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We are continuing to deliver all services to customer following all guidance from the government. We appreciate your support, understanding and co-operation with regards to any restriction on our works. FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE. If you need our help please call.
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Sutton Locksmith Services

Welcome to Lockforce Locksmiths in Sutton, my name is Andy and I am your local 24-hour locksmith technician. Here for all your locksmith and security concerns any questions or if you require a quote give us a call today free on  0208 088 3218.

Sutton Approved Alarm InstallersLockforce Locksmiths Sutton are proud to announce that we are an Approved installer and supplier of A.I.M Forensics DNA alarms.

A.I.M – Forensic Door Alarms are used when checking the identity of a caller to your home or as an opt-out door security device to further protect the door from forced entry and is used by police forces across the UK.

Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton are always looking for top of the range products in keeping you safe while at home.

Services we offer - Trusted Locksmiths -  Commercial Locksmiths - uPVC Doors -

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Sutton Locksmith Services:

Here at Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton we offer a number of services here are just some of them we provide;

  • 24/7 Emergency Locksmith 
  • uPVC Door Lock Repairs and Replacements
  • uPVC Window Lock and Door Repairs
  • Non-Destructive Entry
  • Conservatory door Lock Repair and Replacement
  • Key cutting service at your location 
  • High security Locks
  • Mortice Locks
  • Anti-snap Locks
  • TS007 Euro Cylinders
  • Sash jammers 
  • Door bolts, bars and latches
  • British Standard Locks
  • Insurance Approved Locks
  • Broken Key Extraction
  • Emergency Mobile Locksmiths 
  • Residential Locksmith
  • Commercial Locksmith 
  • Master Keys Sets
  • File Cabinet Lock replacement 
  • Business Locksmiths

As standard, we also always provide

  • No call out fee
  • 1-year quality guarantee

We have Public Liability insurance to the tune of £5million and a Police DBS check, for your added security.

Call our local locksmith in Sutton and Morden today on 0208 088 3218 for any question about our service we offer.

Trusted Local Sutton Locksmith

Lockforce Locksmiths treat all our customers in the same way would like our family’s to be treated. We only recommend we never push sale, we always treat customers with respect, we will only fit security devices that are fit for purpose.

Along with this we are a vetted company by both checkatrade and Trustist where we allow customer to independently review us, See our Public liability cover and our Police DBS Check. We always carry ID and wear a uniform

We are a vetted company if you would like to know more give us a call on 0208 088 3218 today.

Commercial Sutton Locksmiths

Lockforce work with a number of business in Sutton and Morden to deal with there locksmith and security issues. We have been doing this for a while now allowing us to see the common problems and also make sure we stock the products that will best suit your commercial security needs.

We stock a range of Panic Hardware products for your fire exits, Digital door locks for your staff or restricted areas, Adams rite locks and cylinders, Shutter locks and electrical terminals, Internal door locks, Thumb Turn locks, plus much more.

As a Local business we like to make sure other business in our area are secure reducing the crime levels for us all. We offer free security surveys for business and even a free locksmiths call out service.

We carry a police DBS check and £5 million public liability cover which is all available upon request. 

Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton offer an emergency service for all security needs for your business in Sutton and Morden so if you require our services or advice give us a call today on 0208 088 3218

uPVC Door Repairs in Sutton

uPVC door repairs 

We carry out a number of uPVC or PVCu door repairs for our customers these include:

-MPL replacement this is the metal strip where all the locking point move to secure the door when the handle is lifted.

- Gearbox this part allows all the moving parts on the MPL to move freely and the lock to engage to insure the door remains lock.

- uPVC door locks or Euro Cylinders we replace, repair and service these locks.

- Door alignment if your door is starting to catch when you shut the door or even if you cannot lock the door this can help this problem.

Call Lockforce Locksmiths in Sutton and Morden today for a free quote with and uPVC problems on 0208 088 3218

Make your home burglar proof

August was another bad month for Sutton’s postcodes as their was 44 burglaries in the month.

