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My name is Phill Cox and I’m your local, experienced locksmith serving Mansfield and the surrounding areas nearby.

Across all my websites I have over 350 positive customer reviews so you are in safe hands.

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  • Local to Mansfield - aim to be with you in 30 mins
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • DBS checked - ID carried
  • Fully Insured (up to £5 million)
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Mansfield Locksmith Services

At Lockforce Locksmiths Mansfield, we are delighted to be able to provide all the Mansfield locksmith services that you could need. This includes emergency response solutions that ensure you won’t be left waiting hours for a service.

You might need help entering your home or upgrading your business security and we’re on the case. We can even provide a full assessment of your current security setup and offer expert advice.

All the parts and tools we use are up to the latest standards so you won’t have to worry about quality with our service.

Some of the solutions we offer include:

  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Post burglary repairs
  • Mobile key cutting in Mansfield
  • Support with evictions
  • Alarm installation

We can provide all the different types of locks that you could need too. Our extensive list of options include:

  • Deadlocks
  • Window locks
  • Child safety locks
  • Wooden door locks
If you require Mansfield locksmith services, don’t delay, get in touch today on 01623 347 063 for the expert solution you need.

Why Choose Lockforce Locksmiths Mansfield?

At Lockforce Locksmiths Mansfield we’re bringing the golden national standard set by Lockforce to your area and that’s just one reason to choose us.

Check online and you’ll discover over 4000 reviews with a 4.9 average rating for our services. We’re constantly working to improve our solution and ensure that we offer nothing but the absolute best solution on the market.

We never fail to put the customer first. Regardless of the size of the job we’re always committed to delivering a high standard of quality to you. Our number one aim is to ensure your complete satisfaction.

With all the information you could want readily available including police checks and insurance details, we also strive to provide you with complete peace of mind. Full details are always available whenever you request them.

As well as this we make sure that we are on time for every client. We’ll regularly provide updates too so you don't need to wait around for our arrival. When you choose Lockforce Locksmiths Mansfield, you’ll be provided with a service that matches your needs perfectly.

Do you have more questions about why Lockforce Locksmiths are the best team for the job? Get in touch with me Phill now on 01623 347 063 and I’ll be happy to provide more information.

Locked Out in Mansfield

It’s possible that you could be locked out of your business or home. If that’s the case, you need an emergency locksmith when locked out in Mansfield and that’s exactly what we provide. You’ll also be delighted to discover that our solution is available day and night, whenever you’re in need.

Getting locked out can be a nightmare, but with our service, it doesn’t have to be. We provide a rapid response and we will never leave you waiting in an emergency situation. Our aim is to arrive at your home in sixty minutes and deliver a nondestructive solution. This means there will be no damage to your property.

With our complete, comprehensive service we can change the locks for you too. That’s due to our commitment to the latest advanced techniques and equipment.

If you need an emergency locksmith in Mansfield get in touch with me Phill on 01623 347 063 right now.

Mansfield Mobile Key Cutting

Do you need a new set of keys? If visiting a shop isn’t possible or won’t fit into your schedule a Mansfield mobile key-cutting service will be the ultimate answer.

We can provide this option straight to your door. A fully flexible solution, we’ll arrive at a time that matches your schedule and we’ll make sure the keys work before we leave.

Contact Lockforce Locksmiths Mansfield today on 01623 347 063 and we’ll be happy to provide more details about our Mansfield key cutting service.

Mansfield Lock Repair and Lock Replacement

A Mansfield lock repair and replacement service will be needed if you have locks that are starting to show their age. It’s also possible that you have lost the key, leaving your home or business vulnerable to theft.

Don’t panic, we provide the ultimate Mansfield lock repair and lock replacement. You can trust us to provide any type of lock that you could need. From digital door locks to deadlocks and many more, we cover all the options.

If you need a Mansfield lock repair and replacement, don’t wait. Get in touch with me Phill on 01623 347 063 right now and we can get started with your replacement immediately.

Lockforce Payment Options

You’ll find we provide the full range of preferred payment options at Lockforce Locksmiths Mansfield. You can select, debit, credit or even contactless.

There are other possibilities too including PayPal, cash, BACs, and a bank transfer. Our aim is to ensure that you don’t feel trapped with one payment method. You can even pay by cash and we guarantee this isn’t going to impact the warranty.

Do you need a locksmith in Mansfield? Get in touch now to find out why we provide the ultimate solution. Highly trained and always available, we never fail to deliver the right service to our clients. Call us now on 01623 347 063 for more information.

Recent Jobs

Failed gearbox on rear door Mansfield (NG18), 01/07/2024.

Lockforce Mansfield attended a property today, to open a kitchen door, leading to the garden. The cylinder was unlocking, but the mechanism wouldnt retract. After opening the door, the old gearbox spindle had broken internally, so a new genuine gearbox was fitted, leaving the door working perfectly again.

Seized window mechanism Mansfield (NG19), 09/06/2024.

Lockforce Mansfield was contacted by a customer whose kit he’s window wouldn’t open. The gearbox spindle had broken, not allowing the window handle to operate the mech. Once non destructive entry was gained, a new gearbox was fitted, leaving the window fully functioning once again.

New cylinder Mansfield (NG18), 30/05/2024.

Lockforce Mansfield was called out by a customer who had issues locking and unlocking her front door. A twisted cam in the cylinder was making life difficult, so a new cylinder was fitted to leave the door fully operational once again.


New cylinder locks on all external doors, Mansfield (NG18), 16/05/2024.

a dispute with a family member, a lady called Lockforce Mansfield to secure her property, by changing all of the cylinder locks on her external doors. 3 new snap safe cylinders were placed into her doors for safety.

New full mechanism Mansfield (NG19), 15/05/2023.

Lockforce Mansfield was called out to a Upvc conservatory door, that was difficult for the homeowner to lock. A simple door alignment had the door smoothly locking once again, however a hook case was missing and the gearbox had several issues due to wear and tear. The customer opted for a new full mechanism to be fitted, so the door would safely secure and meet insurance standard.

New Thumb turn cylinder Mansfield (NG21), 03/05/2024.

Lockforce Mansfield was called by a customer who had purchased a new property, to change the front door lock as a matter of precaution, not knowing how many keys were in circulation. A new cylinder was installed with 5 new keys.

New cylinder locks front and rear doors Mansfield (Ng18), 27/04/2024.

Lockforce Mansfield was called out to a property to change the cylinder locks on two doors, after a tenant had vacated the property and taken a key. No longer needing access, the homeowner thought it best to have the locks changed for safety reasons.

Lost keys to mortice lock on garage side door, Mansfield (NG19), 13/04/2024.

Lockforce Mansfield was called to open a replace a mortice lock on a garage door as the keys had been lost for some time. After opening the lock, a new British standard lock was fitted, with two new keys.

Keep adjustment at a gym, Mansfield (NG19), 02/04/2024.

The staff at a lock gym, we’re finding it difficult to lock up at night, because the bolt on the euro mortice was hitting the keep. The keep was moved back a few millimetres to allow the bolt to throw easily into the locked position.

Broken key in Locker, local Ambulance Station (NG19), 27/03/2024.

Staff at a local Ambulance Station had broken a key in a locker, that they needed access to. The key end was extracted and an additional locker picked open for the crew.

Cylinder removal, Clipstone Mansfield (NG19), 28/02/2024.

Lockforce Mansfield was called by a customer and asked to remove a cylinder that didn’t have any keys. In the past, someone had attempted to drill the cylinder, so snapping was the only option. The old lock was removed and a new cylinder with keys, was placed into the door.

Anti snap lock installs in Mansfield, NG18 - 19/02/2024 

Lockforce locksmith Mansfield was called out by a customer that had used my service in the past, to change two cylinders from standard, to anti snap thumb turn locks. The two cylinders were fitted, now the house a more secure than before.

New front door lock on a care home Mansfield, 08/02/2024, (Ng18).

Lockforce Mansfield was called to a local care home to replace a mortice lock on a front door after it wouldn’t secure. The existing lock was very old and worn, so a new euro mortice was fitted, so that the night staff could secure the building during their shift.

Locked out of a filing cabinet Mansfield (NG19), 23/01/2024.

An elderly lady contacted Lockforce Mansfield after she lost the keys for her filing cabinet, which had some important documents that she required inside. The lock was picked open and new keys ordered for the lock, so that she can continue to use it to store important documentation.

Classroom door won’t open at local College, Mansfield (Ng18), 15/01/2024.

Lockforce Mansfield has been to assist at a lock College for special needs children on many occasions. This time a classroom door would not open, and the handle lever was just spinning round. After gaining non-destructive entry, a new gearbox was fitted to the mpl, leaving the door perfect once again.

Front door won’t open after pulling closed? Mansfield (Ng18), 04/01/2024.

Lockforce Mansfield was called out to a customer, who pulled his front door closed and couldn’t re enter shortly afterwards? The gearbox latch spring had over extended the latch and wouldn’t retract, when the handle was pulled down. Entry was gained to the door and a new gearbox fitted, just in time for the homeowner to leave his property and go on a short break.

Late night lock out Mansfield, Ng21 - 15/12/23.

Lockforce Mansfield was out late at night to let a family back into their property. Although they had a key for the back door, they had left a key on the inside of the lock, so it wouldn’t turn. They left through a slam shut door at the front and forgot to take the key. An old locksmith trick, soon had them through the back door, with no damage to the existing lock.

Failed Gearbox on Upvc Garage door Mansfield, Ng18 - 13/12/23.

Lockforce Locksmith Mansfield was called out to a rear garage door that wouldn’t open. The access from the house was easier through this door, so it had a lot of use. Quickly gaining non-destructive entry, the door was opened, and a new genuine part was replaced, leaving the door operational once again.

Emergency call out Mansfield (NG19), 06/12/2023.

