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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich.

My name is Brian Carter and I'm your local trusted locksmith in Castle Bromwich.

Call now and let me help you with my range of professional and affordable locksmith services. 

Key Points:

  • Live locally (fast response)
  • DBS checked
  • Fully insured (up to £5 million)
  • Highly trained, qualified, and experienced
  • 24/7 locksmith services 
  • Work comes with a 12 month guarantee

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Castle Bromwich Locksmith Services

I am your local locksmith in Castle Bromwich and will therefore most likely always be nearby.

I work around the clock and can provide services 24 hours of the day. I can get to you fast so that I can attend any need you have for unlocking and repairs of locks.

As well as being available 24 hours of the day, I am also available 7 days of the week. Thus, no matter if it is a Sunday evening, you can still call and I can assist with your locksmith needs in Castle Bromwich.

For call-outs, there is no additional fee. I am happy to assist anyone in Castle Bromwich.We are committed to all new and existing customers to help with any needs. We use the latest and most advanced tools to ensure we can fulfil any task.

I am fully qualified on old and new lock advancements. Thus, no matter your concern, I will be able to fix it in Castle Bromwich.

Here are a list of our locksmith services in Castle Bromwich:

  • 24-hour emergency locksmith in Castle Bromwich
  • Mobile key cutting in Castle Bromwich
  • Castle Bromwich lock repair and lock replacement
  • uPVC door locks
  • Wooden door locks
  • Digital door locks
  • Window locks
  • CCTV systems
  • Alarms
  • Evictions
  • Re-securing
  • Post burglary repairs
  • Fire escape hardware
  • Panic hardware
  • Post burglary repairs
  • Insurance approved locks
  • Entry gaining
  • Yale locks
  • Night latches
  • Window boarding
No matter the time of day, if you require any of the above services in Castle Bromwich then do not hesitate to call 01214 051 204 and ask for Brian. We are always happy to assist and help resolve your issues.

Why Choose Lockforce Locksmiths Castle Bromwich?

Lockforce Locksmiths Castle Bromwich are delighted to deliver the outstanding golden national standard set by Lockforce, locally in Castle Bromwich. The Lockforce network has over 8,000 reviews, averaging 4.9 out of 5, so you know you’re in good hands when you choose Lockforce.

As a DBS checked business that is fully insured, we will guarantee to offer you safe and effective locksmith services in Castle Bromwich.

We always carry identification and certificates on us so that you can view them before we assist with your needs. We pride ourselves at Lockforce Locksmiths in Castle Bromwich for being punctual and always around when you need us. We are happy to assist no matter what the time is.

Even if it is a weekend, we are always happy and available to help in Castle Bromwich. To ensure it is us, we will always arrive in a Lockforce Locksmiths van and dressed in branded uniform. Never accept assistance from anyone without our branding and certification when you call us for help in Castle Bromwich.

Lockforce Locksmiths Castle Bromwich always put you, the customer, first in everything we do. We are delighted to boast an unrivalled level of customer service and customer satisfaction and are confident that we will provide a local Castle Bromwich locksmith service that you will want to recommend to your friends and family.

Call today 01214 051 204

Locked Out in Castle Bromwich

If you ever find yourself locked out of your home or business and feel frustrated, then don’t worry. We at Lockforce Locksmiths will be able to help and get your back in no time.

Give us a call on 01214 051 204 if you are in Castle Bromwich and we will happily come and assist. As we are available 24/7, you will never need to be sat outside your home or business in Castle Bromwich for hours on end not being able to get in.

We are qualified and trained with every lock on the market. Even if your lock is complex or advanced, we will be able to unlock the door and get you back to business.

I even tidy up after myself so you don’t need to worry about any mess when you are back in the building.

Castle Bromwich Mobile Key Cutting 

Your local key cutting service might be ages away. You may not be able to get there. However, there is no need to worry as we at Lockforce Locksmiths can offer mobile key cutting services in Castle Bromwich.

No matter if you need one or a few keys cut on the go, we are happy to help

Call Lockforce Locksmiths today 01214 051 204

Castle Bromwich Lock Repair and Replacement

If you find your lock has been broken or damaged in Castle Bromwich, we can come out and repair and/or replace it for you in no time. As we are local, we can assist you within an hour or less.

Giving us a call is the best way to contact us and get us to the scene as soon as possible. Even if you snap a key in the lock, we can undo the mistake and get it fixed so that you are not locked out and without a key in Castle Bromwich.

We provide services for a variety of locks such as digital locks, wooden locks, night locks, and more. No matter your lock repair or replacement concern, we are happy to offer our trained and high-quality locksmith services in Castle Bromwich.