Is Your Home Safe?  Are Your Loved Ones Secure At Home?

It does not cost you a penny to make sure your home is as secure as it should be to keep Burglars out. The longer you leave it the more chance you will be next.


Payment Options

Here at Lockforce locksmiths in Sutton and Morden we have many payment options these include

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Contactless card payments 
  • Bank Transfer
  • BACS
  • Cash 
  • PayPal

Recent Jobs

Sutton Locksmith Upgrades Home Locks to Ultion High Security Locks - Sutton, SM4, 23rd September 2020

This afternoon our Sutton locksmiths attended to a couple who were enquiring about high security locks. The husband is away a lot for business and he wanted the property to be safe and secure for his partner. Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton renewed (replaced) both the front and back door locks to Ultion 3* high security locks. We also discussed alarm systems which he is considering. The couple were very pleased with our Sutton locksmith service and their improved high security locks.

Sutton Wireless Alarm Installation - Sutton, SM4, 20th September 2020

Today Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton were called by a customer whom had just moved into a property, and wanted an alarm system installing. We discussed available options and products and they decided to proceed with a Yale Wireless Smart Home Alarm System. They were very happy with their choice as it was easy to use, easy functionality, accessible by their mobile devices - everything they were after.

Sutton Locksmith Installs Deadlocks Onto Burgled Kebab Shop - Sutton, SM1, 16th September 2020

We recently attended to a kebab shop in Sutton which had been the victim of a burglary. The back door had been jimmied open with a crow bar. Our Sutton locksmiths needed to repair the existing lock and install a new lock too; so there were now new deadlocks on the top and bottom. The customer was very happy that their door is now secure and they shouldn't get robbed so easily again. We also advised on an alarm system which our Sutton locksmiths can support them with.

Sutton High Street Shop Door Realignment - Sutton, SM2, 14th September 2020

Our Sutton locksmiths were called to a high street shop where the main door had become stuck and frozen. The door had been stiff previously so the staff were regularly applying WD-40 lubricants. There was a high number of staff with keys which eventually led to the cylinder to jam. Our Sutton locksmiths realigned the door and gave detailed instructions on how to rehang the door properly using their preferred shop front engineer. They were very pleased that our Sutton locksmiths could help and have already reduced the number of key holders to just a few.

Car Keys Locked in Boot - Sutton, SM2, 10th September 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton are NOT autolocksmiths; however fortunately we were able to help the customer of a BMW recently when he locked his keys in the boot. This was a 3am callout, he had been dropping his friends off and was talking to them in the car park when he shut the boot with the keys in the boot. Our Sutton locksmiths were able to gain entry through the front door using an air bag and a handle pull tool, causing no damage to the car. We then pulled the seats down and retrieved the keys from the boot. The customer was very happy that our local locksmiths were able to come and help at such a time in the night.

Sutton Locksmith Rescues Lady Locked Out in Her Underwear - Sutton, SM1, 8th September 2020

What we thought would be an everyday lock out call turned out to be one for the books. We were called by the customers neighbour asking if we could help get the customer back in. The events that had transpired was the lady and her partner had a falling out and she kicked him out, then maybe had a change of heart and ran out after him and the door locked behind her. She was dressed in her underwear and was more than happy to be back inside when we gained entry using our trusted letterbox tool.

Police Call Sutton Locksmith To Assist Emergency Services - Sutton, SM1, 4th September 2020

Our Sutton locksmiths were today called by our colleagues in the Sutton police force. They had been called by an elderly lady who had fallen and couldn't get up. They wanted Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton to arrive before them if possible to open the door so the emergency services could gain entry without damaging the door. Fortunately we were able to attend to the address before and gain entry using our locksmith letterbox tool, just as the police arrived. We put a blanket over the lady to keep her warm. She had broken her hip but was happy she had a face to talk to. Her daughter who lives out of the city was happy that someone was with her as she wouldn't be able to get to her until the next day. We didn't charge for this callout as the customer was elderly and injured. We were happy we could help both the customer and the emergency services.

