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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke.

My name is Martin and I’m your local and trusted locksmith.

I have many years experience in the trade and available 24 hours a day.

I pride myself on providing a high quality service level at a reasonable price.


  • 24/7 Availability
  • No call out fees
  • 1 year workmanship guarantee
  • £5 million public liability insurance 
  • DBS checked
  • Only fit British Standard locks

Basingstoke Locksmith Services

Whichever service you require and whether you're a Commercial or Domestic customer, I'm here to help, 24 hours a day.

Please read on to see a more detailed list of my services. 

We can help you with all of your locksmith and security requirements, here's a small list of the offers we provide...

  • High security locks
  • Digital lock opening and repairs
  • Auto lock entry and repairs
  • Broken key extraction 
  • British standard, insurance approved locks as standard
  • Conservatory lock repair and replacement
  • Filing cabinet lock replacement
  • Door bolts, bars and latches
  • Key safes
  • Window and door lock repairs and upgrades
  • Only fitting anti-drill, anti-snap and anti-drill locks 
  • Emergency, non-destructive entry
  • Burglary repairs and window boarding if required
  • Home security survey
  • Lockouts - 24/7 emergency locksmiths
  • CCTV & alarm device installation   
  • Door and window re-aligning
  • Insurance work
  • Safe access
  • Mortice locks
  • uPVC doors and window locks
  • Only high security locks used
  • Additional security devices such as Sash-jammers

Auto Locksmith Services Basingstoke

For immediate and expert auto locksmith solutions, look no further than Lockforce Basingstoke.

We specialise in a wide range of services designed to address every car owner's needs.

Car Key Cutting and Programming

Lost car keys or need a spare? Martin offers precision car key cutting and programming for all types of vehicles. Leveraging advanced technology, he ensures each key is perfectly cut and programmed to match your vehicle’s specifications, guaranteeing access and functionality.

Remote and Non-Remote Key Services

Whether your car uses a traditional key or a modern remote system, Martin has the expertise to handle it. From remote key programming to non-remote key cutting, he provides comprehensive solutions to keep you and your vehicle connected.

Emergency Services for All Keys Lost

In the event all keys to your vehicle are lost, Martin’s emergency locksmith services are here to help. Utilizing the latest in automotive locksmith technology, he can create a new set of keys on the spot, ensuring you’re back on the road in no time.

Car Gain Entry

Locked out of your car? Martin employs non-destructive techniques to safely gain entry to your vehicle, ensuring no damage and swift access.

Key Blade Cutting

Precision is paramount when it comes to key blade cutting. Martin’s expertise ensures that each key blade is accurately cut to fit your vehicle’s locks perfectly.

Battery Replacement and Key Fob Repairs

Extend the life of your remote keys with Martin’s battery replacement and key fob repair services. From worn buttons to damaged casings, he has the skills to restore your key fob's functionality.

Rely on Martin at Lockforce Basingstoke for all your automotive locksmith needs. With a focus on speed, efficiency, and precision, he’s here to ensure your vehicle’s security and your peace of mind.

Our Locks

We only supply the best locks! Did you know that not all locks are created equal?

The quality of your locks can mean the difference between being safe and secure in your home and leaving yourself open to being burgled.

The Brisant range of locks are a favourite of mine and for good reason! Unlike many standard locks on the market, Brisant locks work on multiple levels to protect my customers from intruders.

The Brisant-BS model for instance is:

  • Anti-snap
  • Anti-pick
  • Anti-bump
  • 3 trap pins

The anti-snap feature is very important, most households in the UK have UPVC doors and are currently factory fitted with a with a lock device called a euro-cylinder. Previously holding credibility as a home protection device, however advancing criminal knowledge means that they are now prone to burglar attack. The outer shell of this lock can easily be snapped, exposing the rest which can be manipulated and broken, allowing access to your property. All this can be done in under 13 seconds and without a sound!

The anti-snap cylinder will not stop thieves from attempting this, however when they do try, the cylinder works by snapping at the sacrificial cut when a criminal attempts to tamper with it, shutting off the core of the lock which the lock-picker needs to access. 3 trap pins also fire on each side of the lock, acting as a second line of defence, if it suspects it's being picked, bumped or tampered with. Clever hey!

For added security, one of the best on the market is the Ultion TS007. This is the latest form of lock upgrade to come out from the Brisant range. The TS007 is without doubt the most fortified euro-cylinder available on the domestic market.

  • Anti-snap
  • Anti-pick
  • Anti-bump
  • Anti-drill
  • 11 trap pins

Regardless of what locks you chose, please always ensure your locks come with this British Standard kite mark. This is a symbol of lock security excellence and no lock in your home should be without one!

Recent jobs

Front door jammed in Basingstoke - 30th May 2020

Customer called explaining that she cannot unlock her front door. Lockforce Locksmith Basingstoke turned up and have the door open in no time replacing the faulty part on the mechanism and leaving smile on customers face as always. Another great job done.

