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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmiths Winchester. 

My name is Chris and I'm a local professional locksmith serving Winchester and the surrounding areas. 

I proud myself on my customer service and responsivity to emergency call outs.

Key Points:

  • Lives locally in Hampshire
  • Rapid Response 24/7
  • Highly Trained & Experienced
  • DBS Checked
  • Checkatrade Vetted
  • NO Call Out Fees
  • All Work Guaranteed

Keeping Winchester Safe!

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Get in touch now to find out more about our 24/7 locksmith service in Winchester by calling 02381 040171.

Winchester Locksmith Services

If you need Winchester locksmith services, I provide the ultimate solution. Regardless of whether you need an emergency locksmith day or night, I’m here for you.

I can also help you fix issues with locks on your premises and keep your business or home protected. We provide a number of popular Winchester locksmith services. We can complete post burglary repairs or offer 24/7 emergency support. We can help you gain access to a property and complete lock repairs and replacements. We can even offer mobile key cutting services in Winchester and help if you are having issues with evictions.

Other services that we offer include window boarding, panic hardware, and fire escape hardware as well as CCTV installation.

We are also proud to say that we only use Police Approved and British Standard locks. So, you can guarantee if we do provide a part it will be of the highest quality.

Some of the locks we offer include:

  • Yale locks
  • Night latches
  • Insurance approved locks
  • Wooden door locks
  • Digital door locks
  • uPVC locks

Alternatively, you can contact me for expert advice and a free security assessment on your property. I’ll be happy to lend my expertise to ensure your assets are safe and sound.

Do you need local Winchester locksmith services right now? Why wait, contact us today on 02381 040171 and speak to me Chris, your local Winchester locksmith.

Why Choose Lockforce Locksmiths Winchester?

Lockforce Locksmiths Winchester. When I arrive at a job I always put your needs first. I will make sure that you get the best solution you require while ensuring a completely stress-free experience. When you choose Lockforce Locksmiths Winchester, you deserve the peace of mind so that’s what we deliver. This means that DBS and insurance information is always accessible to you. We’re also punctual and can always present an ID so you’ll know exactly who is at your property. Do you hate it when a service fails to keep you updated? We do too and that’s why you’ll get updates on our arrival time so you’ll know exactly when we’ll show up at your door. We’re ready to provide the ultimate alternative to poor standards of service that you might have dealt with elsewhere.

If you need more info contact me Chris on 02381 040171 anytime you require locksmith services in Winchester.

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith When Locked Out in Winchester

Have you ever been in need of an emergency locksmith when locked out in Winchester and struggled to find a solution? One of the main issues people typically face is sourcing an expert who is available at the time they’re locked out. Well, we’re pleased to say that we provide a full 24/7 solution. That means 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can count on us to help you get back inside your property. Perhaps you have tried a Winchester emergency locksmith before and found that they made the situation worse. They could have been unable to get you back in fast or they might have damaged your property trying. We use nondestructive techniques ensuring that there will be no damage to your property. We also offer a lock changing service if this is required too. Our aim is to make sure that you can get the stress free service you need when you’re in a jam like this. My promise is that when you choose our emergency locksmith service in Winchester there’ll be no mess, no breakages, and no delay. I’ll aim to be at your door as fast as possible.

If you’re locked out in Winchester you need our 24/7 emergency locksmith Winchester services, contact us anytime, day or night on 02381 040171 and I’ll be with you as soon as possible.

Winchester Mobile Key Cutting Service

Have you heard of a Winchester mobile key cutting service? We can provide a minimum order of 4 keys cut straight at your door. How do we do this? Well, you’d be amazed by the tech and equipment we have in our van. When you select our Winchester mobile key cutting solution we’ll use the latest tech to cut your keys. We’ll then check they work there and then before we leave. It’s a fantastic, stress-free solution we are proud to deliver.

Contact Lockforce Winchester today on 02381 040171 to learn more about your brilliant Winchester mobile key cutting service.

Winchester Lock Repair and Lock Replacement

If you need a Winchester lock repair or lock replacement, we have you covered. You could have snapped your key in the lock or discovered that one of your keys is missing. We’re delighted to provide solutions for all types of lock and offer any type of lock replacement. You just need to name the lock you want and we’ll replace it for you. From deadlocks to latches, child locks, high security locks and digital locks we cover all the options when you choose our service.

