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Welcome to Lockforce Locksmith Clacton on Sea, where your local technician Alan is here to help you 24 hours a day.

With no call out charge or VAT to pay call us today on 01255 564 564.

Clacton Locksmith Services

Lockforce locksmiths in Clacton-on-Sea offer a number of emergency locksmith services 24 hours a day including the following:

  • Mobile key cutting in Clacton
  • Clacton-on-Sea 24/7 locksmith service
  • Window lock repairs
  • Snapped lock replacement
  • Key extraction
  • Sash jammers
  • Mortice locks
  • Commercial locksmith work
  • Window Locks
  • Domestic locksmith work
  • Eviction service
  • Master Key Sets
  • Filing cabinet locks
  • Conservatory lock repairs and replacement
  • Home locksmith service
  • Business locksmith service
  • British Standard Locks
  • Ultions High Security Locks
  • Anti-Snap Locks
  • Anti-Drill Locks

All of our customers can expect the following as standard:

  • Locks that meet insurance standards
  • No Call Out Fee
  • 12 Months Quality Guarantee

I also have Insurance / Public Liability Cover to the Sum of £5 Million and A Police DBS Check which I always carry with me.

Give us a call on 01255 564 564 and speak to Alan, your local locksmith in Clacton-on-Sea.

Mobile Key Cutting in Clacton

Lockforce locksmiths in Clacton offer an emergency key cutting service whilst you wait. We do this in our van at your location which allows you to know your key will work perfectly as we will test it ourselves to make sure it’s perfect for the job it is intended for. Our expert locksmiths in Clacton cut keys on a regular basis and have some of the most advanced mobile key cutting equipment. Our key cutting even comes with a guarantee!

For more information on expert 100% will work key cutting services in Clacton on Sea call an expert locksmith with state-of-the-art equipment on 01255 564 564.

Clacton Mortice Locks

Mortice locks are most commonly found on older wooden doors both externally and internally. These locks are a great form of security as they are not easily picked or drilled. Mortice locks come in a few levels of security and standards which these are:

  • 2 levers usually a toilet door
  • 3 lever an internal door
  • 5 lever an out building or internal fire door
  • 5 lever British standard these are an insurance requirement for all wooden external doors.

These also come a range of Size the most common being 2.5’ and 3’ this is the size from the faceplate to the back of the lock.

Other variation a door lock might have is a dead lock or a sash lock the difference being a sash lock needs a handle to depress the sash to open as a dead lock doesn’t have this feature.

Your local locksmith in Clacton on Sea fit all types of mortice locks to a number of domestic and commercial properties across Clacton on Sea and the surrounding areas. As a trusted locksmith we will only get British standard locks to external doors as fitting anything less voids insurance and leaves you unprotected.

For more information on mortise locks or to have an appointment for and expert locksmith to come and fit one calls your local locksmith Alan on Clacton on Sea today on 01255 564 564

Clacton Euro Cylinder Locks

Euro cylinder locks come in many shapes and sizes the most common are:

  • Half Euro usually found on garage door and shutter
  • Euro cylinder these are the most common and on uPVC and composite doors
  • Thumb turn cylinders these are on multiple occupancy houses or where ease of exit may be needed as there is no need for a key from the inside.

The Euro cylinders are usually a 6-pin lock unless a higher standard. All Euro cylinders come with a minimum of 3 keys that can be cut by your expert locksmith technician on site should you require more.

For more information on Euro cylinders call Alan day or night on 01255 564 564 - your local locksmith in Clacton on Sea.

Clacton Security Experts

Lockforce Locksmith’s in Clacton on Sea are experts in domestic and commercial security. We offer an expert 24 service for all your Locksmith and Security needs. Local and trusted we are the first choice for customers in Clacton on Sea who would like to make their building or homes safe and secure.

We offer a number of services such as security surveys where we will come to see you and see what level your security is at and also recommend on what you / we can do to increase this. We upgrade locks to a British standard in line with the insurance requirements.

We have a highest number of 5-star reviews of any other locksmith company so when you call Lockforce Locksmith’s In Clacton on Sea you will be getting a trusted expert locksmith whom is vetted and trained to the highest level at both locksmithing as-well as customer service.

Looking for an expert in Security services then look no further than Alan your 24 experts at Lockforce Locksmith’s in Clacton on Sea call now on 01255 564 564.

Lockforce Clacton Payment Options

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Cash
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • BACS

All payments are collected once work is completed unless otherwise agreed.

