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Watford Locksmith Services

Lockforce locksmiths in Watford offer a number of 24-hour emergency services including the following

  • Mobile key cutting in Watford
  • 24/7 Locksmith services in Watford
  • Window lock repairs
  • Snapped lock replacement
  • Key extraction
  • Eviction services
  • Master Key Sets
  • Filing cabinet locks
  • Sash Jammers
  • Mortice locks
  • Commercial locksmith work
  • Domestic Locksmith work
  • Conservatory lock repairs and replacement
  • Home locksmith service
  • Business locksmith service
  • British Standard Locks
  • Ultion High Security Locks
  • Anti-Snap Locks
  • Anti-Drill Locks

All of my customers can expect the following as standard:

  • Locks that meet insurance Standards
  • We do not charge a call out fee
  • 1 Year Quality Guarantee

I have Insurance / Public Liability Cover to the sum of £5 million and A Police DBS Check which I always carry with me.

Trusted Locksmiths in Watford

We are a local, trusted and vetted Watford locksmith company who are highly trained in customer service as well as our trade. We offer a 24/7 around the clock Watford locksmith service with a happy to help attitude from a local local lock expert whom knows the area and the problems people are facing in Watford and the surrounding towns.

Bruce has been trained at a high level with one to one training throughout and continues to conduct training thoughout the year to make sure he is always on top form for his customers. Our company values show that you, our customer always comes first, and your personal security is our priority. We will always make you feel safe and secure and clean up any mess that could be made during our lock installations. Security doesn’t need to be a hindrance causing undue stress. We will work to a time that suits you and always make sure we don’t affect your family life or business.

Watford Home Security

Lockforce Locksmiths in Watford offer numerous security and locksmith services to make your domestic or commercial premises safe and secure.

We offer a security survey firstly to find any shortfalls then advise accordingly on what measures we recommend to make the building more secure. All of this advice is provided directly from a knowledgeable security expert who sees the easy ways a lot of crime is committed and also is aware of insurance requirements.

We then offer all type of security measures to combat this, such as CCTV, alarms, high security locks, sash jammers, garage door bolts, deterrants, letter box guards, security lights to name a few of our services. All of the devices we offer and fit are proven to work and to reduce the chances of you becoming a victim. Our security devices designed to be used by the public so there is no expensive technicians call outs to change codes - we will show you all of this and you can manage the security locally to reduce the chances of a security leak.

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith When Locked Out In Watford

Lockforce locksmiths in Watford are a 24-hour locksmiths providing expert security advice and services when you need them the most.

All of our work is carried out to the highest of standards by an expert locksmith who is local to Watford. We live in the heart of Watford so we can get to you anywhere within Watford fast (any the surrounding towns). We use the latest in locksmith techniquess and skills. If you need a locksmith in a hurry at 2am or 2pm we will be with you when you need us most.

Lockforce Locksmiths Watford Payment Options

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Bank Transfer
  • BACS
  • Cash
  • PayPal

Recent Jobs

Watford Gain Entry, Key Snapped - WD19, Watford, 24th February 2020

This afternoon we were called by a very frustrated customer. Today wasn't his day. He had a long list of things that had gone wrong, and snapping his key in his apartment door was the last straw! Thankfully, we were able to get to him in minutes (as we were in the area) and helped extract the key and gain entry to the flat using non-destructive techniques. Once inside, he was able to find a spare key, and we tested it to ensure it was working fine. He also had a much needed cuppa and a moment to chill. Hopefully that's the end of his bad luck for the day.

Damaged Front Door Lock - WD18, Watford, 18th February 2020

This morning Lockforce Locksmiths Watford were called to a property where it appeared like someone had tried to break into the home by snapping the lock. Luckily for the homeowners, the would-be thieves must have gotten spooked because they abandoned their effort a mere moments before they would have succeeded in breaking in. The homeowners instructed us to replace the lock with an anti-snap lock to prevent this technique being used to compromise their lock again. We replaced both their front door lock and their rear door lock with Ultion high security locks, which are anti-snap locks and come with a £1,000 anti-snap guarantee! The customers were very happy with our recommendation of lock and can sleep much easier knowing they are safe.

Watford Door Adjustment and Lock Replacement - WD17, Watford, 4th February 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Watford were called out to a property in Watford because several doors on the property weren't closing properly, and the locks weren't working as they should. We adjusted and serviced the doors and replaced the locks leaving all of the doors working perfectly. The customer was very happy with our comprehensive locksmith service in Watford!

Lock collapse in Watford - 12th January 2020

Lockforce Watford called out for a survey of a collapsed lock on an external storage cupboard, upgraded and a very happy customer knowing that his possessions remain secure.

Call Bruce on 07940793255 for a free security survey and advise on upgrading your locks. #lockforcewatford #keepingyousafe #lockupgrade

Keys Locked Inside - WD17, Watford, 7th January 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Watford attended a customer early this morning who had locked their keys inside the home and was already running late for work! You can imagine the frustration she felt. Luckily for her we were literally around the corner, just 4 streets away and was able to get to her in less than 10 minutes. We used non destructive techniques to gain entry into the property and she was able to resume her morning rush to get to work. She was very grateful for our rapid response locksmith service in Watford.

Lock upgrades after security survey, Watford, 21st December 2019

Lockforce Watford attended a visit request from a customer in Bushey. A full security survey of the customer's property was carried out. After discussion and advice given, our customer opted to upgrade their locks to Ultion. Another satisfied, safe and secure customer

Lost Keys in Watford - WD17, Watford, 18th December 2019

This evening we received a call from a customer in Watford who had lost their keys to their apartment. We raced to them and arrived at their building 20 minutes after they called. The young lady had a baby with her and was anxious to get in, which is why we prioritised this job. It didn't take much to get her door open using non destructive techniques to gain entry. She had a spare set of keys inside her flat, which we used to cut a duplicate set. She has booked for us to return in 2 weeks to upgrade the locks to anti-snap high security locks. If you ever lose your keys in Watford and need an emergency locksmith in Watford, give us a call.

