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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmiths Newark. 

My name is Phill Cox and I’m your local, experienced locksmith serving Newark and the surrounding areas nearby.

Across all my websites I have over 350 positive customer reviews so you are in safe hands.

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Key Points:

  • Local to Grantham - aim to be with you in 30 mins
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • DBS checked - ID carried
  • Fully Insured (up to £5 million)
  • Work comes with a 12-month guarantee
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  • Unavailable for car key related issues
  • NO Call Out Fees :)
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Get in touch with me Phill Cox on 01636 378 036 and I will be happy to provide more information about our Newark locksmith services.

Newark Locksmith Services

With Newark locksmith services, we’re always in your area and ready to deliver the ultimate solution. You could require an emergency response or you might have a security issue. Regardless of your needs, we’ll be there without delay to offer full professional support.

Offering a 24/7 locksmith solution in Newark, we’re always here for you and can even provide expert advice that you need. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, we only use the latest techniques and tools to provide the best solution.

We can provide a range of services as your friendly local Newark locksmiths. Popular locksmith services include:

  • 24-hour emergency locksmith Newark services
  • Mobile key cutting in Newark
  • Newark lock repair and lock replacement
  • Post burglary repairs

We also provide a range of specialist services including evictions, CCTV setups, fire escape hardware, and entry gaining.

At Lockforce Locksmiths Newark, we are also pleased to offer all the locks you could require from window locks to digital door locks and wooden locks.

If you require Newark locksmith services, don’t delay, get in touch today on 01636 378 036 for the expert solution you need.

Why Choose Lockforce?

At Lockforce Locksmiths Newark, we are proud to provide an incredible golden national standard set by Lockforce, local to Newark.

With more than 12,000 reviews and an average 4.9 rating, we can provide the quality service you deserve when you choose Lockforce.

If you do choose Lockforce Locksmiths Newark, you’ll find that we always put our customers first. If you’re not satisfied with the final results then neither are we. Our level of customer service is completely unrivaled in the industry and we know we can always provide the solution you’ll love.

Fully vetted, at Lockforce Locksmiths Newark, we can provide all the details you need for complete peace of mind. This includes our police DBS check info as well as insurance information.

We deliver an efficient service and will always arrive on time while providing updates every step of the way. Our goal is to always put your needs first. Furthermore, we provide a full 12-month warranty. If there is an issue with our service during this period, we’ll be there to fix it for you, free of charge!

If you need more information about why Lockforce Locksmiths Newark, are the best team for the job contact me on 01636 378 036 today.

Locked Out in Newark

Getting locked out of your home or business can be frustrating or even dangerous. If you need an emergency locksmith when locked out in Newark, you have come to the right place. We provide a 24/7 solution to ensure that we’re always available for you.

Getting locked out of your property in Newark is always going to be a stressful experience. Call your local Newark locksmiths and we’ll keep you calm, working efficiently to help you regain entry.

You might be worried that a service like this is going to lead to damage to your home or business. We’re thrilled to say we use nondestructive techniques whenever possible to ensure that this isn’t the case. We can also provide replacement locks if there is a security issue.

If you need an emergency locksmith when locked out in Newark, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m always available on 01636 378 036 to help you get back inside.

Newark Mobile Key Cutting Service

Are you unable to visit a locksmith shop? You won’t have to with our exceptional Newark mobile key cutting service. Our fully equipped van has everything you need to make sure that you are able to get the keys cut straight at your door.

A big benefit here is that we’ll test the keys for you before we leave. You get complete peace of mind that your new keys are working as they should.

To learn more about our Newark mobile key cutting service, get in touch with us on 01636 378 036 today. We can be over to your home in a flash.

Newark Lock Repair and Lock Replacement

There are various signs that you need a Newark lock repair and lock replacement. You might find that your lock is sticking or worse still, your key could have snapped off inside. It’s possible that you have lost a set of keys and you need to replace your lock for security reasons. Whatever your reason, we’ll be happy to help and provide the right level of assistance.

We’re delighted to say that we offer all the options for Newark lock repair and replacement. We can provide child safety locks, night latches, and countless other options. We have a team of pros that can handle even the most difficult lock replacement.

If you do require Newark lock repair and lock replacement services, make sure you get in touch with us today on 01636 378 036. Speak to me Phill and I will be happy to assist you.

Lockforce Payment Options

At Lockforce Locksmiths Newark, we provide a variety of payment options. Our aim is to make sure that you have all the possibilities you need and guarantee that we provide a completely stress-free experience.

You can pay by card, step into the future with contactless of even use a bank transfer.

We also offer BACS, Paypal and Cash to ensure that we provide the ultimate flexible payment solution.

Do you need a locksmith in Newark? We guarantee our service provides all the answers you need. When you choose Lockforce Locksmiths Newark, your complete satisfaction is our top priority. Based locally with full professional training we won’t let you down in your time of need. Contact us now on 01636 378 036 to book our expert service today.

Recent Jobs

Door knob not retracting latch Newark on Trent (NG24), 01/07/2024.

Lockforce Newark on Trent was called out to an old cottage, where the new owners were struggling to open the door, because the latch on the old lock was not pulling back efficiently. After tightening the old door knob, so that it gripped the spindle, the latch was soon pulling back on every turn of the knob.

New high security cylinder Newark on Trent (NG24), 01/07/2024.

Lockforce Newark on Trent was called out to replace a high security cylinder for a lady who had purchased an ex show home. The staff had lost several keys for the patio door and had agreed to replace the lock for a similar one. Now the new homeowner has 3 new keys, to be sure she has all the keys for the lock.

Broken mechanism Newark on Trent (NG24), 10/06/2024.

Lockforce Newark on Trent attended a property, to take a look at a door, that was failing to latch? Usually this is due to poor door alignment, but on this occasion, the homeowners dad had attempted to make changes and lost / removed parts that were required to make the mech fully operational. A new full mech was fitted, along with keeps and strike plates to make sure the door was safe and secure.

Broken cylinder Newark on Trent (NG24), 30/05/2024.

Lockforce Newark was called out to a back door at a home, where the owners were struggling to lock and unlock their back door and were resorting to using the french doors in another room, to let the dogs out. The cylinder cam had slightly twisted and was catching as the key was turning. A new snap safe cylinder, soon had the door smoothly locking once again.

High security Yale cylinder broken, Newark on Trent (NG24).

Lockforce Newark on Trent was called by a customer that has used my service once before, to take a look at her front door lock. The key was stuck in the lock and was very difficult to turn. The door had a high security yale cylinder and it was clear that the lock had broken internally. Once the lock was carefully removed a new high security lock was fitted, leaving the door secure once again.

Security check Newark on Trent (NG24), 03/05/2024.

Lockforce Newark on Trent was called by a lady, that had used my service on several occasions, to check her doors, windows and locks for any signs of wear and tear, damage and misalignment. Everything being perfect, the mechanisms were sprayed with lubricant and freely moving, until she calls next year for me to check once again.

Entry gain and lock change Newark on Trent (Ng24), 27/04/2024.

Lockforce Newark on Trent was called to open and replace a front door cylinder, after the tenants had left, leaving the house in an awful mess and taking the keys with them. The landlord needed a good lock to prevent anyone gaining unlawful entry in the future, so a new snap safe lock was installed.

Repairing and rehanging a gate in Newark on trent (Ng24), 12/04/2024.

