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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmith Leeds.

My name is Carl and I'm a local, experienced and trusted locksmith proudly serving Leeds and the surrounding areas near me.  

Please take some time to read our 1,500+ customer reviews to know you are in safe hands and are dealing with a reputable local company.

Key Points:

  • Rapid Response - 7 Days a Week
  • Residential & Commercial Services
  • 1 Year Guarantee on all works
  • DBS Checked
  • Checkatrade Vetted (500+ reviews)
  • Trading Standards Approved

Checkatrade information for Lockforce Leeds, Harrogate & Bradford

Door Locked, Key Snapped, Lost Keys Call Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds on 0113 8876 285 for a Trusted Locksmith Service

Locksmith Services in Leeds

Whether you need to gain access to your home, lost your keys or you would like to upgrade your locks and house security Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds are here to help.

We carry all the latest locks and keys and aim to carry out any repairs in the one visit, in the unlikely event we do not have a part for your lock problem, we will make sure your door is secure and return within 24 hours. 

If your property has been broken into we are sympathetic of the stress and will work with the police in preserving the crime scene but also make sure you and your family are secure and safe.

Whatever you door/ window lock problem you need a quick response from a qualified professional who can empathise with your situation and resolve the problem fast. 

Our popular services include:

  • Gaining entry / locked out
  • Anti-snap locks / Door Handles
  • Window locks / Window Handles
  • Sash jammers / Dead bolts
  • Lock repairs / replacements
  • Locks fitted to BS3621
  • Upgrades to Insurance Standards
  • On site Mobile Key Cutting service
  • Digital Locks / Keyless Systems
  • And more...

Call Carl at Lockforce Locksmiths in Leeds today on 0113 8876 285 

Locked Out in Leeds

Call Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds with trust and confidence if you find yourself locked in or out of your property. If you have lost your keys, snapped your key in the lock or the lock has simply failed, Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds have the knowledge, expertise and understanding of your situation to put your mind at ease and gain entry to your property.

We will give you a timescale of arrival over the phone and keep you updated as to our progress by text tracking facility. We use all the leading locksmith specialist tools to gain entry to your property - whether you have a mortice lock, UPVC lock, Yale lock, Digital lock or Cylinder lock. Whatever your situation, there's no need to worry, as we have helped thousands of customers in Leeds back into their property safely and we're keen to help you too! 

If you find your key won’t open your door the best advice is not to force the key or the lock as this will most likely only result in snapping the key or breaking the actual lock or multi point locking system and will only cost more to repair and make matters worse. In most cases the issue may be the alignment of the door and that’s why the lock has become jammed or stiff and a simple adjustment will resolve the issue and no lock change will be necessary. Have you left a window open ? or have you left a key in the other door these may be simple solutions to your problem.

At Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we will always make sure you are the legal owner of the property or have legal tenancy and ask for identification before we gain entry to any property. We also be in our branded logo van and be wearing Lockforce Locksmiths uniform assuring you we are a professional locksmith and not to alert your neighbours  We are also called out to many garage doors to gain entry after on closing the up and over garage door the door slams shut locked with the keys inside and most likely the keys also have the house keys and car keys on the keyring.

Call to Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds and we can soon gain entry and retrieve the keys. Whilst been locked out is always stressful try not to panic, call Lockforce, we will ask you some quick questions once we have established your lock type and offer a solution to your problem.

When locked out, call Carl on 0113 8876 285  

Lock Identification 

Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds carry over 10,000 different lock parts on our vans, however it helps to know what type of lock you have fitted so we can give you a more accurate quotation before we actually arrive at your property.

Below is a list of the most popular locks you will find on the majority of doors in the Leeds district. We can usually identify your lock from asking you a few simple questions on the phone but please feel free if you have the time to have a look at the images before you call Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds services.

Multi Point Locking Mechanism – The most common and popular locking system found in upvc doors, composite doors and bifold doors. This is a locking system fitted into the body of the door edge, using a key from the outside and generally fitted with a door lever lever handle once lifted the door is secured into the door keeps with 3,5, 7 and sometimes 9 locking points using mushroom, roller, hooks, deadbolts and locking pins. New doors now also have no handles and use a escutcheon with lock or Thumbturn and can also slam shut and lock themselves once the door is closed.  

Euro Cylinders - Euro Cylinder locks are the most common lock fitted to the doors of Leeds residents, these locks are generally found on all UPVC, Patio doors, sliding doors, aluminon doors and Composite doors in both residential and commercial properties. Euro cylinders are the most commonly locks that are attacked by burglars, at Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we only ever fit Anti Snap Locks not the basic standard type often fitted to new builds. Oval Locks are very similar to Euro locks but are less common and have a Oval looking cylinder but work in the same way as a Euro lock.

Mortice 2,3 and 5 lever Locks  - Mortice locks are very common in wooden doors and are traditionally a longer key type, the mortise deadlock will turn and lock the door with a turn of the key through the handle, this type of locks is called a Mortise Sashlocks. Often on wooden doors you may have another lock above or below the Handle this is known as a Deadlock. Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds always recommends and fits the latest Police and Insurance 5 lever locks that meet BS3621/2007 Standards. We also carry the key blanks and cut you extra keys whilst you have your new lock fitted.

British Standard BS362/2007 Night Latch Locks - Nightlatch locks are commonly referred to as a Yale lock, these locks can lock behind you when you close the door and leave the property, self locking. The British Standard version have a secure deadbolt and these locks meet insurance requirements of BS3621/2007, they mostly have a lever bar on the inside of the door rather than a knob turn and have a security plate at the front of the door hiding the keyway.

Standard Night Latch Lock - These lock types are very similar to the British Standard Night latches but often do not have a deadlocking system and do not meet insurance requirements. Often these locks can be a secondary lock on a wooden door for convenience of self locking without the need of a key. Many student accommodations have Nightlatch locks fitted to the dwellings this is to also meet fire regulations as such you can quickly exit the building by just turning the Thumbturn or turning the knob. Locked out, many people find themselves locked out by Night latches as once they have shut the door, the door is locked and if you have no key you are locked out of your property or room.

Thumbturn Cylinders – These Cylinders are locks that have a Thumbturn know twist on the inside of the door but operate with a key from the inside, often fitted in new build house and meet fire regulations in Flats and apartments. If fitted on a front door with a letterbox Lockforce would recommend a letterbox guard. Thumbturn locks are mistly found with euro and oval cylinders

Digital Locks – Digital locks are often found in internal office buildings or education centres, these locks have a twist knob or lever handle that can open the door once a combination code is entered, the lock can be held back if not in operation and has a quick open release from the inside

Smart Lock – Smart locks can be fitted on internal doors and the main front door on upvc, composite and wooden doors. Majority of smart locks operate without the need of a key using a keypad code, smart phone and also fingertip recognition. The Ultion smart lock also has the back of usig a key and the 3 star Police and Insurance Approved High security lock gives snap attack protection

Din Locks – These locks are similar to a mortise lock but much larger in size and generally used with a euro lock and often found in commercial or apartments using a 20mm deadlock

Detainer Locks – These Lock are high security locks and will be found in old building and commercial properties often made by Chubb the locks are now branded as Union

Cam Locks – Postbox, Safes and vending machines are often found using cam locks, these locks are small using a key to turn a lever bar to open.

Rim Locks – Rim Cylinder locks are used with Nightlatch locks and are round circular in appearance using a key this turns a spindle bar that opens the Nightlatch lock case

Adams Rite – These Locks are in the most cases found in aluminon, metal door casings and can be found in the majority of shopping units and commercial doors. Adams Rite locks come in many different sizes and work conjunction with Euro Locks or Screw in Cylinders. Working as a sashlock, deadlock or hook operation.

We are always happy to help identify your lock with you either over the phone, facetime or in person, speak to Carl on smiths in Leeds on 0113 8876 285  and we will try and give you some help 

Lockforce Leeds Locksmiths Payment options

Lockforce Leeds Locksmiths accept all major credit cards, bank transfers and paypal, we of course accept cash but unlike many Rogue traders we will not walk you to the bank demanding cash.

At Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we will always offer you a quote and also different options/brands for any Locksmith works before any job is started. Only when we have your approval and you are happy with the quotation will we commence with the work involved.

