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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmith Horsham.

I am James Payne, your local Horsham locksmith who provides a range of emergency locksmith services across the wider Horsham area.

I am local to you so I'm never far away and ready to assist with any emergency requiring a locksmith at any time of the day or night.

For your complete peace of mind: 

  • I am fully DBS (criminal) checked
  • I hold public liability insurance (to the sum of £5million)
  • all work is protected with a 12 month guarantee

Horsham Locksmith Services 

I provide a wide range of locksmith services across Horsham for both domestic and business clients, including:

  • Mobile locksmiths
  • 24/7 emergency locksmiths
  • Business locksmith
  • Locked out of home
  • Locked out of business premises
  • Non-destructive property entry
  • Door bars, door latches and door bolts
  • Lock repairs
  • Lock replacements
  • Snapped lock replacement
  • Extracting broken keys
  • British standard locks
  • UPVC door and window lock replacements and repairs
  • Anti pick / anti drill / anti bump lock replacements and repairs
  • Window lock replacements and repairs
  • Door handle replacements and repairs
  • Window handle replacements and repairs
  • Horsham eviction services
  • Property security upgrades include:
    • Fitting anti snap locks
    • Fitting snap safe locks
    • Fitting sash jammers
    • Fitting mortice locks

Call James Payne, your local Horsham locksmith at any time on 01403 371073 for advice or to request a rapid response callout in Horsham.

Our Police Approved Locks

At Lockforce Locksmiths Horsham, we fit only the highest security locks available which are not only approved by locksmith experts across the locksmith industry, they are also approved by the police. Our commitment to your security and safety remains paramount and we maintain this standard across all of our parts and services including handles, MPL's (multi-point locking units), alarms, gearboxes, padlocks and window restrictors.

For more information on our security products, contact James, your Horsham locksmith and security expert on 01403 371073.

Locked out in Horsham?

Are you locked out of your Horsham home? Don't stress, Lockforce Locksmiths Horsham provide a rapid 24/7 emergency response service to across the wider Horsham area to both domestic customers and business owners. We use non-destructive techniques so will never cause damage to your property or premises. If in the worst case we have to cause damage, we guarantee to put it right for free. We are highly trained in using the latest equipment to gain entry, so you are in safe hands and protected by our guarantee. We're able to support you in the entire cycle of getting you back into your property, from non-destructive entry, to replacement locks, replacement keys, snapped key extraction and more.

If you're locked out in Horsham, call us 24/7 on 01403 371073 and we will endeavor to get you back in as soon as possible.

Horsham Business Security

Lockforce Locksmiths Horsham - as the name suggest, are your local commercial or business security experts who have profound knowledge and experience in the local area. This affords us unmatched local expertise in Horsham. We know what works in Horsham, we know local security trends and work hard to protect our business customers every day. We go to great lengths to not only protect your business, but also to tailor our service to have minimal impact on your trading. Our work is guaranteed to work first time, every time. We will clean up after ourselves and are available to help you out of hours or whenever will have the least impact on your customers. Lockforce is a group that holds significant trust, and providing locksmithing services across Horsham under the Lockforce umbrella, we are sure you won't be disappointed, as evidenced by our reviews and growing commercial client base. All our team are DBS checked, insured and remain discreet, reliable and professional at all times.

For more information or advice on our commercial and business locksmith services, contact James on 01403 371073.

Horsham Home Security

We take home security very seriously at Lockforce Locksmiths Horsham. As your local security experts, we take great pride in providing the best security solutions for your home and are happy to provide advice on locks, CCTV, alarms and all other security measures. Lockforce Horsham can help from suggesting and sourcing security products, to the installation and beyond. Everyone should feel safe in their own home, and we are just a call away from helping you achieve a comfortable level of home security for you and your family.

Our Horsham security and locksmith experts are just a call away: 01403 371073.

24 Hour Locksmith in Horsham

Lockforce Locksmiths Horsham are here for you when you need us - no matter what time of the day or night or what day. We are always ready and available to help you no matter the issue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Don't hesitate to contact James Payne at any time of the day or night on 01403 371073.

Recent Jobs

New patio door lock installations - 5th January

Lockforce Locksmith Horsham were emailed by a gentleman with a request to discuss some option for a lock on his rear patio doors. I replied to his email within 10 minutes and we proceeded to have a conversation about the options and price I could offer him. Later that day I visited his property and advised him and showed him some available option . He was happy with what he saw and asked me to fit a Ultion High Security lock with 3 keys. All fitted and secured same day service. Lockforce Horsham keeping you safe.

Key barrel fault in front door of home in Rudgwick - 11th December 2019

Lady rang and said that her key was spinning the lock on the outside of the door and  she was having real difficulty opening the door from the outside. When I arrived  and inspected the lock I found that there was a fault with the outside key barrel . I supplied and fitted and new snap safe lock with 5 keys. Made sure door opened and locked safely on both sides of the door. Lockforce Horsham Keeping you Safe.

