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Lockforce Locksmith Bridgend 

Here at Lockforce Locksmiths Bridgend we offer a number of services here are just some of them we provide;

  • 24/7 Emergency Locksmith 
  • Non-Destructive Entry gained 
  • uPVC Door Lock Repairs and Replacements
  • uPVC Window Lock Repairs
  • Conservatory door and window Lock Repair and Replacement
  • Key cutting service in our van 
  • High security Lock Replacement
  • Mortice Locks
  • Anti-snap Locks
  • Sash jammers 
  • Door bolts, bars and latches
  • British Standard Locks
  • Insurance Approved locks
  • Broken Key Extraction
  • Emergency Mobile Locksmiths 
  • Residential Locksmith
  • Commercial Locksmith 
  • Master Keys Sets for commercial buildings 
  • Eviction Service
  • File Cabinet Lock replacement 
  • Business Locksmiths

As standard, we also always provide

  • No call out fee
  • 1-year quality guarantee

We have Public Liability insurance to the tune of £5million and a Police DBS check, for your added security.

Call our local locksmith in Bridgend today for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you.

Trusted Locksmith 

Lockforce locksmiths in Bridgend are a local and vetted company. we only use locks that are insurance approved. We always carried ID and our DBS check with us for your viewing upon request. We use CheckaTrade and Trustist to independently vet us and all of our reviews. These companies also check our Public liability cover (insurance) our qualifications and even our business address. To insure you our customer is getting the correct locksmiths security service at the right price 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

As a Local locksmiths we also have a number of reviews from local people at the bottom of this page check them out for yourself see how us at Lockforce Locksmiths in Bridgend helped them out

We are a vetted company our information and reviews if you would like to know more call us today.

uPVC Door Repairs

We carry out uPVC door repairs on all uPVC from the locks to the hinges. We can’t fix doors that you cannot lock and doors you cannot unlock. So, if you have a problem with a uPVC door we can help you today.

Call Lockforce Locksmiths in Bridgend today for a free quote

Call Lockforce Locksmiths in Bridgend today for a free quote to get your uPVC door fixed

Commercial Locksmiths in Bridgend

Lockforce locksmiths in Bridgend are experts Commercial Locksmiths so if you have access control problem, digital locks issues or more common locks we can help you. We also fit all type of commercial locks and security devices in the Bridgend area. 

We supply and fit a range of security devices for business in Bridgend from high security locks to Alarm Systems. All our work comes with a 1-year guarantee to give you piece of mind your locks and business will operate smoothly first time every time. 

Our 24-hour emergency service allows you to be assured if your open we are too. We work with many local Business to insure they too have the right security at the right price. We carry a police DBS check and £5 million public liability cover which is all available upon request. 

Lockforce Locksmiths in Bridgend offer an emergency service for all security needs for your business in Bridgend so if you require our services or advice give us a call today

Domestic Locksmiths in Bridgend

Lockforce Locksmiths in Bridgend is a local vetted company who work work all year round on homes in Bridgend replacing locks fixing broken doors and even fitting security devices. Our domestic service is available 24 hour a day so if your locked out of your home in the middle of the night or would like to increase your homes security give us a call any time any day.

We also carry out lock changed to keep unwanted people out and so people are assured whom has keys to their house weather the lock have been in a while or you have just moved in changing your locks can give you piece of mind you’re the only people with keys to your home and processions

Would you like to increase your home security or just get us to change the locks on a home you have brought call us Lockforce Locksmiths in Bridgend  today. 

Payment Options

Here at Lockforce locksmiths inBridgend  we have many payment options these include

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Bank Transfer
  • BACS
  • Cash 
  • PayPal
  • Contactless card payments 

Recent Jobs

07/04/17 - Unlock a lettebox without the key...

Locks come in all shapes and sizes & something Lockforce locksmiths in Bridgend is pretty used to. Had a call from a customer who had recently moved into a new home and suddenly realised the previous owners hadn't provided a key for the letterbox!We were onsite within the hour & were able to unlock the letterbox & rescue all the mail without causing any damage :-). We were also able to replace the lock and provide 2 new keys too.

