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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmith Croydon!

We are an independent local locksmith company, working under the trusted and respected Lockforce umbrella.

Our aim is to provide you with all locksmith services at a high standard and a competitive price with oustanding customer service and after care.

We are available at any time of the day or night 24 hrs / 7 days a week as we understand how important it is to keep your business, property and family safe and secure.

Our aim is to be with you in 30 minutes of your call.

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Croydon Approved Alarm InstallersLockforce Locksmiths Croydon are proud to announce that we are an Approved installer and supplier of A.I.M Forensics DNA alarms.

A.I.M – Forensic Door Alarms are used when checking the identity of a caller to your home or as an opt-out door security device to further protect the door from forced entry and is used by police forces across the UK.

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon are always looking for top of the range products in keeping you safe while at home.

Croydon 24 Hour Emergency Locksmiths

When emergency strikes, you can count on our team of expert locksmiths to deliver solutions - whatever time of day or night. After many years of serving the Croydon area, we understand how people can lock themselves out of house and home, break locks (or indeed the keys that fit them) in an instant. That's why we only employ highly competent technicians who we feel have the adequate level of training to respond to all of the various lock problems we have encountered over the years. So for an emergency locksmith who can solve your problems whatever time of night or day, call one of our team of experts today!

Call Andy, your local Croydon locksmith today on 0208 088 4208 for advice, request a rapid response call out or to see how we can best help you.

Mobile Key Cutting in Croydon

Each key we cut is different. Yet regardless of your custom order, one thing we can guarantee is the same attentive customer service on every visit. All of our staff have access to top of the range mobile cutting equipment that mean we can cut your keys while you wait! From blank stock keys to electronic portals, we endeavour to rise to your demands.

Call our Croydon locksmiths today on 0208 088 4208 if you require a new set of keys cut.

Locked out in Croydon

It's many of our worst nightmares. However, after years of servicing the Croydon area, we understand better than most how frequently Croydon residents find themselves in this undesirable situation. Luckily, over the years, our technicians have amassed a wealth of skill in getting people back into their cars and homes. In 90% of cases, we don't even break a lock! So far a fast and effective lockout service which you can access at any time of day or night, call one of our master locksmiths in Croydon today.

If you've been locked out of your property and need to get back in quickly, call Andy, your Croydon locksmith today on 0208 088 4208 and we will get to you as quickly as possible - day or night!

Croydon Locksmiths: Rapid Response

Locks are often an invisible albeit essential part of our everyday lives. So when locks go wrong, we want them fixed pronto! That's why when you contact one of our technicians in the Croydon area, you can be sure to receive a rapid response! We endeavour to have a qualified local technician attend your problem within 24 hours and will always be on the scene of an emergency lock situation in 30 minutes! For a fast and effective locksmiths upon whom you can rely, contact us at your convenience!

Call our Croydon locksmiths today on 0208 088 4208 and we aim to be with you within 30 minutes.

Croydon Security Lock Experts

With some of the highest crime rates in the UK, it's a sobering fact that house and car security is still a very important concern for the residents of Croydon. One only has to take a look at the video below to see how quickly a criminal can break into your home! However, we understand your anxiety and, as master locksmiths, we continuously work to remain pioneers in the implementation of modern lock technology. From Euro-locks to British standard models, our team of trustworthy locksmiths are keen to help fortify your home from intrusion.

Call our Croydon locksmiths today on 0208 088 4208 for advice, request a rapid response call out or to see how we can best help you.

Recent Jobs

Lock Upgrade in CR2 - March 2024

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon was called out to a property that had had an attempted brake-in, the customer wanted all the locks changed to insurance rated locks. Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon was happy to help and installed ABS 3* insurance rated cylinders to keep the customer safe and secure in her property. A free home security survey was carried out for the customers peace of mind.

Croydon Specialist Locksmith Attends Home for Residents with Brain Damage - CR2, Croydon, 21st March 2022

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon attended a home for patients with brain damage. We were asked to change 12 doors that needed quick release handles and sash locks. Our Croydon locksmiths provided a quote which they accepted. We installed quick release sash locks with handles and the thumb turn cylinder.

Seven Croydon Lockouts in One Night! - CR0, Croydon, 13th March 2022

A particularly strange evening, tonight we attended seven different properties where the customer had left their keys inside and had gotten locked out! In all cases, we gained entry to the houses using non-destructive techniques and got the customers back inside in next to no time at all!.

New Croydon Homeowner Wants High Security Lock Upgrade - CR2, Croydon, 3rd March 2022

A customer contact our Croydon locksmith enquiring about a high security cylinder upgrade. He had just moved in to his new property and wanted to upgrade the cylinders. Specifically, he wanted the front and back doors on the same key (a suite). We fitted the home with our recommended high security lock, the Ultion 1*, and keyed them alike so they both operated on the same key.

Locksmith in Croydon Installs Deadlock with Screw-in Cylinder on Aluminium Door - CR0, Croydon, 30th February 2022

A local electrical supplies business contacted Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon recently as they had a very specific issue they needed help with. They needed a new deadlock in an aluminium door - and required a screw-in cylinder. Needless to say they called the right locksmith, we were able to support them with their lock needs on the same visit.

Croydon Locksmith Fixes Corroded Multipoint Lock (MPL) - CR0, Croydon, 16th February 2022

A customer contacted Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon when he wasn't able to shut the front door properly. Our expert and local Croydon locksmith attended the property promptly and assessed the issue and identified the fault as a MPL which had corroded internally, as had the spindles. We replaced the MPL and the door was back to functioning as it should.

Locked out in Croydon - CR2, Croydon, 5th February 2022

Lockforce Locksmith Croydon received an emergency telephone call in the evening the other day from a local gentleman in Coydon who was locked out of their property after losing their keys. We were nearby and attended within 15 minutes to survey the situation. For an experienced locksmith there was a simple solution. We operated a non-destructive entry by unlocking the door from outside the home. On this occasion we found their missing keys inside the property and did not recommend a lock upgrade. The client was delighted to be back inside their home and for the speedy service.