A little out of the ordinary, Lockforce Newark was asked by a customer to repair and rehang a large gate after the recent winds had torn it away from its hinges. New wood supports were cut and fitted, a new gate post and hinges, soon had the gate working once again.

Failed gearbox, caused homeowner to be locked out of home gym, Newark on Trent (NG24), 02/04/2024.

A failed gearbox left the door to an outside gym area, locked off and the homeowner was unable to access. The handle was carefully removed, leaving the gearbox visible in order to manually override. A new handle and gearbox was fitted, door is fully functional again.

Front door issues Newark on Trent (NG24), 26/03/2024.

Poor front door alignment had broken a gearbox, which needed replacing. A new gearbox and keep adjustment, also door lifted to allow it to close correctly. If the door had been aligned correctly, the gearbox would have never failed so soon.

Vectis gearbox failed Newark on Trent, (NG24), 27/02/2024.

Lockforce Newark on Trent was called out to open and replace a failed Vectis gearbox. Fairly easy when you know how, identifiable by the key and small pieces of metal handed to me, that had broken away.

New window hinges, new window mechanisms and handles fitted in Newark on Trent, NG24 - 22/02/2024

Lockforce locksmith Newark on Trent has been out to two properties, getting the windows functioning for a landlord, so that he can let out his homes once again. Several new mechanisms, handles and hinges were required to bring the windows up to working order, ready for the new tenants.

Break in repairs Newark on Trent, 02/02/2024, (Ng24).

Lockforce Newark on Trent was called out early evening to board up a window, after a lady returned home to find out ahead of had been burgled. The window was secured and a new piece of glass ordered to fit.

Early morning lock out Newark on Trent, (Ng24), 23/01/2024.

Lockforce Newark on Trent was contacted early this morning after a snapped key, stopped a gentleman from getting back into his property after his early morning run. Non-destructive entry was gained and after a discussion about how he didn’t like the lock and it was difficult to use, a new thumb turn cylinder was fitted.

Front door won’t lock, Newark on Trent (Ng24), 15/01/2024.

Lockforce Newark on a Trent was called out by a young lady whose front door wouldn’t lock and the handle was hard to lift. Often a door has fallen out of alignment, but in this instance the gearbox spindle had failed. A new genuine part was fitted, and the door was locking off perfectly.

Front door locked shut Newark on Trent (Ng24), 04/01/2024.

Front door mechanism failed a few days before Christmas and was left until Lockforce Newark on Trent was contacted to look at fixing this. Entry was gained to the failed gearbox and a full mpl was fitted in place of the old, leaving the door easier to use for the elderly customer.

Front door won’t lock Newark on Trent, Ng24 - 18/12/23.

Lockforce Locksmith Newark on Trent was called out by an elderly man, because his front door would lock. The Upvc front door had dropped, leaving the handle hard to lift and not fully engaging the mechanism. The door hinges were adjusted until the handle was easily lifted and the door lockable once again.

Front door not easily locking Newark on Trent, Ng24 - 13/12/23.

Lockforce Newark on Trent was called out by a customer that had used my service in the past, because her front door was not locking. The house is very new and still settling. A few keep adjustments soon had the handle lifting and door locking once again.

Internal door not opening Newark on Trent, (Ng24), 02/12/2023.

Lockforce Newark on Trent was called out by a customer who’s internal door handle was moving, but not opening her door? The tubular latch had failed! Non destructive entry was gained and a new latch fitted, leaving the door fully functional once again.

Local Village Hall toilet handle repair (Ng24), 01/11/2023.

Lockforce Newark on Trent was called out to repair a handle on a disabled toilet door, after a lady had been locked in. Looked as if a botched repair had been done in the past and the lever finally gave way. With a similar handle on the van, the door was soon operational again.

Failed gearbox Newark on Trent (Ng24), 19/10/2023.

A Landlord contacted Lockforce Newark on Trent, because his tenant couldn’t open the back door to the garden area. The gearbox spindle had failed and wasn’t pulling the mechanism back. A new genuine part was fitted to the mech and the door was fully working once again.

Failed cylinder Newark on Trent (Ng24), 04/10/2023.

Emergency call to Lockforce Newark on Trent to change a front door cylinder after the external barrel had failed. A new anti snap lock was placed in the door for extra security.

Break in repairs Newark on Trent (Ng24), 15/09/2023.

Lockforce Newark on Trent was called out in an emergency, after a break in at 14:00 had left a smashed window and keys missing to all the locks. Both front and back door locks were changed for new anti snap cylinders and the window boarded up until a new piece of glass was ordered.

Late night lock out Newark on Trent (Ng24), 05/09/2023.

Lockforce Newark on Trent was called out around midnight, when a cafe owners new staff member had locked off the nightlatch and closed the door behind her. The owner had food that needed to be refrigerated and needed to open up at 08:30 the next morning. Destructive entry was the only entry method, a new nightlatch was fitted and he also asked for a new British standard 5 lever mortice lock to be fitted to the rear entrance to prevent this reoccurring in future.

Emergency call out to a failed Night Latch, Newark on Trent (Ng25) - 12/08/2023

Lockforce Locksmith Newark was called out on Saturday morning by a gentleman who was locked out the previous evening because his night latch had failed, so he stayed over with a friend. I met him at his cottage and recognised him from his place of work, where he used me to replace several locks on his office. Nice to meet after two years, I slipped his lock and quickly had him back inside his home. The night latch was replaced for a similar model, working perfectly once again and always great to assist a customer from the past.

Front door not opening with key, Newark on Trent (Ng24) - 31/07/2023.

Lockforce Newark on Trent was called out by a building company, that often calls after a customer couldn’t open the front door using their key. The front door had dropped slightly, this had caused damage to the gearbox and prevented the door from opening. After gaining non-destructive entry, a new gearbox, thumb turn cylinder was fitted. Adjustments were made to the hinges, to prevent this from reoccurring.

Ring Alarm system fitted to a property in Newark on Trent (Ng24), 30/07/2023.

Lockforce Newark was called out to fit a ring alarm system, new ring doorbell and solar panels to a property today. Very security conscious, the homeowner wanted a 360 degree view around his property whether he was in or out. Easily installed this will always record what’s happening around his perimeter.

Call out on a rainy day in Newark, NG24 - 16/07/2023.

Lockforce Newark on Trent was called out to a property in Newark to open a bathroom window. The handle worked fine, but the mechanism was not responding? It became clear that the gearbox had broken away from the strip, managing to manually move the cams across, the window was opened and a new full mechanism fitted.

French door not locking in Newark, Ng24 - 06/05/2023.

Lockforce Newark on Trent called out by a gentleman who was unable to lock his French door after his gardener had opened them. Removing the mechanism it was clear to see that the gearbox was full of rust and had seized. A new gearbox was fitted to the mech and the door aligned to where it was housing the mechanism comfortably, working perfectly.

Emergency late night call out to a convenience shop in Newark on Trent (Ng24), 28/04/2023.

After finding Lockforce Newark on Checkatrade, a family that owned and lived behind the shop called and advised me, they had been locked out by a staff member and they didn’t have any spare keys? At 01:00am I was on my way to assist. Entry was gained through a cylinder lock at the rear of the property, once inside a 3 lever mortice lock had to also be opened to allow the family access to the shop area, where the spare keys could be found. Both locks were opened in time for the shops early opening hours.

Emergency call out to a failed gearbox in Newark on Trent (Ng23) - 12/04/2023.

