Lockforce Locksmith Slough attended a commerical building, office and couldn't lock the door with ease. We realigned the door as it had dropped. The whole office was happy now as before it was taking them a good 10 mins each time to lock.

Key Snapped in door in Slough, SL1, 16/05/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Slough were called to a home owners bungalow just outside of Slough. The customer had managed to snap key in the cylinder. We extracted the snapped key and upgraded to a better newer model for security. The customer happily took our review card and is due to send us some lovely feedback on our service.

New Gearbox in Slough, SL1, 08/05/21

Lockforce Locksmitha Slough were called to terraced home in Slough by a family who's door lock had failed. We replaced the gearbox and also whilst on job installed new window handles as the children kept breaking them. The client was very happy with the service provided. 

Key stuck in door in Slough, SL1 - 06/05/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Slough were contacted by a landlord who wanted his terraced property looked at. The landlord had managed to get the key stuck in the door. We uncovered the lock had failed so removed and replaced with a new high security lock.

Locked out of balcony in Slough, SL1 - 19/04/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Slough were phoned by a gentleman in Slough who could not access the balcony on this flat. The UPVC door was not unlocking on the french doors so we had to replace the MPL and new UPVC door handles. The customer was very pleased he can now open his French doors to his balcony.

New Door Handles in Slough, SL1 - 11/04/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Slough were called to help a couple who had been living in their property for the last 30 years and had came across an issue with their front door handles. We attended their terraced property near the centre of Slough and replaced the old handles with brand new door handles. The couple were super happy with the service. 

Slough Door Lock Repairs, SL3 - 01/04/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Slough were called by a couple who were having issues with their front door lock on their home in Slough. We were able to attend the same day and assess the door on site. Our findings meant that we need to make adjustments to the current lock rather than replace the lock entirely. We also discussed security upgrades in case the customer wanted future help with us. 

Slough Locksmith upgrades 3 locks on doors on a family home - SL1, 21st March 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths were called out by a family in Slough who had recently moved into a new property. They wanted new locks and keys for the property in case anybody had old keys. We attended and fitted 3 Euro cylinders across 3 external doors on the property. While we were there we serviced the doors to ensure they were operating as efficiently as possible. Lockforce keeping you and your family safe in Slough.

Slough Locksmith upgrades locks after keys lost by customer - SL3, 15th March 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Slough recieved a call yesterday from a gentleman who had lost an entire set of keys to his property. His local area had suffered from a crime spree so he was keen to have his locks replaced in case his keys had fell into the wrong hands. Lockforce happily obliged and upgrade 3 door locks to Ultion locks. The customer was happy with the service and was finally comfortable knowing his home was properly secured. Lockforce keeping you safe. 

Slough Locksmith Provides Free Security Check Of Properties - SL1, Slough, 5th March 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Slough recently promoted on Facebook that we offer complimentary security audits of your home. We received several requests for an inspection. One property we inspected, the customer couldn't lock his front UPVC door. The issue was a failed gearbox. We replaced the faulty gearbox did a security check on the rest of the property, which was all to a high standard, so didn't need any additional work.

Slough Emergency Locksmith for French Patio Doors - SL3, Slough, 2nd March 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Slough's out of hours emergency service was activated late one night for a call out close to midnight. A customer contacted us to say his key was stuck in a high security lock, in French patio doors. We extracted the keys and diagnosed the issue as a faulty gearbox and there was a fault with the cylinder. Our local Slough lock experts replaced both which corrected the issue and left one customer very happy!

Emergency Locksmith in Slough for UPVC Front Door - SL3, Slough, 26th February 2021

Our Slough emergency locksmiths were called out in the early hours of this morning by a customer who couldn't lock their Upvc front door. Our local Slough locksmiths inspected the door and discovered it was the gearbox that had failed. We promptly replaced it for a better quality gearbox which quickly solved the issue and left one very happy customer.

Slough Locksmith Helps Wildlife Reserve Unable to Lock Front Door - SL1, Slough, 20th February 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Slough were called by a wildlife reserve in Slough who wanted an emergency call out because they couldn't lock their front door. It was a door alignment issue, which we quickly realigned, which solved the problem. The customer was very happy with our local Slough locksmith service.

