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Need a reliable and highly trained locksmith in Banbury, then you need look no further. Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury are more than qualified to fix a variety of problems that you may be having with your security. Whether you are locked out of your business or struggling to know what to do following a break in, I am more than happy to help.

My name is Ross Blaikie and I am your local, experienced and highly reliable locksmith, fully DBS checked, fully insured and ready to assist you today.

Not only will I provide you with a fully insured service (to the tune of £5 million), but I will provide you with a 12 month guarantee - and I won’t charge you a call out fee, either. All you need to do today for the best Banbury locksmith is call for my service. It doesn't matter what time of day or night you need me, I will be there for you.

Are you looking for a 24/7 locksmith in Banbury? Call 01295 559 095 now and speak to a member of the team - we’re here to help.
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The best thing about being a Banbury locksmith is that I am there for you quickly in an emergency. You don’t have to wait long, and we can even provide you with a range of emergency Banbury locksmith services on site. From business properties to the home, our 24/7 support is there for you in Banbury whenever you need it.

You may need some help with how to improve the security of your business, and I am more than happy to give you advice and deliver a comprehensive - and free - security assessment of your home or business security. All of our locks - whether for home or business - are Police Approved and British Standard. As your local Banbury locksmith, I am proud to arrive fully equipped and ready to help. I don't cut corners - just keys.

I offer a range of locksmith Banbury services that you require, including:

  • 24 hour emergency locksmith in Banbury
  • Mobile key cutting in Banbury
  • Banbury lock repair and lock replacement

I can also provide you with support during evictions, re-securing and post-burglary repairs. Some of the locks that I can assist with include:

  • uPVC door locks
  • Wooden door locks
  • Digital door locks
  • Window locks
  • Insurance approved locks
  • Yale locks
  • Night latches
If you are in need of a Banbury locksmith - or you simply need advice on window boarding or installation of CCTV systems, you can give me, Ross Blaikie a call on 01295 559 095 now. I’ll talk you through your business security, panic hardware and even fire escape hardware so you can remain safe and secure. Business or home.

Why Choose Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury?

I am delighted to be able to provide you with a Banbury locksmith service that delivers the Golden National Standard set by Lockforce Locksmiths, locally in Banbury. With over 4,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.9/5, we’re confident that you won’t be disappointed with our service. You are in great hands when you choose to use Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury and you will notice our commitment to excellence in our reliability, efficiency and discretion.

Our business is fully vetted, and we are:

  • DBS checked
  • Fully insured
  • Masters of punctuality

We will always arrive on time, which is the beauty of being a locksmith in Banbury. We put the customer first every single time, and we boast unrivalled customer service levels that you simply won’t get elsewhere.

If you are looking for more information or you want to have a conversation with me about your locks, give me a call now on 01295 559 095.

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith When Locked Out in Banbury

There is nothing quite as worrying as finding yourself locked out of your home or business. It’s scary, stressful and the worry about waiting for a locksmith is enough to put anyone in a panic.

You don’t have to worry any longer. Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury are here to help. Available at any time of day or night, I can get you back indoors and feeling safe again as quickly as possible. I bring all tools in my Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury branded van, so we can get everything sorted on site and you aren’t left waiting for a solution. If you need us to change the locks, we can. If you need us to repair your locks, we can. We aim to be the best locksmith in Banbury, and our reviews tell us we don’t disappoint.

When you find you are locked out in Banbury, our 24 hour emergency locksmith service is yours to call on 01295 559 095.

Banbury Mobile Key Cutting Service

If you need a service that can provide you with the latest locks, tools and machinery to get you back into your home or business at short notice, and our Banbury locksmith service can help. We can cut new keys on site with you with no waiting around. The best bit is we can test the keys to ensure perfection before we leave, meaning you get the best service!

Call Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury today on 01295 559 095 if you need a set of keys cut or replacing right now.

Banbury Lock Repair and Lock Replacement

Have you arrived home to find your locks have been smashed in a break in? What about breaking your key in the lock? It happens! Instead of worrying about what to do, why not call me, Ross Blaikie on 01295 559 095 to assist? I will come fully equipped and ready to go with your locks and we will get you secure again.

Whether you are looking for window locks, digital locks or new hardware for your handles, we arrive highly trained and ready to work.

Call me today on 01295 559 095 for your Banbury locksmith services, and I can repair your locks or replace them as needed.

Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury Payment Options

There are plenty of payment options with Lockforce Locksmiths in Banbury. We’re flexible with options such as:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Contactless card payments
  • Bank Transfer
  • BACS
  • Cash
  • PayPal
We are confident that you won’t be disappointed with the service that you receive with Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury. Locally based, experienced and highly trained, I am here for you day or night for your Banbury locksmith needs. Call now on 01295 559 095.

Recent Jobs

Locksmith sorts door problems for distribution firm in Banbury, OX16, 21/10/2021

A local Banbury firm called Lockforce Locksmith Banbury to help with problems on their door closers. The Banbury locksmith arranged a suitable time and day with the company and attended on time to assess the problems. It turned out that the Locksmith only needed to make some adjustments to have the doors securing and locking again as they should. Sometimes new locks and new parts are not required and Lockforce Locksmith Banbury won’t jump straight into replacing parts unless it’s necessary. The company were very pleased with the service they received from their local Banbury locksmith.

Key safe fitted by Locksmith in Banbury, OX16, 01/10/2021

A customer in Banbury contacted Lockforce Locksmith Banbury as they wanted a key safe fitted to the outside of a property they rent out. The Banbury Locksmith was happy to arrive at a time convenient for the busy landlord and was very quick and efficient in fitting the high quality key safe. The Locksmith fitted a Master key safe which comes with a life time guarantee and having it professionally fitted made the customer feel re-assured that the safe was secure and would last. The customer was very happy with the end result achieved by Lockforce Locksmith Banbury.

Banbury Locksmith solves door lock problem, 21/09/2021, OX16

A customer called her local Banbury locksmith when her door started developing locking problems. She explained to the Banbury Locksmith that the door was becoming more and more difficult to lock. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury arrived at a time convenient to the customer and carried out a few simple tests which revealed that the problem was the door alignment. The Banbury Locksmith then worked on the alignment to get it perfect so that the customer could lock and unlock her door with ease again. This was the second time the customer had used Lockforce Locksmith Banbury and she was more than happy with the service she received.

Banbury Locksmith called when night out ends in lock out, OX1621/08/2021

A couple called the Locksmith in Banbury after a night out resulted in them losing the keys to their flat. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury arrived in around 45 minutes and got to work on the lock. After around 10 minutes the Banbury Locksmith had the door open allowing the couple to finally enter the flat and relax. The locksmith then changed the lock on the Banbury customers front door. This is always a good idea when you’ve lost a set of keys as you never know if someone who knows who you are and where you live has found them and plans to use them. After testing the new lock the Banbury Locksmith handed over the new keys to the couple and left them to recover from their night out. The customers were relieved to be safely  in their flat and thanked Lockforce Locksmith Banbury for the quick response and solution to their problem.

Locksmith fits new lock for historical building near Banbury, OX16, 13/07/2021

Lockforce Locksmith Banbury was called to a building near Banbury which was having trouble with one of their locks. The lock problem was on a door used by staff and the Banbury Locksmith was quick to identify that the cylinder was faulty. As the Banbury Locksmith carries a wide variety of locks in his van he was able to replace the faulty lock in one visit minimising the amount of time that the door was out of use. The customer was very happy with the quick response and efficient service received from Lockforce Locksmith Banbury.

Banbury Locksmith called to lockout, OX15, 24/06/2021

Lockforce Locksmith Banbury was called by a customer who couldn’t open up their office for the day. The locksmith arrived at the site near Banbury in around 35 minutes. With employees arriving and having to wait the Banbury Locksmith worked quickly and soon managed to open the door using non destructive techniques. The customer and employees were very happy with the quick and efficient service received from the Banbury Locksmith.

Customer needs Locksmith in Banbury for new locks, 15/06/2021, OX16

A Banbury customer called their local locksmith as they had a new door fitted to the side of their garage and required a new lock. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury fitted a new five lever BS3621 mortice lock for the customer which gives a high level of security. The Banbury Locksmith had worked for this customer on 2 previous occasions and the customer was happy that the work and service they received from the Locksmith on this occasion was just as they’d come to expect.

Locksmith Banbury helps with lock problem, 08/06/2021, OX16

A customer in Banbury needed a Locksmith when she discovered one of her doors would not open. The door was fitted with a multi point lock and would not budge. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury managed to get the door open and found that due to not being used for a number of months the mechanism had seized up. The Banbury Locksmith also found that the door was out of alignment which had also made it difficult to unlock. The Locksmith serviced the multi point locking system and tested it. The locksmith then re-aligned the locking points so that the lock functioned smoothly. The Banbury customer was very pleased with the result and to have found a reliable Locksmith near Banbury.

