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Lockforce Southampton

Franchise Owner: Chris Cherington

Contact Mobile: 02381 040 167

Contact Mobile: Text Chris on 07873 582 829

Contact Phone: Southampton@lockforce.co.uk

Welcome to Lockforce Southampton.

My name is Chris Cherington and I'm your local locksmith serving the city of Southampton and the surrounding areas nearby.

All SO postcodes covered. Call today and I will book you in for a survey straightaway. 

Proudly Keeping Southampton Safe.

Key Points:

  • Lives locally in Southampton
  • Rapid Response 24/7
  • Highly Trained & Experienced
  • DBS Checked
  • Checkatrade Vetted
  • NO Call Out Fees
  • All Work Guaranteed

Checkatrade information for Lockforce Locksmiths

Locksmiths Services in Southampton

Lockforce Locksmiths Southampton provide a range of locksmith services including but not limited to:

  • Lock Repairs
  • Lock Replacement
  • Lock Upgrades
  • Burglary Repairs
  • High security locks
  • Insurance Standard Locks
  • Alarms Systems
  • Broken Key Extraction
  • Window Lock Repairs
  • Door realignment
  • Digital Locks
  • Mortise Locks
  • Ultion Ultimate Security Locks
  • Euro cylinder Locks
  • Anti-Snap Locks
  • UPVC Door and window Repairs

Southampton locksmiths service avalible 24 hours a day on 0238 1040 167

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith in Southampton

Lockforce Locksmiths in Southampton provide a 24 hour No Call out Fee service. We don't use call centres so every time you call you will call me Your Local Locksmith. This allows you to rest assure you are talking to an expert Locksmith not a call centre operator. We are available 24 hours a day so if you have a locksmith issue in Southampton at 1400 or 0200 we are here to help you. 24 hours a day we attend lock issues from people losing keys to burglaries so we are used to the problems you may have and are experienced in what we do. We will always carry ID for you assurance that we are whom we say we are, wear Uniform and Drive a sign written van.

Lockforce Locksmiths in Southampton are here for you 24 hours a day so give us a call now on 0238 1040 167.

Rapid Response Locksmith Services in Southampton

With the winter months drawing ever closer it’s nice to know that Lockforce Southampton can be with you in the case of an emergency lockout within 20 minutes.

Once I receive the initial phone call, I like to spend a minute finding out what exactly your lock problem is, I can then gain an idea of the issue and can give you an idea of the costs involved.

Being based in central Southampton and being a 24/7 emergency lock smith enables me to assist you at any time day or night, whether you have been locked out, lost your keys or have had a break in.

Lockforce Southampton provides a professional service. I am basic DBS checked and carry ID with me at all times and a proud member of Checkatrade and to top it off, I have public liability insurance of £5 million. 

Call our Southampton locksmiths today on 0238 1040 167 and see how we can best Help you!

What Exactly is the Problem?

Whether an elderly person losing their keys or a student locked out of their room, Lockforce Southampton can assist.

Being a 24 hr emergency locksmith, you come across all situations some of which include,

  • Keys left in the lock indoors so you can’t use the external keyway to gain entry.
  • Key won’t turn or lock jammed.
  • Key snapped in the lock.
  • I left my keys inside the house.
  • Keys stolen.
  • Handbag stolen with my keys inside
  • Lost keys.
  • Jammed upvc mechanism
  • Door won’t shut properly

All these issues can and do happen and effect all types of lock, it could be a euro cylinder most commonly found in upvc or plastic doors or a mortise lock which are found in wooden doors.

Lockforce Southampton also cater for Commercial Locksmith needs which commonly use the Adams Rite Locks, these are commercial grade locks and are frequently installed in commercial aluminium doors.

For more information give Lockforce Locksmiths in Southampton a call today on 02381 040167.

Local Experienced Locksmith in Southampton

In your hour of crisis whether being locked out, your keys snapped in the lock, lost your keys or the lock has failed, it is vitally important you discuss your situation with a reputable Locksmith.

Here at Lockforce Southampton I ask very important questions whilst on the initial call to help ascertain what the issue is therefore giving you, the customer, satisfaction and peace of mind. This also helps me to evaluate and provide a fixed price. I normally ask the client to send through a photo of the lock to me, therefore, I know prior to coming out that it will not cost any more than quoted.