Seized Deadlocks on Sutton High Street Card Shop - Sutton, SM2, 1st September 2020

Our Sutton locksmiths were called to a national client with a store on a Sutton high street, who reported that their back doors had jammed. On inspection, two euro profile deadlocks had seized. Our local Sutton locksmiths had to gain entry and install two new euro profile mortice locks with Ultion cylinders. The store manager was very pleased with the increased security and swift response from Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton.

Sutton Lock Replacement and Alarm Installation - Sutton, SM1, 28th August 2020

Today our Sutton locksmiths received a call from a customer who was selling their property and wanted to replace the locks and alarm. Our local locksmiths in Sutton renewed the front and back cylinders, multipoints, handles and alarm system. They were very pleased with our comprehensive local Sutton locksmith service.

Sutton Alarm Fitters - Sutton, SM5, 20th August 2020

Today we completed the installation of an alarm system in Sutton. The customer had called to ask about alarms. We probably spent more time on the phone discussing their needs, options, recommendations, than we did actually fitting the alarms. They chose Lockforce Sutton because of our glowing reviews and were not disappointed with our service.

Croydon Emergency Locksmith Gains Access for Ambulance Paramedic Team - Sutton, SM3, 18th August 2020

We recently attended a property where the occupants daughter called us after her elderly mother had had a fall. She went round to check on her mother. She couldn't get in but could see her mother had fallen. She called our Croydon emergency locksmiths and an ambulance. We got there first, in less than 10 minutes and was able to compromise the door so the paramedics could get in quickly. The mother had fallen and broken her hip, but she was ok, she just couldn't move. Thankfully she's back at home now and our locksmiths have checked up on her. The whole family is very grateful that we were able to respond so quickly.

Locked Out Of Home - Sutton, SM5, 14th August 2020

Early this morning our Sutton locksmiths attended to a customer we spoke to yesterday evening. They had left their keys inside and the door slammed locked as they went outside, about to go to work for a night shift. We arranged to meet with them this morning when they returned from their shift to let them back inside their home. We used our professional locksmith tools to gain entry to their property using non-destructive measures. They were very happy for our local Sutton locksmiths being flexible and meeting them early in the morning to solve their issue.

Repeat Customer in Sutton Replaces All Window Handles and Patio Door Locks - Sutton, SM3, 10th August 2020

Less than a week later, we are back at the customer below whom we previously assisted with a 33 year old MPL. He was so impressed with our complete service, he asked for Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton to return and replace all his window handles and replace the MPL's, handles and cylinders on both patio doors. We were pleased to be able to support this customer again.

Sutton Locksmith Replaces 33 Year Old MPL - Sutton, SM3, 4th August 2020

You may not realised that nearly all lock products and parts have shelf life. Today our Sutton locksmiths attended a customer who had the same door, handles, cylinders etc for the past 33 years (since the building was built). The door and lock was grinding and sticking a lot. A new MPL was required with handles and cylinders, which we were able to complete immediately which breathed new life into the door like it was as a good as new, much to the customers delight!

Sutton Wireless Alarm Installation After Burglary - Sutton, SM1, 23rd July 2020

We were contacted by a customer who had been the victim of a burglary in the past year. He was recommended to Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton by a previous customer who couldn't praise our local Sutton locksmiths highly enough. The customer enquired about wireless alarms and after discussing options, decided to install a Yale Wireless Alarm system, which our local Sutton experts completed without any issue. He was very pleased with his upgraded security.

Sutton Locksmith Replaces Communal Locks on Flats - Sutton, SM5, 10th July 2020

This morning Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton were called by the victim of theft. She had left her bag in a coffee shop which was stolen. The thieves then stole her car and she was worried they were going to be able to get access to her flat too. She called our Sutton emergency locksmiths for support and we attended very quickly. We had to renew the communal system (the main door entrance to the apartment block) and fitted a new cylinder on the communal door and provided 20 keys for the tenants. She was happy because at least now she knows the properties aren't under any risk and have heightened security now.

