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We are continuing to deliver all services to customer following all guidance from the government. We appreciate your support, understanding and co-operation with regards to any restriction on our works. FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE. If you need our help please call.
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Locksmith Bristol - Local Emergency Mobile Locksmith in Bristol

When you need a locksmith in Bristol, contact Lockforce Bristol

Locksmith Bristol

Lockforce Bristol

Reza Tarighoun

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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol. My name is Reza and I am your local and trusted locksmith, based in Bristol and providing comprehensive locksmith service with a smile across the city of Bristol.

If you have any problems with your locks or you are just looking to increase your home or business security, I encourage you to click on the links below to access some of the key information about my services.

Bristol Locksmith Services - Locked Out in Bristol - Bristol Business Locksmiths -

Bristol Mobile Key Cutting - Bristol Security Services - Payment Options -

Opening Hours - Recent Work in Bristol - Testimonials & Reviews

Bristol Locksmith Services

Here are some of the Bristol locksmith services we provide;

  • Non-Destructive Entry
  • 24/7 Emergency Locksmith
  • UPVC Window Lock Repairs and Replacements
  • Conservatory door and window Lock Repair and Replacement
  • Mobile key cutting service
  • High security Lock Replacement
  • Mortice Locks
  • Anti-snap Locks
  • Sash jammers
  • Door bolts, bars and latches
  • British Standard Locks
  • Insurance Approved locks
  • Broken Key Extraction
  • Emergency Mobile Locksmiths
  • Residential Locksmith
  • Commercial Locksmith
  • Master Keys Sets for commercial buildings
  • Eviction Service
  • File Cabinet Lock replacement
  • Business Locksmiths

As standard, I also provide

  • No call out fee, helping keep the cost to a minimum
  • 1-year quality guarantee
  • £5m public liability insurance cover
  • DBS checked for your added peace of mind
Call our local locksmith in Bristol today on 0117 290 0602 for advice, to request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you.

Locked out in Bristol

If you're locked out in Bristol, we understand the panic and stress you're going through. There is little worse than being locked out of your home or business. However, our 24/7 emergency Bristol locksmith service can get you back inside as fast as possible, regardless of the time of day or night. We've experienced our fair share of lockouts, so you are not the first and won't be the last, but rest assured, we can get you back inside using the latest non-destructive entry techniques and tools.

Getting you back inside and keeping you safe is our number one priority. If you are locked out and need an emergency locksmith in Bristol, call us right away.

We don't damage any of your property, so don't delay in calling today on 0117 290 0602. Your local 24 hour Locksmith in Bristol.

Business Locksmiths in Bristol

Lockforce locksmiths in Bristol are expert commercial locksmiths so if you have an access control problem, digital lock issues or more common locks, we can help you with our Bristol business locksmith services.

We also fit all types of commercial locks and security devices in the Bristol area, from high security locks to alarm systems.

All work comes with a 12 month guarantee to give you peace of mind and assurance that your locks for your business will work smoothly each and every time.

Our 24-hour emergency service allows you to be assured if your open we are too. We work with many local Business to insure they too have the right security at the right price.

We carry a police DBS check and £5 million public liability cover which is all available upon request.

Lockforce Locksmiths in Bristol offer an emergency service for all security needs for your business in Bristol so if you require our services or advice give us a call today on 0117 290 0602.

Mobile Key Cutting in bristol

We provide a mobile key cutting service in Bristol for your convenience. Thanks to our access to the most advanced mobile key cutting tools and equipment on the market, we can process your lock order wherever you are, at a time that is convenient to you.

We are experts in domestic key cutting and our technicians will be delighted to take any enquiries you may have. Give us a call today to find out how we can help.

Call our Bristol mobile key cutting team today on 0117 290 0602 if you require a new set of keys cut in Bristol.

Security Services in Bristol

Beyond our traditional locksmith services, Lockforce locksmiths in Bristol offer a wide range of security services too. Combined, this give us the knowledge, skills and tools to best protect your home of business against crime and generally improve your properties safety.

With our experience and knowledge there is not a home or business we can't get you into one way of another. Thanks to our comprehensive training, we can typically do so without causing any destruction to the property.

