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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmith Portsmouth.

My name is Lee Dray and I'm your local and trusted locksmith proudly serving Portsmouth. 

With over 24 years of customer service experience, I believe I can offer you the best service and workmanship of the highest standard at a competitive price. I am highly trained and pride myself on the use of only the highest quality locks andfitting techniques in the locksmiths industry.

If you have any problems with your locks or you are just looking to increase your security call me today.

Key Points:

  • DBS checked
  • Checkatrade Vetted
  • Available 24/7
  • NO Call Out Fees
  • 1 year Workmanship Guarantee
  • Insured to the tune of £5 million 
  • All my locks are accredited by the British Standards Institution 
  • NHS Discount

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Portsmouth Locksmith Services

As an expert in security, we offer all locksmith and security solutions which best meet your needs.

Here are a few of the services we offer at Lockforce locksmiths in Portsmouth:

  • Lock changes
  • Lock upgrades
  • Insurance approved locks
  • Entry gaining
  • Warrant work
  • Evictions
  • Re-securing
  • Post burglary repairs
  • uPVC door locks
  • Wooden door locks
  • Yale locks
  • Night latch’s
  • Digital door locks
  • Fire escape hardware
  • Panic hardware
  • Electrical security devices
  • CCTV
  • Alarms
  • Window boarding
  • uPVC window repairs
  • uPVC door repairs
Call Lee your local expert locksmith in Portsmouth today on 02393 962104 if you require a new set of keys cut.

24-Hour Locksmiths in Portsmouth

Lockforce locksmiths offer a 24 locksmith and security service to the people of Portsmouth. So if you are locked out of your home or busniess at 0200 or 1400 we can come to your aid. Our 24 hour service includes all emergency work including re-securing buildings, burglary repairs, security upgrades, lock changes, entry gaining.

Call Lee today you local Emergency Locksmiths in Portsmouth on  02393 962104 for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how we can best help you. 

uPvc Window and Door Repairs in Portsmouth

Lockforce locksmiths in Portsmouth are a specialist uPVC repair company. We repair and replace faulty and broken parts on both uPVC doors and windows. We carry out replacement Lock changes for customers who are worried who may have keys for their home when they go through a break-up or even when there are new owners / tenants moving in. This gives you the assurance no one can get into your home when you’re not aware. We also repair faulty door locks when the keys will not turn, come out of the lock or even go into the lock. We carry out these repairs the same day 99% of the time allowing you to know you safe and secure as you should be.

Lockforce locksmiths in Portsmouth are a local company, so we will only fit products that will keep you and our local community safe and secure. We also replace Gear Boxes and Multi Point Locks. When these become faulty, they are usually identified by the handle just spinning or not depressing when the door is unlocked. As a locksmith we can do this by causing no damage to the door or lock, allowing us to replace the parts the same day and get your door working as it is meant to be. As an expert locksmith we will not start damaging your door like some people feel the need to. This will save you the expense of purchasing a new door, instead of just a lock or gear box. We also repair faulty windows. If your window will not unlock or the window will just not open /close, we can repair this non-destructively, allowing only for the replacement of faulty parts.

If you have problems with any uPVC windows or doors, Contact Lee your local security expert at Lockforce locksmiths in Portsmouth today 24/7 on 02393 962104

Trusted Locksmith in Portsmouth

Lockforce locksmiths are a trusted local business. We work closely with the local community to provide a great and trusted service to all the local people of Portsmouth. We work in schools, churches, community halls police and even with the NHS. We always carry ID, Police DBS check  and Public liability cover. 

We encourage feedback from all our customers and whether is is good or bad (we hope it is good!), we value it all. We are also proud to be an important part of the highly reputable Lockforce brand. Lockforce is one of the most positively reviewed locksmith businesses in the UK with over 4,000 reviews of which about 98% are 5 stars! If you want to see more about what customers say about my service, please look under the reviews section at the bottom of this page.

Call me for a fast response from a local locksmith in Portsmouth today on  02393 962104 and I aim to be with you in 10 - 45 minutes.

