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Lockforce Locksmith Chichester - Your Local Emergency Mobile Locksmith Covering Chichester and surrounding areas

A Fast And Responsive Emergency Locksmith Service in Chichester. DBS Checked and Recommended by Customers. Call Lee on 01243 252106

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Lockforce Chichester

Lee Dray

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Customer Reviews

Lockforce Chichester is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 40 customer reviews.

About me...

by Lockforce Locksmiths in  Chichester

Hello, my name is Lee Dray and I am the owner and manager of Lockforce Locksmiths in Chichester and the surrounding areas. I am a local family man and I am making it my mission to provide the best level of security to my neighbours and their friends and families. My motto is ‘Keeping You Safe’ and this really is what I strive to do.

Do you know how safe and secure your home or business is? I bet you don’t and that’s okay as I offer a FREE, NO OBLIGATION HOME SECURITY CHECK. So why not take advantage of this opportunity and book an appointment with your local, trusted, qualified and insured Lockforce technician.


  • No call out fees
  • 1-year quality workmanship guarantee
  • Public liability up to £5 million
  • DBS certificate
  • Trading Standards approval with Checked & Vetted
  • Checkatrade accredited and reviewed

I'm pleased to be able to provide (but not limited to) the following services...

  • FREE home security survey
  • British standard, insurance approved locks as standard
  • Lockouts - 24/7 emergency locksmiths
  • Door and window re-aligning
  • Mobile key cutting to your home of office
  • Insurance work
  • Safe access
  • Mortice locks
  • uPVC doors and window locks
  • Only high security locks used
  • Additional security devices such as Sash-jammers
  • Master key sets
  • High security locks
  • Broken key extraction 
  • Conservatory lock repair and replacement
  • Filing cabinet lock replacement
  • Door bolts, bars and latches
  • Keyed alike
  • Key safes
  • Window and door lock repairs and upgrades

my customers...

  • Residential & Commercial
  • Letting & Estate agents
  • NHS
  • Police
  • Schools
  • Insurance providers
  • Housing association


Lockforce Locksmiths offer a 24 hour FREE call out service to the people of Chichester. Your security and satisfaction is our absoloute priority, which is why we are available around the clock to ensure you are safe.

We offer a 24 hour emergency service to both commercial and domestic customers in Chichester and the surrounding areas. We do not use call centres, so when you call me on 01243 252106, you are guaranteed to get through to me, your local and trusted locksmith, rather than a call centre opperator with little to no knowledge of your issue or the area.  

Lockforce Locksmiths in Chichester are specialists in non-destructive entry gain. We will ensure your lock issues are resolved at a time that best suits you, whether that be 3am or 3pm we are available to assist you in staying safe and secure.

Call Lee Dray, your local expert locksmith in Chichester today on 01243 252106 if you wish to know more about our 24 HOUR services.


Lockforce Locksmiths now have over 2000 reviews with 98% of these 5 star rated! This allows you, the customer, to see how trusted we are as a company.

Lockforce Locksmiths in Chichester work closely with the local community, providing a 24hour service to ensure you remain safe and secure in your property. We work with Schools, Churches, Police and the NHS. We always carry our ID and we are Police DBS checked.

My reviews are publicly posted online and are checked and vetted by external sources. If you would like to see what my customers say about me, please take a look under the reviews section at the bottom of this page.

Call Lee for a rapid response from your Local Locksmith in Chichester today on 01243 252106 and I aim to be with you in 10-45 minutes, 24 hours a day.


If you unfortunately find yourself locked out of your property, do not worry! I know your main concern is to get back in to your property, so call Lee at Lockforce Locksmiths Chichester for your local emergency service. If you have lost your key, snapped your key, left them inside or the lock will just not open, I have the knowledge and training in the latest tried-and-trusted locksmith techniques to gain non-destructive access to your property. 

Whatever your situation, I will always provide an efficient and professional service, and will promise to get you back in to your property within in a timely manner. 

