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Locksmith Amersham - Local Emergency Mobile Locksmith in Amersham

If you need a reliable local locksmith in Amersham, call Tyrone on 01494 706 140

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Locksmith Services in Amersham - by Lockforce Amersham

Welcome to Lockforce Amersham, Buckinghamshire. We are an independent local locksmith company, operated by Tyrone Smit, working under the trusted and respected Lockforce umbrella.

If you have lost your keys or had them stolen or broken and you need to gain entry, or if you have got tenants moving out and for piece of mind you would like all locks changed. Or if you would like any safety and security features installing, i.e, anti snap locks, sash jammer, etc, please call me now.

Our aim is to provide you with all locksmith services at a high standard and a competitive price with oustanding customer service and after care. We are available at any time of the day or night 24 hrs / 7 days a week as we understand how important it is to keep your business, property and family safe and secure. 

Areas I cover for all of your locksmith services include; Amersham, Chesham Bois, Coleshill, Hyde Heath, Little Chalfont, Little Missenden, Penn Street and Winchmore Hill.

Amersham 24 Hour Emergency Locksmiths

At Lockforce, customer service is key and we understand that a problem with your locks can happen at any time of the day or night. That's why, when you contact Lockforce Amersham, you can be sure to access a locksmith 24/7!

As well as availability, we are very particular about the conduct of our locksmiths. Before joining our organisation, each aspiring locksmith is obliged to undergo a series of quality control assessments to certify the services that they provide are in line with our rigorous standards.

We will always ensure that our locksmiths are local tradesmen who you can trust when dealing with the security of your house or car.

Call our Amersham locksmiths today on  01494 706 140 and we aim to be with you within 30 minutes.

Amersham Security Experts

In the locksmith industry, it is crucial that we are one step ahead of the criminals targeting your property. Indeed, thieves are continually developing new ways in which to break locks and bolts. Many old forms of lock protection are now obsolete, meanwhile the advent of automatic lock technology is rendering the trade of a locksmith increasingly complex.

However, at Lockforce, we pride ourselves on only employing the most competent of local locksmiths, who are skilled in fixing and opening automatic and conventional locks on UPVC, wooden doors and even window frames.

Our locksmiths are keen to give their advice on all lock-related issues, such as how to proof your home from burglars and how to ensure your locks are in compliance with your home insurance. If you need locksmith expertise, why not call us today.

Call our Amersham locksmiths today on  01494 706 140 for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you.

Locked Out in Buckinghamshire?

Most of us don't think about being locked out until such an inconvenience happens! But if you do find yourself in such a nightmare occasion why not call Lockforce Buckinghamshire?

We attend to our phones 24 hours a day and in an emergency, we will try to send a trained local locksmith out to you within the hour. Indeed, for peace of mind in your hour of need, call Lockforce Buckinghamshire.

Call our Amersham locksmiths today on  01494 706 140 for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you.

Amersham Locksmiths Rapid Response

Over the years, we've gathered that there are many things that face our customers when a lock-related problem occurs. What lock do I need? Will they answer my call after working hours? How quickly can my lock problem be fixed?

Fortunately, Lockforce works around the clock, responding to your lock queries and emergencies as they happen. When faced with an immediate lock problem, such as when you become locked out of your car or house, we will try and travel to you in less than 30 minutes.

Moreover, we will always source a reliable and experienced locksmith that is local to your area to ensure your query is seen to quickly and professionally.

If you've been locked out of your property and need to get back in quickly, call our Amersham locksmiths today on 01494 706 140 and we will get to you as quickly as possible!

Amersham Mobile Key Cutting Service

Key cutting is not as easy as one might imagine. Key cutting now incorporates advanced software, top-of-the-range equipment and the prerequisite expertise to operate such machinery. Luckily, at Lockforce Amersham, our highly skilled technicians attend frequent training days to keep them conscious of all issues of development in the locksmith trade.

Whether you demand a cylinder lock, or something more complex, Lockforce have the expertise to cut keys custom to your specific problem. We have technicians in Amersham that operate in your area 7 days a week, which keeps our prices reasonable and our response rapid!

Call our Amersham locksmiths today on 01494 706 140 if you require a new set of keys cut.

Recent Jobs

Patio doors unable to open – Little Chalfont, Amersham, HP6 – 07/09/2020

We received a call from a home owner who had a set of patio doors that were stuck in the locked position and could not open. Once on site we were able to inspect the doors and found that the multipoint lock was not retracting the top hook bolt and not allowing the doors to open. We were able to free the doors without any damage. It was found to be the internal gearbox that had failed. A new gearbox was on hand and in stock so the repairs were able to be carried out in a single visit. The customer was so happy to have access into his garden again and was very impressed with our quick response.

Snapped Key in Front Door – Coleshill, Amersham, HP7 – 29/08/2020

This afternoon we received a call from a customer who had snapped the key in the lock of their front door and requested we come out. Once on site we found that the front door had a mortice lock and that the customer had tried to lock the door but the key wouldn’t turn, They forced the key and it snapped inside the lock. We found that the lock had failed and needed replacing. A new British standards 5 lever mortice lock was fitted and new key supplied. The home owner was very happy to have a new and properly functioning lock on their front door once again.

Lock Replacement on Front Door – Hyde Heath, Amersham, HP6 – 22/08/2020

This afternoon we received a call from a customer who required a new lock to be fitted the same day as they were leaving for a trip the following morning. Our technician was onsite the same afternoon only a couple hours later. After speaking with the customer we found out that the lock fitted to the door was only locking from the inside and the door could not be secured if they left the house. A new British Standards 5 lever mortice lock was fitted to the door as well as a night latch (Yale lock) to ensure the door would have additional security whilst she was away. The customer was very happy with added security the new locks gave to her front door.

Lock Out In Amersham – Chesham Bois, Amersham, HP6 – 18/08/2020

We received a call this afternoon from a customer who had locked themselves out of their house. We were able to send a technician out immediately and had someone on site in under 35 minutes. The customer had left the keys on the inside of the door when she left for work. Non destructive entry was gained through the Upvc door, leaving no damage to the door. The customer was very happy to back inside her home.

UPVC door alignment issues – Little Chalfont, Amersham, HP6 – 16/08/2020

After receiving a call from a customer who was unable to lock their door we were called out to come and sort out their door issues. After arriving on site we found that the UPVC door alignment was out which was not allowing the multipoint lock to fully engage into the frame. Adjustment were made to the door’s alignment and this rectified the locking issue. The customer was very grateful we were able to attend to their problem and fix their door so quickly.

Faulty Front Door Lock – Little Chalfont, Amersham, HP6 – 02/08/2020

This morning we received a call from a customer who had a composite front door that was not locking. Once on site we were able to inspect the door. Due to the door being out of alignment for some time, the customer had been forcing the handle up to get the door to lock which had caused the internal gearbox to fail. Fortunately our technician had the correct replacement gearbox on hand and was able to replace the faulty parts in a single visit. The door was then realigned to prevent this issue from occurring again in the future. The customer was so happy to have their door working like new again, and all within the same morning of placing the call to Lockforce locksmiths Amersham.

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