30/03/18 - Locked ISO container...

Received an email this morning from Drainforce in Bridgend having problems unlocking their ISO container. They'd tried opening it that morning but the key snapped in the lock! Lockforce locksmiths in Bridgend were on site later that morning and could see the bolt thrower was turned & had blocked the keyway. A bit of manipulation & coaxing before I was able to open the ISO with non-destructive means :-). A quick clean & service, together with a new key being cut on site & it was off to the next job!

21/03/18 - Tennants had 'done a runner'...

When I saw the face of a landlord near Bridgend, I could tell things weren't good. The tennant hadn't paid his rent for 3 months and when they went to investigate, the place was a mess! Lockforce locksmiths in Bridgend were available to replace both the front and back door locks for the landlord to at least give them the peace of mind no-one will be able to get back in and cause anymore damage. The hard part now will be the clean up :-(.

12/03/18 - Non-destructive entry...

It's still a great feeling when you can pick a lock for a customer without having to drill or snap it off, as it rewards all the hardwork and training you've put into something, and keeps the costs down for the customer too :-). When a young couple near Coity returned from a break in Amsterdam & suddenly realised they'd left their key in the hotel, Lockforce locksmiths in Bridgend were on hand to get them back inside their home only using non-destructive entry techniques; always our first option when dealing with a lock out.


09/03/18 - Another patio door lock fault...

I've noticed a lot of new build homes are having problems with their locks and patio doors which are hard to close. If you feel you're having to exert real pressure on your door handles to engage the multipoint locking mechanism & turn the key, it may be that your doors are not aligned properly and might be due to subsidence. Lockforce locksmiths in Bridgend attended a home in Parc Derwen with this problem & it had finally reached the point where they could no longer lock their patio doors. A quick realignment of the doors & a full service of the lock, soon had everything back to full working order.


27/02/18 - When DIY goes wrong...

I must admit, like a lot of people, if I can do  a job myself, I will. But it's knowing when is the right time to call an expert that makes sure you don't get over your head & do something that's going to cause more damage than good :-). I attended a lock out today near Pyle on a back door, where a friend of the owner stated he knew how to drill a lock after the key had been lost. Unfortunately, I could see straight away he'd drilled in the wrong spot and hadn't used a hardened drill bit, mangling the keyway & damaging the shear line. Luckily I was still able to snap the lock, release the deadbolt & have the door open again, before upgrading the old lock with an anti-snap lock. If you're unsure, give Lockforce locksmiths in Bridgend a call & we'll be happy to help.

23/02/18 - Beware cheap locks...

I recieved a call late tonight from a customer near Cowbridge who's key had snapped in the lock! It was a new build house with a composite door and the euro cylinder itself had a British Standard kite mark stamped on the front. After extracting the broken key I was then able to use a spare key to open the door and get the customer and his family back inside their home without causing any damage to the lock. But after checking the working mechanism of the lock, the spare key was catching inside the keyway and the teeth on the key weren't sitting squarely on the pins and engaging the cam properly. Even though the lock had a BS kite mark stamped on it, unless you know where the lock has come from, you might be being offered a cheap copy that doesn't meet all the requirements of the BSI. If you are unsure, call Lockforce locksmiths in Bridgend and we can offer or advise the best lock for your home and compliant with all the requirements for your home insurance.

12/02/18 - New locks for property developers...

Another call out this week for a couple of new property developers who wanted new locks fitted to protect their investment. We all know the cost of a house, but once it's been bought, who really knows how many keys have been cut and who has a key? I would always advise that once you've made that investment you change the locks and give yourself peace of mind. 2 new anti-snap euro cylinders were fitted by Lockforce locksmiths in Bridgend with 3 keys supplied with each lock as standard.

08/02/18 - Jammed digital lock in Bridgend...

Lockforce locksmiths in Bridgend regularly carry out work for both domestic and commercial customers, day and night, whatever the problem. We received a call from a small business when an old digital lock on a meeting room door failed. The owner's were concerned that an electric heater had been left on and they couldn't get access to turn it off. I attended and had no choice but to grind the autodeadlock off so I could slip the sash and open the door. The digital lock was redundant and old, having been recplaced with a magnetic lock weeks earlier, so to make sure this never happens again, I removed the whole unit and the customer was over the moon.

