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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmith Stroud. 

My name is Clive Noble and I am a local locksmith based in Stroud and covering surrounding areas near me.  

Please take a moment to read my customer reviews to know you are in safe hands.

Then please pick up the phone, I'll be happy to discuss your lock problem.

Key Points:

  • Fast Response (with you in 20 minutes)
  • Available 24/7
  • DBS Checked
  • Fully Insured (to the sum of £5m)
  • 12-month Guarantee on works

Proudly Keeping Stroud Safe!

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I’m happy to help at any time, so please get in touch on 01453 933 038 

Stroud Locksmith Services

Lockforce Stroud can cover a wide range of different issues, but no matter what the problem might be, whether it’s a broken lock, a security problem, or even a lost key, Stroud Lockforce Locksmiths will be there for you. We’ll be there 24/7. We’ll be there quickly. We’ll be there to help.

Plus I don’t’ ‘just’ change locks and repair broken keys. I’m also here to give you advice about which locks are best, how to secure your property and so much more, and the best thing about this advice (apart from how professional it is) is that it’s entirely free. Also free are the security checks I can carry out on your Stroud property.

Speaking of free things, I won’t charge you a call-out fee for my services either. In fact, Lockforce Locksmiths in Stroud can give you a lot. Using the most up-to-date techniques and equipment, Stroud Lockforce Locksmiths can solve all your lock and key problems, offering the best quality work done in the most professional, efficient way.

Here are some of the ways in which a Stroud locksmith like myself can assist you:

  • 24-hour emergency locksmith in Stroud
  • Mobile key cutting in Stroud
  • Stroud lock repair and lock replacement
  • uPVC door locks
  • Wooden door locks
  • Digital door locks
  • Window locks
  • CCTV systems
  • Alarms
  • Evictions
  • Re-securing
  • Post burglary repairs
  • Fire escape hardware
  • Panic hardware
  • Insurance approved locks
  • Entry gaining
  • Yale locks
  • Night latches
  • Window boarding

It’s clear that Lockforce Locksmiths in Stroud can help you in any and every way you need them to, at any time of the day or night. All you need to do is call me, Clive, on 01453933038 , and your Stroud Lockforce locksmith will be with you quickly.

Why Choose Lockforce Stroud?

This is an easy question to answer, and you’ll soon see that Lockforce Stroud is the right choice, whether you need an emergency locksmith in Stroud or you want to book me for a job at a future date. I’ll be happy to do whatever is needed to help you. Something that makes Lockforce Locksmiths in Stroud stand out from the crowd, and the reason we have over 8,000 excellent reviews, giving us an average of 4.9 out of 5 for our work, is that we always put the customer first.

This is why we ensure all locksmiths are fully vetted, and why I’ll have my insurance and ID to show you should you wish to see it. Locks are a security issue; you’ll need to be confident that your Stroud locksmith is trustworthy. At Lockforce Locksmiths, we are. Punctuality is the watchword at Stroud Lockforce Locksmiths.

When you contact me, you can rest assured that everything is in hand. I’ll contact you when I am 20-30 minutes from your Stroud property, and once I get to you, you won’t be able to mistake me. I’ll be the locksmith driving a sign-written Lockforce van and wearing my smart Lockforce uniform. I take pride in my work in Stroud and you’ll get the results you want, every time. At Lockforce Locksmiths in Stroud, we understand how hard it can be to find a professional, trustworthy locksmith.

This is why we strive so hard to be the best; you won’t need to search for a vetted, highly professional, fully trained (with ongoing training), locksmith in Stroud when you know that Lockforce is there for you, 24/7, with a 12-month warranty on all the work I carry out.

Ready to get in touch? Just call on 01453933038  to speak to Clive at Stroud Lockforce Locksmiths, and your problems will soon be over.