If you require our Winchester lock replacement or lock repair services, contact us now and speak to me, Chris, your number one local lock replacement expert on 02381 040171.

Lockforce Locksmiths Winchester Payment Options

You’ll find Lockforce Locksmith Winchester payment options are wide and varied including:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Contactless card payments
  • Bank Transfer
  • BACS
  • Cash
  • PayPal

Our aim is to make sure that you have all the options you need and provide an easy solution.

If you’re looking for a locksmith in Winchester, please get in touch now to learn more about the comprehensive locksmith services we offer in Winchester by calling 02381 040171. We look forward to discussing further with you.

Recent Jobs

Slam shut in Winchester, SO23 - 1st January 2023

Lockforce Locksmith Winchester was called out for a slam shut where the customer had left their keys on the inside of the upvc door in the cylinder. We were able to gain access to the customers home within a few mins allowing the customer back into their home as they had big dogs inside ready to go for a walk. 

Cylinder replacement in Winchester, SO22 – 28th December 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Winchester were called out as the home had been broken into through the large patio doors and the keys had been stolen. We removed the existing 2 cylinders to replace them for new anti-snap for the customers safety and security. 

Windows lock failures in Winchester, SO23 - 1st December 2022.

Recently Lockforce locksmith Winchester was called to quote then go ahead with replacement gearboxes and window handles as all the flat rooms had failed in the living room , kitchen, and bedrooms. Some had broken handle and some the gearbox had just failed with misuse or malfunction. After the parts were ordered and within the week the job was completed. The customer was happy with the results and able to close the windows properly and able to keep the warmth in there flat.

Lost keys to garage in Winchester, SO21 - 18th November 2022.

Recently Lockforce locksmith Winchester was called out to an auto business where the owner couple only get into half of his business because he had left some keys in the main garage unit. We were able to gain access quickly without force so that the businessman could carry on with his work for the day. 

Warrant job in Winchester, SO22 - 8th November 2022.

Recently Lockforce locksmith Winchester was called out for a warrant job where we was on standby to gain entry if the police could not convince the customer to come out on his own. So yes, we had to gain entry quickly but safely as the customer had mental health issues to later be taken to the local hospital. The lock was then replaced, and home secured before the customer comes back later.

Family having issues with his smart lock in Winchester, SO22 - 27th October 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Winchester received a call out to investigate an issue with his garage door smart lock. We arrived in 20 minutes of the initial call and began getting to work on the door. After another 5 mins we were able to gain non-destructive entry to the property. The issue being that the motor had burnt out due to the spindle had broken in the motor therefor the motor didn’t know when it would hit the tension to stop. We got this replaced and the garage door is now working as it should again 

Full front smart lock failure in Winchester, SO23 - 21st October 2022. 

Lockforce Locksmith Winchester was called out for a failure smart lock. The customer already had the replacement smart lock delivered. We were there to install and show how to operate the new unit. The customer was pleased with the new replacement smart lock. 

Lock out in Winchester, SO22 - 12th October 2022. 

Lockforce Locksmith Winchester was called out for a gain entry. A young couple had gone to the shops quick while cooking some food, when they returned, they realized they had forgot their keys. We were able to get to the apartment within 20 mins and gained entry in a few mins so the customer could turn off or turn down the cooker before something would burn. The customers where happy to be able to get back in there home so quick.

Emergency gain entry in Winchester, SO24 - 4th October 2022. 

Lockforce Locksmith Winchester was called out for a failure front door as the key will not open the door. We were able to gain non-destructive entry to the front door and then found that the gear box had failed due to some broken parts in the mech. This was replaced same day and the customer was happy to be able to lock and unlock their door without any issues anymore. Another very happy customer. 

Front door gearbox replacement in Winchester, SO22 - 31st August 2022. 

Recently lockforce locksmith Winchester was called out to a home that the customer could not lock her door. We were able to get to to the customers home to find out that the gearbox had been forced and bent the mech inside. We had a replacement to hand and fitted a new one. So the customer could lock her home at night to feel safe.  Another happy customer. 

Winchester Locksmith for a gain entry on nightlatch in Winchester, SO22 - 24th August 2022. 

