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Lockforce Locksmiths in Cardiff Services:

Here are List of some of the service we provide;

  • Non-Destructive Entry gained 
  • 24/7 Emergency Locksmith 
  • UPVC Window Lock Repairs and Replacements
  • Conservatory door and window Lock Repair and Replacement
  • Mobile key cutting service 
  • High security Lock Replacement
  • Mortice Locks
  • Anti-snap Locks
  • Sash jammers 
  • Door bolts, bars and latches
  • British Standard Locks
  • Insurance Approved locks
  • Broken Key Extraction
  • Emergency Mobile Locksmiths 
  • Residential Locksmith
  • Commercial Locksmith 
  • Master Keys Sets for commercial buildings 
  • Eviction Service
  • File Cabinet Lock replacement 
  • Business Locksmiths

As standard, I also provide

  • No call out fee
  • 1-year quality guarantee

I have Public Liability insurance to the tune of £5million and a Police DBS check, for your added security.

Call our local locksmith in Cardiff today for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you.

Trusted Locksmith 

Lockforce locksmiths in Cardiff are a vetted company and we only use insurance approved locks. All our locksmiths are Police DBS checked and carry ID. We are a check trade approved company as well to allow you to see our DBS and insurance online. We are a 24-hour reliable Locksmith in Cardiff giving you all the security advice and knowledge needed for your home or Business. So, whether it's CCTV or door locks Lockforce Locksmiths in Cardiff can help you. 

We all feel safe and secure knowing the front and back doors are locked, satisfied now that no one will be able to get in. The trouble is, without the right locks fitted to your doors, it can take an intruder less than 15 seconds to break into your home.

Don't worry, this is not an attempt to scare you as there are well designed locks out there to make it as hard as possible for this to happen. Fitting an anti-snap high security lock, supplied by Lockforce locksmiths in Cardiff and South Wales, in your front and back doors is the first and best step to keep you and your property safe.

Most doors that are bought and fitted will have a cheap and easily bypassed lock as standard, I've seen this many times and something that none of us really think about at the time. Having a multi-point locking mechanism on your door with its hooks latching onto the door frame is a comforting and great piece of design, but without an anti-snap British Standard euro cylinder in your upvc door, that mechanism will be opened as soon as they have snapped the lock.

Have a look at your locks now and give me a call and I'll be happy to discuss the best options to keep you safe.

We are a vetted company and display all reviews for more information call us today.

uPVC Door Repairs

Here at Lockforce Locksmiths in Cardiff we are specialists in door repairs including lock changes, entry gained, replacement glass, door realigned, toe & heel and much more.

The uPVC door is made up of a few parts listed below 


Door handles allow the sash to retract when the handle is depressed and lock the parts of the MPL when the handle is lifted. Door handles come in numerous sizes and colours to match the furniture of the door

Euro cylinder lock

There are loads of Euro cylinder sizes the cylinder is measured from either side of the retaining screw to the edge of the lock or the handles the main concern is that the. Lock externally does not show past the handle fitted. Different security levels from standard cylinders, anti-snap euro cylinders, British standard TS007 1* kite mark and British standard 3* cylinders. 

Gear box

The gear box on a uPVC is the part which allows all hooks, rollers, mushrooms and Dead bolts to move. This is also the part the euro cylinder and handles are fitted to.  There are multiple makes and models of gearbox of which there is also assorted sizes.


The metal strip down the side of the door. 


Hinges come in various shapes and sizes some are just a set hinge but some allow you to adjust the door so it is not catching. At least 3 hinges should be fitted to all doors. If hinges are externally fitted the should be anti-tamper hinges.

Call our Cardff locksmiths today For all your uPVC problems.

Commercial Locksmiths in Cardiff

Lockforce locksmiths in Cardiff are experts in commercial lock problems so if you have access control, digital locks or more common locks we can help you. We have a wide range of locks specially designed for commercial use so it will work first time every time even with a high volume of traffic. 

