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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmiths Solihull.

My name is Brian Carter and I'm a local professional locksmith serving Solihull and surrounding areas nearby. 

You can expect a friendly service, with everything explained, catering both domestic and business properties.

I'm DBS checked and available around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Contact me if you have a problems with your locks in Solihull or if you feel you need added security or additional keys cut.

Key Points:

  • No call out fee
  • 1-year quality guarantee
  • I have Public Liability insurance to the tune of £5million 

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Locksmith Services Solihull

Lockforce Locksmiths Solihull services include:

  • Non-Destructive Entry gained
  • 24/7 Emergency Locksmith
  • UPVC Window Lock Repairs and Replacements
  • Conservatory door and window Lock Repair and Replacement
  • Mobile key cutting service
  • High security Lock Replacement
  • and more...
Call our local locksmith in Solihull today on 0121 405 1204 for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you.

Commercial Locksmiths in Solihull

Lockforce Locksmiths Solihull provide an outstanding fast response to all commercial customers. We carry all risk Assessments and Insurance Documents required to carry out work in a commercial environment. We also have safety Clothing and foot wear PPE and all products have COSHH statements.Our services cover all type of commercial work and we stock most of the parts required for business in Solihull all of our parts and labour is cover with a warranty so once it fitted by us you can be sure it will work correctly every time. As a proud commercial locksmith, we will only fit high standard locks and security device required for commercial use but are also user friendly. We work with a lot of commercial customers on a regular basis, some of these include, Schools, Nursery's, Collages, The NHS, Local Shops and Care homes. All Locksmiths are In a Sign Written van and wear our smart safe uniform at all times. Lockforce Locksmiths Solihull offer an emergency service for all security needs for your business needs

For more information on our Commercail Services contact Lockforce locksmiths in Solihull on 0121 405 1204

Mobile Key Cutting in Solihull

We provide on-site key cutting across Solihull thanks to our Lockforce van which is kitted with the locksmith tech we use to cut your keys on site for your convenience. This service allows us to not only cut keys for you but guarantee then and even test them to check they work how a lock expert would expect them too at all times. Causing less damage to the lock and no compromising you Solihull home or business security.

Call our Solihull key cutting locksmiths today on 0121 405 1204 if you require a new set of keys cut.

Lockforce Payment Options

Here at Lockforce locksmiths in Solihull we have many payment options these include:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Bank Transfer
  • BACS
  • Cash
  • PayPal
  • Contactless card payments

Recent Jobs in Solihull

Failed Gearbox B90 - 02/04/2024 - Solihull

A homeowner reported difficulty locking her back door. Upon inspection, I identified a failed gearbox within the door mechanism. After replacing the faulty gearbox and ensuring everything was functioning correctly, the door was secured once again. The customer expressed great relief, feeling safe in her home once more.

Failed Gearbox B90 - 25/03/2024 - Solihull

A landlord reported a similar issue with a failed gearbox in a tenant's property. Our team quickly addressed the problem, replacing the broken gearbox to restore secure access. The landlord was pleased with our efficient service, ensuring the safety and security of the tenants.

Failed Night Latch, B91 - Solihull, 09/03/2024

A call was received from an individual concerned that their neighbour's night latch was malfunctioning, preventing the door from being secured. We arrived quickly to assess and rectify the issue, replacing the faulty night latch with a new, fully functional one. The prompt service ensured the neighbour's property was once again secure and accessible.

Lock-Out Service and Cylinder Replacement in Solihull, 27/11/2023

A customer was unable to re-enter their home after locking themselves out. Lockforce Solihull was called in and swiftly facilitated entry into the home. The lock had to be drilled out, requiring a new cylinder to be installed. The customer quickly regained access to their home, with the new cylinder ensuring ongoing security and functionality of the lock.

Lockout and Gain Entry in Solihull (B90) - 01/05/2023

Received a call from a customer who had mistakenly locked himself out of his house after a quick trip to the shop. Realizing his keys were still inside, I swiftly picked the lock, ensuring a clean and efficient entry. The customer was relieved to be back inside his home without any hassle.

Solihull lock upgrade, B90 - 06/03/2023

A customer had just brought his new home and called Lockforce Locksmiths Solihull as the previous owner only gave him one key and he wanted the lock changed along with additional keys.

Solihull locksmith replaces door lock cylinder, B91 - 27/02/2023

Our Solihull locksmith was called by a previous happy customer recently who's mum was having trouble opening her front door. The cylinder was malfunctioning. Our Solihull locksmiths arrived promptly and checked it to find the cylinder was sticking on the inside. We replaced the cylinder now the customer can open the door from both sides!a

Lock upgrade in Solihull, B90 - 03/01/2023 

Lockforce Locksmith Solihull were called out to upgrade some door locks after this customer's neighbour had a break-in. We reassured the customer the locks we fit are high security and the customer chose to have the  3-star lock installed for all external doors on their property. A far more secure home in Solihull. 

Lock out gain entry Solihull, B92 - 09/11/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Solihull attended a job after an early Sunday morning callout by a customer who was leaving their home and mistakenly locked his keys in his home. We quickly arrived and bingo back in the house in no time.

Replaced night latch Solihull, B92 - 04/11/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Solihull was called out by a previous customer we had helped before. The customer had put the latch down to put the bins out and the wind blew the door shut thus jamming the night latch. We attended within 20 mintes and replaced the damaged night latch.

