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My name is Pete, your local professional locksmith serving Reading and the surrounding areas (Caversham, Woodley, Tilehurst, and Twyford)

Throughout Reading—from the bustling streets of Caversham to the quiet lanes of Twyford—our clients face a variety of lock-related challenges. Whether it’s a business executive in Tilehurst locked out before a crucial meeting, a student in Woodley dealing with the aftermath of a break-in, or a full-time mum in Caversham seeking extra keys for her forgetful son, we’re here to help.

Key Points:

  • NO Call Out Fees
  • Fully DBS Check
  • Discounts for NHS staff and veterans
  • All work guaranteed for 12 months
  • Free Security Home Survey
The manufacturers we work with and the products we install…
Ultion Brisant Secure Yale Ring Chubb Remote Lock

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Why Choose Us?

Join countless satisfied residents across Reading and suburbs like Woodley and Twyford who trust us with their security. Contact Lockforce Locksmith Reading today at 0118 430 0152.

Locked Out in Reading

Lockouts are more than mere inconveniences; they are urgent crises that can disrupt your day. That’s why we offer rapid-response emergency lockout services across Reading, including areas like Tilehurst and Caversham. Pete, your trusted local locksmith, is ready to assist with a swift, professional service that ensures you regain access without damage to your property.

Lock Change in Reading

Enhancing the security of your home starts with robust, reliable locks. Whether you’re moving into a new place in Twyford, have lost your keys, or need to upgrade after a break-in in Woodley, Pete offers expert advice and installation of high-security locks suited to your specific needs.

Door and Lock Repairs in Reading

As your first line of defence, it’s crucial that your doors and locks are in top working order. Serving clients from Caversham to Tilehurst, Pete specializes in repairing and maintaining all types of doors and locks, focusing on solutions that enhance security and durability.

Smart Lock Installations in Reading

 Embrace modern security with smart lock installations that offer convenience and enhanced safety. Ideal for tech-savvy homes in Reading and areas like Woodley and Twyford, smart locks provide keyless entry, remote access, and activity monitoring. Pete will guide you through choosing, installing, and configuring the best smart lock for your home.

Free Home Security Survey in Reading

Don’t leave your home security to chance. We offer a free, comprehensive home security survey by Pete himself, assessing potential risks and advising on protective measures. This service is available across Reading, including the communities of Tilehurst, Caversham, Woodley, and Twyford.

Take the First Step - Schedule your free security survey with Pete today and ensure that your home, whether in central Reading or the surrounding areas like Caversham and Tilehurst, is as secure as possible.

Recent Jobs

New gearbox fitted to home in Reading, RG30 – 14th August 2023 

Lockforce Locksmith Reading were called out yesterday to help a customer who could not operate their door handle as the mechanism had failed. We arrived at the property swiftly and diagnosed that the gearbox had worn and needed to be replaced. We carried out this work and the door was back working within minutes. Lockforce locksmith keeping you safe 24/7.

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Landlord wants property back in Tilehurst, Reading – RG30 - 8th June 2023

Lockforce Locksmith Reading was contacted by a disgruntled landlord who wanted us to gain entry to their rental property by any means necessary. The tenant had left the property and glued all the doors windows and garage locks, so they were unable to access to the property to assess the damage. After quickly gaining access, we then spent 2 hours changing all the locks for upgraded versions for the security conscious landlord.

Emergency call out in Emmer Green, Reading – RG30 - 6th June 2023

Lockforce Locksmith Reading had a late-evening call from customer in Emmer Green who had been out for the evening and when he returned home, realised he had left his keys inside the property. We attended within 20 mins and gained non-destructive entry so no need for a new lock. Lockforce Locksmith Reading, KEEPING YOU SAFE 24/7.

Local locksmith required for emergency lock out in Sonning Common, Reading - RG4 - 3rd June 2023

Lockforce locksmiths Reading attended with our rapid response service, which was within 15 minutes. As the customer searched for “locksmith near me”, being local meant Lockforce Locksmiths Reading were top of the website listings for this service. They left their keys on the inside of the lock. This was no issue to our locksmith and the customer was back in their home within minutes and no damage was done to the lock or door. They can now continue to enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend in the sun. Happy customer.