Locksmith Banbury replaces mortice lock after incident, 12/05/2021, OX16

A regular commercial customer contacted Lockforce Locksmith Banbury after a vacant property managed by them was broken into and a key was stolen. The customer needed a locksmith to change a lock for them due to the key going missing and Lockforce were their first call. The Banbury Locksmith arrived on time for his appointment with the representitive for the company and within 25 minutes had a new 5 lever BS3621 mortice lock installed and new keys handed over to the customer. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury carry all common lock types onboard their well equipped van which means whatever the lock problem we can normally have it fixed for our customers in just one visit saving time and money. The customer was very pleased with the service from the Banbury Locksmith.

Internal door problems fixed by Banbury Locksmith, OX16, 21/04/2021

A customer contacted our Banbury Locksmith as they had a number of internal door problems they needed to have fixed. Although Lockforce Locksmith Banbury are more used to working on external door locks internal door latches are no problem. The locksmith fitted new handles, adjusted latches, and fixed a stuck latch. Thanks to hiring an experienced locksmith for the job the Banbury customers costs were kept low and the job was completed very quickly. The customer was very happy that all of the problems were sorted and the doors were usable again. 

Locksmith in Banbury helps couple locked out, OX16, 13.04.2021

A couple who found themselves locked out of their flat near Banbury town centre called their local Banbury Locksmith to help. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury arrived within the hour and quickly gained entry for the locked out pair. The couple were very happy to have got back into their flat so quickly thanks to having a trained, experienced locksmith on hand to help. The locksmith replaced the lock and gave the couple 3 new keys. If you lose your keys it's always a good idea to get the lock changed as you have no way of knowing who may have picked up the keys and potentially even followed you to find out what the keys open! Lockforce Locksmith Banbury operates a 24 hour service for emergencies and is trained and experienced in gaining entry to all types of locks. This customer was very pleased with the speedy response and fast work from their local Banbury Locksmith.

Locksmith in Banbury fits new locks for OX17 customer, 09/04/2021

Banbury locksmith was contacted by a customer in the OX17 area of Banbury who had moved into a new house and found that the multi point locks at the front and back of the house were not working as they should. The Banbury locksmith fitted two new multi point locking systems for the customer as the set up she had inherited left the house insecure and importantly un-insured. The locksmith also fitted a new anti snap BS EN1303 euro cylinder to one of the doors as the existing cylinder lock was begininng to fail. The customer was very happy to have found a reliable local locksmith in Banbury who could fit the new locks in a reasonable timeframe. 

Oxfordshire estate agent calls on Banbury Locksmith for help, 02/04/2021, OX16

An Oxfordshire based estate agent needed a Locksmith in Banbury to assist by fitting a new lock. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury was happy to help and arrived at the property the day after they recieved the email from the agent. The Banbury Locksmith fitted a new 5 lever BS3621 mortice lock to the OX16 property. The new mortice lock was to replace an existing one which was very old and the locksmith informed the customer that this lock was far more secure than the previous one. The Banbury locksmith carries a large range of locks on their van and can usually complete these sort of jobs in one visit. The agent was very pleased with the great service recieved from Lockforce Locksmith Banbury. 

Locksmith in Banbury helps food distribution company in OX16, 25/03/2021 

A food distribution company called the Banbury locksmith as they had problems with a door to a cold storage area being left open. The locksmith was able to fit a powerful overhead door closer for the Banbury based company. The door closer was more than capable of dealing with the heavy door, closing it securely after use. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury has a range of solutions available to keep your property or premises safe and secure. The locksmith carries a range of locks and other security products onboard the van in Banbury meaning many jobs can be completed quickly and in only one visit. This was a repeat customer for the locksmith in Banbury and the company have already asked for quotes for further work. Lockforce supply locksmith services to a variety of clients in Banbury and operate a 24/7 emergency services should you need it.

Banbury Locksmith fits new lock for car dealership, 16/03/2021

A Banbury car dealership required a locksmith to fit a new lock after the original one stopped working. Locksforce Locksmith Banbury gave the car dealer all the options on which locks they could fit and due to the fact another dealership in Banbury had recently been broken into and vehicles had been stolen this customer opted for high security cylinders. The Banbury locksmith fitted a BS 3 Star Ultion cylinder which gives the best posiible protection against a range of break in methods. The Locksmith, covering Banbury and surrounding areas, carries a range of lock types on his van and was able to fit the lock on the first visit. The dealership were very happy with the service the locksmith was able to provide and the quality of the new lock fitted.  