Recent Jobs

British standard locks installed to Clacton factory - 20/5/22

When the business owner snapped the end of their mortice key I was called in to gain access to the property which I did and as I got the door open I realised the two locks were non British standard, I advised for security reasons as well as insurance company compliance to replace them with British standard making them much more secure, job done customers happy 

Extra security lock on a Clacton restaurant - 13/05/22

I had the lovely job of adding an extra Euro mortice lock to the front door to a top Clacton restaurant today. When the call came asking for help to add an extra lock to this fantastic place. I had eaten there many times before having known the owner for many years, the food is incredible, lobster, skate, and giant prawns my favourite. Now all secured with an extra 3 star Ultion cylinder fitted into a Euro mortice dead lock.

Bedroom window lock repair in Clacton - 07/05/22

We were called to a property last week to repair a window lock that had failed to close, the problem was the mechanism, it had  broken , so we replaced the parts and had the window locking again keeping them safe&secure. 

Window restrictors installed for lacton family - 28/4/22

Lockforce clacton received the call to help with their bedroom windows restriction, Two young children had learnt to open windows in their bedroom and hang out , I installed window restrictors so that the windows could not be fully opened unless unlocked with a key .

Window lock replacement in Clacton - 21/04/22

The call came in enquiring about new handles and a window repair. I arrived at the property to find several broken handles and two failed locking mechanisms, once I had cleaned them all and replaced the handles on the ones that needed them, checking them to make sure they worked properly, I then had the job of replacing the two locking mechanisms which were rusted and bent, I replaced them for newer stainless steel locks and left the property with all working and locking windows

Urgent door repair in Clacton - 15/4/22 

The call came in early in the morning from a stressed man who with his wife were on their way out visiting family when their doors locking mechanism failed. I managed to get there within 20mins and immediately realised what the problem was. The gearbox had failed meaning they could not lock and secure the door. I carry the right gearbox on the van and changed it as well as cleaning and servicing the complete mechanism all done within 45 mins of the call, leaving them very happy to be able to get underway.

Lock change after resident found living in an empty hotel - 06/04/22

Lockforce Locksmith Clacton received a call from a hotel owner who wanted to change the locks on an empty hotel room in Clacton. This was needed after the owners found that someone had been living there without their knowledge. New locks were installed ensuring nobody apart from the owners had any keys.

Securing empty bar in Clacton - 01/04/22 

Lockforce Clacton we're called upon to secure an empty bar as there were keys that had been handed to various staff before the landlord had left,. We changed all the locks securing the property for the landlords.

Clacton security advice 16/03/22

Lockforce was invited to survey a new build house in clacton for security reasons. I covered every aspect of the property's security and put forward my proposal to the builders. I'm pleased to say they are taking up my advice and I'll be replacing and adding locks to all ten new build homes in the near future.

Clacton door re hinge - 05/03/22 

I had the pleasure of replacing the broken hinges on a lovely Clacton couple after the wind had blown the door wide open stretching the hinges, once replaced the door worked perfectly again.

Click to see more recent jobs.

Clacton new door furniture - 25/2/22

We had the lovely job of helping new home owners refurbish their front door on a  new home new letterbox with matching door handle and door knocker all matching in rose a gold finish. After we had cleaned the whole door first, leaving it looking like a new door at a fraction of the cost.

Wind caught window in Clacton - 19/2/22 

I had to rush to a job in Clacton on Saturday morning as a customer had let the wind blow the window out and bend the hinge. I managed to straighten the hinge to get it to close and lock. Keeping them safe & secure. 

Locked in a Clacton flat - 12/02/22

We had a call come in from a new customer asking if it would be possible to open a door to a second floor flat that had stuck locked. We drove straight over that morning as we could never leave anyone locked in a second floor flat with no other means of escaping. We turned up at the address to find the door had dropped on its hinges so putting weight on the locking mechanism. We lifted the door opened it and adjusted the hinges to make the door work properly, leaving the lady safe & secure.

Lock upgrade Clacton - 03/02/22

Lockforce Clacton had the pleasure of replacing the cylinders on a house for 1st time new home buyers, I explained the difference between the original locks and the ones I fit they were very security conscious and opted for maximum security 3star police&insurance company approved Ultion cylinders for safety and security 

New Lock for Clacton Shop - 26/1/22

A local estate agent call me to open a door to an empty shop after the keys had been lost, I managed to pick the lock open and change it for a new British standard.

