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Many of our teams are continuing to carry out emergency and critical work under the current government guidelines. We appreciate your support, understanding and co-operation with regards to any restriction on our works. FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE. If you need our help please call.
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Lockforce Locksmith Bognor Regis - Your Local Emergency Mobile Locksmith. Key cutting, Lock Upgrades, New Locks,

A Fast And Responsive Emergency Locksmith Service in Bognor. DBS Checked and Recommended by Customers.

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Bognor Regis Locksmiths

by Lockforce Locksmiths in  Bognor Regis

Welcome to Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis. My name is Lee Dray and I am your local and trusted locksmith. Being local means I can attend to your emergency in minutes!

I am DBS checked and Trading Standards Approved with Checked & Vetted. I am also Checkatrade accredited and reviewed. I am available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week for all your domestic and commercial security needs. 

With over 24 years of customer service experience, I can offer you the best service and workmanship of the highest standard at a competitive price.

I am highly trained and pride myself on the use of installing the highest quality locks and using the best fitting techniques in the locksmiths industry.

If you have any problems or concerns with your locks or you are just looking to increase your security, I encourage you to click on my links below and access some of the key information about my services that I offer.

Checkatrade information for Lockforce Locksmiths

As standard I also work with...

  • Police DBS approval
  • No call out fees
  • 1 year quality workmanship guarantee
  • Public liability up to £5 million
  • Full qualifications
  • Trading Standards approval

my customers...

Due to the vast knowledge I have and the tools that I carry there aren't many problems I can't solve. This mixed with Police DBS approval and public liability, means I can work in all locations and with all customers. 

  • Residential & Commercial
  • NHS
  • Police
  • Schools
  • Letting & Estate agents
  • Insurance providers
  • Housing association

my services...

Here is just a small list of the services I can provide, if you don't see what you're looking for, please call me on 01243 252103 anytime to discuss, I'm sure I will be able to help solve your issue!!

  • Lockouts - 24/7 emergency locksmiths
  • Door and window re-aligning
  • Mobile key cutting to your home of office
  • uPVC doors and window locks
  • Additional security measures such as Sash-jammers, CCTV and door bolts, bars and latches
  • Digital lock opening and repairs
  • Broken key extraction 
  • Conservatory lock repair and replacement
  • Filing cabinet lock replacement
  • Keyed alike (one key for all locks)
  • Key safe fitting
  • Emergency, non-destructive entry
  • Burglary repairs and window boarding if required

Locked Out in Bognor Regis?

If you are locked out of your property in Bognor Regis, the first thing you need to do is call Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis on 01243 252103 for your local rapid response emergency service.

If you have lost your key, snapped your key, left them indoors or your lock will not turn, I have the training and knowledge in the latest locksmith techniques to gain non-destructive access to your property.

I will always provide a professional and efficient service to you. Being your local and trusted locksmith, I promise to get you back into your property and keep you safe and secure.

Locked out of your property? Contact Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis anytime, day or night, on 01243 252103 for a rapid response

What locks do I use?

When it comes to the security of your home, family and posessions, I only supply the locks that I would use on my own home! Yes there are variations depending on your budget but at the very minimum all locks supplied by Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis are Anti-snap euro cylinder locks. These offer substantially more protection than a standard Euro cylinder.

If you want the best, the very top level of security we can offer is the Ultion TS0007 3* lock, the ultimate in lock security. Yes this costs a little more but if you want the best for your home and family’s security, then this is by far the best option for securing your home. The Ultion locks even come with a £1000 guarantee and a 10-year warranty with the lock manufacturer covering you against the functionality of the parts, you can't say fairer than that.

24 hour emergency service...

If you’re locked out, there’s no need to panic, call me, your local emergency locksmith on 01243 252103! I live in Bognor Regis so will never be far from solving your emergency! Regardless of the time, day or night I always offre an efficient and professional service to the residents of Bognor Regis.

Unlike some other local tradesmen, I'm highly trained in the latest tried-and-tested locksmith techniques and aim to only ever use non-destructive techniques in order to gain safe access without leaving you a hefty bill. 


Do you have a set of spare keys? At Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis, we provide a mobile key cutting service. Our van is stocked with a large, wide range of blank keys for commercial and residential properties. For your convenience, our key cutting machine allows us to cut additional keys on-site and test them at the same time. Therefore, we can guarantee that every key cut will work!

So if you require an additional door key or even a full new set of spare keys for your property, we can provide this service for you. With our service being mobile, we can attend your property at a time convenient to you.


Have you just moved or are you about to move into a new property? If so, Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis recommend changing all your locks on all your external doors as your main priority.

Your property, family and personal belongings are at risk if you do not change our locks. Do you really want to risk someone else potentially having a key to your doors? You will never know if any of your keys are in the hands of others, so please do not assume all the keys that have been handed over to you are the only set in circulation. Please consider the following….