Banbury Locksmith fits new locks to converted barn, OX17 - 10/03/2021

A customer in OX17 near Banbury called our Banbury locksmith when they needed 3 new locks at their property. The customer needed the locksmith to fit 2 new mortice locks and come up with a solution to lock an outbuilding. The Banbury locksmith fitted 2 BS3621 5 lever mortice locks to the OX17 property. For the outbuilding the Banbury locksmith fitted a deadbolt nightlatch lock. The customer was happy that their security had been increased. They also asked for additional keys which the Locksmith was able to cut on site with the mobile key cutter in the van. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury is equipped to solve all of your lock problems in and around the Banbury area.

Banbury Locksmith Working on Behalf of Home Builder, OX16 - 05/03/2021

Banbury Locksmith has been working with a national home building company for the past 12 months resolving lock problems which have arisen when new owners have moved into their homes. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury recently completed a job for a customer who had recently moved to a new house but was having severe difficulty locking and unlocking their front door. The locksmith quickly identified the problem and set to work re-aligning the keeps on the door frame with the lock as it was clear they were not aligned properly. The Banbury locksmith soon had the door locking and unlocking like new again. The home owners were very happy to have had the problem resolved so quickly and the home building company were happy that their customers were looked after by a professional local locksmith. 

Locksmith in Banbury fits new locks for a new home, OX16 - 26/02/2021

Banbury locksmith was contacted by a customer who had moved into a new home and wanted to fit new locks all round. Lockforce locksmith Banbury fitted a total of three new mortice locks at the property, all of which were British Standard 3621 rated meeting stingent home insurance requirements. Our Locksmith in Banbury will only ever fit the latest insurance approved locks to keep our customers safe. The Banbury customers who were new to the area were happy to have found a local locksmith who could secure their new home and give them peace of mind that they were the only ones who had keys for their home, a big worry for a lot of people when moving into a property.

Locksmith secures food distribution business in Banbury, OX16, 16/02/2021

Banbury Locksmith called in by a distribution business as they needed new locks fitted around their building. The company were able to tell the local Banbury locksmith exactly what was required so the locksmith was able to tun up with all the new locks and fit them in one visit. The locksmith fitted two new digital locks from scratch to internal doors and a new thumbturn cylinder on the main front door. The digital locks fitted by the Banbury locksmith will stop anyone wandering from reception through to other parts of the building and the thumbturn cylinder was fitted to comply with fire regulations. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury can supply and fit a variety of locks and security devices to suit all needs. Our Banbury locksmith is experienced in fitting all types of locks and carries all common lock types onboard the van for emergency situations.

Locksmith solves non locking door problem in Banbury, 10/02/2021

Banbury Locksmith was called out to a problem with a door which wouldn't lock. The customer was in her 80's and obviously did not feel safe without her door locked at night. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury responded and found that the multi point locking system had failed. The locksmith explained to the customer that he would fit a temporary multi point lock as he would have to order parts. The temporary lock was fitted meaning the customer could lock her door securely for the night. The Banbury locksmith returned the following day and fitted a replacement centre case. The lock was back to how it should be keeping the customer feeling safe and secure thanks to lockforce locksmith Banbury. 

Banbury Locksmith fixed lock issue after break in, 29/01/2021, OX15

A customer in Bodicote, Bicester called a local locksmith after her multi point lock became damaged due to a break in. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury attended and assessed the damage. The locksmith informed the Banbury resident that the only part that needed to be replaced was the multi point lock centre case. The locksmith was able to supply and fit the required part within 24 hours, leaving the door with a temporary lock overnight. The Banbury customer was very happy to have found a local locksmith who was able to resolve the problem quickly and professionally.

Banbury Local Locksmith fixes multi point lock problem, OX17 - 20/01/2021

A customer near Banbury called their local locksmith when they found they were unable to lock the back door to their house. The local Banbury locksmith found that the alignment of the door was out so he made adjustments to fix this problem. There are many things which can affect door alignment from kids swinging on the door, slamming the door to changes in humidity and even slight movement of the house. The most common issue on a Upvc door is the weather,  Changes in temperature can cause the door to become mis-aligned and this can cause the lock to feel stiff or even seize completely meaning the door can't be locked or can't be opened. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury are the number 1 locksmith in Banbury and are perfectly equipped to deal with all your lock problems, Including re-aligning your door. On this occasion once the locksmith had re-aligned the door the home to the Banbury property closed and locked with no problems. The customer was happy they had found a local Banbury locksmith who was able to fix the problem quickly and cost effectively.

