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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmiths Redhill!

I am James Payne, your local locksmith expert covering the wider Redhill area.

I am available to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whenever you require a highly trained, accredited and professional locksmith in Redhill.

I provide a wide range of security and emergency locksmith services across Redhill.

As I'm based in the local area, we can get to you at any time of the day or night as quickly as possible for any and all Redhill locksmith requirements.

I hold a full criminal / DBS check. I also hold public liability insurance (£5million cover).

All work is protected with a 12 month guarantee.

Redhill Locksmith Services

We provide a full range of locksmith services (and security related services) across Redhill for both home and business clients, including:

  • Mobile locksmiths in Redhill
  • 24/7 emergency locksmiths
  • Redhill commercial locksmiths
  • Locked out of home
  • Locked out of business property
  • Door bars, door latches and door bolts
  • Non-destructive property entry
  • Lock replacements
  • Lock repairs
  • Property security upgrades include:
    • Fitting snap safe locks
    • Fitting anti snap locks
    • Fitting mortice locks
    • Fitting sash jammers
  • British standard locks
  • Redhill eviction services
  • Extracting broken keys
  • Snapped lock replacement
  • Anti pick / anti drill / anti bump lock replacements and repairs
  • UPVC door and window lock replacements and repairs
  • Door handle replacements and repairs
  • Window lock replacements and repairs
  • Window handle replacements and repairs

You can call James, your Redhill locksmith expert on 01737 486026 for advice or to request a urgent response callout in Redhill.

Locked out in Redhill

It's the stuff of nightmares, being locked out of your home. It often comes hand-in-hand with stress, tears and anxiety but have no fear, with Lockforce Locksmiths Redhill, you are in the safest hands locally available, at any time day or night. We deploy the latest non-destructive techniques to prevent causing damage to your property or business premises in Redhill. Should there be no alternative but to cause damage, then our work is covered by our guarantee to put it right for free. From our non-destructive entry, to replacement locks, replacement keys, snapped key extraction and beyond, our team is ready and available to help you, no matter how big or small the job is. We're highly trained locksmith professionals, who use the latest equipment to gain entry. You could not be in safer hands.

Locked out in Redhill? Call James 24/7 on 01737 486026.

Industry Approved Locks

We fit only the highest security locks at Lockforce Locksmiths Redhill. These locks are approved by both police and the locksmithing industry, as well as being recognised internationally as the highest quality locks. Your safety and security is our highest priority. This is the Lockforce standard and a value we pursue instinctively, and manifests itself in all our services and parts including multi-point locking units (MPL's), window restrictors, alarms, gearboxes, handles and padlocks.

Call James, your Redhill locksmith and security expert on 01737 486026 to discuss your home or business security.

Redhill Home Security Services

Your home is your pride and joy, a place where you and your family can be comfortable and secure. For this reason, we at Lorceforce Locksmiths Redhill take home security very seriously. We can provide the best tailored security solutions for your home, ranging from locks to CCTV's and alarms and beyond. We can help suggest and source security products for you, as well as supporting you to install the security products.

Our Redhill security professionals are just one call away: 01737 486026.

Redhill Business Security Services

As your local Redhill commercial or business security experts, you can rely on our extensive local knowledge and experience of the immediate Redhill area as well as the wider Redhill territories. We have unmatched local expertise across Redhill including local security trends. Our team works hard to protect our business customers every day of the week. Much like you go the extra mile for your customers, we take the same approach with our business customers and go the extra mile to ensure minimum impact on your business. Our work is guaranteed to work each and every time from the start. We clean up after ourselves so you needn't worry about mess. Our team is available to help you out of hours to have the least impact on your customers. You won't be disappointed by us, from our approach, to the finished job. Our team is DBS checked, insured and remain professional, realible and discreet at all times.

For more information or advice on our commercial security and Redhill business locksmith services, contact James on 01737 486026.

24 Hour Locksmiths in Redhill

Whatever the problem, no matter how big or small, Lockforce Locksmiths Redhill are here for you whenever you need us, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day!

Don't hesitate to contact James Payne at any time of the day or night on 01737 486026.

Recent Redhill Locksmith Work

Locked out of loft - 3rd January

Lockforce Locksmith Redhill were called by a lady to say that she had been let down by another locksmith from the area and needed urgent help. Her boiler was not working and she had someone coming to repair it. However the loft hatch was locked and she had no key to open it. I arrived and gained access to her loft with a few minutes . I have order her a new lock and will return within a few days to fit it at the customers convenience. Lockforce Redhill Keeping you safe .

Election lock out in Redhill - 9th December 2019

Gentleman from local political party HQ in Redhill rang to say that he had tried to replace the lock on the front door but that it had disintegrated in his hands. I arrived shortly after his call and supplied and fitted a new Yale British Standard night latch with rim cylinder and keys. The office now ready for the upcoming Elections.