Emergency Locksmith When Locked Out In Stroud

If you need an emergency locksmith because you’re locked out in Stroud, you’ll be stressed. You’ll be worried. You’ll be feeling bad about the situation. By calling Lockforce Locksmiths in Stroud, you can change that feeling; we’re here for emergencies no matter what and no matter when, 24/7, so you never have to worry again. To make a bad situation a better one, we arrive on time with every tool or lock we might need to get the work done and completed as quickly and efficiently as possible, in the most professional way.

Using non-destructive techniques wherever possible, I will endeavour to repair your lock, replace it if this is necessary, and give you plenty of information about what I’m doing at all times. Then, when I’m done, I’ll clean up the area and leave it tidy – Stroud Lockforce Locksmiths are professional from beginning to end.

If you need an emergency locksmith in Stroud, please don’t hesitate to call Clive on 01453933038 . I’ll be with you promptly.

Stroud Mobile Key Cutting Service

What more could Lockforce Locksmiths in Stroud do for our customers? Surely there is nothing more than we can help with? At Lockforce, we know there is always more; that’s why we are always being trained – we want to be the most state-of-the-art locksmiths in Stroud. One of the extras we can assist with is Stroud mobile key cutting services.

We have the equipment in our Lockforce Locksmiths’ van to cut keys on the go, ensuring that when you need an extra set, you can have it. The benefit of being a mobile service means that you can test the keys there and then, making sure they work perfectly.

So why not contact Lockforce Locksmiths on 01453933038  for more information about mobile key-cutting in Stroud? I’ll be more than happy to help.

Stroud Lock Repair and Lock Replacement

If lock repair is possible, Lockforce Stroud will do it. We understand that this is often the preference for our customers, and unless there is a security issue, it’s what we try to do first. If it’s not possible, I’ll quickly be able to determine this, and I’ll move to lock replacement instead. Either way, whatever service I can provide you, it will be done with the utmost care and attention, and the result will be professional and of great quality.

As a dedicated and fully trained Lockforce locksmith in Stroud, I always have a van full of the right equipment and all the tools I could need to get the job done, whatever the job might be, 24/7. From specialist digital locks to safety equipment to a like-for-like exchange, there is no job I won’t be able to assist with.

Call me today on 01453933038 and speak to your lock locksmith in Stroud, Clive, to find out more and to book me for help.

Lockforce Payment Options

At Lockforce Locksmiths Stroud we offer a choice of various payment options including:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • BACS
  • Cash
Using Lockforce Locksmiths for your Stroud locksmith needs is always the right choice. Highly trained, experienced, professional, and trustworthy, I’ll be happy to help in any way I can. Contact Stroud Lockforce Locksmiths today for all the help you could need, and all the answers to the questions you might have.

Recent Jobs

Fit Smartlock to Front Door, Stroud, 11/04/24

Lockforce was called to a customer's home in Uplands, Stroud, to fit a Yale smartlock to the front door. The customer wanted keyless access for her children, as they had repeatedly lost their door keys in the past. The smartlock provides a convenient and secure solution, enabling keyless entry while ensuring the property remains secure.

Replacement exit device on industrial premises in stroud, 08/04/24

Lockforce received an early morning call from a repeat customer who's workforce could not get into their premises as the lock was just spinning, we attended within 15 mins and gained entry to the unit, a new outside access device was fitted and the employees were able to start their days work. 

Lock change in stroud glos, 05/04/24

A call from a lady who's mum needed a lock changing as various care workers had keys and had not returned them, we attended on the day to replace a high security 3 star cylinder on a composite door, we also realigned the door so it was easier for the customer to lock. 

New adams rite lock for business - 22/03/24

Lockforce received a call from a regular customer today as his employees could not lock the door to his unit, we attended within the hour and fitted a new adams rite cylinder to the unit door so business could resume as usual. 

New nightlatch, Stroud, 20/03/24

A customer called today needing a nightlatch fitting as an old tenant had left with keys to the property, lockforce attended on the day to complete the install.