Croydon Locksmith Replaces Mortice Lock on Wooden Gate - CR0, Croydon, 30th September 2021

Our Croydon locksmith gained entry to a troublesome wooden gate with a faulty mortice lock. We gained non-destructive entry and replaced the old mortice lock with a new British Standard 5-level high security lock.

Croydon Locksmith Replaces Door Handle Spindles - CR2, Croydon, 13th September 2021

After a customer imported some white porcelain door handles which came with German standard spindles. Our Croydon locksmiths were able to fabricate new spindles and fit them to the door properly.

Croydon Locksmith Fixes Faulty Conservatory Doors - CR0, Croydon, 21st August 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon were called to a disabled customer who was having difficulties with their conservatory doors. We were with the customer within 30 minutes and identified the problem as a faulty mechanism. We replaced it, alongside a new anti-snap high security lock and new matching handles in a white finish.

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon Supports Bed Bound Customer - CR3, Croydon, 2nd August 2021

After receiving a call from a bed bound elderly customer and her family, our locksmith in Croydon raced round to support them with their problem. There was a faulty mechanism on the downstairs door. We serviced the faulty mechanism, gained entry, realigned the door and installed an anti-snap lock (euro cylinder).

Croydon Locksmith Installs Digital Locks for Property Manager - CR0, Croydon, 16th July 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon attended to an estate agent who needed a suite of digital locks fitting to their office doors, which we installed alongside a thumb turn lock on the bathroom door.

Lost Night Latch Keys in Croydon - CR2, Croydon, 29th June 2021

A customer in Croydon was out and lost their keys. Our Croydon locksmith was able to attend within 20 minutes and gained entry to the property using non-destructive means, and replaced the night latch and provided new keys. Problem solved.

Croydon Locksmith Fixes Seized Back Door - CR2, Croydon, 12th June 2021

After a customers back door seized, they called Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon who promptly attended and replaced the faulty MPL, added a new gearbox and fitted an anti-snap euro cylinder and the door was as good as new.

Croydon Locksmith Replaces Window Handle - CR0, Croydon, 19th May 2021

After a customer in Croydon couldn't open his window, which was locked, he called Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon. On inspection, we identified that the window handle had failed. We had to unlock the window handle and replace it with a new handle, which resolved the issue and the customer was able to lock and unlock his window again.

Croydon Smart Lock Upgrade - CR2, Croydon, 13th May 2021

We recently supported a customer in Croydon with the installation of a smart lock. The customer wanted to upgrade to an Ultion smart lock to use phone to gain entry instead of using a key. He was very happy that he could now use a passcode for the kids on the digipad, so they dont need a key.

Locksmith in Croydon Upgrades Lock To Thumb Turn Cylinder - CR2, Croydon, 5th May 2021

Our Croydon locksmith recently attended to a customer who suffers with arthritis. They needed a lock which they could open from the inside without a key. After discussing options with the customer, our locksmith in Croydon suggested we install a thumb turn cylinder on the front and back doors so the customer was able to get in and out without using a key and was able to lock it safely. The customer is now able to go out with her children without having to worry about the locks.

Locksmith in Croydon Retrieves Car Keys Locked in Boot - CR0, Croydon, 30th April 2021

This morning our Croydon locksmith was called to gain entry to a car. Using our professional locksmithing tools, we used an air bag to make space to then pull the handle back to gain entry into the car. The locked the keys were in the boot, and once we had gained entry to the car, we were able to fetch the keys.

Croydon Lock Upgrade to Insurance Rated Cylinders - CR0, Croydon, 21st April 2021

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon were called to a customer who wanted their locks upgrading on their front and back doors to insurance rated cylinders on the back doors and a British Standard 60mm ERA night latch. Needless to say, our Croydon locksmith was able to help and the customer was very happy with the outcome.

Croydon Safe Lock Opening - CR0, Croydon, 15th April 2021

We were recently contacted by a customer who urgently needed access to his safe, but the key had stopped working. Our Croydon locksmiths were able to pick the lock and gain entry within an hour of receiving the phone call.

Croydon Customer Locks Themselves Out - CR2, Croydon, 30th March 2021

We've all been there, in a rush to get out the door, shut the door behind and forgetting the keys! That's what happened to one customer recently who called Lockforce for our Croydon emergency locksmith service. Our Croydon locksmiths gained entry using non-destructive techniques using our trusty letterbox tool.

High Security Patio Door Lock Upgrade by Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon - CR0, Croydon, 4th March 2021

After suffering with a cylinder failure, a customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon wanting to upgrade to high security cylinders on the patio doors on the rear of the property. Our Croydon locksmith upgraded the cylinders to Ultion 3* insurance rated cylinders. Needless to say, the customer was very happy with our Croydon lock upgrade service.

Croydon Locksmith Fixes Multipoint Failure - CR0, Croydon, 12th February 2021

Our local Croydon locksmith, Andy Yuill, was recently called to a customer who had suffered with a multipoint failure. The customer wasn't able to get into his property using his key. Our Croydon locksmith did a thorough investigation into the issue and identified that the gearbox spindle had corroded away and required a new multipoint (MPL). We're pleased to say, it's all working beautifully now, and the customer is very happy!

Non Destructive Entry for Customer Locked Out of Home in Croydon - CR5, Croydon, 25th January 2021

Today Lockforce Locksmith Croydon attended to a customer who was locked out of their home in Croydon. It was a straight forward lock out where we were able to get the customer back inside using non destructive entry. The customer was very happy with our Croydon emergency locksmith service as he was expecting us to break the door down to get in, so when we used non destructive means, he was very relieved.