Call Carl at Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds now on 0113 8876 285  

Trading Standards Approved Locksmith in Leeds

After a stringent vetting process, we are pleased to announce that Lockforce Leeds has become Trading Standards Approved with Check and Vetted . The Trading Standards organisation enforces a wide range of  legislation: environmental health, health and safety, licensing and Police checks and so on. These departments investigate commercial organisations that trade outside the law or in unethical ways.

At Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we are proud to be a approved vetted member, Adding futher assurances Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds are also vetted and reviewed by Checkatrade another vetted and reviewed professional company who only allow the best tradespeople to become members.

Trading Standards Approvedn Locksmith in leeds

Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds have had 14 checks. The vetting process has proven to be the most significant way of protecting consumers and achieving the Checkatrade mission of stamping out rogue traders.This demonstrates that Lockforce Locksmiths operate a professional business offering a fair and honest service. 

Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds are also fully insured to the sum of £2,000,000 public liability, giving you complete peace of mind. We are DBS Police advanced checked, always wear a uniform and always carry identification and will arrive in our vans with the Lockforce Logos. We always offer a free call out survey and will give you a quote on Locksmiths Works before we commence with no obligation. 

Call Renata or Carl at Lockforce Locksmiths in Leeds on 0113 8876 285  we are happy to answer any enquiry you may have on any Locksmith Service

Insurance Compliant Locks

There are so many things to consider when it comes to the security of your property. However, one factor which many of my customers often don’t take into account is whether their locks are compliant with their home insurance policies. While such compliance is often taken for granted, it’s best to be 100% sure…as alas not all locks are created equal! Indeed, for when commonplace locks on our doors and windows can be snapped using only a few household tools, insurers may be less inclined to pay out!

Fortunately, at Lockforce Leeds, we only use high quality locks that are compliant with the majority of policies such as BS3621 on the home insurance market, meaning you’re better protected from theft and financial loss should a burglar attempt a break in. Fitting locks that are made to the industry standards set out by the British Standards Institute, you can always recognise the locks we stock by the BS kite mark printed on our locks, which signals its excellence in the field of lock security.

If you are unsure if your locks meet BS3621/2007 insurance approval and Police Approved standards please give us a call today to discuss a lock upgrade or if you have questions please ask us

Call  Lockforce Locksmiths in Leeds on 0113 8876 285 if you are unsure if your property meets your insurance standards BS3621-2007 and Police Approvals, we can offer a free no Obligation Property survey

Key Cutting Services in Leeds

At Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds, we stock a vast range of key blanks as well as the latest key cutting equipment in the industry loaded into our mobile vans. So, we know that for every key we cut, the key will work every time!! Stocking the latest BS3621/2007 insurance approved key blanks and anti-snap key blanks, one size does unfortunately not fit all!

So whether you simply need an extra door key cut or require an emergency set of house keys duplicated, you will find Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds can provide a bespoke service that’s a cut above what you’re likely to experience in high street stores.

Key problems? Lockforce Locksmiths in Leeds carry all the latest Anti snap and Mortise key blanks and cut keys at your house, for a cut above the rest call 0113 8876 285

Emergency Locksmith Leeds

At Locksmith Lockforce Leeds, we provide locksmith service 7 days a week, a service that gives you an expert locksmith when you need it! It may come as no surprise that lock emergencies tend to happen at the most inconvenient times…getting home from work to find your locked out, lost your keys or a broken lock even on a Sunday.

However, rest assured that when contacting Locksmith Lockforce Leeds, your call will come through to my personal mobile (not a call centre!) and I’ll be able to talk you through your problem and how I can best help you to get back into your property or fix the locks that are causing you the problem.

Please feel free to text us or what app us a message or send us a photo of the lock so we can identify the lock type such as  lever mortise, multi point locking system or Yale Nightlatch, we are also on Facebook and feel free to facetime us. it maybe a quick solution we can guide you to do yourself saving you time and money, we just hope the next time you need a locksmith we will be the first company you contact

For emergency call out service - call Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds on 0113 8876 285 

Reputable Locksmith in Leeds

When looking for a locksmith, we find that our customers will frequently seek the same assurances of service quality, such as whether their locksmith…

  • has good and credible testimonials and reviews to many Links
  • is DBS checked 
  • or simply whether he says who he says he is! Wearing a branded uniform and carrying  ID

At Lockforce Leeds, we provide all these assurances and more. However, have you ever thought to ask about the actual locks that your chosen technician will be fitting onto your doors and windows? After all, once your tradesman is gone, it will be the locks they fit that remain. If you’re unfortunate enough to contract the services of a tradesman who isn’t discerning about the quality of locks he stocks, you may find your property will continue to suffer from inadequate protection! Don’t take the risk!

At Lockforce we stock from a few choice suppliers, whose industry applauded locks offer our customers the best protection from intruders. Our decision as a brand to regulate our stock to suppliers whose materials we have reviewed and authorised means that you’ll never fall foul of a dodgy lock fitted by our technicians hands! we carry brands such as Chubb, Union, Era, Yale, Securefast, Mila, Lockmaster and the accredited Brisant range

Lockforce Locksmith Leeds work with the Police to insure you are kept safe as you should be for more information Call Carl at Lockforce Locksmiths in Leeds on 0113 8876 285 

Approved Ultion Lock Smart Lock Installer in Leeds

The Ultion Plus and 3 Star range of locks are the darlings of the current Brisant range of High Security Anti Snap Locks. Like other Brisant’s locks, the Ultion is British Standard and Police Approved, meaning it conforms to the lock protection credentials deemed necessary to protect your home.

The Ultion has been graded 3 stars, the highest accolade bestowed to a lock and guarantees that the model has gone through a rigorous series of tests before gaining the mark. The Lock also comes with ‘Solid Secure Diamond’ approval, which means it has been tested by the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) and deemed to provide adequate protection in strenuous testing conditions. This will mean that an MLA locksmith would have really gone to town on the lock, having greater handling of the prototype, more tools to weaken it and sanctioned to damage the materia l around the lock to ensure to see how secure the lock is.

Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds are proud working partners of Brisant Secure and carry a vast range of Brisant Locks in Anti Snap, Secure Rim locks, Shutter Locks and the Brisant High Security Padlocks.

Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds are proud approved installers of the Ultion smart lock and also the new Ultion Nuki which you can control with your phone, smart platforms, keypad and this of course supplied and protected with a Ultion 3 star lock. 

9 SECONDS - Thats all its takes for a intruder to break a standard lock and gain entry to your property. The Ultion from Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds is designed with security pins for maximum security and built inside the Ultion lock is a hidden layer of protection that is triggered if attacked this is called Lockdown mode and the core of the lock is made from solid molybdenum which is 25% denser than iron. Ultion also passes TS007 Standards and is a lock we certainly approve of so much so our own homes are secured with Ultion  

Lockforce Locksmith Leeds carry all the latest Police Approved British Standard 3 star Sold Secure Design Anti snap Locks. Call Carl on 0113 8876 285 we are happy to help you make the right choice. 

Commercial Locksmith Services in Leeds

Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds have years of experience with commercial locksmith service operations in Leeds, we pride ourselves and nobody takes better care of your business than Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds. We provide 24 hour Locksmith services for large and small businesses.

As well as the need to have correct insurance approved locks, you will have worked hard to build your business and secure your premises and assets so doesn’t it make sense to protect them as best you can?

Lockforce Locksmith Leeds offer a free site survey of all commercial properties and can cover all your security needs as well as Key cutting, keyless entry systems, panic emergency bars, Fire Exit doors and key a like locksmith solutions. At Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we have a fleet of vans that can answer your call and be on site in less than 30 mins in the event of any emergency.

Call Lockforce Locksmith Leeds for all Commercial Locksmiths needs including:

  • Keyless entry systems
  • Insurance approved – installation paperwork supplied
  • Master suites
  • Emergency repair
  • Gain Entry to locked doors
Lockforce Locksmith Leeds are Expert Commercial Locksmiths Call Renata or Carl at Lockforce Locksmiths in Leeds on 0113 8876 285 we are happy to help you make the right choice. Lockforce Locksmith Leeds a company to trust with your Business Security

Commercial Key Cutting in Leeds

With all commercial businesses keys can go missing and you can lose track of who had what keys and past and present employees. If you don’t, security could be compromised. Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds can provide key replacement and also offer a master key system that offers efficient and effective access control.

When you use a master key you can give your managers and supervisors access to any lock in the company. We can also provide individual keys on request to restricted areas or areas where confidential data is stored, these keys can be coded to a unique number and stored for easy swift replacement of new keys.

Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds stock all commercial lock replacement keys and we can cut new keys at your premises and we promise our keys work first time every time, we are a cut above the rest.

  • Commercial Keys cut to code numbers (including furniture, lock boxes, doors, etc)
  • High security Commercial keys cut, copy-protected keys and master keys systems
  • Security coded authorisation key procedures to supply additional security keys
For more information about our commercial Lockforce Locksmith service, call Carl or Renata on Leeds 0113 8876 285   we will be happy to help or advise you on any commercial Locksmith needs or enquires you may have. Call today for a free security audit.

Window Lock Repair and Install Services in Leeds

Window Locks are often overlooked with security but the majority of insurance companies recommend that key operated window locks are fitted to your windows especially all ground floor windows or windows that can be easily reached. We attend many breaks in when burglars have gained entry to your home through unlocked windows.

At Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we carry a huge stock of window locks for  upvc windows together with keys and also carry security locks for wood windows. We also carry additional security for windows such as sash jammers or window operated jammers. Give Lockforce a call today for a free no obligation security check on all your doors and widows making sure you are insurance approved and safe

Call Carl on 0113 8876 285 for professioal window lock installs and repairs in Leeds

NHS and Staff Discount 

Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds are proud authorised working partners of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and are often working in our Leeds Hospitals such as Leeds General infirmary, St James, Chapel Allerton, Seacroft and Airedale as well as many Doctors surgeries in the Leeds district and dentists.

We are especially busy at present securing medicines rooms in oir hospitals with digital locks and safe deadlocks and also changing locks from staff changes. Like the emergency services Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds give priority to any NHS call and in the event of a emergency have a rapid response system that will have a Locksmith to the scene within 20 minutes is such our dedication to NHS. 

As a proud NHS working partner Lockforce have agreed to a 10% discount to all employees of the NHS all we ask is for you to present us with your Identification badge to claim your discounts. Call Carl or Renata on Leeds 0113 8876 285 

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If you have a question and would like to know the answer then give us a call today. Carl or Renata on Leeds 0113 8876 285 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (Lockforce Leeds - FAQs)

Question 53: Do you fit window restrictors and window locks?, Yeadon, Leeds, LS19 - 4th July 2024 

Answer 53: Yes we carry lots of window locks and accessories especially for upvc windows. The restrictors are useful to stop windows from opening too far, good to keep youngsters safe but also adds that extra security having your window open for ventilation but preventing somebody opening wide and climbing into your home

Question 52: I cant lock my upvc door, could it because of the hot weather, Kirkstall, Leeds, LS5 - 24th June 2024 

Answer 52: Yes the weather can cause have with upvc doors, especially on conservatories and any door that gets a lot of sun. This is because the heat causes the door and frame to expand and if the door was troublesome to lock normally in cooler conditions it will make it worse and almost impossible to lock when it gets extreme heat. A quick test you can do yourself, is to open the door and try and lock the door with it open and out of the frame if this works ok then it will just your alignment that’s needs fixing the actually locking system should be ok . At Lockforce we have years of experience aligning doors to perfection and carry the tools to align all upvc doors

Question 51: Lost my key for my patio door, can I get a replacement key, Burley, Leeds, LS4 - 10th June 2024 

Answer 51: It depends on the lock type, if Lockforce have fitted your lock yes we can duplicate the key with more information. If its a lock we have not fitted before there is still a possibility but the best option would be to send us photo of the lock or we can arrange a free call out to advise accordingly with no obligation.

Question 50: Can you change locks on commercial buildigs and fire doors ? Leeds City Centre, Leeds, LS1 – 1st June 2024

Answer 50:  Yes we carry a huge amount of the most popular commercial locks as well as Fire regulations approved locks that will meet your fire risk assessments needs and insurance compliance. However we offer a free site survey and inspection. Give us a call today and we can book that in for you and send you a email survey report

Question 49: Will I get charged a 2nd call out charge if you have to come back with parts?, Meanwood, Leeds, LS6 - 28th April 2024

Answer 49:  If during working hours we do not charge any call out fees at all for any visits, we also carry over 10,000 lock parts on our vans so we always aim to resolve your lock issue in the one visit.

Question 48: Do smart locks also have a key?, Roundhay, Leeds, LS8 - 8th April 2024

Answer 48:  The majority of smart locks do not have a key, they are only remotely locked and opened, however the Ultion smart lock has a 3 star Ultion lock operated with a high security coded key as well as all the smart technology

Question 47: Do you work for Landlords?, Moortown, Leeds, LS17 - 20th March 2024

Answer 47:  Yes we do large amounts of work with Landlords either direct and also with many Leeds letting agencies. This particular Landlord contacted us on a Sunday night when his student block of flats had a locksmith emergency issue and a emergency panic exit door hardware not unlocking. We arrived within the hour, sent videos to the Landlord of the problem before and afterwards together with a full detailed invoice, service report including all the latest landlord regulations resolved.

Question 46: Do you install Gate Locks?, Beeston, Leeds LS11 - 2nd March 2024

Answer 46:  Yes and gate locks are such a fantastic way to protect your property and stop possible intruders looking at your property and areas of weakness to call again under the cover of dark and break in. Gate lock types with depend on the gate itself and wood or metal and also if you wish to have a sashlock that locks itself when closing the door behind you or a deadbolt that only locks with a twist of a thumbturn or a turn of a key. The best option is for us to call and have a look or send us some images and we can advise accordingly.

Question 45: Do I need to have identification on me ? Bardsey, Leeds, LS17 - 5th February 2024

Answer 45:  It depends on the service you need, if you are in your home and have keys for your locks we will not need any identification but we will have identification for ourselves to show you. In the event you are locked out of a property and have no keys we will need identification to prove you live at the property, however before we take the booking on the telephone we will advise on the requirements needed.

Question 44: Can I call you on Whats app as I have no phone signal ? Moortown, Leeds LS17 - 24th January 2024

Answer 44:  Yes of course, due to this enquiry we have now added a whats app button on our website so customers can whats app call us, text us and send photos and videos of lock issues we will happily look to help and solve

Question 43: My key wont fit in my keyhole and I cant open the door can you help? Shadwell, Leeds LS14`= 24th December 2023  

Answer 43:  A customer contacted us on Christmas eve with a big issue they was locked out of the house, they had called numerous locksmiths who either never answered the phone or wanted a huge deposit just to call out and quoted hundreds of pounds to change the lock. We listened to the problem and asked the customer if they could send us a quick video or photos of the lock as we was sure the issue was a very quick fix they maybe could do themselves saving them a call out. Indeed it was a quick fix and we showed them how to do it themselves they demanded to pay us for our time on the phone but we refused any money, they did however leave us a very kind review.

Question 42: My fire exit door pad needs updating with a fire exit bar do you do this? Leeds City Centre, Leeds LS1 - 17th December 2023  

Answer 42:  Yes we carry access control for Fire doors and yes we can upgrade your door from a emergency pad unit to a approved emergency bar system that meets new latest fire regulations, but as in most cases we offer a inspection first and advise accordingly

Question 41: My upvc window handle just spins around and does not open door ? Roundhay, Leeds LS8 - 25th November 2023

Answer 41:  We carry lots of different window locks and hardware the only way to confirm the issue is to remove the upvc window handle that will confirm if it the handle, spindle or window mechanism at fault. We can talk you through a quick test yourself or organise a free call out to advise and quote accordingly.

Question 40: My door handle has snapped off do you carry new handles? Adel, Leeds LS16  - 12th November 2023

Answer 40:  We carry lots of different door hardware from door handles, door knockers, letterboxes and escutcheons for the majority of upvc, composite and wood doors but as they are many different types and styles its best to give us a call and for us to take more details. The customer in Adel Leeds wanted a new security door handle which has a unique curved appearance in chrome  and is security 2 star approved which is something we keep in stock and was fitted the same day

Question 39: Once my locks are installed do I need to service or carry out maintenance? Shadwell, Leeds, LS17  - 30th October 2023

Answer 39:  The majority of locks will need oil over time and it is important to make sure you the correct special oils for your new lock. At Lockforce we will advise you on the oils to use on your new locks and we also carry oils on our vans. Maintenance is also important such as door alignment which can have a major impact on the working life of your locks, at Lockforce we can check and adjust alignment if needed.