Banbury Locksmith fits new lock for repeat customer, OX16 - 15/01/2021

Lockforce Locksmith in Banbury was called by a repeat commercial customer who needed a new lock on one of the doors at their car sales showroom and garage. The Banbury Locksmith arrived on the same day and fitted a new cylinder to solve the customers problem. The new cylinder was supplied by our Banbury Locksmith with 5 keys to help with the number of employees who needed access to the door. The customer was happy that they managed to have the new lock fitted on the same day as they called which saved any delays in their business. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury will always try to fit customers in on the same day as they call if it is possible.

Banbury Locksmith called to shop door that wouldn't lock, 08/01/2021, OX16

A shop owner in Banbury called our Locksmith when he was in the process of locking up the shop and couldn't lock one of his doors. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury arrived in 45 minutes and soon identified the problem as a failed multi point locking system. As the Locksmith didn't have the part on the van he fitted a temporary lock to the Banbury shop to ensure it was secure and the door could still be used while he ordered the part. Our Banbury Locksmith carries a large selection of common lock types meaning he can usually fix your problem in one visit. When that isn't possible our trained, experienced Locksmith can fit a temporary lock and source the parts required to repair or replace the lock to your Banbury property. The customer was relived that he found a local Banbury Locksmith who could secure his shop and fix the problem quickly. 

Banbury Locksmith saves trapped bike - 02/01/2021

A customer called our Banbury Locksmith as he was moving house and had lost the keys to a bike lock which was securing his wifes mountain bike, worth thousands of pounds. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury arranged a time to meet the customer and arrived to find the bike secured with a high security 'D' Lock. Our experienced, trained, Banbury Locksmith was able to remove the lock much to the customers (and his wifes) satisfaction. Our local Banbury Locksmith is equipped to deal with all your lock emergencies. 

Banbury Locksmith fitted new lock after tenant couldn't lock door, OX16 - 14/12/2020

Banbury Locksmith from Lockforce was contacted by a customer in OX16 after his tenant was unable to lock their door. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury arrived to find that it was the cylinder in the multi point locking system that was causing the problem. Our Banbury Locksmith replaced the faulty cylinder for a new anti snap cylinder providing an upgraded level of protection compared to a standard cylinder. The tenant was very happy with the work carried out by the locksmith and the landlord was pleased to have found a locksmith in Banbury who he has said he will happily use again.

Banbury Locksmith Emergency call out, OX16 - 05/12/2020

A customer in Banbury called our Locksmith on 05 Dec 2020 as he was having trouble with his multi point lock on his front door. He had partially stripped the multi point system while trying to fix a problem that was stopping his door from locking. Our Locksmith arrived at the Banbury property in under an hour and as the customer had already identified the problem and the make of lock system the locksmith was able to get straight to work on replacing the faulty part. Our Banbury Locksmith carries all ccommon locks and replacement parts on his van meaning that most lock problems can often be solved in one visit. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury fitted a new gearbox to the multi point locking system on the OX16 property. After fitting the new part our Locksmith tested the system and found that the door was badly out of alignment. The Banbury Locksmith realigned the keep on the door frame meaning the door felt like new again. The customer was very pleased to find a genuine emergency Locksmith in Banbury who could solve the problem allowing him to secure his door again. 

Emergency Locksmith responds in Banbury,OX16 - 23/11/2020

Lockforce provides an emergency locksmith service covering all of Banbury. When a customer found himself locked out of his house in the early hours of the morning he called Lockforce Locksmith Banbury to help get him back in his home. Our target response time of under 60 minutes meant that this customer did not have to wait out in the cold for too long. For many customers in Banbury a Locksmith is at their property in 30 mins or less. Our Banbury locksmith gained entry to the property soon after arrival and got to work repairing the lock. The customer was happy to be back inside thanks to Lockforce Locksmith Banbury.

Banbury Locksmith called out for broken key stuck in lock, OX17 - 10/11/2020

Locksmith in Banbury, Lockforce, Were called out by a customer who had broken a key in their lock. Our Locksmith arrived at the property in Bloxham, Banbury the same day. The broken key was removed by our Locksmith using specialist tools which cause no damage to the lock. The customer and Locksmith tested the lock with a spare key after the broken one was removed just to ensure it was still working, which it was. The customer was very impressed with the service recieved by Lockforce Locksmith Bicester and happy that a more costly change of lock was avoided. 