  • Has this property been managed before by a 3rd party (agency/friend)?
  • Have keys ever been given to a cleaner, neighbour, tradesperson or friend?
  • Was the place previously a rental property?
  • How many previous occupants has this property had with these current locks?

All our locks that we supply and install, meet home insurance requirements, British Standards (BS3621) and police recommendations. Contact Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis on 01243 252104 and we can provide free advice and help you meet the level of home security that you require.

Payment Options We Offer

You’ll find Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis offer you mutiple payment options, covering all your needs and requirements. These options range from:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Contactless
  • BACS
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer

We are also happy to accept cash and can assure you that the payment option you choose doesn’t impact your our 12-month guarantee or insurance.

We're available around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to provide an outstanding local locksmith service that you wouldn't hesitate to recommend to your friends or family. Give us a call on 01243 252104 so we can prove this to you.

Recent Jobs...

Increase home security in Bognor Regis - 22/03/2020

Job - Customer would like cupboard locks installed throughout their home in Aldwick.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis contacted the customer to see what lock types were required. The customer sent various pictures via WhatsApp. All the correct lock types were ordered (cam locks, mounted locks, mortise locks, sash jammers). We then installed them to help give their home extra security.

Customer locked out and in a rush in Bognor Regis - 17/03/2020

Job - To gain access asap.

Solution- Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis received the emergency call and attended the property in North Bersted in 10 minutes. We gained access non-destructively by using a locksmith tool. A quick service with no damage caused!!

Key lost for bike padlock in Bognor Regis - 08/03/2020

Job - To gain access so the bike could be used again.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis attended the property in Bersted. As the keys were lost the padlock had no further security benefit, so we gained access by grinding the padlock. This was done quickly and safely ensuring no damage to the bike.

Security issues on a block of flats in Bognor Regis - 01/03/2020

Job - Property manager wanted to improve the security to the external outbuildings and gate entrances.

Solution- Lockforce attended the property and changed the access codes on 6 digital locks for the bike sheds and bin stores. We then replaced the faulty gate locks and realigned the latches to ensure they closed and locked correctly.

Key not turning in lock in Bognor Regis - 18th February 2020

Job - customer wanted their lock repaired and all their other locks surveyed in their home.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis attended the home in Middleton. We surveyed all the locks on their exterior doors, this is a service that we offer for FREE. All the cylinders locks on the 3 UPVC doors were basic factory fitted euro cylinders. We explained to the customer that these locks do not offer sufficient protection and access could be gained within 10 seconds by lock snapping. The customer agreed to have all their locks changed to anti-snap cylinder locks. They also wanted their new locks to work off one key (keyed alike), which we can do also. Customer now has new working locks which offer more security to their home, family and valuables!

New front door issue in Bognor Regis - 30th January 2020

Job - Composite door would unlock, but not open.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis attended the property in Felpham. The door was unlocked but the hooks in the multi-point locking system were not disengaging. Lockforce used a non-destructive technique to open the door by creating more space within the door frame and releasing the hooks from its ‘keep’. The door could now open. It was then noted the locking system was faulty. Lockforce made the door temporarily safe. A replacement part was ordered and was installed the next morning. The door is now safe and fully secure.

Problem Tenant in North Bersted – 10th January 2020

Job - Tenant had not paid their rent and was served a notice period. Landlord requested locks to be changed.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis attended the property at an arranged time. All external doors were uPVC, so a quick cylinder change was done on all 3 doors. The locks installed were all anti-snap euro cylinders to give the landlord extra security in their rented property.

National contract work in Bognor Regis - 14th December 2019

Job - Cylinder lock change in Fontwell.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis attended a Taylor Wimpey construction site. An existing lock in a commercial door had been installed incorrectly. Lockforce measured the lock and installed a correctly sized lock replacement. This lock was an anti-snap thumb turn lock which meant not only was their security increased, but the lock also complied with fire regulations.

Customer’s DIY job went wrong in Bognor Regis - 5th December 2019

Job - A homeowner rang Lockforce to say have taken their BS3621 Night Latch (Yale lock) off so they can paint the wooden door, but they cannot attach the lock back on.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis attended the property in Rose Green. The rim cylinder and tailbar were installed correctly, however the night latch locking cam was not in the correct position. This was realigned and the night latch was re-installed back onto the door perfectly. Job done!

New homeowner has no key for their garage in Bognor Regis - 29th November 2019

Job - New homeowner requiring new lock and keys to their garage in their new home.

Solution - Lockforce locksmiths in Bognor Regis attended the customer’s garage in Felpham. We replaced the garage door lock and then installed an upgraded and more secure anti snap cylinder lock. The existing parts of the garage lock mechanism were also serviced and now working freely. The customer can now has a safer and secure garage!