30/01/18 - Multipoint locking mechansim jammed...

A customer was returning home after a late shift at work and couldn't turn the handle to open the front door. The key was turning in the lock but no matter how much force was pushed down onto the handle, it just wouldn't budge. After arriving on site it appeared to me the gearbox in the PVCu door had failed and wasn't releasing the rollers on the side of the door. I see this quite a lot at Lockforce locksmiths in Bridgend and usually means something has snapped in the mechanism, stopping the spindle from turning in the gearbox. It wasn't long before I had the door open and the customer was back inside their home. After removing the MPL and replacing the gearbox, the door was back to being fully operational again.

19/01/18 - Snapped key in a tennants front door...

Working in conjunction with a local estate agents, Lockforce locksmiths in Bridgend offer a quick and effective service for all their tennants in Bridgend and the surrounding areas. The key to the front door nightlatch had snapped in the keyway and was now preventing the front door being opened from the outside. So when I arrived, the broken key was extracted and the door opened before offering a mobile key cutting service to replace the broken key.

13/01/18 - Back door lock is stuck...

I always try to offer a 7-day a week service whenever possible at Lockforce locksmiths in Bridgend, and so when I received an early morning call on a Saturday I was ready and happy to help with the customer's problem. When the backdoor was locked the night before, the customer heard a snapping / click when the handle was lifted up and the key was turned. Nothing more was thought of it until they came to try and open the door the following morning. This time the key would only turn part of the way and they couldn't turn the handle to release the multi-point locking mechanism. A common problem with PVCu door MPL locking mechanisms and the sound they heard when they locked the door is a good indication that the gearbox inside the door had failed. After opening the door for them, I replaced the gearbox with a brand new part carried on my van and the door was back to full working order within an hour of arriving on site.

29/12/17 - My door won't shut...

I received an evening call from a customer to say his flat door wouldn't lock and was worried his family would be left vulnerable all night if he couldn't get the door locked. I headed over straight away and as soon as I arrived, I could tell their was a pretty serious problem with the door. Living in an apartment the doors are fire rated, but their front door was split around a poorly fitted Union architectural DIN nightlatch (this lock allows the occupants a quick escape mechanism by only having to pull the inside door handle down to release the deadlock), and showed signs of someone having tried to kick the door open in the past. The customer was renting the property and stated the door had been like that from the time they moved in a couple of years ago! All landlords are required by law to ensure the safety of their tennants and to adhere to legally binding H&S standards. On this occasion, I repaired the existing lock to ensure it could be locked again, but the only safe advice I could give him was that the whole door needed to be changed, which was the landlords responsibility. Their was no point in the tennant paying for a new lock when this wouldn't solve the real problem of a split and unsafe fire door that needed to be replaced. At Lockforce locksmiths in Bridgend, we can offer and supply a full service report on our findings and recommendations, which the customer greatly appreciated and something he could present to his landlord.

18/12/17 - My keys are missing...

It was late at night when a call came from a customer who had lost their keys earlier that evening. After retracing her steps from a long walk, she still couldn't find them. Lockforce Locksmiths in Bridgend was a call she made when there was no hope to finding her keys. Nobody wants that added expense just before Christmas, but it was a good call to make. Arriving within 40 minutes of her call, a quick non-destructive entry was made to her property, ensuring no damage was caused to her door, and then I measured and upgraded the existing euro cylinder to an anti-snap cylinder whilst the customer made a cup of tea :-)! It didn't break the bank calling Lockforce too and with a 12-month guarantee on all hardware installed, the customer was happy with the added reassurance that the work carried out was of a good quality.

13/12/17 - I've lost my handbag...

When you lose your purse, handbag or wallet, your first instinct is to contact your bank and cancel your cards. Very wise and is definitely worth doing. It is also very wise to change the locks on your home when the keys also go missing, especially when your name and home address is in your bag too. I know it's not worth taking that risk, especially when you compare the cost of changing a lock to the greater cost of being burgled. So when I was called to do just that, I was also able to upgrade the customer's locks with the added protection of an Ultion euro cylinder, which comes with a £1000 guarantee from the manufacturer that a burglar won't be able to snap the lock! I also fitted the 3 locks with a 'keyed alike' system that only needs the 1 key to unlock all 3 locks. Finished the job with another very happy customer :-).