When you need to have a lock changed or repaired, call Lockforce Locksmiths Castle Bromwich on 01214 051 204

Castle Bromwich Payment Options

At Lockforce Locksmiths in Castle Bromwich, we offer a variety of ways to pay. No matter if you are out without your bag, as you didn’t expect to snap your key in the lock, or only have cash on you, we can assist with easy payment. We accept:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Contactless card payments
  • Bank Transfer
  • BACS
  • Cash
  • PayPal
If you need a locksmith in Castle Bromwich, we’re confident you won’t be disappointed in choosing Lockforce Locksmiths Castle Bromwich. We are locally based, highly trained, experienced locksmiths who take great care in pride in everything we do and look forward to working with you. Call us anytime, day or night, on 01214 051 204.

Recent Jobs

Failed Gearbox in Castle Bromwich (B37) - 03/07/2024

Lockforce Castle Bromwich received a call from a customer who couldn’t get the door open at the back of the house. We found the gearbox in the door had failed and jammed the door. After fitting a new gearbox and aligning the door, the customer was very satisfied with the improved functionality.

Failed Mechanism in Castle Bromwich (B34) - 28/06/2024

Lockforce Castle Bromwich responded to a call about a front door that wouldn't open. We discovered a broken mechanism, supplied and fitted a new one, along with new handles and a lock.

Lock Change, B37 - Castle Bromwich, 15/03/2024

A new homeowner in Castle Bromwich contacted us to express concerns about potential spare keys in circulation from previous owners. We responded to their request immediately, changing the locks to secure their new residence. The client now enjoys peace of mind knowing their home is safeguarded against unauthorised access.

Dual Gearbox Replacement and Door Alignment in Castle Bromwich, B34 - 28/11/2023

A resident faced issues with locking their back door and had troubles with the front door. Lockforce Castle Bromwich expertly diagnosed and replaced the failed gearboxes in both doors. Additionally, performed alignment on the porch door to ensure proper functioning. Both doors were restored to optimal condition, leaving the customer with secure and smoothly operating doors.

Gearbox Replacement for Residential Property in Castle Bromwich, B36 - 25/11/2023

A landlord reported a jammed door at a rental property. Lockforce Castle Bromwich attended the site, identified a broken gearbox, and replaced the faulty components efficiently. The door was repaired promptly, resulting in satisfied tenants and a content landlord.

Gearbox Replacement Specialist in Castle Bromwich - 18/09/2023

A new homeowner faced an issue with their porch door, which wouldn't lock properly. A quick call to Lockforce Castle Bromwich, and our locksmith efficiently solved the problem by fitting a new mechanism and keeps, restoring the door to its original condition.

Failed Gearbox Castle Bromwich, B36 - 25/08/23

We received a call from a concerned carer who couldn't access her patient's house. Lockforce Birmingham came to the rescue. Upon inspection, we discovered a failed gearbox and promptly supplied and fitted a replacement. The door is now fully operational.

Failed Gearbox Castle Bromwich, B36 - 21/08/23

A customer couldn't open the front door of his mom's house. We arrived on the weekend to find a failed gearbox. After collecting the necessary parts, we returned on Monday, fixed it, and now it's working perfectly.

Lockout Gain Entry Castle Bromwich, B36 - 19/07/2023

A customer locked himself out and damaged the front door in the process. We changed the lock and secured the property once again.

Failed Mec Castle Bromwich, B34 - 05/07/2023

A customer couldn't lock their front door. We quickly identified a bent mec and a stuck bottom hook. We fitted an overnight gearbox and returned the next day to install a full mec, ensuring security.

Failed Cylinder in Castle Bromwich, B37 - 25/06/2023

A customer couldn't lock the front door from the outside late on a Sunday night. We discovered a twisted cam and replaced the cylinder, restoring normal functionality.

Failed Gearbox in Castle Bromwich, B34 - 22/06/2023

A repeat customer faced issues locking the front door. We quickly identified a failed gearbox, supplied and fitted a new one, leaving another satisfied customer.

Locked out of garage in Castle Bromwich, B36 - 11/06/2023

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich had a phone call from a elderly lady as the electric had tripped in her house and the fuse box was in the garage which she lost the keys for. We quickly arrived, gained entry so she could put the electric back on and changed the rim cylinder for the night latch.

Lock out in Castle Bromwich, B37 - 02/06/2023

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich helped a customer who only had one key for her lock and went out and lost the key. We quickly arrived, gained entry and changed the cylinder. Another happy customer 

Failed night latch in Castle Bromwich, B36 - 23/05/2023

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich helped a customer after their night latch on their wooden door had broken. We arrived the same day and changed the night latch over. The customer was delighted she can lock her front door again. 

