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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester.

My name is Alan and I'm a local professional locksmith proudly serving the city of Colchester and the surrounding areas nearby.

I pride myself on my craftmanship and customer service which is highlighted in my 1,500+ reviews. 

Key Points:

  • Most Reviewed Colchester Locksmith
  • DBS Checked
  • Fully Insured
  • Checkatrade Vetted
  • Trading Standards Approved
  • Master Locksmith Association Member (MLA - #104277)
  • 3x Winner of the Customer Service Award from The Forces Group Ltd (2020-2022).

Located in the heart of Colchester, I am at the centre of our community, enabling me to respond swiftly to your needs.

Having served Colchester for years, I understand the local security concerns and tailor my services to meet the specific needs of this community.

My approach is not just about fixing locks; it's about forging lasting relationships with residents and businesses, ensuring your peace of mind and safety.

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Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester is Trading Standards Approved

Colchester Locksmith Services

At Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester, I offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to the unique needs of Colchester residents and businesses:

Emergency Locksmith Services in Colchester

In the event of a lockout or security emergency, I guarantee a rapid response, arriving at your location within 60 minutes. My approach prioritises speed and efficiency, ensuring minimal disruption to your day.

Domestic Locksmith Solutions

From traditional lock repairs to modern security upgrades, my services cover all aspects of home security. Whether you need new lock installations, repairs, or replacements, I have the expertise to handle it all.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Businesses in Colchester can rely on my professional services for securing their premises. I offer bespoke solutions for commercial properties, including master key systems, high-security locks, and access control systems.

High Security Upgrades

In response to the evolving security needs of Colchester, I specialise in installing high-security locks, such as 5-lever mortice deadlocks conforming to British Standard BS3621, anti-snap Euro cylinder locks, and digital smart locks.

uPVC Door and Window Lock Repairs

Recognising the prevalence of uPVC fixtures in Colchester homes, I offer specialised services for uPVC door and window lock repairs and replacements, enhancing both security and functionality.

Lock Maintenance and Consultation

I provide comprehensive lock maintenance services and personalised consultations to help you choose the best security options for your home or business.

For a local locksmith service that truly understands and caters to the needs of Colchester, contact me, Alan, at Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester on 01206 673 673.

Whether it's an emergency callout or a routine security check, I am here to provide reliable, efficient, and friendly locksmith services. Trust in my expertise to keep your Colchester home or business secure.

Lockforce Colchester Blog

Wet and windy week 14/7/24

Despite it being a wet cold and a bit windy in Colchester this week I still managed to get lots done,  despite being in hospital Wednesday having cardioversion to rectify my heart rhythm. Adding mortice lock security on doors in Lexden, upgrading security on several properties in Colchester. all British standard locks being used, British standard locks are what insurance companies want, they are hard if not impossible for the casual burglar to gain entry to. I use 1 star cylinders for security and 3 star cylinders for maximum security ( almost impossible for a burglar to gain entry to).

Quiet week but still securing properties 6/7/24

Lockforce Colchester has been ticking over this week with a few jobs done, one in particular needed securing fast as the keys were lost on 5 containers, all of which needed opening and locks changing. I had them all open within an hour and replaced the standard mortice dead locks with British standard mortice dead locks,  all keyed alike,  5 locks one key to open all. Leaving them safer and much more secure. 

Hospital visits over the next 9 days 1/7/24

I have a few hospital visits over the next few  days.. hoping for the procedure to rectify my hearts rhythm and cure the valve problem goes well on the 9th, but before the procedure I have various tests to go through, so I'll be in and out of work for a couple of weeks, I will be working to keep north Essex safe&secure as much as possible. Call Alan for help and advice anytime. 

Still keeping north Essex safe & secure - 23/6/24

Colchester is still growing with hundreds of new builds going on still, Colchester was the fastest growing town in Europe a few years ago, I do not know if this is still true but hundreds of new homes being built and thousands planned over the next few years. I'm still offering free security surveys to new and older properties. New homes may or not be well built but what I do know is although the doors may be solid and have the modern multipoint locking systems with up to 8 locking points, but nearly all I survey have standard Cylinders which can be easily for the regular burglar to gain entry, I only supply and install British standard cylinders 3star is what insurance companies recommend and if they ask for you must comply to be insurance compliant.

BUSY WEEK - 16/6/24

Lockforce Colchester has had a busy week after a brief hospital visit on Tuesday. Adding extra security to doors at a local guitar showroom, one which stocks 1,000s of guitars of all types. To gaining entry to help people back into their homes. Changing mortice sash locks to Euro sash locks with thumbturn cylinders for safety. I'm still waiting for another appointment at Colchester general hospital for my heart procedure, but I'm up and running (well walking really ) and happy to help north Essex keep safe&secure. 

Still keeping busy 11/6/26

Working hard to keep Colchester safe&secure. This 1st half of the year has flown by,  And although lockforce Colchester has been hampered with illness this year. We are still managing to repair, restore and replace north  Essex's locks doing our job keeping you safe from intrusion. 

Half way through the year - 01/6/24

Well it's half way through the year and lockforce Colchester has been working at half steam for the last two months after being diagnosed with heart failure, a problem which I hope can be repaired with a procedure I am having on the 11th of June, untill then I am still working but at a reduced capacity, emergency jobs will always take priority. We will hopefully be back at full steam by the end of this month

Managing to help north Essex customers - 26/5/24

Lockforce Colchester was back on the tools this week, after illness I've managed to keep working and help various customers, repair, replace and restore their locks bringing them back to a secure level. All the locks used are British standard to comply with insurance requirements. As well as being a higher than standard quality. One of the reasons we give a two year guarantee on our products. Read the review section for complete reassurance.

Time off to recoup 16/5/24

Unfortunately for me I had to spend time in hospital last week, so I've been off work for nearly 10 days, after breathing problems early hours of the 7th of May I was taken to hospital, where various tests were applied giving me a full mot in the process. Tests were very thorough and results are in sometime next week.. meanwhile I'll be limiting the jobs I take on. I'll be here for advice and any help I can give from my phone. 

May the 4th be with you - 04/05/24

May is here and hopefully bringing sun and warmth, to cheer us all up. Lockforce Colchester has been very productive throughout the past 4 months, replacing, restoring,  repairing and rebuilding locks on doors and windows, adding extra security as well as upgrading locks to British standard, insurance and police compliant locks used as standard now.

End of the Month Nears, 29/4/24

As the end of April nears and May starts, it's been a wet one – April showers bringing May flowers, as they say. Despite a mixed month at Lockforce Colchester, including the challenges of dealing with shingles and having the van off the road for three days, we still managed to assist over 40 customers in Colchester with lock repairs, replacements, and restorations. Our dedication to keeping North Essex safe and secure remains unwavering.

Another Very Busy Week in North Essex, 21/4/24

Despite continuing to suffer from shingles, I managed to help various homeowners this week. From British Standard mortice locks to keyed alike British Standard Euro cylinders, I have been committed to providing free security and insurance surveys as well. As burglaries remain a concern, I am working diligently to help homeowners and businesses secure their properties. With over 40 positive reviews online this month, Lockforce Colchester continues to prioritize quality and customer satisfaction.

Busy week in Colchester - 10/04/2024

Lockforce Colchester has again been very busy securing homes and businesses. I had the pleasure of upgrading the security on a local pharmacy/post office, a  British standard mortice sash lock and handles were cut into the door to make it not only very secure but now insurance company compliant, I also added a digital key pad so staff could enter with out a key. Call Alan for free security advice.


Lockforce Colchester is taking a couple of days off this Easter  weekend. Much needed family time. This has been a very busy month keeping North Essex safe&secure, with the number of sheds being broken into we have been installing shed/gate locks to various property's, upgrading locks to British standard, adding mortice deadlocks to upgrade security. Also taking a day from working to attend a mortice lock picking training day, getting ready to take my qualified master locksmith exam later this year. 

Shed crime is on the up - 23/3/24

Lockforce Colchester has been extra busy this week installing shed locks. The locks we use are simply un breakable, the door would have to be smashed to bits to gain entry. Tools, cycles, lawn mowers and more are easy targets for burglars, and easily sold.. so make easy targets.. we can help stop this type of theft. Call Alan at lockforce Colchester for free quotes and advice 


It took two days and a lot of concentration to add British standard mortice dead locks and 3 star cylinders with night latches to 7 original oak doors after their insurance company demanded high security locks to all doors, which meant adding freshly installed dead locks and night latches. Now as well as being completely compliant they are now very safe. 

New handles for extra security - 25/02/24

Having found that her handles had become excessively loose a lady went onto Google to find a “locksmith near me” and came up with my number. She thought she would get her handles changed before they failed, which is always a good policy. I put on some high security British standards 2 star plus handles on for her which are made by Brisant Secure. Security is lockforce Colchester's main aim. Call Alan for free security survey.

Restricted keys for British standard cylinders - 16/02/24

At Lockforce Colchester we use British standard cylinders as standard. Our keys are restricted which means they can't be copied by just any key cutter. We keep stocks of these keys, we can supply genuine keys cut on the van.. obviously at a minimum cost... but with these keys we can key alike not just Euro cylinders but rim cylinders ( round ones) as well as padlocks. We can also replaced mortice locks for Euro mortice locks so we can key these alike as well. 

Back to work after a short break - 10/2/24

Lockforce Colchester was back on the tools this week after relaxing in the sun for 5 days. A very well needed break. The life of a locksmith can at times be very lonely, we are out all hours looking after our local residents, it's not just domestic homes we care for its schools, hospitals, offices and shops etc.  and sometimes it can be very stressful and it's nice to be able to take a break, especially in this cold damp weather. Lockforce Colchester are back committed to care in our community. 

British Standard Locks - 24/01/24

Lockforce Colchester has upgraded all our locks to British standard 1&3 star cylinders with key restrictions and BS3621 mortice sash&dead locks, we are offering this upgrade as standard with no increase in price. The recent increase in burglary's in north Essex is being done by going through your doors during the day and night, 67% of burglary's are done by going entry through the doors cylinder(barrel), Here at Lockforce Colchester we are determined to keep this City safe&secure.  Please call Alan for free security surveys and advice.


Arriving at a customers house this week and the customer had a tough time opening the front door, I asked her how long has this been like this, ever since we moved in about 8 years ago. The rear door as well. They were saving up for new doors so didn't think about having the doors realigned, it was the brother in law that mentioned lockforce Colchester as we have worked on his home. Well I realigned both doors and oiled the mechanism as well as changing the cylinders to 5 star insurance and police recommended for maximum security. I also serviced the windows and gave the doors and windows a thorough clean with PVC cleaner leaving them looking and working as new.


The new year is underway and lockforce Colchester has once again gained top of three locksmiths business in "best three rated business" this is four years running. At Lockforce our aim is not just quality craftsmanship but quality customer service,  Supplying the best quality products, which is the reason we give a 2 year guarantee on all our products. Call Alan for free quotations and free advice. 

Busy First Week Back for Lockforce Colchester - 06/01/24

Lockforce Colchester hit the ground running in their first week back after the Christmas break. With burglaries still a concern in the area, the team has been actively engaged in repairing doors and replacing locks, helping to fortify homes against break-ins. Understanding the importance of prevention, Lockforce Colchester continues to offer free security surveys, aiming to help residents protect their properties effectively against potential burglaries.

Back to Work in North Essex - Keeping It Safe and Secure - 03/01/24

After an extended Christmas break, Lockforce Colchester is back to continue its dedicated service to the community. Recognizing the importance of recharging both body and mind, the team has taken this time to reflect and concluded that the key to maintaining a high-quality service is taking regular breaks for rejuvenation. As always, Lockforce Colchester remains committed to ensuring the safety of its residents. The team is eager to provide free security advice and uphold its standard of top-quality craftsmanship on every job. Wishing everyone in Colchester a happy and secure New Year.


At Lockforce Colchester we are having a slightly longer break this year, I'm in need of a break this has been a hectic year, work and family. We have happily served over 500 customers in the past 12 months keeping them safe&secure, although very enjoyable it's time to wind down and chill.


Although I am winding down for Christmas, parties, family meetings and various other activities Going on. But three jobs gave me the upmost satisfaction this week, Working on repairing doors and window locks on three very special places, one school and two care homes for children. Again repairing and restoring locks on doors and windows. 


Lockforce Colchester has had lots of success this last week giving free surveys for all. I found that 8 out of 10 homes were not secure enough, also not insurance company compliant. Simply changing locks to 3 star or British standard locks will deter burglars and bring the property up to insurance companies compliance. For me it's all about securing your property from car thief's as well as the casual burglar. I will be giving free surveys throughout December.

Busy week keeping Colchester safe & secure - 12/11/23

Lockforce Colchester was kept busy again this week, lots of oops forgot my keys, I've shut the door and left the key in the back of the door so I can't get in. I can't unlock my front door, well helping the City's residents get back into their homes and repairing locking mechanisms on doors is only a small part of what we do in a normal week.. repairing, restoring, and replacing is our main business. British standard and 3-star locks and cylinders always used.


I have attended two property's this week to change locks after burglars broke in and found the cars keys and cars now gone and no trace.  A few years ago it was dogs that were being stolen. Both cases of entry were through the doors, one of them was at home sleeping. Lockforce Colchester can stop them from getting in.


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Keeping Colchester safe and secure - 29/10/23

Again another very busy week looking after the City's residents. From installing secure gate locks, to fresh fitting British standard mortice sash locks as well as an assortment of upgrading cylinders to 3 star police & insurance company compliant to maximise security. To installing padlocks to stable doors on a farm. At Lockforce Colchester we are able to repair, restore or replace locks of many types. Just call for Alan free quotations and advice . 

Installing digital locks to Colchester museum - 20/10/23

Lockforce Colchester had the absolute pleasure installing push button digital locks to doors at Colchester museum of architecture, this place is stacked full of Roman remains and architectural plinths, plaques and various stone works. With new locks installed security to certain private rooms are now safe&secure. 


I had the wonderful job of repairing two locked windows on a 600myear old home, these windows had not been opened in at least 10 years, there was a crude locking mechanism on the frame holding the handles down and the key was never given in, I managed to pick the lock open and with lots of cleaning and oil I managed to open the windows and get the locking mechanism working again. Another great day for Lockforce Colchester.

Another full week of lock repairs at Colchester - 10/10/23

Various jobs completed this week including installing new mortice locks, British standard night latches, upgrading Euro cylinders to 3-star Police and insurance company approved cylinders, supplying new locking window handles. The job that gave me most satisfaction was at a new school opening for young children. I had the job of securing the main entrance door a with code lock, and new snap safe thumb-turn cylinders to the inner doors. As well as a few classrooms. Keeping the new generation safe & secure.

Keeping Colchester residents safe & secure - 30/09/23

Lockforce Colchester has been busy this week, lock installing, replacing, and adding extra security to give peace of mind. As members of the master locksmiths association every job has been worked on to the best of my abilities I strive for perfection on every job. Yes people say there's no such thing but I still strive for it. Mortice locks, Euro locks, cupboard locks... there's not a lock I haven't worked on all to a very high standard. I, love fixing broken locks it's a passion. 