Locks for Locksmiths in Portsmouth

Lockforce locksmiths in Portsmouth not only fit your standards locks you can buy over the counter, but also locks that are only sold to and by trusted locksmiths.

These locks provide a higher level of security. As a locksmith, we see it’s important to make sure all are customers are safe and secure when it matters most. Ask about our Brisant Ultion WXM locks today. These even come with a £1000 guarantee and a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. When only the best locks will do trust in Lockforce locksmiths in Portsmouth.

Call me today on  02393 962104 for advice, request a rapid response callout or to see how I can best help you.

Lock Identification

Do you want to know what lock type you have installed on your door? Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth can help you to identify your locks over the phone or via picture messaging.

There are 3 main lock types that are usually installed on your property. Here is a brief guide to help you:

Euro Cylinder  - these locks are the most commonly used lock and are installed into multi-point locks on uPVC and composite doors. You may also find them installed in sliding patio doors, garage doors and mortise locks on wooden doors. There are various types of euro cylinder. There are single cylinders (commonly found on garage doors), double cylinders (most residential doors), thumbturn cylinders (commonly found on multiple occupancy buildings). There are also different standards of euro cylinders. They may be categorised into standard, 1 star, 2 star and 3 star locks. These locks will be categorised based on the security measures installed into the lock (anti-snap, anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-bump). Currently, a 3 star TS007 British Standard lock is the highest rating, thus giving you the best security. 

Mortise Locks - these locks are commonly found on wooden doors. There are 2 types  - dead lock (bolt only) and sash lock (latch and bolt). The bolts are engaged into the door frame when the key is turned and the latch retracts via the use of a handle. Mortise locks come in different standards. They can be 2, 3 or 5 lever with internal doors requiring just 2 or 3 lever locks. On an external door, British Standard BS3621 5 lever mortise locks are recommended for home insurance compliance. To identify whether your lock is British standard, check on the faceplate (side of door) and look for the kite mark (heart shaped logo).

Night Latch - these are commonly called Yale locks and are usually installed onto wooden doors. On the external side of the door will be a round lock (called a rim cylinder) and on the inside will be a case with a latch which engages with the keep on the door frame to keep the door closed. These locks are for additional security on an external door and also for bedrooms on multiple occupancy households. Night latches provide a keyless exit. This means they can be opened inside to allow doors to be an easy exit in case of an emergency or if multiple people are living in the property. You can get deadlocking, non-deadlocking and auto deadlocking night latches. Night latches can also be British Standard which Lockforce recommends on external doors for security and home insurance requirements. 

If you are still unsure as to what type of locks you have on your property, contact Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth today for a professional opinion on 02393 962104

New Home Security in Portsmouth

Moving to a new house can be a very stressful time, but we all like to know who has the keys for our new home. Lockforce locksmiths in Portsmouth, insurance companies and the police recommend you change all the locks when you move home to ensure no one else can access your property.

Lockforce locksmiths in Portsmouth offer full lock changes to your home. This can be done the same day and we can even put all the locks onto one key, so no need for bunches of keys anymore. Your key will open every door and outbuilding in your home. We will also make sure all your locks meet insurance requirements and they are to the level of security you require. We will show you the option and leave the choice up to you. As a local locksmith we like to inform the local community on how to beat protect their home and love ones with as little financial expense as possible.

Have you moved to a new home in Portsmouth? Would you like to make your home safe against anyone else having keys? Call us today on 02393 962104

Security Services in Portsmouth

Lockforce locksmiths in Portsmouth offer a range of locksmith services as well as security services. These combined give us the knowledge and skills to best protect your home of business against crime. As a expert locksmith with have access to all the best entry technics causing no damage to your property. With our experience and knowledge there is not a home or business we can get you into one way of another. As a security expert we see on a regular basis how and why burglaries happen, so we can see how they can be prevented in the future.

So as not to go out and buy all fancy security devices which have no effect. We can show you what will have a greater effect on crime prevention. Your security is our priority here at Lockforce locksmiths in Portsmouth, so we will always strive to give you the best knowledge and security devices that are affective. These security devices are all easy to use and can be easy added as a replacement or additional security device.