Customer’s door would not open with their keys - 7th November 2019

Job - Customer rang Lockforce to gain access ASAP.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis attended the emergency within 15mins of call. We tried various methods of access, but the door had high security handles and lock and also an internal letterbox cover. We removed the handles and lock. We found the gearbox to have a loose broken part inside it. We had to drill a hole in the gearbox where the lock engages. A loose part then fell out and the door opened! All parts were then replaced or reinstalled. Job done!

uPVC window would not open in Elmer - 23rd October 2019

Job - Customer called from their new purchased home. The window would not open when the handle was turned in their uPVC window.

Solution- Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis attended. We removed the handle and noticed the spindle on the handle had become disengaged from the gearbox. The window could now open, but was still stiff. After lubrication and a new handle (with lock) and spindle, the window could open, close and now also be locked.

Window locks needed upgrading - 10th October 2019

Job - Customer rang to say they would like more window locks with keys installed.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis attended the property. I installed a few window locks to this customer in Aldwick last week, so I knew what style of handle lock was required. Most of them were working, but were very hard to open. Plus they all needed keys supplied as all the old locks had broken keys.          I installed 2 new window locks to the bathroom, so now the customer will not have a steamed up bathroom!

Rear uPVC door won't open in Bognor Regis - 2nd October 2019

Job- Customer from Middleton emailed Lockforce explaining that their door handle will not go upwards to disengage the locking points in the door frame.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis attended the emergency and used uPVC door spreading tools to release the locking points from the door frame and the door opened. The Multi Point locking system was removed from the door and assessed. The gearbox was faulty and replaced there and then. The door now closes and locks keeping the customer safe and secure.

FREE home security survey in Bognor Regis -  23rd September 2019

Job - Customer called Lockforce for advice on their locks on their home

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis attended the customer’s property in Felpham. Firstly, all exterior locks were assessed. We then walked around the home with the customer and gave them advice on what type of locks would make their home more secure and safer. Their front door was a 5 lever mortise lock, but it was recommended a BS3621 5 lever would offer more security. Their only other exterior door was to the alley way. This was a uPVC door and had a basic snap cylinder installed, which offer little protection. Lockforce recommended they upgraded to a 3 star BS3621 Ultion cylinder lock. Other recommendations for their property were locks on their ground floor windows, sash jammers for the rear door and mortise bolts on their front door. This security survey by Lockforce is FREE. We then provided a no obligation quote to the customer.

Customer’s DIY job went wrong in Bognor Regis - 8th September

Job - A homeowner in Felpham rang Lockforce to say have taken their BS3621 Night Latch (Yale lock) off so they can paint the wooden door, but they cannot attach the lock back on.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis attended the property. The rim cylinder and tailbar were installed correctly, however the night latch locking cam was not in the correct position. This was realigned and the night latch was fitted back onto the door correctly. Job done!

Keys lost for an office in Bognor Regis - 6th September 2019

Job - Remove and install a euro cylinder lock.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis attended a new housing development site. An existing lock in a commercial door had been installed incorrectly. Lockforce measured the lock and installed a correctly sized lock replacement. This lock was an anti-snap thumb turn lock which meant not only was their security increased, but the thumb turn lock also complies with fire regulations.

Bicycle padlocked at local train station in Bognor Regis - 28th August 2019

Job- Customer lost the padlock key to the lock on their bike and would like their bike back

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths met the customer at Bognor Regis train station where their bike was locked up. To ensure great customer service, I arranged with the customer to return their unlocked bike back to their house to save them waiting in the rain. After 15 minutes the padlock was cut open and the bike was returned to the customer’s home safely!

Customer can’t access their mailbox in Aldwick - 20th August 2019

Job - Received email from NEXA Properties regarding a new tenant requiring access to their letterbox. A new lock and 5 keys was required.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis attended within the hour. The letterbox was picked straight away and a whole bundle of post fell out of the box! I installed a new cam lock which came with 2 keys. As Lockforce provide a mobile key cutting service, I cut a further 3 keys on-site for the tenant. A quick and easy job meant a satisfied customer!

HMO Landlord ensuring privacy for tenants - 13th August 2019

Job - Install 3 bedroom locks in a House of Multiple Occupancy to meet fire regulations

Solution - Lockforce Locksmith Bognor Regis attended the property in Littlehampton and ordered all the correct locking systems. Lockforce installed a euro sash lock, thumb turn anti snap lock and new handles to each bedroom door. Thumb turn locks were installed to meet fire regulations. This meant the tenants all have keyless exits from their bedrooms in the event of an emergency.  

New keys for new tenant in Bognor Regis - 7th August 2019

Job - Local Estate Agent called to explain their new tenant was moving in on a Tuesday morning and had no keys for her letterbox and storage room in the communal garden.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis arranged with the tenant to arrive at the best suitable time. I picked the letterbox lock, gained access and then replaced it with a new cam lock and key. I grinded the rusty padlock off of the storage room and also replaced the padlock. All done quickly in 20mins, so the tenant could carry on unpacking!