Replacement rebated mortice sashlock in Stroud, 02/03/24 

Prearranged appointment today, Lockforce Stroud fitted a new rebated mortice sashlock, cleaned and repaired a chubb deadlock and replaced a tubular bathroom latch.

New codelock to door in Stroud, 15/02/24

Today Lockforce Stroud fitted a new mechanical codelock to a door at a customers property in stroud, we also repaired a yale deadbolt nightlatch that had stopped working.

Door modification - 16/01/24

Lockforce Stroud modified a set of French doors for a disabled customer who couldn't reach the shoot bolts to open a slave door from his wheelchair. We put in a new mpl, cylinder and handles to enable him access to his back garden. 

Replacement window gearbox and shoot bolts-  07/01/24

Lockforce Stroud visited a customer today, four of their windows were stuck in shut position. We managed to open each one and replaced the gearbox and shoot bolts allowing them all to operate correctly 

Window Handles and Friction Stays Replacement in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire - 12/12/2023

Lockforce Stroud attended a prearranged appointment in Nailsworth to address an issue with window handles and friction stays. The customer, who had recently moved into the property, found themselves without keys for the old window locks. Upon inspection, it was discovered that several friction stays were broken. Lockforce efficiently replaced all the window handles and the damaged stays, ensuring the windows were secure and operated smoothly.

Re-fit Codelock, Stroud - 10th November 2023

Lockforce Stroud showcased their expertise in re-fitting a codelock at a childminder's premises in Bussage, Stroud. The initial incorrect installation had rendered the lock non-operational. Our team expertly removed and re-installed the lock, ensuring it functioned smoothly, thus reinforcing security and reliability for our client.

Broken Gearbox, Frampton Mansell, Stroud - 8th November 2023

A local farm shop in Frampton Mansell faced a critical issue with their drive-thru door. Lockforce responded to their call, providing an immediate temporary fix to secure the premises. The following day, we returned with the necessary parts to permanently repair the door, ensuring the smooth operation of the farm shop's services.

New sashlock re levered to existing key in Stroud - 21/09/23

A customer called Lockforce today having problems with the mortice sashlock on front door. We identified the fault but as they had 2 locks working on 1 key we had to put in a new sashlock but also re lever the lock to match existing key.

Various lock changes in Stroud, 11/09/23

The week started for Lockforce Stroud with a pre arranged appointment at a property in oakridge. A total of 10 mortice locks had to be replaced with British standard 5 lever sashlocks and deadlocks, all operating off the same key. Whilst we were there we also carried out maintenance on an old deadlock, replaced a faulty Ingersoll cylinder, gained entrance to a door with no keys, fixed a turned curtain, and cleaned out some mortice sashlocks that wouldn't open due to an infestation of flies. A very busy start to the week. 

Broken gearbox on metal door, Stroud, 06/09/23

A call today from a customer who couldn't open the back door of their office. We attended and quickly diagnosed a broken gearbox, after manipulating the door open we removed the part and secured the door. A new gearbox was ordered and fitted the next day.

New outbuilding door and lock, Stroud, 30/08/23

A prearranged call today, Lockforce fitted a new door to an outbuilding for a returning customer. We hung the door, undercoated and fitted a new mortice sashlock. 

Refit to chubb deadlock, Stroud, 26/08/23

Lockforce today attended a block of apartments in Stroud to re fit a chubb deadlock. The lock had been fitted by others but not correctly, this resulted in tenants unable to open the front door from inside. We refitted and door was returned to normal use.

Insurance standard lock in Stroud, 14/07/23

A prearranged appointment for Lockforce today to fit insurance standard rebated mortice sashlock to a pair of French doors for a returning customer.

Extra security to doors in Stroud - 03/07/23

A prearranged appointment for Lockforce today to add extra security to a front door and rear French doors, we fitted a new 5 lever British standard Mortice sashlock to an Oak door and 4 locking bolts to French doors. 