Called out by a worried son, because his elderly mother could open her back door, this was the door she favoured to come and go through. Arriving on site as quickly as possible, the key would turn in the lock, but wasn’t opening the gearbox. The gearbox was opened after drilling into it and bypassing the lock and a new gearbox fitted. Lockforce Newark will always attend emergency call outs to elderly customers 24/7.

A lost relative's property in need of new locks in Newark on Trent, Ng24 - 28/03/2023

Called out to change the locks on a property after an elderly relative had passed away and the family wanted to be sure they were the only ones with keys. Two new anti-snap cylinders were fitted to the doors, with three new keys per lock.

Early hours of the morning lost key in Newark, Ng24 - 18/03/2023

Called at exactly 03:00am on a Sunday morning to gain entry to a Newark property after the homeowner had lost his key on a night out. Quickly picking the lock, the young man was soon quickly back in his house.

New home, new locks in Newark, NG24 - 20/01/2023.

A young lady had purchased her first home and wanted the locks changing. Always a very wise decision, because you never know how many keys are in circulation, two old cylinders were replaced for new anti snap locks.

New high security padlock fitted, Newark (Ng24), 20/10/2022.

A customer had some unwanted visitors stealing scrap from her garden and wanted a more secure padlock to keep out any other chancers! A Brisant padlock, housing a 1 star cylinder was placed on the gate….good luck getting through this one!

Jammed gearbox in Newark (Ng24), 25/09/2022.

Early morning call out after a lovely elderly couple had waited all night to call me, because they didn’t want to disrupt my evening. The gearbox on the front door had failed! Entry was gained and a new gearbox fitted, leaving their door perfect once again.

Padlock failed on garden shed, lady couldn’t get her bike out for work, Newark (Ng24) 13/09/2022.

Early morning call out from a lady who could t open her padlock on the garden shed, to get her bike out for work. Soon at her address, the padlock was cut away and a new high security one fitted for extra security.

Lock picked open on a vacant shop, Newark (Ng24), 13/09/2022.

Call out from a property manager, who’s builders couldn’t open a vacant shop on the high street, even though they had a key? Looks like someone has been fooling around and put something in the lock, managing to jam a pin. After releasing the pin and picking the lock, the lock was soon working once again with the key.

New bathroom mortice set, Newark (Ng24), 01/08/2022.

A customer in Newark called asking me to fit a new bathroom mortice, with separate handle and thumb turn, because there was no lock on the door for the family’s privacy. The door was cut out to house the lock and new antique brass fittings were placed on the door to suit the cottage.

Door won’t lock in Newark (NG24) 22/07/2022

Called out to a Newark property by a letting agent, because the tent was complaining the back door doesn’t lock. The wooden door had dropped, not allowing the hooks to marry up properly with the keeps. After moving and adjusting the keeps, the door was locking perfectly.

Door alignment for old customer, Newark (Ng24) 18/07/2022.

After the hot weather a door adjustment was required for an existing customer. Easily rectified, by pulling back the hinges the door was smooth once again.

Upvc door won’t lock? Newark (Ng24) 06/07/2022.

Called out by a concerned parent who had attempted to fix his daughters front door, but was still having no luck managing to lock it. After realigning the door and some minor keep adjustments, the door was fully functioning once again.

Late night lock out due to snapped key, Newark (Ng24) 04/07/2022.

Called out in the early hours of the morning to gain entry for a couple who had been out, but on their return had managed to snap their key. Access was quickly gained and the couple were soon back in the warm.

Extra patio door security Newark, NG23, 21/06/2022.

Lady called to have an additional lock fitted to her patio door for extra security. The small lock was fitted preventing the door from opening once engaged.

Village hall lock change, Newark (Ng24), 08/06/2022.

After losing a key to a local village hall office, a secretary called me to replaced the rim cylinder. Once replaced and with new keys, the office was fully secure once again.

Lock won’t turn, Newark (Ng24) 18/05/2022.

Unable to turn the lock to lock the door, I was faced with two problems. A twisted cam and a failed gearbox. After removing the lock, a new gearbox and lock was fitted to leave the door fully functioning once again.

No more late night lock outs, Newark (Ng24), 08/05/2022.

After being locked out a week ago, a lady in Newark asked if I would fit her a key safe, so this never happened again. A Police approved safe was fitted, so that she is able to leave a spare set of keys outside and have peace of mind that they are safe.

Key won’t turn, Newark (Ng24), 07/05/2022.

Called out by a tenant in an apartment because his key wouldn’t turn in the lock? The pins were seized in the cylinder, so he decided to have it replaced to prevent this happening in future.

Key won’t remove from lock? Newark (Ng23), 04/05/2022.

Called out because a care worker had put a key in the lock, not knowing there was a key in the other side, then the key wouldn’t retract. The cylinder cam had twisted, so after a new cylinder was fitted, the door was locking perfectly once again.

Failed gearbox left rear door unable to be locked, Newark (Ng24), 01/05/2022.

After not being able to lock the back door and snapping the handle attempting to force the door closed, I was called out to take a look. A failed Era gearbox was the culprit, this was replaced with genuine parts and a new handle fitted, leaving the door locking and unlocking once again.

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New mechanism fitted to a front door, Newark (Ng24), 27/04/2022.

After a late night call out and the front door secured, I returned today to fit a new mechanism to the front door on a residential home in Newark today. Working properly again, the staff were very pleased not having to struggle with the front door anymore.

Emergency call out late night lockout, Newark (Ng24), 20/04/2022.

After a member of our armed forces arrived home from a very hard day, her key wouldn’t work in the front door lock? The back door was picked open and once non destructive entry was gained to the front door, a new cylinder was fitted.

Two new anti snap locks fitted to a static caravan in Newark, (NG22) - 15/04/2022

After moving into a large static caravan, the new owner asked if I could upgrade and change the locks, so he was certain he was the only person who had keys. Two new anti snap locks were fitted, to secure his new home.

Can’t unlock front door and open a window? Newark, NG23 - 29/03/2022.

The cylinder on the front door had seized one side, so a new anti snap cylinder was fitted. The window handle had broke around the spindle area, but worked perfectly once a new handle was fitted.

Door handle will not lift in Newark, NGg24 - 22/03/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Newark were called out by a gentleman who was unable to lift the handle on his back door in order to lock it? A short sharp jerk, soon had the handle moving once again and some lubricant had it moving smoother. Although his gearbox is showing signs of wear and tear we will wait to replace it.

Hair salon rear door not locking in Newark, NG23 - 18/03/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Newark were called out by a friend of a friend, because the hair salon she worked at had a rear door that no staff members were able to lock. Slight adjustments were made to the door and keeps, making it easier to use and lock.

Lock upgraded on front door in Newark, NG24 - 15/03/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Newark were called out to a lovely lady, who wanted to change the lock in her front door. A new anti snap cylinder was fitted, along with a sash jammer for extra security.

Smart lock installed in Newark, NG23 - 17/03/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Newark were called to install a smart lock for a customer with a keypad. We happily attended and fitted the device.  Now the customer and his wife can now enter their home using a button on their smart phone.

Locked out of flat in Newark, NG24 - 14/03/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Newark had an emergency call by a gentleman who was moving home and managed to lock himself out of his flat. With a common non destructive entry method he was soon back inside and reunited with his keys.

Door alignment required in Newark, NG24 - 12/03/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Newark were called out today because a front door was not locking. The homeowner had taken the strip out and attempted various other things to get his door locked. The middle keep that houses the latch and hook, required moving a few millimetres and the door realigned. The door was soon locking again.