Croydon Security Upgrade After Lockforce Recommendation - CR4, Croydon, 13th January 2021

After being recommended by a neighbour, who was a previous customer of Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon, the customer wanted to upgrade the locks on their front door. Specifically, they wanted a euro profile deadlock with an Ultion cylinder and British Standard night latch. The customer was happy with that to boost their security on their property and was absolutely delighted with the finished result.

Croydon Locksmith Rescues Young Lady Who Locked Herself Out, With Child Inside - CR2, Croydon, 4th January 2021

What a start to the year! Today we were called by a young lady who had locked herself out with her child inside. The door shut behind her, and our Croydon locksmiths were forced to use destructive entry as the keys were on the inside. There was no letterbox to use our letterbox tool on. We destroyed lock for rapid access. The customer renewed the cylinder with an Ultion 3*. Thankfully the child was safe and happily reunited with Mum.

Croydon Locksmith Overhauls Schools Entire Multipoint Locking Strip and Handles - CR0, Croydon, 18th December 2020

Today Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon completed a large job for a school, Oasis Academy. They required several doors which needed unlocking as they weren't unlocking properly. They also required an overhaul of multipoint locking strips and handles. It was a big job, and our local Croydon locksmiths had to take it all apart to complete. Cylinders were on a new master suite system, all have independent keys and one master key for all the doors.

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon Providing Unbeatable Value - CR0, Croydon, 1st December 2020

Today we were called by a customer in Croydon who was locked out. He called another locksmith and was quoted nearly £300 for the job. He called us to see how our pricing compared and instructed us to proceed. We used a microcard to gain entry and was able to offer this for less than half he was quoted elsewhere. He was very happy for our quick and affordable locksmith service in Croydon.

Croydon Locksmith Helps Elderly Customer Gain Entry - CR2, Croydon, 20th November 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon were called by an elderly lady who locked herself out of her home. We attended very quickly and used our non-destructive letterbox tool and gained entry in no time at all. There was no charge for this customer, we were just happy to help her get back in promptly.

Croydon Lock Upgrade to Lower Insurance Premium - CR0, Croydon, 6th November 2020

Today our locksmiths in Croydon attended to a customer who wanted a lock upgrade. He wanted to reduce his insurance so upgraded the main lock to an Ultion 3*. This is a superb lock that meets the insurance criteria and helped lower his home insurance premium. One very happy customer indeed!

Croydon Locksmith for Snapped Key in Cylinder - CR0, Croydon, 21st October 2020

This evening our Croydon locksmiths attended to a customer who had snapped their key in the cylinder. The customer decided to upgrade to a British Standard night latch as he wanted to make sure his home was secure and his parents were safe (who lived with him). We provided an easy lock to use for the parents too which they were all very happy about!

Croydon Locksmith Fixes Telephone Door Entry System Issue Only Affecting One Flat - CR8, Croydon, 8th October 2020

This evening we attended to a customer who had a strange issue. The apartment building had a telephone door buzzer entry system, which worked fine for all other residents, but for our customers apartment, it had stopped working. We inspected the system and found a loose connection on the internal side of the telephone. We disconnected them, restripped them and reconnected them all and it was back to working as it should do. The customer was very happy to finally be able to let guests into the building via the intercom.

Croydon Window Handle Replacement - CR4, Croydon, 2nd October 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton attended to a customer to renew the window handles on their property. Some were falling off, some were rusting. In short, they weren't doing what they were supposed to do so we renewed (replaced) them all and the customer was delighted with the finished job.

Croydon Locksmith Picks Lock To Gain Entry for Customer - CR5, Croydon, 23rd September 2020

This afternoon our emergency Croydon locksmiths attended to a customer who was locked out of their home. By picking the lock using non destructive techniques to compromise the lock, we were able to get the customer back into their house without causing any damage. The customer was happy that they didn't have to renew their keys or replace anything, and was very grateful to our Croydon emergency locksmiths.

Croydon Letterbox Cage Installation - CR2, Croydon, 18th September 2020

Today Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon attended to a customer who needed a new letterbox installing. Someone had tried to hook the keys through the letterbox and a new letterbox was required. To help improve his security and prevent this type of attack happening again, we installed a cage on the inside making it near impossible for someone to get the keys through the letterbox. He already had high security cylinders on the locks. The customer was delighted with our Croydon locksmith service.

Locksmith in Croydon Helps Reduce Home Insurance Premium - CR0, Croydon, 16th September 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon attended to a young lady who had been burgled via the back door. The culprit was her ex partner whom she had recently separated from. He broke in and took all their equipment. Our Croydon locksmiths secured the property, and put new locks on the doors. In doing so, the home insurance premium has gone down a little, which was an unexpected surprise to the customer after such a troublesome day. Needless to say, she was very happy with the work carried out by our locksmiths in Croydon.

Croydon Locksmith Replaces Night Latch Lock and Installs London Bar - CR0, Croydon, 7th September 2020

Our local locksmiths in Croydon attended to a customer who had their front door kicked in, in a case of mistaken identity. They thought someone else had lived in his property. The customer asked Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon to repair the door and install a new 60mm British Standard night latch. In addition to this, they also asked for us to install a London Bar, which goes over the night latch and reinforces it from the inside, which we were able to accommodate. He was very pleased with the efficient job our Croydon locksmiths did.

Croydon Locksmith Replaces Locks At Womens Refuge Pro Bono - Croydon, 31st August 2020

Our Croydon locksmiths recently did some work supporting a local women's refuge in Croydon. A lady was admitted and given a key. She went out and rushed back because her ex partner had seen her. In a terrible series of events, she was followed back to the refuge and attacked. The property was compromised after the culprit gained entry by breaking the lock. Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon replaced 15 cylinders at the refuge for free as part of our long term partnership with the centre and ongoing commitment to our company mantra: Keeping You Safe.