Non-destructive entry in Stroud - 29/06/23

Today Lockforce had a call from a customer who was on holiday and had forgotten to leave a key for his mother-in-law to his property. She needed to have access to the house to feed the cat. One call to us and we had her in the property within the hour.

New handles in Stroud - 26/06/23

After realigning a few doors for a customer, we were asked if we could fit new handles to replace the tired looking ones on the front door, we had stock on the van so fitted within the hour. 

New British standard nightlatch, Nailsworth - 18/04/23

Lockforce fitted a British standard nightlatch to a returning customers home when the original standard nightlatch had failed. 

New digital locks for factory shop in Stroud - 06/04/23

Lockforce today attended a prearranged job in the original factory shop in Stroud. We fitted mechanical digital locks to 3 doors within the shop to allow only staff access.

Panic bar and outside access device in Stroud - 01/04/23

Lockforce today fitted a panic bar and outside access device to the door of a community hall in Stroud to allow them to gain access to this door from outside.

Broken mechanism on front door, Brimscombe, Stroud - 15/03/23

Lockforce attended a property in Stroud when the owner could not lock his door. We assessed the situation and fitted a temporary overnight lock whilst ordering the required parts, the next day we fitted the new parts and had the house secure.

New mpl and gearbox for Stroud rugby club - 03/03/23

Today we attended a job at a local rugby club, the tenants to a chiropractic clinic had a problem locking the entrance door and had proceeded to take apart the mpl to try and fix the lock, after then not being able to solve the issues, they called Lockforce. We attempted to put the mpl back together but with missing parts and a broken gearbox the only fix was to put a new mpl and gearbox into the door. The clinic could now carry on trading as normal. 

Badly fitted ultion/nuki smartlock in Chalford, Stroud - 16/02/23

A customer called Lockforce Stroud asking if we could attend to remove an Ultion cylinder from his conservatory door and replace with another cylinder he had purchased. He had tried himself but without success. When we arrived it turns out to be a smartlock, he wanted the cylinder changed as other people had keys. We proceeded to disassemble the lock which had been so tightly fitted that handles wouldn't operate correctly and the cylinder was so tight in the door that it became very difficult to remove. We then discovered the gearbox was broken as the hooks kept dropping even when retracted. After a chat with the customer and agreeing a price we put in a new gearbox, replaced the cylinder and refitted the smartlock correctly. He was so happy as he remarked it hadn't been working correctly since the conservatory fitters had installed it. 

School doors not closing correctly in Stroud - 25/01/23

A primary school in Nailsworth called Lockforce after problems with the self closing doors to playground.We attended within 30 mina and set about fixing the problem. After adjusting the speed on the closer and re-fitting the mag lock the doors were working correctly. Another happy customer.

Gain entry and fit keyed alike cylinder in Stroud - 13/01/23

Lockforce received a call from a customer who couldn't open their front door. We quickly diagnosed a problem with the lockcase but had to remove the cylinder to gain entry. As it was a keyed alike system, we had to source the cylinder from the coded key. We fitted a temporary lock until the parts arrived, whilst there we also serviced the old mortice sashlock which had been getting harder to operate. 

Deadlocks to insurance standards in Stroud - 19/12/22

Today Lockforce had a pre arranged visit to a customer in thrupp stroud glos to fit 2 rebated mortice deadlocks. This was to satisfy both building regs and insurance requirements, the customer already had mortice sashlocks on both doors but to get the project signed off with building regs they required another locking point on each door. 

Various locks for building regs in Stroud - 08/12/22

Today Lockforce fitted various window locks to a customers property in thrupp stroud to comply with building regulations in order to attain her completion certificate.

Locked out of property in Stroud, GL5 - 03/12/22

Lockforce were called to a property in stroud after the customer had locked himself out. We attended within 30min and had him back inside within another 10 min.

New nightlatch in Painswick - 22/11/22

Lockforce attended a period block of apartments in Painswick to fit a replacement night latch on the entrance door after the old one had failed. 

