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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester.

My name is Clive Noble and I am your trusted locksmith covering Gloucester and the surrounding areas. 

With a wealth of experience and a high level of training, I am the locksmith you can count on, no matter what problem is at hand.

Key Points:

  • Fast Response (aim to be with you in 20 minutes)
  • Available 24/7
  • DBS Checked
  • Fully Insured (up to the value of £5m)
  • Work comes with a 12-month guarantee 
  • NO call-out fees

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Gloucester Locksmith, Clive Noble

I’m happy to help at any time, so please get in touch on 01452 470 142 

Gloucester Locksmith Services

If you need a locksmith in Gloucester, you'll find me ready to help you. I can get to your location quickly, enabling you to relax, safe in the knowledge that trustworthy, expert help is on the way. I can help you no matter when you're having lock issues, and whether you're locked out in the dead of night or your key won't turn in the middle of the day, I'll be your locksmith in Gloucester, happy to offer support, advice, and my specialist work.

You never have to worry about needing a Gloucester locksmith again; I provide excellent locksmith services across Gloucester seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Plus, I'll always be on hand to offer any advice (absolutely free of charge) that might be needed, and I'll be more than happy to carry out a security assessment of your property (also absolutely free).

At Lockforce Locksmiths Gloucester we pride ourselves on the high-quality work we do. We ensure we only use the most up-to-date tools and equipment, and we are always learning so that we can stay on top of the latest locksmith techniques too. The locks and lock parts we provide are the best.

Wondering what we can help with at Gloucester locksmiths? Here are just some of the services we provide:

  • 24-hour emergency locksmith in Gloucester
  • Mobile key cutting in Gloucester
  • Gloucester lock repair and lock replacement
  • uPVC door locks
  • Wooden door locks
  • Digital door locks
  • Window locks
  • CCTV systems
  • Alarms
  • Evictions
  • Re-securing
  • Post burglary repairs
  • Fire escape hardware
  • Panic hardware
  • Post burglary repairs
  • Insurance approved locks
  • Entry gaining
  • Yale locks
  • Night latches
  • Window boarding
Please don't hesitate to contact me, Clive, your local expert Gloucester locksmith on 01452 470 142 if you need help, advice, or you have any questions; I'll be happy to chat.

Why Choose Lockforce?

It's important to be able to trust any company that is going to have access to your home and, perhaps most importantly of all, any company that is going to be in control of your security. That's why we make sure that we're completely vetted at Gloucester locksmiths. W

e're happy to provide our insurance details, our DBS checks, and our ID on request – in fact, I'll be carrying this with me when I come to help you.  Another reason to choose Lockforce as your expert Gloucester locksmith is that we are always on time. We pride ourselves on our punctuality, and you'll certainly appreciate it too.

After all, when you're locked out of your property, having to wait for a late locksmith is never a pleasure. We ensure it doesn't happen; you'll hear from me when I'm 20-30 minutes away, and you'll see me arrive in a clean liveried Gloucester locksmith van and in uniform looking smart and professional at all times.

At Lockforce Locksmiths Gloucester we always put the customer first; you're at the heart of everything we do. This is why we have over 8,000 positive reviews with an average of 4.9 out of 5. Lockforce Locksmiths Gloucester has truly set a high standard, and you can be sure that you're making the right choice when you contact us for help. We know that it can be hard to find a locksmith you're comfortable using, especially when you're in a hurry, but with Lockforce Gloucester you don't need to worry.

We have a customer service standard that is second to none and we know that you'll be happy with our Gloucester locksmith services, especially since all the work I do comes with a 12-month warranty. Plus, before you make any payment, we'll make sure you're one hundred percent happy with the work. The last thing you want is to have to call us out again to fix a problem, but if there is – a rare event – there will never be any call-out fees to pay.

If you need more information about why Lockforce Locksmiths Gloucester, are the best team for the job contact me on 01452 470 142.

Locked Out In Gloucester

Lockforce Locksmiths in Gloucester is available 24/7 when you have been locked out of your home or business premises. No matter what has happened, we can help you. We know what a stressful time this can be for our customers which is why we move quickly to help you. Being an emergency Gloucester locksmith means that we know the local area well, and that means we can always get to you fast.