Attempted Burglary by 'Friend' Foiled by Croydon Locksmith - CR6, Croydon, 21st August 2020

Today our locksmiths once again became crime fighting superheroes. A customer called to say their son had lost his keys - at least he thought he had. What actually happened is one of his friends had stolen the keys out of his bag with plans to burgle the house. We were instructed to act quickly in replacing the 4 locks on the house. They wanted them all keyed alike, so we put a temporary measure of new cylinders in, until the new parts arrived. Whilst doing so, the 'friend' was caught red handed trying to break in with the now surplus and invalid keys and was handed over to the police. Quick action on this occasion really did save the day and the customers were very grateful for our emergency locksmiths in Croydon.

DIY Lock Replacement Gone Wrong - CR2, Croydon, 17th August 2020

At 1am this morning our Croydon locksmiths were called to a property where the customer had bought a brand new lock and attempted to install it himself. He then used the wrong key and jammed it! You can imagine his disappointment having got so far and then broke the lock with the wrong key. Our Croydon locksmiths had no choice but to gain entry via destructive means. We discussed options with the customer, who instructed us to proceed with an upgraded Ultion high security lock. We replaced the lock and showed them how to use it properly to avoid any future issues. They were very happy with their whole experience of using Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon, particularly at the fact we were able to come out so late at night.

Door Slammed Shut With Kids Inside - CR2, Croydon, 14th August 2020

Our Croydon locksmiths were out early this morning playing superman to a young family where the door had slammed shut, locking the children inside and the parents outside. Luckily we were nearby and was able to respond within minutes. Our Croydon locksmiths were able to gain entry to the property very quickly and reunite the family without and issue. They were very grateful for the speedy service from Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon.

Croydon Homeowner Locked Out Early in the Morning - CR0, Croydon, 10th August 2020

Early this morning we attended a customer in Croydon who was locked out of their home. We arrived super quick, within 10 minutes of receiving the call and was able to get them back inside their home just as quick. We used our professional tools to non-destructively gain entry and the customer couldn't believe how quickly the entire service took, from doorstep call to cuppa on the sofa. We are always available whenever you're locked out of your home in Croydon, day or night!

Choose A Recommended Croydon Locksmith, Not The Cheapest - CR5, Croydon, 3rd August 2020

Today our local Croydon locksmiths attended an early morning visit to a customer who had already engaged with a different local locksmith to help with their failed mortice. This other non-Lockforce locksmith annihilated their deadlock with a cylinder cutter. They had cut a 5cm hole and had cut through the wooden door, then through the mortice itself leaving a gaping hole. Our Croydon locksmiths repaired the door and installed a new mortice. The customer asked for our opinion on how to deal with the previous locksmith. We recommended they involve trading standards as it's people like them who give all locksmiths a bad name.

Croydon Locksmith Fixes Repeated Key Snapping Lock - CR2, Croydon, 21st July 2020

Today our Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon team attended an elderly couple who had snapped their key in the door. We had already been to see this couple two days prior where the same thing had happened, they had snapped their key in the lock. We extracted the snapped key from the cylinder and cut a fresh key to avoid replacing the cylinder (at the customers request). Then today we returned again as the same thing had happened, they had snapped the key in the lock, and this time took our recommendation to replace the cylinder. They went for an Ultion high security lock, which came with thicker keys. They were very pleased with our recommendation and our perseverance to fix this lock issue.

Croydon Locksmith Confronted with a Knife - CR0, Croydon, 9th July 2020

This week one of our Croydon locksmiths attended what seemed like an everyday job. A nephew had locked the homeowner, his grandmother, out of the house. Our Croydon locksmiths gained entry via police authorisation, and were attacked by the knife weilding nephew. It was a scary moment, thankfully these types of confrontations are very rare. Our locksmith defended himself and neutralised the attacker and was able to complete the job, leaving the property secure and with a new cylinder. We have been interviewed by the police and are pleased the matter is now over. It certainly makes us think about people in all sorts of professions, not just locksmiths, who voluntarily put themselves in dangerous situations to provide support when people need it.

Croydon Locksmiths Called by Police for Assistance - CR2, Croydon, 8th July 2020

Today we were called by the local police to support them with a domestic disturbance. The partner was being evicted from the property and Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon were called to replace the locks while the police were present. The Croydon lock replacement went without a hitch and we were pleased to have contributed to the safety of the family.

Snapped Key in Bifold Doors - CR0, Croydon, 12th June 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon were called by a customer who had snapped his key in his bifold doors and wasn't able to open the doors. The multi-point lock had failed and due to the snapped key, the lock wouldn't work. We explained the issue to the customer who instructed us to gain entry and replace the entire MPL and cylinder, which we did by snapping the cylinder to gain entry. We proceeded to replace the whole multipoint and cylinder and the customer was very happy we were able to come at such short notice and fix the problem so promptly.

Chrome High Security Lock Upgrade - CR4, Mitcham, 10th June 2020

Today Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon were called to a property in Mitcham by a customer who had just purchased a property and wanted to upgrade all of the locks in the house to high security locks. He wanted everything installed with a chrome finish, which we were able to accommodate. We upgraded the front door lock, the back door lock and the internal doors with Ultion high security anti-snap locks. He was very pleased we were able to accommodate his request for chrome with such a quick and comprehensive turn around.

High Security Lock Upgrade After Burglary - CR0, Croydon, 7th June 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon attended a property who was the victim of a burglary a few months ago before lockdown was activated, when the customer was on holiday. As they had been indoors since, they didn't feel it was necessary to do anything about the compromised lock, but now that the lockdown measures are starting to ease, they wanted to upgrade their locks. We discussed options and recommended the Ultion 3* high security lock, which we installed alongside 2* handles, all of which is insurance rated. The customer was very impressed with our knowledge of available locks and handles, the pros and cons of each, and over the moon with the £1,000 guarantee on the Ultion high security lock! It really gave him peace of mind.

