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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmith Grantham. 

My name is Phill Cox and I’m your local, experienced locksmith serving Grantham and the surrounding areas nearby.

Across all my websites I have over 350 positive customer reviews so you are in safe hands. Please take some time to read the reviews from my customers in Grantham. 

Key Points:

  • Local to Grantham - aim to be with you in 30 mins
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • DBS checked - ID carried
  • Fully Insured (up to £5 million)
  • Work comes with a 12-month guarantee
  • CheckaTrade Vetted
  • Unavailable for car key related issues
  • NO Call Out Fees :)
  • FREE Home Security Survey

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If you need a locksmith in Grantham, call me anytime on 01476 245 076.

Grantham Locksmith Services

As your friendly locksmith in Grantham, I’ll be able to get to you incredibly quickly and will be able to get you back inside your home before too long.

Even if it’s an emergency and you need to get in touch outside of usual business hours, I will be more than happy to help you with your locks.

What’s more, the advice I will give you will always be completely free. I can also carry out security assessments of properties free of charge to ensure that you are always left with complete peace of mind. 

My Grantham locksmith services include the following:

  • 24-hour emergency locksmith in Grantham
  • Mobile key cutting in Grantham
  • Grantham lock repair and lock replacement
  • uPVC door locks
  • Wooden door locks
  • Digital door locks
  • Window locks
  • CCTV systems
  • Alarms
  • Evictions
  • Re-securing
  • Post burglary repairs
  • Fire escape hardware
  • Panic hardware
  • Insurance approved locks
  • Entry gaining
  • Yale locks
  • Night latches
  • Window boarding
If you need one of these services, or have a job that isn’t mentioned on the list, give me a call right away on 01476 245 076. I will be more than happy to see how best to help you.

Why Choose Lockforce?

Here at Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham, we pride ourselves in being able to offer our customers the very best service. We always deliver the golden national standard that has been set by Lockforce, right here in Grantham.

Don’t believe me? Just check out the 10,000 reviews that have been left for the Lockforce network online. They average out at 4.9 out of 5, which goes to show just how highly our customers rate our locksmith services.

Lockforce Locksmiths always do their best to put the customer first. We’ve worked hard to create a reputable and reliable brand, and our whole team is happy to give our customers the satisfaction and service that they deserve. I can also provide you with a 12-month guarantee just in case you notice a problem with the work.

Contact Phill at Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham to take advantage of our dedicated service by calling 01476 245 076.

Locked Out In Grantham? 

Getting locked out of your home or business premises in Grantham can be very stressful. Thankfully, there’s no need to panic now that you can call Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham 24/7. We’ll be able to get you inside as quickly as we possibly can.

We know that being locked out can cause huge stress and worry, so we try to make the situation as stress-free as possible. We are proud of our emergency locksmith service in Grantham, and always work at speed without causing any unnecessary damage by using proven non-destructive techniques. If you wish, we will also be able to change the locks completely as our van is usually stocked with everything we will need including brand new locks.

Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham always attend continual training, so I always use the latest methods, tools and techniques to work on your locks in Grantham. I’m so well trained, I’ll even tidy up after myself too!

If you ever find yourself locked out, give me a call on 01476 245 076 to find out more about the locksmith services I offer in Grantham.

Grantham Mobile Key Cutting

The trusty Lockforce Locksmith van comes complete with the latest locks, tools and machinery so that we can cut keys on site. This allows you be to sure your keys work before we leave.

Need new keys? Give us a call on 01476 245 076 and we will be round within no time to cut new keys and test them to make sure they work.

Grantham Lock Repair / Lock Change

Whether you need a lock repairing or replacing, give us a call. We can fix locks that aren’t working as well as they should or that have got a key stuck in them. The new locks we can fix include digital locks and child-safety locks, amongst many other types.

No matter what repairs need doing or what kind of new lock you have in mind, call Lockforce Locksmith Grantham and we will see how we can help you.

Broken lock? Don’t delay! If you need a lock replacing or repairing, give us a call on 01476 245 076 today and we can quickly secure your property.

Lockforce Payment Options

We accept the following payment methods at Lockforce Locksmith Grantham:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Contactless card payments
  • Bank Transfer
  • BACS
  • Cash
  • PayPal
If you ever need a locksmith in Grantham, we would be happy to help you out. We’re confident that using Lockforce Locksmith Grantham services won’t disappoint. To deal with a friendly, experienced and highly qualified locksmith in Grantham, give Phil a call on 01476 245 076.

Recent Jobs

New window hinges Grantham (NG31), 29/06/2024.

Lockforce Grantham was called out by a homeowner, because they were unable to pull the bathroom window in tightly. The hinges had bent and pulling the window had broken the handle. The sash was removed and new hinges fitted, along with a new handle, the window is now fully locking and smooth to use.

New cylinder lock fitted after losing keys Grantham (NG31), 11/06/2024.

Lockforce Grantham was called out in an emergency to remove a cylinder and fit a new one, after the homeowner had lost his keys and couldn’t secure the house overnight. The homeowner was a little shocked to learn, that I would have attended during the night, when the keys went missing for no additional cost! The old cylinder was removed and a new snap safe lock fitted, with new keys.

New lock and handle for factory door Grantham (NG31), 30/05/2024.

After a broken digi lock was removed from a Upvc door, a new thumb turn cylinder and handle was fitted, to make life easier for staff and visitors to enter and exit the factory.

Break in attempt Grantham (NG31), 16/05/2024.

Customer called to ask if I could replace the outer casing on his lock, as it had gone missing overnight. When the customer had sent pictures, it was obvious that a break in attempt had taken place. The lock had been snapped externally, but because this was a high security cylinder, the attempt had failed. A new high security cylinder was fitted leaving the lock functioning and as secure as before.

Tenant unable to use front door as lever on handle is spinning round, Grantham ((NG31), 10/05/2024.

Lockforce Grantham was contacted by a landlord to open a Upvc front door and replace the gearbox, after his tenant was unable to do so. Once non destructive entry was gained, a new gearbox was fitted, leaving the door fully functioning once again.


Sash jammers for extra security Grantham (NG31), 03/05/2024.

Customer contacted Lockforce Grantham and asked if I could supply and fit two sash jammers on the French doors. Although these are not meant to be used as a main lock, as a secondary lock, they are perfect for added security.

Door alignment and new handle Grantham (Ng31), 27/04/2024.

Lockforce Grantham was called out to realign a front door and change the handle. The handle had broken, due to being forced up, in order to engage the mechanism. A few minor adjustments had the handle lifting smoothly and the mechanism engaging easily.

Unable to lock front door Grantham (NG33), 13/04/2024.

Lockforce Grantham was called out by an elderly gentleman, who had been struggling to lock and unlock his front door. The cylinder cam was jamming as the key was turning. A cheaper cylinder won’t last long and may cause the homeowner to become locked out. A new snap safe lock was fitted and working smoothly.

Failed high security euro cylinder Grantham (NG31), 26/03/2024.

A Yale high security cylinder had jammed, leaving a set of french doors unable to lock. The cylinder was carefully removed and a new high security cylinder fitted. A broken window handle was also replaced, whilst on site.

Late night lock out Grantham (NG32), 20/03/2024.

 Late night call out, after a front door had slammed shut, leaving a family locked out. A rear door lock was picked open to let the family back into their home again.