Lock out and upgrade in Redhill - 31st November 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Redhill were called by a lady who had left her flat without the keys so could not get back in. I arrived managed to pick the lock and gain non destructive entry. She that asked if I could supply and fit a new lock , which I duly did and supplied her with new keys .

Burglary in Redhill - 17th November 2019

Family home had been broken in to via the rear patio doors. The intruder had pulled up the handle and snapped out the lock. Lockforce Locksmiths Redhill arrived at an arranged time in the afternoon and after discussing with the customer supplied and fitted Ultion High Security Locks to several of his doors. Also fitted and supplied and new rear door handle. Lockforce Keeping you Safe.

New locks required after night on the town - 26th October 2019

5am in the morning a lady phoned from Cardiff to say her son was a little bit tipsy and had lost his front door keys on a night out. He was in a cab on the way back from London.I arrived at his flats 20 minutes before he arrived . I checked with his mother that I was in the right location and at the correct address and with her permission proceed to gain access non destructive entry to both the communal front door and the door to his flat. When he arrived he was able to walk straight in. On his return I changed his front door lock and supplied and fitted a new front door lock with keys .Left him to sleep off his night's entertainment. Lockforce Redhill Keeping you Safe.

Office key snap in Redhill - 17th October 2019

Office cleaner had tried to open office and as she did her key snapped in the lock. She had returned home but her manager had instructed her to make sure that the office was accessible in the morning. I picked her up from her home which was very local to the office and returned to the offices. I could not extract or turn the lock at all. I proceeded to gain access to the lock open the door. While the young lady completed her job, I changed the lock. Supplied her with 5 keys. As it was late and dark I gave her a lift back home. Lockforce Redhill Keeping you Safe.

Left the keys behind - 12th October 2019

A family had been out for the day to celebrate a birthdayhowever on their way back from London they realised that they did not take their door keys. They rang me on their way back home and we arranged a time to meet. I gained entry to the flat and supplied and fitted a new snap safe Key and turn lock with 5 keys . As a reward I was given a nice piece of Chocolate Birthday Cake Very nice. 

Locked out in Redhill - 4th October 2019

Lady had just returned from Hospital with her friend and could not get in to her property and she was feeling very poorly.I swiftly arrived in 20 minutes .Gained non destructive entry , then supplied and fitted a new rim cylinder with new keys for her and her family. Lockforce Redhill Keeping you Safe.

Front door won't lock - 28th September 2019

Gentleman rang to say he could not lock his front door. When I arrived I found that his front door lock was not working correctly. He was keen to have the most secure locks on his front doors . I recommend high security Ultion Locks .He had 2 front doors and required the same keys for both doors . I put in a temporary snap safe lock so his front door would lock correctly. I then returned a few days later supplied and fitted his new High Security Ultion locks keyed alike and with 5 Extra Keys. Lockforce Redhill Keeping you Safe.

Door jam in Redhill - 21st September 2019

A lady who had just come out of hospital after a serious operation came to her front door which ahe was unable to open. I arrived within 25 minutes to find that there was an issue with the rim cylinder , I managed to gain entry, then changed the rim cylinder and supplied new keys . I also altered the keep as the door was very hard to both close and open. The lady was happy to be home and able to get in as she was very tired. Lockforce Redhill Keeping you Safe.

Lock upgrade in Horely - 20th September 2019

Lady phoned at 8.30 pm Sunday evening she could not lock her front door with the key.I arrived in 30 minutes. On arrival I inspected the front door,the mechanism had failed and was not engaging .I removed it and supplied a temporary gearbox with lock so that the door could be locked safely.I then ordered a new door mechanism and retuned to fit it .Also Supplied and fitted new door handles as they were not in good condition. Lockforce Locksmiths Redhill Keeping you Safe.

Locksmith Callout for Family with Jammed Night Latch in Horley, Redhill - 12th September 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Redhill received a call from a family where the night latch on their front door had jammed and would no longer lock. I supplied and fitted and brand new Yale rim cylinder and night latch. Also while I was there I also upgraded two of their back door locks to snap safe locks with 5 keys provided to the family.

Security Upgrade in Redhill - 22th August 2019

House owner had just regained possession of house and wanted to make sure that his property is safe and secure with new locks and keys. Supplied and fitted a High Security Ultion with barcoded keys on Front and a new Lock to rear patio door. Lockforce Redhill Keeping you Safe .

Faulty door in Redhill - 19th August 2019

Lady could not lock her front door to storage area. The door lock and keep were not aligned so I moved the keep so that the door would lock. I then supplied and fitted a new rim cylinder and night latch for extra security. Lockforce Locksmiths Redhill. Keeping you safe.