Lockforce Mansfield was called out by a gentleman whose key was spinning in his door, but not unlocking it? After overwinding the gearbox, the bolt thrower was clearly snapped in half. After fitting a new genuine gearbox, the door was working in his words “Better than it ever had before”.

Lost keys in Mansfield (Ng18), 01/11/2023.

Lockforce Mansfield was called out by a young lady whose friend had lost one of her front door keys? The front door cylinder to her flat was replaced with a new snap safe cylinder for extra security.

Emergency entry gain for Landlord, Mansfield (Ng20), 20/10/2023.

Lockforce Mansfield was contacted by a landlord to open one of his apartments, after a tenant had left without handing the keys back. A fire inspection was due, so timing was crucial. The door was opened and the cylinder was changed for a new anti snap thumb turn with 5 keys, plenty for the new tenant and the landlord.

Seven New anti snap locks fitted, Mansfield (NG19), 07/10/2023.

After moving house a young couple wanted the locks changing to make sure they were the only ones that had keys to their property. Locks were fitted to the garage, the front door, two sets of french doors and a back door, for extra security.

Late night call out Mansfield (Ng20), 13/09/2023.

Lockforce Mansfield was called out fairly late at night, because a lady was unable to lock her front door? The house was fairly new and had settled since the door was originally hung. A few hinge adjustments and the keeps on the door frame and the door was smooth and lockable once again.

Lock upgrade to high security cylinders keyed alike Mansfield (Ng18), 05/09/2023.

Lockforce Mansfield was asked to upgrade three cylinders to high security cylinders after a key was taken during a house party. The high security cylinders come with a key code, that can only be cut when permitted by the name key holder. The home is now safe and secure with a £2000 guarantee of anyone breaks in through the locks.

New lockable knob on student accommodation, Mansfield (NG19) - 12/08/2023

Lockforce Mansfield was called out by two concerned parents after visiting their daughter's student accommodation and worrying she may become locked out due to a worn lockable door knob. A new knob was fitted, 3 new keys supplied and working perfectly, no worry about becoming locked out or in.

Internal lever broken off Upvc door handle, Mansfield (Ng20) - 04/08/2023

Lockforce Mansfield was called out by a lady who was house sitting, after the lever had broken off the Upvc door handle. The door was not aligned correctly, forcing the user to put far too much pressure through the lever in order to lock the door. A new handle was swiftly fitted, the mechanism serviced, and the door lifted so that the mechanism would throw correctly.

Early Sunday morning front door lock failure, Mansfield (NG19), 31/07/2023.

Lockforce Mansfield was called out early Sunday morning because the lock in a front door had failed and a key was snapped in the cylinder. Non destructive entry was gained, it was clear the euro mortice case had fallen apart in the door and the internal workings had fallen out. A new Union case with a snap safe cylinder was placed into the door for better security.

Failed Gearbox in Mansfield, NG18 - 16/07/2023.

Lockforce Mansfield was called out to a set of french doors, that would not unlock in Mansfield this afternoon. It was clear the gearbox had failed, so removing the handles, the gearbox was manually opened without using a key and replaced. Door alignment was the cause of the issue, so both doors were aligned to fit correctly.

New locks for property in Mansfield, NG18 - 01/05/2023

Lockforce Mansfield called out by a customer to upgrade her front door cylinder. The lady wanted a much better lock to secure her home. We opted to fit an Apecs high security thumb turn cylinder, for maximum security. The customer asked for 2 additional keys 7 in total, one for the key safe and her children.

Patio door not locking in Mansfield, NG18 -  27/04/2023.

I have worked with this building company many times on their new site, they call me at short notice to rectify any door or window issues.A young lady couldn’t lock off the mechanism on the door? A few minor adjustments to the 3 part mechanism soon had the door locking again and the customer feeling safe and secure.

Late night emergency call out Mansfield (NG19) - 11/04/2023.

Called out in an emergency by a customer that owns lots of properties and uses Lockforce Mansfield as a preferred local locksmith. Many of the houses have multi oil occupants with locks in the bedroom doors. A young man was locked out of his room, when his digi lock had failed. Luckily I could slip the lock and change it for a new one, because the internal workings had failed.

Unable to lock French doors in Mansfield, Ng18 - 27/03/2023

Called out by a lady who was unable to lock her French doors, because the handle wouldn’t lift to engage the mechanism? Arriving on site as quickly as possible, a new gearbox was fitted to the door. The door also requires adjustments, so it was raised a little to house the four hooks. Working smoothly once again.

New high security front door lock in Mansfield, Ng20 - 23/03/2023

Received a text message from a customer who I had worked for a couple of years ago, asking if I could fit a high security cylinder to their daughter’s front door. We chose a 3-star British standard Yale in polished chrome for the door. Very safe and secure!

Emergency call out to a Nurse that can’t lock the front door in Mansfield, NG17 - 20/01/2023

Early morning call out, because a lady who is a Nurse at a lock hospital needed to get to work, but couldn’t lock the front door. A failed gearbox was not allowing the bolt to throw, after replacing the part, the door was working perfectly and the lady was on her way.

Emergency call out by estate agent, Mansfield (Ng18), 21/10/2022.

Called out by an estate agent, that I have completed work for In the past, to fix a broken digi lock on a tenants door. The lock had been unscrewed and the spindle was not trimmed, when the lock was first installed, causing the lock to jam. A few minor adjustments and once screwed back into the door, the lock was operating properly once again.

New anti snap lock in Mansfield (Ng17), 21/10/2022.

Called out by a friendly gentleman to change the lock on his brothers front door. Sadly his brother had passed away and he wanted to re secure the property. A new anti snap lock was fitted for added security.

Can’t lock front door late at night, Mansfield (NG19) - 24/09/2022.

Late night call out of bed to a front door that wouldn’t lock. After the lady explained what was happening, I knew the gearbox had failed. After arriving a new gearbox was placed onto the mech and a few keep adjustments left the door operating smoothly.

New locks all round, after moving into a new home, Mansfield (NG19), 12/09/2022

After a young couple moved into a new home, that had been lived in before, they decided to have new locks fitted to the front door, side door and two sets of patio doors. The patio doors were keyed alike and so were the front and side doors, making the bunch of keys less to carry and easier when wanting to lock and unlock their doors.

House bought at auction, no keys? Mansfield (Ng17), 01/08/2022.

After buying a house at auction a property developer in London met me at his new property to gain entry and change the locks. New anti snap cylinders were fitted to his doors.

Window won’t open? Mansfield (Ng20) 22/07/2022

A couple called me to open their window as the handle was having no effect? The gearbox spindle was damaged, so manually pulling back the rollers I managed to gain access and change the mechanism for a new fully functioning alternative.

Fitting a smart device on an apartment door, Mansfield (NG19) 18/07/2022

Customer purchased a Yale smart lock and called me to install for him. Using a night latch to operate, the lock will give him the option to give separate codes and change codes for new tenants to enter.

Snapped key and broken cylinder barrel, Mansfield (NG19), 07/06/2022

Called out to a cylinder that was in very poor condition and had a key stuck in the barrel. The cylinder was falling apart in the door, so the broken barrel and stuck key was removed, so the cylinder could be removed. Once completely removed a new anti snap cylinder was fitted to the door.

Stuck key in lock, Mansfield (Ng20), 03/07/2022

A key was stuck in a euro cylinder and unable to be removed by the homeowner. The cylinder cam had jammed in the gearbox, after removing this, the homeowner decided to upgrade their lock to a new anti snap version.

Failed door mechanism Mansfield, NG18, 21/06/2022.

Electric door mechanism failed in Mansfield today, after the failing the door wouldn’t secure. The door has now been secured until the homeowner decides about the options given to him. Hopefully we will return soon to replace or fit a new system.

Failed gearbox door won’t lock, Mansfield (Ng18), 13/06/2022

A failed gearbox caused an elderly lady issues as her door wouldn’t lock. Easily replaced the door was soon fully functioning once again.

Door won’t lock? Mansfield (Ng21) 23/05/2022.

A caring son called me to ask me to take a look at his mothers front door as the mechanism was becoming harder for her to use. A failed era gearbox was at fault and a common problem with these had made it difficult for her to operate. A new gearbox was fitted and the door was soon operational once again.

Locked out in Mansfield (Ng18), 18/05/2022.

Emergency call out Saturday afternoon because a lady had taken the dog for a walk and couldn’t open the door when she returned. A failed hook case was jammed in the keeps. After gaining entry, the hook case was serviced and re secured, leaving the door operational once more.

Moving home new locks fitted, Mansfield (Ng20), 14/05/2022.

After moving property a young lady called to have the locks changed for peace of mind. The front and back door, plus an out house was secured with anti snap cylinders, for extra security.

New locks in old property, Mansfield (Ng18), 09/05/2022.

Called out by a couple who had reason to believe that someone had keys to their house that they didn’t want them to have. A new deadlock, sash lock and rim cut was fitted to the doors to give them peace of mind, that they were the only ones with the keys.

Emergency call to a door that wouldn’t open, Mansfield (NG19), 06/05/2022.

Emergency call out to a rented property by a landlord who said the key was turning round and round in the lock, but the door wasn’t unlocking. The landlord had drilled the cylinder, which was unnecessary, because it was the gearbox that was faulty. After a new gearbox was fitted and new lock, the door was operating perfectly once again.

Locked in front room, Mansfield (Ng20), 01/05/2022.

Emergency call out to an elderly gentleman who was locked in his front room after a tubular latch had failed. After gaining quick non destructive entry, the latch was changed, leaving the door working properly once again.

Emergency call out to a residential care home, Mansfield, NG18 - 26/04/2022.

Called out because a resident in a care home had called over the step to a french door and fractured his ankle. The second door was locked and staff had misplaced the key, leaving access through one door only. The lock was removed and replaced with plenty of keys for all staff to open the door in future.