Question 38: I have lost my key outside so should I change my locks? Beeston, Leeds LS11 - 15th October 2023

Answer 38:  To be 100% secure I would recommend to change your lock, however as a temporary solution if you are inside the property and you have a upvc or composite door and have a euro lock you could leave the key in the inside and slightly turn the lock then even if somebody has your key from the outside nobody can open the door even with a key. In all cases if you wish to send us a image of the lock we can advise on a temporary secure measure or a cost to change your lock

Question 37: Do you offer locksmith services or cut keys for cars? Allwoodley, Leeds LS17  - 1st October 2023

Answer 37:  At this current time sadly we do not offer car or auto locksmith services for the Leeds area , however please free to ask us we maybe able to recommend a specialist auto locksmith local to you.

Question 36: I have looked at your reviews where can I read more ? Farsley, Leeds LS28  - 14th September 2023

Answer 36:  We have over 1500 reviews from customers who have used Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds and left a review after a service. We would always encourage new potential customers to check us out before they call us out and you will find us on the platforms of Checkatrade. Facebook, Yell, Google and our own platform Lockforce all collated on the independent company Trustist website where you can load all the reviews from our website by just clicking reviews and load more. For additional peace of mind we are also Trading Standards approved with Check and Vetted.  

Question 35: Have you a skeleton key that can open my locked door or can I buy a skeleton lock from you? Bramley, Leeds LS13  - 4th September 2023

Answer 35:  Yes some old mortise locks with only 3 levers can be opened by skeleton type keys but not just one they can be 100s and they do not just open the locks you have to be trained to use them but most modern locks and those with British Standard BS3621/2007 markings are almost impossible to open with such skeleton type keys tools as they have anti picks and security measures in the new style locks. These cannot be purchased only such items can be purchased from locksmith wholesalers who can show relevant certifications.

Question 34: How long will the job take to complete ? Moortown, Leeds, LS17  - 5th August 2023

Answer 34:  It depends on the job needed if it is a lock change like for like this can be a quicker job but in most cases we would look to upgrade your lock to British Standards BS3621/2007 and also cut a new 20mm rebate keep into the door frame for the new lock. Alternatively you maybe locked out with a faulty lock and until we arrive on site we wont know the issue. However in all cases if the customer can send us a photo of the lock type we can advise on a approximate timescale and costings

Question 33: What is the best way to maintain my locks and what oils should I use? Meanwood, Leeds LS6  - 25th July 2023

Answer 33:  It depends on the lock type but with all locks the most important factor is to make sure you try and use original keys and if you have any copied keys try and get keys cut from a good company using high quality original equipment key blanks. Poor quality keys and keys not cut correctly are the biggest contribution to lock failures. Next would be to make sure there is little resistance when locking your doors such as door alignment, using correct oils such as graphite oils and ptfe specialist oils, our recommendation is to call us with your lock type and we can advise accordingly

Question 32: What is a key tracker ? From a customer who had Ultion Locks fitted by Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds? Rodley, Leeds LS13  - 15th July 2023

Answer 32:  A Key tracker is now available for the Ultion lock range. This is a fantastic piece of kit that uses the My phone app on a iPhone and the key can be tracked in my maps to the precise location, also if you lose your keys in the house left under the laundry or left in the garage you can make the key beep using Bluetooth. Great also for tracking your kids if they have a house key without them even knowing so.

Question 31: Do you cover the outskirts of Leeds I live in a rural area and if so is there a cost for the call out ? Bardsey, Leeds LS17  - 2nd July 2023

Answer 31:  At Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we offer a free call out during the daytime to any Leeds LS Postcode area and any remote villages, however we may ask for  more detail in regards directions and some locations even on google and sat nav are not shown, but we do not charge any extra for calling out and we carry over 10,000 lock parts and accessories on our vans daily so we should be able to resolve your lock problem or issue in the one visit

Question 30: Can you advise security for a sliding patio door?  Kirkstall, Leeds LS6  - 8th June 2023

Answer 30:  The first advise would be to fit a high security lock at Lockforce we only fit anti snap locks as standard but we also carry 3 star, sold secure , Police and insurance approved locks if you wish to fit the highest accredited protection.. Additional security you can fit are shoe bolts and deadbolts depending which direction your sliding patio door slides out or inwards. We also would recommend adjustable security bars that can be fitted between the door and the frame, these can be adjusted to fit the majority of sized doors. Door alarm sensors and lighting using PIR motion detection are also good security options.

Question 29: Can you make me a key from a lock? Morley, Leeds, LS27 –  25th May 2023

Answer 29:  Yes we can depending on the lock type you have, at Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we carry decoders and lock reading equipment for certain locks such as the latest British Standard BS3621/2007 locks we can also advise if you have security code keys if they can be cut to code, however unless you need the same key for several locks it may work out actually cheaper to replace the lock with a up to date security lock with brand new keys,  we can also cut extra copied keys on site should you need more keys cutting. The best advise is to call us or send us a photo of your lock and we can ask you some relevant questions.

Question 28: I purchased a lock but when I opened the case to change the latch around the springs flew everywhere can you help?  Shadwell, Leeds LS14 –  30th April 2023

Answer 28:  This is a common issue, Mortise locks are sold without any instructions to change the latch and whilst doing it yourself is a good option if you are confident, this customer purchased a wrong size lock, opened the case and lost moving parts, the mortise lock purchased was also not a British Standard lock meaning the customers house insurance was invalid. We offered to call to take a look, we reassembled the purchased lock for the customer so he could take it back to the shop and get his money back and dually fitted a new lock perfect size and to British Standards, job done.

Question 27: I live in Rodley how quickly can you get to me I am locked out of my home?  Rodley, Leeds LS13 – 6th April 2023

Answer 27:  If you have a emergency situation and you call Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we will always advise the location we are currently are servicing and the time expected to travel to your home or business, we will also send you a text update and if possible a whats app live tracker. If you have a pre booked we will give you a accurate time of arrival at booking stage, This customer was locked out of their home and we arrived within 15 minutes and had the door opened in less than 5 minutes.

Question 26: Can you fit my lock I have purchased myself?  Kirkstall, Leeds LS4 - 12th March 2023

Answer 26:  In general we would always recommend Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds supply and fit your new lock, this is because firstly we can make sure it is the correct lock for door as we wouldn’t want to arrive only to find the customer has purchased the incorrect part causing inconvenience for all parties but the main reason is we offer a 12 month warranty, so if your lock fails we will call and replace the lock free of charge within the 12 month warranty period. Lockforce carry over 10,000 lock parts on our vans so we always aim to repair or replace your lock issue in the one visit. 

Question 25: What Guarantee does my locks have once fitted?  Middleton, Leeds, LS10 - 25th February 2023

Answer 25:  All locks and parts fitted by Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds carry a 12 month warranty and is stated on our invoices, we will also send to all our customers a detailed service report  highlighted issues we have found with your locks or doors to give a clear understanding of any recommendations or advise we have given that may cause additional wear and tear to your new parts. We also fit the Ultion locks which also have a additional manufacturing guarantee and are subject to the manufactures terms and conditions.

Question 24: What lock can if fit on my gate ?  Meanwood, Leeds LS6 - 5th February 2023

Answer 24:  Gate Locks can be very varied some gate locks can be wood and have gate locks such as sliding bolts, latches and deadbolts, other metal gates can have mortise deadlocks these are usual older types and welded into the gate. Other modern metal gate locks such as this customer in Meanwood, Leeds had a euro lock fitted with a Thumbturn lock on a self locking latch type lock,, but wanted the lock to be a more robust and a anti snap lock with key-key operation, so a key was needed on both sides this prevented anybody reaching around and opening the gate turning the current Thumbturn. We fitted the latest Ultion PLUS high security lock and supplied 12 security coded keys with key control.

Question 23: What is a Tubular lock?  Cookridge, Leeds LS16 - 25th January 2023

Answer 23:  A tubular lock is most commonly found on small indoor safes, cash tills, glass cabinets, vending machines and even on petrol pumps. Tubular locks are a circular pattern in look and have normally 6 – 8 pins in them, however you can get 4 – 10 pins in certain locks. A circular tube type key is inserted into the lock and this has notches on the circle and these notches press down the pins in a certain pattern and this in turn reads the lock pins and as such the lock will then rotate to open. These are a good lock and more secure than a standard cam lock but they are not to be used on external doors as these locks don’t meet any insurance approval. If you need a tubular lock fitting or need one opening Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds carry a vast range of tubular locks and also we carry the picks to open

Question 22:  Does your quote include VAT and Labour, are they any extra charges ? Town Street, Yeadon, Leeds  LS19 – 18th December 2022

Answer 22: At Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we always include Labour and parts in our Quotes and we do not charge VAT. If we offer a quote over the phone we always advise to give a accurate quotation we offer a free call out so we can identify the work involved such as repairing a multi point locking system, these systems found in UPVC doors have many different makes and models and working parts so without identifying the issue it is difficult to give you a accurate quote. Photos sent to us by customers can help us give you a more accurate quote if a call out is inconvenient we can often identify your lock type from a simple photo and give you a guide price.