Locked out of your property? Contact Lockforce Locksmiths Chichester today on 01243 252106 for 24 hour emergency service.


Lockforce Locksmiths in Chichester specialise in repairing and replacing faulty and broken parts on uPVC windows and doors.

There are various parts of a uPVC door that may become faulty, these include:

  • Multi Point Lock - This is the metal strip where all the locking points should move smoothly to enable the door to lock securely when the handle is lifted.
  • Euro Cylinder Locks - The key may snap or not turn, or even go into (or out of) the lock. We can replace, repair, service or upgrade these locks
  • Gearbox - When these become faulty, the usual symptoms are the handle is spinning or not depressing when unlocking the door.
  • Door Alignment - If your door is not closing smoothly, it may require realigning. Not realigning the door can cause undue stress on the locking points.
  • uPVC Windows - If your window will not open or close, we can repair the faulty parts, rather than cause destructive damage to the window itself.

Lockforce can carry out these repairs 99% of the time on the same day, keeping you safe and secure.

Problems with your uPVC door or windows? Contact Lee at Lockforce Locksmiths in Chichester today on 01243 252106

Moving House? Think About Your Locks

Have you just moved or about to move homes? At Lockforce Locksmiths in Chichester, we recommend that changing the locks on your external doors should be one of the first things you do.

Your family, furniture and personal belongings have been moved into this new property to make it your new home. Do you really want to risk someone else having a key to your doors? You will never know how many keys are in circulation, so don’t assume assume keys have been handed over to you. Please consider the following:

  • How many previous occupants has your new home had with these current locks?
  • Was it previously a rental property?
  • Have keys ever been given to tradesman or cleaner?
  • Has the property been looked after by a 3rd party (agency/friend)

Lockforce Locksmiths in Chichester can provide advice to meet the level of security you require. All our locks that we supply and fit, will meet home insurance requirements, British Standards and Police recommendations.

Have you moved to a new property in or around Chichester? Would you like to make your home safe against anyone else having keys? Call Lee on 01243 252106


Do you ever read the small print? Most of us don’t. But as a homeowner, you should be aware that most insurance companies stipulate that your locks need to be insurance approved and meet British Standard (BS3621). Do you know if you have insurance approved locks on your doors? If not, your home insurance may be invalid and any claims can be refused! British Standard locks provide a high level of security to protect your family and home.

Lockforce Locksmiths in Chichester supply insurance approved British Standard locks and also Anti Snap cylinder locks to protect you against a break-in.

To see if your locks are British Standard, look for the kite mark on your lock (see pics below).


If you are unsure whether your locks offer sufficient protection to your property, contact Lockforce Locksmith Chichester for a FREE home security survey on 01243 252106.


Have you checked your keys recently? Do you have a spare key for all your keys? At Lockforce Locksmiths in Chichester, we can cut keys for you with our mobile service. Our van is fully stocked with a wide range of blank keys for commercial and residential properties. Our key cutting machine conveniently enables us to cut additional keys at your property and also guarantee they work by testing every cut key there and then.

Need an additional key? Or a spare set of keys? Contact Lee at Lockforce Locksmiths in Chichester on 01243 252 104.

Recent jobs

Distressed customer in Emsworth - 10th October 2019

Job - Customer called to say they had their key snapped in front door lock, so she was locked out and had 2 young children in the car wanting their dinner

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Chichester attended the emergency in quick time. When I attended, the customer had noticed the back door was unlocked! However, their front door key was still stuck in the lock .The key came out within seconds using the correct extraction tools. I then asked the customer if the key snapped due to the lock being tight. The customer said it was tight, and I explained that the door will need realigning otherwise the key will snap again soon. I hope to hear from the customer soon! 

New homeowner in Selsey requiring a change of locks in Chichester - 2nd October 2019

Job- Customer rang Lockforce and asked if we could change locks on their new home as soon as contracts were exchanged.