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New high security cylinder, Mansfield, NG17 - 23/04/2022

A new Ultion high security thumb turn cylinder fitted to a front door today, why not upgrade your home to the best?

New home, lock change, Mansfield, NG19 - 22/04/2022

After relocating to to Mansfield from London, the family moving into their new home, wanted the locks changed for security purposes. Always best when another family has lives in a property before, peace of mind that you hold every key to the house.

Failed cylinder lock, Mansfield (Ng17), 21/04/2022.

Failed high security cylinder in Mansfield this afternoon. After removing the cylinder I could see that the cam was jamming when turning the key. A new high security cylinder was fitted as a replacement.

Loose door handle, unable to lock door, Mansfield, (Ng18) - 19/04/2022

A spindle cut too short caused a homeowner issues today, he couldn’t lift the handle to lock his front door. The internal spindle was too short and had dropped out of the lever. After a new, longer spindle was fitted, the door was working properly once again.

Additional security and new internal door knobs fitted, Mansfield (Ng19) - 15/04/2022.

New internal door knobs that are lockable and two sash jammers fitted to a front door on a bungalow today in Mansfield. Just repairing the worn out parts and adding extra security was what the homeowners needed.

Unable to lock front door, emergency late night call out, Mansfield (Ng18) - 12/04/2022.

Called out by a young lady who was unable to lock her front door and had a plank of wood as a prop to keep it shut. The gearbox had failed leaving the mechanism unable to operate, once changed the door was full functional once again.

Seized multi point locking system in Mansfield, NG19 - 04/04/2022

After fitting new locks to a home in Mansfield, the customer called me back to take a look at one of his doors because the lock had jammed. The mpl had seized, causing the cylinder cam to jam. The mpl was removed and replaced for a fully working door.

Locked out on a Saturday night in Mansfield, NG18 - 02/04/2022

Emergency call out to Mansfield this evening, a young lady had nipped out for a takeaway and couldn’t open the door on her return. The gearbox latch had failed. Non destructive entry was gained and the gearbox replaced, leaving the door working perfectly.

Emergency call out on Mothers Day, Mansfield, NG21 - 27/03/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Mansfield were called out to a bungalow that only one entrance/exit and the customer was unable to open the door. The gearbox had failed, although the homeowner had climbed out of the window to go and buy a new handle, the door remained closed. The spindle had broken on the gearbox, so once replaced the door was working perfectly.

French doors will not open in Mansfield, NG19 - 21/03/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Mansfield took a visit to a property today to open the french doors and replace a failed gearbox. The spindle had broken In the gearbox, so the handle wasn’t engaging the hooks and rollers. A replacement gearbox soon had the door working once again.

Early hours locksmith call out in Mansfield, NG20 - 20/03/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Mansfield were called out to a student residence because a young lady was unable to get into her bedroom. A failed tubular latch was at fault! The door was opened and the latch removed ready for the property maintenance company to take a look.

Unable to unlock/lock the front door with ease in Mansfield - 18/03/2022

A failing gearbox was proving to work intermittently, which was the cause of this customer’s issues. A few minor adjustments were made, until she decides if she’d like a new gearbox, or a new door.

Emergency callout to secure property in Mansfield, NG18 - 15/03/22

Late Saturday evening call out because a family were unable to lock their front door. The handle was not lifting at all, because the gearbox spindle had broken. A new gearbox was fitted to the door, leaving it work smoothly once again.

New lock for a tenant in Mansfield, NG18 - 12/03/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Mansfield were called by a landlord that I have worked for in the past years, to extract a lock that had no key and fit a new lock with key for his tenants. Mindful that the door may have to be used In an emergency, a new snap safe lock was fitted with 3 new keys.

High security cylinder entry gain in Mansfield, NG19 - 10/03/2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Mansfield were called out to gain entry to a property for the homeowners daughter. The door was fitted with a high security cylinder, always a difficult task! As luck would have it, whilst attempting to pick the lock, a neighbour arrived with a spare key, hey presto the door was opened!

New locks for an air B&B in Mansfield, NG18 - 06/03/2022

3 new night latches fitted to 3 bedroom doors this afternoon in Mansfield. Ready for the occupants once the rooms are rented out.

CCTV room in a pub locked shut Mansfield, NG20 - 23/02/2022

Early emergency call out to a local pub, because the landlord had lost the key to a mortice lock on his cctv room and needed to enter to provide evidence for a police investigation. Non destructive entry was gained and a new lock fitted.

Lock upgrade in Mansfield, NG21 - 20/02/2022

Two new snap safe locks fitted to french doors today in Mansfield. A customer that has used my service before, called to have two additional locks installed to his French doors, finishing off his home security nicely.

New locks in Mansfield, NG18 - 16/02/2022

Late night call out to a property in Mansfield this evening to change and upgrade the front and rear door locks. Two snap safe cylinders were placed into the doors, for safety and security.

New window handle Mansfield, NG15 - 12/02/2022

The recent storm was causing a window to blow open, the handle had been broken for a while, but now due to strong winds, the homeowner decided to have it changed. A new handle was fitted and the window locked off until the better weather arrives.

Locked out in Mansfield, NG18 - 07/02/2022

Emergency late night call out, to a young lad in Mansfield, who had been out for the evening and couldn’t open his front door when he returned. A few days before, his rear door failed and although he had keys for both doors, neither would open. Non destructive entry was gained through the front door, a new gearbox was fitted, handle and high security cylinder. I returned on the Monday as this was Saturday night and opened the back door, fitting another gearbox, cylinder and handle.

Key stuck in lock in Mansfield, NG18 - 04/02/2022

Called out to a residence in Mansfield today, because the homeowner was unable to remove the key from the lock, but could lock and unlock his door. A twisted cam, fairly common, usually occurs when a key is left in one side of the lock and someone tries to open it from the other side. A new snap safe lock was fitted, for safety and security.

Door handle upgrade Mansfield, NG18 - 31/01/2022

Fitting a customer a new Lock Lock 2 star British standard handle today in Mansfield. The handle enables you to lock the levers internally, so even if the cylinder is removed, broken, attacked or not even locked, the door remains secure.

Upgrading cylinders to snap safe locks in Mansfield, NG20 - 19/01/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Mansfield were out today fitting two keyed alike snap safe locks for a customer that had previously bought a lock upgrade for his front door. Two anti snap cylinders working from the same key, for security and convenience.

Securing offices after attempted break-in in Mansfield - 14/01/2022

Emergency call out to fix the remains of a break in to two office units. The internal office doors were kicked and the 3 lever mortice locks were smashed out of the frames. The frames were fixed, screwed back into the walls and new night latches were fitted. Hopefully the undesirables won’t return?

Two new locks fiited for residential client in Mansfield - 12/01/2022

Looking to upgrade two external locks, a lady called me to fit her two new snap safe cylinders. Her old locks had seen better days, two new locks were fitted, minor door adjustments and lubricant soon had the doors working perfectly again and secure.

Securing home in Mansfield - 09/01/2022

Late evening call out to a back door that wouldn’t lock? After being let down by a company, a lady called Lockforce Mansfield, sounding a little worried, that her back door wouldn’t lock. The gearbox had failed, so a new mpl of her choice was fitted to the door, leaving her relived, safe and secure.

Back door repair after signs of wear and tear in Mansfield - 06/01/2022

Emergency call out to fix a back door, used as the main door, that was becoming difficult to lock and unlock? Luckily the homeowner caught the issue early, as the gearbox was showing vital signs of wear and tear. Quickly replaced and realigned the door was working perfectly once again.

Burglary door repairs in Mansfield - 03/01/2022

Emergency call to a property this lunchtime, after an attempted burglary on a garage, a lady wanted to replace the handle and lock as soon as possible as the old keys were stolen and the garage contained valuables. A new handle with a houses lock was fitted and new keys for the homeowner. The lady was relieved to have the garage secure once again.

RING doorbell installed in Mansfield - 30/12/2021

Out today fitting a new ring doorbell for an elderly lady who had it as a Christmas present. Easily mounted, she can now see who’s coming to her front door.

High security lock install in Mansfield - 29/12/2021

New high security cylinder for a front door today. Preventing a burglary before it happens is always wise and the Ultion 3 diamond British standard cylinder will always put off the most eager burglar.

Lock upgrades for added protection going into 2022 in Mansfield - 28/12/2021

Upgraded a front door lock today, to a snap safe cylinder, just in time for the new year. A family wanted to know their house was secure whilst out over new year celebrating.

Mansfield Emergency Locksmith - 24/12/2021

Emergency call out to a lady who couldn’t lock her French doors before going to bed. Adjustments were made to the Upvc door hinges, smooth and fully functioning once again.

New Homeowner Change Locks on Mansfield House - 20/12/2021

New home, new front door lock. After moving up from London, the new home owners first job was to have the front door lock changed. A new snap safe lock was fitted for extra security.

Smart lock and door fixed in Mansfield - 14/12/2021

Out in Mansfield today, fixing a slam shit door that was closed, with the bottom bolt out. Fairly hard to fix, but we got there in the end making the door fully functional with the use of the smart lock once again.

Lock upgrade before Xmas in Mansfield - 12/12/2021

Called out to a young lady who wanted a new lock for her front door. Her old cylinder was showing signs of wear and tear, so we placed a brand new anti snap cylinder into the door, with 5 new keys.

Lounge door jammed shut in Mansfield - 11/12/2021

Late night call out to a mortice latch in Mansfield this evening. The latch had failed, leaving the lounge door unable to be opened. After gaining entry a new latch was fitted along with a new keep.

Fast attendance to replace locks in Mansfield - 07/12/2021

Lost keys during an early evening walk, left a lady without access to her rear door and garage. Non destructive entry was gained to both locks and new snap safe cylinders were fitted for extra security.