Mortice lock entry gain and change, Grantham (NG31), 27/02/2024.

Lockforce Grantham, gained entry to a mortice lock on an internal garage door and replaced the broken lock with a new lock case, meeting the latest British standard.

New door handle and gearbox in Grantham, NG31 - 18/02/2024

Lockforce locksmith Grantham was called out early evening to gain entry to a house, after the owners were left locked out. A failed gearbox, that had been giving the home owners an issue for a while had finally failed, after they locked the door to go out. The gearbox was over ridden after drilling the handle off and entry was gained. A new handle and gearbox was fitted, leaving the door fully functional once again.

Early morning Locked out Grantham - 12/02/2024, (Ng31).

Lockforce Grantham was called out by a young lady, because the lock in her front door would t turn when the key was inserted? Managing to get the key to turn, I opened the door and serviced her gearbox and mechanism. The lock was lubricated, this was working once again without issues.

Locked out in the freezing weather for 2.5 hours, Grantham, (Ng31), 18/01/2024.

Lockforce Grantham was called out by a local property management company after a tenant went out to buy some milk and, in his return, couldn’t open the front door? Firstly a handyman was sent to look at the door, but wasn’t sure on the best way to open it. On arrival, it was clear the gearbox had failed, the handle lever was spinning and wasn’t retracting the mechanism. Non destructive entry was gained and a new gearbox fitted, poor door alignment had caused the issue, after lifting the hinges, the door functioned properly.

Front door of office building easily opened by pushing the door even when secured in Grantham (Ng31), 17/01/2024.

Lockforce Grantham was called out by a local business whose front door was being pushed open by visitors, even when secure. A few minor door adjustments soon had the door locking and securing perfectly again.

Lost letterbox key, Grantham (Ng31), 30/12/2023.

Lockforce Grantham was called out to open and replace a cam lock on a letterbox after the customer had lost his keys. The lock was picked open and a new cam lock fitted with new keys.

New Multi point locking mechanism Grantham, Ng31 - 18/12/23

Lockforce locksmith Grantham, was called out by a customer whose door wouldn’t lock/unlock due to a failed gearbox. The current mechanism was very hard to use for the elderly customer, so a new mech was fitted to the door, so easy to use, the lady hadn’t realised the door had locked when she tried it.

Emergency call to Grantham, NG31 - 12/12/23

Lockforce Locksmith Grantham was called out by a young man who was stuck in his bedroom? A friend let me have access to the property, it was spare t the tubular latch on his door had failed. Quickly gaining non destructive entry, the door was soon open and a new latch fitted.

Gate mate and cctv camera installation Grantham, (Ng31), 02/12/2023.

After helping a customer gain entry to his property earlier in the week, Lockforce Grantham was asked to fit a gate mate and hang some wireless cameras. No harm in a little extra security!

Coal shed rim lock lost key in Grantham (Ng32), 01/11/2023.

Lockforce Grantham was called out by a customer who had lost the key to the coal shed and as the weather gets colder, a fire was needed by the family. Entry was gained to the lock and a new one fitted, with a new handle.

Two new Anti snap locks fitted Grantham (Ng31), 14/10/2023.

Lockforce Grantham was called by a young lady, worried that some of her house keys had gone missing. The lady wanted the locks changing on her front and rear doors for peace of mind. Two anti snap cylinders were fitted, new keys and the doors serviced.

Lost key to high security cylinder, Grantham (Ng31), 03/10/2023.

Lockforce Grantham was called out in an emergency after a couple had been on holiday and lost the keys to their front door!? The door had an Ultion high security lock, which was drilled open and replaced with new keys .

Locked cabinet in a Travelodge Grantham (Ng33), 17/09/2023.

Lockforce Grantham was called out by staff at a local Travelodge, because a cabinet lock had failed? The lock was fine, but did take some opening, due to lack of use and had seized a little. Some silicon based lubricant, soon had the lock smoothly running once again.

Moving to a new house lock changes Grantham (Ng31), 05/09/2023.

After purchasing a property that had previously been occupied, the new owners were reluctant to place any of their expensive belongings into the house until the locks had been changed. 5 anti snap cylinders were changed in total, all keyed alike to make life easier for the new owners. Lockforce Grantham was more than happy to make up and fit these locks, we also had a few adjustments to make so that the doors were aligned correctly.

Locked out in Grantham due to a broken handle (Ng31) - 12/08/2023.

Lockforce Grantham was called out by a lovely lady who had a broken handle/lever and couldn’t get into her house. Having two young children, I was quickly on the scene and the door was open in seconds. Both front and back door handles were replaced, nice, shiny, and working perfectly.

Front door to block of flats not closing properly, Grantham (Ng31) - 07/08/2023.

Lockforce Grantham was called out to adjust a communal front door on a block of flats, because it wasn’t latching correctly. There was a number of issues, the door closer required adjustments, the thumb turn had loosened, and the gearbox required a clean and service, all done without disturbing any residents.

Lockforce Grantham emergency call out to an office unit (Ng33) - 01/08/2023

After losing a key to a small office unit, the owner asked me to fit a new front door lock as soon as possible, to keep his stock safe and secure. A new Ultion 1 star cylinder with a £2000 guarantee was fitted to the door.

Early morning emergency call out in Grantham, NG31 - 16/07/2023

Lockforce Grantham were called out early Sunday morning by a property manager who I regularly do locksmith work for. This occasion, a tenant had left his room in a property, locked the door and not handed the key back. Entry was gained to the lock and a new thumb turn with x5 keys fitted, all ready for the next new tenant.

Local Grantham based antique shop snapped key in lock, NG31 - 09/05/2023.

Lockforce Grantham attended an emergency call out to a local Antique shop, that had snapped a key in the lock on the side gate. The gate is opened to allow customers access to a coffee shop at the rear of the building. A tricky key extraction, but the key end was removed and the lock worked fine with the spare keys.

Key safe installed to a house in Grantham (Ng31) - 27/04/2023.

Lockforce Grantham was contacted by a customer that has used my service before, this time the customer wanted me to hang a key safe for her. On my first visit, the lady asked my advice about which key safes were the best? I always try to recommend the Supra Police approved range for the maximum security. The safe was placed onto an external wall, hidden from public view.

New High Security Lock in Grantham (Ng31) - 11/04/2023

A Customer found Lockforce Newark on Trent using the Checkatrade website. On arrival at the Newark address, I saw the customer already had a high security cylinder in his door, but was convinced the previous owner had not given him all of the keys? The customer also wanted a high security cylinder to keep his family safe and secure. A new Apecs 3 star British Standard lock was fitted, with 5 keys.

MOD training camp in need of urgent help in Grantham, Ng31 - 24/03/2023

Called out by the MOD because a key had broken off in one of the locks to a bunk house and troops were due the following day for training. The key end was removed, but this has snapped due to a failed gearbox and a dropped door. The door was raised, and a new gearbox fitted, the maintenance operative commented that the door had never been so smooth, just in time for the arrival of 50 plus squaddies.

Just to make sure my family are safe in Grantham, Ng31 - 18/03/2023

Called out by a gentleman who had just moved into a Grantham property and wanted the locks changing to ensure his family were safe and he was the only key holder. Often the case when moving into a property that has been previously occupied, not sure how many keys were distributed by the previous owner?