Question 21: New home should I change my locks ? Moortown, Leeds LS17 - 4th December 2022

Answer 20:  If you have moved into a new build home our advise would be to check the locks meet your insurance needs and also that any euro locks found in patio, bifold doors especially are rated at 3 stars. If you have purchased a home from a previous owner it would be our recommendation to change the locks as you will never know who else has cut keys, also to make sure the locks meet your insurance needs, this is especially the case when you purchase a old property that most likely will have expired British Standard insurance locks.

Question 20: What is Lock snapping ? Roundhay, Leeds LS8 - 19th November 2022

Answer 20:  Lock snapping is the most popular form of entry gained by burglars usually found on upvc, French doors, composite and apartment doors. A cylinder lock such as euro or oval type lock is snapped in half using simple DIY tools, As a  minimum Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds always fit snap safe locks offering more protection than the standard euro lock, the snap safe locks have a snap line so if the intruder applies pressure to the end of the lock it will snap at the snap lime keeping the centre of the lock intact. At Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we also carry high security British Standard approved 1 and 3 star locks, many with other accreditations such as TS007, Sold secure by design and Police preferred locks.

Question 19:  I am a Landlord for student accommodation what locks would you recommend for the bedrooms? Burley Road, Leeds  LS4 – 25th September 2022

Answer 19: At Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we would always advise landlords to fit fire regulations approved locks to bedroom doors, this means locks that can be operated from the outside by a key or code and from the inside the door can be opened without a key, a pull on a handle or twist of a knob twist to have a quick unlocking in the event of a fire. We would recommend euro Thumbturn locks, operating with a euro mortise lock case, Digital locks using a code to enter, Nightlatch locks are a common lock fitted often called a Yale lock, locking handles or smart locks can also be fitted. Our advise is to call Lockforce we can happily call out to the property and survey what can be fitted to the doors and give you a quotation for the different type of locks.

Question 18:  Do you fit the new Ultion Nuki smart lock?  Yeadon, Leeds  LS19 – 2nd September 2022

Answer 18: Yes Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we are proud working partners of Ultion and we are approved installers of all Brisant Secure products including the new Nuki smart Lock. The Nuki is a sophisticated smart lock that can be controlled from your phone, smart platform included Ring door bell and of course with a key for the Ultion lock.

Question 17:  Do you have accounts for commercial customers?  Leeds City Centre, Leeds  LS1 – 18th August 2022

Answer 17: Yes at Lockforce we have many customers who have accounts with Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds, especially for commercial property owners who have multi portfolio of properties and need a reliable, trustworthy locksmith service 24/7. Please get in touch we are more than happy to add you to our list of approved businesses

Question 16:  What does 1 and 3 star mean for a lock?  Yeadon, Leeds  LS19 – 12th August 2022

Answer 16: Star rated locks are locks that meet the accreditation by the British Kitemark tests. For 1 star locks they have demonstrated ability to withstand drilling, picking and bumping but they are not snap resistance, however 2 star Handles could be fitted to bring the security level up to 3 stars. A 3 star lock meets the same standards as the 1 star lock but also has accredited for snap resistance. At Lockforce we carry 3 star locks that go above these standards and also have Police and Locksmiths approvals

Question 15:  Can you recode a key safe?  Roundhay, Leeds  LS8 – 9th August 2022

Answer 15: Yes depending on the key safe make and model most safes can be easily changed to a code of your choosing, however if this is very easy as was the case for a customer in Roundhay we just talked the customer on the phone on how to do it themselves saving them some money and convenience.

Question 14:  My copied key just spins in the lock but won’t open the door but my original key works fine ?  Moortown, Leeds  LS17 – 29th July 2022

Answer 14:This is very common when you get a key cut if the actual copied key blank is not a original key then it will be slightly shorter in length this will result in the key not catching the cam in the middle of the lock so whilst it works the lock it will not open the door. The cure is to get a better cut key from the original key 

Question 13: Can you pick and replace locks on a bike rack ?  Yeadon, Leeds  LS19 – 24th July 2022

Answer 13:  This was from a customer who had lost the keys for 3 bike racks with 6 locks, he contacted the manufacturer who sent him 6 new locks but advised he contact a Master Locksmith who can pick open and remove the old locks with no damage to the frame and fit the new locks all coded to the same key. The customer contacted Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds and we duly carried out the service. Bike rack back on the car let the summer holidays begin.

Question 12: Can I have a new lock fitted to my door using the same key as my other door?  Armley, Leeds,  LS12 - 16th July 2022

Answer 12:  Yes you can have a new lock fitted to your rear door and have it to operated by the same key however the locks need to be he same type of lock for example if you have a Mortise Lock on one door but the other door lock is a multi point locking system it is more complicated but it is still possible, you would also need to change the mortise lock to a euro system that can have a euro lock fitted to it. We carry out key a like systems on many properties and key solutions the best advise is to give us a call, we offer a free call out to survey your needs and give you a no obligation quotation.

Question 11: Can you cut new keys for the new Ultion 3 Star lock? Leeds City Centre, Leeds LS1 – 9th July 2022

Answer 11:  Yes Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds are an approved supplier and installer of the Ultion locks and we can cut extra keys on site for the new 3 star Ultion lock, we also carry blanks for the latest BS3621/2007 insurance approved locks. Give us a call and we can advise accordingly on the keys we can cut and install

Question 10: What are your call out charges? Cookridge, Leeds LS16 – 1st July 2022

Answer 10:  At Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we offer a free call out within daytime office hours and subject to availability we can  book your appointment in the same day, once on site and we have established the locksmith issue we can offer you a quotation for the work to be carried out but there is no obligation to have any works carried out and we are happy to email you a detailed quotation.. If you need Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds out of office hours we will gather as much information from you as possible on your locksmith need or the lock problem and we will advise you on a price quotation before we travel.

Question 9: Can you open my house door without a key? Stanningley, Leeds LS13 - 26th June 2022

Answer 9: Yes Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds have many different techniques and specialist lock tools to open your door. We will always attempt non destructive entry first this is by lock picking using lock pick tools by hand or machine, we also use lock bumping methods and depending on your lock we may be able to bypass the lock and open using other techniques and yes we also carry magic keys that may also work and open your door. If non destructive is not possible we will minimise any damage by drilling your lock and change the lock for new like for like or upgrade to meet insurance or anti snap requirements.

Question 8: What is a digital lock will it be suitable for Office staff of 5 people? Pudsey, Leeds LS13 - 15th June 2022

Answer 8: Yes digital locks are fantastic locks for using on doors that need access without the need for keys, entering a code the user can gain entry by pressing the correct code this will in turn allow the Thumbturn know or handle to be rotated opening the latch lock. If the incorrect code is used then access will be denied, these locks are generally used in interior office types of doors where there is a high number of people using the facilities and avoids the need for many key holders. The lock code can be changed should you have a security breach or a change of staff. The locks also have a handle or Thumbturn on the inside allowing quick exit and confirming to fire regulations. The other advantage of a mechanical digital lock is there is no power source needed and no batteries to change.

Question 7: My key works from one side of the door but not the other, is it my key or the lock? Bramhope, Leeds LS16 - 10th June 2022

Answer 7:  It depends on the lock type and also does the key work and you can remove it from the lock. There are a few different scenarios and Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds will check and ask the relevant questions 1. Is the lock a mortise lock this is often found in wooden doors and has long traditional type of key this is the most common issue with a badly cut key on a mortise lock often one side of the key with work fine in the lock but the other side of the key will be the issue and cut badly so in this scenario the lock is most likely working fine and the issue is the key, also try a original key if that works all ok then it will definitely be the copied key which is the problem. 2. If your lock is a euro type of lock the issue could also be a stuck or trapped pin, is the key going all the way into the lock, if you have any oils you could try ptfe oils in a standard lock or graphite oil on a high security lock, this may dislodge the issue and then the key will work again. 3. Sometimes the key works but you cannot remove the key from the lock this often happens when the cam has turned and was possibly caused when a key was left on the inside of the door lock and you have attempted to use a key from the outside.