Finding door and changing lock in Clacton - 21/1/22

Lockforce clacton had the job of finding a door which led to the roof of a building that was a supermarket in it previous life, now split into 3 buildings, there is an upstairs that no one had used in ten years or more, I had the job of finding the only door that led to this space, after looking and asking questions of the shop owners I found the door on the side of this building, I managed to open the door and change the lock as there were no keys.

New 3 star cylinders for Clacton customer - 15/1/22

Lockforce clacton had the pleasure of upgrading the lockdown on a pvc door by installing 3 star police&insurance company and 3 star Ultion cylinders to three doors, keeping them safe&secure. 

New door suite in Clacton - 05/01/22

I had the real pleasure of upgrading all the furniture on the door of a lovely retired couple. The door was in very good condition but the handles and knocker as well as the cylinder were very tired and worn. After thoroughly cleaning the door, I replaced the lot with chrome matching accessories leaving the door looking as new.

Realignment of door in Clacton on Sea - 30/12/21 

Lockforce Locksmith Clacton had a late evening call asking for help as the door wouldn’t lock. As soon as I arrived I could see the door was out of alignment. A simple adjustment of the doors hinges and the door was working perfectly again.

New high security cylinders for Clacton based couple - 26/12/21 

Lockforce Locksmith Clacton had a rather panicky call from a lovely elderly couple from clacton worried about the spate of burglary’s in the area, I advised that I do a free security survey, and the next day I was with them looking over their property. I advised that the windows were secure with the key locking handles, but the front and rear doors had standard older style cylinders. I had two options and they both agreed the Ultion was the ones to be installed as they are police&insurance company approved. OInce installed they are now much more secure and insurance company compliant.

Extra Lock Installed To Front Door, CO15 - 17/12/21

Lockforce Locksmith Clacton received a call asking for help with extra security on a solid wooden front door, The door only had a night latch installed, I advised a British standard dead lock for maximum security and safety.. which they asked me to install straight away ... now they can feel safe and secure.

Locked out in Clacton, CO15 - 07/12/21

Lockforce Locksmith Clacton received the call to gain entry for a lovely elderly gentleman after he had left home forgetting his keys. I arrived and picked the door open and left the gentleman safe and secure.

New window handles in Clacton, CO16 - 28/11/21

Lockforce Locksmith Clacton had the pleasure of replacing 16 new key locking handles on a lovely Clacton property this week. The old ones had no key locking and were worn and insecure. I replaced them all with key locking handles, leaving them safe & secure. 

Locks upgrade for Clacton chip shop - 26/11/21

Lockforce was asked by a well known clacton chop shop to upgrade their locks to 3 star insurance compliant cylinders. We duly replaced all 5 cylinders for The ultimate cylinder, the Ultion 3 star police and insurance company approved cylinders… 

Clacton call for window repair - 28/10/21

Lockforce Clacton received a call at 7 am from a worried lady the downstairs window wouldn’t lock the handle had broken off. I replaced the handle and secured the window, leaving a very relieved lady that could now go to work feeling safe. 

Gaining entry Clacton - 10/10/21

Lockforce Clacton had a call from a guy asking for help getting back into his home after he went shopping and forgot the keys. I arrived picked the lock and let him into his home. One relieved Clacton customer.

Keyed alike for Clacton customer - 23/09/21

Lockforce Clacton received the call asking if it was possible to have one key to operate their 3 doors. The answer is yes we can have cylinders made to fit all three doors and operate them all with the same key.

Window restrictors for clacton home - 19/9/21

Lockforce Clacton had the pleasure of installing window restrictors on all the windows of this young couples home, window restrictors are the safe way to keep children from opening windows wide enough to get out keeping them safe&secure . 

Clacton window repair - 04/09/21

I had the pleasure of repairing the window lock on an elderly ladies front porch window, the mechanism had failed and it was unable to be locked, I replaced the whole mechanism and adjusted the window so it was easier to use.. leaving one very happy customer.

Door repair in Clacton - 02/09/21

Lockforce Clacton recieved a call from a very distraught lady asking for help with her french doors they were hard to lock, I found they needed realignment and servicing. After the job was completed they worked like new, leaving one very happy customer.

Clacton break in repair, 19/7/21

Lockforce had the job of repairing a front door that had been broken into by someone using a crowbar, I managed to repair the frame and replaced the damaged lock, keeping them safe & secure.