Point in question, I recently had a call from a lady explaining her lock had jammed and wouldn’t work with the key. After asking some initial questions, I quoted a minimum and maximum price so she was comfortable with her options.Upon arrival I found a 20 year Legge 5 lever mortis lock had given up and replaced it with an Era Fortress 5 lever mortis lock which conforms to insurance standards BS 3621. 1 hour later after some minor adjustments to the woodwork, all’s good.

For more information give Lockforce Locksmiths in Southampton a call today on 02381 040167.

Lock Identification in Southampton

It helps to know what type of lock you have fitted if you require Lockforce Locksmith Southampton’s services.

I usually spend a moment whilst on the phone determining what lock type you have installed so I can give a fair and accurate quotation prior to arriving at your premises.

  • Euro Cylinders - These locks are can be found mainly in entrance and exterior perimeter doors both residential and commercial. At Lockforce Southampton I only stock Anti Snap Cylinders, Anti Snap BS 1 Star & Anti Snap BS 3 Star. Most Households and Commercial premises will have what’s known as a contractor’s euro cylinders installed. These euro profile cylinders are prone to what’s commonly known as Lock Snapping so Lockforce Southampton strongly recommends upgrading to an Anti Snap profile.

  • Mortice Locks - Mortice locks come in the form of a sash lock which includes a dead bolt or a single dead bolt which is usually accompanied by a night latch for additional security. The key way can either incorporate a traditional key or a Euro / Oval cylinder. All our mortice locks meet the requirements sent by insurance companys.

  • British Standard Night Latch Locks - Both Mortice and Euro cylinders can be associated with a BS kite mark, all residential entry points ie front doors which have a Mortice lock must conform to British Standards BS 3621 or your insurance policy could be void should you be unfortunately broken into. British standard Anti Snap Euro cylinders supplied by Lockforce Southampton are also police and locksmith approved These provide not only the security required by insurance companies but also the assurance that every time you close your door it will be locked

  • Night Latch (Commonly called Yale Lock) - These type locks are usually accompanied by a mortice lock and have what’s commonly known as a rim cylinder for the key way. A night latch can be deadbolted internally for additional security and these vary from a basic night latch to a British standards lock which con forms to British Standards BS3621 or BS8621. These night latches will automatically lock as you close the door so the risk of being locked out is very high. This comes as a lock Body as well as separate Cylinders.

  • Multi Point Locks (MPL) - Or MPL for short are commonly found within Upvc entry and patio doors. The mechanism is operated usually with a Euro cylinder key way that throws the mpl system into the locked/ unlocked position. An mpl can consist of hooks, bolts and mushroom bolts that lock into the framework of the doorway.

Call our Southampton locksmiths today if you need more help or if your lock is not displayed here on 0238 1040 167 

Commercial Locksmith Services in Southampton

Lockforce Locksmiths in Southampton are experts in Commercial Locksmith Service.

We carry stock for most commercial doors and windows allowing us to fix your Problem the same day.

With experience with working with other local Company's Lockforce Locksmiths in Southampton has the knowledge and Skill to fix your problems the same day.

We pride ourselves on our clean approach making sure all mess is cleaned up and the area being left as it was upon arrival. Together with knowledge and attitude towards your business we can help cause no or little disruption you your daily work.

Business who use us regularly have the ability to set up and account allowing you to have the problem sorted and pay at next convince.  We also fit master suits to business to reduce the amount of keys being need or reducing the access to members of staff or the public with the use of one key per person.

Call our Southampton locksmiths today on 0238 1040 167 and we will get to you as quickly as possible!

UPVC Door Repairs in Southampton

uPVC or PVCu doors as they are now called are the most commonly type of doors on homes today.

These doors are made up of a number of parts these included;

  • Door Hinges - There are many types of hinges these allow the door to swing freely and also allow adjustment to the height and angle of the door. Hinges can be externally or internally fitted.

  • MPL - Or Multi Point Locking System/ Unit. This is the part of the door which allows the door to lock in multiple places there are many types of locking parts available such as, Dead Bolts, Hooks, Rollers and Mushrooms. These are all fitted along the edge of the door and when operated go into the doors keep on the frame work.

