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Customer Reviews

Lockforce Swansea is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 9 customer reviews.

Swansea Locksmiths

by Lockforce Swansea

Billericay Locksmith Services

Welcome to Lockforce Swansea, operated by our CRB checked, professionally trained and qualified Locksmiths.

We are available any time of the day or night, 24 hrs - 7 days a week, as I understand how important it is to keep your business, property and family safe and secure.

We aim is to be with you in 40 minutes of your call, or even if you just need some advice, give me a call and I'll be happy to help.

Swansea Security Lock Experts

We take pride in our team of locksmiths, who we believe are the most knowledgeable lock security experts in the entire Swansea area. Indeed, whether you need advice on what lock to fit on your new UPVC door, whether you feel you need a grille on a ground floor window…or if you need to upgrade your business unit security system, our ever-resourceful locksmiths will be able to help.

Call today for an expert consultation with our Swansea locksmiths.

Call our Swansea locksmiths today on 0333 567 8920 for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you.

Swansea 24hour Emergency Locksmiths

We operate around the clock to ensure that when you need a lock expert in an emergency we can be you first port of call.

We endeavour to respond to every lock demand with competence and efficiency so no matter what time you call, there will be a locksmith who can get you back to normality. Call our 24/7 hotline and see how we can help.

Call our Swansea locksmiths today on 0333 567 8920 and we aim to be with you within 30 minutes.

Swansea Student Locksmith Services

We recognize how the students of Swansea may be disinclined to spend their weekly budgets on the services of an expert locksmith. However, as one of the most reasonable locksmiths in Swansea, students can rest assured that they too can afford the quality lock consultations we provide.

Moreover, our investment in non-destructive locksmith techniques ensures that in 90% of enquiries we don't even have to break a lock, ensuring that you don't incur your further expense in the future. So whether your student home or car is afflicted with lock trouble, don't hesitate to call today for a fair-priced and high-quality service.

Call our Swansea locksmiths today on 0333 567 8920 and we aim to be with you within 30 minutes.

Swansea Rapid Response Locksmiths

Our efficient locksmiths in the Swansea endeavour to attend to your lock enquiries as quickly as possible. While we shall never compromise on the quality of our services, we will nonetheless guarantee to be at the scene of any emergency lock enquiry within 30 minutes.

For non-emergencies, we will co-ordinate to have an expert technician attend to your enquiry within that 24hour window. So for routine and emergency calls, contact us today…

Call our Swansea locksmiths today on 0333 567 8920 for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you.

Mobile Key Cutting in Swansea

Our mobile key cutting service is there to cater to the needs of you, our esteemed customers. Our access to the most advanced mobile key cutting equipment on the market ensures that we can process your lock order wherever you are, at a time that is convenient to you.

We are experts in domestic key cutting and our technicians will be delighted to take any enquiries you may have…why not call today…

Call our Swansea locksmiths today on 0333 567 8920 if you require a new set of keys cut.

Locked Out in Swansea?

Wherever you are in Swansea, our team of expert locksmiths will be there to help. This is because we have built up a network of highly trained locksmiths across the Swansea region that are ready to respond to your emergency call out wherever you find yourself locked out in the county.

For a reliable lock-out service which can guarantee to reach you in your time of need in under 30minutes, call us today.

If you've been locked out of your property and need to get back in quickly, call our Swansea locksmiths today on 0333 567 8920 and we will get to you as quickly as possible!

Wireless Intercom Systems

Knowing who is at your front door before you open it will leave you less vulnerable to strangers, and keep you safe and in control of who enters your home.

Having a wireless intercom or built in digital telephone system allows you to do just that. You can even have the ability to see who is at your door with a high quality LCD video intercom system, allowing you to have a conversation with your visitor without the need to leave your armchair.

Offering a free, on-site survey, Lockforce locksmiths Swansea will arrange to visit your home or office at a time suited to you, and provide you with a choice of secure intercom systems, detailing the individual features of each system you would prefer.