Customer lost keys on holiday - 29th July 2019

Job - Customer contacted Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis and explained what lock needed to be changed

Solution - Lockforce attended the property in Rustington.  A mortise lock change on their workshop was required as they had no spare key. Lockforce gained entry and identified the current lock as a BS3621 5 Lever Mortise sashlock. I had these in stock and was able to replace the lock with the same level of security they already had and with spare keys! Happy customer!

Customer rear door stuck in Aldwick - 24th July 2019

Job - Customer contacted Lockforce requiring their rear door to be opened before their holiday.

Solution- Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis attended the property and assessed the rear uPVC door. We had to gain access by retracting the hooks. They were stuck in their keeps due to the door not being aligned. Hooks were retracted and access was gained. An overnight lock was installed and a new multi point locking system was installed the next day as well as aligning the door. Door now safe and secure!

New homeowner in North Bersted requiring a change of locks - 15th July 2019

Job- Customer rang Lockforce and asked if we could change locks on their new home as soon as contracts were exchanged

Solution - Lockforce locksmiths in Bognor Regis explained to the customer that we are a 24hr service, so we arranged to install new locks at 9pm. We attended their home and installed 2 anti-snap cylinder locks to their external doors. The new homeowner now has total piece of mind that they are safe and secure as they are the sole owner of the keys to their new home.

Lost keys to a vacant commercial property - 8th July 2019

Job - The managing agent for a commercial property in North Bersted contacted Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis. They wanted access gained to their shop. 3 locks needed to be changed and to replace with new locks and keys.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis attended the property. Firstly we removed the padlock, we gained access to the shutter key switch box, and then removed the euro half-cylinder lock. We opened the electric shutter, which then presented us with the main front door with an Adams Rite lock. Full access was gained the shop and the euro cylinder was removed. We then installed 2 new cylinder locks and a padlock, all with new keys. We made the premises secure and gave the new keys to the agent.

‘Faulty' night latch in a student house in Felpham - 3rd July 2019

Job - Lockforce locksmiths in Bognor Regis received a call from a lettings agent explaining a lock I had previously installed had become faulty in a HMO.

Solution - Lockforce’s workmanship comes with a 1 year guarantee. I assessed the night latch (Yale Lock), and it was clear the latch had been subject to excessive force and was not faulty. This force had damaged the internal mechanism and was no longer functioning. I contacted the lettings agent and explained the situation via a video link to show evidence. A new night latch was installed and the customer was invoiced

Customer snapped key in lock - 27th June 2019

Job - Customer had snapped their key after a night of celebrating and needed access to their flat.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis attended the HMO property at an agreed time with the customer. We extracted the key using a locksmith key extractor. The spare key for the flat was inside, so Lockforce picked the rim cylinder lock and gained access non-destructively. The customer was in their home within 15 minutes of us attending!

Key snapped in front door lock in Littlehampton - 17th June 2019

Job- Customer called at 11pm to say they have gained access to their home but cannot lock the door because the key has snapped.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis attended the emergency. All options/costs were explained to the customer. Fortunately, the key was extracted easily the cylinder lock didn’t need replacing. As Lockforce offer a mobile key cutting service, we cut some extra keys by using their spare key. As with most keys snapping, it is usually the door alignment that is the issue. This door had dropped and needed the hinges readjusting. This took 2 minutes. Now the customer has a door which keeps them safe and secure

Handles on uPVC door floppy in Bognor Regis - 10th June 2019

Job - Customer explained that their handles on the front door used to stay straight at a right angle. They have now become loose and would like new handles.

Solution - Lockforce attended and surveyed the door locking mechanism. In this situation, it is usually the gearbox that has failed and not the handles. Upon removing the handles, we could see the handles were ok. The multi point locking system was removed and we could now see the gearbox was faulty. We had the part in stock and the we installed the new gearbox. Customer now has handles staying at the right angle

Side gate stuck in East Preston - 4th June 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis attended the property and assessed the sticking gate. The wooden gate had rusted fixings and also had warped due to the weather. Firstly, we gained access and then removed all rusty screws. The gate was realigned and new screws were installed. The existing lock was also replaced with a new mortise deadlock and new pull handles. The gate now worked like new!

Rear UPVC French doors won't close - 28th May 2019

A customer in Bognor Regis called Lockforce Locksmiths and explained that their french doors would not close. They had been informed that the parts required to resolve the issue had been discontinued so were concerned they wouldnt be able to fix it. However, Lockforce Locksmiths managed to source the correct parts and installed a new Multi Point Locking system the next day! We also upgraded their current snap cylinder locks to anti snap locks for extra security. As part of our usual service, Lockforce ensured both French UPVC doors were aligned and closing properly. The customer was now safe, secure and extremely happy!

New lock for a garage in Bognor Regis - 20th May 2019

A customer called as they were wanting to upgrade the lock on the garage door in their new property. Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis attended the garage and replaced the lock with an upgraded and more secure lock. The existing parts of the mechanism were also serviced and now working freely. The customer now can store their belongings in their safer and more secure garage.