French doors hard to close in Newark, NG24 - 07/03/2022 

Whilst working at a neighbours house, her decorator asked if I could go to his property, because he was struggling to close and lock his French doors. Always happy to assist, I found the doors out of alignment. Small adjustments were made to correct the issue.

Swapping a glass panel in Newark, NG24 - 05/03/2022

Called out today, to swap a plain glass panel for one that has a cat flap fitted, for a new kitten. The glass panel was swapped, now for the cat to learn how to use her new entrance/exit.

Late evening failed gearbox Newark, NG24 - 26/02/2022

Unable to lock the french doors after letting the dog out and feeding the chickens, I was called to take a look at the door. The homeowner had said the door had been difficult to use for some time. No surprise the gearbox had failed, once changed the door was realigned and worked perfectly.

So nice to see an old customer again. Newark, NG24 - 25/02/2022

Called out today from a customer that I have completed work for in the past. The lovely lady had purchased another property for rental purposes and wanted the cylinder locks changed. New snap safe cylinders were placed into her doors, now she has peace of mind, that she is the only person with keys to her new property.

Failed front door Newark, NG24 - 23/02/2022

Emergency call out to a front door that wouldn’t open today. Another failed gearbox was the issue, luckily I had the exact one that needed replacing as these are quite rare now. Once fitted the door was working smoothly once again.

New patio door handles Newark, NG24 - 21/02/2022

After breaking a lever on the patio doors, a customer called to have the handles changed as they were showing signs of wear and tear due to age. Two shiny new sets were fitted, so the doors could be opened again with peace of mind.

Large gap in top of Upvc door Newark, NG24 - 21/02/2022

A large gap in the top of a Upvc door, was really letting the recent strong winds blow through. The door had dropped and required realignment. Easily adjusted the door was sitting as it should once again.

Door becoming hard to lock and handle sticking Newark, NG23 - 14/02/2022

We were called out to an elderly couple who were having issues locking the rear door, stating the handle was grinding and it didn’t feel smooth anymore. The gearbox had broken where the spindle should sit, a full mech was required, because these are one piece units. After installing the new mech, the door was locking perfectly once again.

New home, new locks in Newark, NG24 - 07/02/2022

After moving into a new home, that had previous owners a young couple asked me to upgrade and change the front and rear locks. Two snap safe cylinders were fitted to the doors, leaving the couple with piece of mind that these will slow down any break in attempts.

Flat battery in Key-safe in Newark, NG24 - 04/02/2022

A lady from Kent called today asking if I could open her mothers key-safe because she was moving home and wanted the back door key out of it, for the new occupants. Easily opened as the safe wasn’t of a high standard, the lady was soon reunited with her keys, ready for her handover.

Repair to lock after damage caused by strong winds in Newark, NG24 - 02/02/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Newark on Trent were called out to a property to secure an electricity box on the front of a property, after the lock was broken after the recent strong winds. A universal repair lock was fitted, securing the door once again.

Lost shed key in Newark, NG24 - 26/01/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Newark on Trent were called out to gain entry to a rim lock on a garden shed and replace it with a new one. Non destructive entry was gained after the homeowner had lost all the keys for the old lock.

Upgrading locks to snap safe cylinder in Newark, NG24 - 15/01/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Newark on Trent were out today fitting a new snap safe cylinder in Newark for a customer on their front door, snap safe locks, also known as anti snap, always a great choice.

New MPL fitted to allow smooth movement of door in Newark - 08/01/2022

Jammed cylinder in a gearbox due to a failed gearbox caused issues for a family’s front door and wasn’t the easiest to open. With persistence the door was opened and a new gearbox fitted, works perfectly now.

Emergency locksmith in Newark - 03/01/2022

Emergency call out to a home with a snapped key in the front door lock. After a house party, the front door keys had gone missing and the key was snapped in the front door. The old high security cylinder was removed and a new high security cylinder was fitted.

Front door not operating in Newark - 03/01/2022

Unable to use the front door due to a failed cylinder, I was called to take a look. The old cylinder was removed and a new snap safe cylinder was fitted. I also removed the mpl, cleaned and serviced it, so that it would operate smoothly.

Night latch change for flat in Newark - 29/12/2021

Night latch rim cylinder change today. After moving into a new flat, the customer wanted to be sure she was the only one with keys to the apartment. Low costing and safe, giving peace of mind.

New lock for toilet door in Newark - 28/12/2021

Fitting a new thumb turn to a toilet door in a home today. After the old one had shown signs of wear the customer asked for a replacement before a family member became locked in.

Failed Gearbox Replacement in Newark on Trent - 24/12/2021

Called out late at night because a family were unable to lock their front door. The mechanism was jamming due to a failed gearbox. Quickly changed the door was soon fully lockable once again.

Newark MPL Replacement - 18/12/2021

Full mpl placed into a door in Newark today, because it was becoming jammed and temperamental. Door fully functioning once again once a new mech was placed into the door.

Door repair keeping property safe in Newark - 08/12/2021

Failed gearbox had left an elderly couple locked out and had to stay the night with their daughter. I was called in the morning to open a fix the door. Non destructive entry was gained and a new full mpl was placed into the door.

New lock for extra security in Newark - 06/12/2021

Called out in an emergency to a lovely lady who was having issues locking and unlocking her front door and was unable to lock it overnight. The cylinder was showing signs of failing so I fitted a new snap safe lock and her door was securing as it should.

Lock change on behalf of landlord in Newark - 30/11/2021

Tenants moved out after a dispute and hadn’t given the keys back to the landlord. I was called to gain entry to the property today and change the locks. The first lock was picked open for a speedy entry.

New 5 lever lock fitted in Newark - 06/11/2021

Care workers finding it hard to lock an elderly lady’s front door. The keep required adjustments to house the bolt, however the lock was a 3 lever mortice lock, not up to insurance or British standard. A new 5 lever lock was fitted to the door, with a new keep and minor adjustments, leaving the door and lock more comfortable to use.

Saving the grocery shopping in Newark - 23/10/2021

Slamming the front door and leaving the keys inside, is always an omg moment for anyone! Soon had the customer and her frozen food shopping back inside. Non destructive entry was gained.

Forgotten house keys drama in Newark - 21/10/2021

Emergency call from a panicked mother, who had travelled to Scotland for the weekend and left her eldest son at home. The son had gone to work and forgotten his keys?! Soon had him back inside, by picking the front door lock.

Fixing door problem at home in Newark - 19/10/2021

Gearbox failed at a property that a customer was housesitting. Non destructive entry was gained and a new gearbox fitted. After adjustments were made to the hinges, the door was smoother than ever.

New gearbox and MPL for faulty composite door in Newark - 17/10/2021

Emergency call out to a composite door that wouldn’t lock? Realising it was a common fault with this particular gearbox, a new gearbox was placed into the strip and the mpl fitted. Door working perfectly once again.

Unlocked home to allow customer to collect keys in Newark - 13/10/2021

Early morning call from a young lady who managed to lock her keys in her car, but had spares in her house. Non destructive entry was gained to her front door, she collected her keys and made her way to work.

Losing the only key to the lock in Newark - 01/10/2021

After losing the only key to a door, the homeowner called asking for the lock to be replaced. A new snap safe cylinder was fitted for added security.