Security upgrade in Watford - WD19, Watford, 12th December 2019

This afternoon we received a call from a customer who wanted her locks changing. She gave a set of keys to a friend, who have since fell out but believes this friend continues to let herself in whilst she's at work. We arranged to meet the customer at the property when she arrives back from work, which wasn't until 8pm, to upgrade the standard cylinders to anti-snap high security cylinders! The customer was very happy and told us she feels more comfortable being at home and leaving her home knowing she won't have any unwelcome visitors when out the home.

Security upgrade in Watford - WD17, Watford, 10th December 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Watford recieved a call from a customer who requested an upgrade of their door locks. They had read reviews about the Ultion locks and wanted them installed.  I arrived promptly and performed the installation in no time. Customer feeling secure already. #Keepingyousafe #Ultion

Jewellery Shop Locksmith To Open Cabinet - WD17, Watford, 5th December 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Watford provide comprehensive locksmith services for both domestic customers and commercial customers including retail. Today we were called by a high street jewellers who were unable to open one of their ring cabinets, and had a customer shopping for a wedding ring, with her dream ring in the locked glass cabinet! We were en-route to another job, and had to pass this shop along the way so we made a small detour and fixed the lock problem and was back on the road in less than 20 minutes.

Lock Replacement for New Home Owners - WD17, Watford, 4th December 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Watford received a call from a young family who had just completed the purchase of a new home and were concerned about who may still be in possession of keys to their home. We were instructed to replace their locks with anti snap high security locks which we completed on the same day. We always make sure our locks conform to house content insurance needs BS3621/2007 so these new home owners are now safe, secure, happy and compliant!

Emergency Locksmith in Watford, Key Not Opening Door - WD19, Watford, 1st December 2019

We were called out this weekend to a customer in Watford whose key was not opening their door. Using our locksmith expertise, we opened the door using non-destructive means, and then inspected their Yale night latch to identify the cause of the problem. We were able to resolve the issue and get the lock working again, however the customer has asked that we return in the new year to upgrade the locks to high security locks. If you ever find yourself locked out in Watford, give Lockforce Locksmiths Watford a call.

Window Locks Not Working - WD18, Watford, 29th November 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Watford received a call yesterday from a gentleman in West Watford who was having problems with his window locks. The handles were turning as expected, but the windows we not unlocking. Only one side of the windows MPL was moving. We ordered replacement gearboxes for the windows which arrived today where we fitted and tested the windows. The customer was now happy the windows were working, it's just a shame we're now in the winter months and there's less sunshine to open the windows to!

Key Snapped in Watford - WD19, Watford, 21st November 2019

Snapping your key in your lock is just as bad, if not worse than losing your keys. That's exactly what we had to deal with in Watford this morning, a customer had snapped their key in their front door and didn't know what to do. Lucky for her, that's why we're the local Watford lock experts, and were able to have her back inside her home within 45 minutes of receiving the call. Lockforce Locksmiths Watford, always keeping you safe.

Watford Emergency Locksmith near Cassiobury - WD17, Watford, 16th November 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Watford received a call from a distressed parent who was out of the country, and their teenage son had locked himself out of the family home and they were very concerned for him (as parents do). We wasted no time in racing to the home where the son was trying his best to pick the lock. Luckily there was no damage to the lock (despite his best attempts) and we were able to use non-destructive means to gain entry to the property. There were spare keys inside so we didn't have to replace the lock or cut any new keys for him. Both himself and his parents were over the moon with our local locksmith service here in Watford.

Watford Key Replacement - WD18, Watford, 11th November 2019

We received a call from a customer in Watford who wanted more keys. They had a spare key cut from a shop, but when they got it home, it failed. We cut them 5 keys on their doorstep and made sure they worked before we left. One happy customer who remarked they should have just called Lockforce Locksmiths Watford first.

Locked Out Late At Night in Watford - WD24, Watford, 3rd November 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Watford received a call from a distressed customer in the early hours (2.45am). It was cold, wet and dark and they had lost their key somewhere on their journey home. Our 24 hour emergency locksmith in Watford was despatched to save the day and was enjoying a cup of tea with the customer at 3.15am having successfuly gained entry to the property using non-destructive means. One very happy and safe customer.

Entry Gain for Local Watford Based Company - October 2019

Lockforce Watford was called out to a local gardening company and carried out a non destructive entry allowing the owner to retrieve keys.  Another grateful customer.

Free Survey for Watford Property - October 2019

Customer requested a security survey of property, Lockforce Watford  locksmiths carried out a free survey, upgrade of night latch and mortice locks at a reasonable rate. 

Watford School Security Upgrade - October 2019

Lockforce Watford attended a call to a local SEN school, assessment of windows and doors, an upgrade to poorly fitted spiral locks and key cutting required. Lockforce Watford locksmiths also working alongside local Access Control Company to ensure safety and security for staff and pupils.

Entry Gain in Watford - October 2019

Lockforce Watford attended a request from a customer for a locksmith to gain entry to her property in the HA2 area as she had no keys. Lockforce Watford attended and had the customer safely indoors and out of the rain, another satisfied customer.

Happy Customer in Watford - October 2019

Telephone call received via online search on Google for a local locksmith to carry out a non destructive entry into property. Lockforce Watford quickly on the scene to carry out the task. Customer extremely happy.

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