Question 6: What is a Thumbturn lock? Yeadon, Leeds, LS19 - 2nd June 2022

Answer 6:  Thumbturn locks are very popular and often found on flat doors and many new builds as standard on front doors fitted with a Euro cylinder type. The most common lock is a double euro lock using a key from inside and outside to lock and unlock the door. A Euro Thumbturn lock uses a key to lock and unlock from the outside but has a fixed knob or thumb turn type operation on the inside that is twisted to open and lock the door. Whilst this is very convenient not having to search the house for your keys it is also a safety feature and meets fire and landlord approvals. Other practical advantages to having a Thumbturn lock to the double euro double is, if a key is left on the inside and somebody try’s to use a key from the outside, firstly they may not be able to open the door but will most likely damage the actual lock, also if you have care workers who check up and patients in there home if the patient has left a key on the inside of there door the care worker will not be able to gain entry and If the matter was a emergency it could leave to a 999 call. Thumbturn locks can be fitted on majority of doors especially on UPVC, Composite, Apartment but also doors can be converted to meet such a standard. 

Question 5: Does your wok carry any warranty or Guarantee at Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds? Middleton, Leeds, LS11 - 26th May 2022

Answer 5:  Yes at Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds all our work is covered by a 12 month warranty is the answer, at Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we only fit genuine quality parts and insurance approved locks. The higher specification Police and Insurance approved Ultion Plus 3 star locks we fit also come with a £2000 lock snapping guarantee and additional manufactures warranty above the 12 months. Lockforce can also offer a service plan for your doors and locking mechanisms to keep your locks serviced and prevent wear and tear and costly bills.

Question 4: I am a Landlord of several properties can I have locks with keys that the tenant cant copy without my permission? Farsley, Leeds, LS28 - 19th May 2022

Answer 4:  Yes is the answer, at Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we are approved installers of the Ultion high security lock that has key control. Once the lock is fitted we will present you with the information to go on line and register the lock/keys, using a unique password or number of your choosing. Once the lock/keys are registered only you can order or request a key to be cut and also know if somebody has attempted to get a key cut. We have many Estate agents and Landlords that have these locks fitted for that reason as well as Master systems for several properties. Call Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds for all your master key requirements.

Question 3: After you have picked open my locked door will the lock still work with my key? - 13th May 2022

Answer 3:  If you find yourself locked out of your property but you have keys inside your house and Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds have picked open your lock then yes your key should still work for a rim lock, euro lock, mortise lock or the majority of locks in doors. Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds carry many locksmiths pick tools even for high security locks so our first intention will always be to open your door non destructively if possible.

Question 2: Are you available to attend evictions and change property locks on behalf of a landlord? – 5th May 2022

Answer 2:  Yes, Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds carry out many evictions and house repossessions especially as we are key working partners with many Estate and Letting agents in Leeds and the surrounding areas. From gaining entry to replacing locks, keys changed and extra keys cut on site or fitting new key safes. We do require all the relevant court procedures to be in place and would ask for all the information prior to the planned visit so that we can advise accordingly and have a quotation in place for the work. Often Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds will organise directly with the solicitors, letting agents and bailiffs to make sure the event is trouble free easing the stress for Landlords and owners.

Question 1: Will WD40 help free a key stuck in a lock? - 1st May 2022

Answer 1: At Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we often get asked if spraying your lock with WD40 will help aid a sticking or broken lock. The answer is NO it may help in the very short term but the standard WD40 is water based so it will dry out, or freeze and may even erase the oils currently in the lock.  You can use WD40 PTFE friction oils in certain locks and multi point locking systems this may help a sticking pin or a worn hook mechanism. However be careful certain locks need graphite special oils such as Ultion locks and using a non approved oil can void your warranty. The best solution is to call Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds and ask us or even better drop us a photo of the lock and we can advise accordingly.

If you have a question and would like to know the answer then give us a call today. Carl or Renata on Leeds 0113 8876 285 

Recent Jobs by Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds

Locked out of my Motorhome in Yeadon, Leeds LS19 – 18th August 2023

A first for Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds a customer in Yeadon called us for help, they had been tidying there motorhome and getting ready for a road trip weekend holiday when they shut the main door behind them and had left the keys inside. They called many locksmiths but nobody would help, we advised we are happy to call at no charge and have a look at the lock and see if we can help. On arrival it was evident the van doors both had auto locks but the main entry door to the motorhome had cylinder type locks found in garages, we swiftly picked open the lock and the customer was reunited with their keys and the holiday was back on.

Car window smashed in local school car park, Leeds, LS16 - 13th May 2023

A local school in the Cookridge area of Leeds called us after a member of staffs car was broken into by smashing the car window and stealing items from the car however the school keys were also taken. As a locksmith emergency we arrived on scene within 30 minutes and changed the main doors with like for like high security Ultion locks and coded both locks to the same key, we also changed a lock on a emergency exit door to a fire regulations approved Thumbturn lock. School now secure job done.

Hotel customer locked out of a Hotel room, Leeds - LS1 8th May 2023

On bank holiday Monday we received a call from the Queens Hotel in Leeds asking if we could attend to a customer locked out of the bedroom in the Hotel, the actual locking system had seized and the fobs and override keys would not work the lock. On arrival in Leeds city centre the hardest part was parking the van as major roadworks next to the Leeds Train station and the Hotel make access difficult at present, even so we were on site within 30 minutes of the emergency locksmith call and used our bypass locksmith tools to reach inside the room and open the door from the inside handle, door open job done

April fools day ? Locked in the Bathroom lock broken in Bramhope, Leeds LS16 – 1st April 2023

On the Saturday morning a customer called us in a panic saying she was locked in her own bathroom and could we please attend as soon as possible as she was late for work and no is wasn’t a April fool joke. Thankfully we had just finished a job nearby in Headingly so we was just around the corner and could attend in 10 minutes, however we had to firstly pick the euro lock to  the front upvc door as that was locked and then find the lady locked in the upstairs bathroom. The issue was the door mortise latch had broken and pulling down on the handle had no effect. Quick non destructive entry and we had the door open in no time, she also took my photo just to proof to her boss it was no April fool !!!

Ultion Key Tag and Ultion 3 star locks fitted in Yeadon, Leeds LS19 - 18th March 2023

A customer recently moved to Yeadon and wanted to change the locks to their new home, the property had a composite front door, a sliding patio door and upvc side door, all the doors had basic euro locks fitted. On site we explained the difference from a standard euro, a snap safe lock, a 1 star TS007 insurance approved lock and then the high security locks the 3 star Ultion and the Ultion plus. The customer wanted the highest security and choose the Ultion Plus and also requested a extra key with the new Ultion Key Tag. The key Tag is a fantastic piece of kit. The Key finder is easily connected to your phone and uses the FindMy app and is very precise to locating your keys on the map. The fantastic other feature of the key tag is it can beep a loud noise to locate your keys when they vanish under the washing ! Job done house secure and they will have no problem finding the front door key

Nightlatch lock that meets British insurance Standards BS3621/2007 fitted in Seacroft, Leeds LS15 - 18th February 2023

A Nightlatch lock is most commonly called a yale lock, whilst Yale is the most popular manufacturer of this type of lock it is called a Nightlatch and may other makes such as ERA, Union and Asec, . The standard traditional Nightlatch lock is excellent as a secondary lock on a front door or as a interior  lock to a office or bedroom door but it does not meet any insurance requirements. However you can get a Nightlatch lock  to meet these standards,  the major different is firstly the size of the lock is much bigger but the latch also has a deadlock snip this prevents anybody from slipping anything down the side of the door and retracting the latch, this is impossible with a BS3621/2007 Nightlatch, the front of the lock also a housing has a security protected shell covering the cylinder with a anti picking, anti drilling plate. This was what a customer in Seacroft wanted fitting this week and a new ERA High Security Nightlatch was fitted a upgrade from the old Yale lock.