Solution - Lockforce locksmiths in Chichester explained to the customer that we are available 24/7, so we arranged to install the new locks at 9pm. We attended their home and installed 2 anti-snap cylinder locks to their external doors. The new homeowner now has total peace of mind that they are safe and secure as they are now the sole owner of the keys to their new home.

Customer snapped key in lock in Chichester - 23rd September 2019

Job- Customer had snapped their key after a night of celebrating and needed access to their flat.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Chichester attended the HMO property in Emsworth at an agreed time with the customer. We extracted the key using a locksmith key extractor. The spare key for the flat was inside, so Lockforce picked the rim cylinder lock and gained access non-destructively. The customer was inside their home within 15 minutes of us attending!

Commercial property requiring extra security in Chichester - 8th September 2019

Job- A shop owner in Emsworth called Lockforce, asking for increased security between their shop floor and the warehouse.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Chichester attended the commercial premises. Lockforce recommended a digital push button door lock on the wooden door separating the shop from the warehouse as the best security solution for them. Digital locks can be coded, meaning the shop owner can choose a memorable password for gaining access. This also means the staff do not require a key for entry, they just need to push in the correct code. Lockforce installed the lock mechanism and the shop owner now has a safer and secure shop!

Security upgrade to front door in Emsworth - 6th September 2019

Job - Customer wanted their security increased and requested advice.

Solution - The customer informed me of their concerns due to a recent intrusion in their block of flats. Lockforce Locksmiths in Chichester gave free home security advice to the customer. Various recommendations were made and the customer decided to upgrade their current cylinder lock to an Ultion BS3621 3-star rated lock. This lock is Police and Insurance Approved. This lock comes with a £1000 guarantee that an intruder will not gain access through this lock. We also provided bluetooth-powered key rings, so they can locate their Ultion key in seconds from their smartphone.

Lock stuck in the door in Chichester - 28th August 2019

Job - Install new internal handle on study room, but existing handle stuck in the door

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths Chichester attended the customer’s house at a planned time. The internal handle was removed using locksmith tools. The new handle had a lock, so the customer could keep their home office safe. Minor woodwork adjustments were made to the door and the lock was installed. Whilst at the customer’s property, the front door was also serviced as the customer was fed up with their squeaky door!  

Overnight car intruder in Ermsworth - 20th August 2019

Job - Customer had their wallet stolen out of the car in their driveway.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths Chichester received the emergency call and attended the customers property. A full home security survey was undertaken and the recommendations were presented to the homeowner. They agreed to have all locks upgraded on all 5 external doors as well as their garage lock changed. All the rear exit doors were fitted with an anti-snap lock and were keyed alike. The customer wanted the front door lock to have the maximum security, so an Ultion 3 Star cylinder lock and a Lock-Lock handle was installed. The garage door lock was also replaced with a new anti snap lock. As part of our service, all doors were serviced and aligned for free! 

Front door jammed in Chichester - 13th August 2019

Job - Composite door wouldn’t open when pulling handle down

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths Chichester attended the property in East Witterings. The front door was unlocked but the hooks in the multi-point locking system were not disengaging. Lockforce used a non-destructive technique to open the door by creating more space within the door frame and releasing the hooks from its ‘keep’. The door could now open. It was then noted the multi point locking system was faulty. Lockforce made the door temporarily safe with an overnight lock. A replacement part was ordered and was installed the next morning. The door is now safe and fully secure.

Extra home security required in Chichester - 7th August 2019

Job - Customer had a disabled son who kept letting himself out of their rear uPVC door. Customer said they wanted new locks on the kitchen door.

Solution - I surveyed the options and noticed the rear door had a thumb turn lock. For safety reasons, I explained to the customer that replacing the thumb turn lock with a key lock cylinder is the safest and simplest option, rather than installing a new lock on their uPVC door. I changed the lock and also serviced the locking points for free! Happy customer!

Customer locked out in the boiling heat in Chichester - 29th July 2019

Job - Customer rang Lockforce locksmiths in Chichester and explained that they had a key, but it wasn’t working in their night latch (Yale) lock.