Insurance requirements for patio door in Redhill - 9th August 2019

The tennants of a land lady in Redhill were going on holiday and were not able to lock their patio doors for there balcony. Although they were 3 floors up, for insurance purposes she was advised that a lock was required for the patio doors. I supplied and fitted new snap safe lock with 5 keys. Now the tenants can go on holiday with no fear that Spider-Man is going to break into their flat. 

Bi-fold doors in Redhill - 29th July 2019

I was in Salfords in Redhill on Tuesday night as a couple had had their bi fold doors open but had some problems with the door locking as the door mechanism had been damaged and pulled out. Uunfortunately they could not manage to close the door at all. I managed to fit a temporary lock so that the door could be locked safely and am now in the process of sourcing a new door mechanism, which I will be subsequently supplying and fitting.

Damaged lock in Reigate - 13th July 2019

On Saturday night I received a phone call at 9pm. A landlord had a leak in one of his flats so called an emergency plumber, however since the tennant wasn't home they had to force entry. So although the leak was resolved, the lock was now broken. I was only too happy to go and repair the lock and supply the landlord with a new set of keys for his tennant. Everyone was happy!

Lock out in Redhill - 6th July 2019

2.30am Saturday Morning and a young guy phoned Lockforce Locksmiths as he was locked out of his house. I was up and there within half and hour. When I got there he had managed to rip the handle off the side door and had exposed his lock. I advised him that he was demonstrating the sort opportunity a house burglar might seek. When the lock was exposed it was an inferior quality. At that point I advised him that I would be able to replace and upgrade the lock for him there and then. He agreed that would be a good idea. So I then snapped the lock from the outside while he watched , just to demonstrate how easy it would be to gain entry to his side door. He was shocked at how easy and quick it was to gain access to the side door. Once inside I replaced the lock with a snap safe lock and refitted the handles. I assured him that his side door would be a lot safer now. Lockforce Locksmiths Redhill, Keeping you Safe.

Locked out in Epsom - 29th June 2019

A young couplecalled Lockforce at 11pm Saturday night as they had left their keys with a friend during the day and could not get into their Top Floor flat. When I arrived the door had 2 very good locks a high security rim cylinder and a Mortice Dead Lock. The flat was a rented property and as the couple knew where the keys were decided rather than gain entry they would prefer to wait until the following morning and collect the keys from their friends. I understood their predicament and as they had no where to stay locally and had had a little tipple during the day I offered them a lift to a relatives which was 30 minutes away. Unusual out come but being a Locksmith always be prepared for the unexpected.

Snapped key in lock - 29th June 2019

A family returned from holiday to find a snapped key in their back door. Lockforce Locksmiths quickly got to work and removed the lock with the broken key. I did a quick security check on their front door while I was there and they decided that upgrading both their front and back doors to snap safe locks would be a good option for them, I was happy to oblige. Lockforce Locksmiths Redhill, Keeping you Safe .

Locked out in Reigate - 28th June 2019

On Friday night at 10:30 Lockforce received a phone call for a lady in Reigate she was locked out with her friend who was visiting. I was on sight within about 30 minutes and gained non destructive entry within a few minutes. The key had been left in the back of the door and once I had checked the lock found it was not the most secure. After a discussion with the lady she decided that an upgrade to a snap safe lock would be a good idea so I was happy to upgrade the lock for her. Lockforce Locksmiths Redhill, Keeping you safe.

Late Night Lockout, Merstham, Redhill - 23rd June 2019

We received a late night call from a lady in Merstham on behalf of her friend who could not get into the house. The keys were not opening the cylinder. The customer had shut the door and the nib was down and the door was very tight. I believe she had pulled it very hard and it had shut with the latch locked out. I gained entry for the lady and her son and then updated the cylinder with a new Yale and traditional night latch. The night latch was a different style to the original one she had, however I did not want to leave the house without it being 100% secure. As this was a rental property, I suggested to the customer that I will try and source the same lock as the original and refit it at a later date.

Helping A Landlord On A Budget, Merstham, Redhill - 20th June 2019

A Merstham landlord called regarding one of his tenants who had an issue with their back door. On arrival and inspection of door it was clear that it was clearly in need of some attention. It had no Cylinder Lock and no door mechanism at all, and the handles that were on there were put on wrongly. The landlord and tenant were very keen to rectify these issues, but were working within a very tight budget. So we agreed a budget and Lockforce Locksmiths Redhill sourced and fitted a brand new door mechanism, cylinder lock and rectified the door handles. The tenant now has a fully operational and safely working lockable back door. The landlord and tenant very happy.

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