Door failing to lock required easy fix in Newark - 29/09/2021

Loose screws on a gearbox stopped a door from locking. After removing the gearbox and tightening the screws, the gearbox was fully functional once again.

Fix to door after lock out in Newark - 20/09/2021

After returning from hospital an elderly couple couldn’t open the front door. A failed gearbox was the issue. After gaining entry, a new part was fitted for a fully working door.

New locks for renovated property in Newark - 16/09/2021

After buying a renovated pub, the new owners wanted all of the locks replacing. New snap safe cylinders were placed into the doors, door alignments and a new handle, soon had the new home secure.

New door latch for kitchen door in Newark - 15/09/2021

Tubular latch broken and unable to get into the kitchen. Entry was gained and a new latch fitted, door is working smoothly once again.

Front door not locking for home in Newark - 14/09/2021

A customer called complaining that she couldn’t lock her front door, because it was very hard to lift the handle. The door hinges had dropped out of alignment. After adjustments were made, the door is smooth once again.

Bedroom window will not open in Newark - 07/09/2021

Seized window mechanism this morning, not nice not being able to open the bedroom window, especially with the recent hot spell. Non destructive entry was gained and a new mech and handle was fitted, a new mechanism was also placed into the bathroom window, because it had become stiff and harder to operate.

Lockforce to the rescue in Newark - 04/09/2021

I received a call from a Lockforce locksmith, asking if I was available to work, because an old lady had fallen over inside her home and the neighbour could not open the door to get in to help her. Lockforce Lincoln was over an hour away, I was 10 minutes. After arriving at the property it was more urgent than I first imagined, the lady had been laying on the floor for two days. Non destructive entry was gained and we offered the lady into a seat, gave her water and the neighbour took her to his home while she recovered.

New parts required for main door in Newark - 31/08/2021

Finding it difficult to lift the handle to lock the french doors an elderly gentleman called today to ask if I could help? A worn gearbox was the culprit! After the part was replaced, he found the door to be much easier to use.

Window jam in Newark - 16/08/2021

Seized window hadn’t been opened for over a year today and because it was on the second floor, the homeowners had made several enquiries to have it fixed, but no one wanted to take it on. Removing the beading and glass from the window, I was able to open this from the inside, a new strip and handle and the window is fully functioning once again.

Bedroom door lock jammed in Newark - 15/08/2021

Locked bedroom door today, even worse a heater had been left on inside. Emergency call to a house today, after drying clothes and ironing, a lady shit the bedroom door and the lockable handle failed? Picked open, we was back inside in no time.

Lost keys during house move in Newark - 11/08/2021

Losing a key on the day the furniture arrives at your new home is very upsetting. I arrived within the hour to pick and change the lock to the french doors where the furniture was to be taken into the property. As I was driving away the removal lorry arrived, just in time!

Lock replacement for children's home in Newark - 10/08/2021

Mortice lock open, but the key was lost? A children’s home manager contacted me to replace the lock, so that the door to the garage could be secured for the children’s safety.

Newark Locksmith After Botched DIY Job - 13/08/2021

Changing a cylinder proved to be a nightmare for a couple today in Newark. The retainer screw had rounded off, after attempting to drill the lock and saw through the retaining screw with no luck, I was called. The customer had managed to destroy the bottom of the gearbox, so a new mpl was placed into the door, new cylinder leaving the door working perfectly.

Locksmith for a Newark Shop - 10/08/2021

Called out this morning to a local Budgens store, because a customer had snapped the key in the lock of the customer toilets. The end of the key was removed, allowing the other keys to be used by the staff and customers.

Newark Locksmith for Block of Flats - 08/08/2021

Call from a property manager who I carry out work for on a regular basis. This time a front door on a small block of flats was not locking. After stripping down the mechanism and cleaning it out, the bolt and cylinder appeared to be working in harmony once again.

Locksmith in Newark Fixes Twisted Cam Problem - 06/08/2021

A twisted cam left a gentleman unable to remove his key from the cylinder and trouble locking the front door. After fitting a new snap safe cylinder into the mechanism, his door was locking and unlocking smoothly once again.

Newark Locksmith for French Doors - 04/08/2021

French doors not able to lock, due to a failed gearbox. A new gearbox was fitted to the mechanism, leaving the door functioning once again.

Key snapped in lock in Newark - 01/08/2021

Early morning call out after a key had snapped in the front door, after an evening out with friends. The only key was snapped, so we replaced and upgraded the cylinder.

New door latches fitted in Newark - 23/07/2021

Lockforce Locksmith Newark fitted two new tubular latches in Newark this morning. One of the latches had failed on an internal door, leaving a couple locked out of their kitchen. After gaining entry, a new latch was placed into the door, the homeowner asked if I could fit one on another door because the quality was better than the existing ones.

Locked in the garden in Newark - 22/07/2021

Lockforce Locksmith Newark received a call from a young lady today in Newark, who was stuck in the very hot sun in her garden after the kitchen door slammed behind her. With no way around the back to her garden, non destructive entry was gained through two doors in order to let her back into her property.

Kitchen door jammed shut in Newark - 19/07/2021

Internal kitchen door would not open, due to a failed mortice latch. Non destructive entry was gained and a new latch ordered ready to be fitted.

Repeat client requiring door adjustment in Newark - 19/07/2021

Called out by an old customer of mine to fix the front door after it wasn’t locking off properly. Again a keep adjustment was made and the door was working smooth as ever.

Door realignment for property in Newark - 19/07/2021

Door alignment this morning in Newark. Daylight could be seen through the top of the door and was letting wet weather through, a simple adjustment of the door hinges, lifted the door and once again had it working perfectly.

Failed gearbox for home in Newark - 14/07/2021

After not being able to lock off the front door, an elderly lady called, this time a failed Yale gearbox was the issue. A replacement gearbox was fitted, leaving the door fully functioning once again.

Padlocks installed in Newark - 01/07/2021

Three high security padlocks fitted to three out buildings in Newark today. After removing the old padlocks, 3 new ones were fitted, all working from the same key.

New window locks for home in Newark - 30/06/2021

Back out to a customer that I had fitted some window restrictors for a day or two earlier, the lady wanted an additional two windows securing. Quick and easy fit and always safe and secure.

New window handles in Newark - 29/06/2021

Window security was the concern of a customer in Newark today. A lady had her grandchildren to stay and had concerns that they may open the windows upstairs. Lockable handle were added to two windows and a couple of window restrictors, secured the bedrooms, as a precaution against accidents.

New keep fitted to a door in Newark - 28/06/2021

New keep fitted to a door frame today, the mechanism had been changed and did not fit the old keep, so a new compatible keep was fitted, to ensure safety.

Locked out of garage door in Newark - 28/06/2021

Garage door entry gain this evening. Unable to open the garage door, non destructive entry was gained to let the homeowner back into his vehicles.

Front door repairs in Newark - 18/06/21

Fitting two escutcheons to a door with a mortice lock in. Two escutcheons were fitted to make the door look nicer and cover a hole made by a builder that attempted to fit a lock and had made the key way holes slightly too big.

Failed lock in Newark - 15/06/2021

Failed mortice lock in a door in Newark this morning. The key was turning, but the bolt was not retracting? Easily opened, the customer had access to the garage once again. We changed the broken lock for a new British standard 5 lever lock, all safe and secure.

