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Many of our teams are continuing to carry out emergency and critical work under the current government guidelines. We appreciate your support, understanding and co-operation with regards to any restriction on our works. FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE. If you need our help please call.
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Customer Reviews

Lockforce Sleaford is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 customer reviews.

Locked out? Been broken into or simply worried about your home security? Or maybe you’ve lost your keys and need a spare cut?

Well, whatever your lock security concern, I’m here to help! Providing

-          A first class locksmith service specialising in home and business properties

-          That operates 24 hours a day

-          …And is local to Sleaford

-          I’m also highly trained in tried-and-tested locksmith techniques.

-          …with the backing of a stellar locksmith brand you can trust

My name’s Steve and I’m your local locksmith in Sleaford and the surrounding Lincolnshire area. If you have a problem with either your locks or keys, I’m your go-to man! As standard, I provide my valued customers with

-          Lock & Burglary repairs

-          Home Security Consultations where I thoroughly scope out any weak points in your property’s defences…you’ll be surprised what I usually find!

-          Locked Out? No worries, as I offer a specialist home entry service. You can rest easy knowing my techniques are non-destructive in nature, so I leave as little damage as possible when breaking and entering.

-          A mobile key cutting service par excellence!

But excuse that last bit of fancy writing, for in reality what you’ll get when contacting me is simple… an honest key cutting service from a seasoned professional one that will come to your door and carry out a diligent, no-nonsense service of your locks or keys to resolve whatever lock issue you may have.

…And unlike your regular key cutting outfits, I come to you, meaning no more inconvenient trips to your local trade store to purchase a duplicate that may not even fit your lock on your return home [….if you’ve been fortunate enough for this INFURIATING scenario pass you by, I can assure you that you’re among the lucky few. As inaccurate key cutting from tradesman who aren’t properly trained is frustratingly frequent!] But when calling me, you can be guaranteed the service of a fully trained locksmith who is equipped with the best equipment available in the industry to ensure a finer cut.

Who can you trust?

Locksmiths are in a privileged position. We get to see all the inner workings and weaknesses of the locks that buttress your home. A good locksmith will act to upgrade these locks so your home and family are better protected. But who exactly are the good guys?

 Sometimes it’s difficult to tell…but by using me you can be assured that you’re contracting the service of a verified tradesman. I’m…

-          CRB/DBS checked

-          Screened by the national Lockforce network I represent

-          Highly trained in best-practice locksmith techniques.

For a taster of the service I provide, have a look at my Facebook testimonials from past customers, who I’m delighted to say I get a fair amount of referrals.

Indeed, I take the satisfaction of my customers very seriously and will always endeavour to go the extra mile!  

Locks I stock

You may call me a lock connoisseur, but I personally believe customers should be just as discerning about what locks a locksmith puts on their property, as they would when looking to the food they buy or where their clothes were made. For alas…not all locks were created equal.

Locks that were lock tight only several years ago are now shown to be seriously flawed. I’m personally tired of coming out time and time again to the homes of good honest people in Sleaford, whose lives have been turned upside down by a break-in! 9 times out of 10, they were unaware that the locks on the property were woefully inadequate in protecting them.

Anti-snapping is one such burglary technique that us Sleaford residents are falling victim to. Identified by the police and the locksmith industry several years ago, lock snapping takes advantage of the weak points in the structure of a lock called a euro cylinder, which is commonly fitted on our uPVC doors and windows.

Click on the vimeo below to see lock-snapping in action!

The locks can be opened by anybody with the right know-how and a couple of household tools – and scarily this can all happen in 13 seconds or less, as shown in the video below.

At Lockforce Sleaford, I use locks from a number of select authorised suppliers, who have exceeded our rigorous quality control criteria that are absolutely necessary to providing you with an elementary level of protection. One such supplier is Brisant, whose TS007 lock I stock is one of the most secure on the market. Take a gander at the following vimeo…which shows the locks 11 pin formula in all its lock glory….sorry for the excitement, but with 294000 key combinations, it’s a big deal!


So if you’re looking for a responsible locksmith with the knowledgeskills and importantly the right kit to resolve your lock problem and leave you with a lasting security solution, look no further than me Steve, your local Sleaford locksmithI’m available to take your call 24/7, so don't delay in giving me a call now on 01529 671071

Recent Jobs

Moving house but now can't lock the door in Sleaford -18/03/2020

Lockforce had a call from a man who was unable to lock his door after spending all day moving his belonging out the house. Some how the door had came unaligned Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford had the problem rectified in no time. Happy customer.