As security experts, we see on a regular basis how and why burglaries happen across Bristol, and also see how they could have been prevented. With this knowledge, we can show you what will have the greatest effect on crime prevention. Your security is our priority here at Lockforce locksmiths in Bristol, so we will always strive to give you the best knowledge and security devices that are effective. No gimmicks or wasting money on products that look impressive but don't deliver - our advice is tailored to you and mindful of your budget.

If you want to know how to best protect your home or business in Bristol, call Lockforce locksmiths Bristol today for a domestic and commercial expert locksmith on 0117 290 0602

Recent Locksmith Work in Bristol

Bristol Locksmith Makes Home Locks Insurance Approved - Bristol, BS1, 16th July 2020

This morning our locksmiths were called to Bristol city centre by a lady whose father was in the process of selling his house and needed to make sure all of the locks met insurance guidelines. We inspected the property and replaced three locks with British Standard locks and one euro lock, a total of four lock replacements. She was really happy with our Bristol locksmith service and they could now proceed with the sale of the house with confidence.

Key Snapped in Patio Door - Bristol, BS2, 13th July 2020

This afternoon our Bristol locksmiths received a call from a young gentleman who was having problems with his patio doors. They wouldn't open or close properly, and eventually the key snapped. Our Bristol locksmiths extracted the snapped key from the lock, and gained entry. We adjusted the door alignment to make sure it opens and closed properly and then replaced the lock with an anti-snap euro cylinder. The customer was very happy with our comprehensive Bristol locksmiths.

Bristol Locksmiths Gains Entry to Flat After Keys Locked Inside - Bristol, BS8, 3rd July 2020

This evening our Bristol locksmiths gained entry to a flat in record timing. We received a call from a lady who had left her keys inside her flat and the door had slammed shut as she stepped outside. She called another local locksmith in Bristol who never turned up so she called us. We were in the area at the time and was able to pick the lock in less than a minute. She was so impressed with the speed of our local emergency locksmith service in Bristol, and was very relieved to be back inside her home.

Emergency Bristol Locksmith for Smashed Patio Door - Easton, Bristol, BS5, 29th June 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol were called to a property this morning where there had been an attempted break in. Someone had tried smashing their way through the patio door but thankfully didn't fully compromise the door and gain entry. Our emergency Bristol locksmiths raced to the property to assess the damage. We took out the broken parts and replaced the whole lock mechanism and upgraded the locks to Ultion anti-snap locks for guaranteed peace of mind. The customer was very pleased our emergency Bristol locksmiths could attend so quickly and do such a comprehensive job repairing her door and lock.

Commercial Locksmiths in Bristol for Community Services - Henbury, Bristol, BS10, 22nd June 2020

Today we concluded some on-going security and locksmith work for a Bristol community based alcohol and drug misuse service. Over the span of our support we have provided them with 35 keys for over 10 properties in Bristol. We also supported them with several evictions where we replaced the front door locks as part of the eviction process. They have been very happy with the service from Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol and will continue to use us whenever they have a security or lock issue in Bristol.

Emergency Bristol Locksmith for Door That Won't Close or Lock - Bristol, BS1, 16th June 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol were called this morning by an elderly customer who was having some serious problems with her lock, leaving her vulnerable. We despatched our Bristol emergency locksmiths who arrived at her property in less than 20 minutes after receiving her call. We inspected the lock, took the keys out and confirmed that from the outside, the lock wasn't working. We replaced the euro cylinder with an anti-snap lock and provided her with 5 keys. We left her very happy that the door was once again working like new and she didn't have to worry about being locked out any more!

Bristol Lock and Handle Upgrade - Clifton, Bristol, BS8, 12th June 2020

Today Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol were called to a property in Clifton by a customer who wanted to upgrade their locks and handles. She wanted a thumb turn lock as her youngest son kept putting the keys in the lock preventing her from getting in. We replaced the handle and installed an Ultion high security thumb turn lock and provided a total of six keys. She was delighted with the security upgrade and the fact her son couldn't keep locking her out.

Locked Out of Home Taking Out The Bins - Redfield, Bristol, BS5, 8th June 2020

This morning we were called to a lady who was taking out the bins at her home in Redfield when the door slammed behind her locking her out! We knocked on at her neighbours house who called Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol. We gained entry to the property using non destructive techniques, and upgraded her weak standard lock to an Ultion high security anti-snap lock. She wanted it upgrading for peace of mind and requested an extra set of keys cut for family members which we were able to complete there and then. She was very happy we were able to get her back inside her home so quickly.