Emergency call out to a door that was unlocked all night, lucky I was only a street away. Grantham, NG31 - 23/01/2023.

A lady in Grantham spent the night with the front door unlocked, because she didn’t want to disturb a locksmith late at night. I work 24/7 and will always go to an unlocked door whatever time of day. Lucky I was working only one street away when the lady called and was with her in minutes. A new gearbox was fitted to the front door, leaving it locking properly once again.

Lock upgrade in Grantham (Ng31), 22/10/2022.

Called to a home by an estate agent to fit a better mortice lock on the front door. The door had a 3 lever sash lock on it, but for insurance purposes required a 5 lever British standard lock. The Union strong bolt was fitted to the door, for safety and security.

Early morning call out to a residential home, Grantham (Ng31), 21/10/2022.

Early morning Sunday call after staff at a residential home could not open the door to the medical room. The room had recently been fitted with a Yale smart device, but the wrong back case was fitted with the lock. After slipping the latch, the case was removed until the correct one could be fitted by the maintenance team.

No lock in front door, Grantham (Ng31), 26/09/2022.

Whilst working in a street In Grantham some time ago, I noticed the house opposite did not have a cylinder in the front door. The lady took my details and called today, to have a new mechanism, handle and lock fitted. Her door had not worked properly for a few years and the family had been relying on internal bolts to secure the door. Working perfectly once again, the family wished this had been done sooner.

Tenant moved out and posted keys, Grantham (Ng31), 14/09/2022.

A tenant had posted the keys after moving out, so that the landlady couldn’t access her property. Having worked for the landlady several times before, I picked open the front door lock, that she also wanted changing and fitted her a new keysafe, so there is always a key on site.

New strip, gearbox and anti snap cylinders, Grantham (Ng31) - 01/08/2022.

A very busy day, fitting new locks, a full strip (Mpl) and a new gearbox for tenants in Grantham today. Making sure the doors were fully functioning and locks were safe, the landlady was really looking after her tenants.

Door handle pulled off door! Grantham (NG31), 22/07/2022

An elderly lady contacted me, because her front door handle had pulled away from the door. The wood had splintered and broken, not allowing the screws to hold the backplate In position. A new handle was placed onto the door and both backplates were screwed together through the lock to really secure the handle.

Seized locks on outside doors, Grantham (NG32) 19/07/2022

3 cylinder locks on outside garden doors required a little attention today. One cylinder was replaced and the euro cases were serviced to leave the doors and locks operating smoothly.

New door furniture fitted, Grantham (Ng31) 05/07/2022.

A new two star handle, one star cylinder and new letter plate fitted to a composite door in Grantham today…..not only does this look extra smart and stylish, the door is as secure as possible!

New full mechanism required, Grantham (Ng32) 04/07/2022.

Having issues with a specific part of an mpl, a couple called Lockforce Grantham to see if I could find a solution to their problem? A new full strip was orders, cut to the exact size of the door and new handles were fitted to match the new kitchen. The family was very pleased that their door was fully secure once again.

Failed window mech in Grantham, NG31 - 17/06/2022.

Called out to open and replace a window mechanism in a children's nursery. The office window was not working, non destructive entry was gained and a new mech fitted, leaving the window operational.

Failed gearbox, door locked shut, Grantham (Ng32), 13/06/2022.

Emergency call to an elderly lady who’s front door wouldn’t open? The gearbox spindle had collapsed when she was locking it the night before. After gaining non destructive entry, the gearbox was replaced, leaving the door fully functional once again.

Returning from holiday, but lost keys abroad! Grantham (Ng32) 23/05/2022.

A gentleman had contacted his father from Greece, stating he had lost his house keys whilst on holiday and needed to be able to get in on his return. I met his father at the property and we soon gained entry and changed and upgraded the lock to an anti snap, for better security.

Emergency late night lock out, Grantham (Ng31) 22/05/2022.

After spending a day with family a gentleman returned home and realised he had lost his keys. The gentleman had two mortice locks on his front door, so a great challenge to get him back inside. After an hour he was back inside and was pleased to be after such a long day. The lock cases were drilled and the levers manually lifted to open the locks.

Bolt failed in door, Grantham (Ng32), 11/05/2022.

A mortice bolt had failed leaving a front door unable to open. Although the house had 3 additional doors to enter, this was the main door and being in the market for sale, the occupants needed the door opening because there was a house viewing the next day. After gaining entry to the bolt, a new one was fitted along with keep adjustments, leaving the old wooden door working smoothly once again.

Locked out in Grantham (Ng31), 07/05/2022.

An apartment door has slammed shut behind a tenant leaving him locked out, with his keys inside. After gaining non destructive entry, he was soon back inside.

Failed gearbox left front door unable to lock, Grantham (Ng32), 05/05/2022.

Called out to a lady who was house sitting for her daughter, but was unable to lock her front door. The gearbox had failed, not allowing the mechanism to work properly. A new gearbox was fitted and the door was working perfectly once again.

Lost key and flat batteries on a personal home safe, Grantham (Ng32), 04/05/2022.

A lady called to ask me to gain entry to her Aunts little safe that didn’t have a key and had a flat battery. Quickly picking the lock, the safe was empty as thought, so removed from the wall.

Sliding patio door won’t lock? Late night emergency call out, Grantham (Ng33), 01/05/2022.

A lady called late at night, because her sliding patio door wouldn’t lock? A stone was stopping the door from fully closing, once removed the door was as perfect as ever.

New locks on a village hall, Grantham (Ng33), 27/04/2022.

After purchasing a village hall in an auction the new owners wanted the locks on the front door changing, so that they had peace of mind that they had the only keys to their new property. Soon to be converted into a new home, the village hall was secured with a new mortice lock and rim cylinder.

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Late night emergency call to a couple locked out, Grantham (Ng33), 25/04/2022.

After being let down by a call centre, I was contacted and asked if I would go out and let a lovely couple back into their home, as they had pulled the door closed behind themselves and not taken a key with them. The night latch on the door was easily slipped and the couple were soon back inside.

Door not closing or locking, Grantham (Ng31), 23/04/2022.

Called out to a new property because the front door wouldn’t close and lock. The gearbox had failed, so the mechanism wasn’t working properly. After fitting a new gearbox the door was smoother than ever.


Emergency call out, entry gain, Grantham (Ng32) - 21/04/2022.

Lockforce Locksmith Grantham were called out to gain entry to an apartment door. The door had shut behind the gentleman leaving him locked out. A simple locksmith method was used to gain entry to the night latch and he was soon back inside.

Garden shed locked shut due to lost keys, Grantham (Ng31) - 19/04/2022.

After throwing the garden shed lock keys away with the garden waste, I was called out to open the shed. Luckily I had a spare set of keys on the van, that fit this particular lock, so opening the door was simple. Giving a new set to the homeowner, he now has access to his lawnmower and other garden equipment.

Security check on front door in Grantham, NG31 - 04/04/2022

Called out to cycle the mechanism and multi point locking system on a front door in Grantham today, as the homeowner had been advised by a door company that his mech and door needed replacing? The mechanism was completely fine, it is an older model, but works perfectly. Cleaned and lubricated, it’s running smoothly.