Broken lock requires Locksmith in Banbury - 05/11/2020

A customer called our Banbury Locksmith as their back door lock would not open. The door to the OX17 property was stuck with the lock, locked, a job for an experienced Locksmith. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury are experienced in dealing with all different types of locks and got this customers door open again quickly. It was clear that the lock needed to be replaced. Our Banbury locksmith carried out the work to our usual high standard. Soon the customer had a lock that worked and was able to use the back door again. The customer was very happy with the service recieved from our Banbury Locksmith.

Customer locked out in Banbury calls in our Locksmith - 29/10/2020

A call was revieved by our Banbury Locksmith early in the morning from a customer who had lost her keys while walking her dog. Our Locksmith arrived at the Banbury property in under 1 hour and quickly gained entry for the customer. The lock was changed by our Locksmith as the customers keys were still somewhere in the Banbury area. The customer was delighted to be back in her home (as was her dog) thanks to Lockforce Locksmith Banbury.

Door seized locked, problem solved by Banbury locksmith - 23/10/2020

A customer called our Locksmith in Banbury when their front door seized closed and they were unable to open it. Our Banbury Locksmith arrived promptly and managed to open the door before starting the fault finding process. Our locksmith was able to repair the lock on this Banbury property while on site. The customer was very pleased to have their front door working as it should and thanked our Banbury Locksmith for a quick and professional response.

Locksmith in Banbury called in by planning company - 15/10/2020

A town planner was having trouble accessing some land in Banbury and needed the services of a Locksmith. There were two padlocks that our Locksmith needed to be remove and replace on the land near Banbury train station. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury carries a wide range of stock in their vsn and were able to fit new padlocks for the customer. The customer was very happy they'd found a reliable Banbury Locksmith to assist them.

Locksmith in Banbury needed for failed cylinder lock in OX16 - 23/09/2020

When their cylinder lock failed our customer called our Banbury Locksmith to help them out. The problem had left the customer locked out in Banbury but our Locksmith, despite being busy was with them in under 1 hour. The lock problem was swiftly resolved leaving the customer with an upgraded lock and full use of their door again.

Banbury Locksmith frees family trapped in flat - 19/0/9/2020.

A family needed a locksmith after they became trapped in their Banbury flat when the lock failed. Lockforce Locksmith Banbury attended and quickly gained entry. The lock was then replaced and tested. The family were very grateful to be free and continue enjoying the weekend thanks to our Banbury Locksmith.

New lock fitted by Banbury Locksmith, OX15 - 07/09/2020

A repeat customer chose our Banbury Locksmith again when he needed to replace a mortice lock on his front door. A new 5 lever British Standard deadlock was fitted to the OX15 property by lockforce locksmith Banbury. The customer now has a fully working lock and a safe and secure home.

Locked out and in need of Locksmith in Banbury, OX16 - 24/08/2020

A customer in OX16 needed a Banbury Locksmith after finding themselves locked out late at night. Lockforce came to the rescue and gained entry to the customers property. The customer was happy they'd had a Banbury Locksmith called out and on site in less than an hour after previous companies she'd tried had stated much longer times. 

Banbury Locksmith fixed patio door problem in OX16. 14 Aug 2020.

Lockforce Locksmith Banbury had a call from a customer unable to lock their sliding patio door in OX16. The problem was that the cylinder had failed. Our Banbury locksmith carries a large stock of new parts in their van and was able to sort the problem straight away giving the customer peace of mind by being able to lock their door again.

Antique drawers unlocked by Banbury Locksmith in OX17 - 22/07/2020

Our Banbury Locksmith was asked by a customer if they could unlock 2 drawers on an antique unit. Although our Locksmith is used to working with more modern locks all locks are catered for at Lockforce and these antique 1 lever locks were opened non destructively. Our customer was happy to have the drawers open as the contained important documents and they were equally happy that no damage had been caused to the valuable furniture.

Banbury Locksmith gained entry to free trapped occupant in OX16 - 17/07/2020

An NHS employee called our Locksmith in Banbury after they became trapped in their flat due to a faulty lock. Lockforce arrived well within our target response time to such call outs and gained entry in under ten minutes. Our Banbury Locksmith carried out repair work on the lock to ensure it was working as it should. The customer was late for work but happy to be freed from the flat and to have a working lock again. 