Emergency Call out customer locked inside flat in Leeds city centre, Leeds – LS1 - 15th January 2023

A call from a customer received today locked inside there apartment, the composite door would not unlock with the key and the handle on the multi point locking system would not pull down and retract the deadbolt, hooks and mushrooms from the keep of the door frame. On arrival we found the customer description to be correct the issue was the internal mechanism on the multi point locking system at fault. As the customer could open a window we climbed inside as that was the best line of attack for us so we could work on the inside of the door having more room to identify what the system was and use our locksmith tools to open the door non destructively and not damage the lock saving the customer added expensive. Door soon opened faulty part replaced job done, and we didn’t have to climb out of the window again !

Emergency Call out customer locked out in Gardforth, Leed, LS27 - 25th December 2022

A previous customer of Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds who had upgraded there locks to high security Anti snap locks to the property had lost the front door key on a dog walk and on all days it was Christmas day, they sent a text to us to see if we could help and we reassured the customer we would be on site within the hour and have the door open, we also picked open the locks so no replacement lock was needed. Job done an back to that Christmas dinner

Key a like locks fitted in Rodley, Leeds, LS13 - 20th November 2022

A customer in Rodley called us asking to visit and upgrade all the exterior door locks to the latest Insurance approved BS3621/2007 Standards. The house had 3 wooden doors all with mortise sashlocks. The customer mentioned the amount of keys on the keyring and that it was a big nuisance and bulky carrying all of them, we advised we could key a like all 3 doors so they all worked from just the one key. This was a huge benefit to the customer and we gladly coded all the levers in the lock to match and fitted all locks to the latest Police and Insurance BS3621/2007 Standards. One key for all locks sorted.

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Smart Locking Handle fitted to interior door, Rawdon, Leeds  LS19 – 24th September 2022

A customer in Rawdon Leeds contacted us wanting privacy in her bedroom and opted for a locking smart handle. The door handle looks very similar to the other house handles but once touched a illuminated code appears on the handle front and on entering the correct code the door is now open. Other ways to gain entry is finger tip recognition like a iPhone the smart handle will open the lock once a identified finger tip is placed on the handle. The other option to gain entry is using a smart phone by blue tooth. A plush sophisticated piece of technology and no keys needed. On the inside of the door the handle can be just pushed down as normal to open the door thus meeting fire regulating approvals.

Lost house keys in travel from abroad, Burley, Leeds  LS4 – 4th September 2022

We all have that panic feeling when you think you misspaced your phone or leys, but we often get customers returning from holidays abroad who have misplaced their keys and call us in a panic. This customer in Burley part of Leeds was landing at Leeds and Bradford airport at 10Pm on a Sunday night and called Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds to arrange to meet them at the property at 11pm and let them into there home. Job booked, door lock picked opened, no stress job done

Dog locked in the house, Shadwell, Leeds  LS15 – 19th August 2022

A strange job this week, a customer called us to advise they could not open the front door and the dog was locked inside. On arrival we found the door had a Nightlatch type lock this is often called a yale lock which has a rim cylinder lock on the outside and a case with a twisting knob on the inside, mostly found on wooden doors. The key would not turn the lock, we used telescopic mirrors to look inside the house and could see that the dog was jumping up at the door and must have caught the snip part of the Nightlatch lock with its paw making the door deadlocked. Using our tools we soon moved the snip back up and the door would then open. Dog and owner reunited.

Key Spinning in the lock not opening the Door, Pudsey, Leeds  LS28 – 14th August 2022

A customer in Pudsey called us on a Sunday afternoon, returning from a shopping trip in to Leeds she found the key entered the keyway in the euro cylinder fine and turned the lock clockwise as if to open the upvc door but the handle remained locked and would not pull down. On arrival we found this to be case but on inspection we noticed the key was copied key not a original key and the customer confirmed her partner had got a key copied earlier that day. The problem was the key was too short in lenghth and not a exact match to the original and whilst it turned the lock it did not turn the cam in the multi point locking system, We picked open the lock to get the customer inside her property  and using a original key found in the property, we found that worked perfectly so the lock ws ok and didn’t need changing, the key just needed a good copy with a correct blank. Key copied job all done

Door Slammed behind you and locked out, Stanningley, Leeds, LS13 – 8th August 2022

A all too familiar call we received today, a customer had recently had fitted a lovey new composite door with a high security lock and a slam shut function, this is when the door is closed behind you it will automatically fully lock all the multi point locking system. We soon arrived with a rapid call out within 15 minutes of the telephone call and opened the door using non destructive locksmith techniques, so no damage was caused to the new 3 star lock. With slam shut doors this is very common you can frget or a gust of wind from a open window can slam the door closed behind you. Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds would advise you give a spare key to a family member or a trusted neighbour or why not think about a Police Approved key safe perfect for school children

High security lock picked opened and keys inside property , Bramley, Leeds  LS13 – 26th July 2022

A customer in Bramley contacted Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds with a request that his front door be picked open, his parents had posted his key through the letterbox but he had no spare. The lock was a high security 3 star lock and he had called another locksmith company who advised him the only way to gain entry was to drill and destroy the lock. At Lockforce we carry the latest locksmith tools and we advised we should be able to pick the lock open with no damage caused. We duly arrived and had the lock picked and door open in no time.

Detainer high security lock opened and new Union lock fitted, Monk Fryston, Leeds  LS25 – 23rd July 2022

A unusual locked door was presented to us this week a old Chubb detainer lock often found in commercial buildings but this was in a old school house. The lock would not open with the keys but on closer inspection the key was found to be a badly cut key and this had been used to try and force the lock open damaging the internal levers. We managed to use locksmiths tools and get the door open and replace with a modern union detainer lock and supply new keys and newly cut keys.

Smart lock fitted to a business in Rodley, Leeds, LS13 - 17th July 2022

A Business owner with a factory in the Rodley part of Leeds contacted Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds looking for a solution to a key problem. The problem was the front door of his factory needed to be remained locked for security and heath and safety reasons and each member of staff had a key and over a short period of time he had changed the lock over ten times already. This was due to broken locks and staff changes so he wanted to look at a more convenient and cost effective solution than just replacing the lock once more. We suggested the Ultion smart lock that could operate on the front door multi point locking system, the door could be opened by a code on the keypad and can be easily changed by his phone should he have a staff change or a security breach, also he can open the door to guests by his phone remotely and of course if he wanted to by the security coded key. A great solution that works for the business.

Hot weather causes door and window locking issues Carverley, Leeds  LS28 - 10th July 2022

The very hot weather this weekend has caused many customers of Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds to call for our services. Many upvc doors and windows have swelled in the very hot weather this weekend and this in turn makes the multi point locking system to be put out of alignment with the keeps, this then prevents and stops the lever/lever  handle from lifting up and locking the mechanism or been able to lock the window without fear if breaking the system. One such job was in Carverley Leeds where we had a bifold door and also a upvc window that would not lock and close. A quick adjustment of the hinges and also the keeps and the door and window are now securely locked shut.

Window sash jammers to doors and windows fitted in Halton, Leeds  LS15 - 4th July 2022

A customer visited by a neighbourhood Police patrol following a increase in local burglaries in the Halton Moor area of Leeds had been recommended to fit extra security to their window and doors, so they called Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds for help. At Lockforce we offer a free security check and was only too happy to call and advise accordingly. Happily the customer had 3 star anti snap locks on their upvc doors and these did not need changing but the Police had recommended extra security on the windows. We offered the standard jammers or also a new concept of a window jammer built into the actual locking mechanism and handle which looks less intrusive and offers extra security. New locking units fitted and job done, if you are interested in securing your windows more securely contact Lockforce today

Nightlatch lock fitted to wood door in Gipton, Leeds  LS9 - 25th June 2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds fitted a new Nightlatch lock for a customer in Gipton who wanted extra security on the front door. A Nightlatch lock is commonly called a Yale lock which has a rim cylinder on the outside of the door and on inside has a lock casing usual a twisting knob or  a pull down lever. Nightlatch locks are a common lock and can lock automatically on the latch when you close the door behind you. The standard Nightlatch locks do not meet insurance standards and mist be accompanied on the door with a fitted mortise BS3621. You can however have a double lock Nightlatch that meet BS3621 recommended if you do not have another lock on your door.

Burglary repairs and new handles and locks in Rodley, Leeds  LS13 - 17th June 2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds unfortunately called at the scene of a all too familiar scene in Rodley this week, the rear patio doors of the house were attacked and criminals gained entry to the home, stealing valuables and the family car. The method used was lock snapping, firstly breaking the handle and then snapping the euro lock in half and opening the door. Once the Police forensic team had finished we got to work repairing the damaged door and fitting high security 2 star door handles together with a 3 star lock, giving the customer 5 star rating security and with peace of mind that this kind of attack on the same door will not happen again. Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds carry a wide range of security handles and anti snap locks to keep you safe.