Lost keys to medicine fridge in retirement home in Grantham, NG31 - 31/03/2022

Called out by the staff at a Nursing home in Grantham because someone had misplaced the key to the medication fridge and the patients required their meds. The lock was easily picked open, the staff have to now wait for the manufacturer to send a new set of keys.

Lock upgrade to Anti Snap, Grantham, NG31 - 30/03/2022.

Customer called to ask if I could upgrade the front door cylinder for his mother. A new anti snap 1 star British standard cylinder was fitted for brilliant security.

Unable to lock the door in Grantham, NG31 - 18/03/2022

Unable to lock her front door, a lady called me to ask if there was anything I could do to fix it. The keeps were all out of alignment, after adjustments were made, the door was easier than ever to operate.

Toilet door lock failed in Grantham, NG31 - 08/03/2022

Called out to fit a new thumb turn on a toilet door that was not locking. A new spindle was required to fix the fault. Easily fixed, the family were soon able to lock the door for privacy once again.

UPVC garage side door not opening in Grantham, NG33 - 06/03/2022

A failed gearbox was the issue this time. The door was housing an Ultion high security cylinder, so a tricky job. By bypassing the gearbox, the door was soon open and a new gearbox fitted.

Key won’t turn in lock in Grantham, NG31 - 04/03/2022

Unable to turn the key from the outside of the door, I was called out to look at the fault. The cylinder was never used from this side as it was on the back of the house. A good squirt of lubricant soon had the key turning freely.

New high security keys in Grantham NG31 - 02/03/2022

A customer whose locks I fitted last year, called to ask me to have two additional keys cut. Her cylinders are Ultion high security, so her permission was given by email for me to have the keys made for her. Delivered safe and sound, she was pleased to have two more for her family.

Front door lock broken on supermarket door in Grantham, NG33 - 24/02/2022

Late call out by a security company, to investigate the front door lock on a local Sainsbury’s supermarket that wouldn’t lock. The gearbox had a screw in cylinder missing and had failed. Luckily the door had a secondary lock, so the supermarket could be secured until new parts arrived on site.

Unable to lock patio doors in Grantham, NG31 - 04/02/2022

Unable to lock the doors at the rear of their property, an elderly couple called and asked me to take a look for them? A few minor adjustments and some lubricant soon had the gearbox running smoothly again. The gearbox was showing signs of wear and tear, but we decided to replace it when really needed.

Unable to lock front door in Grantham, NG31 - 02/02/2022

Sometimes it’s as simple as removing a stone from the bottom of the door! Called out to a customer in Grantham this afternoon who couldn’t shut, or lock her front door. A rather large stone, similar colour as the carpet was jammed in the bottom of the door, once removed the door was working as good as ever.

Locked out in Grantham, NG32 - 01/02/2022

Emergency call out to a staff member at a local pub, after he closed his bedroom door, leaving his keys inside. A non destructive entry method was used to have him back inside to retrieve his keys in no time.

Loose/broken door handle Grantham, NG33 - 31/01/2022

Called out by a customer to secure his door handle, after one of the screws has snapped. The back plate was secured to the door leaving the homeowner able to use the front door once again.

New cylinder locks for a property manager Grantham, NG31 - 31/01/2022

After a tenant had moved out, a property manager that often calls me, asked me to change the locks on a property today. Two new snap safe cylinders and a new disc padlock for the garden gate was fitted for security, ready for a new tenant.

Broken patio door handle in Grantham, NG31 - 26/01/2022

Handle replacement in Grantham today, after a lady called, stating her existing one had broken. The levers on the old handle had snapped, so a new handle was very welcome, as she used this door often to let the dog out.

Golf clubhouse locks in Grantham, NG31 - 20/01/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Grantham,recieved an emergency call out to a local a golf course this evening, when locking up for the evening the staff were unable to lock the main door. A failed gearbox was at fault. A new gearbox was fitted to the mechanism, which had the door fully functioning once again.

Sole key holder in Grantham, NG31 - 20/01/2022

Lockforce Locksmith Grantham had an emergency callout from a local estate agent to replace a cylinder and a rim cylinder on a property for a new tenant, who wanted to be sure that he was the only key holder to the property.

New locks and a kitchen cupboard repair in Grantham - 29/12/2021

After fitting a new front door cylinder because of misplaced keys, a kitchen cupboard hinge was also fixed for the customer. Using a hinge fixing plate, the door was secure and working once again.

UPVC door realignment in Grantham - 28/12/2021

French doors needed lifting in order to close, a simple door alignment soon had them closing smoothly once again.

Snapped key in lock in Grantham - 30/12/2021

Emergency call out from a well known estate agent to remove a broken key from a front door. A plumber working on site had accidentally snapped the key and struggled to remove the broken end. Within 5 minutes the broken key was removed and the lock still functioning with the remaining keys.

Grantham Gearbox Replacement - 24/12/2021

A new gearbox fitted to a door today after a cylinder had become jammed in its internal workings. After a new gearbox was placed onto the strip the door was as good as new.

Grantham Door Realignment - 22/12/2021

Called out to realign a front door, so that it was fit perfectly. Just catching the frame at times I was called to adjust the door, to prevent it getting worse over the festive season.

Lost keys calls for Lockforce Grantham - 15/12/2021

Late night lock out this evening as a family was unable to to open the front door as they had lost the keys. Entry was gained through a rear door, that had been left unlocked, soon had the family out of the rain.

House sitter unable to lock door in Grantham - 09/12/2021

Whilst house sitting a neighbour could not lock the main door, so called Lockforce north Nottingham. I was soon with the lady and found a simple door alignment was all the door needed to rectify the issue.

Local locksmith re-alligns door in Grantham - 07/12/2021

Very early morning call by an elderly gentleman who’s handle wouldn’t lift on his Upvc door? The door was out of alignment, which had put stress through the gearbox causing it to fail. A new gearbox was fitted and with slight adjustments the door was once again fully lockable.

Previous customer has home locks upgraded in Grantham - 05/12/2021

After rescuing a gentleman that had locked himself in his conservatory, we chatted about his locks and many keys and he asked if I could replace all of his locks, so that they all worked from the same key. No problem, these were fitted to make the customers life easier and his home more secure.

New lock after lost key to garage in Grantham - 02/12/2021

A customer who I have completed work for on several occasions called me today, to open and replace a cylinder that was on the side door of her garage after she had lost the key. The cylinder was removed and a new snap safe cylinder was placed into the door.

Locked out late night in Grantham - 29/11/2021

Late night lock out this evening. A customer had just moved into his flat and after popping out realised he didn’t have the correct key to get back inside. The lock was carefully picked open and the customer was safely back inside in no time.

Locked and trapped in conservatory in Grantham - 26/11/2021 

Lockforce Locksmith Grantham were called out in an emergency to a customer that was locked in his conservatory. A door had slammed behind him, lucky he had his phone! Soon gained entry and the customer was safe and sound.

Tough to turn key in lock in Grantham - 23/11/2021

Lockforce Locksmith Grantham were called out by a lovely lady who was having issues with a mortice lock. Finding it hard to turn the key, I removed the lock and found some of the components inside were out of place due to the casing being loose. After fitting the lock back together, it was working perfectly.

Front door fix for home in Grantham - 10/11/2021

Failed gearbox in Grantham this evening. Unable to lock the front door a couple called to ask me to take a look. After fitting a replacement gearbox, the door was locking perfectly once again.