Clacton door failure, 10/7/21

Lockforce Clacton received the call to help with a door that would not lock, on arrival I noticed the door had dropped, a simple realignment was all that was needed, sometimes if caught early enough a simple repair will save hundreds  .. call as soon as you have problems

Caravan door repaired in Clacton - 02/7/21

Lockforce had the absolute pleasure of helping a lovely elderly couple who stay for the summer months in their caravan in a Clacton caravan park, the doors locking mechanism had failed meaning they could not lock the door, I realised that the mechanism had to be changed as no parts on these caravan mechanisms can be replaced or repaired, complete new mechanism and the door was now working as new.

Clacton french doors keyed alike - 24/6/21

Lockforce Clacton had the pleasure of quoting on new locks for a pair of french doors , I advised keyed alike, meaning one set of keys for both locks making it easier to only hold one key, Your whole home could be keyed alike for ease of carrying keys, call Alan for details

New replacement window locks Clacton - 17/6/21

Lockforce Clacton was called to help a lovely elderly couple to restore their window locks, they were locked shut because the locking mechanism had failed months ago, I replaced the locking mechanisms and oiled and cleaned the whole window, leaving the windows usable, meaning they could have fresh air flowing throughout their home.

Patio door realignment in Clacton - 11/6/21

I was called to a property in clacton to look at a patio door that was hard to open and close, when I opened the door I could see straight away it was out of alignment , I readjusted the rollers and oiled the mechanism making it work as new 

Clacton new window hinges - 03/06/21

Lockforce clacton was called in after a clacton customer couldn’t close their window, I arrived to find the hinge had broken, there was another window that had not been opened for years because of the same problem, both hinges replaced and now  working properly . For all your window door problems call Alan.

Failed lock in Clacton, CO15 - 27/05/21

The doors locking mechanism had failed it couldn’t be locked leaving home owners unsecure. Lockforce Clacton replaced the doors gearbox and serviced the mechanism and realigned the door making it work as new.

Locked out in Clacton - 21/5/21

I received an early morning call from a guy that had popped out to the local shop and forgot he’s keys .. wearing only he’s socks funny for me not for him, I arrived and very quickly opened the door we had a laugh and a cup of tea, I hope that a lesson learnt.

Lost keys in Harwich, CO12 - 15/5/21

Lockforce received a call from a man who was travelling back from London by train, he asked if I could get him back into his home losing his keys on a weekend bender with 4 of his friends. He asked if I could give him time to get home from the station because he had no money for a taxi. I said not to worry I’ll pick you up from the station, which I did, we arrived at his home ( he was rather worse for wear). I gained entry to the house and changed the locks leaving a very tired and hung over but happy customer.

Window and door service in Clacton, CO15 - 07/05/21

We were called out to a Dona lock and window check on a customers newly bought property, I found the windows closing properly but stiff and the 3 exit and entry doors on the property were not locking smoothly, after some cleaning and oiling and new cylinders they were all working and looking like new.

New locks for Clacton care home, CO15 - 01/05/21

Lockforce clacton had the pleasure of installing locks on doors for a care home to keep residents safe&secure, 5 night latches were installed to keep unwanted guests from getting in allowing and residents security.

Clacton lock out - 23/04/21

Lockforce Clacton were called out to help an elderly couple to gain entry to their home after they had lost the keys, I gained non evasive entry and helped them in. On my advice they changed the lock, as they did not know where they lost the keys.

Locked out in Clacton - 16/04/21

I arrived at the property to find an elderly couple had left there keys inside the house after taking a walk for exercise,  it took me a few minutes to open the door by professional methods,  the reason they had left the keys in the inside of the door was because they always leave a key in the door to make it easier to lock the door when they retire to bed, I suggested a thumbturn cylinder so they need not worry about leaving a key in the lock... a suggestion they gladly accepted 

Broken window locks in Clacton 07/04/21

Lockforce clacton received a call asking for help securing their windows. the lock on a few had broken.we arranged a time to visit and I daily arrived on time to find that they were old non locking handles, I replaced all of the handles at an agreed price also giving a one year guarantee, now they are happy to have new key locking handles for extra security.

New locks for new home in Clacton, CO15 - 01/04/21

Lockforce clacton received a call for new locks on a new home owners property,  We always advise replacing the locks on your new homes doors as you never know how many keys are floating about.. also most houses have inferior locks non British standard and not insurance company rated... check with your insurance company as to there requirements.. any way this astute customer realised as the property was a rental for years it was prudent to replace the locks and he wanted higher security so opted for British standard locks all round.  Very wise people considering the amount of burglaries there are nowadays. for free advice on security call Alan.