Customer Locked in Bathroom - CR0, Coombe, Croydon, 1st June 2020

This evening we were called to a customer in Coombe, Croydon, who had locked herself in her bathroom. It was a privacy lock which could only be locked from the inside, so her husband couldn't help, but thankfully he was there to let us into the property. We slipped the latch with a micro card and installed a new lock. They were both very pleased we were able to help - the husband was considering knocking down the door but thankfully we were able to gain entry to the bathroom without having to destroy the door.

Addiscombe Snapped Key in Lock - CR0, Addisombe, Croydon, 28th May 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon attended a property in Addiscombe this morning after a customer had snapped their key in their lock. We successfully extracted the snapped key from the lock and proceeded to gain entry to the property using non destructive means. We then cut the customer a new key. They were very pleased we were able to help them get back in their house without costing the earth.

Emergency Lock Out in Croydon - CR2, South Croydon, 20th May 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon were called to a late night lock out in South Croydon where a customer had lost their keys. We gained entry using non destructive techniques, having first needing to gain entry to the main door to this block of flats, and then into the flat itself. The customer was very happy that our late night locksmith service in Croydon were able to come to his rescue in the dead of night.

Two Late Night Croydon Lock Outs - CR0, Croydon, 13th May 2020

We had a very strange occurance last night. We were called to two late night lockouts in Croydon, just a few doors away from each other! Both call outs were near identical; a failed gear box and seized cylinder. We compromised the cylinders to gain entry and used a pump up air bag to give us more working space in the frame of the door. We opened up the door to then lift the locks. We continued to replaced the gear box and installed a new 3 star cylinder, insurance rated lock on both properties. On both occasions, the customer was overjoyed with our outstanding emergency Croydon locksmith service.

Croydon Fishmongers Lock Replacements Throughout - CR2, Croydon, 7th May 2020

Today we were called to a local Fishmongers who needed all six locks needed. They had been shut down due to coronavirus and wanted to ensure building was safe and secure. We attended and replaced the locks. He was very happy that his whole business is safe and secure.

Croydon Police Officer Locked Out Of Flat - CR2, Croydon, 4th May 2020

This morning Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon were called by a police officer who had seen our van driving around and took a photo of it so he could give us a call. He was locked out of his flat building. We used non destructive entry on the main building door, which was master suited for all the tenants. We then gained entry to his flat, which had surprisingly cheap and weak locks, and under his instruction installed a further two locks to help improve the security of his flat. He was very happy with our locksmith service in Croydon.

Croydon Locksmith Supporting Local Police Against Domestic Violence - CR2, Croydon, 29th April 2020

Early this morning Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon were called to attend a family dispute, there were some apparent domestic issues, and the locks needed to be changed for the safety of the family. We installed a high security Avocet ABS cylinder. The customer was over the moon because they said they now felt safe again. Their other half was kept outside by police whilst we worked on the security upgrade. These types of jobs are always difficult on an emotional level, but we are proud to have played a role in combating domestic abuse in Croydon.

Emergency Croydon Locksmith Helps Elderly Customer After Doors Blown Shut - CR0, Croydon, 27th April 2020

Our Croydon emergency locksmith team this morning attended to an elderly lady who had left her back door open and it blew the front door shut while in garden! I'm sure you can imagine her frustration and worry. We raced to the rescue and achieved non destructive entry to the property using our professional letterbox tool. We gained entry within seconds. We didn't charge for this job - we were glad we could help. She was very happy with our service and the fact we didn't charge her.

Croydon Locksmith Fixes High Security Lock - CR2, Croydon, 24th April 2020

Today Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon attended a customer who had a high security lock which failed, the cylinder and gearbox had failed. We gained entry to the property and installed a new gearbox and Ultion high security lock. The customer had a disabled partner so it was critical the lock was working to enable access. He was very happy with our service and left a glowing review.

Emergency Croydon Locksmith Needed When Keys Lost Walking Dog - CR0, Croydon, 20th April 2020

This wonderfully sunny morning was ruined for one customer when he took his dog for a walk and lost the keys somewhere on a massive part. Trying his best to observe social distancing, he felt he was very limited to what he could do to ask for help. Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon to the rescue - we arranged to meet him back at his home and gained non-destructive entry back into his home. He had a cheap lock on the door which made our job easier. We replaced the lock at his instruction to a high security lock. He was very impressed with our service and our availability during this coronavirus lockdown situation.

Croydon Locksmith Installs Smart Lock on Both Home and Business - CR2, Croydon, 14th April 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon had the pleasure of returning to a customer whom we visited earlier this month. We had attended to install Ultion smart locks at his business premises, and he now wanted the same doing for his residential property. His lock had been showing signs it needed replacing for some time and he was concerned his property was no longer secure. He liked his experience of Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon previously, and was very impressed with the ease of use of the Ultion smart lock, not to mention it was an Ultion cylinder lock which represented best in the market security. It's our pleasure to keep everyone in Croydon safe during these uncertain times.

Locked Out of Home Office - CR2, Croydon, 8th April 2020

With most of the nation working from home during this coronavirus pandemic, can you imagine the frustration of being locked out of your home office?! That's exactly what happened to one customer we visited in South Croydon this afternoon. The deadlock had failed, so we had to gain entry by drilling the deadlock, lifting the lever, and pulling the bolt back, and finally replacing the deadlock. The customer was over the moon as he was now able to resume working!

Smart Lock Installation for Business - CR0, Croydon, 3rd April 2020

With most of the nation on lockdown and working from home, we attended one business this afternoon that still had key members of staff having to attend the office. However, not all had keys and getting keys to them was proving to be difficult for the business owner. We supported them in installing an Ultion smart lock, which eliminated the need to keep cutting keys, and works via an app and supports multiple users. The installation was very straight forward, and we had completed the smart lock installation in just 10 minutes. We demonstrated the device to the customer to ensure they were happy with how it works, and the software, and they were very impressed with the lock and our local Croydon locksmith service.

