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Grantham Locksmiths

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Grantham Locksmiths

Welcome to the Grantham branch of Lockforce Locksmiths. My name’s Phill Cox and I’m your local, experienced locksmith in Grantham.

Here are all of the important things that you need to know about me:

  • I have my full DBS check
  • I am also fully insured (up to £5 million)
  • I’m highly trained, completely qualified and experienced based in Grantham
  • My Grantham locksmith service is available 24/7
  • My work comes with a 12-month guarantee
  • There are no call-out fees
If you need a locksmith in Grantham, call me anytime on 01476 245 076.
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Grantham Locksmith Services

It’s always handy to have a locksmith fairly close to you as they will be able to head over straight away if you ever find yourself locked out of your home. As your friendly locksmith in Grantham, I’ll be able to get to you incredibly quickly and will be able to get you back inside your home before too long. Even if it’s an emergency and you need to get in touch outside of usual business hours, I will be more than happy to help you with your locks.

My locksmith services in Grantham are on offer around the clock, no matter what day or time of day you need to call. What’s more, the advice I will give you will always be completely free. I can also carry out security assessments of properties free of charge to ensure that you are always left with complete peace of mind. I only use the best tools and equipment when carrying out my locksmith work, and will only ever provide the best locks and parts on the market.

My Grantham locksmith services include the following:

  • 24-hour emergency locksmith in Grantham
  • Mobile key cutting in Grantham
  • Grantham lock repair and lock replacement
  • uPVC door locks
  • Wooden door locks
  • Digital door locks
  • Window locks
  • CCTV systems
  • Alarms
  • Evictions
  • Re-securing
  • Post burglary repairs
  • Fire escape hardware
  • Panic hardware
  • Insurance approved locks
  • Entry gaining
  • Yale locks
  • Night latches
  • Window boarding
If you need one of these services, or have a job that isn’t mentioned on the list, give me a call right away on 01476 245 076. I will be more than happy to see how best to help you.

Why Choose Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham?

Here at Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham, we pride ourselves in being able to offer our customers the very best service. We always deliver the golden national standard that has been set by Lockforce, right here in Grantham.

Don’t believe me? Just check out the 4,000 reviews that have been left for the Lockforce network online. They average out at 4.9 out of 5, which goes to show just how highly our customers rate our locksmith services.

All of the Lockforce Locksmiths team have their DBS checks and are fully insured. You can ask for this information when I arrive as I always carry this as well as ID with me.

I pride myself on being punctual and will always endeavour to arrive at the previously stated time. Whenever possible, I will always contact you when I’m 20-30 minutes away so that you have an updated arrival time. You’ll know when I arrive because you’ll see my Lockforce branded van and I’ll be wearing the official uniform!

Lockforce Locksmiths always do their best to put the customer first. We’ve worked hard to create a reputable and reliable brand, and our whole team is happy to give our customers the satisfaction and service that they deserve. I can also provide you with a 12-month guarantee just in case you notice a problem with the work.

Contact Phill at Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham to take advantage of our dedicated service by calling 01476 245 076.

Locked Out In Grantham? Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham Will Get You Back In

Getting locked out of your home or business premises in Grantham can be very stressful. Thankfully, there’s no need to panic now that you can call Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham 24/7. We’ll be able to get you inside as quickly as we possibly can.

We know that being locked out can cause huge stress and worry, so we try to make the situation as stress-free as possible. We are proud of our emergency locksmith service in Grantham, and always work at speed without causing any unnecessary damage by using proven non-destructive techniques. If you wish, we will also be able to change the locks completely as our van is usually stocked with everything we will need including brand new locks.

Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham always attend continual training, so I always use the latest methods, tools and techniques to work on your locks in Grantham. I’m so well trained, I’ll even tidy up after myself too!

If you ever find yourself locked out, give me a call on 01476 245 076 to find out more about the locksmith services I offer in Grantham.

Grantham Mobile Key Cutting Service

The trusty Lockforce Locksmith van comes complete with the latest locks, tools and machinery so that we can cut keys on site. This allows you be to sure your keys work before we leave.