Another home in Mansfield safe and secure - 06/12/2021

A failed hook case on an mpl strip was the culprit today. A customer could not lock and secure his door. A new mpl was fitted to the door, leaving the customer safe, secure and happy with the new secure mechanism.

New locks and keys for french doors in Mansfield - 30/11/2021

Lockforce Locksmith Mansfield were called out to a lady who had managed to lose both keys to her french doors. The cylinders were removed and a keyed alike anti snap set was placed into the door for extra security.

New part required has front door back operating in Mansfield - 29/11/2021

Unable to lock the front door because of a failed gearbox, a customer called me to fix his issue. A new genuine part was placed into the door and it was once again working perfectly.

Partnering with local bailiff in Mansfield - 23/11/2021

Lockforce Locksmith Mansfield were out working for a local Bailiff today, gaining entry and changing the locks on a property in Mansfield. No dramas or issues, the property was unoccupied. After gaining entry two new snap safe cylinders were fitted.

Smart lock install in Mansfield - 09/11/2021

Air B&B owner in Mansfield with a problem of how to allow access to customers whilst he was away? Easy, a smart lock with keypad entry, which can be operated by the owners mobile phone is the answer. Very pleased with the functions the smart lock offered, the owner can return to London, with piece of mind that his business can run itself.

Back door not lockable in Mansfield - 08/11/2021

Failed Maco gearbox leaving a back door unlocked over night. A lovely couple had not been able to lock their back door and called Lockforce Mansfield the next morning. Replacing the gearbox, the door was soon fully operational once again.

Improved door security in Mansfield - 24/10/2021

A homeowner called today, because he wanted a more secure lock on his front door. A 3 star British Standard cylinder was placed into the door, for extra security and peace of mind.

Entry gain after lock out in Mansfield - 18/10/2021

Early hours emergency call out to a customer who had locked himself out. Non destructive entry was gained and the customer was soon back inside in the warm.

Fast food outlet needed new door lock in Mansfield - 15/10/2021

Emergency call out to fast food outlet in Mansfield, needing a new cylinder for their front door. I fitted a new anti snap cylinder with 5 keys and gave the gearbox a service, always happy to assist a local business.

Back door will not lock in Mansfield - 03/10/2021

Lockforce Locksmith Mansfield were called out by an estate agent I have worked for in the past, because one of her tenants couldn’t lock the back door. A new gearbox was fitted and the door was fully functioning once again.

Fix to french doors in Mansfield - 15/09/2021

A failed gearbox left the french doors unable to open. After entry was gained, a new gearbox was placed into the door, working smoothly once again.

Brand new locks for home in Mansfield - 13/09/2021

New gearbox and cylinder fitted to a house in Mansfield today. Having an Era Vectis converted to house a euro cylinder is often a good decision.

New garage door lock in Mansfield - 11/09/2021

After struggling to use the mortice lock on a garage door, a lovely lady asked me to change her old one for a new one. A new 5 lever British standard mortice lock was fitted and was working perfectly.

Patio door not locking in Mansfield - 08/09/2021

Late night call out from a lady whose care worker couldn’t lock her patio door, because the key wouldn’t turn. After removing the cylinder, the mpl and gearbox was fully lubricated and a new snap safe cylinder was fitted. The door and lock was safe and secure once again.

New snap cylinder for landlord in Mansfield - 06/09/2021

Out today fitting a new snap safe cylinder on a rental property for a landlord. Waiting for the new tenants to move in, the landlord decided to have the locks changed to make sure the new tenants were the only ones with keys.

Front door not locking in Mansfield - 04/09/2021

Failed gearbox left a door unable to lock today in Mansfield. A new gearbox was fitted and after adjustments were made to the door, it was operating smoother than ever.

Upgraded home security in Mansfield - 31/08/2021

Security upgrade on a front door today, fitting an Ultion 3 diamond star high security cylinder, why not boost the security of your home? In addition to this two new handles were fitted to the french doors as the old ones had worn.

Home security upgrade - new high security door locks in Mansfield - 26/08/2021

Cylinder lock and mortice lock changed on a property today in Mansfield. For peace of mind a lady decided to have her locks changed and upgraded, very sensible to keep up with the latest British standard.

Patio door refuses to lock in Mansfield - 26/08/2021

Called out to a sliding patio door that wouldn’t lock? After removing the old cylinder it was clear to see, that it’s 30 years of service had come to an end. We placed a new cylinder into the mech, along with giving the mech a good clean and lubricate, all working perfectly again, good job as they couple move in a week and new owners move in.

Moving into a new home- upgrade your locks in Mansfield - 24/08/2021

New house, new locks! Changed the locks on the front and rear door in Mansfield today, for a young lad moving into his first house. Always a great idea to have the locks changed when taking on a property that has had previous occupants.

Trouble locking door in Mansfield -  17/08/2021

Elderly lady having trouble lifting the handle on her upvc front door and locking it. The door was way out of alignment and the lock had a twisted cam. Both the lock was changed and the door realigned, leaving it easy for the lady to operate.

New locks required in Mansfield - 16/08/2021

Plug pulled out of a cylinder today in Mansfield. Opening the door with a screwdriver and replaced the cylinder with a new one. The mpl (multi point locking mechanism) was visibly broken, so this was also replaced.

Mansfield Lock Replacement After Moving House - 04/08/2021

After relocating from London to Mansfield, a new homeowner thought it best to have the locks changed so he was sure that he was the only person with all of the house keys. Always a wise move and recommend by locksmiths.

Worksop Gearbox Replacement - 03/08/2021

Out in Worksop today on behalf of Brisant Secure. The cylinder cam became jammed in a Maco gearbox. Easy when you know how to clear the jam, this causes the homeowner to be unable to remove the key, so always priority work. A new gearbox was placed into the mech, leaving the door locking and unlocking perfectly.

Door will not close in Mansfield - 26/07/2021

Front door not closing properly and handle doesn’t work, was a call out today. Both front and rear door handles were broken and the front door was way out of alignment. The handles were replaced with new sets and the hinges adjusted on the front door, leaving it to close as it should.

Two lock changes for property in Mansfield - 19/07/2021

Lockforce Locksmith Mansfield changed two locks for a gentleman. Both front and rear door locks were changed, the customer opted for a high security cylinder on the front and a snap safe door n the rear.

Key snapped in Mansfield - 12/07/2021

New snap safe cylinder placed into a door for a customer today, after the key had snapped I. The old one and it was the last key the homeowner had. Easily changed the house can be secured once again.

Faulty back door lock in Mansfield - 05/07/2021

Unable to lock the kitchen/rear door, I was called to take a look at the fault. A seized cylinder lock was at fault and after fitting a new one, the door was secured for the evening.

Replace lock for property in Mansfield - 29/06/2021

Call out to Mansfield today, to replace a front door cylinder. The cylinder in the door wasn’t faulty in any way, but a set of house and car keys had been lost and wisely, the homeowner thought it best to have the lock changed for safety and peace on mind.

Snapped key in Mansfield - 18/06/2021

Snapped a key in garage door lock. As this was the only key, we snapped the lock out and replaced and upgraded the cylinder, very happy customer.

Ambulance station door fix in Mansfield - 17/06/2021

Door adjustments at an ambulance station this morning in Mansfield. The staff were complaining about the door closer, not pulling the door shut when they entered and exited the building. A few adjustments and the door was closing as it should, always nice to assist the nhs.

Locked out of home in centre of Mansfield - 08/06/2021

Lady locked out of her house, non destructive entry was gained and a new GU gearbox was fitted, safe and secure once again.

Door will not lock in Mansfield - 07/06/2021

Emergency call out because an elderly couple could not lock their door! A failed gearbox had left the mechanism unable to operate, so a new gearbox was fitted and the door is now fully functional once again.

New bolt locks added to door in Mansfield - 01/06/2021

Two bolts added to a sliding patio door in Mansfield today. Additional security is always a wise option and doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

New door locks for property in Mansfield - 28/05/2021

We installed 3 new 3 star diamond Ultion high security cylinders, keyed alike fitted to a property in Mansfield this evening. All doors will open using the same key, safe and secure, the homeowner will find life easier to not have so many keys for her doors.

Self locking garage in Mansfield - 12/05/2021

After parking the car in the garage and leaving the garage key in the car, not a good idea to close the self locking door. It can happen to anyone, entry was gained and we placed a new snap safe cylinder in the door with 5 keys to ensure this didn’t happen again.

Unable to lock door in Mansfield - 25/04/2021

Cylinder jammed and home owner unable to lock his door. Easily fixed when you know how, the jam was cleared and the door was lockable once again.

Smart lock install in Mansfield - 19/04/2021

Out in Mansfield today, fitting a smart lock to a front door, with keypad entry. Using the phone to allow you to lock and unlock the door, losing keys is never an issue. If you loose the phone, then the door will simply open using the keypad ??

Ultion smart lock installation in Mansfield - 19/04/2021

Ultion smart lock installed in Worksop today. Making life easier and secure I fitted a new smart lock to a front door, once fitted the home owner had no issues connecting his device and operating the lock.

Front door stoppped working in Mansfield - 16/04/2021

Door stopped working due to a failed gearbox. Easily fixed, a replacement was fitted and the door was functioning perfectly again.

Police approved key safe in Mansfield - 08/04/2021

I was called today and asked by the daughter of a lovely lady if I could fit a police approved key safe to her mum’s property, because she now needed care workers and they would need around the clock access. Key safe fitted and a new handle on the front door and mpl serviced to make sure the care workers had no issues attending to the lady.

Lock surgery in Mansfield - 23/03/2021

Changing locks on a doctors surgery today, after buying the surgery and only having one key, the staff decided that new locks all round would be best. Cylinder locks, mortice locks with additional keys were fitted, safe and secure.

Locked out of doctor's surgery in Mansfield - 20/03/2021

Called out in Mansfield this afternoon to gain entry to a digilock on a Doctors surgery door that had shut and no staff member knew the code. A simple non destructive entry gain soon had them inside and the code was also obtained.