Main door not opening in Grantham - 04/11/2021

Loose screw on keep stopping the main doors of a delivery branch from being opened. After opening the doors, a new screw was placed into the keep, pulling it tighter to the frame. Hey presto a fully operational door once again.

Locked out the house in just your socks in Grantham - 24/10/2021

Moving to a new home in Grantham today from Heartfordshire turned out to be bad day, when the new homeowner managed to lock herself out wearing only her socks. Gaining non destructive entry through the letterbox, soon had her back inside.

Door alignment issue in Grantham - 23/10/2021

Front and back doors on a property not locking properly today in Grantham, the reason? Doors had fallen out of alignment! By adjustments made to the hinges, both doors were soon working nice and smooth and locking once again.

House keys left inside in Grantham - 21/10/2021

Early morning call, from a lady who had shut her front door and realised that she’d forgotten to take her keys with her, after her early morning dog walk. Access was easily gained and she was soon back in the warm and grateful.

Secured door that would not lock in Grantham - 14/10/2021

Late night call out to secure a front door, after a failed gearbox. Whilst on site the homeowner opted to convert his mech to house a high security cylinder, making him feel safer because he kept firearms on his premises.

Ultion smart lock install for home in Grantham - 09/10/2021

Out fitting a Brisant smart lock today in Grantham. Easy for the care workers to use with a key pad and able to lock and unlock from a mobile device, life will now be easier for the homeowners.

Lock change for garage door in Grantham - 02/10/2021

After losing the keys to two garage doors on the same street the property owner asked if I could gain entry and change the locks. After gaining entry and obtaining the key codes from the door, new keys were cut for both doors, to make life easier and less expensive.

New high security locks for property in Grantham - 13/09/2021

Fitting high security cylinders today in Grantham. Two Ultion 3 star diamond plus cylinders were fitted to front and rear doors. Extra security, why wouldn’t you?

Locks changed for block of flats in Grantham - 07/09/2021

Replacement mortice lock today, after a lady had lost a meter cupboard key to the block of flats that she lives in. A new 5 lever British standard mortice lock was fitted to the door, with new keys.

Unlocking door in Grantham - 06/09/2021

Opening a mortice deadbolt with a broken bolt thrower today in Grantham. The family’s main door wouldn’t unlock. Non destructive entry was gained and a new British standard 5 lever lock was fitted.

Handle and door lock jammed in Grantham - 30/08/2021

Lifting the door handle and it jammed was the issue at a residence in Grantham today. Another failed gearbox was at fault. Easily replaced and with a few minor adjustments the door was fully functioning once again.

Locked out from behind in Grantham - 29/08/2021

Early morning call out after a young man slammed his front door behind him, then realised he had left the keys inside and the night latch had locked. A simple non destructive method of entry was used, having the homeowner back inside in seconds.

Faulty lock in new build home in Grantham - 23/08/2021

Locked out of their new home? Called out this evening to a young couple who were locked out of their new house? The key was not working in the front door, they started that they had lived there a week and had nothing but issues with the doors. After gaining entry, a failed gearbox was the issue! The gearbox and mech was replaced along with a lock. Always call Lockforce when moving to a new property, to check all doors windows and additional security.

Dental practise digital lock service in Grantham - 19/08/2021

Called out to a Dental practice today, that I worked on earlier last year. The rear door had dropped, leaving the mortice lock hard to retract the bolt with a key. The door has a carpenter coming to reset it, until then, the keeps we’re adjusted to relieve stress from the bolts on both locks and both the mortice lock and digi lock was serviced.

Returning home without house keys in Grantham - 15/08/2021

Family returning home from a weekend festival had lost the keys? Destructive entry was gained through a patio door, a new lock was put in its place and the family were out of the rain without delay.

House keys missing in Grantham - 15/08/2021

Lost keys tonight in Grantham. A gentleman had spent the weekend in London, after returning home he realised he had lost his house key. Non destructive entry was gained and a new lock placed into his door.

Secured back gate in Grantham - 13/08/2021

After the dog escaped from the back garden, a gentleman asked me to secure his back gate. A new bolt and padlock was placed into his gate, the wind will not open this again!

New Home, New Locks for a Customer in Grantham - 07/08/2021

New home, new locks! Always a good decision to change the locks when buying a new property. This one required a gearbox too, the front and rear doors also wanted adjustments made to fit correctly.

Key Jammed in Cylinder - 03/08/2021

A twisted cam caused a customer a problem, when the lock was locking and unlocking the door, but the key was unable to be removed. A new snap safe cylinder was placed into the door, now working perfectly.

Lost door keys in Grantham - 31/07/2021

After driving back from the Scottish border, a gentleman realised that he had left the house keys with his friends. A difficult entry gain and we were in, cylinder changed and a key to lock and unlock the door, until he can retrieve his bunch of keys.

Key stuck in lock in Grantham - 30/07/2021

Emergency call out to an elderly lady, who couldn’t remove the key from her front door lock. The cam had twisted on the cylinder, leaving it not lining up properly in order to removed the key. A quick cylinder upgrade and change, left the door fully functioning once again.

Front door jammed shut in Grantham - 28/07/2021

Early call out to Grantham this morning to a front door that wouldn’t open. The gearbox had failed not allowing the latch to retract properly. The gearbox was replaced with a brand new genuine replacement, leaving the door locking and unlocking once again.

Door lock installation for home in Grantham - 23/07/2021

Lockforce Locksmith Grantham attended an early morning call to a door that was becoming difficult to lock and unlock. The door was slightly adjusted, a new cylinder was fitted.

Family could no longer lock back door of home in Grantham - 22/07/2021

Lockforce Locksmith Grantham fitted a new full mechanism was fitted to a door for a family today, after they found themselves unable to unlock the rear door. The gearbox had broken, so a full strip was placed into the door, hinge adjustments and a new cylinder left the doors working smoothly once again.

Full home security upgrade for all door locks on property in Grantham - 21/07/2021

Lockforce Locksmith Grantham carried out a security upgrade today in Grantham, 6 Ultion 3 star diamond cylinders fitted to the house, new handles and gearboxes also fitted. Every door now safe and secure.

Repairing older doors in Grantham - 19/07/2021

Lockforce Locksmith Grantham attended this morning to realign two doors on a property. Being a little older, over time the doors had dropped a little, this causes the mechanism’s hooks/rollers to not marry up properly with the keeps on the frame. Adjustments to the hinges, pulled the door straight again, leaving the mechanism working smoothly and not under any stress.

Door not locking in Grantham - 19/07/2021

Out in Grantham this morning after a lady was complained that her front door wouldn’t lock? Another door alignment and repositioning of the keeps, soon had the door locking smoothly.

Can't lock front door in Grantham - 16/07/2021

Called out today as a lady couldn’t lock her from door, due to the handle jamming. Another failed gearbox was the cause, after fitting a new one, the door was fully functioning once again, better than ever I was advised.

Window locked shut in Grantham - 12/07/2021

Window locked shut, no problem for Lockforce north Nottingham, non destructive entry was gained, but as the handle was no longer working, a new replacement was fitted.

Lost keys and upgraded lock in Grantham - 12/07/2021

After losing the key to the rear door, a homeowner called me to gain entry and change the cylinder lock. We changed the lock and upgraded the cylinder to a snap safe style.

