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Lockforce Horncastle - Your Local Emergency Mobile Locksmith

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Lockforce Horncastle

Steve Gadsby

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welcome to lockforce horncastle

I cover LN9 postcodes

At lockforce we have many technicians that work and live near you all week long.

We can..

  • Cut keys
  • Fix locks
  • Install new locks to windows and doors
  • Open locked doors to homes

At lockforce we have many products to suit your own needs.


                          24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Recent Jobs

Horncastle Cylinder Change - 1st August 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Horncastle eceived a call from an older gentleman who has lost his back door key, and was feeling very uncomfortable because of the area he lives. In no time at all his new anti-snap cylinder was fitted with five keys provided to the customer. And he is now secure again.

Lost keys in Horncastle - 12th July 2019

Here at Lockforce Locksmiths Horncastle I had a call from a man who was unable to find his keys. He was worried he had left them on the outside of the door overnight so wanted the cylinder changing. I was happy to help and provided him withg a new set of keys to match! 

Lock upgrade in Horncastle - 3rd July 2019

This family, over the years had lost all their spare keys to the property and were wanting a lock upgrade. When I arrived I showed them the different locks I provided, and explained the level of security that each offered. They decided to go with the versa anti-snap cylinder. They couldn’t believe what part the cylinder plays in the overall security of the property. This was simply changed and plenty of keys cut. Happy safe and secure family!

Key snapped in lock - 27th June 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Horncastel had a call from a distressed lady as her key had snapped in her cylinder and was due to leave for a hen do in 1hr. So within 20 minutes I was at the property and within 35 minutes I had the cylinder out, a new one in and she was on her way to the hen do. Happy days!

Cylinder change - 23rd June 2019

Lockforce Locksmith Horncastle had a call out from a gentleman who has had a disagreement with a friend who has entry to his property. He was wanting the locks changed to disable his friend from gaining any further access. His mother was so impressed with our professionalism and fast response to his emergency that she has asked for our details and already booked for a mortice upgrade next week.

Lock upgrade - 15th June 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Horncastle received  a call out to a residential home where they needed the cylinders upgrading asap. I reached them within half an hour as I could sense the urgency in which they needed my assistance. I changed the cylinder to our anti-snap cylinders with 5 keys. The customer was happy and felt secure in their property again. 

Lock upgrade and door realignment in Horncastle - 13th June 2019

Lockforce Locksmith Horncastle had a call from a bloke who was wanting his door realigned after he believed the builders has unaligned it do to heavy machinery. So I was more then happy to help. While I was there I spoke to him about upgrading his cylinder to a more secure one. And after not much thinking time he chose the Brisant ultion. Customer was more then happy and felt more secure. 

Lock upgrade in Horncastle - 6th June 2019

Lockforce Locksmith Horncastle received a call from a customer who was having trouble with their lock. They were able to insert their key in one side but not so easy on the other. After removing the cylinder and explaining the anti snap technology and the security required for their home insurance the customer decided to upgrade to a new cylinder giving her extra security. 

Key not turning in Horncastle - 30th May 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Horncastle were called out to a Chinese Restaurant today, as the key was not turning in the lock. Once a new cylinder and gearbox were fitted the restaurant were able to continue going about their business, happy in the knowledge their business was now safe and secure.

Lockforce Lockforce Horncastle Located at
Horncastle, lincolnshire LN9
Phone: 07508 828 517

TapClick number to contact:

01507 834034

07508 828 517

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