Failed gearbox on back door Northfield, B31 - 30/10/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Solihull were contacted by a landlord after his tenants were having trouble opening the back door of their property. Another locksmith had been called but they could not open the door. We attended to find a failed gearbox. We quickly solved the issue and had the door back working again.

Failed key safe in Northfield, B31 - 24/10/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Solihull recieved a phone call from a customer saying that she couldn’t lock her key safe as one of the numbers wasn’t working. We attended and ended up fitting a new key safe for the customer's convenience. 

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Failed ultion cylinder in Solihull, B91 - 25th May 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Solihull took a call from a customer who was saying she just tried to get in her property and the key just keeps turning in the lock. We managed to gain entry via the garage and the cylinder worked from the inside. We changed the cylinder to the delight of one happy customer.

Stolen house keys in Northfield, B31 - 24th April 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Solihull took a call from a customer who needed her lock changed on her front door because someone had stolen her key. We quickly turned up and had the problem sorted in no time. 

Jammed patio door in Solihull, B94 - 21st March 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Solihull recieved a phone call from a new client who couldn’t open his patio door. We arrived to quickly solve the problem and then changed the lock on his pourch door because when he moved in to the house he didn’t have a key for the lock. A very happy customer. 

Replaced door handles in Solihull, B94 - 7th March 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Solihull recieved a phone call from a customer where the handles had broke on the patio door. We arrived got the job done in no time and had new door handles fitted.

Easy lock out sorted in minutes in Solihull, B30, 21st October 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Solihull completed a straightfoward entry gain for a couple who found themselves locked out the other evening. We attended within 30 minutes and opened up their property by picking the lock. A very quick and easy job for an experienced locksmith and we left two very grateful clients. 

Anti-Snap Lock Upgrade in Knowle - Solihull, B93, 19th January 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Solihull received an early morning weekend call from a customer in Knowle (Solihull) who informed us that unfortunatey they had been broken in to during the night. We attended within the hour and found the handle had been broken and the lock snapped, which is a very common technique used by burglars. Lockforce Locksmith Solihull replaced the handle and upgraded their lock to a high security Ultion lock, which is an anti-snap lock and comes with a £1,000 guarantee from the manufacturer. The customer was happy now their home was secured to a much higher specification than before.

New Locks After A Robbery in Solihull - Solihull, B40, 29th October 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Solihull were called by an existing customer who needed their locks changing after a robbery. We were able to install new locks, and make the property secure again, and give the customer some peace of mind.

Solihull Replacement Locks After Lost Keys - Solihull, B37, 7th October 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Solihull received a call from a customer who needed us to gain entry to their home after the keys had been mislaid. We arrived promptly, and got into the property quickly. Replaced the lock, and made the house secure.

Front Door Lock Replacement - Solihull, B27, 12th September 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Solihull received a call from a customer in Solihull who wanted his front door lock changed. We attended the site and changed the lock at a convenient time to suit the customer who was very happy with our Solihull locksmith service, and had peace of mind now the property was more secure.

Ultion Home Lock Upgrade Competition Grand Prize Winner - Solihull, B27, 14th August 2019

We were delighted to present one of our Solihull competition winners with their grand prize of a free Ultion home lock upgrade this week. We installed these fantastic high security locks on their home in Solihull and they were thrilled to have won the prize and very happy with the extra security their home now benefits from.

Added Security of Anti Snap Locks - Solihull, B26, 19th July 2019

A runner up of our recent Facebook competition to win a Ultion home lock upgrade took advantage of his second place offer and get in touch from the edge of Solihull. He wanted the front and rear door locks replacing. He didn't have any particular issue with his existing locks, but wanted peace of mind with the added security of having market leading Ultion locks on his home. The customer was very happy and couldn't thank Lockforce Solihull Locksmiths enough!

Problematic door in Solihull - 28th June 2019

I was asked by a customer to check their front door lock as they had problems unlocking the door. After a thorough inspection, we established the lock was damaged beyond repair. They didn't want the lock replacing as they were getting a new door, so we removed the faulty night latch, and serviced the unused mortice lock. Cut a new set of keys, and left them secure and able to get in without worrying about being locked out!

Garage door - 16th June 2019

Lockforce locksmiths Solihull were called to a house in Solihull because they were unable to open their garage door. I managed to gain entry without any damage being caused to the lock. Customer was very happy with the service we provided.

Customer concerned about their door in Solihull - 14th June 2019

A customer called Lockforce locksmiths Solihull as they were concerned their old tennants still had keys to the apartment. We attended same day and replaced his standard euro thumb turn lock with an anti snap thumb turn lock for added security and gave him five eys to go with it! He was over the moon!

Home security upgrade in Solihull - 28th May 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths had a call fom a customer in Solihull today regarding upping their home security. I went to see them and discussed some options, once they had decided on the appropriate set up for them, I proceeded to upgrade the security on their window handles and both the front and back doors of a home. All new locks now meet British Standard and meet the requirements of the customers home insurance. Another happy and now secure customer in Solihull.

Broken storage lock in Shirley, B90 - 20th May 2019

I had the privilege of being able to help a charity called Troop Aid today. They were having having difficulty with one of their storage locks, I managed to gain entry quickly and non destructively much to their delight!

Additional security for GDPR compliance in Solihull - 20th May 2019

A customer in Solihull got in contact as they were concerned that they needed extra security on securing personal data documents due to the new GDPR rules. I surveyed their existing locks and discussed ways to make this more secure, they decided to upgrade two locks and instal a digital lock. This was all completed very quickly wothout mess or fuss and the customer is very happy that they are now fully GDPR compliant.

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