Lock mechanism failure - 28th October 2019

Customer called after he couldn't lock his front door anymore. Already from the conversation, the Lockforce Locksmith Basingstoke engineer knew what the problem was and his suspicion was confirmed on arrival. The door mechanism failed due to excess force being applied when locking.  As a result we deicded the best course of action would be to fit a new mechanism for the customer. No more need for a chair against the door at night. 

Locked out in the rain - 29th September 2019

Customer called in the middle of the night that he have lost his keys to his property. Luckily Lockforce Locksmith basingstoke engineer was only 2 streets down and got him in within 20 of the call and also changed his door lock to make sure he is the only one who could possibly have a key to his home. Returning customer (landlord) called again to save a tenant standing in the rain outside her house. Quick respond and job well done put a smile on her face.

Gun safe in Bramley - 20th September 2019

Customer called after he replaced the locks on his gun safe however the new keys are not unlocking and now he can get into his safe. Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke arrived within 30 min and had both locks open for him. The locks has been slightly different so the advice has been given and adjustment made to secure the safe. 

Broken key in Basingstoke - 20th September 2019

Late call from a customer that had broken her key in her lock trying to get back home. The engineer turned up in 20min, extracted the broken key and gained entry so that she could go and have a rest after long day at work.

Front door jam in Basingstoke - 20th September 2019

Customer called that he cannot turn his key to unlock his front door. After 15mins the locksmith arrived and got him in in professional way and replaced the faulty mechanism.

Lanlord needs new keys in Basingstoke - 6th September 2019

A property landlord phoned up Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke to inform that his previous tenants did not return all the keys for the property. An engineer turned up at the property within minutes and had the front door and the back door lock in a few moments. Now the landlord has no worry and can safely rent the property again.

Faulty lock in Basingstoke - 6th September 2019

Customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke that her key is not longer unlocking her front door lock. An engineer arrived within 15min and gained entry to her home and replaced the faulty lock. The lock had been damaged due to poor copy of the key and a recommendation to a future key cutting company was given to a happy customer.

Securing Fire Exit Doors in Basingstoke - 1st September 2019

Returning customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke again to assist them with securing a 3 fire exit doors and one large storage container. All has been completed in quick fashion and again another happy customer.

Lost Keys to Property in Basingstoke - 15th August 2019

Estate agent in Basingstoke lost key for the property so contacted Lockforce Basingstoke. Engineer responded and gained entry non-destructively and replaced the lock. New Tenant can move in thanks to Lockforce Locksmiths.

New home locks change in Basingstoke - 12th August 2019

A new home owner called to discuss lock replacement at her property and ended up booking Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke services for the next morning. All locks were replaced including the garage and a security door chain fitted just to make her feel little bit more safe.

Fixing Front Door Problems in Basingstoke - 7th August 2019

Customer called after reading the reviews with a front door problem. Lockforce locksmith Basingstoke turned up and after quick inspection localised the problem and fixed it on the spot and also offered free security check and ended up readjusting the back door causing a draft. Happy customer as always.

Keys locked in Van in Basingstoke - 1st August 2019

Employee from Halfords Basingstoke called as he had locked his van keys inside the van. Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke responded within 10min and got it open in another 5. Happy customer could not believe how quickly his van could be opened after an AA engineer failed earlier that morning

Brocken lock on new property in Basingstoke - 20th July 2019

A Basingstoke customer moved into a new property and quickly realised they had a broken lock on the front door. Quick and easy replacement and the customer was safe and very happy in her new home!

Bifold doors not locking in Basingstoke - 12th July 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke were called to a property because the customer had just moved into it but could not lock the bifold patio doors. They called the window engineer out to fix the poroblem but were advised by them to change the locks on all entrances of his new home, as he will not be sure how many keys had been cut by previous occupiers. After all of the locks had been replaced, the customer was extremely happy and can now sleep at night knowing that only he has the keys for his home

Lock upgrade in Basingstoke - 10th July 2019

Customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke with a bathroom lock problem. We attended at the agreed time and fixed the problem there and then. After a free home security check on their front and back doors the customer decided to change the locks on them as it was more than 10 years old. Their hous is now supplied with British Standard, Insurance and Police approved locks.

Key stuck in Basingstoke - 20th June 2019

A customer called in need of a Locksmith in Basingstoke as he could not remove his key from the lock after locking the door. Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke knew the problem instantly from th econversation with the customer so were able to quote him over the phone and ensure we had the correct tools. The Customer called back after a discussion with his landlord that had provided the go ahead. All works carried out simply and efficiently. Happy customer, happy landlord.

Door not locking in Basingstoke - 17th June 2019

A customer called today to explain that his side door would not lock so could we come out asap. Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke turned up within half an hour and after a slight adjustmet to the door, the locking problem a=was resolved. 

Door not locking in Basingstoke - 15th June 2019

A customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke on saturday morning to say that his lock on the back door was failing to lock although this new door had been only fitted two weeks previous...Our Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke engineer turned up within 10 min of the call , inspected the door and found/ fixed the problem. Also carried out a free security check on the doors and windows on the property.