Locked Out After Snapping Key - Sutton, SM3, 4th July 2020

Today our Sutton emergency locksmiths were called by our customers neighbour after they had locked themselves out. They had a spare key, or so they thought, which was an incorrect key and snapped inside the lock! Our Sutton locksmiths were able to extract the snapped key out of the cylinder, and then replace the cylinder. The customer was annoyed that she had done it in the first place but very grateful for our emergency locksmiths in Sutton coming at such short notice.

Which Lock to Choose? - Sutton, SM3, 11th June 2020

This evening Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton were called by a customer who had recently split up from their partner and wanted to renew all the locks to her property in Sutton. She was unsure what she wanted, and what options were available. We took the time to discuss the range of options and what we recommended. She decided to proceed with a 60mmm auto deadlocking night latch and an Ultion high security lock on the rear uPVC door. She was a lot happier once we completed the work that she now had insurance approved locks on her property and the property was significantly more secure.

Commercial Sutton Locksmith After Keys Locked Inside - Belmont, Sutton, SM2, 9th June 2020

Today we were called by one of our commercial customers in Sutton. One of their engineers had left the keys for a property inside and the door slammed shut and wasn't able to continue with the work. We gained entry via non destructive methods using our letterbox tool. He was very happy with our emergency Sutton locksmith service, and that we were able to help him so quickly so he can resume his work.

Sutton Lock Replacement After Property Purchase - Sutton, SM1, 7th June 2020

This morning Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton were called by a customer who had recently purchased a property and wanted all of the locks replacing. We replaced front, back and internal locks with Ultion high security locks. The customer also requested everything was completed in chrome, which we were also able to accommodate. They were very happy with the outcome.

Commercial Window Gates and Door Gates Installed - South Sutton, SM2, 4th June 2020

Today Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton completed a job for a commercial customer who had moved their stock closer to home. We assessed the work required and provided a quote which the customer was very happy to proceed with. We installed three window gates and a main door gate to secure the premises and stock. They were very happy with the end result, and so were we.

Elderly Couple Broken Into, Locks Upgraded - Sutton, SM1, 1st June 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton were called to a property in Sutton where the residents, an elderly couple, were sadly broken into. Their son had checked over the property before calling our Sutton locksmith experts to renew the locks. We went through the available lock options with the customers, and agreed on proceeding with the Ultion high security lock to secure the property. We installed three Ultion's with thumb turn cylinders to make it easier for the residents to unlock. They were all really pleased with the high security lock upgrade we had provided.

MPL failure in Sutton - 20th February 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton was called to a property due to a customer not being able to gain access to her home. On arrival Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton detected that the fault was with the Winkhaus AV2 multi-point. Once the issue was known we was able to gain access to the property. We was able to resolve the issue and get the Multi-point working again. Another satisfied customer 

New Bell Door Bell installed - 25th November 2019

A returning Customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton and requested for a smart doorbell to be installed as she has just had a new hip replacement so can't be getting up and down to the front door. Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton was very happy to help. Lockforce Locksmith Sutton is happy to help no matter what the job big or small.

91 Year Old Locked Out In Sutton - 11th November 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton was called out at midnight to a 91 year old who went to post some mail. Once he had returned to his property he couldn't get back in as his key was not working. Once Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton arrived, I had to gain entry and once I had inspected the door it was clear his cylinder was not working as the cam had seized up and the inside handle had broken as well. Lucky enough Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton carries stock for handles and cylinders so was able to get these changed there and then. Another happy customer.