If you want to know how to best protect your home or business call Lockforce locksmiths in Portsmouth today for a domestic and commercial expert locksmith on 02393 962104.

Home Insurance in Portsmouth

If you don't know what I mean, or you're unsure whether your locks comply, do not worry.... you are not the first and certainly will not be the last.

Please read on to find out how you can keep your home and possessions protected. 

As a homeowner, you should be aware that most insurance companies stipulate your locks need to be insurance approved and meet the British Standard (BS3621). If your home does not meet this standard then it is highly likely your home insurance will be invalid in the event of a break in. Don't put yourself and your possessions in any unnecessary danger and check your locks today.  If your lock displays the following logo then it is a British Standard lock. You will see this in the below image of one of our insurance approved, mortice locks.

If you are at all unsure, call Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth today. We offer a free home security survey to ensure your property meets all necessary home insurance requirements and can best advise you on any improvements needed. 

Contact Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth for a FREE home security survey today on 02393 962104.

Portsmouth Lock Snapping

Have you heard of lock snapping? This is a burglary technique which involves a Euro cylinder lock (pictured) being snapped in half inside your external door.

This snapping technique requires average force to the cylinder lock by using common tools (mole grips, pliers etc). When the lock is snapped, it can be removed from the door and this allows access to the mechanism which can then be unlocked and access can be gained to your property. This can all be done in under ten seconds and requires little skill. If you have a multi point locking system installed, you could be at risk to your locks being snapped.

To avoid this risk, you can make your property more safe and secure by installing anti-snap or snap safe locks. In the picture below, the top 2 locks are basic snap locks. The bottom 2 locks are anti-snap locks. As you can see, they have a snap line visible. This snap line sits within the recess of the door, so if the lock is snapped off, only the end part will snap off. This will leave you protected from this technique of burglary.

Portsmouth Lock Snapping

Another safety measure of preventing your lock being snapped is to ensure the correct size cylinder lock is fitted. If the lock is too long and is protruding, it makes lock snapping even easier. Your cylinder lock should be fitted flush with the handle.

Lock Snapping in Portsmouth

Snapping Locks in Portsmouth

If you have any concerns about your locks, contact Lee at Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth today on 02393 962104

Mobile Key Cutting Service in Portsmouth

At Lockforce Locksmiths in Portsmouth, we provide a mobile key cutting service. Our van is fully stocked with a wide range of blank keys. Our key cutting machinery enables us to cut keys for you on-site and test them in your locks. Therefore, we know that we can guarantee that every key we cut for you will work!

So whether you require an extra door key or a full set of spare keys cut for your property, Lockforce Locksmiths in Portsmouth can provide this for you. With our mobile key cutting service, we can come out to you at a time that is convenient for you.

Need spare keys? Contact Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth today on 02393 962104

Ultion Lock Installation in Portsmouth

Home security is not something that should be taken lightly, your family and some posessions are irreplaceable so do not leave it to chance!

Here at Lockforce Locksmiths in Portsmouth we only supply the locks that we would use on our own home! We can fit you the latest British Standard locks that are insurance and police approved, therefore meeting your home insurance requirements. Yes there are variations depending on your budget, but at the very minimum all locks supplied by Lockforce Locksmiths Bognor Regis are Anti-snap euro cylinder locks. These offer substantially more protection than a standard Euro cylinder, which have a weak mid-point and can easily be snapped and access can be gained into your property in less than 9 seconds.

If you want the best lock on the market, the very top level of security we can offer is the Ultion TS0007 3* lock, the ultimate in lock security. Yes, this costs a little more but if you want the best for your home and family’s security, then this is by far the best option for securing your home. The Ultion locks even come with a £1000 guarantee and a 10-year warranty with the lock manufacturer covering you against the functionality of the parts. 

Commercial Locksmiths in Portsmouth

At Lockforce Locksmiths in Portsmouth, we provide expertise in commercial security. With years of experience in working in the local area, we have the knowledge to know what levels of security work best for your property. Our commercial workmanship is guaranteed. We work tidy, smart and in a manner that is most efficient to your trading hours. Being available 24/7, we can even work out-of-hours to minimise disruption. 