  • Gear Box - The gear box on a door is a part attached to the MPL and is where the handles and lock are inserted. This part allows all the working parts to move into place when locking or unlocking the door. This is also where the lock is engaged to stop the moving parts moving upon the door being locked with the key.

  • Euro Cylinder - There are many types of Euro Cylinder locks the main locks fitted to uPVC doors are; Thumb turn locks these have a knob on the inside allowing the door to be locked or unlocked without the use of a key from the inside. These locks are required on multiple occupancy houses. Full Euro Cylinders these locks are available in a range of sizes from 25mm to 60mm either side of the centre in 5mm incriminates. They come as a standard cylinder, Anti snap, Anti Bump, Anti Pick, British standard 1 star locks, British standard 3 star locks, TS007 Locks and some even come with a £1000 guarantee such as the Ultion the Ultimate Euro Cylinder. Lockforce locksmiths in Southampton stock all locks that are used on UPVC doors.

  • Handles - Handles are a total separate unit and they come in all shapes and sizes. So the handles you require will be determined by the gear box you have fitted so that the holes and lock insert match up correctly. Handles also range in colour so the desired look can be achieved. Handles also have security levels from no standard. 1 star British standard and 3 Star British Standard. Handles now days can provide as much security as the lock it's self so in some cases the lock is an electrical motor inside the handle is self-meaning there is no need for physical keys just a code or fob to allow entry into the property.

Call our Southampton locksmiths today on 0238 1040 167 and we aim to be with you within 45 minutes.

Adams Rite Locks

These locks are usually found on commercial buildings and come in many types such as, hook or bolt lock with Euro cylinder or screw in Cylinder locks.

These locks are a great and secure way to secure a metal framed door whilst keeping the door looking smart and with not extruding parts.

For more information on Adams rite Locks or any other commercial locks give Lockforce Locksmiths in Southampton a call today on 02381 040167.

Night Latches (Yale Locks)

From the traditional style right through to British Standard, night latches offer a cost-effective way of securing your home.

These locks are surface mounted and come in various shapes and sizes which include auto dead locking, a lockable handle and BS extended bolt versions.

The lower end of the market is usually installed along with a mortise lock however the latest British Standard night latch includes all the benefits of added security which often include a cylinder pull with rotating disc to prevent picking and drilling. The bolt is 20mm wide and often reinforced to give additional strength and security to meet the BS3621/2007 specifications.

For more information on Night Latch Locks CALL Lockforce Locksmiths in Southampton a today on 02381 040167.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are locks found on wooden doors these locks come in a range of sizes and security levels.

The main sizes are 2.5" and 3" the locks are then 3 and 5 lever locks generally these locks are identified by either the locks face plate or the key.

The locks that Lockforce Locksmith in Southampton fit to external front doors are always British standard as these are required by insurance company's these locks are 5 lever locks and have a larger bolt and anti-drill plates.

They come with 2 keys as standard and due to our mobile key cutting service extra keys can be cut on site. For bed room and internal doors 3 lever mortise locks with suffice generally. Bathroom locks are a 2-lever lock with the ability to lock and unlock inside the bathroom using a thumb turn and externally using a screw driver or a blunt thin object. Lockforce Locksmith in Southampton also fit both bathroom and internal door locks.

All these locks come with the option of a sash lock or a dead lock. A sash lock is where a sash is fitted and a Handle must be depressed to open the door and retract the sash and a Dead lock doesn't have these features so unlocking the doors lock will allow the door to be pushed open.

There are also other mortise locks available but these are the most common and preferred locks to be fitted in both homes and Business. At Lockforce Locksmiths in Southampton we supply and fit these locks and all come with a 1-year warranty.

All locks are fitted to the requirement set by insurance standards and the lock companies regulation as a Locksmith in Southampton we fit these locks regularly so we can have these fitted for you the same day as we also stock these locks and a wide range of handles to go with them. All keys are also stocked allowing you to have the standard 2 keys or even 200 keys if it is for a business and all come with and tested by your locksmith in Southampton so we can guarantee these keys with work first time every time.

For more information about Mortise Locks give Lockforce Locksmiths in Southampton a call today on 02381 040167.

Student Discount for Lock Outs in Southampton

The city of Southampton has an overwhelming student population from its various universities, students from all walks of life and all corners of the world reside in this wonderful city.