New locks for home in Grantham - 02/07/2021

Two new snap safe cylinders fitted to a rental property this evening. A landlady had asked for me to go out and fit two new locks for the new tenants arrival.

Stuck inside home in Grantham - 29/06/2021

Emergency call out at 16:50 to a block of flats in Grantham this evening. A property manager had many eager England supporters attempting to get into their homes and out to the pubs, but the communal front door had seized. I was on site within 30 minutes and entry was gained within 25 minutes.

Locked out while moving home in Grantham - 28/06/2021

Door shut behind a gentleman who was moving out of his flat and into a new home. Just when the last of the belongings were being loaded into the car boot, the door of the old flat, slammed shut behind a customer this evening. Non destructive, fast entry was gained to the property, letting the moving process continue without any more hitches.

Conservatory door not locking on Grantham - 01/06/2021

Conservatory door not locking? The gearbox and top hook case had failed. A new mechanism was fitted to the door, leaving it locking smoothly once again.

Locked out of home in Grantham - 30/05/2021

Locked out of house with a key in the lock! Quick non destructive entry was gained, making sure the occupants were safely back in their home in no time.

Locked out of washroom in Grantham - 18/05/2021

Failed 5 lever mortice lock in an internal door, left a gentleman unable to access his washroom. A snapped bolt thrower was the culprit this time, easily opened a new lock was fitted and the door is now fully functioning.

New lock for back door in Grantham - 15/05/2021

Locked rear door required a new lock and the old one removed after a late night call to Grantham. Old cylinder removed and a new snap safe cylinder placed in the door, for a security upgrade.

Locked out at night in Grantham - 26/04/2021

Late night emergency call out to a flat. The couple were both inside and were unable to open the door. A failed gearbox again, was not pulling the latch back far enough. Easily replaced a new gearbox was fitted and the door was fully functional once again.

Back door will not lock in Grantham - 24/04/2021

Unable to lock the back door because the handle wouldn’t lift? A failed gearbox was the culprit this time, but a quick and easy fix, soon had the door secured once again.

New locks for home in Grantham - 22/04/2021

One mortice lock out and a new one in. After struggling with the key, a lock that would only work occasionally was removed and a new B/S 5 lever put in its place. Safe and secure once again.

Lock failed in Grantham - 15/04/2021

Cylinder failure in Grantham today. Working intermittently the home owner did not want to risk being locked out, so called me to replace the front door lock. A new snap proof lock was fitted with 5 keys.

Jammed letterbox in Grantham - 15/04/2021

Huge build up of mail in a letterbox. Not opened since March 1st, a mailbox was bursting today in Grantham so the I was called to open it and replace the lock. Easily picked open a new cam lock was fitted.

Cannot lock back door in Grantham - 29/03/2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham were called out to a customer who was unable to close their back door. A slight hinge adjustment soon had the door closed, so the family could secure the house for the night.

Late night call out in Grantham - 11/03/2021

Lost keys to an office building late night call out. Worried that the owner/partner wouldn’t be able to get into the property the following day, access was gained to the office and a new cylinder was fitted with 5 keys. Safe and secure and enough keys to go round.

Helping customers in a time of need in Grantham - 09/03/2021

Locked out after daily exercise. Using a letterbox tool, non destructive entry was gained by turning the key left in the back of the lock. The occupants were in safe and sound in no time.

New lock installations in Grantham - 16/02/2021

Moving in to a new house day for one young couple in Grantham today. As well as having many tradesmen and women at the house, I was called to change all the locks. Always safer when moving into a property that has had previous occupants, you never know how many keys are out there?

Replaced gearbox in Grantham - 16/02/2021

Changed a failed gearbox this evening for a landlord in Grantham. After the occupants had complained that they couldn’t operate the front door, a new gearbox was fitted leaving the door working better than ever.

Broken handle in conservatory in Grantham - 03/02/2021

Failed gearbox in a conservatory door had broken the handle. Finding the handle hard to use for some time, customer contacted me to take a look. The door was out of alignment, the pressure placed through the handle had broken the gearbox spindle over time. A new set of handles and gearbox was pleased into the door, the door was realigned and now works perfectly.

Security upgrade in Grantham - 31/01/2021

Front door mortice lock changed after a lady’s handbag was stolen. The lock was changed for security purposes, to a new British standard 5 lever lock.

Key safe for property in Grantham - 22/01/2021

New police approved key safe, high security cylinder and a door alignment in Grantham today. The occupants were pleased with the work, especially now their back door is easy to operate.

New window locks in Grantham - 22/01/2021

Entry gained to window handles, window adjustments and new window locks fitted to a property today. Why not add extra security to your home? Customer also had a high security cylinder fitted to the rear entrance for extra security.

Long journey from work to forget your keys- 06/01/2021

Late emergency call out from a lovely lady in Grantham this evening with a lovely attitude to being locked out. After travelling back from working in London, she realised that she had left her house keys there. I gained entry by picking the front door and porch door locks and had her safe and in the warm as quickly as possible.

Bolt caused door jam in Grantham - 29/12/2020

Unable to open the front door after locking off a bolt, a couple contacted me to assist. Non destructive entry was gained and the small bolt removed from the door.

Locked out the house in Grantham - 27/12/2020

Failed gearbox left a homeowner locked out this morning. Entry was gained and a new gearbox fitted, works perfectly.

New high security cylinder in Grantham - 16/12/2020

Out today changing a cylinder that had a twisted cam, new cylinder in temporarily,  awaiting the delivery under warranty of a new high security cylinder.

Keys stolen after burglary in Grantham - 13/12/2020

Late night call out after a burglary. After the keys were stolen, an anti snap cylinder was placed in the back door and the garden shed was also secured, with new locks and security screws, just in case!

Late night call out in Grantham - 04/12/2020

Late call out by a neighbour of a melt lady, who lost her key whilst walking her dog and although her neighbour had a spare key, she had left a key in that door. Non destructive entry was gained through the letterbox, she was back inside in minutes.

Helping a landlord and a young family in Grantham - 04/12/2020

Called out to a young lady with two small children, who’s gearbox had failed and her landlord asked for me to fix the problem and make sure the door could be locked. A new full strip was placed into the door, with a new anti snap cylinder. All safe and secure once more.

Repeat customer in Grantham - 04/12/2020

Always nice to have a call from a customer that you have helped in the past. A lady in Grantham who I assisted in January called and asked me to change all of the locks in two of her rental properties this morning and I was more than pleased to have helped out. 5 locks changed in total, we upgraded her old locks to anti snap cylinders, each with 5 keys.

New patio door handles in Grantham - 01/12/2020

Two new patio door handles fitted to a cottage today. After moving in the occupants did not have keys for the existing handles, so entry was gained and new handles fitted.

Entry gain to property in Grantham - 17/11/2020

Entry gain to a failed nightlatch, left a young lady locked out of her flat. After gaining entry, a new British Standard nightlatch was fitted for extra security.

Failed gearbox in Grantham - 16/11/2020

Failed gearbox left a door unable to lock. A genuine replacement part was fitted to the strip and the door is back in good working order.

Added security for property in Grantham - 29/10/2020

Called out to a failed gearbox at an elderly gentleman’s property today. The gearbox was replaced and a new anti snap cylinder was also fitted for extra security.