At Lockforce Locksmiths in Portsmouth we can supply and install mortise locks, euro cylinders, rim cylinder locks, night latches (Yale Lock), postbox/locker locks, access control, multi point locks, Adams Rite locks, window/shutter locks plus many more…. As a business owner myself, we will treat your business with utmost respect, just like we do with our own locksmith business. We work with many businesses, including schools, police, NHS and local traders. We are Trading Standards Approved by Checked & Vetted to give you that extra peace of mind that you are working with a trusted business.

Contact Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth on 02393 962104 today, to make your Commercial Property safe and secure

Fire Door Safety in Portsmouth

At Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth, we can supply, install, repair or upgrade fire door systems for your commercial doors. These could be door latches, push bars and shoot bolt systems. We can also supply and install other products to make your doors compliant with fire safety. We can install fire rated overhead door closers, door closing concealers and keyless locking mechanisms. We can also route your fd30 and fd60 fire doors to enable the correct intumescent strips to be installed.

Portsmouth Fire Door Repair and Installation Locksmith

Require fire door mechanism repairs, upgrades or new installations? Contact Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth today on 02393 962104 

Lockforce Payment Options

You’ll find Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth payment options cover all your needs and requirements.

Options range from:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Contactless
  • BACS
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer

We are also happy to accept cash and can assure you that the payment option you choose doesn’t impact your our 12-month guarantee or insurance.

We're available around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to provide an outstanding Portsmouth locksmith service that you wouldn't hesitate to recommend to your friends or family. Give us a call on 02393 962104 so we can prove this to you.

Recent Jobs

Local locksmith required for an eviction in Southsea P04, 20th May 2023

Lockforce Locksmiths Southsea attended the property at an agreed date with an enforcement officer. As the property had already been vacated upon arrival, we entered the property and changed all the external locks. The property was then re-secured and locked up. The new keys were then handed over to the landlord.

Door issues in Southsea PO4, 15th May 2023.

A previous customer contacted Lockforce Locksmiths to look at 2 issues with their rear doors. The wooden French doors were stuck due a rusty shoot bolt and the kitchen door had a faulty sash lock. Lockforce carry hundreds of spare parts, so both jobs could be resolved in one visit. We installed a new shoot bolt on the French doors. The kitchen door only had a 2 lever lock installed, so we upgraded their security to a 5 lever BS3621 lock to ensure they were compliant with their home insurance.

Shared door insecure in flats in Southsea PO5, 10th May 2023

Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth & Southsea attended the shared accommodation. The existing deadlock had a small bolt which was not engaging in the wooden door frame, therefore the upstairs flat didn’t have privacy. We removed the lock and installed a BS3621 deadlock (Chubb) which has a 20mm bolt. The door was now fully locked and safe for the tenant.

Local locksmith required for emergency lock out in Southsea, PO1 - 1st May 2023

Lockforce locksmiths Portsmouth attended with our rapid response service, we attended within 15 minutes. As the customer searched for “locksmith near me”, being local meant Lockforce Locksmiths were top of the website listings for this service. They left their keys on the inside of the lock. This was no issue and the customer was back in their home within minutes of my attendance and no damage was done to the lock or door. They could now continue to enjoy the rest of the bank holiday


Faulty lock in Southsea, PO4 - 15th April 2023

A lady in Southsea, Portsmouth contacted Lockforce for advice regarding a lost key. Due to her security concerns, we advised they changed their front door lock. Lockforce Locksmiths Southsea attended and completed the lock change. The homeowner now has total peace of mind they are the sole owner of new keys to their front door.

Local locksmith for fire door issues in Havant, PO9 - 20th March 2023

Lockforce Locksmiths received an enquiry from a property management company. They were due a fire audit. For compliance, all their utility doors required FB2 locks which they didn’t have in place. These locks are fire brigade approved deadlocks which are required in areas where the Fire Brigade can gain access in an emergency situation without breaking in the door. The locks all work off the same FB2 key which the fire brigade have with them. We installed 12 deadlocks for the block of flats to be compliant

Local Southsea locksmith required for lock-in in PO4 - 10th March 2023

Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth & Southsea were contacted by a property management company. They explained that a tenant could not unlock their front door. We attended and could see that the uPVC door was not aligned to the frame. We used a door lifting tool, lifted the handle and turned the key to unlock the cylinder. The door opened and we could then gain access to the uPVC flag hinges to realign the door. Problem solved.