Digital lock installation in Colchester, CO3 - 24/09/23

Lockforce Colchester had the pleasure of installing a Nuki digital lock to a door on a beautiful Lexden property today. The Nuki digital electric lock can lock and unlock the door using a fob, a code pad or your phone, various other applications are usable, it also has a key override, making it very secure.  These locks are becoming very common place and the Nuki is way above most other electric door locks in terms of quality and usability. 

Lockforce Colchester is back from a weeks rest - 19/09/23

We have just returned from a weeks break in Marrakesh Morrocco, lockforce Colchester has been working extremely hard keeping Colchester City safe&secure this year securing hundreds of homes and gaining hundreds of 5 star reviews keeping us #1. we are back today with renewed vigour. 

Lockforce Colchester on holiday for a week 10/09/23

It's time for a break we are taking a week off from the 10th to the 18th of September. The year so far has been very busy looking after the City's residents.  Enjoyable and at times stressful, that's a locksmiths job and we love it.

Another record month for Lockforce Colchester - 02/09/23

Lockforce Colchester continue to gain 5 star reviews from local customers. August has broken my old record by gaining 60x5 star reviews all from Colchester residents. Still Colchester's highest rated local locksmith with 1500+ 5 star reviews. Reviews are important to me, to give prospective customers a chance to read about my abilities and make the correct choice. Trading standards approved as well as being a member of the master locksmith association. 

Schools out Colchester - 28/8/23

What a difference a day makes, schools are out and travelling around the City has become easy again. It has been getting very much worse driving around Colchester with the new build homes going up everywhere. But with everything quieter on the roads getting around to help keep Colchester's residents safe&secure is so much easier.

The end of another busy week keeping Colchester City -20/08/23

Lockforce Colchester this week achieved another milestone by reaching 1500 5-star reviews from local customers. This week we installed mortice locks, British standard night latch, upgraded door cylinders to insurance company and police approved ones, repaired window locking mechanisms and secured garden gates by adding key locking gate locks, as well as door realigning on various properties. 

Keeping busy keeping Colchester safe - 12/08/23

Lockforce Colchester has just had another very busy week looking after Colchester residents, one particularly enjoyable job was helping a couple who work for the NHS as radiologists. Their front door failed to lock after a night's work, Lockforce Colchester was at hand to replace the failed mechanism. Door now working as it should. Always busy but always ready to help. Just call Alan for all your lock and key problems.

Keeping Colchester City safe & secure - 05/08/23

Lockforce Colchester has worked on many of the city's prestigious property's , banks, restaurants, offices, hotels, hospitals, as well as commercial and private properties.  This week was more of the same, installing 3-star cylinders to secure homes as well as offices, British standard mortice sash locks to properties in the Dutch quarter,  adding extra locks to add to the security on a main dealer car franchise. We are always very happy to give advice as well as free quotations and free security surveys.. call Alan for all your lock problems. 

A short week for lockforce Colchester - 29/07/23

I had a relaxing few days with my two french bulldogs camping in my Campervan in the new forest. But still had time to do various jobs including freshly fitting mortice sash locks, upgrading cylinders to 5 star for maximum security, replacing broken gearboxes on pvc & composite doors. Insurance company surveys on windows and doors locking systems. Also gaining more 5 star reviews from local customers. Another week,looking after Colchester's residents.

Busy week for Lockforce Colchester - 22/7/23

Lockforce Colchester's no1 rated local locksmith completed a very busy week by installing two mortice sash locks on a property in the Lexden area of Colchester. 5 lever British standard insurance company compliant locks are the only ones I will use for exterior doors. Setting high standards is key to our success, giving more than our customers expect, going that extra mile to set standards. Keeping Colchester city safe & secure.

Amazing week at Lockforce Colchester - 15/07/23

I have had an amazing week looking after Colchester's residents, various jobs done from opening doors for people that had lost or forgotten keys, to freshly fitting British standard mortice locks. Also meeting some truly lovely people. What with all the doom and gloom we are all going through at this time, I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting some really upbeat people, which helps me stay focused, home owners that are beginning to struggle paying bills, larger mortgage payments, food prices as well as gas /electric but still managing a smile and a laugh. I am truly blessed to be working in this great City.

Another amazing week serving Colchester city’s residents - 07/07/23

A very varied  week for Lockforce Colchester, from installing 5 lever British standard mortice locks to 100 year old doors, to replacing door handles on school doors. adding extra security and repairing, restoring and repairing. Gaining more 5 star reviews adding to the 1400+ 5 star reviews already gained. Keeping the City safe & secure. 

Heat wave is slowing down - 01/07/23

The very hot weather that we have had for the past week or so is going to cool down this week, after many door problems due to heat and door expansion it's time to get your doors serviced, realigned, oiled, clean the mechanism and re spring handles( where necessary).  A simple service now could save manny£££s in the future, a multipoint locking mechanism. Should last many years if it has not been put under pressure, forcing handle up to lock it will put a strain on the gearbox.... this is the part that works the hooks/bolts on the strip. 

Repairing lock at Berechurch Hall in Colchester - 24/06/23

I had the fabulous job of replacing a lock on a door at Berechurch hall after it had failed to work. This Victorian Manor House is one of Colchester city's oldest properties with a very varied history.  Used as a hospital, A war time prison for German officers, as well as numerous other uses.  A very informative read and part of Colchester city's history.

Busy week for Lockforce Colchester - 17/06/23

It's hot and doors are expanding causing problems. Mainly PVC windows/doors. As a door expands it causes the locking mechanism to become stiff hard to work, this then causes the mechanism to fail, as they do not like pressure. A call to lockforce Colchester and we can adjust it before it breaks saving you lots of money .

Stolen bag so lock change in Colchester - 08/06/23

Lockforce Colchester had the job of replacing the locks on a property after this lady had her bag snatched from her. The bag had house keys and address in it as well as her purse and credit cards and driving licence. I upgraded the old cylinders with 3 star police&insurance company approved cylinders for maximum security.

Anti ligature door handles for Alresford care home, CO7 - 01/06/23

Lockforce Colchester had the pleasure of keeping the children at a local care home safe&secure this week when we added safety handles to the doors. These handles are fixed and non catching. Nothing can be tied or fixed to them. The doors open electronically and opened with the use of a key fob. If the fire alarm goes off the doors open automatically.

End of a busy month for Lockforce Colchester - 28/5/23

Lockforce Colchester is almost at the end of a very busy month looking after Colchester's residents. The start of the month we were approved trusted traders by Essex trading standards. Completing membership of the master locksmith association. And receiving 50+ 5 star reviews from very satisfied customers.

Busy locksmithing week in Colchester - 20/05/23

Lockforce Colchester had a busy week commencing 20th May 2023. They began by installing two fire-rated Euro Mortice locks on 1 hour fire doors for a Highwoods customer. Throughout the week, Lockforce Colchester replaced, restored, and repaired problem locks in Colchester city. Additionally, the locksmiths were pleased to have been awarded the Essex Trading Standards Trusted Trader award, hence allowing them to display the "Buy with Confidence" logo providing peace of mind for the city's residents.

Locked out in Stanway, CO3 - 14/05/23

When the call came in early on a Sunday morning, I just knew it would be someone locked out or lost key.. and it was lost keys.. daughter was out clubbing with friends and had her bag stolen. The door keys and iD were there so locks needed to be changed just in case. New cylinders installed new keys handed over. One relieved family. 

Fire door locks in Mistley, CO1 - 07/05/23

This job was on an hour fire door, so we had to supply fire regulation locks, which we did as well as handles and thumbturn cylinders. These were two doors that needed to be locked at certain times and as they were fire doors, they needed an easy exit locking mechanism which was installed on the Euro mortice sash locks. The owners loved the finish and left us with a glowing 5-star review. 

Keyed alike cylinders for care home, CO4 - 30/04/23

Lockforce Colchester look after the doors and window locking systems on lots of Colchester care homes. This time we had a problem with a resident that always kept on walking out of the home all times of the day. There were 3 main ways out and they all had easy open thumbturn cylinders making it easy to open the doors. I advised replacing all three cylinders with key only but all three to be able to work from one key. Making it easy for carers to open and lock these doors. But keeping residents safe ..

Change of locks keyed alike in Braiswick, Colchester - 15/04/23

Lockforce Colchester took a call from a stressed daughter of an elderly lady who swears the house is being entered while asleep. I had a look at the locks and advised 3-star Ultion plus cylinders. Keyed alike one key opens 4 doors. Also keys can only be cut by the company. As we think someone has a key. No one will get into these cylinders.

Multiple lock change in Rowhedge, CO2 - 06/04/23

Lockforce Colchester had the lovely job of replacing the cylinders on 11 care home bungalows. Upgrading the cylinders to thumbturn. Meaning they can be locked from the inside and if there's a problem and the tenant cannot get to the door, they can be opened with a key from the outside something you cannot do if there's a key in the inside of the lock. Keeping them safe and secure.

New keyed alike cylinders for new home, CO3 - 01/04/23

Lockforce Colchester had the absolute pleasure of replacing the cylinders on a beautiful lexden Property. I suggested having them all made to work from one key. Saving carrying 5bkeys around. The owners loved the idea and I had them ordered and installed within 3 days. 

Bedroom window not opening in Mile End Co4 - 26/3/23

I was called to a property to open a window when the mechanism failed. The only way I could open this window was to deglaze it by taking out the beads that hold the glass in place. Only then could I bend the frame enough to get the window open. Which allowed me to replace the broken mechanism.. glass cleaned and put back.  this window now operates properly.

Multiple locks installed for factory in Earls Colne, CO6 - 17/03/23

We had a great job installing new keyed alike cylinders on a large factory at the Earls Colne business park. As well as new cylinders two digital code locks were installed. New screw in cylinders installed to emergency fire doors. Keeping earls Colne safe and secure.

Lost keys in Colchester, CO1 - 12/3/23

Lockforce Colchester received a call from a lady who had had her handbag stolen from a store whilst out shopping. I arranged to pick her up from the city centre and take her home. We arrived and I quickly picked the door open we both had a good look around to find nothing was missing, whilst I was changing the locks the police were being informed of her loss.. her banker's cards had already been cancelled as soon as she had realised the bag had gone. a stressful afternoon had now been calmed. 

Keyed alike doors in Mile End, CO4 - 02/03/23

Lockforce Colchester had the privilege to advise on a new property's security. This new build bungalow had high quality windows and doors with good locking mechanisms so the only upgrade I thought may benefit them was to install 3 star insurance company and police recommend cylinders to their 5 doors.  also benefiting them was to have them all keyed alike one key would open all five doors. no need to carry or store lots of keys. Advice which they gladly accepted and duly installed. A fantastic 5 star review was posted by them for our great work.

Locked out on Ipswich Road, Colchester, CO4 - 25/02/23

Lockforce Colchester had this really stressed call Saturday morning from a man asking for help getting a door open as he's parents are indoors and cannot get the mortice lock undone. As he was living in Bedford he was panicking that he's parents were also getting stressed as they were both in there 90s. I dropped what I was doing and drove to the address. I arrived and calmed the elderly couple down, by telling them that I'll have the door open in no time, put the kettle on I'll be with you in a few minutes.. door opened and a phone call to the son they were all happy.  I changed the failed dead lock and we had a cup of tea before I went back to my original job. Leaving them all very happy.

Mortice lock installation in Colchester, CO6 - 17/2/23

Lockforce Colchester had the absolute pleasure of securing the front door on this 100-year-old cottage which still had all the original furniture on it. Unfortunately for then the locks originally installed were not up to insurance company specifications. I installed a British standard 5 lever dead lock which was not exactly straight forward as the old oak door had warped quite a bit.. it looked great though the frame had warped in line with the door very quirky and beautiful. When finished the door was now locking beautifully and remained all its original character. The owners were so impressed they gave lockforce Colchester a 5 star rating on google.

Busy week serving Colchester - 03/02/23

Lockforce Colchester has had a varied week replacing locks, gaining entry's, repairing locks, restoring locks, adding locks, all in all keeping Colchester city's residents safe & secure. Now we are having a well-earned rest, well not really rest more like redecorating and a bit of remodelling here at home.  I'll be back.

More keyed alike doors in Welsh wood, CO4 - 27/01/23

I had the absolute pleasure quoting on another new homeowner’s lock replacement this week. The family mum, dad and three children plus two dogs had just moved into their forever home and were only given one set of keys. I suggested having the locks all keyed alike 6 locks one key to work them all. They were thrilled at the idea, and I went around the house measuring all the locks on the doors including the garage doors. Three days later, I was back to install them. Leaving them with 6 keys leaving plenty to hand to family in case of key loss.

New home owners, Mile End, Colchester, CO4 - 20/01/23

Lockforce Colchester had the pleasurable job of upgrading the locks on a newlywed couples new home today. We advised 3 star cylinders to conform to insurance standards. After showing the massive difference between standard cylinders and 3 star police&insurance company approved cylinders. They chose the best.  Several locks were changed including the garage doors. Main doors were keyed alike so they never had to carry bundles of keys. One key opened 4 main doors the others were not used daily so we're not keyed the same. Lockforce Colchester can now feel that we have helped them feel safe & secure in their new home. 

Busy week looking after Colchester’s residents - 14/1/23

Lockforce Colchester finished the week having installed 18 new  cylinders, 6 deadlock and 3 sash locks, replaced 14 window handles and 12 pairs of front door handles, 5 gearboxes two full door mechanisms and realigned 6 doors, Colchester city's busiest locksmith looking after the city's safety & security.

Keyed alike cylinders for Lexden customer - 06/01/2023

Lockforce Colchester had the absolute pleasure upgrading the cylinders on a beautiful 6 bed property in the Lexden area of Colchester. All doors are modern fitted with multipoint locking mechanisms, we changed all the cylinders and had them all made to work with the same key 6 cylinders in all - that means 6 locks one key will lock/unlock them all so no need for 6 separate keys. All cylinders are snap safe which stops burglars breaking into the property through the cylinder. Keeping Colchester city safe & secure.

New years celebrating in Colchester City - 31/12/22

After 12 hard working months serving Colchester city's residents, Lockforce Colchester are having a two-day break to celebrate the new year, our customer base is growing and so is the review list with just under 1200 5-star reviews. This is the time of year to reflect on the past 12 months. I've had mainly fun times meeting some very special people and made more friends. I've been a 3 times winner of the forces group customer service award, three times top of the best three rated locksmiths Colchester, it's been a truly amazing year. We are going into 2023 personally for me it's going to be more of the same, working in a job I love.

Christmas in Colchester - 25/12/22

Just finished work for a week, Christmas is here family meetings dinners and catching up with brothers and sisters nieces and nephew's sons and daughters... looking forward to it all after a very hectic year looking after Colchester's residents keeping them safe and secure.

Iced door lock Highwoods, Colchester - 18/12/22

Due to the recent icy weather, we have had an explosion of calls asking for help with locked up doors. It's mainly due to the icy weather one customer in the highwoods area of Colchester used lots of WD40 to ease their problem lock. Unaware that WD 40 is water based and will freeze, so squirting lots into a lock in this weather will cause it to freeze solid. WD40 is not an oil it's a Water Dispersant made to chase water off electrical wires and components, the 40:was the 40th attempt to make it, hence WD40, do not use to lubricant locks, use oil with ptfe.