French door had failed in Newark - 15/06/2021

French door mechanism failed. A customer called to say, her son had hung on the door handle lever and as a result she couldn’t open the patio doors? A broken spindle was the fault, we placed a new gearbox into the door and after adjustments were made to both doors, they were working better than ever.

Front door not working in Newark - 07/06/2021

Front door out of use all through lockdown! The homeowner contacted me, asking if I could open and fix their front door, now lockdown was over. The gearbox had failed and this mechanism is no longer made. A new full mechanism was fitted to the door, making some adjustments here and there, the door is now fully functional once again.

Key stuck in lock in Newark - 02/06/2021

Key stuck in lock? A twisted cam on the cylinder was the culprit. Easily removed and replaced, the door was locking once again, just in time for the family to leave the house secured before going away to enjoy the bank holiday weekend.

Hangar door adjustments in Newark - 30/05/2021

Out working on a hangar door this morning, a new gearbox and two new keyed alike cylinders fitted to ensure the side entrance can be secured.

New lock install in Newark - 28/05/2021

A new 3 star diamond Ultion high security cylinder fitted to an internal door today. After having a new door, the occupants thought it wise to have the same lock as they have on both the front and rear doors, very safe and secure.

Could not lock main door in Newark - 19/05/2021

Failed Era Vectis lock was the issue today in Newark, not allowing the occupants to lock their front door. A full conversion was carried out, new gearbox, cylinder and handles left the door better than ever.

Landlord unable to open door for tenants in Newark - 12/05/2021

Failed gearbox in Newark had left a landlord unable to open and fix the door for his tenants. Easy access was gained and a new mpl fitted to the door, now fully functioning the occupants were overjoyed.

Local village hall in Newark had lost keys - 05/05/2021

The local village hall was in trouble after losing the only key to the french doors and with elections the following day, the doors needed to be working. Two new locks keyed alike were fitted, with 5 keys for the staff and committee members.

Jammed front door for commercial property in Newark - 03/05/2021

A slammed door jammed the latch in its keep. Unable to open the door, I was asked if I could assist. The latch was released and luckily no permanent damage was done to the multi point locking system.

New lock for home in Newark - 29/04/2021

Seized mortice lock in Newark today, after gaining entry to the lock, a new 5 lever British standard lock was placed into the door.

Emergency locksmith required for emergencies services in Newark - 24/04/2021

Paramedics called asking if I could open a door to a flat, because their patient had lost his keys. Entry was gained to the apartment and a new lock fitted, with new keys.

Roller shutter garage door would not open in Newark - 21/04/2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Newark were called out by an elderly lady who couldn’t open her garage door using the fob she had. A quick trip to a local hardware store and a new battery soon had the door opening and closing again, another satisfied customer.

Snapped key in door in Newark - 14/04/2021

Key snapped in lock by a live in care worker. After snapping the key, I was called out to remove it and check the locks. The door was out of alignment, so this was adjusted in addition to removing the snapped key.

Lock jam in Newark - 14/04/2021 

Cylinder jammed in gearbox not allowing the cam to turn to lock the door. After releasing the jam, the mechanism was refitted to the door and was left working perfectly again.

New locks for new home owners in Newark - 06/04/2021

New house, new locks! A couple had moved I to a new home and was given keys, but they’re not sure they had every key to every lock. We changed the outer door locks, making sure they are safe and secure.

Reallign UPVC doors at Chicken farm Newark - 06/04/2021

Called out to a chicken farm to realign two upvc doors on the chicken sheds. Finding them hard to operate and lock, I was called to look at the doors. After making adjustments to keeps and hinges the doors were working perfectly once again.

Faulty lock for front door in Newark - 30/03/2021

A failed gearbox left a couple unable to lock their door overnight! Should have called me, as I don’t mind working 24/7 to make sure my customers are safe and secure. 20 minutes to fit a new gearbox, soon had the door fully functioning again.

Patio door jammed in Newark - 30/03/2021

Slight adjustments made to a patio door that wouldn’t open today in Newark. An easy fix soon had the door functioning properly, ready for the nice weather.

New nightlatch for door in Newark - 24/03/2021

After a nighlatch failed, an elderly couple wanted a new one fitting in Newark today. A simple replacement left the door secure once again and the couple feeling secure once again.

New deadbolt for door in Newark - 20/03/2021

New British standard deadbolt replaced for a customer today, who had been having trouble with the lock for sometime. Slight adjustments were made to the door to house the lock, now with additional keys, all the family can come and go without fear of the lock failing.

Door handle level spinning in Newark - 15/03/2021

Customer contacted Lockforce Newark because the lever on the door handle was just spinning round and the door wouldn’t open. The spindle placed in the door was too short and over time had worked its way through the door, not connecting the inside lever. Nothing a longer spindle didn’t fix. Job done and the customer was very glad it was sorted so efficiently. 

Key safe fitted in Newark - 10/03/2021

New Police approved key safe fitted to a property today. After recently being locked out, a lady decided a high security key safe would ensure this would never happen again. Wall mounted in a discreet location in the garden, she will always have a key to hand should she get locked out again.

Student locked out of bedroom in Newark - 05/03/2021

Entry gain to a students bedroom. After the door slammed shut behind her, a student was left locked out of her apartment. A quick slip of a latch and she was soon back inside safe and secure.

Builder accidentally locked out home owner in Newark - 05/03/2021

Emergency call from a lady who’s builder had left her locked out. After locking the door and posting the keys, a lady was left locked out of house. After gaining entry through a rear door, the lady was safely back inside, she has now opted to have a police approved key safe fitted, to prevent this happening again in the future.

Old lock failed meant a new mortice lock required in Newark - 04/03/2021

New mortice lock fitted to an aluminium door today. After the old lock had failed, a new lock case was fitted to the door, leaving it working perfectly.

Missing a key in Newark - 04/03/2021

Missing a key to the french doors after a burglary the home owners asked if the lock could be changed for security purposes. A new anti snap cylinder was placed into the door, safe and secure once more.

High security lock upgrades in Newark - 04/03/2021

Two high security cylinders fitted for a customer today. A lady living alone wanted her security upgrading, two Ultion locks were fitted to her property, keeping any unwanted visitors away.

Door slammed shut behind him in Newark - 26/02/2021

Door slammed shut behind a customer this evening locking him out. After gaining entry, the customer was soon back in the warm, safe and secure.

Locked out of their apartment in Newark - 26/02/2021

Late night call out to a customer who locked the self out of their apartment. A large rear window allowed us to gain entry to the apartment, having the occupants back inside in no time.

Quick fix has door working as new in Newark - 25/02/2021

Minor adjustments to a door that a customer had not been able to lock for two days. After removing the strip and making minor adjustments a new cylinder was placed into the mechanism, leaving it working perfectly.

3 external doors fixed in Newark - 21/02/2021

Called out to fix three external doors on a property today, new gearbox, door alignment and cylinder and a full mpl. Lots of work, but all of the doors are now safe and secure.

Gearbox fix in Newark - 30/01/2021

Left locked out of the house after the gearbox had failed. Unable to open the door, the customer contact me to assist him with opening his door. After non destructive entry was gained, the full mpl was replaced with a brand new mechanism.

Entry gain plus new lock installation in Newark - 13/01/2021

Locked inside a flat after losing the door keys. Entry was gained and a new lock with 5 keys was placed into the door.

Non destructive entry gained in Newark - 03/01/2021

Late call out to a gentleman who was locked out of his house, when the latch failed to retract in the gearbox. Non destructive entry was gained and a new gearbox placed into the door.