We supply and fit a range of security devices for business in Cardiff from high security locks to CCTV. All our work comes with a 1-year guarantee and most of our parts come with a 10-year warranty to give you piece of mind your locks and business will operate smoothly. 

Our 24-hour service allows you to be assured if your open we are open so if you get to work and cannot open or you are leaving and you cannot lock up we can be with you and fix your lock problems straight away. We work with several local businesses including the council, estate agencies, building management companies, police, fire service and local schools. We carry a police DBS check and £5 million public liability cover which is all available upon request. 

Lockforce Locksmiths in Cardiff offer a 24-emergency service for all security needs for business in Cardiff so if you require our services or advice give us a call 

Domestic Locksmiths in Cardiff

Lockforce Locksmiths in Cardiff is a local vetted company who work around the clock fitting and repairing domestic locks in the Cardiff area. We stock a wide range of locks which all meet the required level and above for insurance companies. So, if your problem is with a uPVC door or a Wooden door we will have the locks for you. We supply and fit euro cylinders from anti snap - TS007 3* diamond secure locks. We also fit all Mortice 5 lever locks with the British standard kite mark required by insurance companies. We also stock a range of internal locks from office digital locks, night latches (Yale locks) and even bathroom door locks. All our locks are usually available for fitting the same day 24 hours a day.


So, if you would like to increase your home security or just change the locks on a home you have brought call us Lockforce Locksmiths in Cardiff today. 

Non-Destructive Entry Gain.

Here at Lockforce Locksmiths in Cardiff we always where possible use non-destructive entry techniques to allow no damage to your door or lock. This reduces the cost you pay to get you back into your home when it is required.

We practice and train regularly on lock picking and other bypass methods to insure we are up to date and skilled in the art of locksmithing. We 99% of the time will pick a door open in a quick and reasonable time allowing you the customer to be safely back in your home in Cardiff.

We have a range of technics and equipment to allow us to have the best chance of getting you back into your house causing no damage. We even will test the lock to show you the lock is still functional as it was prior to the entry gain. 

For more Options on how we can gain entry whilst saving you money give me a call your local Locksmiths in Cardiff 

Student Discount

Take advantage of my student discount...

It happens time and time again with students living in shared houses in Cardiff. The problem will always be there and I'm sure we've all done it in the past! It's definitely not something to worry too much about as Lockforce Locksmiths Cardiff are always on hand to get you out of a pickle.

When you lock yourself out of your room, as a recent student did, he didn't have to worry too much because as soon as he called, I was on site and within no time at all, I could see there was a Yale type night latch on his door and I was able to bypass this lock without causing any damage, or passing on the expense of changing the lock because of a simple mistake.

Lockforce Locksmiths Cardiff also offer a £25 discount to students between the hours of 9pm and 2am, so giving us a call when you need us isn't going to break the bank either!

Lockforce. Keeping you safe.

For more Information on our Student Offers call your local Locksmiths in Cardiff 

Security, Locks, Home insurance and you

I come across many makes, shapes and sizes of locks as a locksmith in Cardiff and the large majority of properties I attend are surprisingly only fitted with the basic of models, offering no real security to your home.

A lot of home owners are also unaware that without having the right lock fitted to your door, it may affect any claim you file with your insurer.

Criminals will for the most part always try to snap the euro cylinder on your front, back or patio doors because 9 times out of 10, this is the weakest link in your home security. And a lot of insurance companies know this, so as a minimum they require your home to be fitted with a BS3621:2004 compliant lock.

At Lockforce locksmith Cardiff we can check and offer you a variety of British Standard locks suitable for your needs and type of door to ensure they comply with your home insurers' policies. Offering a free survey at your home, with no call out fee, I can check your locks and advise you on how to improve your existing locks and security.

All BS approved locks will have the British Standards Institute kitemark stamped on it, so have a look now and if you have any concerns give me a call. I'll be happy to help.