Key stuck in lock in Southsea, PO4 - 1st March 2023

Lockforce Portsmouth regularly receive a call from a customer with this lock issue. The cam in the cylinder has jammed. There could be multiple reasons why this could happen. Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth attended and removed the barrel. We replaced it with a snap-safe euro cylinder lock with 5 keys. The door handle was slightly stiff to lift, so we adjusted the hinges to realign the door.

Local locksmith in Old Portsmouth required in PO1 - 7th February 2023

Lockforce Locksmiths received a call after a recommendation from a previous customer. A pub had been broken in to overnight. We assessed the current level of security and advised them on upgrades. They agreed and we then installed 2 new British Standard BS3621 deadlocks (Chubb locks) on the wooden door. We changed the levers, so that both locks worked off one key. We also replaced the damaged Nightlatch (yale lock). We also provided them with a high security padlock to secure the bolt.

Commercial forfeiture in Havant, PO10 - 27th January 2023

Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth attended the retail outlet at 6am. Lockforce had to gain entry to 3 roller shutters and a front door. We removed 6 bullet shutter locks and 2 oval cylinder locks to achieve entry to the shop. We then installed new locks and handed over the new keys to the enforcement officer.

Petrol station door issue in Southsea PO4 - 20th January 2023

Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth attended the petrol station kiosk. The door was to their warehouse was not self-closing. We adjusted the overhead door closer settings and increased the latching speed. The door now closed automatically. Whilst on-site, we cut extra keys for the kiosk locks with our mobile key cutting service,

Lock replacements in Southsea, PO4 - 7th January 2023

Lockforce Locksmith Portsmouth attended the coastal home. We gave a free security survey of their external doors and windows. We replaced all the windows with new white upvc handles. As they were the same brand, one key can now open/lock all their windows. We then upgraded their two exterior wooden doors with British Standard BS3621 deadlocks (Chubb locks). They are now compliant with their home insurance provider.

Key mislaid for wooden door lock in Southsea, PO4 - 27th December 2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth responded to the call within an hour. We installed a new brass rim cylinder lock. The customer then required more keys cut for other locks. With our fully stocked key boards, we were able to cut multiple mortise and euro keys there and then. They were all tested individually and they all worked perfectly.

Lock issue in Southsea, PO5 - 20th November 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Southsea received a call on a Sunday regarding a upvc door lock issue. The gearbox mechanism was broken. With our fully stocked van, we were able to resolve the issue in one visit. We installed the part and made sure their door was realigned to prevent further issues.

Lock upgrades in Southsea PO5 - 10th November 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Portsmouth received a late evening call from a distressed customer. Their key would not disengage the deadlock in the door to the kitchen. We arrived and assessed the issue. We could see the key was heavily worn. We used professional locksmith keys to open the door, which took about ten minutes. We did not replace the lock as they said they will not lock the internal door in future.

Lock upgrades in Southsea PO4 - 7th November 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Portsmouth received a job request via MyBuilder. We gave a successful quote for the works required. They wanted all the exterior doors to have maximum security. So we installed Ultion 3 star BS3621 euro cylinders to 3 exterior doors. All locks were keyed-alike (work off same key). All handles were upgraded to 2 star handles also. On the front door we also installed a Nuki Smart lock and a keypad. They can now gain access to their home via their smartphone, keypad entry, fobs or the high security key. On their garage, we kept the original lock, but installed side bolts to the door. These bolts protrude 70mm into the side frame when the key is turned.