New homeowner required extra security for front door - Bognor Regis – 10th May 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis were called out by a new homeowner as they wanted to upgrade the security of their new home. We arrived at the agree time and identified that the customer only had a night latch (Yale Lock) on their wooden front door. This type of lock offers little security and should only be used as a secondary lock. A British Standard deadlock was therefore installed to the front door. I also changed the rim cylinder lock in order that the homeowner had peace of mind that they were the sole owner of the keys for their existing lock. Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis also improved the appearance of the front door by installing a new letter plate and pull handle. The customer was extremely happy, as were we knowing they were safe and secure in their new home.

Holidaymakers left without leaving keys behind at a holiday cottage in Amberley - 1st May 2019

The homeowner explained the situation and their security concerns over the phone. Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis attended the property at the agreed time. A new rim cylinder lock was installed to their night latch (sometimes referred to as a Yale lock) front door. Security advice was given to the owner regarding the rear exterior door. The current lock was only a standard 5 lever sash lock. To meet most home contents insurance requirements, it is stipulated that BS3621 locks should be installed to exit doors. The owner agreed, and upgraded locks to British Standard were installed. 

Key snapped in lock - 27th April 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis attended the customer’s property and were unable to remove the key from the lock. The barrel was removed and an upgraded anti-snap lock was installed. Keys snap for a reason and in this case it was due to the door alignment. The door was realigned and closed smoothly which removed the pressure from the locking mechanisms. Another happy customer for Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis.

Security provided to new homeowner - Bognor Regis - 13th April 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis were called to a customer’s new home as a previous owner had entered the home on two occasions after they had moved in.  The customer was unsure who else had possession of keys to the house and therefore they wanted the front door lock to be changed. I installed an upgraded lock with an anti-snap cylinder for their UPVC door. The customer now has peace of mind that they are the sole owners of the keys to their new home!

Front door unsafe - 3rd April 2019

Customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis and asked for advice. They explained they only had 1 basic night latch lock on their wooden front door and felt unsafe. Lockforce explained that to conform to home insurance requirements, a BS3621/2007 5 lever mortise lock is recommended as a secondary lock. The customer agreed and we installed the lock. Customer now safe and secure!

New homeowner requiring a change of locks - 26th March 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths in Bognor Regis turned up at the new homeowner’s property at the agreed time. Lockforce advised them over which locks we offer and explained that we only sell anti-snap locks as standard. Anti-snap locks were then installed in the front and rear doors. The customer now has total peace of mind that they are the sole owner of the keys to their new property!

Front composite door not locking

Problem - Lockforce Locksmiths met the customer and they explained that a previous Locksmith had been called out and could not resolve the problem. The 3 problems were - door not aligned, key wouldn’t turn fully in lock and Multi Point locking system fitted incorrectly. 

Solution - Firstly, the multi point locking system was removed and identified that the locking hooks had not been screwed on to the mechanism. This was resolved easily and then the MPL was re-installed. This also meant the door would now lock securely. We then identified which hinges required adjusting for the composite door to close properly. The hinges were adjusted and the door could now close and be locked safely and securely! The customer was extremely happy!

Customers front door will not close

Solution - I arrived at the customer’s home and assess the upvc front door. The door required realignment. Firstly I adjust the hinges to make the upvc door align to the frame, then engage the multi point locking system and find they all engage apart from the deadbolt. I slightly adjust the deadbolt keep and the door locked. Customer now has a upvc door which is aligned and locks safe and secure for their family!

Customer locked out in the rain

Solution - Being a local emergency locksmith, I was able to attend the customer’s house within 10 minutes. I used the latest locksmith techniques to gain unforced entry. The customer’s door was open in a few minutes and they were inside in their dry and warm home.

Customer called me from Middleton-on-Sea at 6am. Their key had snapped in the door.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis attended their house within 20 mins. As the customer was distressed, my priority was to ensure the customer was safe and warm in this winter weather. I kept the customer warm by insisting they stayed in my van with my jacket around them (and the heaters on). I then extracted the snapped key nice and quickly. As the cylinder lock wasn’t engaged, I was able to gain entry non-destructively using locksmith methods. The customer was then able to get back in the warmth. I explained to the customer the reason for the key snapping was their front door needed realigning. I adjusted the hinges and the door closed safely and securely. Emergency over - customer safe!

Customer had purchased new handles for UPVC door. But the spindle was the wrong length

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis attended the customer’s home and assessed the problem. The issue was the split spindle was too short and not engaging with the handles. A new spindle was installed and the handles put on. Whilst putting everything together, I removed the euro cylinder. I informed the customer it was a cheap £3 factory fitted cylinder that could easily be snapped. I explained that Lockforce only supply anti snap locks as standard. The customer upgraded to an anti snap/ anti bump/ anti pick euro cylinder. Even though the lock and handles were new, the UPVC door wouldn’t close smoothly. I explained that having the UPVC door realigned ASAP would save them money long term. The customer took my business card and said he will contact me on pay day!