For more Information on how we can help keep you safe call us

Intercom Systems for your Home or Office

Wireless digital telephone intercom systems allow you to conveniently hold a two way conversation with the person at your front door, without the need to leave your chair. An ideal addition to your home or office security, giving you the means to identify your visitor without having to open the door.

With no wiring required between the doorbell and handset, all our intercom systems are unobtrusive and easy to install, negating the need for chasing long runs of cabling or installing unsightly trunking in your home or office.

You can choose from systems that include a stand alone intercom handset, a combined telephone system or a high quality LCD live video stream handset, that also captures a snapshot of your visitor when they press the doorbell, letting you know who has called and when.

Lockforce lockmsmiths Cardiff will complete a free site survey, at a time best suited to you, before discussing what system you would prefer and what works best for you.

For more Information our intercom systems call us 

Payment Options

Here at Lockforce locksmiths in Cardiff we have many payment options these include

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Bank Transfer
  • BACS
  • Cash 
  • PayPal
  • Contactless card payments 

Recent Blogs

As the Clock Change


Recent Jobs

02/04/18 - Locked out & stuck outside front door...

Busy day at work? Long, tiring commute home? Looking forward to eating, chilling & sleeping? It's a horrible moment when you then suddenly realise you don't have your keys; whether you've left them at work, lost them or even that they're on the mitchen table inside, don't worry and give Lockforce locksmiths in Cardiff a call :-).

We operate 24hrs a day, offer competetive prices, with no hidden costs, and will always try & use non-destructive techniques to get you inside & save YOU money.

28/03/18 - Snapped door key in lock...

Having the right tools for the job makes this annoying little scenario an easy problem to fix. So don't worry when your key snaps in the euro cylinder lock in your front door, Lockforce locksmiths in Cardiff can extract the key for you, get you back inside your home & cut you another key on site, all at a very competetive price :-)!

20/03/18 - Nightlatch handle snapped off in my hand...

A late evening call out for a tennant in a communal building after the turn handle on the nightlatch snapped off the main entrance. It was part of an electronic access system that allows the tennants to open the door from their flats.

Nothing other than just wear and tear on this lock, but Lockforce locksmiths in Cardiff replaced the lock there and then, ensuring access was available again for all the tennants.

14/03/18 - Dodgy dealers...

Received a call from a customer near Rhoose with a problem with the euro cylinder in their front door. The key was stuck in the keyway and wouldn't turn to lock the door.

A fairly straight forward problem to solve, and quickly dealt with by Lockforce locksmiths in Cardiff, by upgrading the lock with an anti-snap cylinder.

What surprised me the most was the customer told me the broken lock had only been installed a few months ago and they were charged £270!!!!! Please, always call an experienced locksmith when you have a problem, always ask what the fault is and ask how much it will cost BEFORE the work is done.

09/03/18 - Faulty multi-point locking mechanism...

Called out late this evening to a failed front door on Barry Island. The gearbox in the PVCu front door had failed, leaving the handles rotating 360° and not releasing the latch on the door.

After speaking with the customer and attending at a suitable time for them, Lockforce locksmiths in Cardiff opened their door and replaced the gearbox in the multi-point locking mechanism, before completing a realignment and full service to prevent it happening again.


26/02/18 - Upgrade on a PVCu door...

Upgraded a multipoint locking mechanism in a front door today near Pontypridd for a customer looking to upgrade their home security.

The old system only had a latch and a couple of rollers on the metal strip with a standard euro cylinder, so after surveying the current lock and confirming exactly what the customer wanted, a new multipoint locking mechanism was fitted with a deadbolt and a BS euro cylinder to conform with their home insurance policy.

Looking to upgrade your home security? Give Lockforce locksmiths in Cardiff a call for a free survey and practical advice.

21/02/18 - Failed nightlatch cylinder...