Failed locking mechanism in Castle Bromwich, B37 - 15/05/2023

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich attendend a job where the customer had a fire inspection done on his flat and they advised him about the mechanism in the door was not working. One call to Lockforce Castle Bromwich and a new mechanism was fitted and now the door was working how it should. Another happy customer.

Failed Gearbox in Castle Bromwich (B37) - 01/05/2023

Received a message from a customer via Facebook who was experiencing trouble locking her door. Went to her location and found a broken gearbox. Installed a temporary one overnight to allow her to lock the door. Returned the next day to fit a new gearbox and align the door. Another satisfied customer.

Broken Key in Cylinder in Castle Bromwich (B37) - 29/04/2023

Received a call from a customer who had broken the key in her lock. Managed to remove the key, but it was too small to cut a new one. Replaced the cylinder with a new anti-snap cylinder. The customer was very pleased.

Failed gearbox in Castle Bromwich, B36 - 05/03/2023

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich helped a customer's daughter after she was struggling to open the front door of the family home. This was an emergency call out as the daughter was at the property to let in the carers. We attended within 15 minutes and gained non-destructive entry in minutes and then replaced the gearbox in the door so everything was working good as new.

Failed gearbox in Castle Bromwich, B36 - 14/01/2023

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich attended a job on behalf of a landlord after their tenants could not lock their porch door. We scheduled a visit and surveyed the issue. We found the fault and fitted a temporary fix.  We attended the following day with the neccessary part and now the door can be locked securely. We also sorted some door alignment issues which meant the whole operation of the door was much smoother.

Break-in in Castle Bromwich, B36 - 12/12/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich took a call from a lady who had her home broken in to and they had stolen her daughter's car. We attended ASAP and replaced the door handles and fitted a 3-star cylinder to make the customer felt safe in her house again. 

'Help I have lost my keys' in Castle Bromwich, B34 - 05/11/2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich had a phone call from a customer who had lost their keys and needed to get in to his flat quickly. We arrived gained entry and changed the lock one. Another happy customer.

Attempted break-in near Castle Bromwich, B36 - 15/10/2022

Intruders tried to get inot a home in Castle Bromwich. Luckily thay didn’t get in but they did damage a customer's door handle. For reassurance the customer asked us to install anti snap locks to her front door. This customer now feels much safer in her home.

Lost keys in Castle Bromwich, B36 - 29/09/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich had a customer call after she had left her bag on the bus which had her house keys in it. She wanted the lock changed on the front door just in case someone found her bag and tried to get in the house. We obliged and left the customer feeling safe and secure. 

Failed mpl in Castle Bromwich, B34 - 17/09/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich had a message from a Facebook customer who was having trouble with their front door. We investigated the problem to find the mpl had failed. We fitted a overnight gearbox to lock the door for the night and went back the following day with all the parts. The door was back to working good as new. 

Lock change in Castle Bromwich, B34 - 07/09/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich took a call from another regular customer that needed the lock changed from a thumb turn cylinder to a key to key. We quickly solved the problem and had the new lock fitted within the hour. 

Locked out in Castle Bromwich, B34 - 17/08/2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich had a call from a customer who was locked out of this flat. I arrived with in 15 min and got the customer back inside in no time. One happy customer who is now back in his flat. 

Door alignment in Castle Bromwich, B34 - 16/08/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich had a message from a elderly lady who was having trouble locking her back patio door. We turned up found the problem quickly and solved  it. She was so happy now, she can have a good sleep knowing the door is locked and secure. 

Castle Bromwich Locksmith Replaces Lock After Keys Lost, B35 - 17/07/2022

Customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Castle Bromwich to say she had lost the keys to the house and wanted the lock changed just in case someone had pick them up and got into the house. Needless to say our local locksmith Brian was at the property as a matter of urgency and replaced the lock.

Failed gearbox in Castle Bromwich, B36 - 04/07/2022 

Customer phoned on Saturday night thay was just going the pub and couldn’t lock the back door. We turned up 10 minutes after the call managed to lock the door for the weekend. I then agreed to return on Monday morning with the replacement gearbox. I fitted this in no time and the customer was really happy the door was now fixed.

Castle Bromwich locksmith helps customers locked out of their home, B35 - 03/06/2022 

A customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Castle Bromwich to say that thay just got back from a night away and they had left the keys inside before they left quickly. Our local Castle Bromwich locksmith arrived quickly and gained entry. The customer was happy she was back in the house after the long drive back from the night way. 

Failed mortice lock repaired by Castle Bromwich locksmith, B35 - 23/5/2022

A customer phoned our locksmith in Castle Bromwich saying that she couldn't lock the front door with the mortice lock. When our local locksmith in Castle Bromwich arrived, the lock was broke inside. We quickly solved the problem by removing the old mortice lock and replacing with a new mortice lock one.