Locked out in Basingstoke - 11th June 2019

A customer left their spare key on the inside of their door, in the lock so got locked out. After calling Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke our engineer gained entry within 15min of the phone call. Another happy customer!

Seized door handle in Basingstoke - 7th June 2019

This evening I was contacted by a customer whos door handle had seized up. Locksmith Locksmiths Basingstoke attended within 20 minutes and replaced their faulty MPL gearbox! Satisfied customer saved his number under locksmith and left amazing review!

Additional security in Basingstoke - 5th June 2019

A customer contacted Lockforce Locksmith Basingstoke as she wanted extra security on her sliding patio door. She had just moved into her new property and did not feel safe. Lockforce turned up at the agreed time and fitted extra locks on the patio door and advised her that would be wise to change all the locks after she moved in.. she was very happy with the idea and all locks on the property have been changed and all windows security checked. This is somethign that we would recommend to anyone in a new property, as you never know who still has keys to your house!

Key snapped in Basingstoke - 16th May 2019

A Local Pub and accommodation establishment contacted Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke in the late hours as a customer had snapped a key in the lock to one of their bedrooms. Our Locksmith arrived and had the broken key extracted in no time at all! Manager of the pub asked for a business card as he was very impressed with the result and price.

Lost key in Basingstoke - 4th May 2019

A customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke today as he had lost the key to his Garage and needed to get it replaced. Lockforce turned up and got his garage door open and lock changed in no time, leaving the garage and its contents safe and secure.

Snapped patio door handle in Basingstoke - 3rd May 2019

A lovely lady contacted Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke via email as she had managed to snap the handle on her sliding patio door and therefor the door remained locked. Lockforce locksmiths turned up at an agreed time and had the door open in seconds. Handle fixed and door back in safe and working order! Another happy customer for Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke

Access gained to apartment - 29 April 2019  

Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke received a call from a customer after his daily run one evening after he realised that he had lost the key to his apartment. The customer could not believe that Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke were in attendance at his property within ten minutes. I promptly opened the apartment door and the customer also decided to upgrade his lock whilst I was there. Another happy customer for Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke.

Prompt response to assist a salon owner – 27 April 2019

An owner of a hair salon owner contacted Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke as they had lost the keys to the back door. I attended the call within fifteen minutes and promptly changed the lock. The customer requested a business card and advised that they will use our services again if ever needed.

Customer locked out of house - Hook – April 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke were called by a customer in Hook at 7.30am one morning as she had closed the front door and had left the house keys inside the property. I attended the call within thirty minutes and promptly opened the door. I also fixed the front door lock which had become loose. The customer then asked for a quote to fit an additional lock on the front door which will be fitted in the coming weeks.

Property secured following house move – 26 April 2019

A gentleman contacted Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke to request a quote to change the locks after he had moved into a new property. I attended the call and following a quick assessment a quote was provided. The customer was happy with the price and asked for the locks to be changed immediately. Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke left a satisfied customer who was now safe in his new home.

Lost key in garden – Hook - 23 April 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke received a call from a customer in Hook who had lost her key for the utility room in the garden. To resolve the issue, the lock was picked open and replaced. A fast and efficient solution for another happy customer.

Access gained to van - Basingstoke – 17 April 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke were contacted by a customer who could not open their van with the key fob and which also had a flat battery. I responded to the call within thirty minutes and gained access to the van. I even assisted the customer with the jump leads!

Key stuck in lock - 11 April 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Basingtoke attended a call from a customer who was unable to remove a key from the door after it had been locked. I was arrived at the property within 15 minutes and replaced the faulty cylinder which resolved the problem. The customer was very happy with the service as she still had time to attend her gym session.

Access gained to flat in the early hours – 5 April 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke were called out at 2.30am to help an individual that had locked themselves out of their flat. I operate a 24-hour emergency service and arrived at the property within twenty minutes. Non-destructive access was gained to the flat. The customer was charged nearly half the price of that quoted by another locksmith! Here at Lockforce we believe in charging fair and appropriate pricing whatever time of day or night. Another happy customer for Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke.

Quick response to resolve a faulty front door – 5 April 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke were called out to look at a front door that could not be unlocked after the owner had replaced the cylinder. I arrived at the property within six minutes, quickly opened the door and replaced the faulty part. Job completed.

Key snapped in Axford

Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke were called to a snapped key in the lock from the inside. She was happy for me to turn up at her house within 30min.Lock has been replaced and customer was given 5 keys to go with her anti snap lock. She was delighted with the service and happy that she could lock her door again.

1:30am lock out in Basingstoke

A customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Basingstoke at 1:30am as he'd left his keys inside the house and needed to get in! Luckily for him I live only 3 minutes away so let immediatly and got him inside in seconds. He was so impressed he invited me in for a coffee and a chat whilst I did the admin. He also promised to leave me review on my website as he was so impressed!

Unable to lock the back door!

Lockforce Locksmiths had a call from a Customer in Hook who was unable to lock the back door. The problem was a gearbox failure so we upgraded to an Ultion Euro cylinder, one of the best there is. Very happy customer indeed!

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