Add to this our high standard of quality work and the state-of-the-art equipment we use, and you'll soon see that as Gloucester locksmiths, Lockforce is the best. I do as much of my work as possible using non-destructive techniques, and thanks to my regular comprehensive training, I am always completely up to date when it comes to equipment and locksmith methods.

To make things even better for you, I'll make sure I tidy up after myself; you won't even know I've been there (except for the fact that you can get inside your property).

If you find you're locked out in Gloucester and need emergency 24/7 locksmith assistance, contact Clive at Lockforce Locksmiths Gloucester on 01452 470 142. I'll be there quickly and you'll soon have your problem solved.

Gloucester Mobile Key Cutting

If you were to look in the back of my Lockforce Locksmiths Gloucester van, you would see a vast array of modern locks, tools, and machinery. Not only can we use these items to change locks and open doors, but we can also cut keys no matter where we are.

One of the biggest advantages of this is that you can test your keys in your Gloucester lock, checking they work immediately.

Call Lockforce Locksmiths Gloucester on 01452 470 142 today if you need to have keys cut or replaced; I'll be happy to carry out this work for you.

Lock Repair and Upgrades in Gloucester

Most of our Gloucester call-outs are for lock replacements, but I am also fully trained in lock repair, and whatever you need me to do, I can do it for you professionally and to a high standard. I can help you if you need your locks changed for security reasons, if there's been an accident with a key snapping in a lock, or even if your lock has become stiff and difficult to use over time.

When it comes to your replacement lock in Gloucester, I'll have a wide range available and can discuss the options with you as to what would be best. From modern digital locks to child safety locks to night latches, plus plenty more, I'll have everything you need to feel safe and secure.

When you need to have a lock changed or repaired, call Lockforce Locksmiths Gloucester on 01452 470 142. Speak to Clive in Gloucester and your lock issue will soon be a thing of the past.

Lockforce Payment Options

At Lockforce Locksmiths Gloucester we offer a choice of various payment options including:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Cash
When you need a Gloucester locksmith, we know that you'll be happy with Lockforce Locksmiths Gloucester. Our excellent reviews, the training each of our experts goes through, the high-quality products and tools we use, and the fact that we are entirely customer-centric all adds up to a name you can trust. Call Gloucester Lockforce Locksmiths 24/7 and we'll be there for you.

Recent Jobs

Fit New Velfac Handles, Gloucester, 08/04/24

Lockforce took on a small job for a local builder, fitting new Velfac handles to a door in Gloucester. The previous handles had been broken off by visiting tradesmen, and the new handles were installed quickly and efficiently to restore the door's functionality.

New Gearbox Replacement in Dursley, Gloucestershire - 15/12/2023

During a visit to a property in Dursley, Gloucestershire, Lockforce Gloucester successfully resolved a challenging situation for a customer experiencing difficulties with two doors. The issue was identified as failed gearboxes in both doors. The team efficiently replaced the gearboxes, restoring full functionality and ease of access for the homeowner.

Gain Entry and Fit New Cylinder, Gloucester - 9th November 2023

Responding to an emergency at an Air B&B in Gloucester, Lockforce demonstrated swift and efficient service. After guests misplaced their keys, our team gained entry without damage and replaced the euro cylinder, providing five new keys. This prompt response ensured minimal disruption for the property's ongoing hospitality services.

Broken gearbox in Gloucester -18/09/23

Customer having trouble locking their front door. Lockforce diagnosed a broken gearbox and replaced with new from van stock.

Gain entry to winkhaus gearbox, Gloucester, 13/09/23

Lockforce Gloucester had a call from a customer who couldn't open his front door, we agreed to take a look and supply him with a quote to fix. It turned out to be a broken gearbox and one that unusualy we didn't have in stock. We gained entry and put in a temporary overnight lock whilst we waited for next day delivery on the part. We attended next day to fit the gearbox and get his door back to working order.

Repairs to automatic garage door closer, Gloucester, 25/08/23

A customer in Gloucester called lockforce as the builders had damaged his garage door, we got there to find the drive chain disconnected and loose fitting chain supports. We refitted the drive chain and tightened up all supports. We then programmed a new remote control and the door was back up and working .

Mortice deadlock fitting, Gloucester, 24/07/23

Lockforce today added extra security to a customers front door with the addition of a mortice deadlock. 