Alignment for property door in Castle Bromwich, B36 - 09/05/2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich had a phone call from a local builder where they were having problems shutting the door on a property they were working on. We turned up later that morning to find the door alignment was out and just needed to be altered back. Door problem investigated and solved in no time at all

Failed gearbox in Castle Bromwich, B36 - 08/05/2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich had a phone call from a customer he had got my number of his daughter in law who I’d done work for and recommended me for the job. We got on site to find the door wouldn’t open. We quickly solved the problem to find out the gearbox was broke inside. We quickly changed like for like and and sorted out door alignment as it had dropped. Another happy customer.

Lock upgrade in Castle Bromwich, B36 - 02/05/2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich were contacted by a customer who found us on Facebook. She just moved into her new house and wanted the locks changed on 4 doors and a garage door. All completed with nice new anti snap locks.

New handles and new locks in Castle Bromwich, B36 - 25/04/2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich took a call from a new cliet this week who had just moved in to his new house. He wanted the lock changed and handled as the one that was fitted was loose. Job completed and the customer was very happy with his new anti snap locks and new handles.

Castle Bromwich Lock Upgrade, B36 - 23rd April 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich were called by a client who was having problems with their lock on their front door. We decided on changing the lock and handles on the front door and now all is back working as normal.

Patio door to garden jammed shut in Castle Bromwich, B34 - 15th April 2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich took a call from a client who couldn’t open her door to the garden. When we arrived got the door open in no time. We took out the cylinder and replaced it with a new anti snap lock and fitted a new set of handles as the old ones had broke.

Living room window will not open in Castle Bromwich, B37 - 6th April 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich were contacted on Facebook by a women who couldn't open her living room window. We found that the window mechanism was broke inside. We quickly got the window open and changed for a brand new one. One happy customer now she can open the window. 

Failed window lock in Castle Bromwich, B37 - 30th March 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich had a message from a lady on Facebook who couldn’t open her window. We turned up to find the gearbox had failed. We quickly opened the window and replaced the full mpl. 

Lock upgrade Castle Bromwich, B36 - 15th March 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich took a call from a lady who had lost the key to her recently passed mother's patio door. She needed it open so she could move all of her mother's belongings out. We quickly arrived and changed the cylinder. One happy customer who now can get on with selling the house.

Failed gearbox in Castle Bromwich - 8th March 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich attended a callout to find there was a problem with the gearbox and the door fitter had snapped the cylinder on both sides which had caused a little problem. We quickly solved the problem took door apart sorted problem the fitted door back together.

New locks for patio door in Castle Bromwich, B36 - 16th February 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich recieved a call from a customer who wanted 2 new patio door locks fitted. We arrived within the hour and fitted 2 new high security locks to her patio doors and also fitted a new lock to her front door. A serious security upgrade for this customer. Keeping you safe. 

Lock upgrade in Castle Bromwich, B36 - 14th February 2022

Lockforce was tagged in a job on Facebook and we contacted the customer to find out she had spent the last few days unable to lock her back door. We quickly arrived and sorted the problem so the customer and her two babies was safe again.

Professional and expert locksmith services in Castle Bromwich, B36, 10th September 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich had a callout after a homeowner tried his hand at fixing his door lock issue. He took the mpl of the door to try and fix it himself but didn't really know what he was doing. We attened within the hour and assisted with the issue by replacing the gearbox and putting his door back together. Always call a professional.  

Failed gearbox in door in Castle Bromwich, B36, 1st September 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich was called out to fix an issue with a family's house front door. On this occassion we had to replcae the gearbox due to having failed. We replaced with a universal strip because the gearbox has been discontinued. Another fully functioning door in Castle Bromwich which can be locked and secured with ease. 

Lost keys to property in Castle Bromwich, B36, 20th August 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich attended within 5mins to a distressed caller in Castle Bromwich after losing her keys to her home. We reassured the lady and got her back into her home in 15 minutes and then went about replacing the lock and intsalling a night latch. Speedy and efficent service to all our Castle Bromwich customers. Lost your keys call Brian at Lockforce. 

Lock change after break in to property in Castle Bromwich, B36, 30th July 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Castle Bromwich attended a property this afternoon after a landlord had called to say her property had been broken into. We attended within the hour and got to work. Intruders had tried broken in to the  vacant property late last night and the police were called. We replaced the broken door handles and replaced the cylinder with products on our van. After 1 hour on site, all was sorted which the landlord was really happy with. She has now offered me a job on Monday to repair a faulty front door lock and window lock. 

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