A home owner in Maindy called to say their key wasn't opening the nightlatch on their front door.

Lockforce locksmiths in Cardiff arrived at a time that suited the customer and after removing the nightlatch, could see the tailpeice that drives the washer and turns the latch was bent, preventing it working properly.

By identifying the fault and only replacing the broken parts, kept the costs down for the customer and prevented any unnecessary works being carried out.


13/02/18 - PVCu stable door lock replacement...

I like the authentic idea and mutiple use of stable doors that a lot of people have had installed recently, but unfortunatley they do come at a cost and when occasionally the locks fail, they can be expensive to replace.

Lockforce locksmiths in Cardiff will always try to keep these costs down for you and will only replace the part that's faulty whenever possible.

The home I was called to in Caerphilly had a problem with the keywind gearbox in the bottom half of the stable door and rather than having to replace the entire multipoint locking mechanism, understanding how the locking system works and being able to identify which part was faulty, I could isolate the fault for the customer and have everything working again the same day.

05/02/18 - Locked out of my home...

Being in a rush and stressing about being late happens to all of us, so when this customer was doing just that, they left their keys inside the house as they stepped out, only for a moment, when the door closed behind them on the latch.

Some doors with a multipoint locking mechanism have an additional security feature that operates like a nightlatch and requires a key to release the sash from the outside. This is what happened in this situation, but something that can be identified very quickly by Lockforce locksmiths in Cardiff and was dealt with within 30 minutes of receiving the call :-).

27/01/18 - A misaligned composite door...

Having received a call from the owner of a property locked out of their home, I arrvied on site and managed to get them back inside without causing any damage to their door. Non-destructive entry is always my first choice at Lockforce locksmiths in Cardiff and I'll always look for alternative ways to get inside before I think about snapping or drilling a lock.

When I looked at the door to establish why the front door wasn't opening properly, it was soon clear that the bottom hook in the multi-point locking mechanism was ever so slightly catching in the keep and would stop it retracting back inside the door.

It's a common problem I've noticed in new builds and after I'd moved the keep in the door frame so that it now sat correctly to recieve the hook from the MPL, the door was opening and closing without any further problems.

17/01/18 - A loose euro cylinder...

Offering a 24-hour service at Lockforce locksmiths in Cardiff does mean being prepared to take a call no matter what time of day, or morning, it is, wherever and whenever I'm available.

So when I received a call at 3am for a composite front door that wouldn't open as the euro cylinder wasn't working, I was up and on the scene within 1 hour.

The retaining screw for the euro cylinder had managed to work itself free, mainly due to the reason that it wasn't long enough to fully engage the thread in the lock, and when the owner tried to unlock the door, the cylinder wouldn't engage the locking mechanism in the gearbox properly. Understanding the working mechanisms of the MPL system ensured I could fix the problem quickly, without causing any damage, and opening the door again for the owner.

09/01/18 - A step back in time...

I received a call last year to replace 3 locks on bedroom doors in a beautiful old victorian house near Cardiff. When I arrived to assess the work and offer a quote, what lay before me were 3 very old traditional rim mortice locks which appeared to have been there from when the doors were first installed!

The keys went missing years ago and the locks had been painted over many times over the years, and as the owner wanted to be able to lock the doors again, new locks needed to be fitted.

It was a nice change for me at Lockforce locksmiths Cardiff to work on these locks, compared to the usual PVCu doors with euro cyljnders I'm faced with on a regular basis. After sourcing traditional style rim lock with antique brass handles, which kept the authenticity and victorian look of the original locks, I returned this week to complete the job and was happy putting my carpentry skills back to the test.

03/01/18 - Locked out of my flat...

A midnight call from a customer who had just locked themselves out of their flat was not a problem for me at Lockforce locksmiths in Cardiff. Offering a 24hr service, I was able to attend her home in no time at all and get her door open with the minimal of fuss.