Another busy week for lockforce Colchester - 4/12/22

Lockforce Colchester has had another very busy week, repairing, restoring and replacing locks from both windows and doors, we are Colchester city's highest rated local locksmith with over 1100 5 star rated reviews,  reviews are the lifeblood of our business because they give accurate insights to the qualities that we have, you can learn lots from reviews, skill set, customer service qualities, personality and more, call lockforce your local locksmiths .

Upgraded security for Elmstead property, Colchester - 24/11/22

Lockforce Colchester had the lovely job of surveying a new build 4 bed home in Elmstead today. The new owners wanted to be sure the doors were totally secure, although the doors (4) were all new with multi point locking mechanisms the weak spot was the cylinders or barrels as some call them.. these cylinders were standard 6 pin and very easily snapped, upon my advice they agreed to install 3 star Ultion cylinders for total security. These cannot be snapped drilled or broken into by any other method.. to be honest when the average burglar sees then with 3 stars stamped on the front they tend to walk away .. 

Higher security for monkwick Colchester property - 21/11/22

Lockforce Colchester had the pleasure of surveying a property in the monkwick area of Colchester this week, we found that two doors had standard cylinders on their multipoint locking mechanism, we advised Three star cylinders we use the best, Ultion,  police&insurance company  recommended, also the windows could do with key locking handles, these advisory's were gladly received and accepted,  all the doors and windows are now very secure , they were so pleased with our work they gave us a five star rating on Checkatrade.

Colchester voted the country’s most depressed town (city) - 12/11/22

Lockforce Colchester was shocked today to read that Colchester had been voted the country's most depressed town in the UK, sure we have some pretty run down parts but so has most of the UK, also our town centre has been getting ever smaller since the main shops are all moving to Stanway which is growing exponentially, Stane village as it has become known is situated at the east of Colchester and close to the A12 it's the perfect place to build a new shopping centre, this city's town centre has become increasingly busy over the years and cannot take much more traffic, it makes sense to move it away .. as for depressed no way us Colchesterians are full of vim and vigour not forgetting Humpty Dumpty and our own comedy club at the city stadium.

Gate secured in Lexden, Colchester - 05/11/22

Lockforce Colchester had a lovely job of securing a rather large gate in Lexden. It seems silly to put a very secure key locking system on a gate, but they work. 1st the gate should be strong and tall, this one was 6ft 6ins and very solid , so installing a secure lock on it made sense. None would be able to break this lock so keeping the garden furniture very safe & secure.

Colchester’s highest rated locksmith - 30/10/22

Lockforce Colchester became the city's highest rated local locksmith. We hit 1,100+ 5-star reviews from local customers. We have worked hard to achieve 5-star reviews from all platforms including google, Facebook, Checkatrade, bark, nextdoor, yell and more.

Break in braiswick Colchester - 22/10/22

Lockforce Colchester has the awful job of repairing a door that had been broken into, burglars had forced their way in by snapping the doors handle and then snapping the cylinder to open the door, this method is being seen more and more in Colchester's area, I had the job of replacing the doors chrome handles as well as adding a 3 star Ultion cylinder police&insurance company approved, if this property had these cylinders installed no way would anyone have been able to get into this home... now they are ultra safe , a bit like closing the stable door after the horse had bolted.

Locked out in Lexden, Colchester, CO1- 13/10/22

Lockforce Colchester received a rather stressed call from a lady who had been out shopping and lost her keys I arrived at the house to pick the lock and let her in, after about 5 mins I had the mortice lock open only to find a man standing at the bottom of the stairs looking very menacing. The lady then shouted what the hell are you doing here... I thought ohh dear a domestic .... it was the husband who was supposed to be playing golf but when he got to the club the game had been cancelled so he came home and entered through the back door which was through the garage, we all saw the funny side.

Looking after Colchester care home - 8/10/22

Lockforce Colchester had the absolute pleasure servicing the doors and windows at one of Colchester's finest care homes today, when the call came in asking for a quote to service and adjust all the doors and windows at this awesome place, I just had to offer my services for nothing. I have known two people that have stayed here in the past and now I have repaid them my way.. 

Locked out in Colchester - 01/10/22

Lockforce Colchester received the call for help gaining entry to a property in Colchester, luckily the property was local to me ,  the home owner had to go into hospital for a liver biopsy checking for cancer, the lady I met at the property had the proof of owners permission, I gained non destructive entry and gave advice as to how to make it easier to lock and unlock the door as well as giving more advice on changing the doors lock so that it would be easier to gain entry is the owner has a problem getting to the door.. the advice was taken and agreed, I had all things in place and working within 45 mins. Thumbturn cylinder and new handles and changing the doors locking arrangement made it easier for use .. also making it easier to gain entry if the door was locked.. 

Crime rate Colchester is rising - 25/09/22

The evening gazette reported that the crime rate in Colchester including burglary gas gone up 15% year on year... now's the time to call Alan for free security survey upgrade your locks, burglars are getting into homes through the front doors, one lady in Roman rd had her car broken into and a spare house key was in the glove box, the burglars let themselves into this lady's house but were scared off when she cried out, I replaced her cylinder for. 3 star police&insurance company approved cylinder .. now she feels safe and sound. 

Securing locks in Colchester - 15/9/22

Lockforce had the absolute pleasure of meeting a customer that became a friend today, I was called for advice on a door which had been repaired by a friendly neighbour, the home owner was worried because it had intermittent problems , I took my time investigating the problems because the homeowner had two small children and was worried about security, I realigned the door adjusted the keeps changed the cylinder (barrel) and talked about life in general as we went, the home owner was ex-military nurse having served in Afghanistan, Iraq and more. Now working for the NHS... I finished the job leaving the door working perfectly gave him a very reduced bill for my work as a thank you for his service to us .. what I never knew at this time, I only found out later he had been awarded the MBE for his services to this country, a truly heart-warming day and a real pleasure knowing I had helped one of our country's hero's 

Colchester fun fair - 08/09/22

Lockforce Colchester had the pleasure of helping the fairground replace locks on the cash booth doors when someone lost the bunch of keys, 5 booths in total needed to be gained entry to and new locks fitted, a very fun filled day was had by me walking around the rides ( the fair was closed ) not often I have the chance of visiting a funfair .

Colchester grammar school new cabinet locks - 3/9/22

Lockforce Colchester had the wonderful job of helping replace glass cabinet locks on trophy cabinets at the Grammar school after the keys were lost, three cabinets in all were restored to locking keeping the schools trophy's safe & secure 

New door furniture for Colchester property owners - 26/8/22

Lockforce Colchester had a call asking for a price of a new door, my reply was easy, I do not supply and install doors, why do you want a new door? The answer was it's old and looks worn out, I made and appointment to take a look at the door to give free advice, when I arrived the door itself was a really solid pvc. My suggestion was to replace all the doors furniture and give it a real good clean, which they agreed to. When this job was finished they agreed with some excitement that it looked like new and worked like new, saving them many hundreds of pounds.

Upgrading locks in Colchester - 19/8/22

Lockforce Colchester had the pleasure of working for a young doctor when he called me to give a free survey on his new Lexden home, I spent a while looking over all the locks and made a couple of suggestions which he agreed were both much better than what the property's doors were originally installed with, but agreed to have The ultimate in 3 star cylinders installed police and insurance company approved Ultions, when I had finished installing them I made sure all the doors were locking properly and clean ..

3 star cylinders for Colchester customers - 12/08/22

We were called out to have a look at the locks on a flat near the gateway Colchester. I arrived to find two very nice solid wood doors that had modern locks installed with Euro cylinders, nice doors nice locking mechanism but poor quality cylinders. I advised three star for maximum security also to be insurance company compliant, two cylinders installed, leaving the home safe&secure.

Mortice sash lock upgrade Colchester - 06/08/22

Lockforce Colchester were called to help bring a property up to insurance company compliance. I arrived at the  property to find only one of the locks to be in need of upgrading to British standard which was the rear side door which had a 3 lever older style sash lock. We opened up the slot to fit the larger stronger 5 lever mortice sash lock, installed the locks and left this customer happy,  safe&secure 

Security advice in Colchester - 29/7/22

Lockforce Colchester had the pleasure of surveying a property for security purposes as well as insurance company compliance. We advised three star Ultions to three of the doors as well as locking handles on the windows, advice the property owners gladly accepted.. Now this property is far more secure as well as being insurance company compliant.

Colchester locksmith provides Ultion high security lock upgrade - 24/7/22

Lockforce Colchester had the pleasure of upgrading a Lexden property from standard cylinders to 3 star insurance compliant cylinders, we use Ultions we consider them the ultimate in cylinder security police and insurance company approved, the keys for these special cylinders come with three keys more can only be cut by the manufacturer as they are cut to code, meaning no one can collect your key no and get spares cut, we will discuss the correct amount of keys you will need and have them cut and sent directly to your home within two days .

New garage door lock for Colchester customers - 16/7/22

Lockforce Colchester received the call asking for help getting into a garage who's owners had lost the key. The lock was changed for a complete new lock including cylinder and two keys. After installing the lock I cleaned and oiled the whole system making it work smoothly.

Locked out in Colchester - 9/7/22

Lockforce Colchester received a late afternoon call from a lady that had gone shopping and forgot her keys, just closing the door behind herself, I arrived opened the door without damage and explained why she should always lock her door with the key, one reason is because the door isn't deadlocked the door could be opened by a seasoned burglar, the other is if she had been burgled her insurance company wouldn't pay as she didn't take reasonable care by leaving the door not deadlocked...

British standard upgrade Colchester - 01/07/22

Lockforce Colchester had the pleasure of working on a very well-known farm in Ardleigh. The locks were all old and non-British standard. I replaced all of the property's locks with 5 lever insurance company compliant British standard mortice locks, now not only safer but fully insurance company compliant.. 

Extra security for Colchester shop - 22/6/22

Lockforce Colchester had the absolute pleasure of adding deadlocks to a well known department store in Colchester high street, 4 deadlocks. We're added to store rooms to secure valuable stock... lockforce Colchester were  chosen after store management scanned google, after reading our 5 star reviews they said there was only one choice. Lockforce Colchester city's highest rated locksmith with 940+ 5 star reviews 

Holiday over back in Colchester - 19/06/22

After our 1st break in 5 years me the wife and our two french bulldogs spent a week travelling in our Campervan around the Scottish coast.. and as well as being a really relaxing time other scenery was awesome, we can highly recommend it to all. Back to work tomorrow 

Queens jubilee weekend party Colchester - 13/06/22

A fantastic time was had by all at the Hythe street party, face painting and jelly and ice cream for kids, wine beer for adults and sandwiches and cakes for all, afternoon bbq as well as Party games for adults and children a well worked out day as well as evening .. with lockforce Colchester sponsoring  the event 

New locks for Colchester home owners - 10/6/22

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester recieved a late call on a Friday evening to replace the locks on a property in Colchester. The new home owners had just moved into this new home and were told that the spare keys had been lost. Our local Colchester locksmith changed 9 cylinders for Ultion 3 star cylinders which are police and insurance approved.

Lost keys for Colchester residents - 28/5/22

Lockforce Colchester had an emergency call on Saturday to help open the door on a dance club as the owners had lost the keys, I managed to open the door without damage, at that point it was not necessary to change the locks as they were open all day, I said if they are not found call me to come back and I'll change the 2 locks .. as it was so lucky the owners husband found them on the drive, so no need of lock change.

Digital lock for Colchester business - 19/05/22

I received a phone call asking for a price on installing an electric digital lock, I enquired for what use, it was for an office door that was used regularly, I advised the Yale key free battery powered lock to be added as an extra lock that could be programmed to accept the owners code 

3 star cylinders for Colchester property - 17/05/22

A new home owner wanted to know he's property was as secure as it could be, I advised him to change the sash locks to British standard and the composite doors change the cylinders to 3 star ultion cylinders.. advice which he gladly accepted and that day the locks were changed to give him maximum lock security 

Replacement sash lock on Colchester Barn - 13/05/22

We had the absolute pleasure on Saturday when a property owner called to ask for help as his door would not lock. The door was an old oak door installed to a modern built barn in the countryside, a truly stunning property that was owner built. The lock that had failed was a non British standard sash lock. I installed a 5 lever British standard mortice lock making the door so much safer and insurance company compliant.

Digital lock installed for Colchester customers - 07/05/22

When asked what's the best digital lock for my door I always ask what purpose is the lock for , is it for an internal door or an external door, external doors can take a larger range of locks, internal doors do not get wet so they is a larger choice, my favourite is the  Yale keyless used on a nightlatch .. which is what I installed for my customer this week. 

Extra security for Colchester property - 29/04/22

Lockforce Colchester had the absolute pleasure of installing an extra mortice deadlock to a solid mahogany door,  the property’s owners needed extra lock on  this door for insurance reasons, I installed a British standard 5 lever deadlock for insurance compliance and total security.

Mortice lock fitting Colchester 22/04/22

Lockforce Colchester was asked to install British standard mortice sash locks and dead locks to a property for increased security and insurance company compliance, We installed them into solid oak doors which was tougher than usual but still with the same amount of care, making sure everything was fitting perfectly and working properly.

Upgrading mortice locks in Colchester - 14/04/22

Lockforce Colchester had the pleasure of upgrading the mortice locks on an old farmhouse this week. Their insurance company wanted the locks to be compliant so I was called in to check the locks validity. They were all non-British standard so I advised that they all needed changing to insurance company compliance. The job was done straight away as I keep a good stock of British standard locks on my van. Once I had finished I emailed the details to the customers so they could supply their insurance company with the details. 

New code lock for bedroom door in Colchester - 07/04/22

Lockforce Locksmith Colchester had the pleasure of installing a digital code lock on a bedroom door for a young lady that needed privacy and ease of access for three other carers.

Security lock upgrade Colchester - 01/04/22

Lockforce Colchester had the pleasure of upgrading the locks on an older style property in the Lexden area of Colchester today. All the older mortice sash locks were replaced with British standard 5 lever insurance company compliant.

Colchester security lock upgrade - 17/03/22

We had the absolute pleasure to help a regular customer revise their doors security after a spate of burglary's in the area,.I had a look at the doors cylinders and recommended 3 star Ultions police&insurance company approved. I've stated before it's not just the amount of hooks bolts or cams your door has, the single most important part is the cylinder the part that the key opens the door by, most cylinders can be snapped from the outside very easily, something that burglars have got to know how to do. 3 star Ultions are virtually invincible to any type of attack, in this instance my customer agreed that was what he wanted and that day had 4 installed on all of his doors ..

Busy week in Colchester - 06/03/22

Lockforce Locksmith Colchester has just finished its busiest week of this new year helping various people repair, restore and replace their windows and doors. I had the pleasure of meeting lots of lovely people who all needed help with the locks on their properties. It’s a job which I love and I intend to be going on for many years to come although I can retire next year, but sometimes we all need a rest and after five years of non-stop working. I’m off for a weeks break in our camper van to enjoy the suffolk and Norfolk coast line, ILL BE BACK … 

New home with new 3 star cylinders in Colchester - 22/2/22

Lockforce Colchester had the pleasure of changing the locks on a beautiful lexden rd property. The new owners were very security conscious and asked for the best so I showed them the Ultions 3 star police & insurance approved cylinders, the very best money can buy. They asked me to install them to every door for maximum security. Job done now they are totally secure.