New gearbox in Gloucester - 13/07/23

Lockforce gained entry to a property in Gloucester today and replaced a broken gearbox for a customer who was having difficulty opening their front door.

Replacement deadlocking nightlatch to front door and horizontal sashlock to bedroom in Gloucester - 07/07/23

Today’s first job was fitting a new deadlocking nightlatch to a front door after the old one had failed; we also fitted a horizontal mortice sashlock to a bedroom door.

Faulty cylinder in Frampton on Severn - 12/06/23

Today Lockforce had a call from a customer having intermittent problems with the lock to their front door. After identifying the issue we put in a new apecs three star cylinder which rectified the problem immediately. Another happy customer.

Full house cylinder change in Gloucester - 02/06/23

Lockforce today replaced cylinders to all external doors on a property in Gloucester after the homeowner had worries about security issues and different people having keys. We replaced 7 cylinders and had them keyed alike, so all locks worked off the same key. 

New window handles, Gloucester - 17/04/23

Today Lockforce fitted 10 new window handles to a house in Gloucester after various ones had failed.

Various lock changes in Gloucester - 27/03/23

Lockforce had a pre arranged appointment today to change various locks on doors to satisfy insurance requirements. 5 lever British standard Mortice sashlocks were fitted along with lockable window handles.

Broken mechanism to entrance door, Gloucester - 16/03/23

Lockforce had a call from a local charitable organizational after an entrance door to one of their properties would no longer lock. As the property housed vulnerable adults we attended within the hour to find another contractor had applied a fix that simply did not work. We then set to renewing the whole mpl, cylinder and handles so the property was now secure.

Security cylinder upgrade in Gloucester - 27/02/23

Today lockforce received a call from a customer in Gloucester, he had just moved in to a property and wanted higher security locks. We fitted three new 3 star cylinders on entrance doors from stock on our van 

Customer can't gain access through front door in Gloucester - 14/02/23

This morning we received a call from a lady in Gloucester after her son had apparently been heavy handed with the front door for quite a while. It was now stuck solid in the locked position. After close inspection we realised that the gearbox had been broken. We then proceeded to gain non destructive entry before renewing the gearbox from stock and getting her door up and running again. Ps - we also gave the son a few guidance tips on opening and shutting the door correctly. The customer then left us a nice review on trustist. 

Air B&B French doors jammed in Gloucester - 24/01/23

Today Lockforce received a call from an Air B&B owner. They were having difficulty opening the two sets of French doors and had guests booked in the following week. After inspection we assessed that both cylinders were faulty and both needed serious realigning. We also advised thumb turn cylinders to comply with fire regs. Locks were keyed alike so we put temporary thumb turn cylinders in and ordered keyed alike which turned up next day and were fitted immediately. The customer could then confirm their air B&B booking for the following week.

Failed night latch in Gloucester - 20/01/23

Lockforce attended a customers property in Gloucester after they couldn't open the back door. We assessed the problem and quickly had the door open and changed the faulty night latch. We also upgraded the cylinder to a 1 star for added security.

Upgrading door cylinder and realignment Brockworth, Gloucester - 11/01/23

Lockforce returned to a repeat customer in Brockworth to upgrade their front door security. We changed their standard cylinder for a 3-star ABS cylinder giving them the extra security they requested. We also realigned the door whilst there. 

Snapped key stuck in lock in Gloucester - 06/01/23 

Lockforce received a call from a customer that had snapped off a key in her front entrance door whilst trying to enter the house. Luckily the door was open so she had access. Usually the remainder of the key can be extracted but in this case it was stuck solid so the only option we had was to fit a new rim cylinder.

Extra security on social club door in Gloucester - 21/12/22

Lockforce were called to a social club in Gloucester where they needed extra security on the rear door of club, we fitted two  5 lever British standard deadlocks to comply with insurance requirements. 

Unable to get front door open in Hucclecote, Gloucester - 16/12/22

Lockforce attended a pre arranged appointment in Gloucester, the customer could not get the front door open. After someone else had unsuccessfuly tried to open the door we turned up to assess the situation. We identified the problem and set about getting the door open. We then replaced the broken gearbox and reassembled the mpl, a quick realignment and all was back to working order.

Vending machine with no keys in Gloucester - 8/12/22

Today Lockforce received a call from a fitness centre in Gloucester. They had bought a vending machine at auction but didn't realise it had no keys. We attended the venue and proceeded to open the machine then fit a new lock with keys.