Garage door lock failed in Caversham, Reading – RG4 - 29th May 2023

Lockforce Locksmith Reading were called out to help a local customer who was selling a house in Caversham. The customer had found that the bottom dead lock for their garage door was locked shut and the key would not go in. We attended 15 minutes after his call and assessed the problem. We found that the lock was at fault. We changed the mortice lock at the customer’s request and supplied a further 5 keys cut straight from our van for customers ease and convenience.

Door not locking in Calcot, Reading – RG31 - 28th May 2023

Lockforce Locksmith Reading got a call from a Calcot resident whose door would not lock. We attended within the hour and diagnosed the problem quickly as a failed mechanism. We had to order the stock but was able to fit a temporary lock in the door to keep the customer safe until I got back the next day.

Door not locking in Reading - 3rd May 2023 

The rear UPVC door to a property in Reading wasn't locking and the customer's home was unsecure. Lockforce Locksmiths were contacted and attended the property quickly to make it secure. This was done, a new part was fitted and with some small adjustments, now the door works perfectly. 

Two back door repaired on the same street in Reading, RG2 - 15th February 2023 

Lockforce Locksmith Reading booked in a job for yesterday morning after a property owner was unable to open his patio doors. We gained non-destructive entry and replaced the faulty gearbox. Customer was extremely happy with the service and price. 

New locks installed in Reading, RG1 - 19th January 2023 

Lockforce Locksmith Reading was called out this week to change a lock on the front door for a client, the existing Lock Case and Rim cylinder were removed and replaced with new units. Some chiselling of the door was necessary to accommodate the new keep. New unit was checked by locksmith and client and worked beautifully. 

Reading Locksmith for a lock out in Reading, RG2 – 8th January 2023.  

Our local locksmith Pete attended a property and gained non-destructive entry to the front door. The faulty front door lock was upgraded to an anti-snap euro cylinder. The customer was happy to find us working on a Sunday and to attend so promptly. 

Lock inspection - Reading, RG2 - 20th September 2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Reading were called out to provide an inspection and diagnosis of a lock problem at a newbuild home. We attended the same day and examined the suspected faulty cylinder however after inspecting the cylinder out of the lock we found it to be working smoothly. We believe the lock issues was arising from the new door and the frame fitted. After a few door adjustments the lock was working perfectly. The customer was very grateful for our speedy service and complimentary security advice.  

Local Locksmith Fixes Patio Doors Which Seized - Reading, RG1 – 7th September 2022 

A customer who was in the process of handing over keys during a house sale notices the patio doors had seized. Lockforce Locksmiths Reading attended promptly and inspected the patio doors and diagnosed the issue as a faulty gearbox. Lockforce Locksmith Reading replaced and aligned the door so working as good as new and the house sale went through all smoothly.

Locksmith Uses Letterbox To Gain Entry To Property Reading, RG2 - 21st August 2022 

Lockforce Locksmiths Reading was contacted early yesterday morning from a tenant who had locked themselves out of their property after losing their keys on a dog walk. Being nearby we attended within 20 minutes and surveyed the door. Using a letterbox tool, we unlocked the door from outside the property and let the tenant straight back in and without the need to change any locks. Happy customer with our speedy response time. 

Replaced Lock on Back Door – Reading, RG1 - 6th August 2022 

A family was struggling to open their back door and called Lockforce Locksmiths Reading late one evening. We were able to attend quickly and gained non-destructive entry to the rear door. We replaced the old gearbox with a new one and fitted a high security 3-star insurance approved lock to add extra security. 

Emergency entry gain after lock out situation in Reading, RG3 - 20th June 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Reading received an emergency telephone call in the early hours the other day from a local lady in Reading who locked themselves out of their home after leaving their keys in the door. We were in the local area and arrived within 30 minutes to assess the lock. For a highly trained locksmith there was a quick solution. We operated a non-destructive entry by unlocking the door from outside the home. Once the client was safe and inside, we recommended a lock upgrade to a high-security anti-snap cylinder which they chose to get installed for added security. The customer was delighted to be back inside their property and for the fast response.