Wind caught door in Colchester, CO7 - 20/02/22

I received a call on a wet and windy Sunday morning after someone had opened the rear door to let the dog out. The wind caught the door and bent the hinges and cracked the door. I changed the hinges and screwed metal strap on the door to hold it together. Door now working perfectly until they can get a new one it will be very safe & secure.

Lock failure in Colchester - 11/02/22

I had an email the other day from a new customer who explained they had a problem with their front door and it wouldn’t open. I arranged to go straight away to see what the problem was and fix it. It turned out the doors gearbox (the bit that operates the locking mechanism) had failed. It took a while to get the door open as the hooks had seized into the frame. After I got the door open I could tell immediately that the gearbox had failed. I replaced the gearbox and cylinder adjusted the hinges and left one pair of very happy customers with a perfectly working door. 

Locked out nurse in Colchester - 05/02/22

A rather panicky call came in at 5am on the Saturday morning asking for help getting back into their home, I arrived to find a young lady that had just Finished a 12 hour shift at our local hospital waiting outside, she advised me that she thinks she’s lost the key, I opened the door and changed the cylinder for a new snap safe cylinder with 5 new keys, and as she was a nurse no charge

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Colchester Locksmith Realigns Door - 01/02/22

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester was called to help after the front door wouldn’t close properly. I arrived to find the door had dropped quite a bit. I readjusted the hinges to make the door work properly. I asked had this door been hard to close for long, the answer was yes for about two months.. this time they were lucky because the gearbox that works the mechanism didn’t fail saving many £££s. Be sure to call Alan at Lockfore Colchester for all your sticking door problems.

Rebuilding front door in Colchester - 21/1/22

Lockforce Colchester had the absolute pleasure of repairing/rebuilding a badly failing door for these lovely people, the door had locking issues, realignment issues as well as looking very tired. We replaced the mechanism the cylinder and the handles realigned it and gave it a real good clean, it now works and good as new. 

Locked out in Colchester - 15/1/22

Lockforce had the job of helping a lady gain entry to her home after a shopping trip to buy baby clothes, the call came in asking if I could meet her at the address to open her door as she had forgotten to take keys with her. I arrived opened the door without damage and let her in. I did give her a lecture about not locking the door when going out, although the door is latched it’s not locked and a chance burglar could have got in. Aways lock your door when going out.

Upgraded night latch for local nurses in Colchester - 07/01/22

I love this job and every now and again I meet someone that reminds me today. I met a really lovely couple that need a bit more security on their solid oak front door. We chatted about life in general and they told me they were both nurses working at our local hospital, we talked about our jobs and I realised that my job was a piece of cake compared to the job they do. Back to the job, the door only had one deadlock on it so I suggested a British standard night latch for maximum security .. they agreed and I installed it. After a cup of tea and a biscuit I cleaned up my tools and hoovered up the wood dust/clippings handed over the keys. Athat point they wanted to know how I would like payment, easy I said no charge as a thank you for all the hard work you both do for us. 

Service doors and windows in Colchester - 01/01/22

Lockforce Locksmith Colchester had the pleasure of helping an elderly couple on the 1st of Jan when their rear door become hard to lock. When I arrived I immediately realised that the door had not ever been oiled, so I gave it a clean and service oil & grease adjusted the height and left it working perfect. They then asked me to have a look at all their windows and doors. All needed servicing, when the whole job was done I left them with perfectly working windows and doors.

New gate locks for Colchester customers - 27/21/21

Lockforce Locksmith Colchester received the call to give advice on security on their gates. I arrived to find very strong solid gates secured by a weak padlock and gasp. I advised a gate lock solid steel mechanism which locks from the front and rear, meaning the gate cannot be opened with out a key.

Colchester Window Lock Security, CO2 - 18/12/21

Lockforce received the call for a free lock survey, as soon as I arrived I noticed the PVC windows had no key locking feature, the doors were all safe and secure as far as security was concerned but the windows needed key locking facilities, I worked out a price and the home owners gladly accepted and I installed them straight away, keeping them safe and secure.

Keyed alike house in Colchester, CO3 - 07/12/21

Lockforce Locksmith Colchester had the opportunity to help a new home owner replace all the houses door locks with the same key 5 doors in all. We had Ultions made up different sizes but all open with the same key, making it easier to gain entry through any of five doors. A very impressed client. 

Lock change for new home owners - 02/12/21

Lockforce Locksmith Colchester received a call asking for a free survey on their new homes locks. I arrived to survey all the locking mechanisms on their windows and doors , the windows were fine all had key locking handles. 3 doors had Euro cylinders and they were all standard cylinders. I explained the difference between the two types of cylinders I install: one the three star Ultion police&insurance company approved and the second is an antisnap which is the 1st line of defence, good but not as good as the 3star Ultion. The Ultions were picked and installed making their property safe&secure as well as insurance company compliant. 

New British standard locks in Colchester - 25/11/21

Lockforce Locksmith Colchester had the pleasure of replacing all the locks on a beautiful Coggeshall house when the owner lost their keys. All the old locks were mortice locks and non British standard. I replaced them all for insurance approved british standard 5 lever mortice locks. Also adjusting all the doors to make it easier to open and close keeping them safe & secure as well as insurance company compliant.

Colchester couple needed a lock survey, CO2 - 28/11/21

The call came in requesting a survey to be done on their doors and windows for security purposes, I had the pleasure of meeting them and walking through the property to assess the locks. I came up with three points of concern, the mortice locks were not British standard, and the window handles were not key locking also the front and rear doors had standard cylinders. I advised changing them for three star cylinders, british standard cylinders and key locking window locks. My suggestions were gladly accepted and as I carry all the stock needed I replaced then there and then.

Insurance lock survey in Colchester - 18/11/21

Lockforce Colchester received a call to give a survey on a coggeshall property after the owners were asked by their insurers to supply proof of British standard mortice locks. I advised nine of the six locks were up to British standard, the whole lot were replaced that day. Now they are insurance compliant and safer.

Spate of burglaries in Wivenhoe, CO7 - 06/11/21

Lockforce Colchester had the pleasure of changing the lock on the front door of a Wivenhoe customer in the week, then I read on next door over this weekend that there had been a spate of burglary’s in that area. I called my customers hoping that they were ok. They then asked for the rear doors lock to be upgraded to 3 star police & insurance company cylinders keeping them safe&secure.

Patio door repair in Colchester - 28/10/21

The call came in late one evening asking for help as the patio door wouldn’t lock, worried about leaving the door unlocked I received the call.. I turned up to find the mechanism had failed broken from the gearbox I replaced the mechanism and now it works perfectly.

Locked out in Colchester - 23/10/21

Lockforce received a call to help a lady into her home as she had walked out and forgot her key. I arrived at the property and she explained that she had already phoned a locksmith who was 50 mins late, she thought that she had actually called me in the first place, as we were talking a guy came up to us and said I’m here to open door. I asked how he was going to open the door, he looked at the lock and said that cannot be picked it will need drilling and asked for a lot of money. I used my letterbox tool to open the door in seconds, if in need of a locksmith keep it local, check them out on google before you make the call it only takes minutes.

Snapped door handle in Colchester - 10/10/21

Lockforce Locksmith Colchester received a rather stressed lady asking for help with a door which had the handle snap off while going out to work , leaving the door unable to be locked and customer had to get to work. I arrived to unlock the door as you can only gain access to the screws on the handle from the inside, I replaced the handles for much stronger ones and delivered the keys back to the lady at her place of work. 

Extra security for home in Lexden, CO3 - 27/09/21

Lockforce Colchester received a call asking for advice on making their property more secure. I arranged to meet at the property and had a quick survey, quickly realised that two doors needed more than just night latches on them. I recommended mortice dead locks which was accepted and they were installed into both of the lovely old wooden doors, l keeping them safe & secure. 

Keyed alike door locks in Colchester - 23/09/21

Lockforce Colchester received a call asking if it were possible to have one key to open/lock all three of there pvc doors. The answer is yes we can have cylinders made to work all your doors with one key.

New 3 star cylinders for Colchester couple - 18/09/21

Lockforce Colchester had the pleasure of installing 3 star insurance and police approved cylinders to all the doors on a new build house, bringing it up to insurance compliance standard. Ultion 3 star cylinders were used as they offer British built quality as well as being burglar proof  

Shop door lost key in Colchester - 11/09/21

Lockforce Colchester had the call come in 8-30am asking for help gaining entry to a Colchester high st store , the key holder had lost the keys to open the shop and was very upset.. I advised changing the locks as the keys could be used to get into the shop at anytime, she made the call to her manager who was very nice to her telling her not to worry and agreed to change the locks for safety&security.

New garage lock for Colchester customers - 05/09/21

Lockforce Colchester had the pleasure of meeting a lovely man that had broken his garage door lock, I arrived and changed the lock and started chatting to my customer he was 91 years young and an x RAF pilot Second World War .. great guy full of lots of wartime memories,I told him he should write a book. 

Refurbished door in Colchester - 01/09/21

Lockforce Colchester received the call to help repair an elderly mans front door after it had become hard to lock and unlock, fortunately he called at the right time, if he had carried on using the door it would have broken the doors gearbox costing lots more than an adjustment and clean, we oiled the mechanism and hinges leaving the door looking like new. 

Whole house window and door service in Colchester - 04/09/21

As soon as I arrived at the house I could tell the pvc windows needed a service because they were all stiff and hard to lock, I cleaned and oiled the hinges and locking mechanism making them work smoothly, the doors needed realignment and oiling of the mechanism as well as new spring packs for the doors handles .. leaving 

Stopping to allow elderly gent cross the Rd , Colchester - 18/8/21

I was driving to a job this day and I noticed an elderly gent waiting to cross the road, I stopped and flashed the car coming in the Opposite direction to let him know to stop, the gentleman crossed the road and thanked me. I received a call to help repair a door about 30 mins later, I arrived to find my gent that I had allowed to cross the road , he had taken my no from the side of the van and called me to fix his front door.

Back at work after my 1st break in three years. 

I’ve just had a break, from Locksmithing, I had lots to do at home and van needed a service as well as new clutch… well, after two weeks of sorting lots of things out at home as well as making a new shed for extra storage, all’s done and today the 16th august 2021 I’m back working 6 jobs on today spread all over the CO postcodes, keeping North Essex safe and secure 

Locked shut for ten years in Colchester - 29/7/21

Lockforce Colchester received the call asking for help opening a door that had been locked shut for over ten years, the key had been lost and they never needed to open the door, now they were refurbishing the house they wanted to use the door again, it had had ten years of ivy growing around it and was really stuck tight I managed to get the door unlocked but it was stuck tight with ivy growing around the frame, we managed to clear the vine and door opened, and was still working perfectly.

Locked out in Colchester - 19/7/21

Lockforce Colchester received a call from a distraught lady panicked because she had left home without her keys and her dog was locked in and becoming stressed, I arrived and opened the door for her, panic averted and dog calmed down with a biscuit..

Colchester patio door repair, 10/7/21

Lockforce Colchester was asked to help with a problem set of doors , when we arrived the aluminium sliding doors were visibly dropped, once they were opened the fault became obvious, the rollers were shot and needed replacement, door off wheels replaced and greased door realigned and cleaned now working perfectly..

New locks for Coggeshall new home owners - 2/7/21

Lockforce Colchester had the pleasure of changing the locks on new home owners doors In coggeshall, they were all sash mortice locks 5 in all, 5 lever British standard mortice locks were fitted for insurance compliance and security reasons, leaving this lovely young family feeling safe & secure.

3 star locks for Colchester customers - 24/6/21

Lockforce Colchester had the pleasure of giving a free security survey on a beautiful lexden house, with 5 doors and 15 windows my survey was going to be thoroughly done, I quickly realised that the side and garden doors were very well hidden in a perfect place for a burglar to attempt a break in … I advised 3 star Ultion cylinder to all locations and as a bonus all to be keyed alike one key to lock and unlock all doors .. Ultion 3 star cylinders are police and insurance company approved.. it’s a burglars nightmare as they cannot gain entry by snapping the cylinder I, in fact the manufacturer gives a £2,000 guarantee that the cylinder cannot be broken through .. I installed all the cylinders and left the secure home owners safe&secure.

French doors brought up to date, Colchester - 18/6/21

Lockforce Colchester had the lovely job repairing an old pair of 90s french doors which were not locking and had been tied together with rope  for 2 years.. I managed to replace the old locking mechanism with a brand new system including 3 star cylinders, once realigned and cleaned with specialist pvc cleaner they were now looking as new working as new saving then hundreds of pounds against replacing them.

Lock repair in Colchester - 11/6/21

Lockforce Colchester recieved the call to replace a mortice sash lock, when I had arrived and took lock out of the door I realised that it was very dirty and stiff to work, I stripped it down and cleaned and greased it before replacing it saving the customers money 

New door fittings for Colchester customer  - 03/06/21

Lockforce Colchester had the pleasure of replacing the mechanism, cylinder and handles as well as realigning the whole door, it was a 28 year old pvc door that was not being used on the rear of the property, it was not being used because it had been closed for years because of lots of problems, the call came in after they had a quote for replacement of over £1200, I managed up to open the door without damage and realigned it and changed the whole working mechanism including cylinder and handles.. the door was cleaned and now looks and works as new saving many hundreds of pounds .. for free quotation call Alan.

Electric door locks for Essex university, CO2 - 28/5/21

Lockforce locksmiths had the pleasure this week to help Essex university replace some electric automatic doors, some are failing and they are 8 year old matching the old mechanism for a modern one was a struggle but eventually we found the one that was an almost complete swap, the lock now works perfectly and the residents are now safe & secure.

Making a new lock fit, Colchester - 21/5/21

I had a lovely but unusual job of fitting 4 sash locks to various doors on this lovely older cottage, they wanted one key to open and lock all doors , well it’s simple enough to key alike mortice locks, but when one of them is on a pair of french doors that already has a older style rebate kit fitted that will not match up to the modern style British standard 5 lever sash locks... I had to use my skills as a locksmith to the highest, I managed to cut the older style longer metal rebate kit to fit the newer lock.. and it looked and worked perfectly another very happy Lockforce customer 

Failed lock for 4 months, CO2 - 14/5/21

Lockforce Colchester received a call from Colchester couple asking for help with their front door which had not been opened for 4 months, the residents were shielding because of on going medical concerns so did not want people around , they had a side door which was being used for delivery’s of food , I arrived and found the doors mechanism had failed, I managed to open the door and replaced the complete mechanism and cylinder making the door work like new, I also used anti viral cleaners to clean the whole door then sent an email for the invoice so they could pay via Bacs into my bank.

Patio door repair in Colchester, Co3 - 08/05/21

Patio doors work different from french doors, as patio doors slide and french doors are hung on hinges, these  customers patio door was not locking or sliding smoothly, I jacked up door to find one of the rollers was rusting I sprayed a silicone based oil onto the mechanism and started moving the door backwards and forwards soon the door was moving smoothly I then realigned the doors angle and the locking mechanism was working properly, now they had what was a newly working door.