Eviction time in Bognor Regis - Lettings agent required local locksmith to attend an eviction.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis attended on time and awaited instructions from the landlord. I was then instructed to remove and install a new night latch and rim cylinder lock on the ex-tenant’s door. The door had a lot of previous damage done to it. A lot of woodwork changes were required to ensure the night latch was installed securely. After nearly an hour of hard work the lock was installed and the door could close to make the property safe and secure for the landlord.

A customer could not use their front door due to a broken handle and an old cylinder lock.

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis attended the home at the agreed time to give them a free no obligation quote. The job required Lockforce to install new handles and a new Euro cylinder lock. The customer agreed to upgrade their home security and have an anti-snap cylinder lock fitted. All parts were installed and fittec there and then. The customer tested their new locks and handles and were very happy knowing their home was secure and a lot safer!

Customer had their wallet stolen out of the car on their driveway.

Solution - Lockforce received the emergency call and attended the customers property. A full home security survey was undertaken and appropriate recommendations presented to the customer. They agreed to have all locks upgraded on all 5 exit doors as well as their garage lock changed. All the rear exit doors were fitted with an anti-snap lock and were keyed alike. The customer wanted the front door lock to have the maximum security, so an Ultion 3 Star cylinder lock and a Lock-Lock handle was fitted. The garage door lock was also replaced with a new anti snap lock. As part of our service, all doors were serviced for free! 

Locked out in Bognor Regis!

Solution- I attended the property and surveyed the lock. The key was in the lock on the inside. I checked the back door and there was a Mortise lock, also with a key in the lock on the inside. Therefore, I chose to attempt access via the front door lock using the required locksmith tools. I gained access within 15 minutes, replaced the lock with an upgraded to an anti snap cylinder lock!

Burglary in Bognore Regis

After receiving a distressed call from a customer in Bogonr Regis, I was able to attend the propety in under 30 minutes to secure their home following a burglary. Intruders had gained access to the house via the front door.

Solution - I arrived and awaited for the police to survey the property first. I then entered the house and engaged with the customer to see what security they required. They wanted all door locks changed and the front door repaired. As per procedure, I put shoe covers and latex gloves on to start work. I installed 2 antisnap cylinder locks on the rear upvc french doors and also realigned the doors to close smoothly. On the front upvc door I installed a new gearbox, new handles and an antisnap cylinder lock. The house was now all secure and much safer than before. 

Door stuck and not opening in Bognor Regis!

Solution - Lockforce promptly attended the customers house and as we were able to gain access by the back door, we could easily view the front door from insinde in the warmth! The front door was surveyed and could see the door required realigning, by using a door spreader the door was straightened which allowed the door lock to open smoothly. The door was opened and the hinges were adjusted to make the door straight and close properly. Problem solved!

Key snapped in door!

A Customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis from Felpham as her key had snapped in her front door. She was locked out and had 2 young children in the car wanting their dinner! 

Solution - I attended within 20 minutes. When I arrived the customer was in the house as the back door was unlocked, however the front door key was still stuck in the lock .The key came out within seconds using the correct tools. I then asked the customer if the key snapped due to the lock being tight. The customer said it was tight, and I explained that the door will need realigning otherwise the key will snap again soon. I hope to hear from the customer soon! 

Locked out in Littlehampton 

The customer called at 9:30pm in Littlehampton to say herself and her son were locked out.

Solution- Lockforce Locksmiths arrived at the house within 20 minutes. I offered the customers the opportunity to keep warm in my van, but they were happy to wait and watch. The backdoor was not accessible, so the front door was the only option to gain access. The lock was picked and the customers were in the warm after 15 minutes.

Missing key!

A local lettings agent rang me at Lockforce to ask for an electrical/storage cupboard to be unlocked. The key had gone missing!

Solution - The cupboard door was outside and exposed to all the elements and the cylinder lock and handles were in poor condition. I removed the handles and snapped the cylinder off, then installed an anti-snap lock and replaced the handles. Job all done in 15 minutes!

Seized cylinder lock

Lockforce Portsmouth were called by a customer explaining to me that their door and locks were over 20yrs old! The key would still lock the door, but the key was getting stuck and not turning freely. I tried to release the cylinder but it was not moving (even with penetrating oil). So I took the handles off and snapped the cylinder. I checked the gearbox and would you believe, after over 20 years it still worked like new, however it wasn't as secure as it could be so I upgraded them to an anti-snap cylinder!

Immediate lock change required

A rather distressed customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis at 7:45pm requiring all his locks to be changed immediately for personal reasons. I attended within 30 minutes, and replaced the locks on three doors to anti-snap cylinders. We also changed his postbox lock too for added security, leaving a happy customer feeling safe and secure in their home.


Great job done by Lee. Very tidy, wore gloves and wiped down the door. Very considerate



Lee was fast, efficient and friendly. No questions asked except what colour fobs!