High Security Lock Upgrade in Bristol After Being Locked Out - Bristol, BS1, 4th June 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol were called by a customer in Bristol city centre. They had locked themselves out and had already called a different local locksmith in Bristol who had attended and attempted to gain entry to the property unsuccessfully, and damaged the door in the process! Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol attended and inspected the lock and door. We replaced the whole mechanism for the door and upgraded his euro lock to an Ultion 3* high security lock on the same visit. He was very pleased and wished he had called Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol in the first instance.

Bristol Patio Door Handle Replacement - Kingsdown, Bristol, BS2, 1st June 2020

Today a returning customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol for help replacing the handles on their patio door. For security, they wanted their door handles replaced with knob handles, which we were able to accommodate. The customer was very happy with the end result.

GP Centre in Bristol could not unlock there front door, BS4 -  02/04/2020

Lockforce Locksmith Bristol received an emergency phone call from a GP centre in Bristol that they could not open the front door and all there staff were outside waiting. Lockforce locksmith attended GP Centre within 20 minutes of receiving a call. Lockforce locksmith gained entry in no time and replaced the failed Yale lock with new high security 3 star Lock. It was such a relive for staff and all there patients. GP Centre received 20% discount as our appratioation for the work they do and we support our NHS and all the keyworkers. Happy to support our local community in Bristol.

Home security checks in Bristol, BS7 - 19/03/2020

Customer called lockforce for home security check as there was a break in, in their road. Lockforce bristol attended the property for a free home security check. Checked all locks and windows. Relayed the information back to the customer that the locks were not at a high security standard. Advised which locks could be changed to increase the level of security and peace of mind.

Front door would not shut in Bristol, BS10 – 07/03/2020

We received a call from elderly customer who could not close there front door. There have been waiting quiet while for other locksmith to turn up but unfortunately ne never arrived. They were pleased to see us. After a first inspection we found out the gearbox has failed that’s why there weren’t able to lock the door. We fitted a new gearbox and door was working lock how it should be. Couples would be able to Lock there door and feel safe again. Another happy customer. I f you have any issues with your locks then don’t hesitate to call Lockforce.

Customer could not open her patio door, BS5 – 28th February 2020

Late in the afternoon Lockforce Locksmith attended a property in St goarge Bristol. The euro lock has failed and would not open. Lockforce locksmith Gained entry and replaced the old euro lock with high security Ultion 3 star and police approved for maximum security. Customer was able to use there back garden again and feel safe with new high security euro lock.  

Customer locked out in St Paul's, BS2 - 25th February 2020

Lockforce locksmith Bristol received a call from customer in badminton road who has left his key inside her house and was stuck outside. We were able to respond quick and gain non destructive entry for the customer. She was back in her house in no time. One more customer who is happy and in warm thanks to our professional locksmith service. 

Bristol Window Shutters Not Locking - Redcliffe, Bristol, BS1 - 24th February 2020

Early this morning, Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol were called to a corner shop in Redcliffe where the metal window shutters were not locking. The customer thought it would be best to deal with the problem in the morning, rather than calling for help at the end of the day when they wanted to shut up shop. We arrived and diagnosed the problem quickly and was able to replace the necessary parts to ensure the lock was now working as it should. The shop owner was delighted with our prompt local Bristol locksmith service.

Bristol Lock Replacement for Malfunctioning Lock - Bristol, BS4 - 5th February 2020

Today we were called to a property in Bristol where the lock was working one minute, failing the next. The customer ran out of patience with this lock and called our local Bristol locksmiths to help her. We arrived promptly and inspected the lock. We diagnosed the issue and suggested several options to the customer. She said because of a spike in crime in recent times in the immediate area, she wanted to invest in some high security locks, which we recommended the Ultion. We fitted the high security lock on the same visit and left her happy, secure, and assured with her £1,000 anti-snap guarantee on her new lock.

Lost Keys in Bristol - Bristol, BS6 - 29th January 2020

Losing your keys happens more often than you think. Today Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol were called to a property after the customer arrived home and realised their keys were missing. They retraced their steps to no avail. They called us to help get them in, which we did using non destructive techniques. They had a spare key inside, but have booked us to return next week to do a lock replacement to be safe. If you have lost your keys in Bristol, be sure to give our local Bristol locksmiths a call to see how we can help.