Digital lock in Stroud 18/11/22

Today lockforce fitted a digital lock to a home office door, the customer had a go at fitting but couldn't get it done, we stepped in and completed the installation, another happy customer. 

Smart lock installation - 14/11/22

Today Lockforce fitted a smart lock for a customer in stroud, after discussing various options we agreed the Ultion /nuki smar tlock was his best option. They required a simple lock that could be opened with a keypad and key override, the ultion /nuki fitted this brief perfectly. After installation, the customer tested the lock and was pleased with the result. 

5 lever British standard Mortice sash lock for Minchinhampton social club - 9/11/22

After the keys to the front door of a local social club were mislaid Lockforce received a call to renew with a 5 lever British standard Mortice sash lock and cut 3 extra keys.

New deadlocking night latch in Nailsworth 15/10/22

Lockforce fitted a new deadlocking night latch to increase security on a customer’s front door, we also fitted new handles to French doors.

Gain entry to air B&B Nailsworth near Stroud - 20/09/22 

Today lockforce had a call out to an air B&B as the customer could not enter the property after snapping the key in the lock. After retrieving the broken key we managed to cut a new one and gain entry, we were then instructed to change the lock as it had become troublesome over the past few weeks. 

Lost keys in Stroud - 23/08/22

Lockforce attended a property in stroud after the customer had lost keys to their back door, we gained entry for them and had them back in the property within an hour of first contact 

Re-fit gearbox in Stroud - 19/08/22

Lockforce attended a property in slad after the householder had attempted to fix his French doors himself. We quickly rectified his mistake and had the doors working correctly. Another happy customer.

Gain entry, fit 5 lever sashlock in Stroud - 30th July 2022

Lockforce Stroud were called out on Saturday morning after a client had lost their only key to the conservatory door. We gained entry then fitted a new 5 lever British standard sashlock.

Repairing old mortice sashlock in Stroud - 15th July 2022

A very interesting job today for Lockforce. A elderly gentleman had an old sashlock that had broken but he wanted to keep it. The internal bolt mechanism was missing but the latch still operated until this morning. After taking the lick off the door we had it back at our home in the workshop and had it all operating for him. One happy customer.

Electric bike battery lock in Stroud - 29th June 2022

A customer called today having lost the keys to his electric bike at Glastonbury festival. We attended and unlocked the battery, after removing the part we sourced another and fitted.

Broken mechanism in Stroud - 23rd June 2022

Today lockforce had a call from a customers wife after their door wouldn't lock. The husband had stripped down the mechanism but couldn't find the problem and had left the door open with no way of securing. We arrived and diagnosed the problem, we then fitted new parts and reassembled the mechanism. The customer was then able to secure the property. 

Entry Gain for Five Valleys Shopping Centre in Stroud - 14th June 2022

Today Lockforce received a call from a regular customer at the five valleys shopping Centre in Stroud. The staff had no code for a digital lock to their events room and also no keys to the cylinder. Lockforce gained entry to both locks, re-coded the digital lock and replaced the cylinder.

No Keys for outhouse in Stroud, 7th June 2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Stroud attended a property in Woodchester after the customer had lost the keys to his outhouse and couldn't access his work tools, we turned up to the property and had the door open for him within 30min.

Rear door not locking in Dursley, Stroud - 31st March 2022 

Lockforce Stroud attended a property in Dursley after a customer could not lock their rear door. We assessed the problem and with stock on the van. We repaired the door and had it working within the hour.

Multiple lock changes for new property owners in Eastcombe, Stroud - 8th March 2022

Today Lockforce Stroud had a pre arranged appointment to change several locks on a property in Eastcombe that the owners had just recently purchased. We changed a variety of mortice, euro cylinder and nightlatch.