Portsmouth and Southsea locksmith required in Fratton, PO1 - 22nd October 2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth attended the house. The owner wanted all their locks changed to be sure that they are the sole key holders for their new property. We upgraded all the Euro cylinder locks with British Standard Ultion locks. The rim cylinder lock on the front wooden door was upgraded to a Yale 1 star lock on the night latch. 2 deadlocks were also upgraded with BS3621 mortise locks. We changed the levers in the deadlocks to enable the owner to use both locks off the same key (keyed alike).

Portsmouth locksmith required for faulty lock in Southsea, PO5 - 7th October 2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth attended the house. The British Standard deadlock opened from the inside but not outside. We removed the mortise lock and replaced the levers like-for-like. This solved the issue and saved the customer from the expense of a new lock replacement

Portsmouth and Southsea locksmith required in Southsea, PO4 - 22nd September 2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Southsea attended the landlord’s home. He wanted a smart lock installed to eliminate the issue of lost keys with his student tenants. We installed an Ultion smart lock on the upvc front door. The tenants can now gain access via their smart phone, but can still use a key if required. We also installed a digital keypad on the wall so the cleaners can enter with their own personal code at a specified time. All these settings can be changed by the landlord via the App on his mobile phone.

Portsmouth local locksmith required for lock upgrade in Southsea, PO4 - 3rd September 2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth attended the multiple occupancy house (HMO). We changed the locks on the external doors to euro cylinder locks with thumbturn’s on the inside. This meant all tenants could exit the house without a key in the event of an emergency. This house was now compliant with fire regulations.

Portsmouth local locksmith required for lock upgrade in Fratton, PO1 - 30th August 2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth surveyed the wooden oak door. A standard traditional Yale nightlatch was installed. The customer required this lock upgrading to a British Standard BS3621 night latch. We had the correct part on the van, and we installed the new lock straight away. We also cut extra Yale patented keys with our mobile key cutting service.

Portsmouth local locksmith required upvc for door issue in Portsea, PO1 - 9th august 2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth surveyed the door. The top upvc butt hinge was broken. We ordered a retro-fit replacement and installed the part the next day. We realigned all the 4 hinges and serviced all parts in the multi point locking mechanism. The door is now keeping the tenants safe and secure.

Portsmouth locksmith required for locked commercial door in Gunwharf, PO1 - 7th August 2022

Lockforce locksmith Portsmouth attended the retail outlet. The key had snapped in the lock. We could see that the door had dropped. We firstly removed the broken key with an extraction tool. We then used their spare key in the lock. We used an airbag to lift the door and this took the pressure off the locking points. The key turned and unlocked the door. With the door open, we realigned and serviced the door. Problem solved

Portsmouth and Southsea locksmith required in Fratton, PO1 - 2nd August 2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth attended the HMO (house of multiple occupancy). The tenant could not gain access to the bedroom. They had the key but it would not engage in the lock, even with lubrication. We had to remove the lock using a professional locksmith tool to gain access. We then installed a new euro thumbturn lock so the tenant has a keyless exit in the event of an emergency.

Portsmouth locksmith for broken letter plate in Southsea, PO4 - 10th July 2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth had a call from a landlord explaining the pull handle had broken. We attended the flat and measured the broken letter plate. The next day we returned and installed a brass victorian letter plate with handle. Whilst there we serviced all the locks

Portsmouth locksmith for sliding patio door in Southsea, PO4 - 2nd July 2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth attended the local job near me. The key would not turn in the stiff locking mechanism. We removed all the parts and lubricated the mechanism which made it more smoother. We then installed a thumbturn euro cylinder to help the tenant lock and unlock the upvc door easier. Problem solved and tenant happy and safe

Portsmouth locksmith for multiple issues at an apartment block in North End, PO2 - 26th June 2022

Lockforce Portsmouth locksmiths had to gain access to 2 cam locks on a fire notice board. We then had to replace a faulty thumb turn lock on a flat due to a stuck pin. Finally, we installed a top trip keep to the fire exit door (which was missing). This now meant the fire door bolts engaged correctly to help keep the tenants safe.