There are increasing halls of residence appearing along with new student accommodation buildings throughout the city to supply the influx of interns.

All student accommodation must adhere to strict fire regulations and one of those includes night latch locks and almost all include some sort of self-closing fire door mechanism to the rooms.

This sounds great for your safety and wellbeing however there are slight inconveniences, mainly when you pop out your room for a snack in the kitchen or fancy a shower only to realise as the door automatically closes behind you that the darn key is inside… After an hour or so trying to open your door with your precious credit card you find that method not only wrecks your financial lifeline it also has no affect in getting you back into you room.

Enter Lockforce Southampton… I’m currently offering a substantial discount of 25% OFF my 24 hour lock out costs for students in Southampton, check out https://www.facebook.com/LockforceSouthampton/

Simply add “Lockie Chris 02381 040 167” into your phone for future reference and should you get caught out then I can be with you within 20 mins at a hugely discounted rate… I have lost count of the amount of students that have fallen foul to this unfortunate situation, so take full advantage of this opportunity, hopefully you’ll never need my services but better to have my number to hand rather than spend a fortune on the first Locksmith you call on Google.

More Information on our Student Discounts call your Local Locksmiths in Southampton on 02381 040167.

Recent Jobs

Gain entry in Southampton, SO32 – 3rd January 2023

Lockforce Locksmith Southampton were called out as the customer has lost the keys to the front door while on a long walk. We were able to get to the property at the specified time the customer requested. Gaining entry and replacing the euro thumb turn cylinder, for the customers safety and security. 

Failed gearbox in Southampton, SO51 - 31st December 2022

Recently Lockforce Locksmith Southampton was called out as the customer could not lock their front door, the key would just spin in the cylinder. We found the issue quickly as the gearbox had failed mechanically, then had a replacement on the van so that this could be installed the same day for the customer and able to lock their home again in their safety and security. 


Click to see more recent jobs.

Customer wants to replace front door lock in Southampton, SO14 - 20th October 2022 

Lockforce Locksmith Southampton took a call from a customer who wanted us to change his front door lock as his tenants had lost their original key. We attended the same day, changed the locks and got extra keys cuts for the owner and the tenants living in the apartment. We also installed a lock box on the side of the property. The customer was happy with the service and finally had peace of mind knowing the house was secure again. 

Southampton Locksmith for a fault back door in Southampton, SO16 - 8th September 2022. 

Recently Lockforce locksmith Southampton was called out for a fault back door mortice lock not opening. After an investigation to the mortice lock some inner parts had been broken but not fully so it was an intermittent lock and unlock. This was replaced for a bs 5 lever sash lock. The customer was happy and much confident to be secure in her home and able to enter and exit from her back door rather than the from front and must walk all the way around. 

Southampton Locksmith for a filing cabins door lockout in Southampton, SO14 - 7th September 2022. 

Recently Lockforce locksmith Southampton was called out to an emergency call out gain entry to a filing cabinet. After the customer had lost the original keys. Lockforce locksmith Southampton was able to gain entry and get the filing cabinet open for the customer to get her files for her customers. Also new keys were sent out for next day delivery. The customer was happy with the fast response and great service provided. 

Southampton Locksmith for a full front and back door lock security in Southampton, SO14 - 5th September 2022. 

Recently Lockforce locksmith Southampton was called out to secure the back door of the bar , installing new finger shoot bolts and a replacement euro thumb turn cylinder for easy access exit. Also, for the front door , an additional BS 5 lever mortice was installed for extra security plus extra keys cut on site. Also, replacement finger shoot bolts as the old ones where easy to push to gain entry before. The customer was happy and felt more secure for their safety not having to worry about when the next person was trying to brake in. 

Southampton Locksmith for a flat front door night latch in Southampton, SO14 - 1st September 2022. 

Recently lockforce locksmith Southampton called out to to a flat front door in Southampton. The keys had been left inside while the door slammed shut. We were quick on the scene to gain entry for the customer. A new key lock box has been ordered for future unexpected lockouts. The customer was so happy to get back in and for the fast response.

Southampton Locksmith for a garage door lockout in Southampton, SO14 - 27th August 2022. 