Need new keys? Give us a call on 01476 245 076 and we will be round within no time to cut new keys and test them to make sure they work.

Grantham Lock Repair and Lock Replacement

Whether you need a lock repairing or replacing, give us a call. We can fix locks that aren’t working as well as they should or that have got a key stuck in them. The new locks we can fix include digital locks and child-safety locks, amongst many other types.

No matter what repairs need doing or what kind of new lock you have in mind, call Lockforce Locksmith Grantham and we will see how we can help you.

Broken lock? Don’t delay! If you need a lock replacing or repairing, give us a call on 01476 245 076 today and we can quickly secure your property.

Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham Payment Options

We accept the following payment methods at Lockforce Locksmith Grantham:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Contactless card payments
  • Bank Transfer
  • BACS
  • Cash
  • PayPal
If you ever need a locksmith in Grantham, we would be happy to help you out. We’re confident that using Lockforce Locksmith Grantham services won’t disappoint. To deal with a friendly, experienced and highly qualified locksmith in Grantham, give Phil a call on 01476 245 076.

Recent Jobs

Patio door issues in Grantham - 20/10/2020

Called out to a failed gearbox on a wooden patio door. The mechanism was still operating when the door was locked. A genuine replacement part was fitted to the door, along with an anti snap cylinder for added security.

Anti snap lock in Grantham - 19/10/2020

Early call out to a customer who left the front door open all night, because the cylinder had failed. The old cylinder was removed and replaced with a new anti snap cylinder, with 5 keys.

Emergency services in Grantham - 19/10/2020

After an ambulance crew had broken the door down to a flat, the occupants wanted a new lock fitting. A new anti snap cylinder was placed into the door for extra security.

Stable door in Grantham - 13/10/2020

New keep fitted to a stable door in Grantham this afternoon. After the old jeep became worn and stopped functioning properly, a new keep, to keep both part of the door together was fitted. Now this can be used as a stable door, or a single door.

Heavy duty door chain in Grantham - 13/10/2020

Two sash jammers and a chain fitted to a upvc door in Grantham this afternoon. The occupants wanted the main entrance to be safe and secure when shut and when answering the door, a heavy duty upvc door chain will ensure maximum security.

New parts for door in Grantham - 03/10/2020

Called out by a customer that I have visited in the past. The gearbox on their stable door had failed, leaving the door unable to lock. A new part was placed into the door and now it’s working as good as new.

Doctor locked out in Grantham - 02/10/2020

Early morning call out to a doctor, who pulled his door shut behind him and then realised he didn’t have his keys! I arrived as quick as possible and gained non destructive entry in no time, so he could get to the hospital for his patients.

Cylinder upgrade in Grantham - 30/09/2020

Cylinder upgrade in Grantham this evening. After attempting to replace the cylinder a gentleman contacted me and asked if I could come and take a look at it, as the screw had threaded. We placed a new anti snap cylinder in the door and adjusted the keeps, leaving the door as good as new.

New MPL lock in Grantham - 29/09/2020

New multi point locking system fitted to a front door in Grantham today. After recently changing a cylinder in the door, the home owners asked for the mpl to be changed as the existing one was showing signs of wear and tear. A new full strip was fitted, leaving the door working as good as new.

Locked out in Grantham - 24/09/2020

Lost key left a gentleman locked out of his property. Entry was gained and as the gentleman had no keys, we replaced his lock with a new anti snap cylinder to upgrade his security.

Two new locks in Grantham - 15/09/2020

Two anti snap cylinders fitted to a property in Grantham this morning. The occupants family wanted her to be safe and secure and opted to upgrade the cylinders on the front and rear doors for extra security.

Lock upgrade in Grantham - 15/09/2020

Upgrading a front door cylinder for a lady in Grantham this afternoon. After being unsure how many keys are in circulation, the occupants husband wanted a new front door lock for his wife. Doors services and lubricated whilst on site.