Portsmouth locksmith for garage security in North End, PO2 - 20th June 2022

Solution - Lockforce Locksmith Portsmouth done a security survey of the garage. The area had a recent break-in, so security upgrades were required to the old garage. We installed 2 garage side bolts. These locks can be accessed internally and externally. We also installed a new solid door, replacing the rotten one. The new door has a BS3621 sash lock installed with an anti-thrust plate to hide the locking bolts.

Portsmouth locksmith for gate security issue in Stamshaw, Portsmouth, PO2 - 13th June 2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth attended the local property and assessed their new gate. The gate had no lock on it, just a latch lever handle. We recommended installing a GateMate which is a high security gate lock which allows the user to lock the door from both sides with a high security dimple key. The customer agreed and we installed the lock. We also installed a bolt with a stainless steel padlock

Portsmouth locksmith for uPVC window issues in Southsea, Portsmouth, PO4 - 3rd June 2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth had received photos from the owner in advance. The new homeowner had multiple window handles locked with no keys. We gained access non-destructively to all of them. We then replaced all of the downstairs uPVC window handles so they all worked off the same key.

Securing a large building in North End, Portsmouth - 26th May 2022

Solution - Lockforce attended the building and done a full security survey with the housing manager. The building had 30 apartments. We compiled a free no obligation quote, which was accepted. We then proceeded with installing 12 FB2 (Fire brigade) locks, changing 30 euro cylinders with thumb turns, and also upgrading any damaged door furniture (eye viewers, handles etc). We also had to gain access to post boxes and fire panels, and then install new cam locks on these. All completed within 2 days and ready for new tenants

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Locked out of flat in Southsea - 14th May 2022

Solution- Lockforce Locksmith Portsmouth attended the emergency evening lockout within 20 minutes of the call. We assessed the situation and tried 2 access opening methods which were unsuccessful. We then tried bumping the lock, which worked and the tenant was back in their home and with no damage to their lock. Happy customer.

Key turning but not unlocking wooden door in Southsea - 8th May 2022

Solution - We attended the emergency lock out and worked out the issue straight away (dropped snib). This happens quite often with night latches (Yale locks). We inserted our locksmith tool through the letterbox and moved the snib upwards. The key then turned in the lock and the door opened. Problem solved and no damage to the door or lock.

Key turning but not unlocking wooden door in Southsea - 8th May 2022

Solution - We attended the emergency lock out and worked out the issue straight away (dropped snib). This happens quite often with night latches (Yale locks). We inserted our locksmith tool through the letterbox and moved the snib upwards. The key then turned in the lock and the door opened. Problem solved and no damage to the door or lock

Block of flats with an insecure communal door in Old Portsmouth PO1 - 4th May 2022

Solution- A property management company contacted Lockforce locksmiths Portsmouth late in the evening. We discussed the issue, and with photos sent to me of the problem via WhatsApp, I could commit to resolving the issue before attending. We replaced the overhead door closer as it had a bent closing arm. We also installed a non-deadlocking nightlatch and rim cylinder lock. We then cut multiple keys on-site for all the tenants. The door now closed and was safe and secure

Sliding patio door would not lock in North End - 20th April 2022

Solution - We attended the home and assessed the patio doors. They were old and made of metal. The locking faceplate had become loose and was bent. Parts were obsolete, so we had to ensure a repair job would resolve the issue. We removed the bent locking keep and straightened it out. The fixing screws were incorrect wood screws. We installed metal screws and these kept the plate in the correct place. The door hook now engaged in the keep and locked securely

Key snapped in front door lock in Fratton - April 17th 2022

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth attended the emergency. All options/costs were explained to the customer. Fortunately, the key was extracted easily and the cylinder lock didn’t need replacing. As Lockforce offer a mobile key cutting service, we cut some extra keys by using their spare key. As with most keys snapping, it is usually the door alignment that is the issue. This door had dropped and needed the hinges readjusting. This took 2 minutes. Now the customer has a front door which keeps them safe and secure

New homeowners require a security survey to their new home in Southsea - 8th April 2022

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth attended the home. 4 external doors required assessing. We recommended a BS3621 sash lock to the rear wooden side door. With the 2 upvc doors, we recommended the locks to be changed and they also agreed to have them working off one key (keyed-alike). The 4th door was a gate with a digital lock. They had no code for it, so we resolved that issue whilst there. All security recommendations were agreed to and the new locks were installed 2 days later

Upgrade security on a wooden external door - 20th March 2022

Solution - The customer only had a nightlatch on their front door. We recommended a BS3621 deadlock (also known as Chubb lock) to make their home more secure and to comply with home insurance requirements. The customer agreed and we installed the lock into their door. We also cut 2 extra mortise keys on-site to give them 4 keys in total.