High security cylinders and handles fitted in Dursley - 4th March 2022

A repeat customer called lockforce after they had moved house and suffered an attempted break in to their new property, we fitted new high security handles and cylinders to front and rear of the property so they could feel safe and secure. 

Home security improvements in Stroud - 22nd February 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Stroud attended a property in Chalford where the customer was convinced someone had picked his lock and entered his property. We fitted a 3 star ultion cylinder and sashlocks so he would feel secure.

Locksmith in Stroud Fixes Locks During House Move - 1st February 2022

Lockforce attended a property in Stroud after the landlord couldn't open the back door and was in process of selling the property, we quickly gained access and fitted new MPL and handles.

Locksmith fixed lock and door for studio in Stroud - 16th January 2022

Lockforce attended a property in Stroud after customer was having problems locking door to her studio. After assessing the lock was fine, we took out mpl and enlarged the opening that was causing the problem. Mpl back in and all sorted. 

Keys broken in lock in Minchinhampton - 12th January 2022

Lockforce attended a house in Minchinhampton stroud where the customer had various problems with his locks. We extracted 2 keys broken off in locks, realigned a rear door and fitted a new mortice lock to their front door. 

Sliding door needed fix to lock in Stonehouse - 7th January 2022

Lockforce were called to a repeat customer in Stonehouse who couldn't secure their sliding doors for the evening. We attended and sorted the problem within the hour.

Key snapped in patio door in Painswick - 4th January 2022

Lockforce attended a job in Painswick where the customer had broken the key off in the lock on French doors and couldn't open them. We quickly resolved the problem and had the lock working as normal.

Local locksmith helping home owner in Stroud - 23rd December 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Stroud were called to the Five Valleys shopping centre in Stroud by the centre manager as they had misplaced lots of keys for various doors. We gained entry to doors and replaced the locks as needed.

High Security Slam Lock Installed on behalf of Stroud Business - 15th December 2021

Lockforce Stroud were asked to replace a lock on an aluminium door for a business in Stroud as the office workers couldn't get on with the ilock that was on door, we adapted and fitted a new slam shut lock and high security cylinder.

Stroud Locksmith in Industrial Estate - 8th December 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Stroud attended a lockout on an industrial estate in Stroud. When we arrived the door was stuck solid, we gained entry then adapted another lock that was on site so the unit was secure.

Local locksmith helping home owner in Stroud - 1st December 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Stroud were called to a property in Thrupp, Stroud where the owner had trouble locking their French doors. We quickly diagnosed a gearbox failure and had the parts in stock on the van. Within no time we replaced the faulty gearbox and had the doors locking correctly. Whilst we were there we also realigned the doors to the cabin in the garden. 

Key snapped in door in Stroud - 16th May 2021

A customer in Minchinhampton, Stroud had snapped off a key in her front entrance door. Her spare key would not open the door so we gained non destructive entry and we checked out the lock and found it to be unfit for purpose. We changed it for a new British standard 5 lever mortice sashlock. Another happy customer.

Locked out in Stroud - 8th May 2021

Lockforce Locksmith Stroud were called by a customer from Kent who rang to say her daughter had travelled down to cotswolds to their new house and could not get in. On arrival we found she had a newly cut mortise key which did not fit. We gained entry through the lock and fitted a new British standard 5 lever mortise deadlock. Customer was so relieved to get in after a 4 hour journey.

Garage door jammed in Stroud - 22nd April 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Stroud were called to a property in Stroud where the customer could not open the rear door to his garage. This turned out to be a faulty latch on an old 3 lever mortice lock. After opening the door we changed the old 3 lever mortice for a British standard 5 lever mortice sashlock. Customers garage now secure. Another happy client.

Smart Lock Installation in Stroud - 10th April 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Stroud fitted an ultion smart lock with key pad. This lock is operated from your mobile phone as well as key pad and traditional key. Also 3 wxm ultion euro cylinders to external doors for customer in Ross on wye. All locks are operated by one key(keyed alike). One happy customer.

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