NHS use Lockforce Locksmith in Banbury - 06/07/2020

The NHS required a locksmith in Banbury to gain entry to a property after the owner was taken the hospital and the keys became lost. Lockforce locksmith were more than happy to help and were able to gain non destructive entry to the property in the OX16 area of Banbury. A spare key was found in the property and given to the owners relative.

Replacement Lock in Banbury - 02/07/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury recieved a call from a customer who had a mortice lock on a door connecting his garage and his home which wouldn't open. Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury arrived on the same day and were able to quickly open the door. Lockforce then replaced the lock for the customer with a new 5 lever mortice lock which meets BS3621 standards. The custimer was haply to have use of the door again and felt safe knowing he had a high quality of lock installed.

New lock and handlesin Banbury, OX15 - 23/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury were contacted by a customer in OX15 who's mortice lock between their garage and their house had failed leaving them unable to lock the door. They also wanted new handles on their front door. Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury fitted a new British Standard 5 lever mortice lock and new handles with a 10 year weather gaurentee. We also re-fitted a concealed door closer free of charge as the customer had previously tried to remove it. 

New locks for Landlord in Banbury, OX16 - 19/06/2020

The Owner of a rented property required new locks to be fitted to a flat they owned prior to new tenants moving in. The only problem was that they didn't have the keys to some of the locks. Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury were happy to help and unlocked all of the locks where the keys were missing and replaced them leaving the Landlord with new locks and new keys ready for their new tenants. 

Locked out of flat in Banbury, OX16 - 14/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury were contacted by a customer who had become locked out of his flat in Banbury town centre. Lockforce were able to gain entry quickly getting the customer back inside his home.

New home, new locks in Banbury, OX16 - 08/06/2020

A customer contacted Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury to have a new cylinder fitted to a nightlatch, sometimes known as a Yale lock in their new home in the centre of Banbury, OX16. Lockforce carried out the job but noticed at the time that the nightlatch was the only lock on the front door, unusual on a main door and sometimes this can invalidate home insurance. Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury advised the customer of this who contacted us the following day and asked if we could secure their door to the standard required by the insurance company. Lockforce fitted a 5 lever, BS3621 Mortice lock. The customer is now far more secure and has a door which complies with their home insurance requirements.

Lock problems in Banbury OX16 - 03/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury were called by a customer in OX16 who was having trouble with his Yale/Nightlatch lock. Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury fitted a new lock and cylinder in the style and colour the customer chose. The door is now secure and easy to use leaving this customer happy and secure.

New lock needed in Banbury - 01/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury were called by a customer who needed a new lock, a rim cylinder for a nightlach, often known as yale lock, was what he needed. Lockforce arrived at a time conveniant for the customer and carried out the work. Customer was very happy with the service provided and the new lock. 

Locked out of garage in Banbury - 27/05/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury revieved a call from a customer who had become locked out of their garage due to a faulty lock. Lockforce were able to gain entry for the customer giving them full use if the garage again.

Locked out in Banbury, OX16 - 17/05/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury were called by a customer and her daughter after both of them thought the other had picked up the keys when they went out for some exercise. Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury had them back in their home in less than 5 minutes after arriving. 

New locks needed in Banbury - 05/052020

Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury were called by a customer who owns a local car dealership. He had one high security lock which was almost falling out of the door, the handles were also damaged, and another mortice lock which was not working half of the time. Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury stripped the high security lock, checked and lubricated all parts and re-attached the system so it was in its intended position. We then fitted new handles so the lock was fully functional again. Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury also replaced the failing mortice lock meaning the garage could be easily secured again. 

Key safes for new homes in Banbury, OX16 - 28/04/2020

Our customer, a national shared ownership home company, called to ask if we could fit key safes to some new homes. Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury were able to fit the key safes on the same day meaning no delay for the new owners moving in. 

New home security in Banbury, OX16 - 24/04/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury were called by a customer who required new locks to secure their new home. Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury fitted a new Rim cylinder, Nightlatch and mortice lock leaving the customer satisfied their new home was secure. We also cut three keys for this customer while on site and gave advice on window locks. 

Broken key in lock in Banbury, OX7 - 19/04/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury were contacted by a customer who had a broken key in their lock meaning they were unable to lock their door. Lockforce were able to remove the broken key leaving the customer able to secure their home again. 