Couldn't lock door for over 24hrs in Sleaford - 07/03/2020

I had a call from a man who has been unable to lock his door for the last 24hrs so rang Lockforce Lincoln. I was happy to help and was with them as soon as possible. Once I arrived at the door it was plain to see the gearbox had failed, having multiple gearbox’s on the van I had it replace and refitted in no time. Happy days.

Faulty digital lock in Sleaford - 19th February 2020

Lockforce Sleaford received a call from a landlady who’s tenants digi lock was faulty. Lockforce Locksmith Lincoln arrived at the property I removed the lock cleaned and serviced the all the working parts and had it back together in full working order again. 

Survey resulted in anti-snap cylinder upgrade in Sleaford - 28 January 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths had a call asking about a free security check I arrived at the property to give them my service. After explaining to them what their current cylinders offer they opted to have them all upgrade to anti-snap cylinders. Lockforce Lincoln has it all done that day. Happy customer.

Cylinder change after lady lost her keys - 15th January 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Sleaford had a call out to a lady who was needing to gain entry to her home after loosing her handbag. We were happy to help, I gained non-destructive entry and had the cylinder changed for a thumb turn, for ease of locking on the night time and easy exit incase of an emergency. 

Non-destructive entry gain - 5th January 2020

Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford received a text message from a young lady who was having problems with her back door. Her key was stiff in the lock and wouldn’t turn. LOCKFORCE was with the customer in good time and gained non destructive entry to the door. Diagnosis,  the door was unaligned which was causing severe pressure on the bolt preventing the door from unlocking. #anotherhappycustomer #locksmith #homesecurity #lockforce 

Failed mechanism in main door in Sleaford – 13th December 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Sleaford had a call from a agricultural company who was unable to use their main door due to a failed mechanism. Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford gained non destructive entry but never had the part on the van so secured the door for the night, and returned next morning to fit the new part. 

Entry Gain in Sleaford - 6th December 2019

Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford had a call late at night to go out to a new build complex. The new owner of the property was all ready to move in only to discover they had given him the wrong keys. Not in the best of moods he rang Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford where I was with him with the hour gained entry and changed all the locks. Another happy customer. 

Cylinder Change in Sleaford - 29th November 2019

Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford revived a call from a landlord who was wanting to change the locks on a property after an awkward tenant has moved out. Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford was I the area and had it changed with in 30 minutes. Happy customer.

LOCKOUT in Sleaford - 24th November 2019

Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford received a call from a lady who’s door had closed behind her and locked shut. Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford was with the customer within the hour and had her back in her home in minutes. Happy customer.

Locked out in Sleaford - 13th November 2019

Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford attended a lockout today after the customer lost his baggage on his flight home from holiday. Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford was happy to help and gained non destructive entry to the property. Happy customer.

Mortice Lock Entry Gain - 1st November 2019

Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford received a call from a lady who has lost her house keys earlier in the day. Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford was with the customer within the house and gained non destructive entry to the property. Another happy customer. 

LOCKING SYSTEM FAILED - 19th October 2019

Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford had a call from a lady whose door locking system had failed.  Lockforce Locksmith Lincoln changed the gearbox in little time and had the door back in full working order.

Multi-point locking system repair - 9th October 2019

Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford had a call from a lady who has spent the night with her back door open, as the hook bolt wouldn’t retract. Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford went out as soon as I got the call. I removed the MPL to see if it had somehow came undone, which it had. I repaired the MPL refitted it and it was fully working again. 

Cylinder upgrade in Sleaford - 27th September 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Sleaford had a call from a lady who was going through a divorce and wanted her locks changing. Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford was happy to help and also gained non destructive entry to the patio door and changed the cylinder aswell. 

Entry Gain in Sleaford - 3rd September 2019

Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford received a call from a building company who had left their keys in Manchester for the property they were working on in Sleaford. Needing to gain entry as soon as possible I was in the property in minutes and walked away with another happy customer.

Security Check in Sleaford - 23th August 2019

Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford had a call from a couple who had just moved into a new house and was unsure of the security. After they realised the benefits of anti-snap cylinders they wanted their locks upgraded. Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford was happy to help??