Key Jamming in High Security Lock - Henbury, Bristol, BS10 - 17th January 2020

A customer called us to their home in Henbury this morning reporting that their key was jamming in their high security lock. Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol reached them in no time and assessed the problem. We were able to successfully remove the faulty cylinder and replace it with our preferred Ultion 3-star cylinder lock. The Ultion high security lock comes with a £1,000 guarantee which made the choice to upgrade all the better.

Bristol Lock Picking Locksmiths - Shirehampton, Bristol, BS11 - 7th January 2020

At Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol, we will always try to use non-destructive techniques to gain entry to your property when possible. We have many ways of achieving this, including lock picking. Some other locksmiths would rather use brute force, and then inflate the bill by upselling you services to mend the damage. This is not the Lockforce way. This morning we arrived at a property, and rather awkwardly, arrived the same time as another local locksmith. The customer had called several locksmiths desperate to get back into her home. He suggested taking a heavy approach to gain entry, whereas we suggested first we try non-destructive means, which worked very quickly, much to the customers delight! If you need a locksmith in Bristol, be sure to give Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol a call first.

Bristol Student Accommodation Night Latches - Southville, Bristol, BS3 - 20th December 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol attended a student accommodation property today to fit 8 night latches. This was for a returning customer whom we had already provided a master keyed suite for one of his other properties in Bristol. We fitted the same keyed suite to these 8 bedrooms so the customer didn't have to carry lots of keys around. She told us this will make her life so much easier as previously she had to carry many keys around, and now she only needs to carry one!

Help, Unable to Lock Front Door - Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 - 12th December 2019

We received a very early morning call from an elderly customer who was panicking as she couldn't lock her front door. Within 30 minutes we were at her door to diagnose and fix the lock problem. After taking the mechanism out of the door, we identified the spring in the back to be at fault - it had snapped! We renewed the gearbox on the MPL and renewed life into the door, it was as good as new. We also upgraded her standard cylinder to an anti-snap cylinder on her request to help improve the security on the property. She was very grateful that we came to the rescue in such a short amount of time. If you ever need an emergency locksmith in Bristol, we're only a call away!

Digital Access Control Locksmith - Bristol, BS7 - 6th December 2019

This afternoon Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol were called to a warehouse in an industrial estate who were unable to enter or leave the premises. The keypad access was malfunctioning; the correct code was being entered, but the door remained locked and would not release. The magnet bolt was not retracting. Using our locksmith know how and professional tools, we bypassed the locking mechanism, opened the door and fitted a new deadlock to the door, and tested it rigorously to ensure it was working correctly.

Fixing Lock on Bifolding Doors - Bristol, BS14 - 4th December 2019

Earlier this week we attended a customer who recently had bifolding doors installed onto their property. Within a few days, they noticed that the key wouldn't lock the door. It would fit, and turn in the lock, but the door wouldn't lock. This is a burglars dream! The doors were still under warrenty but the next availability for an engineer to attend was 10 days away, which posed a big security risk for the customer. After coming across Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol online, the customer called us to help. We were there on the same day, established the faulty parts and secured the door temporarily. We returned to the property this morning, two days after our previous visit, to complete the complicated repairs and upgraded the locks to Ultion high security locks under the customers instruction as he was understandably concerned about his home security. He was very happy with the service provided by Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol.

Locked Out of Home With High Security Lock - Bristol, BS3 - 1st December 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol were really put to the test this weekend. On a frozen cold Sunday morning in Southville, Bristol, we received a call from a lady who had locked herself out of her home. To make things more challenging, she had upgraded her locks in the past year or so to high security locks. Thankfully, we here at Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol undergo regular and comprehensive training to ensure we're fully prepared for situations like these. We were able to use non-destructive techniques to gain entry to the property, and reunite the homeowner with her fireplace to help her shake off the cold as quickly as possible. She was very happy with our local professional locksmith service in Bristol!

Bristol Locksmith Available 24/7 - Bristol, BS2 - 21st November 2019

If ever you need a locksmith in Bristol, no matter the day or time, Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol are here to help. This morning we received yet another late night / early morning call where someone was locked out and we were on the roads within minutes to help save the day. The customer was very grateful for our 24 hour locksmith service in Bristol.