Speedy call and Lee had us in the house in no time. Would recommend him to friends and family


Jacqui Hoods

Great service



Excellent service, same day response and very fair pricing. Would definitely recommend Lee


Jim B

Excellent service from Lee who was punctual and professional. Lee was very knowledgeable and I would not hesitate to recommend him.High standard of work and very courteous.


Paul Haines

As an offsite landlord, I can't fault the prompt and professional service Lee (Bognor) provided to my tenant who found herself locked out of her flat when the front door locking mechanism failed. He kept me well informed, providing photos/videos of the issues, the eventual cost was lower than initially anticipated. Highly recommend.


Debbie a

Thankyou Lee for the excellent job you did replacing my PVC door lock
Such a pleasant young man,nothing was too much trouble
Not sure which way your rating scale works?
If 1 is the best then 1
If five is the best,then 5
Slightly confusing?


Pam Pullicino

A very good service from Lee, he ensured everything was working as it should be and despite one small hiccup persevered to make sure this was overcome before leaving. Would highly recommend


Jacqui Hoods

Lee was courteous, professional and hardworking, without question would recommend him.


Pauline H

Very happy with service. Lee was polite and friendly.


Mrs Ashton

Came to see me regarding front porch door - was efficient, polite and knowledgeable. Will use again and recommend to friends and family.


Carolyn Banres

Lee was punctual, very helpful and efficient in changing the locks on our property



Lee came on the day I called and sorted two locks. One needed replacing but he tried to sort the problem out before we agreed that a new barrel was best. Both are now working well and the pricing seemed fair. Lee was polite, efficient and considerate of my home. His number is now saved for any future locksmith needs.


Doreen Bradbury

Very happy with the service and quick response and will definitely be using again if ever needed



Excellent service by Lee
Wasn’t a easy job on our very secure door but he got there in the end . Thank you again and would recommend in a instance ! ?? very happy customer



Very impressed. Lee arrived quickly to sort out my front door lock which had jammed. I thought it was broken and he could so easily have said it needed a new lock, but he worked on it for ages until it was mended. He saved me a lot of money doing that and I am impressed by his thoroughness and honesty. I would certainly recommend Lee.


Sue Hutchison

Had a problem with my front door lock. Phoned Lockforce and within an hour, Lee was at my house. Very professional service and happy to help. Would highly recommend.



H. Davies

Turned up on time. Gained access quickly and gave good secure advice.



Lee was very helpful and opened our locks which had been locked for years.



Very efficient, quick and helpful.



Lee was so helpful, as a single mum I now feel secure. Lee also gave me all options and prices to choose from. Great service and price too. Highly recommend.


Esther Bognor

Patio door was stiff. I had a leaflet which I called and Lee fixed the door for me. Very happy.


Mrs Luck

Excellent... Thank you Lee sorted out broken lock within an hour of phone call... excellent thank you John


John J

turned up within half hour of calling
very pleasant and polite
got us in home in less than ten minutes
very satisfied with service
would recommend him any time



Lee was very helpful from the start and came to change my locks within minutes of my call. Brilliant service and advice. Would definitely call on his services again.


Caroline Hurst

Very quick and great advice. Well done.



Very quick, great service.


Happy customer

Done a great job. Gave lots of help + advice. Thank you.


David Smith

Fantastic service and knowledge. Came out on a Sunday after I snapped my key in the door, managed to get it out and then into my flat. Fully recommended.



Lee arrived very quickly to help me and took a great deal of trouble to explain the problem, fix the lock and make sure it was working properly. He is very neat and tidy in his appearance and his work and I was delighted with the job he did. I would certainly use him again and would thoroughly recommend him.


Sue Hutchison

Lee arrived very quickly to help me and took a great deal of trouble to explain the problem, fix the lock and make sure it was working properly. He is very neat and tidy in his appearance and his work and I was delighted with the job he did. I would certainly use him again and would thoroughly recommend him.


Sue Hutchison

Quick and efficient. Thankyou.


Jordan webb

Thank you for your excellent service and coming to our rescue last night when we got locked out of a clients home. It is not the first time this has happened and sure it wont be the last, although I have to admit it doesn't happen often. Your service was quick to respond to our predicament and valuable to our desperate need!
Thank you and we will keep your number to hand should we require your service again!


Frances Hussain-shah

Very punctual. Gave great advice and saved us from buying a new door.



Great service.Lee turned up exactly on time and solved my door problem straight away. Will use Lee again if ever needed



Very happy with Lees standard of work and advice


Mr Hume

Peter Adams


Peter Adams

Great quick service. Very happy


Mari Dria

Courteous professional service got me in my broken front door offering advice with a value for money quotation to fix and make my home even more secure. Top job.



Efficient, friendly service, tidy work and worked around the school day.


South Bersted CE Priamry School

Contacted Lee due to a lost key, he arrived within 15 mins and gained entry within a short space of time. I would recommend Lockforce if ever you find yourself in a similar situation, a first class service


Mike B

Once again Lee did a brilliant job so professional and friendly. Thank You.