Each system we offer has an operating range of upto 200 metres, with crystal clear 2-way sound in a convenient portable handset or telephone, preventing doorstep intrusion and allowing you to answer your door from anywhere in your home or office.

If you would like more information on our wireless intercom systems call us today on 0333 567 8920 

Recent Jobs:

04/04/18 - Failed locking mechanism on patio doors...

Had a call from a customer to say they'd been having problems with the lock on the patio doors. They had managed to remove the euro cylinder and finally release the hooks on the multipoint locking mechanism, but now the door wouldn't close and they couldn't lock the door.

Lockforce locksmiths in Swanea were on site that day at a time that suited the customer and quickly identified the MPL needed replacing. We will always discuss the price with the customer before any work is carried out to make sure they know we don't try to add on 'hidden' charges at the end of a job.

We were even able to install an emeregency overnight lock on the doors to keep the customer & their family safe until the new part was delivered & fitted :-).

29/03/18 - It was the kids fault...

I've been to many peoples homes where they've lost their keys and were locked out, so it made a refreshing change for me at Lockforce locksmiths in Swansea when I attended the home of a customer who had lost their keys whilst the door was unlocked :-)!

Arriving on site within the hour of receiving their call, the euro cylinder in their front door was replaced and upgraded to an anti-snap lock, supplied with 4 spare keys! Hopefully they'll have enough keys now not for this to happen anytime soon :-).

22/03/18 - Locked out after a long commute...

Travelling from England after a long day's work to spend the holidays with your 'better half ;-)' is definitely tiring, but to arrive at your flat and realise you don't have your front door key... Annoying and exhausting to say the least.

When I received a call from this customer asking for a quote, I was happy to oblige. With Lockforce locksmiths in Swansea, you can be assured there will be no hidden fees, or unexpected additions to our quote, claiming VAT or an additional call out fee. There is no call out with us and the price will always include all our costs for the work carried out.

This is why this customer chose Lockforce and we were on site and resolved the problem all within 1 hour of receiving the initial call.

13/03/18 - Mortice lock failed in front door...

Received a call this morning from a customer after they found my details on Checkatrade. The sashlock in their front door failed last night & they couldn't get it back open.

After arriving on site, I could see the bolt thrower inside the lock had turned, blocking off the keyway & preventing the key being inserted to engage the levers.

Managing to turn the bolt thrower back to its right position, made it possible to make a non-destructive entry. Replacing the faulty lock with a BS 5-lever lock, also ensured the home owners were now meeting the requirements of their home insurance criteria.

08/03/18 -  The beast from the east...

Not sure whether it was the cold conditions or just wear & tear, but have received a few calls this week of Era Vectis patio door locks failing & preventing the owners from locking their doors.

Sometimes it can be as simple as realigning the doors that rectifies the problem, but other times the whole lock needs replacing. But whatever the problem, Lockforce locksmiths in Swansea will be able to solve your problem, so next time you have a problem with a lock, make Lockforce your first point of call.

27/02/18 - Local Fish & Chip shop with a faulty lock...

Still working late at night in the blistering cold, a call from a local fish & chip shop in Townhill had Lockforce locksmiths in Swansea fighting off numb fingers to tackle an external store room door lock that had failed :-).

After removing the lock, given it a full service & providing the owner with my recommendations to replace the lock, everything was back to normal within the hour.

22/02/18 - Failed non-deadlocking night latch...

My customer called me late this evening to say they were locked out and needed my help. A beautiful Victorian detached property with a wooden door into the porch had warped and expanded, causing the retaining bars for the sash in the nightlatch to have been put under greater strain than was ever intended, resulting in them failing and snapping!

The lock and nightlatch had to be drilled off before entry could be gained, but this was done ensuring no damage was caused to the door and after replacing the faulty nightlatch and realigning the keep to ensure the full weight of the door wasn't resting on the latch anymore. The lock and door were back to full working order.

14/02/18 - Locks come in all shapes and sizes...

After being called to a home not far from the centre of Swansea, the owner wanted the mortice locks changed on 2 internal aluminium doors that hadn't been changed for nearly 15 years!