Faulty digital lock in Gloucester - 24/11/22

Lockforce received a call from a local primary school when they couldn't lock the entrance door to their kitchen. We attended within the hour and identified the problem immediately, after taking the mechanism apart and servicing a few parts the lock was up and running so they could now secure the building. 

Mortice deadbolt installed in Gloucester - 20/11/22

A customer needed extra security to the front door of their property as they only had a standard night latch. Lockforce fitted a new 5 lever British standard Mortice deadlock to add to their security.

Window handles and mechanism fitted in Gloucester - 14/11/22

Lockforce were called by a customer in Gloucester after they'd tried various other locksmiths to fit broken window handles and mechanisms. We sourced replacements for 3 windows and fitted next day.

Repairs to patio doors - 07/11/22

Lockforce attended a property in Gloucester as the customer became concerned about the security on both patio doors and front, the front door mechanism had broken which left them unable to lock their door, we removed the mpl from the door and fixed the problem before refitting. We then looked at the patio doors and found the locating screws had been removed, the customer had been leaving the property thinking it was secure by pulling the handle lever up and locking with the key, but as it has no locating bolts the doors could just be pulled open. We put new locating bolts on to doors and adjusted keeps, all now secure and a happy customer.

Extra security to front door in Gloucester - 14/10/22

Lockforce Gloucester arranged a visit to a customer who wanted a bit of extra security on her front entrance door. We gave her a few options and she decided on an auto deadlocking nightlatch which we had in stock and fitted there and then, another happy customer. 

Broken gearbox in Dursley, Gloucestershire - 10/10/22

Lockforce attended a property in Dursley as the owner could not secure his French doors. After identifying the mpl and gearbox and realising we didn't have one in stock we fitted a temporary lock until the parts arrived next day. All fitted and working within 24hrs.

Window handle in Horsley, Gloucestershire - 30/09/22

At Lockforce we also do the small jobs others don't want to do. We had a call asking to source and fit a broken window handle, not easy from a picture but we managed to find a replacement and fitted the next day. 

New gearbox and handles in Gloucester - 22/09/22

Lockforce attended a property in Gloucester when the customers had noticed the handles on their front door were sagging. After removing the handles we then checked the gearbox to find it damaged, we replaced both gearbox and handles to give them peace of mind.

Shool entrance doors in Gloucester - 16/09/22

Lockforce attended a school in Gloucester after staff were having issues with the main entrance door. After assessing the old lock we fitted a new adams rite rim lock making the door secure again. 

Supermarket locksmith callout in Gloucester - 14/09/22

Lockforce were contacted to attend a supermarket store where the money exchange store was jammed shut with the employee inside, we quickly released the mechanism and repaired the door so everything was working as it should. 

Police gain entry in Gloucester - 01/09/22

Lockforce were called to a property by a carer after police had broken through a front door when the elderly lady had collapsed inside. The doors were locked with keys in the back of door which meant the carer could not get into the property. We managed to repair the door and fit 2 new mortice locks. 

Quedgeley gearbox repaired - 24/08/22 

Lockforce were called to a property in Gloucester after the tenants were having trouble opening the front door, we quickly diagnosed the problem and fitted a new gearbox so the tenant could safely lock up the property 

Gloucester door realignment - 18/08/22

Lockforce had arranged to visit city heart living student accommodation to realign 10 entrance doors before the beginning of term,  all doors were realigned and mag locks re fitted in a day. 

Gain entry in Gloucester, - 5th August 2022

Lockforce were called by a local lettings agent to attend a property in Gloucester after the tenant had lost keys. We quickly gained entry to the property and were then asked if we could fit a lock to a wooden door overlooking the lounge area. Another happy customer.

High security night latch in Gloucester - 27th July 2022

Lockforce Gloucester fitted a yale high security night latch for a customer after she felt she needed more security on her front entrance door. 

Gain entry in Gloucester - 12th July 2022

Lockforce were called to a property in Gloucester. The customer had just purchased a property but had no keys to the garage. After gaining non destructive entry we fitted a new garage door handle and adjusted the tension wires. Whilst we were there the customer called to ask us to change front and back door locks. All in a days work for Lockforce. 