Solution - Lockforce attended to the emergency in West Wittering. Non-destructive access was gained. The problem was the tail on the rim cylinder lock was not engaging with the Nightlatch. The Nightlatch had become loose from the wooden door. The screws were tightened and the lock mechanism now engaged with the lock. Problem solved!

Lock change required immediately in Chichester - 24th July 2019 

Job - Customer contacted Lockforce to inform me their family members property has been entered twice by someone that shouldn’t have access

Solution- Lockforce locksmiths in Chichester attended the property at the time agreed. We offered security advice for the whole property. A new antisnap thumbturn cylinder lock was installed on the front door and the customer said they felt more safe and secure with a new lock

Dog walkers locked out in the dark - 15th July 2019

Job- Lockforce received a call at 10pm from a homeowner in Tangmere who was locked out with 3 dogs. The customer explained what locks they had so that I could be prepared to bring the correct tools to their door.

Solution- Lockforce locksmiths in Chichester attended the emergency within 20 minutes of the call. We took the correct locksmith tools (and a torch!) to their door. Non-destructive access was gained within 5 minutes by using locksmithing methods. The dogs and the homeowners could now enjoy the rest of the night!

Customer’s DIY job gone wrong in Chichester - 8th July 2019

Job - A homeowner rang Lockforce Locksmiths Chichester to say they had taken their BS3621 Night Latch (Yale lock) off so they could paint the wooden door, but they could not attach the lock back on!

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Chichester attended the property in North Mundham. The rim cylinder and tailbar were installed correctly, however the night latch locking cam was not in the correct position. This was realigned and the night latch was fitted back onto the door correctly. Job done!

Wooden door to a lodge would not open in Westergate - 3rd July 2019

Job- Locksmith Locksmiths in Chichester received an emergency call at midnight. Customer explained they have shut their door and now it won’t open. The keys are on the inside.

Solution - Lockforce attended the local call within 15 minutes. We assessed the door lock mechanism and looked at all options to gain access non-destructively. The handle was not engaging with the spindle in the lock. We removed the handles and noticed the grub screws were loose and the spindle had retracted from the handle. We re-installed the handles correctly and the door opened!

Customer locked out of home - 27th June 2019

Job - Customer lost keys and needed access to their home ASAP

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Chichester attended the emergency with our rapid response service. We first analysed all the opportunities of entry. The front door was secured with a mortice lock and a night latch (Yale) lock. The uPVC rear door was secured by a euro cylinder. Lockforce used our locksmith expertise and gained access through the rear door. We advised the customer to change their locks as the keys could now be in someone else’s possession. All locks were changed. The rear uPVC door had an upgraded anti snap lock installed and the mortice lock on the wooden front door was upgraded to a BS3621 5 lever insurance approved lock.

Family locked out in East Wittering - 17th June 2019

Job - customer called from to say they have left their keys inside their home. The whole family are locked out, but have a car to wait in.

Solution - Lockforce locksmiths in Chichester attended the emergency. All options were assessed to see which entry gain would be quickest and non-destructive. Lockforce gained entry within 10 minutes via the rim cylinder lock using non-destructive locksmithing techniques. Access was gained and the family could get back into their home. The customer took the opportunity to have all their locks assessed. Lockforce offer this service for FREE.

Customer locked out in the rain in Chichester - 10th June 2019 

Job - The customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Chichester and explained the front door had shut on them and the keys were in the lock on the internal side. They luckily had a neighbour they could stay with until I could attend. 

Solution - Lockforce arrived within 30 minutes to the emergency. Access was gained immediately and non-destructively using locksmith methods. Customer could now feel safe and secure back in their own home.

Cylinder lock change in Hambrook - 4th June 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Chichester attended a Taylor Wimpey site as an existing lock in a commercial door had been installed incorrectly. Lockforce measured the lock and installed a correctly sized lock in its place. This lock was an anti-snap thumb turn lock which meant not only was their security increased, but the lock also complies with fire regulations.