The only problem I had here was the existing locks are no longer manufactured and due to their smaller size, very difficult to find a replacement for. But a replacement is exaclty what I did find at Lockforce locksmiths in Swansea.

Even if I don't carry a specific replacement lock in my van, rest assured I will always endeavour to find a replacement lock that fits your door and continues to offer you the security and peace of mind you are looking for.

09/02/18 - Changing locks on a shop front door...

Early morning call from a local shop today who couldn't get in to open up and start work. The keys had been misplaced and there were no spare keys!

Lockforce locksmiths in Swansea arrived on site within 30 minutes and quickly identified an Adams Rite locking mechanism with screw-in cylinders; a very common system found in glass paned aluminium shop doors.

Non-destructive entry was gained and new locks fitted all before the first customer arrived for business.

04/02/18 - Lost my key...

I received a call from a customer to say they'd lost their bag over the weekend with their front door key and personal ID inside. Knowing that potentially if the bag was found, or even taken, that person would now know where they live and have a key to get in.

In situations like this it's always better to be safe than sorry, and that's why my customer called Lockforce locksmiths in Swansea to change the lock on their front door.

After attending the same day I received the call, a new anti-snap lock was supplied together with 3 extra keys, all cut whilst on site :-).

25/01/18 - Locked outside in the rain...

It doesn't matter what time of day or night it is, or even how bad the weather is, Lockforce locksmiths in Swansea will respond to your call. And when I received a midnight call because the owners of a property were stuck outside their home, I arrived within 40 minutes and helped them back inside.

16/01/18 - Lost keys to a garage door...

We all lose keys from time to time and this is something that I can help you with at Lockforce locksmiths in Swansea.

Having received a call on a Sunday afternoon, I attended the customer's home that day, opened the garage door using skilled, non-destructive techniques and then measured and fitted an anti-snap half cylinder in the garage door, upgrading the original lock to deter any attempts a would-be burglar could make, as well as providing 3 new keys that were included in the total price. What more could you ask for :-)!

06/01/18 - I can't get into my student room...

With the end of the holidays and the return to normality, I received a call from a student arriving back to Swansea who explained he left his room key with his flat mate before Christmas and now couldn't get back into his room as his flat mate wasn't back for a couple more days.

He had also tried his landlord to see if there was a spare key  but he wasn't available. The next call was to Lockforce locksmiths Swansea. Arriving on site within the hour, non-destructive entry was gained even though the handle and sash on the door wasn't in the best of condition!

And with my student discount still running, it didn't cost him an arm and a leg!

02/01/18 - Can you replace the lock in my back door...

Lockforce locksmiths in Swansea carry a large stock of locks suitable for all types of doors, and if we don't have exactly what you need, we can always have it delivered next day and ready for fitting.

That's why when our customer called to say they'd lost the keys to the back door and needed the lock changing, we were confident we could help straight away and arranged a suitable time to attend the customer's home later that day.

On many PVCu doors, the euro cylinder supplied in the door will be pretty standard and doesn't offer any protection from burglars who will use this to their advantage.

Lockforce will only supply and fit anti-snap cylinders that provide a greater deterrent to someone attempting to break into your home, and will always try to offer a choice of locks that comply with British Standards and to the requirements of many home insurance companies too.

21/12/17 - My Yale type lock is sticking on my front door...

Received a call this morning from a house owner whose front door key was starting to stick in the night latch. It had failed to turn a couple of times and release the latch, which prevented her from opening the door until a bit of perseverance and 'key wiggling' got her in.

If you notice your locks getting stiff or difficult to turn then it's a good indication that something is wrong and your locks need looking at.

As with this lock, when I was called I could tell the rim cylinder was worn and needed replacing to ensure the nightlatch wouldn't fail again anytime soon.

If you notice your locks becoming stiff and difficult to turn, give me a call before something worse happens and you can't get back in.

16/12/17 - The key has snapped in my front door...