High Standard Lock Upgrade and Alarm Installation After Pet Shop Break In - CR5, Coulsdon, 30th March 2020

This morning in the early hours we received a call from a pet shop business owner who was the victim of a break in. When we arrived shortly after the call, the door was ruined as it had been pulled out. We were left with no choice but to destructively gain entry and proceeded to support the customer by replacing the lock with a high standard night latch and also arranged a return visit to install an alarm system. It's always a shame when we have to visit a crime scene, particularly as most of the world is in isolation, but criminals can strike at any time, even in times of crisis. Likewise, our Croydon emergency locksmith service are here to help and are taking every imaginable precaution available.

Deadlocked Out Of House - CR0, Croydon, 26th March 2020

A customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon this morning needing us to help her gain entry to her home. She had deadlocked herself out and didn't have the keys to get back in. We had no choice but to drill the lock as non-destructive entry wasn't possible. We replaced the lock with a brand new night latch. The customer was happy that she was back inside, but disappointed that she couldn't keep using her existing keys. She wanted all of her family to have keys, who drop in often unannounced, to visit her. To give her comfort, I took each of their addresses from her and posted the keys to each nominated family member on her behalf. She commended Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon on our outstanding service and truly going above and beyond and putting the customer first.

Croydon Emergency Locksmith After Baby Locked Indoors - CR0, Croydon, 24th March 2020

Today we put on our superhero capes as we attended to an emergency locksmith job in Croydon within three minutes! From call to doorstep in three minutes! We were literally on the next road down from the customer when she called, very distressed, when the door blew shut with her 6 month old child in the house alone. She was panicking and in tears. We used our professional letterbox tools to open the door within seconds without having to compromise the lock itself. Needless to say, she couldn't have been more appreciative of our Croydon emergency locksmith service.

Croydon Locks Replaced After Bag Stolen - CR0, Coombe, Croydon, 18th March 2020

A customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon early this morning quite distressed after discovering his bag had been stolen from the gym after an early morning workout. He wanted to replace the locks in his flat to ensure his property was safe, as a matter of urgency. We raced to meet him at his flat and promptly gained entry to ensure there had been no intruders, and then proceeded to replace the ABS 3 star cylinder lock, like for like, rendering the old keys useless and provided the customer with multiple sets of new keys. He was over the moon and very impressed with the speed of our emergency Croydon locksmith service!

Gain Entry To Property For Warrant Officer - CR2, Selsdon, Croydon, 14th March 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon were called this afternoon to assist a warrant officer in removing an electricity board from a pub. We arrived promptly at the assigned time and used non destructive entry to gain access to the property. The back door lock was picked and an internal door too. We proceeded through to the cellar and again used non destructive techniques on the office door mortice lock. The warrant officer was able to successfully do the necessary and remove the electricity board and commended Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon on completing the job with such efficiency.

Door Jammed in Croydon - CR0, Waddon, Croydon, 11th March 2020

This morning Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon were called by a returning customer who asked us to look at one of his other properties. The front door was jammed and wasn't opening. We gained entry to the property, replaced the cylinder and realigned the door. We inspected the door which was now working flawlessly. We did the same for the back door, gained entry, changed cylinder, realigned the door - and also realigned the kitchen door whilst we were there. The customer and tenant were very happy with the outstanding service delivered by Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon.

Croydon Locksmith Needed for Repossession - CR0, Addiscombe, Croydon, 9th March 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon had an early morning visit this morning to support with a repossession order. The tenants had fell behind with rent payments by over six months and the landlord couldn't allow it to continue. As time was of the essence and we had to move quickly, the landlord instructed us to use destructive entry so we drilled the lock out and installed a new Yale night latch and provided the landlord with multiple sets of new keys. The customers were very impressed with the speed and knowledge shown by Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon and were very happy that the repossession went smoothly.

South Croydon Lock Fix After Wrong Parts Installed - CR2, South Croydon, 6th March 2020

This morning Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon attended a property in South Croydon that had previously been attended by a different local locksmith. He had attempted to install an Ultion high security lock to the house but the wrong cylinder was delivered, which caused the lock to fail. We replaced the lock to a functioning Ultion high security lock, replaced the thumb turn, and the lock is working flawlessly. If you're having problems with your locks in Croydon, call Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon anytime, 24/7.

Warrant work in Croydon - 27th February 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon out and about today 1st job was a Warrant job gaining entry to a local business.  Here at Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon we cater for all types of properties residential or commercial and all type of jobs nothing is to big nothing to small. Call Andy for your free quotation 07951 952 801

Digi lock issue in Croydon - 20th February 2020

Customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon as they could not get into their main door as the Digi lock was not opening. Once I arrived and got the door open the problem was clear as you can see below. Now they have a weather proof Digi lock fit for purpose.

Croydon Door Handle and Lock Failed - CR3, Croydon, 6th February 2020

This morning Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon were called to a customers flat where the door lock within the door knob was failing consistently. We examined the handle and lock and were able to replace it and also provided the customer with three new keys. The customer also asked us to replace her main door with an Ultion 3 Star WXM euro cylinder, which we were able to complete on the same visit. If you need a locksmith in Croydon, be sure to give us a call.

Croydon Lock Upgrade After Faulty Lock - CR0, Croydon, 28th January 2020

Today Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon were called to a property where the customer was unable to unlock his front door. We inspected the lock on arrival. It was clear the key was unable to turn the barrel, so we attempted to gain entry via the back door instead, using non destructive entry methods. Once we had gained entry, we were able to open the lock from inside the property. Once the customer was inside, he instructed us to replace the lock, which we upgraded to a high security lock for his peace of mind. He was very happy with our Croydon locksmith service.