Rebuilt french doors for Colchester customers - 01/05/21

Lockforce Colchester received a call asking for a quote on repairing their doors , it turns out they were thinking because of the age of the doors and they were not working/ locking properly, I arrived to find the doors had dropped and the locking mechanism had failed, I realigned the doors hinges and replaced the gearbox and cylinder as well as new chrome handles and a good clean , the doors now look and work like new again saving them £100s.

New locking midbox for Colchester couple - 22/4/21

Lockforce Colchester had to replace the midbox (gearbox) on a composite door after it failed to lock, I could tell straight away that the doors gearbox had failed because the door was badly out of alignment.. it had to be slammed to get it to close, I advised that if they had called me years ago to sort out the alignment problem they wouldn’t have had to spend ££££s on a new gearbox, door realigned new gearbox door cleaned and working perfectly, leaving very happy customers.

New door handles, cylinder and letterbox, CO3 - 16/4/21

I was asked by new home owners to give advice and a quotation on making their doors security and looks better... I advised replacing cylinder with a three star cylinder as well as new letterbox and door handles. Handles and door accessories come in various colours and quality’s, they went for chrome accessories which was a lovely contrast on their grey door.

Security survey for Colchester customers - 08/04/21

Lockforce Colchester received a call asking for us to arrange a security survey on a property that had been burgled twice in 5 years.... I arrived to find no British standard locks, no 3 star locks and to make things worse the side wooded door only had one dead lock on it and it was 3 lever older style lock.. upon my recommendation they changed all the mortice locks to 5 star British standard sash locks, and the Euro cylinders to Ultion 3 star insurance and police approved on two windows to the rear of the property I advised metal grills as they were not in plain sight so they would not be an eye sore.. lockforce Colchester now have another couple of safe&secure customers.

Door lock not working in Colchester, CO2 - 29/3/21

Lockforce Colchester received the call asking for help as their door wasn’t opening or closing properly and they were finding it hard to lock/unlock, I arrived and took the key to check the lock  it was indeed hard to lock, the gearbox was failing and the door was out of alignment, the cause was the doors alignment problem putting too much pressure on the gearbox, the result was new gearbox, new cylinder and a realigned door.... when if I had been called in months earlier it would have been the cheaper option of realigning the door.

Carers could not gain entry to property in Colchester - 25/3/21

Lockforce locksmiths Colchester received a rather panicked call asking for help getting into a house that had a problem door and the carers could not get in, I arrived to the house to find the doors cylinder had failed, I managed to gain non destructive entry and spoke to the elderly man that was in bed, it was he’s daughter that had called,  me before any work I called her to put her mind at ease as she was in London and couldn’t get down until the next morning, I then replaced the worn cylinder with a thumbturn cylinder leavening 5 keys for the family and carers . Leaving him safe and secure. 

New high security cylinders for Co3 customers - 18/3/21 

Lockforce Colchester received a call asking for help with their security, as I offer free advice on security I made offered to go strait over and talk about their needs, as it was they had 4 doors with multipoint locking mechanisms which are great but unfortunately for these people they were bog standard cylinders, easily snapped, drilled and picked.. I advised them that it does not matter how many locking points the door has its the cylinder that does the security on the door, a 3 star Ultion cylinder is police and insurance company approved, with its anti snap, anti drill and pick quality. They agreed and I installed the locks for maximum security.

500 Customer Reviews - 16/03/2021

My 500th review came today a milestone in reviews. Always check out a potential tradesman by checking his their reviews before making a decision on who to pick. Thank you to all previous lockforce customers that have made this milestone possible. One very proud lockie.

Two new cylinder for Colchester customer - 04/03/2021

You just couldn’t make this up. Lockforce recieved a call from a lady about a lost key to their garage which is used as a library for the locals to read swap and everything book. A new lock and new keys were required. I turned up, picked the lock and replaced the cylinder plus 5 keys. Later in the week, she calls again and asks to change the lock again. I asked why however she managed to loss all 5 keys again. I put her keys on a chain and screwed it to a 12in length of 2x2 .. there you go lose that if you can. She saw the funny side :)

Door realignment for C03 customers - 27/02/21

Lockforce Colchester received a call asking for help as their door would not lock, I arrived to find the door has dropped out of alignment, it took me a while to realign the door as it had worn  the hinge, it all ended well as with a new hinge installed and other hinges realigned as well as adjusting the locking mechanisms keeps, it now works as new one happy couple of Stanway customers.

Gearbox breakdown, Co3 - 19/02/21

Lockforce Colchester received the call asking for help as their door would not lock. Fortunately the door was open , as it was a gearbox problem, the gearbox is the mechanism that operates the locks, if it breaks down when the door is closed it can be a real problem getting door open ( extra cost to the customer) I replaced the gearbox and serviced the mechanism as well as cleaning the door, leaving it looking and working as new, this door had been hard to open and lock for some time, as soon as your door starts to be problematic call Lockforce it will almost certainly save you money.

New locks on new home, Co1 - 10/02/21

Call came in for a customer requesting new locks on a house that he had just bought realising that it had been a rental for ten years to various tenants, and Had no knowledge if there were keys elsewhere, I changed locks for Ultion 3 star cylinders for maximum security. If you are moving into a new home call Alan for free quotation on new locks 07771628277.

New locks for new home owners in Colchester 3/2/21

Lockforce Colchester received a call enquiring about new locks on a new home. I advised that they let me look at what is required as giving a quote over the telephone was not what I like to do.. locks differ in many ways, sizes type, security and more so I arranged to visit and give them free quotations and advice as well as making sure their insurance company requirements are fulfilled... upon arrival it was clear that secure locks were needed on the front and side doors at least.. because of the way they were hidden from the road. I advised and showed them a few different types of cylinders they opted for the Ultions which are 3 star police and insurance company approved.. a wise choice for their safety and security. If you would like free advice on your doors locking ability’s call Alan 07771628277.

Automatic door locking in Colchester, CO2 - 28/01/2021

Call came in on asking for help unlocking their front door, I arrived at the  property to find the front door locked fast... after some tricky picking I managed to get the door open, it was a faulty gearbox, it had stopped working because the door had dropped out of alignment. I had to realign the door before changing the gearbox, if your door becomes hard to open/close call Alan 07771628277 it could save you having to replace the gearbox. 

Securing strong room in Colchester - 23/01/2021

Not often you get a call to secure a strong room (cash room ) in a store. The door was not closing and locking as it should, high risk. Lockforce Colchester repaired the doors locking mechanism ... keeping them safe and secure .. for all you security needs call Alan 07771628277. 

Merry Xmas, Happy New Year, Back to work for 2021 

Hoping all my customers had a brilliant Christmas and New years (fingers crossed we are COVID-19 free by the end of this year). I am now back to work from a brief fortnight off work to recharge the batteries and carry out some repairs to the van. Please give me a call for all your locksmithing needs. All the best Alan! 

Conservatory doors lost keys in Mersea, CO4 - 21/12/2020

Lockforce Colchester received a call asking for help opening a french door as they had lost their keys , luckily the tide was out that morning as Mersea island main road floods at high tide meaning no entry or exit from the island,  the door that had the lost keys was on the outside and inside of the conservatory meaning it was locked out .. I opened the inner doors first and changed the cylinders as they had lost the keys, then the outer doors I replaced the outer doors cylinders with Ultions high security cylinders, keeping them safe&secure.

New locks on new home in CO2 - 09/12/2020

Lockforce Colchester received a call from new home owners asking for advice on their locks, I arrived and we went around the house checking every lock there were 5 doors that needed checking  as well as 10 windows, the windows were all secured with key locking handles, but the doors had standard cylinders fitted as most doors do, I advised that most insurance companies ask for 3 star cylinders and showed them the difference, it was a no brainier says the home owners we want the Ultions for the superb security they offer .. cylinders installed and a very happy couple 

Chinese takeaway - 06/12/2020

Call came in from a colchester customer after their lock had failed and they could not lock theirshop. I arrived to find the locks cylinder had failed so not slowing them to lock up the shop. I replaced the broken cylinder and all was working well.... a free takeaway and the job was done, it was a real tasty Chinese as well.

New digital lock to estate agents office - 03/12/2020

Lockforce Colchester had the pleasure to renew the locks on a Colchester estate agents property. All the locks had to be renewed because a set was lost. Three locks later they were all done and now they are secure and safe.

Worried about the spate of burglary - 26/11/2020

Lockforce colchester received a very worried call from Colchester customers asking for help with their security,  as I offer free security checks. I obliged and upon arrival noticed straight away their front door cylinder was worn and an easy snap for a burglar as it was sticking out by 1/2in. I advised that the front door cylinder was as easy picking for any burglar. By fitting Ultions all round the house all keyed alike meaning one key will open all doors and securely lock them as they are approved by the police and insurance companies.

New home new locks - 21/11/2020

The call came from a CO4 customer asking fo new locks on their new home. I arrived explained the various levels of security each lock has either for insurance purposes or Purely a security point of view, they opted for the 3 star Ultions as they offer the best of both worlds top security and police and insurance company approved.

Multiple lock replacement in Colchester - 19/11/2020

This call came from a CO3 customer asking if I had any older style locks, not a strange question because some people want to keep the old style of locks and handles on a period property. I arranged a meeting later that day, upon arrival I found some really lovely 1930s style door handles and mortice sash locks, obviously they are not made anymore but I do keep a stock of up to date replacements that fit the original handles and is I keeping with the 30s style. I fitted them to all the doors and left a very happy colchester customer.

Locked out in CO3 - 14/11/2020

Lockforce colchester received a call from a very distraught lady asking if I was free to help her back into her home as she had left her keys either at work or at home she couldn’t say which because she did not have them in her bag. I arrived within 15mins and ascertained the door was not locked so it was likely the keys were indoors. I gained non destructive entry and there they were on the table much to the relief of the hone owner.

New locks for Colchester vets - 13/11/2020

Lockforce Colchester replaced the cylinders on the front door of a Co2 Veterinarians. The old one was worn and near breaking point, whilst there we checked the other doors and advised that the rear door should really have a thumbturn cylinder for ease of escape in case of emergency, they agreed and I fitted an antisnap cylinder with thumb turn.

Security upgrade - 11/11/2020

Lockforce Colchester received a call on the 11 November from a CO4 customer asking for help upgrading their property’s security, I arrived to find the house had a composite door to the front and a thumbturn cylinder . I’m against thumbturn cylinders on a front door with a letterbox alongside it.. easy pickings for burglars... I changed the cylinder for an Ultion with key locking inside, and put the thumbturn on the kitchen door, the patio doors cylinder was also changed to an Ultion.. keeping them safe and secure. For free security advice call Alan.

Nurse with broken key in Colchester, Co2 - 09/11/20

I had just arrived home from the physiotherapist at 7am as I got out of the van this lady stepped up to me and asked for help as she had snapped the key in the lock at her home, I obviously obliged .. we drove to her home which was only 5 mins away on the way she was telling me that she had just Finished a double shift at Colchester general hospital ... I did admit she looked so tired, we arrived at the property,  the key was indeed well and truly stuck inside the key way,  I could not slip the latch either, so I got out the magic key and within 2/3 mins the door was open.. whilst I replaced the cylinder with a new 6 pin cylinder,  she made us a cup of tea,  the door was wooden and sticking so I readjusted it and made it work properly, cuppa later I left a very relieved and tired nurse. Obviously no charge was made for all our nurses and doctors at these so troubled times.

Doors mortice lock failed - 05/11/2020

A catering company called elling me the front doors lock on the shop would not open the mortice lock had failed, and they needed it open very quickly as a delivery had to be made to a care home by 9/30 for breakfast. I arrived and managed to pick the lock open and replaced it with a British standard 5 lever sash lock .. all done by 9am panic over 

Doors locking mechanism would not lock - 05/11/2020

Call came in from a lovely man enquiring about he’s non locking door. When lockforce locksmiths arrived I soon found out h3 was a nurse working in Colchester hospital, I quickly found that the doors mechanism had failed and I stripped it down and replaced the gearbox serviced the hooks and the mechanism replacing the cylinder as well.. now it is working like new .. I was happy to help our nurses it cost price materials only no labour charges.

Snapped key in care home lock - 02/11/2020

Lockforce Colchester had a call  asking for help with a door that someone had snapped the key into. I arrived and asked if they had another key and the answer was no, but we kept on saying we needed more cut.. well with no extra key it was useless trying to get broken key out because it need a new lock fitted I managed to get lock out and replaced it with an up to date anti snap lock with 5 keys. one very happy care home manager ..

French door not locking - 29/10/2020

Lockforce Colchester had the call come in from a Coggeshall customer asking for help with their french doors as they could not be locked. I arrived to find the doors gearbox had failed which I replaced. They were also very worried about the spate of burglary’s in the area and asked if I could do anything about the security of the doors, the obvious answer was change the doors cylinders to Ultion , insurance and police approved locks ..they agreed and I fitted a pair .. leaving them very safe&secure. 

Sliding patio doors failure - 22/10/2020

Lockforce Colchester had a call from an Elmstead market customer. Telling me they had just moved into a new home and could not get the patio doors open. I arrived and after a few minutes found that the mechanism had failed, I managed to open the doors and had a replacement locking system in my van... lock replaced and door realigned. I left the customers feeling very safe secure and happy

Help my door will not lock - 19/10/2020

A rather panicking caller came into the office of lockforce Colchester. Asking if we could help them as the front door would not lock, I arrived to find the doors locking mechanism had failed, I replaced the doors gearbox and serviced the whole system.. door now works as new , and another very happy customer

Security for Colchester offices - 16/10/2020

Lockforce Colchester received  a call to give Some advice on security for a company in the high st. I arrived to find that the from the door had sufficient security on it but the rear door only had a night latch, which is not sufficient security, also the upstairs offices had no locks on the doors. I recommend that the rear door had a mortice dead lock fitted and the two upstairs doors had mortice sash  locks with handles on them so that they could enter and lock the door. the doors were done and now the premises is safe and secure.

Hard to open and close doors - 10/10/2020

I often get asked why does a door become hard to open and sometimes close and lock. the answer Had two possibilities, it needs realigning or the mechanism is wearing out, it’s mostly a realignment problem. if your door becomes hard to lock hard to unlock call Alan.

Snapped door handle - 08/10/2020

Lockforce Colchester recieved a call asking for help with a broken door handle problem. I could see as I walked down the path that there was no handle on the front door, the door opened and the lady of the house gave me a broken handle... I said I’m really sorry this cannot be repaired, but I do have a new set of replacement handles and they are stronger than these ones , the lady agree£ to have them fitted and said how much nicer they were ... I left one very happy customer. 

New PVC door mechanism - 05/10/2020

Call came in from a colchester customer, worried about he’s french doors not being able to lock. When I arrived I found the mechanism had completely broken down, I asked did someone get angry with these door handles, and with laughter came back yes I did it I put too much pressure on them and it would not open. I fitted a new gearbox to the mechanism and serviced the rest of the mechanism, now it is working like new . Happy colchester customers.

Wet and windy October morning - 02/10/2020

Lockforce Colchester received a call from new home owners asking when was the earliest I could come over and change the locks on their doors. I said 7am Saturday morning, oh great came the reply. I arrived 7am Saturday morning and asked why the rush, customer said we are going to visit my mum she isn’t too well and I never trust the amount of keys their may be out there and that was wise words, new home new locks new keys.