Replaced Window handles in Reading, RG30 - 19th May 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Reading received a call from a customer in Tilehurst who wanted their window handles replaced on all downstairs windows. This was due to losing all the keys and one of the windows wouldn't open and they needed the security of being able to lock. We quickly solved the problem and changed all handles and all now working how they should be.

Reading Locksmiths Fixes Patio Door Locks on Summer House – Reading, RG2 - 15th May 2022 

A customer in a small village near Reading contacted our locksmiths because the lock on their summer house patio doors had failed. The customer couldn't get in because the gearbox had failed. We gained non-destructive entry to the summer house and replaced the old mechanism with a new one and upgraded the lock to a 1-star Ultion cylinder which provided improved much needed security to the building. 

Local Church Can Not Lock Door, Reading, RG4 – 7th May 2022 

Our local church contacted Lockforce Locksmith Reading after being unable to look the church door. Living locally, we were able to attend within 30 minutes and rectified the lock issue by replacing the old cylinder with a new 1-star Ultion Lock. Whilst there we quoted for a fire escape handle and shortly after this was authorised and we are going back to fit this week. Happy customer.  

Reading Locksmith Gains Entry After Key Snaps, Reading, RG1 – 3rd May 2022

A worried customer contacted our Reading locksmiths after snapping their key in their front door lock. Lockforce Locksmith Reading were able to gain entry to the property and used non-destructive techniques. We went ahead and replaced the rim cylinder of the Yale lock entirely and provided 5 new keys to the happy customer.

Reading Locksmith Smart Lock Installation, Reading, RG2 -16th April 2022

A local customer contacted Lockforce Locksmiths Reading to discuss smart locks. We discussed a wide range of products on the market and ultimately decided on the Ultion smart lock which we supplied and fitted to the front door on the same visit.

Locked out with no keys in Reading, RG1 - 26th March 2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Reading were called to help a lady locked out in Reading central. We attended within 30minutes, unlocked the door and she was quickly back inside. She’s requested we also fit a key safe so this issue won’t happen again in future. 

Left keys inside home and now locked out in Reading, RG3 - 25th Macrh 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Reading received an emergency text in the evening the other day from a local lady in Reading who locked themselves out of their property after leaving their keys in the door. We were nearby and attended within 30 minutes to assess the situation. For a professional locksmith there was a quick solution. We carried out a non-destructive entry by unlocking the door from outside the home. Once the client was safe and inside, we recommended a lock upgrade to a high-security anti-snap cylinder which they chose to get installed for added security. The customer was thankful to be back inside their home and for the honest pricing.

Locked out with no keys in Reading, RG1 - 6th March 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Reading received an emergency call from a lady who was locked out of her bungalow after leaving her keys inside. We attended within 15 minutes, unlocked the door and she was quickly back inside. We fitted a Supra key safe to the outside of her property to stop this happening again.

Locked out in Reading, RG2 - 1st March 2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Reading received an urgent telephone call to gain entry for a lovely gentleman after he had left his home and forgot his house keys. I arrived within 20 minutes and used our letterbox tool to open the door for the gentleman he was so happy with our response time and efficiency. 

Reading Emergency locksmith freed up front door that had jammed shut, RG2, - 22nd February 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Reading attended a property where the front door was jammed shut. We were able to gain access to find out that the full MPL mechanism had seized, we therefore replaced old for new and even upgraded their locks to 3-star high security cylinders.

House keys stolen in Reading, RG1 - 9th February 2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Reading were called by a lady whose elderly mother had her bag stolen while out food shopping, she was worried about her mother’s property and safety and wanted to have her locks changed. Lockforce Locksmith Reading attended within the hour and changed both front and back door cylinders to 1 star security locks. Both can now go to sleep tonight knowing no one has keys to her home. 