Two break-ins in 5 days!! - 27th October 2019

Burglars brake in twice in 5 days!!!!!Customer in SM1 was broken into for the 2nd time in 5 days, he has now got a new defence against Burglars. A.I.M DNA Intruder Alarm System and a Yale Smart home wireless Alarm system. A.I.M is a great deterrent as it will leave the unwanted person covered in a spray that is uniquely registered to your property so it ties that person to the crime at your address (That’s called a slam dunk convention as they can not dispute the charge in court). For you free quotation from your local authorised and Registered installer Andy on 07951952801. #AIMDNA #YaleWirelessAlarms 

Lockout in SM2 - 22nd October 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths was called out to a gentlemen who had locked himself out, the problem was his Wife who has Alzheimer's was left inside so he was in bit of a state. Lockforce Locksmiths was with the customer within 15 minuets and had the door opened within a few minuets. He was very grateful and his wife was none the wiser and still enjoying her afternoon nap.

Lockout in Wallington - 21st October 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton got a call from a very distressed elderly lady as she had locked herself out of her daughters home whilst looking after their beloved Dog, Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton raced around to help. Once we had arrived you could see the Elderly lady face had relief all over it, We had her reunited with the family beloved Dog in no time.

Security Upgrade in Sutton - 21st October 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton was called out on Friday Morning to a customer who had sadly been burgled the night before! Unfortunately all the customers keys where taken with other personal belongings as well. Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton survayed the premises free of charge and made some strong recommendations for the customers property to make it Safe and secure for his young family. The customer took on board the advice and went ahead with the recommandations that was given to him. Burglars beware as this property is now protected with 3* insurance rated cylinders and British Standard Night-latch.

Home Alarm Installation in Sutton, SM1 - 11th October 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton was called out to survey a property for a Home Alarm upgrade as the current one had broken. Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton gave the customer a quotation and was told to go ahead with the installation. We installed a wireless Yale Smart home Wireless Alarm system for the customer which works from his iPhone for ease and comfort.

Locked Out in Sutton, SM1 - 8th October 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton was called out to a customer who had come home to find out her home was not as secure as she had thought. The customer had no hesitation is upgrading her front porch door with a brand new Multipoint lock (MPL) and a 3* Diamond rate Ultion cylinder. But she also wanted to upgrade her internal door with new handles and the same 3* cylinder. Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton was happy to help her feel safe and to give added peace of mind a free home security survey was completed as well. Another satisfied customer.

Attempted Burglary, Sutton, SM5 - 13th September 2019

Is your home as safe as you would like it to be?????  Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton was called out to a customer how had come home to find out her home was not as secure as she had thought. The customer had no hesitation is upgrading her front porch door with a brand new Multipoint lock (MPL) and a 3* Dimond rate Ultion cylinder. But she also wanted to upgrade her internal door with new handles and the same 3* cylinder. Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon was happy to help her feel safe and to give added peace of mind a free home security survey was completed as well. Another satisfied customer 

Wife Locked in Bedroom, Mordon, Sutton, SM4 - 12th September 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton had a call from a distressed elderly Man in Morden informing me his wife was locked in their bedroom and she couldn't get out. I attended the property within 15 minutes as he informed me his wife needed to take her medication and he couldn't get it to her. I managed to gain non-destructive entry to the bedroom. The husband was very pleased to see his wife was fine and just relaxing on the bed watching TV. I then gave the whole house a complete Free Home Security Survey to make sure it was safe and secure. Both husband and wife are very happy with the fast and efficient service Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton provided.

Break-in in Carshalton, Sutton, SM5 – 2nd August 2019

Customer issue- A local shop in Carshalton had been broken into by a burglar, so my customer requested a wireless Alarm system that he could work from his mobile phone. Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton were happy to consult with the customer to cover the needs and requirements of what he needed from the wireless alarm system. The Solution - They decided to go for a Yale wireless alarm system which had 2 PIR sensors for internal detection of movement. 2 Door connectors which would set the alarm off if the doors where opened without the alarm being deactivated, and a siren to alert anyone if the premises have any unwanted people inside when closed. Customer also liked the fact that the system had a panic button for his female colleagues.  Another satisfied Customer for Lockforce Locksmiths, Sutton Keeping You Safe

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