Supermarket Lock out in Haywards Heath - 31st November 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Horsham were called out to by popular supermarket chain as they were unable to open as their lock on the backdoor had the key jammed in it. I arrived within 30 minutes. After some discussion of various access points we decided that accessing the property through the front door would be the best option. I gained access in time for the shop to open at 8 am and begin trading.

Lock out in Horsham - 11th November 2019

Chap had rushed out his front door to go and meet his friend and locked himself out. I arrived within 20 minutes and gained non destructive entry. Lockforce Horsham Keeping you Safe

Son trapped inside house - 18th October 2019

Lady rang me in a panic Friday PM. She was on her way out for the day with her young son as she was loading the car the door had shut behind her leaving her keys and young son locked in the house. When she rang I left immediately she was obviously very concerned. I arrived within 30 minutes while she kept her very well behaved son occupied through the letterbox I gained entry to the property as quickly as possible. I then changed the lock and supplied and fitted a new lock with 5 Keys . One of which I think was being given to her neighbours. Glad her son was fine, he stayed calm all the way through, very good boy. Lockforce Horsham Keeping you Safe.

Key snap in Mortice deadlock in Storrington - 8th October 2019

Lady rang Lockforce Locksmiths Horsham after she had tried to exit her house through the front door and her key snapped in the Mortice Deadlock. I extracted the broken key and then supplied and fitted a new British Standard Dead Lock with keys .

New locks in Horsham - 5th October 2019

Family had just recently moved into the area and asked if over the weekend I would be able to supply and fit a new front door lock. I arrived on Saturday AM and supplied and fitted a new snap safe lock with 5 keys .Lockforce Horsham Keeping you Safe.

Locked out in Horsham - 28th September 2019

Lady had been out with her friends for a few drinks. When she returned realised she had left her keys in the house . She waited with a neighbour until I arrived 25 minutes later . I gained non destructive entry to her front door once inside she found her keys . Lockforce Horsham Keeping you Safe.

Lockable Window Handles in Horsham - 11th September 2019

Lady phoned at 8.30 pm Sunday evening she could not lock her front door with the key.I arrived in 30 minutes. On arrival I inspected the front door,the mechanism had failed and was not engaging .I removed it and supplied a temporary gearbox with lock so that the door could be locked safely.I then ordered a new door mechanism and retuned to fit it .Also Supplied and fitted new door handles as they were not in good condition. Lockforce Redhill Keeping you Safe.

Key Snapped in Patio Door, Storrington, Horsham - 12th September 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Horsham received a call from a family whose key had snapped in the back patio doors and they were unable to lock or unlock the door. I supplied and fitted a new snap safe lock with 5 keys. On entering the property I noticed that the night latch on the front door was very lose and the rim cylinder very old and in need of replacement. I supplied and fitted and new Yale night latch and rim cylinder with 5 keys. They needed the extra keys as it was a big family. Customers were very happy with our service.

New Door Locks in Horsham - 26th August 2019

House owners had rushed out the door on the way to in-laws and in their rush had shut the door behind themselves and locked themselves out on Bank Holiday Monday. I arrived and managed to gain non destructive entry. They mentioned that they had not long been at there new house . I advised them that it may be a good idea to change the locks just to be on the safe side while I was on site.I supplied and fitted 2 new snap safe locks with 5 keys for each to both the front and back doors. Lockforce Horsham Keeping you Safe.

Locked out in Horsham - 17th August 2019

Lady and her son were locked out on Saturday night at 11pm. I arrived and gained non destructive entry to the front door. I later advised the customer in future to make sure that when they leave their property to make sure that they lock the door when they leave. Lockforce Locksmiths Horsham - Keeping you Safe

Lock Upgardes in Horsham - 12th August 2019

Gentleman’s key had broken in the front door lock when he had tried to gain entry to his door. I removed the old lock with the broken key and upgraded both his front and back door locks with snapsafe locks with 5 keys. Lockforce Locksmiths Horsham- Keeping you safe.

Locked out in Horsham - 9th August 2019

A man phoned a behalf of one of his neighbours who had been locked out of her flat. Lockforce Locksmiths Horsham arrived within 20 minutes and gained non destructive entry to her flat with in a few minutes.

Snapped key in Horsham - 29th July 2019

A landlord in Horsham phoned me as he had just taken on a new premises and while trying to open the rear kitchen door the key had snapped in the lock. Once the key had been removed I supplied and fitted a brand new British standard Mortice lock, now the back door can be easily accessed. We also discussed the possibility of fitting some CCTV cameras as additional security for the premises. Lockforce Horsham Keeping you Safe

Non-Standard Mortice Lock, Central Horsham - 20th June 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Horsham attended to a lady who had returned home from a trip to visit a relative. She had realised that she lost her keys when she got home. She called and asked if we could gain entry to her apartment. After meeting her at the arranged time, we endeavoured to gain entry for her. It was a Mortice lock which we first tried to pick but could not open so had to take the face plate off the lock and manipulate the lock to sucessfully gain entry. The customer was very happy to get in. The lock was an an unusual Mortice Lock, however at the customers request for an exact replacement we sourced the part and returned a few days later to fit the new replacement lock.

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