Lock Replacement After Eviction - CR2, Croydon, 16th January 2020

This afternoon Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon attended a rental property that recently had some nuisance tenants who neglected to pay rent for several months, and after trying to reach a resolution and failing, the landlord felt he had no other choice but to formally evict the tenant. We supported the landlord by replacing his existing euro cylinder locks to high security anti snap locks. This renders the keys currently in possession by the evicted tenants useless. The landlord was very grateful for Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon's comprehensive service during this stressful time.

Croydon Lock Upgrade After Burglary (6th January 2020)

It's never a nice thing to go through when you are the victim of burglary or a crime. It's commonly only after such an even that people start thinking how can I increase my home security, or what could I have done to prevent that burglary. We are big security advocates, which is why we are approved installers of the Avocet AIM forensic DNA alarm systems, and strong ambassadors of the Ultion high security lock from Brisant, as well as other high security locks on the market. This evening we visited a customer who was the victim of a burglary, who gained entry by snapping the lock very quickly. The customer wanted us to recommend a lock which will stop such a thing happening to them again, so we recommended the Ultion high security, anti snap lock (which comes with a £1,000 guarantee). When we demonstrated the mechanisms at play, and showed them some of the marketing videos, they were very pleased with their lock upgrade. If you want to know more about high security lock upgrades in Croydon, give us a call anytime.

Additional Locks for Air Bnb Accommodation Property (20th December 2019)

We visited a lady in Croydon today who needed a local locksmith to advise on some locks for her property. Now her children have grown up and flown the nest, she wanted to rent out the vacant rooms on AirBnb, and wanted to discuss what locks would be appropriate. After going through the various options, she chose to proceed with two night latches and rim cylinders for both bedroom doors, which we were able to install on the spot as we had the stock in the van. She was very impressed by our speedy Croydon locksmith service.

Carers Unable To Enter Property (13th December 2019)

This morning we received a call from a young gentleman enquiring about his elderly father, who had left his keys in the front door and his carers were unable to enter the property to provide his clinical care, including giving his medication. We helped them gain entry to the property, and were instructed to install thumb turn locks on the inside to prevent this type of problem happening again. This was completed and the son commented he feels much happier knowing that this won't happen again and couldn't thank us enough for our rapid and comprehensive emergency locksmith service in Croydon.

Antique Safe Locksmith (6th December 2019)

We tackle countless interesting lock related jobs here in Croydon, but this one was particularly exciting for us. We were called by an antique dealer who had recently won an auction lot of items, included in which was an old safe with no key. There was clearly something inside as it weighed more than expected. The antiques dealer also believed the safe itself had some worth and some history attached to it. So we have to be extra careful with this one, not to damage the safe, or its contents. We took our time and picked the lock to gain entry to the safe. We opened the door slightly, and let the customer have the honour of being the first one inside it. It contained documents, watches and a small amount of jewellery - much to his delight.

Locked Inside Bathroom, Door Lock Seized (4th December 2019)

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon received a call from a customer who was locked inside her bathroom. Luckily she had her phone with her and was able to call us to help. We were passing her neighbourhood when she called so we were able to reach her in record time! To add to the challenge, her front door was locked, so we had to pick that lock to gain entry to the property using non-destructive techniques, and then work to fix the bathroom door lock. She was very happy to see us once we had opened the bathroom door. It didn't take us long to fix the door lock issue and the bathroom door lock is now fully functioning again.

Croydon Tenant Locked Out of Flat (2nd December 2019)

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon received an early morning call to a block of flats where a customer had locked himself out of his apartment with the keys inside. We used non-destructive techniques to gain entry to the flat without causing damage to the door or lock. The customer was very happy to be back inside and assured us he won't be making that mistake again. If you find yourself locked out in Croydon and need an emergency locksmith, look no further than Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon, available 24/7.

Non-locking sliding patio door in Croydon (25th November 2019)

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon was called out to a lady in Forestdale, Selsdon who wasn’t able to close her sliding patio door. Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon was on the case and had the old lock and handles out. With a new patio lock, handles and a properly fitted 3* ABS insurance approved cylinder installed, the door was like new. A very happy and satisfied customer for Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon.

Key Snapped in Lock in Croydon (20th November 2019)

We can entirely empathise with this customer who snapped their key in their front door after the school run. As their local Croydon locksmith, we were able to get to them very quickly, and were able to extract the broken key from the lock, and cut them some new keys on their doorstep. Very pleased customer indeed.

High Security Lock Replacement in Croydon (17th November 2019)

We were contacted by a customer in Croydon who was unsure if the locks on their home were of a decent standard. We visited them and performed a free security audit where we assessed their locks and other possible security risks. As the customer suspected, the locks, while functional, presented zero problems for burglars wanting to get in. The customer wasn't surprised and asked us to upgrade their locks to high security locks, which we did there and then. They were very pleased with the services provided by Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon.

Late Night Emergency in Croydon (7th November 2019)

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon was called out to a property in Thornton Heath last night to a distressed woman. She had to have a lodger removed from her property but he had said he had more keys to the property so Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon got to the property to change the customers cylinder to a high security 3* ABS  insurance grade cylinder. The customer was very happy with the service and was once again feeling safe in her own home knowing no unwanted people or lodgers could get into her property. Keeping You Safe is what we strive to do.

Women's Refuge in Croydon (29th October 2019)

Lockforce Locksmiths Sutton was called out to a disturbance at a Woman’s refuge today as there was an attempted abduction.The technician went around the property and made sure the property was safe and secure for its residents. Keeping the vulnerable safe in the community is our priority weather it be the elderly, or people escaping any form  of violence weather it be verbal or emotional. Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon & Sutton are here to help.