Emergency locksmith in Mansfield required after lost keys - 17/03/2021

Emergency call out to a property in Mansfield this evening. Both front door keys had been misplaced and the occupant could not get into his property. The front door housed a high security Ultion cylinder, not an easy task to get through. Once entry was gained, the cylinder was replaced and the customer was more than happy to be back inside safe and secure.

Key jammed in door in Mansfield - 16/03/2021

Failed high security cylinder replaced in a door today. After a stuck pin refused to release the key, the cylinder was removed and replaced with a new lock, safe and secure once again.

Care worker locked out in Mansfield -  13/03/2021

Care worker locked out of property unable to get in to her patients. Entry gained as quickly as possible, the gearbox had failed miserably. A brand new gearbox was placed into the door and a slight door adjustment had it working perfectly again.

Key jammed in Mansfield - 09/03/2021

A twisted cam in a front door left the owners unable to remove the key. A common problem, easily solved. We replaced the cylinder for a new anti snap lock with 5 new keys.

Landlord thinks new locks are best in Mansfield - 03/03/2021

Fitting new anti snap cylinders into a property this evening. After moving back into a property that had been rented out, the owner thought it wise to have the front and rear door locks changed. 2 new locks and 10 new keys, all safe and secure.

Lockdown walk and lost the house keys in Mansfield - 26/02/2021

Locked out of a flat after losing keys on a walk. Non destructive entry was gained and a new cylinder was placed into the door, with five new keys.

Non-destructive entry gain in Mansfield - 24/02/2021

Failed gearbox left front door unable to open and the occupants using a window to exit the property. After gaining non destructive entry, a new gearbox was placed into the door, leaving it working as good as new.

Era Vectis lock upgrade in Mansfield - 10/02/2021

Out in Mansfield today, swapping an old Era Vectis for a new one. The occupants wasn’t sure how many keys for the gearbox were in circulation, so had it replaced with a new one, all safe and secure.

Slammed shut out in Mansfield - 30/01/2021

Locked out after the front door slammed shut. Quick and easy entry was gained allowing a family to get back into the warm.

New high security cylinders intallled in Mansfield - 22/01/2021

Out in Mansfield this morning fitting 4 high security cylinders to a property, a police approved key safe, new handle and a gearbox. After fitting these parts, we went to the occupants daughters house to fit an additional two high security cylinders.

Lost keys to property in Mansfield - 14/01/2021

Called out by a lovely lady who had lost the keys to her kitchen door and the front door to her business that was on the side of her property. After gaining entry, two new anti snap cylinders were placed into the doors.

Front door jammed in Mansfield - 13/01/2021

Called out by a customer who couldn’t open the front door? The gearbox latch spring had broken, easily replaced a new gearbox was fitted to the mpl, door is now working fine.

New homeowner needed key for garage in Mansfield - 10/01/2021

After moving into a new property, the new owner did not have a key to the garage door. Old cylinder removed and a new anti snap half cylinder was placed into the door.

Entry gain for shop in Mansfield - 09/01/2021

Called out to open a door on a shop. The mortice lock had a turned curtain, not allowing the owner to put his key in and turn it. An easy fix, soon had the owner back into his property.

Rental property needs new lock in Mansfield - 09/01/2021

Called out to change a lock on a rental property after the tenants had moved out. A new anti snap thumb turn cylinder was placed into the door for security.

Cylinder change in Mansfield - 06/01/2021

Cylinder change in Mansfield this morning. Customer called to ask if I could change the cylinder in her front door? Always ready and happy to assist, I changed the cylinder and upgraded it to an anti snap, for extra security.

Snapping the key in the door in Mansfield - 04/01/2021

Key snapped in back door cylinder. After snapping the only key to the back door in the cylinder, the lock was removed and replaced with a new anti snap cylinder for extra security.

Lost front door key on walk in Mansfield - 26/12/2020

Late night lock out after the home owner went for a walk and lost the only front door key. Entry was gained and a new anti snap cylinder was placed into the door.

Fixed door with new gearbox in Mansfield - 23/12/2020

Failed gearbox in Mansfield this morning. The gearbox was not retracting the bottom hook, leaving the occupants worried about not being able to use the door. A new gearbox was fitted and the door was working perfectly.

Working back to normal in Mansfield - 21/12/2020

Early start in Mansfield fitting a new latch only mpl. After the existing one had failed a brand new strip was placed in the door and left it fully functioning for the owner, who had not been able to lock the door for nearly a year.

Door enhancements in Mansfield - 21/12/2020

Brand new strip placed into a door today and an alignment made the door work smooth and better than before.

Lost keys to flat in Mansfield - 16/12/2020

Called out to a gentleman who had lost his keys and couldn’t get into his flat. The lock on the only door was picked open and changed for a new thumb turn anti snap cylinder.

Lock upgrade in Mansfield - 11/12/2020

Upgrading a cylinder from a standard to an anti snap cylinder today in Mansfield. With Christmas on the horizon, why not upgrade for better security?

Entry gain for shop in Mansfield - 26/11/2020

Entry gain to a mortice lock on a shop in Mansfield today, once the door was opened, the owner realised another door was locked off and also wanted that opening as well. Lockforce Mansfield was more than happy to assist.

Cylinder upgrade in Mansfield - 12/11/2020

Early call out to a customer this morning, who wanted a change of cylinder in her front and rear door. The cylinders were upgraded to anti snaps, for extra security.

Bathroom door jammed in Mansfield - 10/11/2020

Called out to a bathroom door the wouldn’t open. A caring son in law, called me to open a bathroom door for his mother in law, who was in her 90’s. The latch had failed, after removing the handle I could see the spindle had broken, so it was manually pulled back with a screwdriver and opened. A new part and the door will be perfect again.

Door gearbox replaced in Mansfield - 09/11/2020

Called out from a customer that I had visited before. He now has a new job and had a failed gearbox, that needed replacing. It’s always nice when a customer remembers your work, so it was a pleasure to help out and because he now works at a school, it was great to keep the children safe and secure.

New lock fitted in Mansfield - 08/11/2020

Late night call out to change a cylinder, the door housed a thumb turn and the lady living there didn’t feel safe in case attempts were made to open it, through the letterbox. An anti snap cylinder was placed into the door for security and peace of mind for the occupant.

Enrty gain in Mansfield - 06/11/2020

Non destructive entry gained to a patio door today, after the shoot bolt had stuck in its keep. The bolt was lifted and the strip repaired, leaving the door working as good as new.

Failed gearbox in Mansfield - 29/10/2020

Early call out to a failed gearbox in Mansfield today. Quickly replaced the broken one for a new genuine part and adjusted the door. The customer did comment that the door had never worked as well, which is always pleasing to hear.

Lost key and lock picking in Mansfield - 28/10/2020

Locked picked in Mansfield this morning. Due to the only key being lost, entry had to be gained by way of lock picking, before a new anti snap cylinder could be placed in the door.

Door insecure in Mansfield - 20/10/2020

Late call out to a broken cylinder in Mansfield tonight. The barrel had come apart and the pins fell out, leaving the door unlocked and insecure. The broken cylinder was removed and replaced with a new cylinder, leaving the house secure again.

Bathroom window locked in Mansfield - 20/10/2020

A failed window handle had left the occupants unable to open the bathroom window. Non destructive entry was gained to unlock the old handle and remove it, before fitting a brand new handle.

Digilock in Mansfield - 15/10/2020

Very late night call out to reset the code on a digilock. After a suspected break in, the Police advises the tenants of the property to have the digilock on the inner door reset to an alternative code. All reset and safe once again.

Night latch failed in Mansfield - 09/10/2020

After a night latch failed in Mansfield, I was asked to replace the lock with a new one. A new lock was fitted, working perfectly, in addition to a new lock, 3 new keys were cut for the family members.

Front door locked shut in Mansfield - 06/10/2020

Out today on Mansfield to a property where the front door was locked shut. The gearbox had failed, leaving the occupants unable to operate the mechanism. After gaining non destructive entry, the gearbox was changed for a new one, leaving the mechanism working perfectly.

Callout from local landlord in Mansfield - 05/10/2020

Called by a landlord today, because his tenants in Mansfield could not use the locking mechanism on the rear entrance. The door was out of alignment, which had placed strain on the gearbox, causing it to crack and break the spindle. A full mechanism was placed into the door and the door was aligned to suit the strip, it’s now working as good as new.

New lock mech for customer in Mansfield - 05/10/2020

Called by a lovely lady this morning, because her door would not lock and the mechanism appears to be grinding. The spindle was very worn in the gearbox, she opted for a full mechanism to be fitted and once in the door, it was working perfectly.

Lubricated lock in Mansfield - 03/10/2020

Early morning call in Mansfield today. A customer was finding it difficult to push the key into his cylinder lock from the outside and also retract it. After lubricant was placed into the cylinder, it was working fine, however the customer opted for a new anti snap cylinder to be placed in his door for extra security.

Easy lock fix in Mansfield - 01/10/2020

New anti snap cylinder placed into a Mansfield property tonight, after the existing cylinder had a twisted cam and the key couldn’t be extracted. Easy fix and an upgraded cylinder.

Locked out in Mansfield - 24/09/2020

After enjoying a lovely walk an elderly couple had realised that they were locked out! After leaving through the electric garage they returned to find they did not have the fob and the key for the door was in the back of the lock. 30 seconds and they were back in their property.

Lock change in Mansfield - 18/09/2020

Very early morning call out, to a customer who wanted his locks changed before going for a weekend away. Front and rear doors fitted with anti snap cylinders for extra security.

Door jammed in Mansfield - 18/09/2020

Door was unlocking, but would not open on a property in Mansfield this morning. A pin from the bolt had come loose and caught in the keeps. After some manipulation with a very small screwdriver, the door was open! In addition to this a small realignment job and keep adjustment, had it working as good as new.