Recently lockforce locksmith Southampton was called out to a garage door lockout where the key had been snapped in the lock. We were able to extract the key from the cylinder and make a new key from the broken key. The customer was happy for Lockforce to get back in to the garage without having to damage the lock and to get a new key there and then.

Southampton Locksmith for a re-alignment issue in a commercial business in Southampton, SO16 - 23rd August 2022. 

Recently lockforce locksmith Southampton was called out for a large sliding bay door was not closing or locking sometimes.  After looking in and around the door lockforce locksmith Southampton had noticed the hook bolts had come loose and therefor not allowing the doors to close and lock properly. This was a good and easy fix to then help the business close there doors after hours.  The customer was happy for us to come out and find a solution quick. 

Southampton Locksmith for a Re-alignment on a customers front door in Southampton, SO14 - 19th August 2022. 

Recently lockforce locksmith Southampton was called out to an elderly couple that where having trouble locking there front door.  We investigated the problem that the Heavy large front door had dropped slightly out of alignment. Lockforce locksmith Southampton amended the night latch to securely lock the door and also there where 2 shot bolts they had moved from the keeps. Just a moving the shot bolts keeps a little helped being able o lock the door fully. The elderly couple where very please to be able to lock there door without any trouble again 

Southampton Locksmith for mortice euro in Southampton, SO14 - 16th August 2022.

Recently Lockforce Locksmith Southampton were called by a customer who had a lock his keys to his flat. Lockforce locksmith Southampton was able to respond and get to the customers home within 30 mins. We got the customer in his home within minutes, then got the lock upgraded because the customer had lost his original keys. The customer was so happy with the fast response and effort of the locksmith for getting the customer in his home so quick.

Southampton Locksmith for key jammed in Southampton, SO15 - 10th August 2022.

Recently Lockforce Locksmith Southampton were called by a customer who had a got his key stuck in the door it would not lock or unlock. Lockforce locksmith Southampton had seen the situation and explained to the customers it was a malfunction with the mech called maco cam Jam. We were able to reset the mech after fitting and testing the door mech , the customer was happy to be safe and secure in his home again.

Southampton Locksmith for a gain entry In a shop back-office storeroom in Southampton, SO14 -  8th August 2022. 

Recently Lockforce Locksmith Southampton was called out for a gain entry to a back-office storeroom where a digital code lock is installed, and the shop keeper had forgotten the code. So first, we were able to gain entry then was asked if we could get a new code for the lock. The code was decoded and set for the shopkeeper, and the shop eeper was happy again to access freely knowing the code and Able to lock the door when not required to access the room. The customer was pleased for the quick response to get to the shop before change of hands and closing the shop for the night. 

Southampton Locksmith for a gain entry on a night latch in Southampton, SO16 - 2nd August  2022. 

Recently Lockforce Locksmith Southampton was able to meet a customer on their return home from a day's work after they had left the keys in their home while rushing out. We were able to gain entry via picking the lock so that the customer could relax and enjoy that evening safely at home. The customer was very happy with the service and response from our team. 

Southampton Locksmith for a front and back door lock replacement in Southampton, SO18 - 30th July 2022. 

Recently Lockforce Locksmith Southampton was called out to a home that the customer had just brought. He wanted to change all the locks with high security British standard locks.  The customer was very happy with the service to get the house safe and secure and the rapid time the job was completed in.

Southampton locksmith fixes key stuck in door, SO31 - 20th July 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Southampton was called out to access the situation with a key stuck in the door after the locksmith arrived he was able to find a piece of metal stuck in the key way in the mechanical lock stopping the cam from fully operating, the locksmith was able to remove the object, the locksmith then reassembled the door lock to make the home secure again and making the customer feel safe in there home again. 

Southampton emergency locksmith needed at 2am, SO16 - 17th July 2022. 

Lockforce Locksmith Southampton was called at 2:30am and was able to get the apartment within 30mins. Then within 5mins of our locksmith being there we had the customer back in their home. Clean and tidy picking the lock. The customer was worried about all the noise as it was 2:50 and all the neighbours where sleeping but it was a quick and quiet job. Very happy and great service. 

Emergency gain entry to top floor flat in Southampton, SO15 - 16th July 2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Southampton was called to gain entry to the flat right at the top of a 25 story block of flats. Our Southampton locksmith was able to gain entry within minutes and was then asked to upgrade the lock and have a thumb turn for easy and quick access. The customers was happy with the service and fast response, having all the equipment need at the right time. 