Locked out in Colchester - 30/09/2020

Call came in, can you help me I’ve locked my keys indoors and need to get to work. I arrived within 10 mins and opened the door.. I noticed the PVC frame had a broken part and asked how did that happen, customer replies I did it with a crow bar trying to force the door, if only he had called me first he would not now have a damaged door frame... call Alan 1st.

Restoring windows and doors

This is a message for all people that are moving into new homes, as soon as you move into your new home please change all the locks as you never know how many keys there are out there especially if it’s a rental, I’ve had occasion to attend a property that had just been moved into and burgled two days later whilst they were at work, no damage to the doors or windows but lots of their possessions were missing I can only assume that a key was used, we all think na it never going to happen to me the neighbours will see something, it happens to lots of people, and be aware these are troubled times with lots of people out of work and with Xmas coming up lots of them will be very desperate, for free advice call Alan 07771628277.

Broken door handle - 22/09/2020

Call came in asking if I could help with their broken front door handle, it had snapped clean off, a common problem when they are badly fitted, this one had the square bar that connects the two handles it was way too short meaning that there was no support between the handles, I replaced the handles and checked the door for alignment, it was way off, I asked customer if they had been having problems and they said yes it’s always been hard to close and open... well I realigned the door and left it working as new .. leaving very happy customers

Car theft in the Essex area

In the local paper today car theft in Essex has grown by 23% this year, mainly by breaking and entering the home to steal your car keys, as I cover north Essex all the CO postcodes, I am offering free security checks for all, free advice, free quotations as well as having no call out charges, this is the time of year to have a think about your security.... I know the old saying we live in a safe area we have community watch, my neighbours look after my property and I look after theirs ...... I said the same many years ago before I got burgled and the whole house full of goods from tv to washing machine.... my neighbour said there was a van parked in your drive all weekend we thought it was your brother, as he uses the drive some times .... £16,000 worth of property lost ... I’m willing to help you stop burglars getting in with free advice call Alan now 07771628277.

Mortice lock broken on Colchester high st shop - 18/09/2020

Lockforce a Colchester received a call  from the manager of a Colchester opticians on the asking for help as the front door lock had failed. I arrived and parked in the high st opposite the shop as I did a traffic warden walked up .. and I simply asked, could you give me 10 mins as we are the 4th emergency service, he laughed and said go ahead. I repaired the lock and left laughing.

Car theft in Colchester - 17/09/2020

In the gazette it states the police are trying to make people aware that car thefts are on the up, keys are mainly being stolen from homes after they had snapped door locks,  don’t become a statistic call Alan from lockforce Colchester for free advice on antisnap cylinders 3 star locks and 5 lever British standard mortice locks it could save your car& valued possessions.

Coming up to burglars favourite time of year - 11/09/2020

It’s autumn it’s this time of year that the days are shorter evenings are getting darker, we are entering the burglars time of year... please do not get caught out this year there lots of things you can do to protect your property, one of the simplest things to do is check your doors security... yes your door may have 5/7/8 locking points but it’s operated by one key in a cylinder on the doors handles that is the doors weak point, there is something you can do to make your door much more secure for free security checks free advice and free quotations call Alan 07771628277 I’m DBS checked and fully insured and Covid aware.

A hundred to one - 09/09/2020

Lockforce a Colchester recieved a call from a care home asking for help locking a door. I arrived to find a door with no outside handle, which was ok for the management, it meant no one could enter without permission... the problem was the door could not be locked from the inside although it was a Euro cylinder, the new manager asked the secretary if there was a key, she answered, I’ve been here for 5 years and it’s never been able to lock... my advice was I can change that cylinder for one with 5 keys and you would be able to lock it ... with that the new manager opens a drawer and holds up a massive bunch of keys and says could it be one of these , I said good luck with that there must be over a hundred keys there..... well I was stunned when the 1st key she try’s only worked .. I lost a job but the care home was at last keeping them safe and secure.

Students security - 06/09/2020

Lockforce Colchester received a call from a gentleman who was enquiring about making he’s daughters rented room secure .. I had to advise him I would need the property owners permission first which we got .. on arrival at the house I had a look at the bedroom door and offered the landlady and student a few options and upon my advice they both agreed that a rim lock would be in keeping with the property’s character whilst offering good security for her possessions.. lock fitted keys handed over leaving them both very happy.

Locked Out of Home - 04/09/2020

Lockforce Colchester received a rather panicky call on the 4th September asking me to help get into their flat as they had lost the keys while shopping, once I had the address I arrived to find a lovely couple and their dog sitting next to the closed door, after I had made a fuss of the dog i picked the door open with my specialist tools and changed the locks just in case someone had found the old keys.. another couple of happy Lockforce customers

Sliding Patio Doors - 02/09/2020

Lockforce a Colchester received a call on the 2nd of September asking if it was possible to make an appointment to help with a patio door problem, I arranged to go straight away because the door could not be opened, once at the property I managed to open the door after the cylinder had become stuck fast in the mechanism.. I replaced the whole mechanism due to the fact that the gearbox was riveted onto the mechanism.. also replaced the cylinder leaving the door working perfectly

Key safe in Colchester - 28/08/2020

On the 28th August a lovely lady called me to ask if I have a key safe I could fit for her, obviously I replied of course is it urgent I asked, the answer was yes yes please can you do now, oh my was my response what’s up? I need to go and visit my sick mother and I’m worried about leaving the key here for my neighbour who’s out at work until later ... we’ll I arrived within 15 mins and set the code on the key safe and installed it safely on a discreet wall.. she then sent the neighbours a message telling them the code ..... I drove her to the train station so she could catch her train to Chelmsford.. helping our customers anyway we can.

Locked out in Colchester - 25/08/2020

The call came in early morning on the 25th from a Colchester customer.... the call was for helping them get back into their home after they had taken the dog for a walk and forgetting the keys...... Lockforce Colchester arrived and quickly opened their door .. leaving a very happy couple.

Yale keyless locks in Colchester - 24/08/2020

Lockforce colchester recieved a call from air b&b  owner in Colchester. Question can you fit some yale keyless digital locks .. my answer was of course I can how many ...up to 20 was the answer, anyway a day was set to start fitting them, and ohh boy what fun we had working out how to program them .... well it took lots of concentrated reading but we succeeded, after fitting the first ones the rest were a lot easier... and it’s now on its way to completion and opening day will be announced soon.. keeping Colchester safe & secure.

Window stuck - 20/08/2020

The call came in from a customer who had a window that would not open. I arranged to look at job the same day and soon realised that the handle had broken inside so not turning the locking mechanism. I stripped the handle to find a broken spline, also because to much pressure was put on the handle the windows mechanism was damaged, I replaced both the handle and mechanism making sure everything worked as it should I cleaned the window with anti virus wipes and left one very happy customer.

Door realignment - 19/08/2020

We had an interesting job, a door had dropped by 15 mm, upon inspection the hinge had been pulled from the frame. jokingly I said to the customers young son have you been swinging on this door. yes came the answer, a little shocked because I had never seen a door so out of alignment before. I took the door off replaced the hinges and realigned the door in the frame so that it closed properly.

Keyless locks - 18/08/2020

Lockforce colchester had the pleasure of fitting two Yale keyless digital locks in CO1 on Wednesday to an air B&B. They are so easy to use, once fitted you key in the code you want and that’s it , it has a back up battery terminal on the outside in case you forget to change the batteries, and a master key fob, an ingenious device for under £100.

Laughing with customers - 18/08/2020

Lockforce colchester received a call from a lovely couple that needed a new mortice lock on a rear door, I arrived today to meet them at the house, it was one of those click moments we both had the same sense of humour.. Well a 15min job turned into an hour just chatting about life and joking non stop, couldn’t finish my cup of tea for laughing. Another lovely day replacing, repairing and restoring Colchester’s locks.

Key glued in Colchester - 16/08/2020

Received a call from a colchester customer stating that the lock that I had supplied was working but she can’t get the key out.. it locks and unlocks but the key is stuck.... I arrived to find keys was working but stuck.. I changed the cylinder for a new one and pulled at the key that was stuck in the old one ..... it came out with a wiggle.. it had been glued in I showed her the key and lock face whereupon she replied how did  that get like that....mystery of the week.

New mechanism in Colchester - 13/08/2020

We received a very early morning call on the 13 th August in Colchester by a very stressed lady who was worried that she could not lock her rear door. She had not slept well and at 6 am she could wait no more and called lockforce Colchester for help... I arrived to find the door had dropped and the doors gearbox had failed and the door now could not be locked, I asked the lady how long had this door been hard to open and close, she replied about two months ... if she had called me when it fits happened I could have saved her a lot of money.. as it was I replaced the doors gearbox and realigned the door so it was working perfectly... a very happy colchester customer.

French doors dropped - 10/08/2020

Lockforce colchester received a call enquiring about their doors which were becoming harder to lock and unlock. I met with them to find the doors had dropped , a common problem and one which needs sorting out quickly because as the locking mechanism gets harder to lock and unlock it will quickly break down, which could be very costly .. as it happens these doors were re adjusted and the locking system now works perfectly.

Key safe for added safety in Colchester - 08/08/2020

Lockforce colchester received a call from a colchester customer asking If we could fit a key safe. I agreed to give them a free survey to check on the position for the key safe.... when we were talking about the reasons for a key safe it was for because she has heart problems and wanted to make sure someone could get into her home if anything happened to her, if she was unable to get to the door and was still able to use the phone.. I had to admit it really made sense..safe was fitted to an outer wall in an inconspicuous place... now customer can feel safe 

New mortice locks in Colchester - 05/08/2020

Lockforce colchester received a call from a customer wanting a price for new British standard mortice locks fitted to two doors. We arranged a time and met up at the property, we agreed that the pair of french doors should have security bolts fitted as well as British standard locks. I duly fitted new locks handles and security bolts, giving the home a secure and safe set of doors.

Insurance locks - 02/08/2020

A call came in on from a colchester customer enquiring about a survey for insurance purposes. I arrived and had a look at the two locks on her doors they were not 3 star insurance and police approved. I advised her that she should call the insurance company to ask what they require, as some do ask for 3 star locks. She declined and said for her own security she wanted Ultion 3 star cylinders fitted ... which I did and now she  feels safe and secure.

Door wouldn’t lock in Colchester - 29/07/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester received a call from worried customers in Colchester stating that their door wouldn’t lock. I arrived to find a broken gearbox. The gearbox was duly changed and the door was now working properly again. Please note that if your door becomes sticky, stiff or loose, call lockforce straight away, it could save lots of money, sometimes just needs a service.

Worried about burglars in Colchester - 27/07/2020

Lockforce Colchester received a call from a lady that wanted advice about her doors Security. I arrived to find she had non British standard cylinders to both front and rear doors. After showing her the differences she wanted the Ultion cylinders fitted for maximum security.. very wise move I think they can’t be snapped or drilled by burglars.. approved by police and insurance companies.

New mortice locks fitted - 26/07/2020

I received a call from a company enquiring if I could do something to make two doors more secure. I arrived at the premises to advise on adding extra security. We agreed on two more mortice dead locks and 3star British standard insurance approved locks. I returned next day to fit them, after a couple of hours they were done, now they can feel safer than before and the valuables are much safer. Happy customers.

New window handles in Colchester, CO4 - 25/07/2020

This is something that happens regularly, call came from a customer wanting me to look at their window handles as they were breaking down. I arrived to find several handles stuck,  broken and worn. I ordered 14 new handles and after a couple of days returned to fit them, the old handles were very cheap ones fitted by the original window company who used the cheapest possible. Now top quality ones fitted, for their price of mind.

Door reallignment in Colchester - 19/07/2020

Call came in from a colchester customer asking if I could do something with their sliding patio doors as they were stuck mid open. I arrived to find the door had come off its runners. I lifted door back onto runner and adjusted it to stay in place. Another thankful Colchester customer.

Dog walking in garden - 19/07/2020

Had a funny but true call on the 17th July from a customer from wivenhoe CO7. Could you come over and change my locks as people keep walking into our home...... I arrived and chatted to customers about the reason for changing locks,  they had just moved in and it had been a rental for over 12 years, in that time the previous tennant had allowed people to use the rear garden to take their dogs for a walk..... it was a huge garden, to make things worse they all had keys to enter the kitchen door and walk through into the garden. Whilst I was working on the side door an elderly man and he’s dog came up to me and asked what I was doing, I advised him the house had new owners and they wanted locks changing, he said oh I may as well give you this then .. the key to the door. And walked off,  jobs now done and I wonder how many more people are going to be knocking on the door

I’ve left my keys indoors - 15/07/2020

I received another, left my keys indoors after taking my dog for a walk on the 15 th July in Colchester co6, I arrived to find a very distressed lady and her lovely dog, I talked her through the various ways I can get the door open from the easiest to the longest, we chatted whilst I was working to keep her calm and within a minute the door was non evasively opened .. leaving a very happy customer and her lovely dog.

Locked out in Abberton - 14/07/2020

Lockforce received a call from a couple from Abberton. We went for a walk and forgot our keys can you help..... yes of course I can was my reply. I arrived within 15 mins and duly non evasively opened the door for them... locked out, locked in call Alan from lockforce colchester.

Botched door realignment - 14/07/2020

Lockforce colchester had a call from  asking if I could help with their front door as it will not lock. I arrived and customer, embarrassingly told me he had tried to adjust door because he could not lock it..... after a mutual laugh I readjusted the doors  hinges and done minor adjustments of the doors locking keeps on the frame, now perfect... if your door is having problems call lockforce colchester to sort out the problems, it could save you many hundreds of pounds.

Nurse locked out - 14/07/2020

Lockforce received a call from a lady wanting me to open a door in a room that she was renting. Thee landlord has the key and he was away from home. This lady was a nurse and wanted to stay in her new room that night. I spoke to the landlord and he agreed for me to unlock the door and let the nurse in her room and left one very happy nurse.

Locked out in Colchester - 09/07/2020

Lockforce Colchester received a call from elderly man asking if we could help get him back into his home after going out for milk and forgetting the keys. Lockforce colchester arrived to find a very shaken 94 year old gentleman. We opened the door and helped the gentleman into his home, after a cuppa and chat we left one very happy and relaxed Colchester customer. 

Ex rental property in Colchester - 06/07/2020

Lockforce Colchester had a call from a gentleman. The house had been rented out for 15 years and he wanted new locks to every door 5 in total. I had a job to replace them because the old mortice locks were 35 years old and the wooden doors were very thin. As modern british standard locks are heavier and bigger than the old 3 lever locks, locks were fitted successfully and security was now insurance company compliant. For British standard locks 5 lever 3 star call lockforce colchester.

New house in Colchester, CO4 - 01/07/2020

New home owner called lockforce colchester after moving into their new home. This happy couple wanted to know that there was no more keys hanging around for security. I again changed the two doors locks for anti snap cylinders for security and their safety. New home owners are now relaxing in their new home knowing that they were the only key holders.

Locked out in Colchester, CO2 - 28/06/2020

Call came in from a young lady who was locked out of her house after losing her keys. I arrived to find that she had lost her keys somewhere between the shops and home a distance of 200 yds. She called her dad to help look for them and after an hour looking she called lockforce Colchester to help open the door and change the locks for security. I added anti snap locks and cut extra keys so her dad could keep one safe tor the future... another very happy customer.