Faulty Gearbox in Sleaford - 30th July 2019

Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford received a call from a man whose back door was locked shut, the handles were sagging, and the key wouldn’t turn in the cylinder. Once I gained entry to the property and removed the parts I could see the gearbox was broken.  I replaced the parts and the door was back in a perfect working condition. Happy customer.

Locked In in Sleaford - 30th July 2019

Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford received a call from a lady who has a holiday home. The holiday makers had reported that they were locked in the property because the key wouldn’t work on the inside. So I got to the property ASAP. After gaining entry to the property I changed the lock to a new 5 lever British Standard lock. It was fully working again and the holiday makers could carry on enjoying their trip. 

Security check in Sleaford - 18th July 2019

Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford received a call from a lady wanting a security check. I arrived at the property and after talking the the owner she was amazed at how un secure her property was. A few small changes and we'd significantly changed the security level of her property.

Door re-alignment in Sleaford - 14th July 2019

Received a call from a lady late at night who was unable to lock her door and was distressed. So I went out immediately, upon inspection I realised it was purely an alignment issue so adjusted the door and in minutes she was able to lock her door and go to bed, safe in the knowledge her door was now safe and secure. 

Faulty gearbox in Sleaford - 4th July 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Sleaford received a call from a lady whose door handle had been playing up so decided to call us. When I got to the property the custumer was unable to open the door! Once I opened it and had a quick look I knew it was a faulty gear box, so got a new one fitted there and then for the lady. Happy Customer!

Gaining entry in Sleaford - 29th June 2019

Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford. Had a callout from a man who was locked out of his property as the door had shut behind him with the keys inside. So on arrival to the property I knew it was a letter box job. So I got the tools and after 25 minutes I gained non destructive entry to the property. Customer was more than happy as it could of been a lot more with a different approach.

Unable To Gain Access To Garage in Sleaford - 19th June 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Sleaford received a call from a gentleman who was unable to gain access to his garage to do his gardening. After arrival we gained non destructive entry to the garage and changed the handle for a brand new one with a fully working lock.

Handle Change - 14th June 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Sleaford had a call out from a disabled lady whose door handle had broken off. So recognising the importance of the job I was with her in 30 mins and changed the handle. Customer was very happy that she could use her door again.

Door realignment in Sleaford - 13th June 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Sleaford were called out by a customer who had just spent the night barricaded in their own home before calling me out. Because their door was so badly out of alignment they couldn’t even shut the door. So after realigning the door and ensuring it shuts/locks the costumer was so happy that they could sleep soundly unlike the night before.

Central Salford Locksmith Needed For Security Assessment - 12th June 2019

Lockforce Locksmith Salford were asked by a local resident if we could complete a free security assessment following some local crime and burglaries. The home had basic cylinders installed in the back doors and the front door had a 3 lever Mortise deadbolt which are usually found on internal doors. The back doors were upgraded to Anti snap and a 5 Lever British standard Mortise Dead bolt was fitted to the front door complying with insurance standards. The customer advised they felt a lot more secure and safe after the visit and advised its nice to have a local Salford Locksmith rather than dealing with National companies

Broken shutters in Sleaford - 5th June 2019

Lockforce Locksmith Sleaford were called out to an old museum today, the security shutters had been pulled out of their runners. The customer was expecting I would board up and wait for a permenant fix but I managed to get the shutter all back into it's runners ad back to normal meaning no reduced interim security measures. Lockforce Locksmiths here to keep you safe!

Free home security survey in Sleaford - 30th May 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Sleaford were called out today due to a customers home security concerns. Upon completing our FREE HOME SECURITY SURVEY and discussing available options with the customer, it was decided that all that was required was a lock upgrade to his front door. This was completed efficiently and without mess and the customer is now safe and secure n their own home.


Steve came to my hour of need, I had lost my key and no spare with my little boy late in the evening and he was so fab, total credit to the company so thank you so much because of Steve we are back in a warm house and my little boy is tucked up in bed ?? Thanks again


Beth Robinson

Great friendly and reliable service. Excellent communication. Fixed problem straight away. Would definately recommend ??


Lisa Walker

Called Steve out on Sunday morning to replace broken door lock. Couldn’t be happier Steve was polite, punctual and professional. Highly recommended.


Richard Major

Lockforce Lockforce Sleaford Located at
Sleaford, Lincolnshire NG34
Phone: 07508 828 517

TapClick number to contact:

Sleaford 24hrs
01529 671071

07508 828 517

Customer Reviews

Lockforce Sleaford is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 customer reviews.

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