Out of Hours Locksmith in Bristol - Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 - 18th November 2019

When you're searching for a locksmith in Bristol, you need one who is competent and available. We know we're competent, as we're part of the Lockforce group and have and continue to go on comprehensive training to ensure we are up to the golden national standard of locksmithing that Lockforce sets. One customer last night (or this morning) put us to the test regarding our availability. Locked out at 3am in Bristol, she had tried a few other local locksmiths, none of which answered. She eventually called Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol and we picked up on the first ring to her relief. 40 minutes later, she was back inside her home thanks to our express out of hours emergency locksmith service. If you're locked out in Bristol or need an emergency locksmith in Bristol, be sure to call Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol straight away.

Keys Cut on Doorstep in Bristol - Bristol, BS1 - 14th November 2019

A customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol from near the city centre who had visited a shop 3 times to get keys cut, but every time they got home with their new keys, it just wouldn't work. We were delighted to provide them with 3 new keys which we cut at their doorstep to ensure they all worked flawlessly.

Bristol High Security Lock Replacement - Knowle, Bristol, BS4 - 13th November 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol were called by a customer who had heard about the Ultion lock, a high security lock we feel is one of the best on the market. They wanted to know more about the lock, its advantages over other locks, and how long it would take to install. We answered their queries over the phone and they booked us to install it the same day. By the end of the day, this customer had a high security anti-snap lock on their front door. Happy days.

Back Inside in Record Time After Being Locked Out - Clifton, Bristol, BS6 - 29th July 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol received a call from a lady, who was the customers mother, in Clifton who was locked out and had left her keys inside. Coincidentally, we were in our van en route to a job and this customer was just around the corner. Within 15 minutes of receiving the call, we were at the property. 5 minutes later, after gaining entry without having to cause damage (by picking the lock), the happy customer was back inside her home. She gave us a big hug and a very nice review.

Student Called Us Heroes After Being Locked Out on Gloucester Road - Cotham, Bristol, BS6 - 23rd July 2019

A distressed young student called Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol just after 01.30am one night as he was locked out of his home after taking the rubbish out and the door closing behind him (keys were inside the house). We raced to the rescue and attempted to pick the lock but it wouldn't budge. We always try to use non destructive locksmith techniques to gain entry first, but as this didn't work and the customer was happy for us to use other means, we drilled the lock and was able to gain entry. We replaced the lock and provided five sets of keys. The customer was over the moon and couldn't thank us enough for getting him back inside in less than 20 minutes, and said we were heroes for providing a night locksmith service in Bristol.

Elderly Lady Locked Out Late at Night - Little Stoke, Bristol, BS34 - 19th July 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol were called to attend a elderly lady in Little Stoke who was locked out of her home as she had mistakenly left the keys inside. We were called at 11pm and swiftly made our way to her. Using non destructive techniques, we were able to pick the lock and gain entry. Less than ten minutes after arrived, the customer was safe and back inside her home thanks to our Bristol 24/7 emergency locksmith service. Needless to say, the customer was very happy with the service.

Customer unable to unlock conservatory door in Frenchay - 22nd March 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol received a call from a customer in Frenchay who had a problem unlocking conservatory door. Lockforce locksmith Bristol arrived, identified the problem to be faulty gearbox and replaced it. A new anti snap lock also fitted for added security.

Commercial Customer lock change in Bristol city centre, BS1 - 28th March 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol received a call from a customer in the city center, they wanted the change the lock on their office door. We arrived and a new 5 lever British Standard lock was fitted. Extra keys were also cut on site. Another happy commercial customer was able to continue to trade thanks to our professional locksmith service in Bristol.

Customer locked in their house in Bradley stoke, BS32 - 10th April 2019

Received a call from a customer in Bradley stoke who was unable to leave their property. Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol arrived quickly and gained entry to the property, then identified the problem to be a failed mpl. Lockforce Locksmiths Bristol replaced the faulty gearbox and fitted a new anti snap thumb turn. Another happy customer safe and secure thanks to our professional Locksmith service.

Bristol Locksmith Payment Options

Lockforce Locksmiths in Bristol accepts;

  • All Major Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Cheques
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal Transactions

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