Fitted new cylinders in Grantham - 13/09/2020

Fitted two anti snap cylinders to a property in Grantham this morning. A gentleman called after moving to a new property to ask if he could have his cylinders changing, I changed the cylinders and upgraded his locks to anti snap locks, all safe and secure.

Anti-Snap Lock Replacement for Caravan Showroom - 05/09/2020

Called out to a static caravan showroom today, because someone had attempted to snap and drill the locks in both doors on one of the vans. Entry was gained to both doors and we placed two anti snap cylinders in the doors, with new keys.

Patio Door Handle Failing - 05/09/2020

Patio door problem today. The handle was failing to raise, in order for the door to be locked. A new strip/gearbox was placed in the door at the owners request, leaving it working smoothly and more importantly locking.

Grantham UPVC Door Handle Not Lifting or Locking - 02/09/2020

Called out this morning, because the occupants of a home were unable to lift the handle on their upvc door in order to lock it. The gearbox spindle had worn and jammed, so this was replaced and in addition to this an anti snap cylinder was placed in the door for added security.

Failed lock in B&B in Grantham - 26/08/2020

Removed a failed mortice lock from a B&B this morning after it had failed. A new Era 5 lever British standard was placed in the door, now working perfectly and has given peace of mind to the owners, ready for their first guests to arrive.

Key for safe lost in Grantham - 24/08/2020

Called out to a customer today, because the key for their gun safe had been lost. The safe contained two antique shotguns and the owners no longer wanted them on their premises. The safe was opened and removed from the property, leaving the owner very pleased, that they no longer had the guns or any use for them.

Nightlatch nightmare in Grantham - 21/08/2020

Locked out of a property after the button on the nightlatch had been placed into the locked position, before closing the door. Entry was gained through a rear door, non destructively and after pushing the button back down on the nightlatch, it worked perfectly again.

Shut door and left keys inside in Grantham - 24/07/2020

Gained entry to a Yale night latch for a lovely lady who shut her front door and left her keys inside. It didn’t take long using the right tool to gain non destructive entry for her.

Return customer for maill box problem in Grantham - 14/07/2020

Returned to a customer that I have worked for before, changed the cam lock on the mail box and adjusted a digi lock on the garden gate, that appeared to be sticking.

Lock failure in Grantham - 13/07/2020

Lock failed in a front door in Grantham today. The homeowners were able to lock and unlock the door, but the key wouldn’t extract. Usually a twisted cam in the lock, a new cylinder was placed in the door and worked perfectly.

Cabin hooked fitted in Grantham - 30/06/2020

Cabin hooks fitted to french doors today in Grantham. A lady wanted to be able to let air through the conservatory, but the breeze cause the doors to slam shut, or bend outwards, not good for the hinges! Two cabin hooks solved the problem, now the doors can be pinned back without the worry of them breaking.


Patio door not closing in Grantham - 26/06/2020

Sliding patio door would not close. Always keep the runners free from dirt and stones. A small stone was stopping this door from sliding fully closed. A good clean and lubricant had it working as good as new.

Unlocking medical trolley in Grantham - 24/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham were called out to a retirement home, because the medicine trolley was failing to unlock. A quick fix, soon had the trolley open and just in time for the elderly residents to receive their meds.

Safe lock failure in Grantham - 17/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham were called out to an emergency service station today, because they couldn’t lock their internal safe properly. A new set of batteries had the keypad and locking system fully functioning again in no time. Sometimes, something as simple as new batteries can make all the difference.

Snapped key in Grantham - 07/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham were called out this afternoon because a young lady had snapped her front door key in her lock. The key was extracted leaving the cylinder working with other keys, door handle was fixed whilst I was there as well.

New mortice lock fitted in Grantham - 05/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham were called out by a customer because both keys to the mortice lock on the back door had been lost. Entry was gained and a new British Standard 5 lever mortice lock was fitted.

Lost keys in Grantham - 05/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham were called by a lady who had lost the keys for her front and rear doors. Both the old cylinders were removed and upgraded to new anti snap locks with 5 keys each.