Quick and easy fix in Newark - 02/12/2020

New gearbox fitted to a property in Newark today after the old one had failed. A quick and easy fix, left the door working perfectly again.

Failed gearbox plus door allignments in Newark - 02/12/2020

A failed gearbox, this afternoon in Newark. Easily fixed and with a slight door adjustment, the mechanism was working better than ever.

New cylinder for property in Newark - 26/11/2020

A new anti snap thumb turn cylinder placed into a door today. Thinking about safety, a lady wanted a thumb turn fitted to her kitchen/garden door, for an easy escape if she needed to get out of the house quickly.

"Who let the dogs out?" in Newark - 25/11/2020

Called out to a dog breeding kennel today, because the door to the puppy’s area wouldn’t open? It was apparent that the gearbox had failed, non destructive entry was gained and a new gearbox fitted. Three door adjustments were also completed whilst on site, very happy customer.

Entry gain in Newark - 15/11/2020

After attempting to open a mortice lock with a drill, a customer called me to assist further as the door still wouldn’t open. Entry was gained through an alternative door and the mortice opened from the inside. Mortice lock replaced for a new 5 lever British standard mortice, for safety and insurance purposes.

Smart home owner - new locks fitted in Newark - 13/11/2020

After moving back in to a property that had been rented out, the owner thought it best to have new locks fitted, because she wasn’t sure how many keys had been cut by her previous tenants. 3 new mortice sash locks, 1 deadbolt and a new rim cylinder all fitted and all British standard.

New gearbox and ultion cylinder in Newark - 07/11/2020

Called out to change a lock today in Newark. The lock turned out to be an Era Vectis, so the owner of the property decided to convert the Vectis, to house a cylinder fitting gearbox. In addition to the new gearbox, the owner decided to add an Ultion cylinder for maximum security and as she was renting the property, she can have control over who attempts to cut the keys.

Two new cylinders installed in Newark - 28/10/2020

After moving into a new property in Newark, the occupant thought it would be the best idea to have the locks changed on the front and rear door. Two anti snap cylinders were placed into the doors, with new keys for her peace of mind.

Ultion locks in Newark - 16/10/2020

Upgrading security on a house in Newark this afternoon. I was asked to fit the Ultion high security cylinders to a house in Newark today. Front and rear door fitted with polished chrome cylinders and an additional key, for the key safe, so the care workers always have access.

Door handle upgrade in Newark - 16/10/2020

Out in Collingham today, changing a door handle for an elderly lady. After the old handle had its day and finally broke, she wanted peace of mind, that she could get back into the house after spending time in her garden. A new handle and spindle will assure she can open and close her door with confidence.

New cylinder fitted in Newark - 12/10/2020

New anti snap cylinder placed into a door today, after the old cylinder had a twisted cam, leaving the occupants unable to remove the key, after locking and unlocking.

British standard night latch installed in Newark - 09/10/2020

Upgrading security today in Newark, a new British Standard night latch was placed into a door, to boost security in place of a very old lock. Occupants now have piece of mind, in addition to this a chain was added to the front door.

Snapped key in Newark - 30/09/2020

Broken key extraction in Newark this morning. After snapping the key in the patio door cylinder, I was called by a lovely lady to remove the end of the broken key. After removing the broken key, the lock remained fully functional with the spare keys.

New ultion locks in Newark - 30/09/2020

Two keyed alike Ultion cylinders fitted in Newark this afternoon. The home owners wanted to upgrade their home security, so asked to have high security cylinders fitted to the front and rear door, that operated from the same keys, all done and extremely safe and secure.

Lock, gearbox and handle change in Newark - 14/09/2020

Lock, gearbox and handle changed, to all new parts today on a property in Newark. After the mechanism and handle was feeling worn and was getting old, the occupant decided to have everything replaced before it become too old and became a problem. The cylinder was upgraded to an anti snap for added security.

Door Alignment Problems - 07/09/2020

Door alignment in Newark today. I received a call from a gentleman who was unable to lock his patio door and was sure his lock had failed. After adjusting the hinges and keep on the door, it was back to locking perfectly.

Anti Snap Cylinder Replacement - 05/09/2020

Cylinder changes in Newark this afternoon. A young lad wanted to change the locks on his front entrances, because he was unsure who had keys. Two new anti snap cylinders were placed into the doors, for peace of mind, safety and security.

Newark Door Not Locking - 02/09/2020

Door failing to lock today in Newark, this was because the door was out of alignment and required adjustments. After pulling the hinges back, the occupants were able to use and lock the front door once again.

Supporting Our Colleagues in Lincoln - 01/09/2020

Out assisting Lockforce Lincoln locksmith today, after a lady had a failed gearbox. The spindle had failed, leaving the back door locked. After gaining entry a new gearbox was fitted and the door worked perfectly.

Lost front door key in Newark - 18/08/2020

Late night call out to a lady locked out of her property after losing her front door key. After gaining entry through an open window, the front door was opened and the lady was back inside after a hard days work.

Locked out in Newark - 16/08/2020

Locked out of house early morning call out to gain entry. After losing the only front door key during a night out, a young lady was left unable to access her property. Lockforce Newark was on the scene in 20 minutes and had the young lady indoors in minutes, with a new lock and keys fitted.

Locked keys in garage in Newark - 07/08/2020

Gained entry to a garage after the keys had been locked inside. After gaining entry and letting the lady back indoors, she opted to upgrade her garage door cylinder for an anti snap cylinder for added security.

New door handles in Newark - 06/08/2020

New handle placed onto the front entrance to a block of flats after the old o e had been forced, possibly vandalised. The new handle will make it easier for the occupants to use the door.

Lost garage door key in Newark - 28/07/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Newark were called out to a mortice lock on a garage door today, after a lovely lady had lost the key. Entry was gained and a new British standard 5 lever was placed in the door, leaving the garage safe and secure and with two keys.

Hair salon requested night latches in Newark - 17/07/2020

Called out to a hair salon to fit nightlatches to the toilets, as members of the public were using them, but not the salon. Locks were fitted, now the salon owner has keys and complete control over who uses the facilities.

New property means new locks in Newark - 14/07/2020

After moving into a new property, I was asked to change 3 mortice locks as the new occupants found the existing ones to be sticking. British Standard 5 lever locks were placed into the doors, leaving the occupants with peace of mind, that their doors will open with ease, whilst maintaining security.

Locksmith help required in Newark - 10/07/2020

Mortice lock entry gain today, after it had been troublesome for some time. Non destructive entry was gained and a new British standard mortice lock was put in place, working perfectly.

New gearbox in Newark - 09/07/2020

New gearbox, keep adjustment and new anti snap cylinder placed into a property in Newark today. All working perfectly and peace of mind for the new occupants.

New window handle in Newark - 06/07/2020

Window handle broken in Newark this evening. Old handle was removed and a new handle placed on the window, fully lockable and working.

Replacing broken fb2 lock in Newark - 30/06/2020

Back to the flats today, had to replace a broken fb2 mortice lock. Quick and easy fix, broken one out and a new one in, works perfectly

Security upgrade in Newark - 28/06/2020

Two new anti snap cylinders fitted to a rental property today in Newark. Always makes sense to change the locks when one tenant leaves and more are moving in, you never know who has a key!

Patio doors of new home failed in Newark - 23/03/2020

Mortice lock entry gain. After moving in to a new property, a young couple realised that the key for a mortice lock on the patio was not working. Entry was gained and the door opened and the lock removed ready to be replaced by the owner.