Additional security reqiured in Chichester - 28th May 2019

The customer informed me of their concerns due to a recent intrusion at another flat in their block and so wanted to get some additional security to the wooden internal door to their flat. Lockforce Locksmiths in Chichester gave free home security advice to the customer, various recommendations were made and the customer decided to upgrade their current cylinder lock to an Ultion BS3621 3 star rated lock. This lock comes with a £1000 guarantee that an intruder will not gain access through this lock. We also provided bluetooth-powered key rings, so they can locate their Ultion key in seconds from their smartphone!

Installing four bedroom locks in a multiple occupancy house in Chichester 

A customer contacted Lockforce Locksmiths Chichester as they wanted some locks fitting to doors within a multi occupancy house is Chichesrter. We attended the property and ordered all the correct locking systems. Lockforce installed a euro sash lock, thumb turn anti snap lock and new handles to each bedroom door. Thumb turn locks were installed to meet fire regulations. This meant the tenants all have keyless exits from their rooms in the event of an emergency. 

Home security survey - Chichester - 10th May 2019

A customer contacted Lockforce Locksmiths Chichester to request a FREE home security survey. After assessing all exit doors and windows, I provided the customer with my recommendations. The customer wisely upgraded all their locks and windows. I installed a British Standard (BS3621) night latch to the front door with new escutcheons. Window locks were also installed to the ground floor windows and sash jammers to the workshop windows. The other external doors had mortice door bolts installed with Ultion cylinder locks for maximum security. Finally, the rear uPVC french doors had keyed-alike anti-snap cylinders installed. The customer was very happy with the added security provided by Lockforce Locksmiths Chichester.

UPVC door not closing - 1st May 2019

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Chichester attended the property in West Wittering. The UPVC door was surveyed and the door required realignment. It was explained to the customer that the recent weather change may have caused the UPVC door to expand. The customer wisely called Lockforce to have this issue addressed. Leaving your door with alignment issues causes stress to the other mechanical parts of the door (gearbox, multipoint locks, keys, cylinders, handles) and can be costly! Lockforce realigned the door, ensuring it closed smoothly. This will definitely save the customer a lot of money in the long run.

Quick access gained for customer locked out of house - April 27 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Chichester attended an emergency call for a customer that was locked out of their house. I identified that the cylinder lock was not engaging with the Yale night latch as it had become loose from the wooden door.  The problem was resolved by tightening the screws which allowed the lock mechanism to engage with the lock.

House secured following departure of tenant - Bosham, Chichester - 13th April 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Chichester were asked to assist a landlord whose tenant had left, but had not handed back the house keys. To ensure the owner of the house could keep his house safe and secure, I installed rim cylinder locks to two exterior wooden doors and an anti-snap cylinder lock to the rear UPVC side door. I also gave the landlord access to two bedrooms which the tenant had put locks on. I left the landlord with a property that was now safe and secure.

Clamp stuck on caravan wheel - 3rd April 2019

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths Chichester attended the caravan site and met the customer. They explained the issue thy have had installing this security clamp to their wheel. Lockforce noticed it was clamped on too tight and was wedged into the tyre. We were able to manoeuvre the clamp so that it was not as tight. Because the locking mechanism was not under pressure anymore, we used the key and the clamp unlocked! Customer happy as they can now continue with their holiday tour!

Customer locked out of their new home - 26th March 2019

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths Chichester attended within 20 mins of the emergency call. As the customer informed me over the phone that their keys were inside their home, I already knew that the door wouldn’t be deadlocked. Through our advanced locksmithing methods, I gained non-destructive entry via the letterbox. The customer took my advice, and a police-approved key safe was installed. This now means the customer will always have a spare key and they should have no further problems with staying safe and secure.

Customer lost padlock key to their bike in Chichester - 11th March 2019

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths met the customer at Chichester train station where their bike was locked up. To ensure great customer service, I arranged with the customer to return their unlocked bike back to their house. After 15 minutes the padlock was cut open and the bike was returned to the customer’s home safely!