Recently Lockforce locksmith Winchester was called out for an out of hours service to help get a customer back in her home at 2am. We were able to gain entry so the customer could relax and have a good night sleep. 

Winchester Locksmith for a snapped key in a euro cylinder in Winchester, SO23 - 18th August 2022. 

Recently Lockforce locksmith Winchester was called out as a customer had to go get is his home when the key snapped in the door. We were able to remove the key and also get a new key cut there and then so the customer was happy not to have to leave the home later to go get new Keys cut. 

Winchester Locksmith for gain entry in Winchester, SO22 - 7th August 2022.

Recently Lockforce Locksmith Winchester were called by a customer who had had left their keys in their home. We were able to gain entry for the customer. The customer was happy to not have to wait too long before she got in here home.

Locks replaced after a robbery in Winchester, SO23 - 24th April 2020

Lockforce locksmiths Winchester attended an emergency locksmith job yesterday after a break in on a property in SO23. The front door locks were replaced which included a BS Night latch and a BS Mortice deadlock which both conform to British Standards 3621:2017. During these uncertain times wearing latex gloves come naturally whilst on site however this was also relevant in removing the old locks which were bagged up for Winchester forensics to check for prints. Unfortunately I attend far to many of these cases so I know how stressed the home owners can get and once on site I firstly thank them for using Lockforce Winchester Emergency Service and re assure them that they will be nice and secure when I leave.

Lockforce Locksmith Winchester gained entry to a tenant’s room as he was locked inside, Winchester, SO23 - 24th April 2020

Today I received a call from a land lady requiring the services of an emergency locksmith in Winchester, she explained one of her tenants was locked inside his room. I attended the property within 20 minutes but prior to departure I gave the land lady a possible cause and an indication of costs involved. Once on site I assessed the fault and confirmed costings, in this case the euro sash lock had failed which jammed the thumb turn lock hence the tenant being stuck inside. I managed to gain entry within 5 minutes, replaced the thumb turn euro cylinder with a shiny new one and supplied 3 keys. I then removed the failed euro sash lock and replaced that too. Needless to say the land lady was extremely thankful for the services of Lockforce Winchester and mentioned how stress free the whole experience was.

Lock replacement at a commercial property in Winchester, SO21 - 20/04/2020

A local company had just relocated to new premises and required new locks fitted in Winchester today. Lockforce Winchester accessed the premises and installed new anti-snap euro cylinders throughout. Whilst on site I cut keys to give the client enough for all the staff’s needs. Lockforce Emergency Locksmiths then proceeded to supply a Free Safety and Security check of all the offices and warehouses to make the customer aware of any potential issues.

Lockforce Emergency Locksmith Winchester gained entry in SO23, Winchester - 15th April 2020

Lockforce locksmiths Winchester received a call from a gentleman in Winchester yesterday explaining his front door handle was very stiff and he was unable to unlock the door I arrived within 20 minutes and opened the door using non-destructive locksmith techniques. Upon inspection I found a faulty gearbox mechanism which was replaced with a shiny new one immediately, the whole multi point locking system was then serviced free of charge. From start to finish, gain entry, locate fault, replace gearbox and service the MPL took around one hour and left a very happy customer who gave Lockforce Winchester a great review… Thank you, Graham.

Distressed Mother in need of assistance after ambulance services forced door - 24th January 2020

Lockforce recently had a call from a distressed mother based in London asking me to attend her daughter’s apartment in the city of Winchester, she explained that the ambulance team forced her daughter’s door open to gain entry to assist her. Her entry door was closed shut when the emergency team left, and she was rushed to hospital…. Problem was, the lock was that badly damaged when the emergency services gained entry that the friendly neighbour couldn’t use the original front door key he was left as security measure because the whole lock mechanism had failed. Consequently, on the phone, I reassured the Mother that all would been fine, and I will attend site and gain unforced entry, 30 minutes later I had gained entry and replaced the lock and a big bonus was I could re fit the existing rim cylinder so everyone could use the old keys. The neighbour could now collect all the daughter’s clothes and toiletries so he could drop them off to her at the hospital. So, in your moment of panic and distress be rest assured that Lockforce Winchester can give you a helping hand. The mother in London was so grateful that within half an hour all her immediate worries were sorted.

So, call Chris, Lockforce Locksmiths Winchester on 02381 040 171, Keeping you Safe

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