Full property security upgrade including high security locks on doors and windows in Lymington, Southampton, SO41 - 19th July 2022.

Lockforce Locksmith Southampton had an emergency call out for a customer in Lymington. We were able to respond straight away and was at the property within the hour. Police were on scene regarding a violent ex-partner. The first job was to make sure all the lower front bedroom windows were secured. A couple of the locks where corroded so we removed the mech strip and replaced with a temporary window jammer until we could replace the strips. We then moved on to replacing all the cylinders on the property doors including the front door, side door and back patio doors. All the doors were fitted with high security 3* cylinders making the customer feel safe and secure in their home.

Entry gained for locked bedroom in Southampton, SO16 - 13td July 2022.

Lockforce Locksmith Southampton gained entry to a bedroom by picking a bs3621 night latch. The door had closed on its own and the owner had lost the keys previously.  So after I gained entry non destructively I was able to replace like for like replacement rim lock to the door.  Had it all check and had the customer come check it was all ok. Before handing over a new set of keys.  The customer was happy with the fast response to the phone call and also how I gained entry so quick and got the job done in a neat and tidy manner.

Night latch and garage lock replacement in Southampton, SO14 - 5th July 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Southampton were called by a customer who had a faulty nightlatch and a garage door that would not open. So first of all the locksmith delt with the faulty nightlatch, there was a problem with the secure latch as sometimes it would stick and work other days, this was all down to an old classic night latch and some of the mech springs not working as good as they once did, this was sorted with a new and high security BS Era night latch. Fitted and tested well, also the garage door half cylinder is another old cylinder after finally being able to get in to the garage finding out so much corrosion due to the location being by the water. This was replaced with a new and high security half cylinders lock. The customer was happy with the quick response and work down to make there home secure again.

Door jammed in Southampton - 05/04/2021

Lockforce Southampton was asked to attend a home in Central Southampton where the client described the issue as a jammed door mech. Talking to the customer and ascertaining a few key points I mentioned that it sounded like a failed gearbox within the Upvc door itself. After giving the client a min-max price point they agreed, and I attended. With a jammed Upvc door mech or MPL (multi point locking) system the main issue is opening the door as this almost always fails in the closed position and the handles or key simply swivels with not contact with the door mech. Lockforce Southampton uses traditional locksmith methods to gain Non-Destructive entry in these situations. Once the door is opened, I then identified the gearbox and replaced with new. Lockforce Southampton carries a huge stock of common gearboxes along with a vast array of everyday locks so you, the client, can be rest assured that the issues are solved in one visit. Once again a very happy customer and another great review…

House Move in Southampton - 19/01/2021

Moving home is an exciting and daunting time and during this period its best to stop and consider who has had access to your new property previously. That’s exactly what a charming lady who moved from London to Southampton decided to do and upon reflection called Lockforce Southampton asking for a Free Home Survey. During my inspection I noted that all exterior doors did not conform to British Standards and therefore were potentially void of insurance should there be a burglary. I then proceeded to show the customer the advantages of the Ultion 3 star Security Cylinder and also the British Standard 5 lever mortice locks, worked out a price and within a day her 2 exterior conservatory doors, 2 internal patio doors and front door had all been installed with the highest of security leaving the customer extremely satisfied and feeling safe and secure.

NHS front liner worker in SO23, Winchester - 10/04/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Winchester attended an emergency lockout in Winchester yesterday when a NHS front line worker unfortunately locked herself out. I managed to gain unforced entry to her property, and she was inside within a couple of minutes.
Lockforce Winchester currently has a fantastic offer on at the moment giving Free Emergency Services for all NHS workers, so Claire was more than happy with the emergency locksmith service.


Moving home is an exciting and daunting time and during this period its best to stop and consider who has had access to your new property previously. That’s exactly what a charming lady who moved from London to Southampton decided to do and upon reflection called Lockforce Southampton asking for a Free Home Survey. During my inspection I noted that all exterior doors did not conform to British Standards and therefore were void of insurance should there be a burglary. I then proceeded to show the customer the advantages of the Ultion 3 star Security Cylinder and also the British Standard 5 lever mortice locks, worked out a price and within a day her 2 exterior conservatory doors, 2 internal patio doors and front door had all been installed with the highest of security leaving the customer extremely satisfied and feeling safe and secure.