Locked in home in Grantham - 28/05/2020

Gearbox failed in the front door of a property, leaving the occupant locked in for a short time. Access was gained and a new gearbox placed into the door, leaving it as good as new.

New thumm turns for soon to be rented property in Grantham - 27/05/2020

Two anti snap thumb turn cylinders placed into a property, that will eventually be rented out today. Extra keys cut, so there will be plenty for each tenant and the landlord.

Customer requesting two sets of lock changes in Grantham - 15/05/2020

Lockforce locksmiths Grantham Called out to change the front and rear locks on a property today. The occupant had sadly passed away and his children wanted the property secure, as they were unsure who had keys and access, because the gentleman that had lived there had care workers. Property secured with anti snap cylinders.

New gearbox and handle fitted in  Grantham - 14/04/2020

Emergency call out to Grantham this morning. A upvc door, cylinder was working fine, but the handle would not move. After gaining entry a new gearbox was fitted and handle, leaving the door functioning as good as new.

Improved secruity in Grantham - 04/05/2020

Called out today, to an emergency, as a side door on a garage had been snapped out and customer still couldn’t open the door, but was concerned someone may be able to gain entry. Door was opened and a new anti snap cylinder was placed into the door, leaving it safe and secure.

Door alignment in Grantham - 02/05/2020

Emergency call out to a lady, who’s door was not locking and she was finding it very hard to close. A simple alignment and some new keeps made the door easier for her to lock, to close and it will be easier for her care workers to enter and exit in future.

New garage door lock in Grantham - 02/05/2020 

New garage door cylinder fitted to a property In Grantham this afternoon. The gentleman who owned the property was unsure how many keys may be in circulation and wanted the lock changed. Whilst I was already in the area, I popped round and fitted a new cylinder.

Unable to lock rear door in Grantham - 30/04/2020

Emergency call from a customer this evening, who was unable to lock the rear door before going to bed. The existing gearbox had failed, so a new gearbox was placed into the door, along with an anti snap cylinder, leaving the door fully functioning and safe once more.

Still carrying out emergency works during COVID-19 pandemic in Grantham - 29/04/2020

Call from a customer this evening, requesting he had his front and rear cylinders changed, because he was unsure how many keys were in circulation. Both cylinders were changed, so the customers worry was put at ease. Even through COVID19, Lockforce are here to assist, maintaining a good level of hand hygiene and distance from customers, whilst remaining polite and professional.

New anti-snap cylinders in Grantham - 10/04/2020

Emergency call out this afternoon, a lovely lady had lost the key for her rear door and the front door was sticking and not 100% trustworthy. Entry was gained to the rear door and a new anti snap cylinder was placed into the door, leaving it working as good as new.

Lost keys after walk in Grantham - 05/04/2020

Emergency call out to a lady, who had been out for a walk, fallen and lost the only front door key she had. Entry was gained and a new cylinder was fitted to the door, with 5 new keys.

Leave it to the professionals in Grantham - 05/04/2020

Emergency call from a couple, who had attempted to fix and look at the problem as to why their rear door wouldn’t lock. The gearbox had failed, great attempt to fix the issue by them. A new like for like gearbox was fitted and the door is locking perfectly.

Customer let down by another locksmith - 30/03/2020

Lockforce recieved a call from a lady this evening at 18:00, she had been waiting for a locksmith that she called since 14:00 because she was locked out. Non destructive entry was gained and she was in her house within minutes, pleased she contacted me to assist.

Key safe installation for previous customer - 25/03/2020

After attending a customer who locked herself out a few days ago, she asked if I could fit her a key safe to prevent this happening again. Returned today, to fit the safe, Police approved key safe mounted to a discreet area on the outside of the property.  

UPVC door reallignment in Grantham - 22/03/2020

Lockforce were called out to Grantham this evening, a couple explained that their rear upvc door was fully operational when open, but would not work when it was closed. A simple realignment and adjustments made to the keeps, soon had the door fully operational again.