Urgent lock change in Colchester - 28/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester call came in on Sunday evening. I need my locks changing quickly. Apparently the doors glass had been smashed and someone had let themselves in n to try and take some of the property. The police were called and they advised her to change locks. I boarded up the small window and changed both front and rear doors cylinders for anti snap for extra security. Leaving a very happy customer and her dad.

Everest gone in Colchester - 27/06/2020

Lovely elderly lady called me today. I had done some work for her last year, well she was panicking because she could not get into her door that had only been fitted by Everest 4/5 weeks ago, she called them but no reply, then she today had a letter telling her that they had gone bust and her guarantee could not be upheld. She called me straight away and I went to help her. I arrived to find the door had dropped because of loose hinge adjusters. I tightened them readjusted the door and left one very happy lady.

Afraid of burglars in Colchester, CO2 - 23/06/2020

Lockforce recieved a call from a very scared lady about the spate of burglary’s in her area. She wanted to make sure no one could break into her home, especially as her husband was stuck abroad due to the corona virus. I assured her that I could make sure no one could break into her doors by breaking the locks. I fitted Ultion cylinders to her front and rear doors, which are virtually impenetrable.. she breathed a big sigh of relief because she could now sleep easy in her bed. Leaving them safe and secure in Colchester.

Customer moving home - 26/06/2020

Lockforce had a frantic call from Colchester customers today. We are moving tomorrow and the door won’t lock- I arrived to find the door had dropped due to the 30degree heat, also the hinges had worn, after all it was 25 years old. I realigned the door to fit the frame and cleaned the mechanism. One very happy pair of customers.

Night latch replacement in Colchester, CO1 - 20/06/2020

When the call came in from a customer saying that the doors night latch was not working (they could not lock the door). I arrived to find the lock in pieces as they had tried to take it apart and fix it themselves, I had a laugh with them about being brave to take a lock like this one apart.. One thing that they should have noticed as it came apart was a broken part inside. That’s why it wouldn’t lock, I changed the lock for a new one and left a very happy couple of embarrassed customers 

Secure locks in Colchester - 16/06/2020

A call came in from customers who had broken the wrong key in their front door mortice lock. I managed to gain entry without damaging the solid oak door, it was a dead lock, there was a sash lock on the door as well that was severely work and the key only sometimes opened the door. Upon my advice we changed the sash lock for a new 5 lever 3 star insurance rated lock and changing the dead lock to a Euro dead lock with a thumb turn cylinder making it easier to lock door from inside without looking for key (fire safety feature). Job finished and one safe and very secure home.

Locked out in Colchester - 17/06/2020

Received a call from a stressed lady, she was a nurse who just finished a 12 hour shift and realised she had no keys. I picked the lock open to lat her in and the keys were on the cabinet by the door.... safe and secure. No charge for our NHS staff.

Key Safe in Colchester, CO2 - 13/06/2020  

I had the opportunity to help carers today. I fitted a key safe to a customers home so that the care workers could get one easily. At anytime of the day or night, they lady cared for was suffering severe dementia and needed. Around the clock attention.

Door will not unlock from outside in Colchester - 12/06/2020

Strange call from another a customer telling me he could only lock his front door from the outside not the inside. When I took the cylinder out I found that the front was working but the rear was not. A failed cylinder, I changed the cylinder and now it’s prefect.

Door wouldn’t lock in Colchester - 11/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester recieved a call from a customer who can’t lock our front door. I arrived to find the door had dropped by about 5mm. The hinge was loose and it just went and dropped down, I adjusted the hinge and tightened the door frame, locking system now spot on. Another happy customer.

Revitalised two old oak doors in Colchester, CO4 - 02/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester recieved a call from a colchester customer enquiring about upgrading his doors locking systems. I arrived to find two 35 year old oak doors that had an early multi point locking mechanism. With no dead bolt he wanted it to be insurance compliant. I arranged two new upgraded mechanisms to be delivered and retro installed them with 3 star cylinders. Making both doors secure and compliant with insurance company instructions. Beautifully hand made doors with up to date locking mechanisms. Another very happy colchester customer.

Door jammed in Colchester - 02/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchcester received a call from a guy asking if I could help get a door open. I turned up to find a woman stuck indoors.. no other door to access, just a window... the door had been attacked by the landlord trying to open it, he had completely ruined the locking mechanism and had attacked it with a crowbar, it was so badly stuck it took an hour to open. I said he should have called me sooner, as I could have opened it without damage. Anyway I managed to open it without more damage and put in a new locking mechanism and handles as well as cylinder. If he had called me sooner it would have saved him money. Left leaving one very happy tenant.

Keyed alike doors in Colchester - 30/05/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester received a call from a guy that wanted 5 locks installed on bedroom doors, but they all had to buy keyed alike to the front door, I asked him why do you need 6 keys all alike. He said it helps with not having lots of different keys, I agreed, then asked why are you putting locks on 5 bedroom doors then the answer, I’m renting them out so it will be easier to give them one key each. Great idea..... until I pointed out that they would be able to enter each other’s bedroom.

1920s property in Colchester - 27/05/2020

Lockforce received a call from a regular customer wanting extra security on there wooden original 1920s windows, As I’ve known this lovely couple for a long time now I was happy to help keep this stunning old property secure, I fitted old brass locking handles to the wooden windows for extra security keeping the property looking original.. more Colchester customers safe and secure. 

French doors locked shut in Colchester - 25/05/2020

Lockforce recieved a call from a customer about their french doors have locked up and we cannot open them. I turned up and quickly realised the gearbox that works the doors locking mechanism had failed, I managed to open the doors without damage and changed the broken gearbox, realigned the doors and have them a good clean and oiling. Now like new customers are very happy to be able to use the back garden to play with the children in this hot sun.

Bicycle locked for 12 months in Colchester, CO2 - 22/05/2020

Lockforce received a call from a customer asking if i could help retrieve his cycle that had been locked in a bike rack for 12 months because the key just turned in the lock and would not open. I arrived asked if he wanted to keep the lock he said no I just want to use my bike. Out came my disk cutter and within twice mins lock was off. Leaving one very happy cyclist.

Door renovation in Colchester - 24/05/2020

I had the privilege of restoring an old tired a PVC door this week in Colchester. The doors handles, locking mechanism and frame were very worn and tired looking.. because it was an early older a PVC door the handles had to be redrilled to fit, the locking mechanism had to be retro fitted the frame had to be tightened and secured, the door had to be realigned and the locking keeps had to be moved to align with the bolt and cams, after all the retro fitting and realignment it had a thorough clean with specialist cleaning fluids. Leaving the door looking like new and one Colchester customer very very happy and safe.

Bicycle Lock in Colchester, CO1 - 22/05/2020

Lockforce received a strange call on from a guy that had locked his cycle. Up and th lock would not open with the key anymore. I arrived to find a rusty but very large chain and padlock attached to the cycle and a post, he admitted he had not used the cycle for over a year and Th lock was rusted. I tried cleaning it with wd40 to no avail, so I took out my angle Grindr and cut it off much to the delight of my customer.

Helping a local family after Covid-19 crisis - 17/05/2020

Lockforce Colchester had the pleasure to help out a family that had locked themselves out of there home in Colchester. The husband had only been out of hospital for one week after contracting corona virus. The wife, Monica in tears, told me that the NHS were stunning with one nurse in particular looking after her keeping her Informed everyday. He’s now home recovering and doing well. Hats off the the NHS. 

French doors repair in Colchester, CO3 - 15/05/2020

Lockforce received a call from a stanway customer and their locks were not locking. I arrived took out both cylinders from the pair of doors and replaced them with a keyed alike pair of 3 star police and insurance approved Ultion locks. Customers left feeling safer and insurance compliant. 

Moving into a new home in Colchester, CO4 - 14/05/2020

The call came in from a customer who just having moved into a new home they wanted new locks. New home new locks are a must. I arrived to find old worn locks fitted to the doors front and back.. I advised the customer that most If not all insurance companies ask for British standard locks ... they agreed and I demonstrated the Ultion 3 star police and insurance company approved cylinder, they agreed that was what they wanted, Ultions installed a very happy couple of customers, keeping them safe at a distance.

Improved home security in Colchester, CO2 - 11/05/2020

Lockforce locksmiths Colchester had a call at 7.30am  to help secure their property ..I had the joy of changing the locks on the front entrance door and the steel shutter doors, all done by 9am, nice cup of coffee at distance and job was finished.. 

Locked in home in Colchester, CO6 - 05/05/2020

Lockforce received an urgent call from a customer telling me that they were locked in there home after the locking mechanism on there pvc door had failed. I arrived within 30 mins and realised the door had dropped and the mechanism had jammed. I lifted the door and it opened, much to my customers relief  they then told me that they had been having trouble locking the door for years. I adjusted the door and yes the locking mechanism was still faulty. I advised fitting a new mechanism which they happily agreed to. After fitting new gearbox the door worked perfectly.. leaving a very happy couple.

Locked garage door in Colchester, CO5 - 02/05/2020

Lockforce was called out to an address to open a garage door that the customer had lost the key, it was a barn turned into a garage /workshop. I arrived to find a very old mortice lock which when I managed to pick it open found a 100 year old ex church door lock, a lovely work of art. Anyway I advised customer to add a new modern lock to secure the door which he happily agreed to. Lock added and one very happy customer.

Fitting new lock on garage door in Colchester - 02/05/2020

I was called to an unusual job on Saturday the 2nd in peldon Nr Colcheste. Lovely older gent had lost the key to what was an old barn but now been converted to a garage/workshop I arrived to find one very solid door with that had  an old church mortice lock fitted( approx 100 years old), I picked the lock using old style lock picks and opened it after 4/5 mins.. as the lock was old and not very secure I advised customer to have a lock with much higher security  which he agreed to...  after fitting the lock we had a cup of tea and chatted about the area (at distance I’ll add). 

New locks for new home in Colchester - 29/04/2020

Received a call from a lady in Colchester that had just moved into a new home. She was worried about the fact that it had been rented for many years before she had bought it. Worried about how many keys were in circulation she decided to change the locks for new high security ones. I gave her options and she asked for the better locks which I fitted, Ultions for the ultimate in security. One very happy and secure Colchester customer.

COVID-19 Update - 29/04/2020

It’s great news today our pal Quiet Paul was released from Colchester general hospital today after 3.5 weeks , now free from corona virus...... let’s hope Colchester soon returns to normal,  we have a beautiful town full of colour and characters.. as well as being one of the oldest towns in the uk Colchester is the home of the parachute regiment.  I can’t wait to party with my pals again .. keep safe Colchester.. 

Cylinder broken in Colchester - 23/04/20

Customer in Tiptree called me after they could not open the front door because the key would not unlock the mechanism, I arrived and after trying various attempts to unlock the door with their keys realised that the cylinder had failed, I managed to get the door open and changed the Euro cylinder for a new one .. while I was there I serviced the doors mechanism and left them with a perfectly working door, leaving  very happy customers.

French door locks in Colchester - 14/04/2020

Lockforce received a phone call from a gentleman asking if I could help repair his broken door mechanism it was an urgent job as he couldn’t lock it and was worried about security, I arrived ad took the doors locking system apart and found that a part of the gearbox had broken, luckily I had a spare part on my van .. I replaced the broken part and put the door back together, I serviced and oiled the whole system, making sure the mechanism and locking cylinder was working perfectly before cleaning up, leaving one very happy customer.

Post office break-in in Colchester - 10/04/2020

Lockforce were called out to a post office in Claire Suffolk (CO10) which had been broken into. The police called me to help secure the main door. I arrived to find the door had been jemmied and locks and frame were massively damaged. I repaired the frame with timber which I hold in stock and replaced the locks with 3 star insurance rated 5 lever mortice dead locks leaving the police and shop owner impressed. The door is now secure and safe.

More spare keys in Colchester - 08/04/2020

A care worker from Colchester called yesterday morning panicking because they needed a key cut and nobody was open. They needed a spare key because a gentleman was admitted to hospital and there was only one key and they needed two more for the care staff. I of course cut them and no charge, helping NHS the best way I can. A very happy and relieved NHS worker

New key cut in Colchester - 04/04/2020

Lockforce had an emergency call from a customer at 6am Saturday morning asking if I could help with his cracked key problem. The customer needed to get to work and had cracked the key to the Yale lock on the front door. He was worried that upon his return that the key would snap in the Lock. 25 mins later I arrived at his house and cut 2 more keys, leaving one very happy and relieved customer.

Door not locking in Colchester, CO5 - 01/04/2020

Lockforce received a call from a very tired customer asking if I could take a look at their front door because it would not lock. I arrived to find a very tired couple who had not slept because of fearing burglars because the door would not lock. I quickly took the lock apart and fixed the problem leaving two very relieved and happy people. Lockforce Colchester sleep doctor.

COVID 19 Update - 27/03/2020

The corona virus has just hit home to us as one of our close pals has been diagnosed with the virus he’s in icu on a ventilator. 2 people have died in Colchester so far, the whole town is in lockdown and we are getting used to being home for a couple of months at least. We just hope that when this terrible virus is over we can come out stronger as a country than before... I hope not too many people are caught up with this terrible virus. Stay safe. 

Lost garage door keys in CO16 - 26/03/2020

Lockforce received a call from an NHS worker panicking about loss of garage key. There was a lot of personal valuables as well as garden tools, I arrived picked the lock open and changed the lock for a Euro cylinder an upgrade from the original lock. One very relieved and happy Clacton customer.

Lost the house keys in Colchester - 23/03/2020

Lockforce Colchester was called by a customer worried that her young son had lost her door key. She had a spare hidden but was worried that someone had picked it up and would use it. I arrived and quickly changed the lock upgraded to high security.. Another very happy colchester customer 

Interior door locked in CO5 - 19/03/2020

Lockforce called out to customer who had lost a key to an interior door - 3 lever mortice lock. I arrived wearing gloves and mask also armed with anti antibacterial spray. The door I needed to open was just inside main door, so I did not have to move around the property. I picked the lock opening the door and cleaned up using antibacterial spray. One very happy and safe customer.

Key stuck in lock in Sudbury - 18/03/2020

Lockforce Colchester received a call from an elderly lady in Sudbury. She was worried that the key was stuck in the lock inside her home, I calmly talked her through lifting the handle and turning key until it locks or unlocks the turning key until it is straight then it should come out. She did as I advised and it came out and door was locked. The best advice is always free for our OAPs.

Key-ed alike - 14/03/2020

Lockforce received a call from Sudbury CO10, asking for advice, he wanted to know if I could change the lock on the entry door and 4 doors , block of 4 flats to keyed alike,...I could possibly with the landlords permission change the entry door and your door for keyed alike, but not the other three .. why he asks .. because you would all be able to get into each other’s home with the same key... Ooh yes came the reply never thought of that.... we had a laugh.

Window lock in Colchester - 13/03/2020

Lockforce received a call from Colchester customer, asking if I could take at their rear downstairs windows that will not lock I arrived and quickly realised both locking mechanisms had broken  Leaving the windows unlocked, I replaced the mechanisms and replaced one broken handle,  Adjusted the windows,oiled the hinges and cleaned the frames...leaving one very happy and safe customer.