Emergency locked out in Mansfield - 18/09/2020

Lady locked out with a small child today! I was with her in 20 minutes and soon after access was gained. The lady decided to have a new anti snap thumb turn cylinder fitted On the front door and a new one for the rear door as well.

Failed gearbox in Mansfield - 16/09/2020

Out in Mansfield this morning, to a failed gearbox. The customer was finding it very hard to lock the front door and as a result, the spindle had broken in the gearbox. A replacement gearbox was placed into the door and the keeps adjusted, so that it’s now locking without resistance.

Entrance to flats in Mansfield - 16/09/2020

Working for an existing customer today on a block of flats. The residents main entrance mortice case had broken, leaving the main door constantly open, for anyone to walk in. A new case and cylinder was fitted to the door and is now fully functional, leaving the occupants and their flats secure.

Failed Gearbox - 07/09/2020

Failed gearbox in Mansfield this afternoon. I was contacted by a landlord, because his tenants were unable to lock the front door. The gearbox had shown signs of being forced and was left totally unable to use. After fitting a new gearbox, the mechanism was working perfectly.

Anti Snap Front Door Lock Replacement - 06/09/2020

Called out this afternoon to a couple who’s care worker had taken a front door key away with him and for security purposes, they wanted the front door lock changing. We fitted an anti snap cylinder and reset the code on the key safe on the exterior, for extra reassurance.

Failed Gearbox in Mansfield - 02/09/2020

Failed gearbox in Mansfield this morning and door alignment issues. A new gearbox was placed into the door and the keeps moved, so that the door would lock.

Anti-Snap Lock Replacement in Mansfield - 01/09/2020

A new anti snap cylinder fitted to a front door today, after the old one had failed, due to a twisted cam.

Door Reallignment in Mansfield - 21/08/2020

Door alignment issues front and rear doors in Mansfield today. Both doors were difficult to close and operate, after the hinges were adjusted, they both worked as good as new.

Ultion cylinder in Mansfield - 18/08/2020

Ultion cylinder fitted to a new front door in Mansfield today, customers were pleased to have their security upgraded.

Failed lock in Mansfield - 10/08/2020

Failed mortice lock in Mansfield this morning. Entry was gained and a new British standard 5 lever was placed into the door, great for security.

Difficulty locking door in Mansfield - 07/08/2020

Full mpl strip placed into a door today. A couple was having great difficulty locking and unlocking their rear door. A new gearbox and strip was placed into the door, a slight door adjustment left it working as good as new.

Entry gain in Mansfield - 04/08/2020

Entry gain and an anti snap cylinder placed into a patio door this morning. After losing the keys and looking everywhere for them, the occupants decided to call Lockforce to place a new lock in the door. Front door realignment in addition to the new lock whilst I was there and a really good conversation with a gentleman who knows good music.

New lock for back door in Mansfield - 04/08/2020

Anti snap cylinder placed into a rear door in Mansfield this morning. A lovely lady required an upgrade for safety and security.

Late night locked out in Mansfield - 04/08/2020

Late night lock out in Mansfield tonight. Entry was gained to a newly fitted composite door, that had standard cylinder in. After gaining entry, we upgraded the cylinder to an anti snap for safety.

Trapped outside in Mansfield - 03/08/2020

Locked out after door slammed behind the occupant. After stepping outside for a moment, a gentleman’s door blew shut in the wind, he called Lockforce North Nottingham and I attended and had him back inside in seconds.

Do not drill your lock yourselves in Mansfield - 02/08/2020

Early morning call out to attend a property that the occupants had attempted to enter themselves by drilling the lock. The drill points were in the wrong place, so I gained entry and upgraded their cylinder for an Ultion 3 star, for total security.

Repeat customer in Mansfield  - 31/07/2020

Called out to a customer that I have worked for in the past, this time the lovely lady wanted a new cylinder for the rear door. New anti snap cylinder placed into the door, safe and secure.

Keys for new home in Mansfield - 29/07/2020

Estate agents called me today to open up a property that had been purchased by a lovely couple, but the keys had been lost. Lockforce soon had the couple inside their new home and upgraded their front door cylinder to an anti snap, good luck in your new home.

Seized lock in Mansfield - 29/07/2020

Seized mortice lock in Mansfield this evening. Entry was gained and a new Era fortress lock was placed in the door, British Standard 5 lever mortice for great security.

New lock for NHS worker in Mansfield - 24/07/2020

New cylinder lock for an NHS worker today. A discount was given to the nurse for a new cylinder after her old one was showing signs of wear and tear.

Late call out - locked out in Mansfield - 22/07/2020

Very late night call out to a property in Mansfield. Whilst out walking the dog before bed the keys were lost. Even after retracing the walk several times, they still could not be found. I was called to gain entry and place a new lock in the door, as the only key had been lost.

Staff locked in estate agents in Mansfield - 21/07/2020

Staff locked in an estate agents in Mansfield today after the front door mortice lock had failed. I received a call from the staff who were locked in, one was locked out after the front door lock had failed. Non destructive entry was gained and the broken lock was changed for a new British standard 5 lever lock. Peace of mind for the staff and great security.

Elderly lady had lost her keys in Mansfield- 21/07/2020

Lost keys left an elderly lady locked out of her house today. Entry was gained to the property, the lady was back inside in minutes and safe and secure once more.

Failed gearbox in Mansfield - 20/07/2020

Failed gearbox this morning in Mansfield. The new homeowner was unable to use her front door. A new gearbox was fitted and the door was working perfectly.

Key stuck in Mansfield - 20/07/2020

Key stuck in lock today in Mansfield. The cam on the cylinder had twisted, so it was removed and changed for a new one, now working perfectly and homeowners have peace of mind.

Twisted CAM in the cylinder in Mansfield - 13/07/2020

Twisted cam on a cylinder today, the key was left in the door and someone attempted to put a key in the other side and in doing so twisted the cam in the cylinder. The old cylinder was removed and upgraded to an anti snap cylinder, for safety and security.

Upgrading security for home in Mansfield - 13/07/2020

Lock upgrade in Mansfield today. The occupant was unsure how many keys were in circulation and wanted a new cylinder. Anti snap cylinder was placed into the door, with 5 keys, peace of mind for the occupant.

Locked out of home in Mansfield - 11/07/2020

Failed gearbox in Mansfield this morning, early morning call to attend and gain entry and fix. Entry was gained after the occupant had been locked out overnight. The gearbox had failed, the occupant opted for a new mpl strip to be placed into the door, along with an anti snap cylinder, working perfectly.

Lost keys after a jog in Mansfield - 06/07/2020

After returning from a jog, a lovely lady had realised that her house key had been lost on her run. A neighbour called to ask if entry could be gained for her. Entry was gained and as she couldn’t find a key for the lock inside, she asked for the lock to be replaced with an anti snap thumb turn cylinder.

Locked out in the earl hours in Mansfield - 06/07/2020

Early morning entry gain in Mansfield this morning, after customer was locked out. Easy entry gained and customer was inside in minutes.

Lock change in Mansfield - 06/07/2020

Lock change for a customer in Mansfield this afternoon. Customer had lost the key to a patio door and wanted the cylinder lock replacing. The old cylinder was removed and a new anti snap put in place, works perfectly.

Bringing a door back to life in Mansfield - 02/07/2020

Called out to a business in Mansfield this morning. A door that had not been opened for some years was not opening and I was contacted to see if there was anything I could do? After removing the handles and lubricating the gearbox, the door was once again fully functioning.

Lost keys for local business in Mansfield - 30/06/2020

Called out to a business today. The owner called and asked me to open a door, after he had lost the keys. The door had a wall behind it, but because the door had a letterbox, the postman had been using it. Door opened and a new anti snap cylinder was fitted, a huge amount of mail was also retrieved.

Barn lock failed in Mansfield - 29/06/2020

New mortice lock fitted to a beautiful barn conversion in Mansfield today. After the old lock had failed, it was removed and replaced with a 5 lever British standard, working perfectly.

Break in at the rugby club in Mansfield - 29/06/2020

Break in last night at Mansfield rugby club. I have completed several jobs at the rugby club, today’s was after sometime broke into a cabin last night, luckily nothing went missing. A new 5 lever British standard mortice lock was fitted, plus shoot bolts top and bottom, for added security.

New cylinder required for french doors in Mansfield - 26/06/2020

French doors opened in a property in Mansfield this morning. One of the doors was fully functional, but the other had not been opened by the occupants, because they never had a key when moving in. Old cylinder removed and a new anti snap cylinder placed in the door. The mechanism was lubricated and the doors are working as good as new.

Window repair in Mansfield - 26/06/2020

Broken window handle and mechanism in Mansfield this morning. Handle was replaced as well as a new mech, all in good working order, good job too with the current weather.

New gearbox in Mansfield - 24/06/2020

Failed lockmaster gearbox in Mansfield this evening. Replaced the gearbox with a brand new one, aligned the door and added a new anti snap cylinder, door was left working better than ever.

Unable to lock front door in Mansfield - 23/06/2020

Door and keep adjustment late evening in Mansfield. A lady called who was unable to lock her door before bedtime. Adjustments were made to the hinges and keeps, leaving the back door fully functioning.

Late night call out in Mansfield - 23/06/2020

Late evening call out to Mansfield to attend to a back door that would not close and lock. A simple realignment and keep adjustments and the door was once again closing and locking.

Cylinder change in Mansfield - 18/06/2020

Cylinder change in a property in Mansfield today. A customer wanted a new cylinder fitted for peace of mind today, fitted and fully functioning.

Door chain fitted in Mansfield - 17/06/2020

Upvc door chain fitted today in Mansfield. The occupants wanted to add a little extra security, so had a upvc door chain fitted. The safety of the front door when opened to strangers is now at its best.