Would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.


Chris & Pete Wigley

Lee turned up on time and solved a massive problem for me. My door closes properly now and I am very happy with his service. Great guy.


Barry J

Great service from Lee. I was unsure what extra security i could have on my old front door and Lee put in a new lock and work great. I feel very safe and happier now


Pat Marie

I have used Lee many times as he gives great advice and service. I like to keep secure so he always helps me with suggestions. He's lovely to talk to and would thoroughly recommend him to everyone.


Sylvia B

Very helpful & informative. Solved our issue with ease and very reasonably priced.


Natasha Whitlock

Called as stated 24 hour emergency locked out of house not available to help

Response: I am sorry Jane that I was unable to attend to your emergency yesterday. As much as I am available 24hrs, there are rare times like yesterday, that I am unable to attend to the customer. As you can see from my reviews, I have always offered a 5 star service. Please accept my apologies.



Lee turned up quickly and gained access quickly. Very good service and offered good security advice.


E Stephenson

Great service. Went above and beyond to provide the product we needed.


S Osman

I am very happy with the professional service from Lee. Great job


Mr Reed

Lee turned up very quickly and solved/fixed the problem straight away. Very happy that i can now lock my door and feel safe.


Mr Reed

Lee was very quick in coming out to change my lock after the the original key snapped of in the lock. He was very professional in what he was doing. I have all ready recommended him to other people


Mr Stuart

Very good service, nothing was too much trouble, i would recommend him to other people. Done a job on both doors.


Alison Marshall

Brilliant, Lee Dray was professional, providing solutions to our problem, without using complicated jargon, we would recommend him to anyone who had a 'lock' problem. Well done Lee and thankyou.


Pete Wigley

Lee sorted the problem quickly and fixed our door perfectly. very happy with service.


Anita Hills

Thank you Lee for a really good job. You were professional, and gave us some options in dealing with our problem.You didn't pressurize us or use complicated jargon, and we would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who may need your services. Thank you Lee. Chris & Pete.


Chris & Pete Wigley

Lee turned up quickly and solved door issue for me. Very happy with service. Lee made lots of recommendations to increase security of my house.


J Davies

Lee gave great service and very happy with the new handles! Door closes nice and smoothly now, very happy



Turned up within 10 minutes of call! Gained access easily and was a very nice person. Would use again.



Happy customer.


D Eames

Lee done job quickly and serviced lock also. Happy with extra key cut for free. Good job.


Dave Stevens

Excellent friendly service. Would highly recommend


Charmayne Tinmurth

Done a good job on an old door! Worked hard to make it all safe. Well done, much appreciated.




Lee was prompt and informative on the intial phone contact. He listened to me and then gave me a time that was suitable to myself. Quick and good value for money.


Paula Davis



Vijay Sobti






Sally Jones

Excellent service by Lee dray I would recommend him to friends and family he changed our door locks and garage lock


Amit sobti

Excellent service by Lee dray I would recommend him to friends and family he changed our door locks and garage lock


Amit sobti

Lee worked very hard to find the right handles for my home.
He tidied up nicely and I will be asking him back to do more jobs next year.
I would recommend him.



Lee arrived promptly to replace my front door lock and replace a loose handle. Was very knowledgeable and gave me different options with replacements and job finished with no fuss. Very pleased will use again if in need of help ??


Greg livermore

Attended very quickly. Solved problem straight away/ Would recommend to others. Good job.


Austine Keane

Arrived on time and explained all options for gaining entry. Done job quickly and worked hard. Would recommend


Rachel Watson

Arrived on time and explained all options for gaining entry. Done job quickly and worked hard. Would recommend


Rachel Watson

Very pleasant, fast and efficient. Lee did a good job in every way. He went that extra mile.



Mr Boxhall was so pleased with everything that was done for him. He has recommended you to others. So helpful. Thank you so much.


Derek Boxhall

Pleased with work. Would definitely recommend to others.


Eslie Thomas

Fixed job quickly. Worked tidy and cleared up at the end with hoover. Would recommend.


Alan C

Top class service. I would be very happy to tell all my friends and family to always contact Lockforce.


B Whindle

Lee turned up on time and fitted a new cyclinder to my front door, very happy with his work, and I watched him cut an extra key for me, and he talked me through the process. Nice guy and a credit to the company.


Frederick Smart

Lee gave good advice and he upgraded to better locks than we planned. Lee was polite and would recommend him.


Ben Ford

Lee turned up looking smart. Was polite at all times and made further recommendations to us which we will consider in the future.


Andy Jasper

Lee did a good job was polite and knowledgeable and would definitely recommend to friends a family.


Mark Hellings

Lee arrived on time and behaved in a professional manner at all times. He explained the issues found and gave several choices to remedy the fault. Very pleased with the work completed. Highly recommended.


Greg Livermore

Lee was very punctual and his work's of excellent standard


Darren McFarlane

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