This happens all the time and generally either the wrong key has been used or there is another issue with the door which has made you force the key to try & open the door.

When I arrived at this job, the wrong key had been used to try and turn the nightlatch on the front door and it subsequently snapped when, not realising it was the wrong key, they tried to force the lock open.

The customer was cold and tired and so my first priority was to open the door and get them back into the warmth of their flat. Using non-destructive entry methods, I opened the door and then concentrated on fixing the lock.

I managed to extract the broken key and then completed a full system check of the front door locks, before cutting new keys and off on my way.

08/12/17 - I can't get into my flat...

A customer called late at night as they were getting back from work to say they couldn't open the front door. The letting agent had been in the flat to view the property and when they left, they locked the door. All well and good, however when the tennant moved in, she was never given the key to the mortice lock!

Too late in the evening to call the letting agent, Lockforce locksmiths Swansea arrived on site and picked the 3 lever mortice lock, letting the tennant back in with the minimal of fuss.

I've just closed the front door and left my keys in the house...

Whether your front door is made of wood and has a Yale-type night latch, or a PVCu door with a twin spindle gearbox, Lockforce Locksmiths Swansea can get you back inside your home without having to break the lock.

A recent customer only stepped out the door for a minute but realised as soon as the door closed the keys were inside!

Non-destructive entry is what we always aim to achieve at Lockforce and what we managed to do for this happy customter. By picking the lock, and not having to drill the lock out, helped save time and money :-)!


Very professional and timely service. Cannot be faulted. Thank you very much Chris.


John Holder

Chris replied to my message within 15 mins, and on a Sunday Morning came as quickly as he could. He did a fantastic job, as the door was very difficult to open. Very reasonable price for an emergency call out on a Sunday morning and we now have new handles, and a working lockable front door. Highly recommended


Huw Rees

Fantastic service by Richard. Highly recommended.


Huw Rees

Chris replied to my message within 15 mins, and on a Sunday Morning came as quickly as he could. He did a fantastic job, as the door was very difficult to open. Very reasonable price for an emergency call out on a Sunday morning and we now have new handles, and a working lockable front door. Highly recommended


Huw Rees

This letter is to express my gratitude and convey how impressed I was with the service that Ben provided, on our behalf, to complete an awkward job, which we were unable to finish, due to lack of current resources.

This was not a straight forward job, but Ben addressed it with total professionalism, by displaying confidence and great experience in handling such jobs. 

He acted with total professionalism, and was the perfect host, in handling a desperate customer.

His work standards were outstanding, and his service response was quick, and efficient.

The customers, and our whole company were truly impressed.

He has made an amazing impression on our company, and we can say with 100% guarantees, that we will definitely be using his services again.

From considering the start to finish quality of service, we can only possibly give him a full  5 star rating, and would comfortably recommend his services to anyone (be it private or commercial clients).

The way Ben presents himself and his company is that of a total professional, and he deserves all the success in the world.

Great job, and many thanks.


Andrew Glen, Director of John Glen Doors in Swansea

I recently referred Ben to my Father who had lost a set of car keys and needed a replacement.

Ben made contact immediately, he went to see my father to understand exactly what was needed and did everything that he possibly could to provide an excellent service.

Ben runs a very efficient, professional and trustworthy service. I will have no hesitation in recommending his services in the future


Mr Phillips, Fusebox Wales - Required new car keys in Swansea

Nice honest guy, if your locked out of anywhere give him a try!


Craig Owen

Great,reliable service, Ben was friendly and came straight away.. Would definitely recommend


Emma Lewis

Oh my god a life saver my key fob ceased to work and the key snapped in the lock alarms on the car going off... What an amazing guy Ben is, he managed to get the snapped key out without breaking the lock cut me a new key and fob sorted the alarms all in a short space of time ty Ben ur awesome what a great and reliable and skilled man I would certainly recommend you to everyone and his price was awesome .. Ty Ben and well done :-)

Paul Gibson

Lockforce Lockforce Swansea Located at
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Customer Reviews

Lockforce Swansea is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 9 customer reviews.

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