French doors stuck - 04/03/2020

Lockforce had a call from a lovely gentleman in Colchester asking if it would be possible to help him open his french doors at the back of his home .. I arrived to find the whole frame had become loose (badly fitted) I managed to open the doors to find the mechanism had broken as well as the doors had dropped .. I refitted the frame making it solid, realigned the doors and changed the doors mechanism.. now making it like new .. one very happy colchester customer.

Forgot key in Colchester - 29th February 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester received a call from my customer in elmstead this morning, he had gone to the local shop to buy bread, returning home he realised he had left he’s key indoors. No problem he thought I have one in my key locker that Alan fitted last week, to his horror no key... he had forgotten to put it back when last used. I turned up within 10 mins gained entry and let him in, after a cuppa and a chat, my customer was left very happy and relaxed (I put spare key in the keysafe). 

Pricing locks - 28th February 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester received a call from a lady from Sudbury asking for prices for locks. I asked if I could look at the doors that needed security (I offer the advice for free).  She gave me the address and I arranged to meet her that morning. I gave her advice on which type of locks she needed based on her needs, she agreed that she needed 3 star mortise locks on the front door as well as the Ultion cylinder for quality security, which I fitted there and then. Customer was left feeling safe and secure.

Upgraded locks - 27th February 2020

Colchester customers called to ask if there was a better lock that could be fitted. I arrived at their home to find substandard lock on the front door. I gave them advice and options, they went for the Ultion cylinder the ultimate in cylinders. Keeping them safe and secure.

Bedroom night latch - 20th February 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester received a call from a customer in CO4, asking me to install two night latches on two bedroom doors as he was letting the rooms to help with his mortgage payments. I arrived we discussed which type and colour, which he chose chrome to match the original door handles. I installed both locks to the delight of my customer 

New home, new lock - 19th February 2020

Lockforce received a call from a lady  asking how quickly I could change a lock in her new door because she obviously I was there in 10mins to change the lock .. she had been in her new home for 7 days and was worried about how many keys were still in circulation.. she wanted if done quickly as well because her boyfriend was a locksmith and wanted to teach him a lesson.

Security first - 11th February 2020

A very panicked lady from Colchester called me to change all her locks to ultions ( the highest security locks you can get ) this was because her area was being burgled every week. I changed all the door locks , she now feels safe and secure.

Locked out on a cold windy evening - 10th February 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths received a call from a lady in CO4 Colchester that could hardly speak because she was so cold after walking home with her husband from work .. and finding the lock was not opening the door. After 15 mins, I arrived and sat them in my van with the heater on full. Within 15 mins I had them indoors .. warm and safe .. one very happy couple.

Privacy Locks - 6th February 2020

Lockforce received a call from customer in CO4 on the 6th feb asking about fitting lock to bedroom door. I arrived at the customers home and gave them various options to retro fit lock. They agreed to have a sash lock fitted to match the other doors Furniture  Lock fitted and cleaned up leaving customers very happy and feeling safe and secure.

Quote for new locks on rental property - 28th January 2020

Lockforce Colchester had a call from customers that was renting one of their homes out in Bures. They wanted a price to replace all their locks on the property, as they are moving back at the end of February after working abroad for 5 years. I drove to the property and did a written quotation for them which they were more than happy to go ahead with at the end of February. They wanted insurance approved 3star 5 lever sash locks as well as approved Euro locks to keep them safe and secure.

Lady could not leave house because of broken lock - 27th January 2020. 

Lockforce Colchester received a call from a slightly distressed lady.  I arrived within 15 mins and detected the mechanisms gearbox had failed, I quickly changed it for a new one ( which I had in stock) as well as upgrading the cylinder for an Ultion, the Ultimate in cylinders ..... leaving one very happy lady.

Quote agreed for Lock upgrades - 27th January 2020.

Lockforce Locksmiths recieved a call from a customer in Sudbury to check all locks with a view to change them after being rented for over 15 years. I advised on the locks to use and gave a written price ... very happy customer. I look to compleete these works after the decorators have done at the end of January.

Broken window lock in Colchester - 25th January 2020

Lockforce Colchester received a call from a customers in colchester CO4, telling me they could not lock their bathroom window because the handle is broken.. I arrived and quickly realised that it was the gearbox in the mechanism that had snapped. I changed the whole mechanism fitted new handle and left two very happy customers .. safe and secure.

Snapped keys in Colchester - 17th January 2020

Customer had called me to change all locks, I arrived to find the lock on the front door had a snapped key inside.  I managed to get it out and unlock the door with some difficulty I tried a new cylinder and it wasn’t working, I then took out the oval mortice lock and found the mechanism had been damaged. Probably by hitting the cylinder with a hammer, I showed the customer the lock and they agreed to change it for a keyed mortise lock, with new handles (price was agreed first). Then the customer took me to the pair of french doors in the lounge. To my horror the keys had been snapped in both locks as well... after a bit of messing around I managed to open the doors. I managed to straighten them and fitted 2 thumb turn cylinders (again at an agreed price with customer). 2.5 hours later the job was done and I left a very happy customer .. and the property safe and secure.

Locked out in Colchester - 16th January 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester received a call from customer in CO4. Customer's rental house was in need of lock changes due to ex tenants not leaving keys. I turned up to find keys were broken in all 3 locks ..nasty tenants..  I managed to open doors and changed all the locks much to the owners delight,5 keys with each lock were handed over, owners were so happy my wife and I was invited out for a meal at there colchester restaurant, very happy customers as were my wife and I. 

Church locks upgrade - 15th January 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester received a call from a arts and crafts centre in Colchester. The rear door has a broken dead lock and they cannot open the door, lockforce the 4th emergency service, turned up and opened door and retro fitted a new up-to-date dead lock, adjusted the door frame and door was working spot on as it would have done 200 years ago .. Keeping people safe and secure.

Returning customer - 9th January 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester received a call from what is now becoming a regular customer in CO4. "I’m locked out again, ok I’ll be there in 15 mins" .. turned up and gained entry. The 3rd time in 3 months, she keeps all 3 keys on the same key ring. So I took one off for her and put it in her car ... ohh she says, I never thought of that. One very happy customer.

New lock for national supermarket chain - 4th January 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester received a call from a national supermarket chain in my local area. Two doors needed locks after keys had been lost. I arrived at the supermarket and was taken to the storeroom where I found the doors with locks but no keys. I changed the cylinders and handed over 5 keys to each lock, one very relieved and happy manager.

Christmas Saviour - 24th December 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester recieved a call from a customer in CO7 on Christmas Eve having problems with front door. I arrived early in the morning and found the mechanism breaking brown. I replaced the mechanism with a new one and tested door alignment and now the door's locking mechanism worked as new. One very happy Christmas customer.

Elderly couple loses keys - 22nd December 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester received a call at 5.30 Saturday morning from a lovely elderly couple had gone early morning  shopping to Tesco’s, upon arriving home they realised they had lost the house keys.. I met them at their home and decided to take them back to Tesco’s and retrace their steps . We had dozens of staff searching the whole of the shop .. unfortunately we could not find them. I took them home gained entry and changed all the locks ( at a special rate) we had a cup of tea and a laugh , I left a lovely elderly couple both happy and safe.

Locked out in Marks Tey - 21st December 2019

Customer had locked himself out also stating that the lock was  sometimes really tough to open. I gained entry and diagnosed the mechanism was worn out . I changed the mechanism and adjusted the locks and the keeps..... one very happy customer who is now safe and secure.

Upgrading locks after a burglary - 19th December 2019

Customer called today after an attempted burglary. I received a phone call to check the locks and upgrade security. This was done in no time, customer is now relieved and feels safe and secure.

Customer needed insurance upgrades on 3 locks - 11th December 2019

Received a call from customer in Nayland. I arrived and promptly changed two locks for 3 star insurance rated sash locks  The  rd door needed a new mechanism on an old wooden door, I fashioned one and added an Ultion cylinder as well as new up to date handles. The customers were thrilled as now their home is safe and secure.

Reuniting long lost pals in Colchester - 7th December 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester received a call from a gentleman in Colchester mid week. I arrived at his house and sorted out the problem which had him almost stuck indoors because the patio door to the balcony had failed. I quickly repaired the doors and had a chat with the customer. He told me that he had not been able to get out of his home for many months in fact only a handful of times in the past 4 years. He was suffering from a rare lung infection that limited his movement, upon chatting I realised he was once a top darts player in Colchester. I made a few phone calls and reunited him with some long lost pals who picked him up and took him to the local pub for a chat. Lovely feeling and a great end to the week 

Store lock out - 6th December 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester received an early morning call on Friday from a customer in Colchester. A local store manager had lost his key and could not enter his shop. I arrived within 15 mins and opened the door (non destructive). We had a lovely cup of coffee and a chat and I’m now the preferred locksmith for the guy... Result!! early bird catches the worm.

Locked out by pet dog - 1st December 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester had a call to gain entry on Sunday to a property in Colchester. Young man went out of the front door into porch to pick up milk. The pet dog came up behind him and closed inner door....leaving the customer in slippers and bath robe .. he then had to run to a neighbour and use phone to call Lockforce. I arrived within 15 mins to open door, one very happy but embarrassed customer. 

Emergency doors need opening - 22nd November 2019

Customer called at Jungle Adventures children’s indoor playground in Colchester, asking for my help opening a pair of emergency doors that had become stuck. Upon arrival I noticed that the doors were wedged tight and the locks were also stuck... I gained entry to find the door had dropped and the locks were damaged .. I repaired the locks , straightened the doors . And made safe ... all the children playing in the indoor playground are now safe and secure.

Upgrading Mechanism with new Gearbox - CO2, Colchester, 15th November 2019

Customer was having problems with locking and unlocking their front door, so called Lockforce Locksmith Colchester. I arrived quickly and diagnosed the problem to the mechanism. I proceeded to strip the door down, fitted a new gearbox and tested door before leaving one very happy customer.

High Security Locks After Coffee Shop Burglary - CO1, Colchester, 10th November 2019

Customer was burgled, and called Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester for help. I changed locks to the Ultion, two locks keyed alike, two locks one set of keys. One Americano with milk ... one very happy customer feeling safe and secure.

Key spinning in door - 31st October 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester arrived at the property in Highwoods Colchester and I found the door was locked and the key was spinning. I gained entry and took the lock apart to find the mechanism had collapsed. I then fitted a temporary lock and ordered a new one, the mechanism was delivered the next day and so I went back and fitted the new lock. Another happy customer !!

Protect your home - 26th October 2019

Customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester to ask about upgrading their locks for the highest security possible. Customer was very worried about burglary and I advised that the Ultion lock was the very best and showed her the details about the £1000 guarantee. She agreed to go for these locks which I fitted on both the front and back door. One very happy customer, feling safe and secure. 

Good advice sometimes pays off - 18th October 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester recieved a phone call last night from a management company based in Colchester, asking if I could go to help a guy that was locked out of his flat. It soon become apparent that someone had left the snib on after entering the flats, as he was outside the main door, I simply said yes I could turn up for him and ring all the bells to get someone to open the door. After a call back I found out that the gentleman had got someone to open the door for him. Anyway I’m back next week to change the lock to a thumb turn .... so I did get a job after all.

Students locked out in Colchester - 10th October 2019

Fantastic job today. Customer in colchester called to help with a student accommodation. 4 students were locked out of their home and when the only guy that had not lost his key was away visiting he’s parents they were in a bit of dilema. All 4 had lost their keys at a party. Anyway I gained entry, albeit made harder by the fact they had all had a go at kicking the door in.  I went onto to change the lock, 5 lever British standard with 5 keys. Another happy customer and another job I left smiling.

New lock for elderly lady in Colchester - 5th October 2019

I was called to customer in Colchester on Monday by an elderly lady was locked in her home. I managed to open door. The lady was very distressed. The carer calmed her down with a cup of tea.... with only one entrance and exit , and only one key to the door, I suggested that we change the lock to a Euro lock with a thumb turn inside so lady could lock the door from the inside and carer could open the door easily from the outside .... without the risk of the key being left in the lock inside. I modified the handles to accept an oval Euro cylinder and everyone was left happy and safe .

Night latch on storeroom - 25th September 2019

I was called out to a job in Colchester on a lovely sunny day. The customer needed more security on his storeroom to secure some valuable tools including a ride on mower, after some discussion he decided to go with a night latch as there was already a mortice lock in place, I got to work fitting the lock and after half an hour it was done .... I showed the customer the job and how it works .. I’m pleased to say he was also very pleased .... another happy Lockforce Locksmith customer!

Faulty lock on French Doors - 17th September 2019

Customer rang Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester panicked about being unable to unlock the french doors which were the entry into the conservatory. She had also mislaid the keys to the door on the side of the conservatory .... and had managed to lock her dog inside. On arrival, the customer was physically shaking.. I opened the door .. let dog out .. and found the doors mechanism had collapsed so I took it out and put in a temporary lock in whilst waiting for lock to be delivered, one very happy customer. 

Sticky lock in Colchester - 15th September 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester was called to a customer who had a sticky lock on their door. The lock was badly worn and I recommended a thumb turn Euro cylinder which the customer agreed to. I replaced the old cylinder with a security cylinder and cut an extra key,  leaving the customer very happy and again customer left 5 stars on Trustist.

Broken locking mechanism in Colchester - 8th September 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester was called to help unlock stuck patio doors, upon arrival it soon became obvious that the doors locking mechanism had broken , no way in without some damage said customer..... let me have a look .. soon realised that the hook locks that help the door securely in place needed to be forced open .. .. so I as carefully as possible spread the door and tapped the hooks open ... the door was opened for the 1st time in over a year .. one very happy customer.

Fitting new locks in Colchester - 24th August 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester was called to Castle park to fit locks to the new putt-in-the-Park putting complex, one of several around Essex this one will open in two weeks time. I had the job of fitting a lock to the disabled toilet which had to be cut into the door and frame, also a digital lock to the storeroom which also had to be cut into the frame and door. The new owners were delighted with the job and said Lockforce Colchester will have all there lock work from now on. 

Lock upgrades in Colchester - 24th August 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Colchester was called by a customer on Saturday morning who requested we checked his front door lock and handles. Upon arriving I found that the cylinder and handles had worn very badly. I advised the customer to change the handles and upgrade the cylinder to an ultion for the ultimate security. He happily agreed and I replaced both. I also cleaned and oiled the mechanism and left a very happy customer who left me a 5 star review on Trustist.

New locks for club house in Colchester - 24th August 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Colcehster was by a customer who owened a new putting green club house and needed two new locks fitted. One lock on a disabled toilet and a digital lock to be fitted on the stock room door. I was able to source parts and fit them very quickly, left customer very happy who gave me 5 stars on Trustist.

Door not locking in Colchester - 16th August 2019

Lockforce Locksmith Colchester was called to customers home as the front door would not lock. We identified a number of issues Euro cylinder was catching and very loose, the handles were worn and the gearbox that locks the door had broken.. The customer was anxious because her son had Asperger’s syndrome and had a habit of trying to leave flat. We worked quickly to rectify all problems and put the customer at ease. A very satisfied customer and a 5 stars review on google.

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