No keys to property in Gloucester - 1st July 2022

Lockforce received a call on Friday afternoon from a lady in Gloucester who had moved into a flat but had no keys as the previous tenant had walked off with them. We fitted new locks to front door as it was already open then gained access through rear door and fitted a new cylinder.

French doors jammed in Gloucester - 25th June 2022

We received a call from a customer stating they had a problem with their French doors at the rear of property. When we arrived the doors would not open. After successfully releasing the mechanism we found a faulty part was the problem. We quickly repaired and reassembled and had them operating correctly within an hour. 

Gain entry to roof top box in Gloucester - 17th June 2022

To end the week Lockforce received a call from a customer on his way to the coast for the weekend.He couldn't find keys to his rooftop box on his car so couldn't load the rest of his camping gear. Lockforce attended and picked the lock open so he was able to get away. 

Lock Change in Gloucester - 10th June 2022

A customer in Gloucester had just moved into a property and wanted all three entrance doors fitted with new locks as he wasn't sure who still had keys for the house, lockforce fitted 3 new ultion 3 star high security cylinders and a nightlatch on the inner door.

Door and shutter locks for commercial premises in Gloucester - 12th May 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester visited a business in Gloucester today to change various door locks and roller shutter locks as they were vacating the premises and needed new locks for the new tenants. Another quick and easy job which was booked in with a day's notice. 

Cylinder change and new handles in Gloucester - 6th May 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester attended a property in Gloucester after the customer had problems locking their front door. We identified the problem and renewed the cylinder, we also sourced and replaced the old handles. 

Gearbox failure in Gloucester, GL1 - 29th April 2022, 

A customer called Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester when they could not secure their back door, we attended within the hour and after assessing the door we found the gearbox had broken due to the door not being aligned correctly, we had the required gearbox in stock so replaced the broken parts and realigned the door so the problem would not happen again. We also fitted the door with an Ultion one star cylinder, giving the customer that extra security.  The customer was left with a secure locking door that functioned as it should. 

Lock for bin store at shopping centre in Gloucester - 21/04/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester were asked by a regular customer if we could fit a secure bolt on the centres bin store, we had one fabricated and fitted it ourselves, thank you for the ongoing business. 

French door repair in Gloucester - 04/04/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester received a phone call from a customer after the builders had attempted to fix a pair of French doors that wouldn't lock correctly. We replaced the broken parts, realigned doors leaving the customer feeling safe.

Garage door handle replaced in Churchdown, Gloucester, GL3 - 28/03/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester were called to a property in Churchdown to replace a garage door handle. After completing the handle we were then asked to go through the property realigning 2 doors, 3 sets of patio doors including replacement hinges, and various windows. Another satisfied customer 

New nightlatch for home in Painswick, Gloucester -  22/03/22

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester were called to a property in Painswick after their nightlatch failed. We replaced the faulty unit with a new British standard high security night latch. 

Unable to lock door so unable to leave home in Gloucester - 11th March 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester received a call from a customer who couldn't leave her property as she was unable to lock the front door. We quickly diagnosed the problem and as we had the parts in stock we had her door fixed within the hour 

New gearbox in Gloucester - 3rd March 2022

After several weeks of their front door not locking correctly a customer in Gloucester called lockforce after they eventually couldn't open the front door, we quickly diagnosed the problem and fitted a new gearbox from our van stock. We then realigned the door so it was opening smoothly, another happy customer. 

New nightlatch fitted in Gloucester - 22nd February 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester attended a solicitors practice in Painswick. Their nightlatch had failed meaning the property was not secure. We fitted a new nightlatch within the hour. 

French doors not locking in Gloucester - 17th February 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester attended a rented property where the tenant was unable to lock their French doors. After identifying the problem with the lock we changed the faulty cylinder and realigned the doors so they were working as they should. The customer was very happy with the service. 

New sashlock installed in Gloucester - 12th February 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester added a mortice sashlock to a returning customer's door today for added security for their property.

Failed night latch in Gloucester - 8th February 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester were called to a property in after a customer's night latch had failed. We quickly replaced his lock like for like as we had one in stock on our van.

New lock after lost keys in Gloucester - 4th February 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester attended a property in Gloucester after an elderly lady had lost all but one of her front door keys. We replaced the cylinder for her so she could feel safe and supllied new keys.