09/12/17 - I can't lock my front door...

A customer called to say the key wasn't turning properly in his front door and he could no longer lock it. The key was stiff and would only turn part of the way before it would get stuck. Lockforce locksmiths Bridgend will always attend when it is conveniant to you, and when I arrived on site, I could see he had an old 5 lever mortice lock fitted. It was clear the levers inside the body of the lock were stiff and had seized over time; the lock hadn't been changed in over 10 years! As everything mechanical, the lock won't last forever and it is always advisable to upgrade the lock, rather than try to repair it, otherwise you risk the chance of it failing again when you least want it to. I upgraded the lock to a BS 3261 standard 5 lever mortice lock which meets the requirements for your home insurance and the door was back to full working order.

I've just locked myself out of my flat...

Cleaning up after just fitting a 5 lever mortice lock on the back door for a customer, I received a call stating an owner of a flat had just locked themselves out whilst nipping down to take the bins out! We're used to this at Lockforce Locksmiths Bridgend and always happy to see the relief on our customers faces when we manage to get them back inside their homes without having to break the lock. Although the night latch on this door had an auto-deadlock that prevents anyone 'slipping' the sash on the lock, having received the right training and carrying the right tools for the job, the lock was picked and the door opened with the minimal of fuss!

It's late, I'm tired and now I've lost my key!..

Coming home late at night after a long, busy day at work, you're not going to be in the best of moods when you're standing outside your front door and suddenly realise you've left your keys on the train! Why on the train? Who knows :-)!! It did happen and I did receive the call to help. No matter what time of day it is, Lockforce Locksmiths Bridgend are on call 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, to make sure we get you back inside your home when you are locked out. Seeing it was a PVCU front door with a euro cylinder lock, I was able to open the door using non-destructive methods quickly and effectively, to the relief of a very stressed and tired customer, before changing and upgrading the lock to a British Standard anti-snap euro cylinder. If you ever do lose your keys, it is always advisable to change your locks, the same way you would always cancel your bank cards. You value your money and don't want it stolen, the same is also true for the security and safety of your home.

Locked out in Bridgend at tea time...

Had a call just before tea from a couple whose mortise lock on their front door was stuck and wouldn't open the front door. A quick look through the keyhole and it was clear the locks 'curtain' and bolt thrower were sitting in the wrong position, which was preventing them putting the key in the door. Reaching in with my lever I managed to turn the bolt thrower back round and insert the key, releasing the bolt and opening the door! Changing the lock with an ERA BS 5 lever mortise sash lock ensured this won't happen again anytime soon and improve the security on their home all at the same time.

Changing Locks in Bridgend..........We're there when you need us!!

I received an urgent call this morning from a lady who needed the front door locks changing pretty quickly. After arranging a suitable time I was on my way and happy to help. The problem was she didn't realise until it was too late that someone who shouldn't have had a spare key that she knew nothing about. A quick examination of the existing euro lock and I was able to replace and upgrade it too an anti-snap British Standard lock, more suited to her multi-point locking mechanism on her upvc front door, making it even more safer. Are you sure you know exactly who has a key to your house? Want to be absolutely sure by replacing the locks? Then give me a call. Lockforce locksmiths in Bridgend, keeping you safe.

No rest for the wicked!! Another early hours call out for a happy customer in Bridgend.

Returning home from a short break, the owner of a property in Bridgend suddenly realised they'd left their keys at the hotel in Spain! I arrived on site just as they were pulling up from the airport. With a quick examination of the lock and a check of the owner's identificafion, I released the lock and opened the door for a grateful and weary traveller! Lockforce locksmiths in Bridgend always try to use non-destructive methods of entry whenever possible to get you safely back into your home. A quick lock replacement with an upgrade to an anti-snap lock, I left the site with another customer happy to be back home.

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