Customer lost their garage key.

Solution - As I was sent a picture of the lock type, I was able to order a new garage lock and install the next day for the customer. I gained unforced entry to the garage and replaced the lock. I also cut another spare key for the customer on-site, just to be on the safe side!

Customer was away on holiday in the UK, but couldn’t find their home Ultion door key on them.

Solution - Firstly, I waited for the customer to do their own searching. They called back within the hour to say their neighbour had found the key where he lives in his block of flats. I then visited the customer and offered some solutions to stop this re-occuring as this was the 3rd time it had happened. Firstly, we ordered a spare Ultion key and stored this in a police-approved key safe. We also ordered an Ultion Key Ring and downloaded theTrackR App on his smartphone. With this Ultion Key Ring the customer can now find his keys via his phone App. Happy customer!

Care worker locked out with elderly lady inside - AGINCARE called me to see if I could attend ASAP.

Solution- I arrived at the house within 30mins. I spoke to the care worker outside and they showed me the lock. I used a locksmiths letterbox tool and opened the door immediately. The care worker was back inside in the warm and able to look after her lady again!

Lost postbox key in Chichester

A customer rang me at 7am to say he had lost his postbox key, he explained he was expecting an important letter this morning so needed it changing urgently. 

Solution - I attended to the customer’s property as soon as possible. I picked and replaced the cam lock within 5 minutes - happy customer!

Lost key!

A customer in Chichester called to say that they had lost one of their door keys to their apartment and that they wanted a high security lock replacement.

Solution - Since the customer wanted their 1 Star British Standard cylinder replaced within an equivalent standard or higher, I installed a 3 Star British Standard Ultion lock, one of the best on the market! The customer was extremely happy with the new lock and felt safe in his home

"Missing keys"

Job - A local estate agent called to explain their new tenant was moving in on a Tuesday morning and they were missing keys to the letterbox and storage room.

Solution - I arranged with the tenant to arrive at the most suitable time. I picked the letterbox lock and replaced it with a new key. I cut the padlock off of the storage room and also replaced the lock. The job was completed in just 20mins leaving the tenant to carry on unpacking!

25th October 2018

Job - Lockforce Locksmiths Chichester received a call from a customer to say their key had snapped whilst trying to get into their house and to make matters worse, they did not have access to their rear door either. 

Solution - I looked at all the options to open the door. The customer informed that the wooden door had become quite stiff recently and they have to force the door open. So after spending a considerable amount of time trying to open the door non-destructively, I drilled the lock and opened the rear door. I then installed a new mortise lock and re-aligned the door. 

15th October 2018 - Job - Customer’s front door was stuck closed

Problem - Customer rang Lockforce Locksmiths Chichester to say her front door latch was stuck, but she has alternative access to the house, so it is not an emergency. 

Solution - As the latch was internally broken a new lock was required. The customer supplied me with a new BS3621night latch they wanted to be fitted. So I removed the existing cylinder and latch and replaced the lock, with just a few minor woodwork alterations. The door shut nice and smoothly and the customer was very happy!


Excellent work by the charming and thoughtful Lee. An awkward door but he managed a beautiful job and freely helped with our side gate too. I would not hesitate to recommend him. If there were six stars he would get them


Fiona Bell-Currie

I called as an emergency and Lee was able to come the next day. He was very thorough and told me what he had to do and how much the charge would be He came back, fitted the new lock, tidied up and changed what he said. Polite, prompt and helpful. I would use him again


Mrs Soal

Lee was very helpful, conscientious in his work, providing us with a secure replacement locking system. - Thank you


D. Hamilton

Lee was very helpful, conscientious in his work, providing us with a secure replacement locking system. - Thank you


D. Hamilton

Fast and,efficient very happy with the work


Mrs M Fisk

I've already recommended Lee to two neighbors. He deserves twice five stars. A caring and efficient worker.