Ultion Smart Lock Installation in Gloucester - 1st February 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester were asked to fit an Ultion smart lock to a property in Gloucester this week. As an approved installer of Ultion products, it goes without saying the installation went without any problems.

Fast locksmith services for commercial clients in Gloucester - 10th January 2022

Lockforce were called out to a business in Gloucester that were having issues locking their premises. We arrived and fixed the issue within the hour.

Fix made to emergency fire exit door in Gloucester - 5th January 2022

Lockforce attended a former private school in Gloucester after a forklift driver reversed into the emergency push bar. We quickly replaced the parts so building was secure.

Snapped keys in locks - key extraction in Gloucester - 2nd January 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester were called out to a property on new years eve by careworkers as a lady had snapped her only key in her lock and needed the property to be secure. We turned up within 20 mins and put in a new cylinder and handles as the present handles were unsafe. She is now all secure for a prosperous 2022. The following day, we were called to another property where the customer had snapped off the key then decided to stick it together with superglue, hence the key was stuck fast in the cylinder, we quickly changed for a new ultion 1 star cylinder and the property was secured.

Dursley Locksmith Attends New Development Site - 23rd December 2021

Lockforce Gloucester were called to a new development in Dursley as the site manager had lost keys to his office, we gained entry and put in a new thumbturn cylinder.

Gloucester Locksmith Replaces Locks on School - 15th December 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester were called to a former private school in Gloucester to change a lock on former caretakers house, we quickly changed the rim cylinder as they weren't sure who had keys

Gearbox in Wotton under Edge - 8th December 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester were called to a job in Wotton under Edge when the customers lock would open after pulling on the handle even when locked. We quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed within the hour. 

New nightlatch to council office - 4th December 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester were contacted by Berkeley Town Hall to replace a nightlatch after loosing track which contractors had keys. We fitted a new British standard nightlatch and cut 15 fresh keys.

New MPL and Gearbox in Hempstead, Gloucester - 1st Decemeber 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester were called to a property in Hempstead where the owner was in the process of moving home but had found he couldn't open his conservatory doors. When we arrived they were jammed solid. We proceeded to open the doors to find a broken gearbox and an MPL that didn't even fit the door. We put a temporary fix on the door and ordered the new parts. They were fitted as soon as they arrived.

Lost keys in Stonehouse, Gloucester - 29th November 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester were called to a property where the owner had lost keys to her back door. We quickly opened the door and fitted a new anti snap cylinder.

Smart lock installation in Gloucester - 26th November 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester were called out after to help a customer get their smart lock working on their new composite door. Orginally, the door fitters installed the smart lock however failed to get the lock operating and ended up leaving the job meaning the client was left with a door that wouldn't lock. We attended quickly and secured the property to ensure the client's safety. Another grateful client. 

Front door repaired in Gloucester - 22nd November 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester were called to a customer's house who's front door wouldn't lock. We quickly assessed the problem and had the door locking in no time.

Codelocks installation for office in Gloucester - 20th November 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester fitted 2 new codelocks to offices in to satisfy insurance requirements. 

Unable to leave house as door will not lock in Gloucester - 17th November 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester were called to a job in Gloucester where the owner had opened the door to their apartment to go out but the door would not lock. We attended within the hour had the lock out of door to service and back in fully functioning in no time. 

New window handles for home in Gloucester - 15th November 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester were called to a job in Gloucester where the customer had broken the handle on her window. We put new handles on 2 windows and while we were there we also lubricated her front door MPL.

Snapped key in lock in Gloucester - 12th November 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester were called to a property in where the customer had gone out and broken the key in the lock. We assessed the situation and had him back in his property while also fitting a new cylinder for him. 

Door failing to shut in Gloucester - 10th November 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester were called to a property where the customer couldn't shut her front door. After a quick door realignment all was back to normal.

Lock upgrade for back door in Dursley, Gloucester - 8th November 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester were called to a property in Dursley where the customer had been securing their back door with sash jammers for 2 years. The door was a bit of a mess with only a latch and no adjustment. We managed to put a full mpl system on it after a lot of modifications to door. They now have a fully functional back door with a 4 point locking system.