Teacher locked out in Grantham - 17/03/2020

Lockforce called out early this morning, because a teacher had locked herself out accidentally and had to get to school for the pupils. I was on the scene as quickly as possible and she was on her way to work in no time. When the door closed the keys were still inside and the night latch was on, non destructive entry was gained. Let’s hope this didn’t impact the pupils day too much.

Left keys inside in Grantham - 16/03/2020

Lockforce called by a lovely lady this morning, who had shut the door behind her and left her keys inside the house. I was with her in 40 minutes and had her inside in minutes.

Night latch failed in Grantham - 14/03/2020

Customer locked out today in Grantham. The Yale night latch he had on his door had failed, leaving the key unable to turn. I was with him in 20 minutes and gained entry, then replaced with a new latch, leaving the door working as good as new.

Additional keys cut for returning customer in Grantham - 25th February 2020

Returned to a customer this morning to cut 3 additional keys for a cylinder lock I fitted 2 weeks ago. Customer has fitted a Police approved Key safe and now each family member has a key to the property, plus a spare for the new safe.

New gearbox fitted for inner door in Grantham - 19th February 2020

New gearbox fitted to an inner door today, the previous one had failed, leaving the occupants locked out. Entry gained and new fitted, leaving the door fully functional and secure.

Sticky lock at Dental practise - 17th February 2020

Lockforce were called out to a Dental Surgery in Grantham today. The digi lock on the rear entrance was sticking and staff were finding it difficult to get in, in the morning. Lock was fine, it was sticking against the keep, this was adjusted and all working again with no issues.

No time for romance - Valentine's Day 2020

No time for romance for Lockforce Grantham this Valentine’s Day, key broken in a lock, access gained and new cylinder fitted, access gained due to lost keys and failed gearbox, leaving the occupants sat in the conservatory unable to gain access to the inner door. All entry’s non destructive and people back in the warm within minutes.

New anit-snap cylinder in Grantham - 13th February 2020

Lockforce recieved a call from a lady who had moved into a property and wanted the codes changing on two digi locks on her gate, a key safe and two new door cylinder locks. Locks were changed to new anti snap cylinders, one code changed on a digi lock, the second lock was found to be broken, so replaced with a new one and a new code has been set on her key safe, securing her new home.

Lock upgrades in Grantham - 10th February 2020

Lockforce were called out in Grantham today, upgraded the thumb turn cylinder on the front door to an Ultion, Police approved key safe, discretely positioned outside and an anti snap on the conservatory door, securing the property.

Gym locked out in Grantham - 7th February 2020

Lockforce Grantham has been out gaining entry to a gym in a beautiful barn conversion. The keys to the cylinder had been lost, so I removed it and replaced with a new anti snap, with 3 keys.

Meeting British Standard Locks in Grantham - 29th January 2020

A lady had been advised by a friend, that her mortice lock on he outer door would not be covered on her insurance, or to British Standard. Her old lock was a small model, with 3 levers, so a lot of chisel work to make enough room to house a new lock! Lock has now been fitted and changed to a 5 lever BS mortice.

Key stuck in the lock in Grantham - 21st January 2020

Late night call from a lady, who advised me that a key was stuck in the lock and she couldn’t get in to the property to be with her elderly mother. I attended the property as quickly as possible, managing to open the door within seconds. A mortice lock had recently been fitted and I have been booked in to make the correct adjustments, to prevent this happening again.

Lock pick in Grantham - 20th January 2020. 

A lady contacted me to ask if I could replace a stable door handle, it was locked and the key had gone missing. Lock was picked and handle replaced with a newer, sturdier handle, with a lock and key. Whilst I was on site, I lubricated the front and rear door locking system, making it easier for the family to use.

Key safe fitted in Grantham - 3rd January 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths in Grantham were called out to fit a new key safe for a lady who wanted a way of letting friends into her, in case she fell, had an accident or to allow access for a nurse/emergency services. Happy customer! 

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