Emergency Car Lockout in Slough, SL3 - September 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Slough received an urgent call from a customer who had been let down by a national locksmith company. After a GOOGLE search, they contacted Mark from Lockforce Slough who responded rapidly within 25 minutes. The car had been running for at least three hours. Mark picked open the car quickly allowing non destructive entry to the vehicle. Another relieved and satisfied customer. For a prompt and rapid emergency response, 24 hours a day, call Mark from Lockforce Slough, he won’t let you down!

Van Key Not Working in Slough, SL2 - June 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Slough were called by a customer who’s van key was not working. Mark our Lockforce locksmith auto engineer diagnosed the problem over the phone by talking to the customer via a video link FaceTime. Mark advised the customer to use PTFE spray in the ignition barrel and to clean the key itself. Mark was able to help the customer with no call out and the vehicle was back to working order. The customer was grateful for the prompt service over the phone. Not all problems require a call out. Please access our Google Lockforce Slough business page and see how we can help you!

Garage Door Lock Replacement for New Homeowner in Slough, SL3 - May 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Slough received a call from a new homeowner who had no access to the garage as no key was provided. Mark our experienced Lockforce Locksmith, following gained entry, he supplied and fitted a new anti-vandal handle for increased security. For peace of mind when you move into your new home, call Mark the Lockie for a free domestic security survey.

Sunday Afternoon Flat Lockout in Slough, SL1 - April 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Slough received a call from a distressed customer who was locked out of his flat. The front door blew shut as the windows were open And the customer had gone downstairs to let in his wife and child in. Mark, our Lockforce locksmith engineer responded rapidly and gained entry non destructively. Sunday dinner and family rescued! Open 24 hours 7 days a week!

UPVC Patio Door Handle Failed - Slough SL1 - March 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Slough received a call from a distressed customer. The door handle to the back UPVC patio door had been snapped off after the kids had been a little too heavy handed. Mark our Lockforce locksmith engineer replaced the door handles and serviced the mechanism whilst on site. Our Lockforce vans are always fully stocked enabling us to resolve most problems immediately.


Lockforce Locksmiths Slough received a non urgent call from a customer who had lost the keys to her ground floor windows making the house insecure. Mark our Lockforce Locksmith engineer, replaced the UPVC window handles with new keys. All is good in the hood!


Lockforce Locksmiths Slough got a call to upgrade the front door lock after an attempted burglary. Mark, our Lockforce Locksmith, fresh fitted a British Standard deadlock and in addition, upgraded the night latch to a Yale PBS1. A much more secure customer! In this current climate, whilst adhering to the social distancing rules, we at Lockforce are still managing to help the community in this time of need.

LATE NIGHT SLAM SHUT in Slough - 23rd February 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Slough got an emergency call by a customer who was locked out whilst walking her dogs. She closed the door behind her and left the keys inside. The customer had already called two other Locksmiths with no answer. Mark our Lockforce engineer rapidly responded and gained a non destructive entry much to the relief of the customer and the doggies!

LOCK CHANGE FOR A LANDLORD in Slough, SL1 - January 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Slough had a call from a loyal customer to change the locks to one of their properties in Slough SL1 as the previous tenants did not return all the keys. Mark from Lockforce Slough upgraded the existing cylinders with restricted keys so only the landlord was able to obtain more keys thereby increasing security and peace of mind to both tenant and landlord. A free security survey is available to all customers at anytime!


Lockforce Locksmiths Slough received a call out of hours from a distressed customer returning from her holiday. She had locked her keys inside the boot of her car after loading her luggage. Our team had a rapid response within 30 minutes. The lock was picked open and the car keys retrieved via a non destructive entry. Leaving a very happy and satisfied customer!

STOLEN KEYS in Slough, SL1 - 05/11/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Slough got a call from a distraught customer who had her handbag stolen, inside of which were her house keys. Mark, our Lockforce engineer replaced all the locks to the property with anti-snap keys as standard leaving yet another secure and safe customer.

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