Returned door to working smoothly in Mansfield - 17/06/2020

Sliding patio door not opening in Mansfield today. A couple wanted to open their patio door last night to let in a little air, but it was stuck solid. Releasing the door after a good pull and cleaning and lubricating the door had it running smoothly once again.

Full home security upgrade in Mansfield - 13/06/2020

Four new anti snap cylinders placed into a Mansfield property this morning. Better safe when you’re moving into a new property, as it’s unknown how many keys are in circulation? Side door, front and rear and garage all secured.

New lock fitted after night latch failure in Mansfield - 12/06/2020 

Era night latch had failed at a property in Mansfield. Access was gained and a new lock fitted, fully functional and allowing the occupants to use the front door once again.

New anti-snap cylinders in Mansfield - 09/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Mansfield were called out today in Mansfield placing 3 anti snap cylinders into a property that a couple had moved into yesterday. It’s always the right thing to do, you never know how many keys are in circulation when you take on a new house, better to be safe than sorry.

Trouble locking UPVC door in Mansfield - 09/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Mansfield were called out to a upvc door that the occupants were having trouble locking. I removed the mpl strip and after giving the gearbox a good clean, it was functioning as good as new.

Opening locked storage unit in Mansfield - 07/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Mansfield were called out early this morning to gain entry to a storage unit in Mansfield. The owner had lost his key for the internal door behind the outer shutter and needed access to his stock. Entry was gained and a new anti snap cylinder with 5 keys was placed into the door.

New anti-snap cylinder in Mansfield - 05/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths were called by a customer whose lock was showing signs of wear and tear and couldn’t remove the key from it. A new anti snap cylinder was put in place and now works perfectly.

Snapped key in patio door in Mansfield - 05/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Mansfield visited a lady, who had snapped a key in the cylinder in her patio door. The key was extracted and only being left with one key, I cut her 3 more just to be on the safe side.

Key stuck lock in Mansfield - 02/06/2020

A customer called today, because his front door key was stuck in his lock and he couldn’t take it out. I arrived as soon as possible and changed his cylinder, for an anti snap, with 5 keys. Lock and door working brilliantly and now secure.

Upgrading secuirty for flats in Lincoln - 02/06/2020

Today I was out working alongside Lockforce Lincoln. 4 blocks of flats with several problems. New latches, mortice locks, padlocks, thumb turn cylinders and cam locks fitted. A large job for a repeat customer.

All locks changed in Mansfield - 29/05/2020

Returned to a village hall in Nether Langwith today, where I did a couple of jobs earlier on in the year. This time the 4 cam locks on the village hall notice board needed changing and a key for the bandstand notice board needed buying. All locks changed and access gained to the band stand and new keys.

New cylinder required in Worksop - 22/05/2020

Seized door mechanism in a property left the door locked solid. Entry was gained through the gearbox and a new get with a cylinder was fitted.

Moving into a new home in Mansfield - 23/05/2020

Called out to a young lady this afternoon, she was moving into property and for safety, she decided to have the lock on the front door hanged for an anti snap cylinder. Very wise after relocating to a property that has previously had occupants, as she was unsure how many keys are in circulation.

Emergency callout to factory in Mansfield - 20/05/2020

Emergency call to a factory today. An office door was locked and the staff wanted to gain entry. The management had spoken to the landlord, but he didn’t have a spare key. Access was gained to the mortice lock and left open for the staff, until they decide if they want a knew lock.

Office required new lock in Mansfield - 20/05/2020

Mortice lock fitted to a office today. Old one wasn’t working, so swapped for a similar lock. Now the office will be safe and secure.

2 cylinders fitted in Mansfield - 19/05/2020

Two anti snap cylinders fitted to a property in Mansfield today. The occupants had never had their patio doors open, due to never having keys when they moved in. Access was gained and two new locks placed into the doors.

Assisting eldery customer in Mansfield - 16/05/2020

Emergency call out to an elderly lady who’s rear door would not open, even though it would unlock. Access was gained and a new gearbox was fitted. Whilst on site, I fitted her a new handle and thumb turn anti snap cylinder, to make it easier for her to let the dog in and out.

Spring upgrade in Mansfield - 15/05/2020

Called out to a property, because the door handles were becoming hard to use. Both front and rear door handles required new springs, although a quick and easy fix, not to mention inexpensive, the handles now work perfectly.

New cylinder for faulty front door lock in Mansfield - 15/05/2020

Customer contacted me to open the front door of her property, that had been closed and unusable for months. Entry was gained and a new cylinder placed into the door as well as the keep adjusted.

Never been able to open patio doors in Mansfield - 15/05/2020

Emergency call to a customer who’s front door wouldn’t open. Access was gained and new hooks fitted to the mpl strip. Whilst at the property I was asked to open the patio doors and place in two anti snap cylinders, the occupants never had keys for these doors, so in the time they’d lived there, they had never had use of these to access their garden.

Keys locked in garage in Mansfield - 10/05/2020

Emergency call out this morning to a customer that had locked his keys inside his garage, but needed access. Access was gained and customer had the lock upgraded.

Door will not shut or lock in Mansfield - 09/05/2020

Emergency call out this morning to a customer who couldn’t shut, or lock the front door. A slight realignment and the door was locking as good as new.

Tenants changed locks without permission in Mansfield - 06/05/2020

Emergency call out by a landlord who needed access to his property after the tenants had changed the locks and left the property without mention. Access was gained to a front door mortice lock and two rear door cylinders and replaced with a much higher standard of lock, leaving the landlord in control of the keys and his property once again.

New anti - snap cylinders for external doors in Mansfield - 29/04/2020

Call out to a customer who’s property was empty after the tenants had moved out and was unsure how many keys were still in circulation. All external door cylinders were changed for anti snap cylinders, now safe and secure, with added peace of mind for the customer.

Patio doors will not open in Mansfield - 27/04/2020

Emergency call to Mansfield this evening. Patio doors were closed and could not be opened, so the occupants were unable to access the garden, a much needed place to be, during lockdown. Entry was gained and a new gearbox was fitted, now the door is working as good as new.

Gearbox failure for customer in Mansfield - 24/04/2020

Emergency call out today, to a front door that wouldn’t lock. The gearbox had failed and the door required realignment in order to work. Lockforce North Nottingham was on site and rectified the problem in no time. Another property secured and occupants safe.

New cylinder in Mansfield - 20/04/2020

Emergency call out from an estate agent today. The property they was wanting to rent needed a new cylinder on the front door, a new mpl strip in the front door, entry needed to be gained to a bedroom and a door handle changing upstairs and on the front door. No issue for Lockforce, now a new tenant can move in with peace of mind that the locks and handles are of high standard and highly unlikely to cause any issues.

Helping nurse gain entry after night shift in Mansfield - 20/04/2020 

Emergency call out early this morning, to a nurse returning from a long shift. The nurse lived in shared accommodation and her bedroom door had slammed behind her, with the keys still inside the room. Entry was gained in no time, leaving the nurse able to have enough sleep, before returning to the hospital for another long shift.

Entry gain for factory in Mansfield - 15/04/2020

Emergency call out to a factory today, because their flammable liquid cupboard could not be unlocked. Access was gained and although they had the key, a hasp and padlock was placed on the strong steel door to secure the cupboard and keep the liquid safe.

Cylinder upgrade in Mansfield - 14/04/2020

Emergency call out this evening, to a customer that needed to upgrade the lock on her front door, because their was too many keys in circulation and security of the home may be compromised. Upgraded the customers cylinder to an anti snap cylinder, with 5 new keys, leaving the door more secure and the home owner holding all of the keys.

Easter callout to sort issue with a forklift truck in Mansfield - 12/04/2020

Emergency call out this Easter afternoon, to a business who had snapped the only key to their forklift truck and had a lorry loaded with fresh chicken, that had to be tipped. Knowing the forklift they used had a universal key, I borrowed one from a company near to me and drove to Mansfield to let this company use it to start their truck, so they could unload. Always a pleasure to help out where I can.

Key snapped in the lock in Mansfield - 10/04/2020

Emergency call from a very worried shop keeper this morning! He was unlocking the shop and the key to the front and only entrance snapped in the lock. Non destructive entry was gained and as that was the only key, a new anti snap cylinder was placed in the door. Customers were able to once again use the store for buying their Easter essentials.

Couple have lost the front door key in Mansfield - 09/04/2020

Emergency call out from a couple today, they had taken their young lad for a walk and returned to find they had lost the front door key. Entry was gained and a new front door cylinder was placed into the door with 3 keys. During these difficult times it’s always nice to still be able to assist in any event of emergency.

UPVC door realignment in Mansfield - 08/04/2020

Emergency call out to a property in Mansfield this evening, rear UPVC door wouldn’t lock when the door was closed. Slight realignment and keeps adjusted so that the door could lock again. Whilst on site, I gave the MPL strip a good amount of lubricant and cleaned out the cylinder.

Door failing to lock in Mansfield - 07/04/2020

Emergency call out to a lady whose rear patio doors were failing to lock. Lockforce North Nottingham was more than please to attend, taking all covid-19 precautions. Keep needed adjustments, hinges were also realigned and handles tightened whilst on site.

New anti-snap cylinder for local business owner in Mansfield - 31/03/2020

Called by a business owner this evening, who had gone to check up on his premises and snapped his key in the lock. New anti snap cylinder added and in addition to the 3 keys that came with the lock, he asked for an additional 12 to be cut, so all the staff have one, when they can return to work. Covid-19 precautions taken, gloves, wipes and maintained a 2mtr gap from the customer.

Gym break-in, Mansfield - 28/03/2020

Called out this morning to a well known Gym chain, that was broken into last night. The rear door that was entered, was secured and anti snap cylinder was added, with a lockable clasp and wooden batons for added security.

