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Welcome to Lockforce SPILSBY  we are here to help you!

Here at Lockforce we can help you with many things such as home security and child safety.

We offer you many types of products and our times are flexible to you as you can call on us 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If you feel like your locks are getting old and unreliable give us a call and we will fit you a new lock (which we provide) of your choice.

Waste no time and call us today on:

01790 720 231


07765 966 142

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Areas Covered

Please find below a list of the areas that Lockforce Spilsby covers.

If you do not find your area listed, please call on 01790 720 231 as I still may be able to help, or may know a more local locksmith.

Locations Covered

Asgarby, Ashby by Partney, Aswardby, Bag Enderby, Candlesby, East Keal, East Kirkby, Firsby, Great Steeping, Hagnaby, Hagworthingham, Halton Holegate, Hareby, Harrington, Hundleby, Keal Cotes, Langton, Lincolnshire, Lincs, Little Steeping, Lusby, Mavis Enderby, Miningsby, Old Bolingbroke, Partney, Raithby, Sausthorpe, Scremby, Skendleby, Somersby, Spilsby, Toynton All Saints, Toynton Fen Side, Toynton St Peter, Welton le Marsh, West Keal

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