UPVC door repairs in Gloucester - 5th November 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester was called to a repairs garage in Gloucester where the owner rented his house over the road. The tenant had not been able to open the front upvc door. After identifying the issue and managing to open the door we renewed the broken parts and realigned door. Now the tenant could use it again.

Front door not locking on home in Gloucester - 1st November 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester was called to a customer in Gloucester after her son couldn't go out as door wouldn't lock. We turned up and identified a broken euro cylinder, we quickly renewed the cylinder and the son was on his way.

Back door lock not operating at property in Gloucester - 3rd October 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester were called out to a job where the customer could not open his back door with the key. We identified the problem and agreed with the client that a lock change would be the most appropriate resolution. We changed the lock there and then and cut 2 more keys. 

New night latch installed in Gloucester - 16th September 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester were booked in to fit a high security night latch for a customer who had just moved to the area from London. We attended the same day and fitted the new latch to a very grateful new home owner who now feels extra secure. 

Lock replacement in Gloucester - 14th September 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester carried out a full mpl and gearbox replacement for a customer today. The old broken gearbox was discontinued and with no generic gearbox so we had to replace the full mpl.

New door locks and patio door realignment in Gloucester - 9th September 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester turned up to replace 2 cylinders on a customers doors but ended up also replacing a mortice sashlock and realigning 2 sets of patio doors. A very happy customer. 

New home needed new patio door keys in Gloucester - 4th September 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester was called out after a customer had moved into a new property but had no keys to a patio door that was locked. We arrived, opened the door and fitted a new cylinder. Another happy customer. 

Front door not locking in Gloucester - 30th August 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester was called out by a customer in Gloucester on Saturday morning after he couldn't lock his front door. We turned up 30 min later, identified the problem and fitted a new gearbox from stock. 

Lock upgrade in Gloucester - 23rd June 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Gloucester attended a same day call out to upgrade locks for a customer living in Gloucester. The client had wooden patio doors where the locking mechanisms had failed. The best solution was to upgrade the lock for higher security and gave a 1 year warranty on the work. The customer was very pleased and felt her property was alot safer from intruders. 

High security night latches in Gloucester - 16th June 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Gloucester spoke to a customer in length regarding lock uprgades for their home in Gloucester. We agreed that for their home that 2 high security night latches for their doors would be an adequate security solution to make their home feel safe and secure. 

Attempted break ins in Gloucester - 9th June 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Gloucester were called to a property after an attempted break in. We attended the same day and assessed the situation. The door lock had been damaged from the outside so we safely gained non destructive entriy to the property and replaced the broken lock with a new rim cylinder lock and also fitted a code lock. 

10 new locks for office building in Gloucester - 2nd June 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Gloucester were called to an office building by a computing company who had recently acquired some office space. They needed new keys and wanted improved security for the valuables that would be stored so we happily installled in total 10 new high security locks to their office. The manager was very pleased with the service and mentioned he would use us again for any emergency locksmith needs in Gloucester. 

Back door will not open in Gloucester - 18th May 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Gloucester were called to a property on the outskirts of Gloucester after the owner had been unable to open his rear door for a couple of months. We inspected the UPVC door and with the key spinning we found that the CAM had broken off. We sorted the lock problem and also offer a complimentary door reallignment service. The owner was most pleased with our speedy and efficient service all while being covid compliant. 

Door jammed in Abbey Mead, Gloucester - 9th May 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Gloucester were called by a customer in Abbey Mead who couldn't open their back door. We gained entry then upon inspection found a broken gearbox. We fitted a new gearbox and the door was back working as normak. Another happy customer.

Lockpick for jewellery drawer in Gloucester, GL2 - 9th April 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Gloucester received a call from an elderly lady who could not open her jewellery drawer in an old furniture chest. We called at the property and managed to open the drawer with no fuss, the lady in question was shielding so we were suitably attired. She was really grateful to see her jewellery again and I think she just enjoyed talking to someone again. Service with a smile from lockforce.

Mortice lock upgrade in Gloucester, GL1 - 4th April 2021 

Lockforce Locksmiths Gloucester were contacted by a customer on Friday afternoon wanting to change the front door lock on her flat in Gloucester. She had split with her partner and wanted to change lock to feel safe. I arranged to visit that evening and replaced her old mortice lock with a new 5 lever British standard Mortice deadlock. Customer was left feeling safe and happy. 

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