Patio door issues in Grantham - 20/10/2020

Called out to a failed gearbox on a wooden patio door. The mechanism was still operating when the door was locked. A genuine replacement part was fitted to the door, along with an anti snap cylinder for added security.

Anti snap lock in Grantham - 19/10/2020

Early call out to a customer who left the front door open all night, because the cylinder had failed. The old cylinder was removed and replaced with a new anti snap cylinder, with 5 keys.

Emergency services in Grantham - 19/10/2020

After an ambulance crew had broken the door down to a flat, the occupants wanted a new lock fitting. A new anti snap cylinder was placed into the door for extra security.

Stable door in Grantham - 13/10/2020

New keep fitted to a stable door in Grantham this afternoon. After the old jeep became worn and stopped functioning properly, a new keep, to keep both part of the door together was fitted. Now this can be used as a stable door, or a single door.

Heavy duty door chain in Grantham - 13/10/2020

Two sash jammers and a chain fitted to a upvc door in Grantham this afternoon. The occupants wanted the main entrance to be safe and secure when shut and when answering the door, a heavy duty upvc door chain will ensure maximum security.

New parts for door in Grantham - 03/10/2020

Called out by a customer that I have visited in the past. The gearbox on their stable door had failed, leaving the door unable to lock. A new part was placed into the door and now it’s working as good as new.

Doctor locked out in Grantham - 02/10/2020

Early morning call out to a doctor, who pulled his door shut behind him and then realised he didn’t have his keys! I arrived as quick as possible and gained non destructive entry in no time, so he could get to the hospital for his patients.

Cylinder upgrade in Grantham - 30/09/2020

Cylinder upgrade in Grantham this evening. After attempting to replace the cylinder a gentleman contacted me and asked if I could come and take a look at it, as the screw had threaded. We placed a new anti snap cylinder in the door and adjusted the keeps, leaving the door as good as new.

New MPL lock in Grantham - 29/09/2020

New multi point locking system fitted to a front door in Grantham today. After recently changing a cylinder in the door, the home owners asked for the mpl to be changed as the existing one was showing signs of wear and tear. A new full strip was fitted, leaving the door working as good as new.

Locked out in Grantham - 24/09/2020

Lost key left a gentleman locked out of his property. Entry was gained and as the gentleman had no keys, we replaced his lock with a new anti snap cylinder to upgrade his security.

Two new locks in Grantham - 15/09/2020

Two anti snap cylinders fitted to a property in Grantham this morning. The occupants family wanted her to be safe and secure and opted to upgrade the cylinders on the front and rear doors for extra security.

Lock upgrade in Grantham - 15/09/2020

Upgrading a front door cylinder for a lady in Grantham this afternoon. After being unsure how many keys are in circulation, the occupants husband wanted a new front door lock for his wife. Doors services and lubricated whilst on site.

Fitted new cylinders in Grantham - 13/09/2020

Fitted two anti snap cylinders to a property in Grantham this morning. A gentleman called after moving to a new property to ask if he could have his cylinders changing, I changed the cylinders and upgraded his locks to anti snap locks, all safe and secure.

Anti-Snap Lock Replacement for Caravan Showroom - 05/09/2020

Called out to a static caravan showroom today, because someone had attempted to snap and drill the locks in both doors on one of the vans. Entry was gained to both doors and we placed two anti snap cylinders in the doors, with new keys.

Patio Door Handle Failing - 05/09/2020

Patio door problem today. The handle was failing to raise, in order for the door to be locked. A new strip/gearbox was placed in the door at the owners request, leaving it working smoothly and more importantly locking.

Grantham UPVC Door Handle Not Lifting or Locking - 02/09/2020

Called out this morning, because the occupants of a home were unable to lift the handle on their upvc door in order to lock it. The gearbox spindle had worn and jammed, so this was replaced and in addition to this an anti snap cylinder was placed in the door for added security.

Failed lock in B&B in Grantham - 26/08/2020

Removed a failed mortice lock from a B&B this morning after it had failed. A new Era 5 lever British standard was placed in the door, now working perfectly and has given peace of mind to the owners, ready for their first guests to arrive.

Key for safe lost in Grantham - 24/08/2020

Called out to a customer today, because the key for their gun safe had been lost. The safe contained two antique shotguns and the owners no longer wanted them on their premises. The safe was opened and removed from the property, leaving the owner very pleased, that they no longer had the guns or any use for them.

Nightlatch nightmare in Grantham - 21/08/2020

Locked out of a property after the button on the nightlatch had been placed into the locked position, before closing the door. Entry was gained through a rear door, non destructively and after pushing the button back down on the nightlatch, it worked perfectly again.

Shut door and left keys inside in Grantham - 24/07/2020

Gained entry to a Yale night latch for a lovely lady who shut her front door and left her keys inside. It didn’t take long using the right tool to gain non destructive entry for her.

Return customer for maill box problem in Grantham - 14/07/2020

Returned to a customer that I have worked for before, changed the cam lock on the mail box and adjusted a digi lock on the garden gate, that appeared to be sticking.

Lock failure in Grantham - 13/07/2020

Lock failed in a front door in Grantham today. The homeowners were able to lock and unlock the door, but the key wouldn’t extract. Usually a twisted cam in the lock, a new cylinder was placed in the door and worked perfectly.

Cabin hooked fitted in Grantham - 30/06/2020

Cabin hooks fitted to french doors today in Grantham. A lady wanted to be able to let air through the conservatory, but the breeze cause the doors to slam shut, or bend outwards, not good for the hinges! Two cabin hooks solved the problem, now the doors can be pinned back without the worry of them breaking.


Patio door not closing in Grantham - 26/06/2020

Sliding patio door would not close. Always keep the runners free from dirt and stones. A small stone was stopping this door from sliding fully closed. A good clean and lubricant had it working as good as new.

Unlocking medical trolley in Grantham - 24/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham were called out to a retirement home, because the medicine trolley was failing to unlock. A quick fix, soon had the trolley open and just in time for the elderly residents to receive their meds.

Safe lock failure in Grantham - 17/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham were called out to an emergency service station today, because they couldn’t lock their internal safe properly. A new set of batteries had the keypad and locking system fully functioning again in no time. Sometimes, something as simple as new batteries can make all the difference.

Snapped key in Grantham - 07/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham were called out this afternoon because a young lady had snapped her front door key in her lock. The key was extracted leaving the cylinder working with other keys, door handle was fixed whilst I was there as well.

New mortice lock fitted in Grantham - 05/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham were called out by a customer because both keys to the mortice lock on the back door had been lost. Entry was gained and a new British Standard 5 lever mortice lock was fitted.

Lost keys in Grantham - 05/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Grantham were called by a lady who had lost the keys for her front and rear doors. Both the old cylinders were removed and upgraded to new anti snap locks with 5 keys each.

Locked in home in Grantham - 28/05/2020

Gearbox failed in the front door of a property, leaving the occupant locked in for a short time. Access was gained and a new gearbox placed into the door, leaving it as good as new.

New thumm turns for soon to be rented property in Grantham - 27/05/2020

Two anti snap thumb turn cylinders placed into a property, that will eventually be rented out today. Extra keys cut, so there will be plenty for each tenant and the landlord.