Customer struggling to open and close door, RG1, Reading - 4th February 2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Reading received an email from a customer who was struggling to Lock/Unlock their front door. The customer was getting increasingly worried it would eventually stop altogether so called our technician to help. We attended that afternoon and adjusted the keep and serviced the night latch. Now the door is back to working like new and didn't cost the earth as it was only time and expertise spent. Happy customer. 

Full MPL change on UPVC patio door in Reading, RG4, 5th December 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Reading were contacted by customer who had gotten our details through a Facebook local recommendation group. They had an issue with their UPVC patio door that needed repairing. We attended the same afternoon and fitted a full new MPL allowing the door to operate as normal. Another happy customer in Reading. 

Locksmith replaces Mortice Lock on back garden wooden gate - RG2, Reading, 15th November 2021

Our Reading locksmith gained entry to a troublesome back garden wooden gate with a faulty mortice lock. Lockforce Locksmith Reading gained non-destructive entry and replaced the old mortice lock with a new British Standard 5-level high security lock. Customer can now leave the property without worry anyone can get into the back of their home. 

Landlord’s tenant eviction requiring lock change, Reading, RG1 - 7th November 2021 

A landlord had not received rent for several months and was in need of our help to change a lock for his property which had been evacuated rapidly. Lockforce Locksmith Reading gained entry to the house and changed the necessary locks to make the property safe and so they could start renting it out again. One happy landlord. 

Faulty bedroom door lock - Reading, RG4 - 5th October 2021

Lockforce locksmith Reading had an emergency call out today for a customer whose bedroom door lock would no longer work. Upon arrival I was told the lock was only days old, with a little bit of persuasion I managed to open the door without any damage to the lock or door in no time at all. Adjusted the keep to make this old problem not happen again. One very relieved and happy customer. 

School Fire Door not working in Reading – RG2 – 17th September 2021 

Lockforce Locksmith Reading was contacted by a local primary school whose fire door had been opened by a child and they now couldn’t lock it back up. Upon inspection our local Reading Locksmith found the lock had failed and needed a replacement. Luckily our Lockforce Locksmith Reading stocks a huge variety of locks to do an immediate replacement. One happy school head mistress.  

Can’t lock door in Reading, RG4 - 01/05/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Reading were called to a semi-detached property by a family who could not lock their main front door. We attended the same afternoon, fixed the door issue which was an issue with the door alignment. The family were back to having a safe and secure property.

Family locked out of home in Reading, RG30 - 19/04/21

Lockforce Locksmiths Reading were called by a family of 5 who had locked themselves out of their detached family home in Reading. They had locked themselves out after losing the house keys on dog walk. We gained access by non-destructive entry and the family were so pleased to have get her children inside.

Locked out of garage in Reading, RG5 - 10/04/21

On behalf of a local commerical premise, Lockforce Locksmiths Reading attended a site to help gain entry to a garage where the lock had jammed. We gained entry within 10minutes and replaced the cylinder. The client was very pleased and now can put their pride and joy car in their garage. 

Lock Upgrade in Reading, RG4 - 05/04/2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Reading were called to replace an old euro cylinder with a new euro cylinder lock. The customer had recently moved into the area and wanted to ensure nobody else had keys to the property. On closer inspection we ended up finding that the gear box and mpl were faulty so this was needed to be replaced also. The customer was so happy we identify these pesky issues and was very pleased with her new secure lock. 


Lockforce Locksmiths Reading received an urgent call from a customer who forgot his combination to a domestic safe  Mark from Lockforce Reading successfully retrieved the combination and accessed the safe non destructively. He also reconfigured the combination for the customer. Lockforce Reading was found on Google My Business. Please visit our website for more information and reviews.

September 2020 Reading RG31


Lockforce Locksmiths Reading were called out urgently to a major food store, Reading Aldi where the staff room door lock failed. With a rapid response and practising social distancing,  Mark our Lockforce locksmith, swiftly gained access by picking open the door  He cleaned and serviced the mechanism and cylinder making the door operational again. Aldi in Reading was a returning customer who found Lockforce Reading via our WhatsApp Business group. Please join our Lockforce WhatsApp Business group to access service deals and security upgrade offers throughout the year.