Locks on bathrooms in Newark - 11/06/2020

Two fresh fit bathroom mortice locks fitted today. The bathroom doors were currently without locks, so two mortice locks were fitted so the occupants could always have privacy.

Locked the keys in the garage in Newark - 17/05/2020

Lockforce had a callout to a customer today, who had locked the garage keys and house keys in his garage. Entry was gained and the customer opted for a cylinder change, so a new anti snap cylinder was placed in the door for added security.

No job too small in Newark - 17/05/2020

Lockforce locksmiths visited a young lady this morning to cut a key for her front door. As many large key cutting shops are currently closed, customers are calling more and more to have a key cut. If you require a key cut why not give Lockforce a call and let us cut them at your door.

Locked out in Newark - 09/05/2020

Emergency call out to an elderly customer today. Her front door had closed behind her and the keys were inside. On arrival she remembered that there may be a spare set in her key safe, once opened there was a spare set and the door was opened.

Lost keys while taking his daily walk in Newark - 09/05/2020

Emergency call out this evening. A customer had gone for his daily walk and lost his keys along the way. Non destructive entry was gained and even though the home owner had a spare key, he opted to upgrade his cylinder to an anti snap, for extra security.

Ultion cylinder installation in Newark - 07/05/2020

Total lock upgrade on a property in Newark today, as the customers tenants had left and now wanted to move back in. Ultion British Standard ?????? Cylinders keyed alike on the external doors, anti snap cylinders on internal doors, new window handles and a mortice lock all fitted.

Door stuck in the locked position in Tuxford - 25/04/20

Emergency call out to a customer who’s rear door was stuck in a locked position. Gearbox had failed and replaced, while I was on site, entry was gained to a window that hadn’t been opened for 15 years, a window that wouldn’t lock and a new window handle were all put right and now fully functional.

Emergency call out in Newark - 21/04/2020

Emergency call out this afternoon to a gentleman who couldn’t lock his front door, therefore was unable to leave his property to shop for essential items. The gearbox in his door had broken, so he called Lockforce North Nottingham in the hope that I could assist. Within an hour of his call, I had attended the property and fitted a new fully functioning gearbox. Always available to help and assist in an emergency during these unpredictable times.

Mortice lock change in Newark - 16/04/2020

Emergency call out to a flat in Newark. One of the occupants had lost the front door key, not usually an issue, just have another cut, but the key ring had the home address on. Mortice changed for a 5 lever British Standard Era lock, with two new keys.

Mortice lock failure in Newark - 11/04/2020

Emergency call out to a house this morning, the mortice lock on the only entrance had started to fail. Lock was replaced with a new ERA 5 lever lock, leaving the door and lock working as good as new.

My accountant managed to lock himself out in Newark - 04/04/2020

Emergency call out today, from my accountant, who was locked out of his house and needs to gain entry fast. The key for the Yale type night latch had failed, so after entry was gained, the cylinder was replaced, leaving him with a new lock and keys. Always nice to help and assist someone who helps your own business, gave him a great insight into what I do and tools that I use. Lockforce North Nottingham will always assist old customers, friends, family and business acquaintances as fast as possible.

Securing entrances to blocks of flats in Newark - 27/03/2020

Working alongside Lockforce locksmith Lincoln today, back at 4 blocks of flats, making sure the locks on the main entrances were all working correctly after a resident reported a fault. All repair work carried out and a new latch added to the bin area that was broken.

Late night callout for local small business owners in Newark - 20/03/2020

Called out late evening by a couple who are renting a property and the tenants couldn’t get in through the front door. Access was gained and it was found that the multi point locking mechanism was in a poor condition and broken. I replaced the full strip and keeps, leaving the door working as good as new. Always a pleasure to assist a couple who have their own small business and are such nice people.

Rapid response time in Newark - 19/03/2020

Failed gearbox in Newark this evening. Lockforce Newark attended within 30 minutes and managed to secure the property for the tenants.

Lost keys in Newark - 17/03/2020

There’s never a good time to loose your keys, or lock yourself out, today I attended a property for a customer who was returning from holiday, faced with this? Non destructive entry was gained to her property and hey presto the keys were hanging up inside! Good news for her, that we didn’t have to change the locks.

Broken mortice lock in Newark - 13/03/2020

Mortice lock spindle had broken on a property today. Entry was gained and a new BS 5 lever mortice lock put in place.

Dog snaps owner's key in Newark - 11/03/2020

Called out early this morning, because a dog had jumped at the front door and managed to snap the key in the lock, not the first time apparently. Changed the cylinder after removing the key, as it was found to be sticking and lubricated the mpl, leaving the door as good as new.

Lock coversions in Newark - 10/03/2020

Out with Lockforce Lincoln working on two separate blocks of flats, converting mortice locks to BS 5 lever euro mortice locks, with thumb turn cylinders. The occupants we met were very pleased with the conversion, making their lives much easier to use the entrance/exit.

Petrol station cylinder chang in Newark - 09/03/2020

Popped in for a tank of diesel today, the owner of the petrol station was just looking for a local locksmith to change the cylinder on his front door. The old cylinder was failing and making the door hard to lock and unlock at the end of the day. Cylinder was replaced with a new anti snap, gearbox lubricated and all working as good as new. 5 keys were also issued, to his delight, one for every member of staff.

Door locked shut in Newark - 08/03/2020

Lockforce Newark were called to a house this morning, because a UPVC door was locked shut. Entry was gained, the cylinder was damaged, along with the gearbox. Both parts replaced and is now working as good as new.

Lock pick in Newark - 05/03/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Newark recieved a call from an estate agents today, asking if I could open a locker as the keys had been misplaced. Locker picked open and a new cam lock fitted, with two new keys.

Ultion SMART lock installation - 28th February 2020

We fitted a smart lock for a customer today. The Ultion smart lock allows you to use the mobile phone as well as a key to lock and unlock the door, very secure technology at its best!

Snapped key in summerhouse in Newark - 18th Novemeber 2020

Lockforce were called out to a customer today, a gentleman had snapped his key in a summerhouse lock. Entry was gained and a new rim lock was fitted, leaving the summerhouse secure once again and accessible.

Front door lock replaced in Newark - 15th February 2020

Out in Weston (Newark) today replacing a front door mortice lock. Old lock out and brand new Era British Standard lock in its place. House secured in no time.

Door closed behind a lady in Newark - 8th February 2020

Lockforce call from a young lady, this evening who had walked out of her flat and the door slammed behind her. Non-destructive entry was gained to the night latch, allowing her access back into her property in minutes.

Lost keys after morning walk in Weston - 5th February 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths attended a property today, unfortunately a lovely lady had lost her keys during a morning walk, she retraced her steps, but couldn’t find them. I attended the property and gained entry, upgrading her cylinder lock to an anti snap, with 3 keys.

Good as new conservatory doors in Tuxford - 5th February 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths attended a property to look at the french doors in the conservatory. The doors hadn’t been in use for some time and the occupants feared new doors may be required. Lubricated the gearboxes, new anti snap cylinders and handles and now fully functioning.

Key would not turn in door, Collingham - 3rd January 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Newark had a callout to a customer who's door had a mortice lock stuck in the locked position and often the key would not turn to unlock it. Removed the handle and sprayed lubricant into the lock, this allowed the key to turn and open the door.

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