Customer requesting two sets of lock changes in Grantham - 15/05/2020

Lockforce locksmiths Grantham Called out to change the front and rear locks on a property today. The occupant had sadly passed away and his children wanted the property secure, as they were unsure who had keys and access, because the gentleman that had lived there had care workers. Property secured with anti snap cylinders.

New gearbox and handle fitted in  Grantham - 14/04/2020

Emergency call out to Grantham this morning. A upvc door, cylinder was working fine, but the handle would not move. After gaining entry a new gearbox was fitted and handle, leaving the door functioning as good as new.

Improved secruity in Grantham - 04/05/2020

Called out today, to an emergency, as a side door on a garage had been snapped out and customer still couldn’t open the door, but was concerned someone may be able to gain entry. Door was opened and a new anti snap cylinder was placed into the door, leaving it safe and secure.

Door alignment in Grantham - 02/05/2020

Emergency call out to a lady, who’s door was not locking and she was finding it very hard to close. A simple alignment and some new keeps made the door easier for her to lock, to close and it will be easier for her care workers to enter and exit in future.

New garage door lock in Grantham - 02/05/2020 

New garage door cylinder fitted to a property In Grantham this afternoon. The gentleman who owned the property was unsure how many keys may be in circulation and wanted the lock changed. Whilst I was already in the area, I popped round and fitted a new cylinder.

Unable to lock rear door in Grantham - 30/04/2020

Emergency call from a customer this evening, who was unable to lock the rear door before going to bed. The existing gearbox had failed, so a new gearbox was placed into the door, along with an anti snap cylinder, leaving the door fully functioning and safe once more.

Still carrying out emergency works during COVID-19 pandemic in Grantham - 29/04/2020

Call from a customer this evening, requesting he had his front and rear cylinders changed, because he was unsure how many keys were in circulation. Both cylinders were changed, so the customers worry was put at ease. Even through COVID19, Lockforce are here to assist, maintaining a good level of hand hygiene and distance from customers, whilst remaining polite and professional.

New anti-snap cylinders in Grantham - 10/04/2020

Emergency call out this afternoon, a lovely lady had lost the key for her rear door and the front door was sticking and not 100% trustworthy. Entry was gained to the rear door and a new anti snap cylinder was placed into the door, leaving it working as good as new.

Lost keys after walk in Grantham - 05/04/2020

Emergency call out to a lady, who had been out for a walk, fallen and lost the only front door key she had. Entry was gained and a new cylinder was fitted to the door, with 5 new keys.

Leave it to the professionals in Grantham - 05/04/2020

Emergency call from a couple, who had attempted to fix and look at the problem as to why their rear door wouldn’t lock. The gearbox had failed, great attempt to fix the issue by them. A new like for like gearbox was fitted and the door is locking perfectly.

Customer let down by another locksmith - 30/03/2020

Lockforce recieved a call from a lady this evening at 18:00, she had been waiting for a locksmith that she called since 14:00 because she was locked out. Non destructive entry was gained and she was in her house within minutes, pleased she contacted me to assist.

Key safe installation for previous customer - 25/03/2020

After attending a customer who locked herself out a few days ago, she asked if I could fit her a key safe to prevent this happening again. Returned today, to fit the safe, Police approved key safe mounted to a discreet area on the outside of the property.  

UPVC door reallignment in Grantham - 22/03/2020

Lockforce were called out to Grantham this evening, a couple explained that their rear upvc door was fully operational when open, but would not work when it was closed. A simple realignment and adjustments made to the keeps, soon had the door fully operational again.

Teacher locked out in Grantham - 17/03/2020

Lockforce called out early this morning, because a teacher had locked herself out accidentally and had to get to school for the pupils. I was on the scene as quickly as possible and she was on her way to work in no time. When the door closed the keys were still inside and the night latch was on, non destructive entry was gained. Let’s hope this didn’t impact the pupils day too much.

Left keys inside in Grantham - 16/03/2020

Lockforce called by a lovely lady this morning, who had shut the door behind her and left her keys inside the house. I was with her in 40 minutes and had her inside in minutes.

Night latch failed in Grantham - 14/03/2020

Customer locked out today in Grantham. The Yale night latch he had on his door had failed, leaving the key unable to turn. I was with him in 20 minutes and gained entry, then replaced with a new latch, leaving the door working as good as new.

Additional keys cut for returning customer in Grantham - 25th February 2020

Returned to a customer this morning to cut 3 additional keys for a cylinder lock I fitted 2 weeks ago. Customer has fitted a Police approved Key safe and now each family member has a key to the property, plus a spare for the new safe.

New gearbox fitted for inner door in Grantham - 19th February 2020

New gearbox fitted to an inner door today, the previous one had failed, leaving the occupants locked out. Entry gained and new fitted, leaving the door fully functional and secure.

Sticky lock at Dental practise - 17th February 2020

Lockforce were called out to a Dental Surgery in Grantham today. The digi lock on the rear entrance was sticking and staff were finding it difficult to get in, in the morning. Lock was fine, it was sticking against the keep, this was adjusted and all working again with no issues.

No time for romance - Valentine's Day 2020

No time for romance for Lockforce Grantham this Valentine’s Day, key broken in a lock, access gained and new cylinder fitted, access gained due to lost keys and failed gearbox, leaving the occupants sat in the conservatory unable to gain access to the inner door. All entry’s non destructive and people back in the warm within minutes.

New anit-snap cylinder in Grantham - 13th February 2020

Lockforce recieved a call from a lady who had moved into a property and wanted the codes changing on two digi locks on her gate, a key safe and two new door cylinder locks. Locks were changed to new anti snap cylinders, one code changed on a digi lock, the second lock was found to be broken, so replaced with a new one and a new code has been set on her key safe, securing her new home.

Lock upgrades in Grantham - 10th February 2020

Lockforce were called out in Grantham today, upgraded the thumb turn cylinder on the front door to an Ultion, Police approved key safe, discretely positioned outside and an anti snap on the conservatory door, securing the property.

Gym locked out in Grantham - 7th February 2020

Lockforce Grantham has been out gaining entry to a gym in a beautiful barn conversion. The keys to the cylinder had been lost, so I removed it and replaced with a new anti snap, with 3 keys.

Meeting British Standard Locks in Grantham - 29th January 2020

A lady had been advised by a friend, that her mortice lock on he outer door would not be covered on her insurance, or to British Standard. Her old lock was a small model, with 3 levers, so a lot of chisel work to make enough room to house a new lock! Lock has now been fitted and changed to a 5 lever BS mortice.

Key stuck in the lock in Grantham - 21st January 2020

Late night call from a lady, who advised me that a key was stuck in the lock and she couldn’t get in to the property to be with her elderly mother. I attended the property as quickly as possible, managing to open the door within seconds. A mortice lock had recently been fitted and I have been booked in to make the correct adjustments, to prevent this happening again.

Lock pick in Grantham - 20th January 2020. 

A lady contacted me to ask if I could replace a stable door handle, it was locked and the key had gone missing. Lock was picked and handle replaced with a newer, sturdier handle, with a lock and key. Whilst I was on site, I lubricated the front and rear door locking system, making it easier for the family to use.

Key safe fitted in Grantham - 3rd January 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths in Grantham were called out to fit a new key safe for a lady who wanted a way of letting friends into her, in case she fell, had an accident or to allow access for a nurse/emergency services. Happy customer! 

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