Jammed door in Banbury, OX17 - 07/04/2020

Customer reported that their door was jammed shut leaving them stuck in their property. Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury assessed the problem by video call before visiting the customers home and opened the door within 5 minutes of arrival. We then replaced the multi point locking system gearbox which had failed. The customer was left happy that they had full use of their door again.

Locked out near Banbury in Banbury, OX17 - 03/03/2020

This customer had a garage converted to a home office and due to current government guidelines was working full time from home. Unfortunately the lock had failed and they were unable to gain access to their office and laptop. Lockforce were able to gain entry and fit a new lock allowing the customer to work safely at home.

Locked out during the COVID-19 locked down in Banbury, OX16 - 31/03/2020

Customer called as they were locked out of their house with the keys inside. Lockforce briefed the customer on Coronavirus protection measures to be followed and were able to gain non destructive entry to the property. Although everyone is spending more time inside than usual the customer was happy to be in their home again.

Seized lock in Banbury, OX16 - 11/03/2020

Lockforce were contacted by a customer who was unsble to open their back door after the multi point locking system seized. Lockforce were able to free the seized lock and replace with a new multi point lock system giving the customer full use of the door again.

Repeat customer in Banbury - 17th February 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury recieved a call from a customer who we previously helped gain entry for. This time they needed a replacement nightlatch. Lockforce replaced the faulty nightlatch case ensuring the customers door had all locks working again. 

Additional security in Banbury - 11th February 2020

A customer in a small village wanted to increase security around their property. They called on Lockforce and knew exactly what they wanted. After supplying a quoye and arranging a suitable time and day Lockforce fitted a new double sided digital lock leaving the rear acces to the property secure.

New lock for shop in Banbury,  OX16 - 4th February 2020

A shop owner called Lockforce as they were having trouble with their front door. After stripping the lock and checking it Lockforce Oxford rectified the issue by fitting a new Adams Rite lock to the aluminium door. The customer was able to secure their shop safely and easily again. 

New locks needed in Banbury, OX16 - 20th January 2020

A female customer called to enquire about changing 3 cylinder locks in her home, after gathering quotes and checking reviews she chose Lockforce to carry out the work. All 3 locks were replaced with anti snap cylinders at a time and date conveniant for the customer giving her reassurance that she was the only one with keys to her home.

Stiff Lock in Banbury - 13th January 2020

A customer called stating a mortice lock on their front door was becoming stiff and difficult to lock and unlock. Lockforce fitted a new British standard 5 lever mortice lock ensuring the customer could lock and unlock their door with ease. 

Locked out after a dog walk - 7th January 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury were called by a customer who returned from a dog walk to find they were locked out. Lockforce arrived and gained entry allowing the customers (and dogs) to get out of the cold and into their home.

Fitted new anti-snap locks in Banbury - 23rd December 2019

A customer had called for a quote to fit anti snap locks throughout their new home. Lockforce Banbury explained the options available and the customer decided on Ultion 3 star rated high security locks. They had also requested that the locks were keyed alike meaning they could use one key to open all the locks including the garage. Lockforce supplied and fitted the Ultion locks for the customer who seemed very pleased their new home was now protected by one of the best locks available. 

Tricky lock to slick lock in Banbury - 17th December 2019

A customer in Banbury called to say she was struggling to lock her front door. She was often stoid out in the cold fiddling with it trying to lock or unlock her door. Lockforce checked the door alignment but didn't find any issues. We then changed the cylinder which fixed the issue instantly. The customer then asked if we could check the alignment on the back door, this was checked at no extra cost. 

Large staff turnover meant new locks were required in Banbury - 11th December 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury were called to change locks at Cropredy Marina as they had a large turnover of staff and weren't sure who had which keys. Lockforce fitted insurance approved anti snap locks and a new padlock to an outbuilding.

New business premises after new locks in Banbury - 5th December 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury received a call from a business owner who'd recently taken over a new premises. He wanted a new lock fitted as he wasn't sure who still had keys to the shop. Lockforce Banbury fitted a new cylinder lock to the property. 

Returning family locked out of home in Banbury - 28th November 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Banbury attended a property on Hightown Road where the customer had just returned from Canada. Unfortunately someone who'd been working in his home while he was away had locked the mortice (commonly known as chubb lock) on his door and posted the keys through the letterbox, the customer did not have any spare keys for this lock and rarely used it. Lockforce were able to gain non destructive entry into the property allowing the customer some much needed rest after his long journey.

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