Cylinder Upgrades in Croydon (23rd October 2019)

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon recieved a call from a customer who wanted to upgrade her front & backdoor cylinders as they where not insurance rated and the fact that her next door neighbour was burgled the night before. She didn’t feel her home was as safe as it should be so she acted on it. I installed High Security 3* insurance rate cylinders. Make your home as safe as it can be by calling for a free home security survey. CALL ANDY NOW ON: 07951 952801

Lock upgrades to front and back doors (22nd October 2019)

Lockforce Locksmiths was called out to a customer who was having issues with locking there front and back doors. Once we inspected the doors in question we informed the customer of the issues with both doors. The front doors Multi-point lock had decayed in the housing part where the spindle would sit so unfortunately was not doing its function that it was meant too. The back door had a different issue the cylinder was not turning with the key so was not locking or unlocking after explaining this and informing the customer what would be required to fix the problem, the customer was happy for Lockforce Locksmiths to carry out the work and get there doors working again. Another happy customer #MultipointLocks  #3*Cylinder  #KeepingYouSafe

Lock Upgrade in CR0 (22nd October 2019)

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon was called out to a customers house as they wished to upgrade their home security. Once at the address we carried out a home survey free of charge and installed a 3* Insurance rated cylinder for the customer. #FreeHomeSurvey  #InsuranceRatedCylinder

Thornton Heath Late Night Lockout (21st October 2019)

Lockforce Locksmiths are a 24hour service so when we got a call from a distressed customer as they had lost there keys and could not get into their property we was very happy to help. We were on site within 20 minuets and had the customer back in the warmth of their home within 10 minuets, we had to replace the cylinder as the customer requested a new high security cylinder. Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon installed a 3* insurance rated Ultion to give the customer peace of mind. Another satisfied customer for Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon. #24HourEmergencyCallOut  #KeepingYouSafe  #InsuranceRatedCylinders

Front Porch Door Jammed in New Addington (21st October 2019)

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon was called out to a customer in New Addington as there front porch door was not opening once it had been unlocked. Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon investigated what the issue was and after a close inspection found that the rollers on the MPL where jammed. Once the problum was found it was a matter of minuets  before the door was opened. The customer was recommanded to renew the MPL and upgrade his cylinder as well to a new 3* ABS insurance grade cylinder. The customer took the advise and the work was carride out and completed with in 20 mins. Another satisfied customer for Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon.

Customer Locked out with Young Baby Locked in Croydon, CR0 (11th October 2019)

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon received an emergency call out to a mother who was very upset and distraught as her young baby had been locked in and her keys where left on the inside of the door. Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon rushed over to the address in Croydon and had the door open within seconds to reunite mother and son. The young baby was still sleeping and was none the wiser to what had happened. Another very satisfied customer.

Croydon Lock Upgrade, Croydon, CR2 (8th October 2019)

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon were called out to a property that had had an attempted break-in. The customer wanted all the locks changed to insurance rated locks. Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon was happy to help and installed ABS 3* insurance rated cylinders to keep the customer safe and secure in her property. A free home security survey was carried out for the customers peace of mind.

Front Door Lock Problems in Mitcham, Croydon (12th September 2019)

Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon attended a property in CR4 as the customer couldn't lock her front door. After explaining to the customer what the possible issues could be I then started to investigate what the problem could be. The problem was that the lift to lock mechanism part of the gearbox had started to decay which in turn meant the handle would not lift to lock the door. The customer understood the issue and asked Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon to replace the Gearbox and she wanted to upgrade her cylinder to a 3* ABS High Security cylinder, which we were happy to support her with. Another happy customer for Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon

Faulty UPVC Door Gearbox in Croydon (August - 2019)

I was recently called out to help a lady who could not lock her front porch UPVC door. On inspection of the property it became apparent that the customers gearbox and cylinder had seized up so was no longer doing the job it needed to. I explained that a new gearbox and cylinder was required to fix the problem. Whilst at the property the customer asked if I could survey their home to make sure it was as secure as it could be. Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon was happy to do this at no additional cost as it adders to our company policy "Keeping You Safe". Another satisified customer. 

Non Destructive Entry in Croydon (11th August 2019)

Customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon 11th August following a family bereavement and needed to gain access to the property of the family member. I arrived to the property where I gained Non destructive entry and changed the locks for the customer. You can trust us to be discrete and sensitive to customers situations. Keeping You Safe Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon

Latest News

Locksmith Training Complete - July 29th 2019

Hi my name is Andy Yuill and I'm the proud owner of Lockforce Locksmiths Croydon, I have just completed my in-indepth Training with The Forces Group.

The training was completed in Hull and covered absolutely everything from:-

  • Non destructive entry
  • Cylinder change
  • Gearbox change
  • Picking
  • Changing Multi Point Locks (MPL's)
  • Changing UPVC handles
  • Changing Window hinges, handles and mechanisms

This is to name just a fraction of what I was are taught in the intense training that I went through. I found the training absolutely amazing and cannot wait for the refresher courses. In my first week I didn't know what to expect but have found it very satisfying working for myself. I love being able to get a call and know that I could be considered the fourth emergency service to the person I am going to help no matter what the issue might be. I know I'm going to be able to help resolve the problem they have and stick to the Lockforce moto "Keeping You Safe". One of the things I like the most about owning my own business within a franchise, is the support I get from Head Office. They have given me absolutely everything I require to succeed: my website has been set up as has my Facebook page and Google My Business, Lockforce branded uniform, business cards, advertising material such as leaflets and information booklets to give out to potential customers. Head office staff have been very supportive. I have always been a firm believer you get out of life what you put in. I take great pride in my work which starts from when I get up, making sure I have clean uniform to wear which promotes professionalism. I make sure my van is clean and tidy and I attend appointments on time. If I'm going to be late I will always inform the customer so they are not waiting around unnecessarily. It is important to be polite and courteous to my customers and treating them with the respect they deserve. Ensuring I wear overshoes, taking blankets to lay down and hoovering up dust once I have completed my work, enables me to show that I respect and consider my customers home. I take pride in my appearance and work and this is why people call me back and also recommend me to family and friends. I get great satisfaction from my business as I never know what the next job will bring. There is no better feeling knowing that you have just helped someone who was in need. Once again keeping to our Moto "Keeping You Safe".

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