Composite door wouldn’t lock smoothly in Southsea - 7th March 2022

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth could see that the door was misaligned within its frame. We needed to adjust the middle and top hinges. However, we could see that the top hinge had previously been looked at as the Allen key would not engage in the rounded bolt. We therefore ordered a new hinge and returned the next day to resolve the issue.

Recode a keypad on a commercial property in Landport - 2nd March 2022

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths opened up the keypad with the tubular key and, using tweezers, we changed the code to a new one. This now meant the staff and cleaners could access the property only if they have the new code. When entering the code correctly, the magnetic lock (maglock) disengages and you can push the door open.

Latch failed on an internal door in Southsea - 27th February 2022

Solution - Lockforce attended the seaside property. We removed the Victorian horizontal sashlock from the door and opened the lock case. We could see the internal springs had broken which was causing the latch to not engage. We sourced new rim springs from an ironmonger. We returned a few days later and repaired the lock. Problem solved

Garage door won’t lock in Waterlooville - 22nd February 2022

Solution - Lockforce attended the garage. The garage handle worked but the key wouldn’t lock the mechanism. The handle had seized up and lubrication made no difference. With our fully stocked van, we installed a new handle and resolved the lock problem in one visit

French doors not locking on a residential property in Havant - 18th February 2022

Solution - Lockforce attended and assessed both sides of the doors of the upvc doors. There were multiple issues with the alignment of both doors. We adjusted the slave door side first and then aligned the other door to the slave door. The handles now lifted up smoothly which enabled the key to turn and lock both doors. Problem solved and no new parts required.

Upvc side door would not lock in Milton - 15th February 2022

Job - Resolve issue to keep elderly lady safe.

Solution- Lockforce locksmiths Portsmouth attended the emergency with our rapid response service. There were 2 issues with the door. It was misaligned and the latch keep was broken. The hinges were adjusted and the latch was repaired with some spare parts we had in our van. The door now closed and locked smoothly!

Rear French doors wouldn’t lock - Stamshaw - 7th February 2022

Solution - Lockforce Locksmith Portsmouth attended the bungalow. The conservatory French doors were aligned correctly, but the left door had a rusty multi point locking mechanism. We serviced the parts but it was still hard to lift the handle. So we installed a retro-fitting new multi point locking mechanism and the problem was solved.

New homeowner requiring new locks in Fratton - 3rd February 2022

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth done a free home security survey. All suggestions were accepted by the new owner. We installed a BS3621 British standard 3 star Euro cylinder lock to to the front door and a snap-safe Euro lock to the rear door. We also solved a few issues with uPVC windows that required new hinges and servicing

Extra security required to outward opening wooden door in Southsea - 20th January 2022

Solution- Lockforce Locksmiths Southsea visited the property and conducted a free security survey. There was just a standard 5 lever deadlock on the door. We recommended this be upgraded to British Standard BS3621 with an anti thrust plate to hide the bolt also. We also recommended neck bolts to be installed internally. All recommendations were agreed to and we installed all the parts the next day

French doors would not open in Eastney - 15th Jan 2022

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth attended the new home. The doors would not open even though they were unlocked. We managed to open the doors with excessive force. We noticed a small stone had got lodged in the hook keep and this caused the locking mechanism to get jammed up and not disengage. After the stone was removed the doors were functioning perfectly.

New homeowner requiring new locks in Baffins - 8th January 2022

Solution - Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth done a free home security survey. We installed a BS3621 British standard 3 star Euro cylinder lock to to the front door and a snap-safe Euro lock to the rear door. We also resolved a few problems with uPVC windows that required new hinges and servicing.

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