A customer called me noting I was a member of Checkatrade and asked a few questions regarding changing an intermittent faulty front door lock. I then gave the client fixed prices on three alternative lock options, wisely he opted for the 3 star Ultion lock which is rated as British Standards. Review: “Richard arrived on time and was extremely courteous, he completed the work to a high standard and cleaned up all the mess I cannot recommend his services highly enough and would definitely use him again when needed.”

Stressed daughter helping her disabled mother

I had a random phone call 27th October 2017 from a distressed lady asking if I had fitted a euro cylinder lock to her disabled mothers house that previous morning, I promptly replied no I’m sorry that wasn’t me she then proceed to end the conversation and hang up until I asked can I help and what’s the problem…It transpires that she had spent hours trying to contact the Locksmith, (I use the word loosely) who attend her disabled mother’s house to replace her thumb turn cylinder lock on her upvc door, problem was he only he replaced it with a totally different lock without a thumb turn, the issue was her mother couldn’t operate the key in the lock internally to secure the door. I sympathised with her and mentioned if she had no success then I will attend site and replace the lock at cost… 15 minutes later she called me to ask if I can help, so I arrived only to find that not only was the lock the wrong type, it was oversize and installed totally incorrectly, and it could potentially cause damage to the whole locking system. I measured the correct dimensions for her upvc door and installed a high quality anti-snap euro cylinder thumb turn lock. I then mentioned that she should always check to see if the Locksmiths are legitimate thus having DBS police clearance, Checkatrade vetted, have the proper indemnity insurances and always provide proof via the appropriate ID that way you can insure that issues that had just happened to her don’t happen in future. The client and her mother were so grateful and left me with a great review…“I called Richard at Lockforce by chance and I'm so glad I did he is a professional of the best kind, very quick and efficient job and lots of helpful advice. He did a great job of replacing my front door lock in an emergency. Many thanks for getting my out of a tight bind today”

It’s not selling…..It’s education and awareness

A recent phone call from a potential customer went something like this,

  • Customer: “Hi I’ve just purchased a new home in ************ and would like a quotation to change all the Upvc door locks, can you help”.
  • Richard Lockforce Southampton: ‘Certainly’ was the reply, “can you just have a quick look at the front of the keyway on your locks where your insert the key, I need to ascertain what kind of lock you have, what are the markings?”.
  • Customer: “There isn’t any markings at all…it’s just blank”.
  • Richard Lockforce Southampton: “Ok, it seems as though you have a standard ‘euro cylinder lock’, I would strongly suggest you upgrade whilst changing these to something suitable like a Brisant TS007 cylinder lock, these are one of the securest locks available, for example the Brisant TS007 is without doubt the most fortified euro-cylinder available on the domestic market, which includes a 3 star security rating”
  • Customer: “That sounds really expensive, what’s the price”…..
  • Richard Lockforce Southampton: “Good question, I get asked that a lot, may ask what car you drive?”
  • Customer: …….”Sorry?”
  • Richard Lockforce Southampton: “It’s just that you’ve just purchased your dream home in a very affluent part of Southampton, I bet you drive a lovely car”
  • Customer: “well yes actually, I have a new BMW 5 series, it’s my pride and joy!”
  • Richard Lockforce Southampton: “Well sir unfortunately that’s the price…the BMW, your pride and joy…, you see the locks you have at present can be snapped and entry can be gained from a would-be burglar in a matter of seconds to grab your car keys. With the Brisant locks I recommend, entry would be a thing of the past as they are anti snap, so much so that Brisant themselves offer £1000 guarantee if an intruder breaks into your home by snapping these locks, and the bonus is that they are not that much more expensive than the standard locks”

After an initial ‘no obligation, free survey’ of the property and a quick demonstration of the Brisant Ultion locks the client proceeded to have his front, side and rear patio door locks replaced…. So, think carefully when enquiring about replacing locks, it’s not just a new set of keys your after for you new property, it’s piece of mind knowing your home is secure. Call me Chris Lockforce Southampton on 02381 040 167 to book your no obligation survey.

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