Mrs Newby

Came out quickly and got me back in my house in seconds of arriving, I’m very pleased with the service I received


Samantha thorp

Lee Dray reacted very quickly and professionally to our needs and the Customer Service he offers is exceptional. We will definitely recommend him to others in the future.


Ken Vawdrey

Excellent service.
On time which is a plus these days.
Would throughly recommend.



Solved issue very quickly. Fixed problem same day. Great service.


D. Andrews

I phoned with an emergency situation today and Lee Dray turned up to me within 30 minutes as he told me he would. He was brilliant. Lee prioritised the job as it was urgent. He did what he could there and then and returned to complete the job the same afternoon once he had found the part needed. Polite, efficient and friendly. Highly recommend this man and company to others.


Rebecca Saxton

Very happy with service. 5 stars


Mr Gusuio

Turned up within 15 minutes of call and got us into our house without needing new lock. Definitely recommend


sarah barnes

Prompt response and pleasant manner. The work took sometime and was completed satisfactorily.


S Robinson

Extremely friendly, quick and very reasonable pricing! I hope I don't have to use again, but wouldn't hesitate....


E Ward

Turned up exactly at agreed time and gained access within 5 minutes. Great service.



Door wouldn't close, Lee solved problem quickly and gave great service. Definitely recommend him.



Lee was knowledgeable, polite, professional and worked in a timely manner. I would most definitely use his service again.



Lee Dray was excellent and offered a very professional service.
Very prompt visit to discuss requirements and costs given.
Returned and completed first class job.
Would definitely recommend him.


Mrs M

Great service


Nick Soley

We found Lee to be very knowledgeable and professional. We required a number of different services this included locks for our metal windows, bolts for our glass doors and replacement of Ultion locks to other doors. The jobs were undertaken on time, quick and tidy. We would have no hesitation recommending Lee to anyone. We called a number of other locksmiths in our area and when we mentioned metal windows they all refused to help.. But not Lee... Thanks again Lee for a great job The new Ultion locks are great and give us peace of mind.


QED Finance

Very happy with service and good price too. Will use Lee again if I ever need to


Mrs Drummond

Lee came around at short notice and gave me lots of free security advice. I really appreciate the friendly service and will be definitely using him soon. Thank you Lee


Sonia Jones

Many thanks to Lee for his prompt reply to my call. Knows what he’s taking about and no job too small. He was able to give me a price for his services up front so I had no nasty surprises. Highly recommended and would use again


Roland butter

Great service. Lee turned up within 30 minutes of my call and identified problem straight away and fixed door lock there and then.


Sarah Jones

We have had a problem fora while with our door and Lee fixed it. Very happy with door now


C Perril

Excellent service. Lee was very professional and polite. After removing the D lock from the bike he even dropped the bike home for me, to save me waiting around. I would recommend his service.


Sonia Haywood

Having used Lee before, I used him again as his service is excellent. He is very polite and does his job very well. He sold me a lock with extra keys which I was so happy with.


Caroline Dunn

Turned up quickly, solved problem straight away. Very happy with service will use again.


M Dunn

Lee was very thorough and done a very good job. Tidied up well and gave some good recommendations


Chris Barry



Amit Sobli



Yashuraut Sobli



Vijay Laxami

Was very helpful and informative. Very happy with new lock. Was very nice to talk to and helped carry my post as well.


Kevin Cavanagh

Very friendly. Was very thorough and hard working. Door a lot better now.


Mr Scales

Lee arrived on time and got on with the job quickly and was very helpful and polite. Would recommend him


Nicola Norris

Lee turned up on time and was very helpful and professional. He replaced my door lock and I was very satisfied with the service and the price.


J. Gwilym

Lee offered excellent customer service, resolved the issue quickly. I would definitely recommend him.


A. Coort

Happy with lock. Had extra keys cut which was great. Would recommend to others.


Mark Prosser

Turned up on time, well presented and very polite. Would recommend to friends.


Karen Whitehead

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01243 252106

Customer Reviews

Lockforce Chichester is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 40 customer reviews.

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