Locked out, the Key is spinning in the lock and not engaging the multi point locking system in Rawdon, Leeds  LS19 - 11th June 2022

We received a emergency call from a customer locked out of there house with a report that they had a front door key but it was just spinning around and around. The first thing we will do is look to get the customer back into their home as quickly as possible and on this occasion the easiest option was to pick open the other rear door lock with no damage to the door or lock using non destructive techniques and the lock will work absolutely fine with the key that was retrieved from inside the property. Now we are inside the property we could remove the handles of the problem front door and using by pass techniques we could open the door much easier. The problem was not the euro lock that was working perfectly but the multi point locking system mechanism was at fault and a new gearbox was needed. Quick change and we soon had the door working all back to normal and also no key change was needed which was much to the customers relief as they had multiply key users. 

Ring doorbell and security camera fitted in Garforth, Leeds, LS25 - 5th June 2022

A customer who had previously used Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds to fit new anti snap locks to there newly purchased house, contacted us again to ask about installing a Ring door bell and cameras. At Lockforce we can highly recommend the Ring products for reliability, quality and value for money. The customer had seen the camera in operation at a friends house and was sold on the security and quality of the images. At Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we will always recommend to fit quality locks as your first purchase but additional security such as Door Bell, cameras, lighting and cctv can only aid your protection.

3 Star Lock upgrade in Leeds City Centre, Leeds, LS1 - 25th May 2022

When choosing a lock the more star rated the lock is generally the higher the security the lock will be. At Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we carry a selection of high security locks from standard snap safe locks, 1 star locks and also 3 Star lock. The 3 star lock we fitted for a customer in Leeds City centre this week was a 3 Star Ultion PLUS high security lock that is 3 star rates, Police and Insurance Approved as well as sold secure diamond approved by the Master locksmith association. As the lock change was in apartment we recompeted a Thumbturn lock which also meets fire regulations.

Key Safe fitted to exterior wall in Beeston, Leeds, LS11 - 20th May 2022

At Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we carry a selection of key safes all with digital or mechanical codes, we carry the standard type used for many rental or landlord property’s but we also carry the Police Approved key safes and that is what a customer in Beeston requested this week. Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds duly visited the same day and fitted a secure supra keysafe but also showed the customer how easy it was to change the codes themselves as this was for care workers to visit there elderly parent.

Windows jammed and window locking handles broken in Rawdon, Leeds, LS19 - 12th May 2022

With hotter weather recently more customers are opening windows and a customer in Rawdon Leeds contacted Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds when the window handle broke in their hands trying to open the window. When we arrived we quickly removed the broken window locking handle and found the actual multi point locking system inside the window casing was broken as well, this was because the window had dropped out of alignment and the multi point locking mushrooms had lodged and stuck in the window keeps and resulting in pressure snapping the gearbox mechanism. Window soon open and broken parts replaced, window aligned and job sorted, now for some more hot weather please!

Locked out of House door slammed shut in Kirkstall, Leeds, LS6 - 7th May 2022

A student living in Kirkstall, Leeds contacted Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds when the bedroom door slammed shut from a gust of wind through the open bedroom window slamming shut the door. Worse still the snib on the Nightlatch lock had dropped locking the door a deadlock, so even the spare key would not open the door. Thankfully at Lockforce Locksmiths we carry all the latest locksmiths tools and on arrival we could make non destructive entry so no lock change was needed or extra expense for the student. However we offered to repair the snib so that the same would not happen again.

Flood door jammed shut in Rawdon, Leeds, LS19 - 30th April 2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds received a call from a customer with a jammed locked door, the handle would not pull down to open the upvc door and was floppy and the multi point locking system would not move. On arrival we quickly identified that the control unit inside the door was broken. Using non destructive entry methods with specialist Locksmiths tools we opened the door, identified the part and replaced in the on visit. The reason for the failure was the door alignment was sqnficently out when the door was in the frame the hooks, deadbolts and rollers were not fitting correctly to the keeps and especially as the door was a flood door. Quick alignment sorted and the door was fully operation again.

Safe Opening in Calverley, Leeds - 21st April 2022

The batteries run flat on a customers safe and the override key had gone missing for a customer in Calverley near Pudsey this week, meaning the safe was locked and could not be opened. Lockforce Locksmiths in Leeds arrived the same day and quickly set about picking the lock to gain access inside the safe. New batteries installed and the safe worked all ok, however the customer requested for us to fit a new lock with new keys so they could use the override key should the batteries run flat again.

Alignment for UPVC Patio doors in Roundhay, Leeds - 19th April 2022

During the Easter Holidays we received a call from a distressed customer in Roundhay, Leeds who late at night could not lock the patio door to the house. On Calling many Locksmiths advertising on Google many did not answer the phone or wanted a huge call out fee and payment up front even before sending a engineer. The customer was advised by a neighbour to visit Checkatrade and thats where Lockforce was found, call received and we was on site within 20 minutes, no call out fees and job completed, just a quick door alignment adjustment to the Upvc door – job done.

House and Garage Alarm Installation in Roundhay, Leeds - 12th April 2022

A previous customer of Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds who had upgraded the house locks contacted us again to fit a new wireless Alarm system with door and window contacts, shock sensors, panic buttons and motion sensors to secure the house and keep the householder secure and safe following a upturn in burglary in the area.

Key Cutting in Moortown, Leeds - 31st March 2022

A customer we had previously fitted a new Insurance approved 5 lever Mortise lock called us again to advise they were now renting their property out to tenants but needed multiply keys copying for them and the tenants. We arrived the same day and cut extra keys on our laser key cutting machines with colour coded fobs, whilst there we noticed the patio door had dropped out of alignment and a quick adjustment and all was sorted.

Smart Lock installation in Middleton, Leeds - 29th March 2022

As the approved installer for the Ultion smart locks Lockforce visited a property today in Middleton, Leeds to fit a Ultion Smart lock to a new slam shut door, along with a wall mounted keypad system. Quick check to make sure the system will open the door from the customers phone and also using a selected code of the customers choice on the keypad, all good and job done.

Keys cutting on site in Leeds City Centre - 2nd March 2022

Business premises in Leeds City Centre contacted Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds when a employee left and didn’t return the main front door key. New Lock anti snap was fitted and 50 new keys cut on site for all current employees as it is a city centre they want the door locked at all times from the outside, however from inside it has a thumbturn quick exit fitted to meet fire regulations.

Rain in the Multi Point Locking system in Holbeck, Leeds - 20th February 2022

With the awful torrential down pours of rain this weekend, Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds  received a call from a customer who could not lock there door. On arrival it was clear the multi point locking system would not lift the handle and engage the door hooks and deadbolts. On removing the multi point locking sytem strip litres of rain water poured from the door. This had rusted and seized the bottom deadbolt, we stripped the unit, cleaned and lube with special oils and reassembled job done lock back to working operation

Electronic Strike Plate change in Moortown, Leeds - 4th February 2022

Lockforce were out in Moortown Leeds after a Doctors surgery called us with a SOS Emergency they could not open the main door using the access control key pad, it would not release the door. We identified that the Electric strike plate was at fault and duly changed the part on site and the job was completed within the one visit. Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds are available for emergency and non emergency locksmiths needs.

Cat Flap stuck in Crossgates, Leeds - 14th January 2022

Whilst replacing locks to a property in the Crossgates area of Leeds, we was approached by a elderly lady looking to be in a bit of a panic asking for our help, she was a neighbour of the property we was attending and it is fairly often we are asked by neighbours to also attend their homes with Locksmiths lock jobs, especially the ones they have never got around to sourcing a Locksmith for such as sticking door or troublesome key. However on this occasion it was a first for Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds a cat stuck in a cat flap, the flap had become seized and the cat was trapped. A quick removal of a broken spring and screw and the cat was saved ! not all super heroes where capes some wear Lockforce uniforms !

UPVC Repairs to beading and sash jammers in Rodley, Leeds - 4th January 2022

A customer contacted us concerned about the security of his UPVC door and we offered a free security check the same day. What Lockforce locksmiths Leeds found was a lock that was of a good 3 star standard that did not need to be upgraded but advised on a security handle, beading on the frame repaired and sash jammers to the side door/window. Job done and customer happy and secure.

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