RG1 - June 2020


Lockforce Locksmiths Reading received a call from a landlord needing a lock change as the previous tenants had not returned all the keys. As a precaution he also requested an upgrade. Mark our Lockforce locksmith upgraded the locks to Britain Standard anti snap euro cylinders which he had in his fully stocked van and provided additional keys.Lockforce Reading provides locksmith services for domestic rental properties and free security surveys.

RG4 - May 2020


Lockforce Locksmiths Reading received a call to the Ford main dealership after all the keys to a brand new Ford Ranger were locked in the car on the front seat   The vehicle was ready to be delivered to its new customer. Mark, our Lockforce locksmith engineer was recommended and was called to site. He swiftly gained entry to the vehicle and the shiny new truck was ready to be delivered. Happy customer, happy dealership. No problem too small!

RG1 - April 2020


Lockforce Locksmiths Reading received a call from a customer requesting our free security survey. After discussing the details with Mark, our experienced Lockforce locksmith, he decided to upgrade the front door lock with an ULTION 3 star British Standard cylinder. As part of our ever evolving service, we provide free security surveys to everyone. Call us!

Reading RG1 March 2020


Lockforce Locksmiths Reading got a call from a distraught customer who’s house had been burgled. The thieves had snapped the lock and damaged the handles in the process. Mark, our experienced Lockforce Locksmith, replaced the UPVC handles and upgraded the lock to a British Standard anti snap cylinder. For a free home security survey, please call us anytime.

Reading RG2, March 2020


Lockforce Locksmiths Reading were called out to attend a home where the rear french patio doors had seized having not been opened for five years. They were thirty year old multi point locking wooden doors. Mark our experienced Lockforce engineer managed to open the doors, removed the mechanism and lock. The doors were serviced and realigned. Mark fitted a new mechanism and cylinder: 3 star British Standard ULTION. In and out for Lockforce Locksmiths Reading!

Jan 2020, Reading


Lockforce Locksmith Reading had an emergency call out for a slam shut lock out. Our engineer, Mark attended within half an hour to gain entry non destructively much to the customer’s delight!

Feb 2020, RG4


Lockforce Locksmiths Reading received an urgent call from home developers Taylor Wimpey, one of our national contracts. A builder had lost the keys to 5 new properties which were ready for hand over to the new owners. Mark, our ever ready Lockforce engineer, gained non destructive entry and fitted each property keyed alike 3 Star British Standard locks throughout. Leaving a very satisfied site manager!

RG2 05/01/2020


Lockforce Locksmiths Reading received a call from a distressed customer who wanted to upgrade his security after having an attempted burglary at his residence. After discussing security options, an informed decision was made on fitting insurance and police approved 3* British Standard ULTION locks. In addition, our experienced Lockforce Locksmiths Reading team supplied, fitted and installed the new Ring Doorbell for our elderly customer who now feels safe and secure.

Jan 2020, RG2 

Customer Burgled in Reading

We received a call from a customer in Reading RG1 who came home to find they had been a victim of a burglary. We were able to respond quickly and repair the damage. The locks were upgraded to 3* British Standard insurance approved locks: ULTION cylinders. The customer was pleased with the level of security provided by our experienced locksmith team at Lockforce Reading. 

13/02/20, RG1

Lost Keys for Safe in Reading - 5th November 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Reading received a call from a customer from Whitley in Reading RG2 who had lost the keys for his safe. We were able to respond quickly and gained entry to the safe non-destructively for the customer. Thanks to our professional locksmith services and dedication to our work we have another happy customer in Reading.

Reading Safe Lock Picking

Snapped key in Reading - 9th October 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Reading received a call from a customer at the ALDI store in Reading last night who had snapped a key inside the staff room door whilst locking up for the night.  We were able to respond within 20 minutes and extract the broken security key for the customer.  Another happy customer who is thankful for our professional locksmith service.

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