Late night patio door fix in Mansfield - 24/03/2020

An elderly couple called me this evening, because their patio door wouldn’t lock and they were left feeling unsafe and vulnerable. After a few minor adjustments I had the door locking again, leaving them with peace of mind and feeling safe again.

Returned to customer to add extra security - 24/03/2020

Lockforce Mansfield had to return to a customer today, I received an email asking if I could make the front door extra safe? Added an anti snap cylinder, a upvc door chain and a latch to help prevent unwanted persons making an entry. The occupants were over the moon with their added security.

Misplaced house keys in Mansfield - 21/03/2020

Out in Mansfield today, I was called out by a friendly neighbour because his friend next door had misplaced his house keys. Whilst deciding the best option of opening the door, the customer found the house keys at the bottom of his shopping. These things happen, we had a laugh about it.

New house by faulty keys in Mansfield - 20/03/2020

Called out this morning, a gentleman moving into his new home, had been handed the keys and none were working properly? He had attempted to drill the lock himself, but when it still wouldn’t open, he called Lockforce Mansfield to assist. Two entry gains, one destructive and one non destructive and two new anti snap cylinders with 5 keys each.

Multiple doors checked and repaired in Mansfield - 20/03/2020

Called to a customer this afternoon to have a look at the patio doors and a upvc door and the garage. Mpl on the garage door was sticking, but easily solved and the patio door was found to have glue squirted into the cylinder. The cylinder was changed and the door, the couple had not opened in 3 years is now fully functioning.

New anti snap cylinder for young lady in Mansfield - 16/03/2020

Out this morning replacing a cylinder for a young lady on her front door. The old cylinder was fully functioning, but there were too many keys for the door in circulation. A new anti snap cylinder was placed into the door, with 3 keys, now she has piece of mind that all the keys are with her.

Gearbox failure in Mansfield - 13/03/2020

Gearbox failed in Mansfield this morning, replaced with a brand new one and the door is working as good as new.

Job in Mansfield - 13/03/2020

Entry gained to a garage today, after the keys had been left inside.

Conservatory door problem in Mansfield - 10/03/2020

Attended a property this afternoon and was greeted by a lovely couple who had a conservatory door they were unable to lock. The problem was a keep, that was stopping the bolts from fully extending. Keeps moved, door adjusted and now fully working.

House lock upgardes in Mansfield - 10/03/2020

Called by a gentleman to change and upgrade the locks on his front and rear doors. Quick and simple, but for the occupants, new anti snap cylinders for added safety and security! ??

Night latch fitted in Mansfield - 09/03/2020 

Yale night latch fitted to an internal door for a customer after the old one had failed. Customer very pleased with the new looking lock.

Old cylinder in Mansfield - 09/03/2020

Upvc door would not open, so the customer called to see if I could assist. Door was opened and it was found that the old cylinder had failed. Replaced the cylinder with a new anti snap and lubricated the strip, leaving the door working as good as new.

Failed gearbox in Mansfield - 04/03/2020

Failed gearbox leaving a customers door unable to lock. Old strip removed, a GU universal strip was placed into the door, with a new cylinder and handle. Door realigned and working perfectly.

SMART lock fitted in Mansfield - 03/03/2020

Brand new smart lock fitted to a gym in Mansfield. The owner did not want to always be present at the gym, so customers pups use it. The smart lock with keypad entry has allowed customers to access the gym in his absence, by simply pressing a code into the keypad, making life much simpler for all.

Entry gain in Mansfield - 29th February 2020

Gained entry to a residence and changed the lock for a lovely lady this morning. Her tenants had moved out and not returned the keys, so she needed a new lock and keys.

Key stuck in door in Mansfield - 29th February 2020

Called to a gentleman who could not turn his cylinder and the keys were stuck. Entry was gained before I arrived, with help from a neighbour, I checked his door and fully lubricated his mechanism, making sure it was functioning before I left.

Job in Loughborough - 28th February 2020

Lockforce North Nottingham was in Loughborough today, changing a gearbox for a customer. The old one had failed, so it was exchanged for a brand new one, leaving the door fully functioning once again.

Late night call out to Loughborough - 25th February 2020

Lockforce North Nottingham went to assist an elderly couple in Loughborough this evening. Toronto door was open, with the key stuck in the cylinder unable to fully turn, to lock the door. Gearbox was at fault, lock was released and the door was secured, safe for the night.

Fitting window restictors in Mansfield - 20th February 2020

Lockforce Mansfield were out today, to fit window restrictors on a property. Three windows secured and still able to be opened at the same time.

Burgulary in Mansfield - 19th February 2020

After having his possessions stolen, I was called out to change the cylinder on a front door, just in case the thief had a spare key. Burglary is a terrible crime, this cost the occupants the stress and worry that someone could just walk into their property! Front door now secure!

Cylinder replaced in Mansfield - 19th February 2020

Received a call from a very nice lady, she was worried that her key was beginning to stick in the cylinder when she attempted to remove it. Cylinder was replaced and upgraded to an anti snap, leaving her worry free.

Stuck UPVC door in Mansfield - 13th February 2020

Lockforce were out in Mansfield today, a UPVC door had not been opened for some time and the gearbox had failed, leaving the occupants unable to use the door. Access was gained, a new gearbox fitted, lock and handle, good as new!

Key stuck in Mansfield - 11th February 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths received a call from a very nice lady, she explained that she could not remove the key from the cylinder on her side door, once the lock was unlocked. Changed the cylinder to a new anti snap, with 3 keys, allowing the customer peace of mind that she can use her door safely.

Fitting anti-snap cylinders in Mansfield - 11th February 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths returned to a customer today to fit two anti snap thumb turn cylinders to the front and rear doors. Having these fitted will allow the family to exit safely in an emergency situation, without compromising security.

Lock change in Mansfield - 9th February 2020

Lockforce changed the locks in a residence today, added a latch to the patio doors for added security. New anti snap cylinders on the french doors securing the property that little bit extra for the owners.

Lock Cylinder upgrades in Mansfield - 5th February 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths were called back to a customer, that I had worked for earlier in the week, to change and upgrade all of their cylinders to anti snap, for extra security.

UPVC Door handles in Mansfield - 3rd Februrary 2020

Very busy day in Mansfield helping customers with choices for their homes and garden sheds. Cylinder changes and new upvc door handles fitted, keeping customers safe and to freshen up the look of their upvc doors.

Front door secured in Mansfield - 29th January 2020

Gearbox failure in Mansfield, replaced the gearbox and new door handle for the customer, who had not been able to secure her door the evening before and was told by her landlord, she would have to wait a further day to have it fixed. Lockforce North Nottingham arrived and fixed, as good as new!

Gearbox failure and sticking euro cylinder in Mansfield - 29th January 2020

Lockforce called to a house, where an elderly lady lived, her patio door could not be locked, the gearbox had broken and the cylinder was sticking. Replaced both the cylinder and gearbox, so her property could be secured once again!

New lock for village hall in Mansfield - 27th January 2020

Lockforce were called by a Committee member of the local village hall to fit a mortice lock on the front door and an internal door to the office. Locks changed and upgraded to British Standard 5 levers.

Solved faulty electric garage door issue in Mansfield - 23rd January 2020

Lockforce Mansfield recieved a call from a lady this evening, her electric garage door would not open with the remote control and she needed to be able to open the door, because she had builders working at her premises and they were storing their tools in there. The door was manually lifted and I pressed the reset button, hey presto door working! Customer was not charged for me popping in, pleased I was nearby to help.

Entry gain in Mansfield - 21st January 2020

Lockforce Mansfield were called by a customer stating he had misplaced his keys to a lock and needed to get into the property, it was a property he rented out and the tenant had left with the keys. Entry was gained and the cylinder replaced with a new ani snap lock, with 3 keys. Happy customer and property se urged for the next occupants.

Worn out night latch in Mansfield - 17th January 2020

Lockforce Mansfield attended a property today, a nightlatch had been painted over, with paint around the latch and sash. The dried paint had caused the latch to become harder to use, this caused the internal spindle to twist and so the lock would not work at all. We replaced with a brand new Yale, adjusted the keep on the door, making the property secure and easier for the occupants to use.

Broken door handle in Mansfield - 15th January 2020

Lockforce Mansfield attended a residence in Rainworth, to change a door handle on a property, that had been broken for some time and change a cylinder on the same door. Whilst on site, I was asked if I could also upgrade the cylinder to the double doors on the conservatory.

Sticking door lock in Mansfield - 13th January 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Mansfiled recieved a call from a customer today, who’s Multi Point Locking system (MPL) on the front door was sticking and the customer was concerned about being locked out. I lubricated the gearbox, the hooks and rollers and the door was as good as new. Whilst on site the customer pointed out that the back door was catching, after filing the keep down a fraction, this door was fully working and also as good as new.

Locked out of garden shed in Mansfield - 11th January 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Mansfield received a call from a couple who had locked their garden shed and the mortice lock had seized, leaving them unable to open the door. After gaining entry, the mortice was removed and replaced with an alternative exterior lock, making it easier for the owners to gain entry, with a key.

Locked UPVC door in Mansfield - 10th January 2020

Lockforce locksmiths Mansfield were called in the early morning call from a couple who’s UPVC Door was locked and they were unable to open. Lockforce Mansfield gained entry, replaced the entire MPL, gearbox and upgraded the cylinder to a British Standard, door is working perfectly, great for the customer who runs a business from home and requires the front door to be fully functioning to let her clients in.

Late night call out for seized up gearbox in Mansfield - 3rd January 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Mansfield were called out by a customer after their gearbox and MPL strip had seized. I attended within the hour and placed a temporary gearbox into the door, as this was late at night. I ordered the parts to fully fix the door and complete the work in the following days. The customer was more than happy to wait for the parts, as the temporary gearbox is fully functioning and has no more worries about being locked in/out.

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