No matter what time of day or night it is, if you need my help give me a call and I'm always happy to help.

22/12/17 - Make my flat safer...

Receiving a call from a customer who had real concerns about the security of their flat in an apartment block, they wanted the best they could afford and be reassured they and their property would be safe from burglers and intruders.

I attended initially, at no charge, to assess and then advise the customer of their options and the best solutions to ease their concerns. A decision was the made to fit and supply new BS euro profile deadlocks with the top of the range Ultion BS 3* euro thumb turns.

After agreeing on a date and time suitable for the customer, I arranged next day delivery for all of the hardware required and returned to complete the work to a high standard and to the satisfaction of my customer.

11/12/17 - I'm locked in my flat...

Living on the top floor of an apartment block with only one access door to your flat is probably the last place you want to be stuck. That's what happened to a young mother and her daughter when the key wouldn't turn in the front door euro sash lock.

Trying the lock from both sides of the door when she contacted the maintenance team still wouldn't turn the lock, so after I arrived on site, I decided the quickest and best option was to snap the euro cylinder, allowing me to manually retract the deadbolt, releasing the lock and opening the door.

After a full function test of the euro sash lock and fitting a new anti-snap euro thumb turn, Lockforce locksmiths Cardiff made sure everything was in good working condition and the customer was happy before leaving site and onto the next job.

Door handle has just fallen off my front door...

Had a call recently from a customer living in central Cardiff. It was a PVCu front door and as he went to pull the door open, the handle came off in his hand.

I was called out to see what I can do and as I inspected it further it was clear the screws that are meant to hold both handles in place were too short and not holding the handles in place properly on the screw thread! This was very easy to rectify as all I had to do was replace the retaining screws for the handles with a longer pair and all was back to normal.

After completing a full system check of the lock and MPL, at no extra cost, the customer was happy and relieved it wasn't an expensive job.

My key just keeps turning in my lock...

I arrived at a landlord's property recently in Cardiff, where the euro cylinder thumb turn lock had failed to work properly and wasn't releasing the multipoint locking mechanism in the PVCu front door.

A common problem and something that Lockforce Locksmiths Cardiff can deal with pretty quickly. Using a snapper bar, the euro cylinder was quickly removed and the door was opened without causing any damage to the door or handles. The lock was replaced and upgraded to a British Standard anti-snap euro cylinder and the landlord and tennant were happy the problem was solved in such a short space of time.

Lock out in Cardiff.... "Help, I'm Locked out of my front door"

I arrived at a job recently where an old lady stepped out of her front door to quickly speak to her neighbour and didn't realise until it was too late she left the keys on the kitchen table!
There was a traditional style Yale night latch fitted to the front door and as soon as you close the door, the sash snaps into the receiver and locks the door. Knowing how this lock works also allows me to pick the right tool and the door was open in no time.
A quick cup of tea and I was back on the road heading to another job.

Lock Repair in Cardiff........."Door handle won't open the door to my flat".

Called out to a flat in Cardiff this week with a problem to the front door. The handle was having to be 'over' turned to open the door properly. I'm sure we've all experienced this problem before and a clear sign that something just isn't right.
After taking the lock and handle apart, the spindle inside the lock had snapped and the whole unit had to be replaced.
As soon as you start having problems with a lock, don't delay, give Lockforce a call and we will give you a free assesment of the problem and how best to fix it. Leaving it too late will inevitably result in the door failing to open and leaving you locked out at the worst possible time.

Locked out in Cardiff.........Always there to help when you need us!

After receiving a late night call from a customer who needed quick access to a family member's home near Cardiff, I arrived on site as arranged to help resolve their problem.
The customer's sibling had been rushed to hospital in an ambulance and in the heat of the moment, the front door had been closed on the nignt latch with the keys left inside. A quick check of ID and the door was opened to the relief of the customer.
Lockforce Cardiff will always try to get you back inside using non-destructive methods of entry whenever we can.

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