Locked out in Clacton - 23/3/21

Lockforce clacton received the call asking for immediate help as the caller had left his keys indoors and shut the door behind himself locking himself out. I arrived from Colchester to clacton witching 20 mins and gained non destructive entry to get my customer back indoors safe & sound.

Lock change for new property owners in Clacton - 18/03/21

Lockforce Clacton received the call to change the locks on a property that once was a rental, changing the lock/locks on your new property makes sense especially as you do not know how many keys are out there , it also makes sense to install more secure cylinders that are at least anti snap locks.

New 3 star cylinders for CO16 customers - 26/02/21

Lockforce Clacton received the call to give free advice to new home owners in clacton, I asked if the insurance company wanted 3 star lock and the answer was yes they do, I advised the 3 star police and insurance company approved Ultion cylinders , which they agreed to have installed keeping them safer and more secure.

Serviced windows and doors, CO16 - 19/02/21

This is the perfect time of the year to have your windows and doors serviced, cleaned oiled adjusted, keeping them working perfectly saving money long term, one lock out with a broken gearbox would cos three times more than a service... for more information.

Locked out in Co16 - 11/02/21

Lockforce Clacton received a call from distraught lady asking for help getting back into her home as she had lost her keys, I arrived and within 5 minutes had her back in, and her keys were on the table,  she had forgot to take them and lock the door. It was a realisation that made her think about how easy it was for me to get her door open because it was not dead locked.

New locking mechanism in Clacton - 02/02/21 

Lockforce clacton received this call asking for help repairing their front doors locking mechanism, upon arrival I noticed the doors handles, mechanism and lock were on the floor, I asked what had happened to the door? well they had another so called locksmith try and repair the door the evening before and made a mess and disappeared leaving the door with no ability to lock.... they had to push a sofa up against it to keep it closed for the evening. I replaced the complete mechanism and cylinder as well as the handles making the door work properly again.. not all locksmiths are well trained and experienced. This time I managed to help. If you need professional craftsmanship call Alan 07771628277 Lockforce locksmiths 

Locked out in Harwich, CO15 - 23/01/2021

Lockforce Clacton received a call from a very stressed lady asking for help getting back into her home, as she had gone to the local shop and  couldn’t remember if she had taken the key with her or left it at home, as I arrived she was visibly shaking as the dog was barking madly inside. I opened the door very quickly to her relief.. and yes the key was there as well.

Merry Xmas, Happy New Year, Back to work for 2021 

Hoping all my customers had a brilliant Christmas and New years (fingers crossed we are COVID-19 free by the end of this year). I am now back to work from a brief fortnight off work to recharge the batteries and carry out some repairs to the van. Please give me a call for all your locksmithing needs. All the best Alan! 

New security locks for Clacton customers - 22/12/2020

Lockforce Clacton received a call asking if I could help with security on their house, they wanted piece of mind that they would not be broken into as there was a spate of burglary’s in the area getting into the homes through the doors, I advised Ultions they are 3 star cylinders that are police & insurance company approved, they are anti snap, anti pick, anti drill even the hard core burglars tend to walk away when confronted by the Ultion cylinder.

Garage door locked - 10/12/2020

Lockforce clacton recieved a call asking for help with their stuck garage door, it was used as a storeroom for a care home. I arrived to find it was the wooden door on the side of the garage and the lock was a mortice lock.. no problems for us I picked it open and changed the locks as the keys were lost.

Window will not open in Clacton - 06/12/2020

Lockforce clacton had a call from a young lady on the 6th December asking for help with a window that would not open, as it was not an emergency we made an appointment to meet the next day, as we were very busy, I arrived to find the handles locking mechanism had failed, I removed the broken handle and replaced it with a new key locking one, now working perfectly.. and another happy clacton customer.

Broken door handle - 02/12/2020

A rather panicky call came into our clacton office asking for help as they couldn’t open the front door because the handle had snapped off. I arrived to find the handle had broken and was not opening the door. I changed the doors handles and cleaned the locking mechanism after a little oil the doors handles were working again.

Locked out lost keys - 26/11/2020

Lockforce clacton co15 received the call asking for help getting back into their home as they had lost the keys. I arrived gained entry and changed the locks for safety. Leaving then safe & secure.

Patio door keys lost - 20/11/2020

Lockforce Clacton CO15 received the call asking for help as they had lost the keys to their french doors leading to the garden, there was no panic as they could get to garden through a side gate but it was an inconvenience, we managed to pick the lock to open the doors and changed the lock for a new one with 5 keys .. hopefully they will not lose all 5. 

Bathroom door locked closed - 11/11/2020

Call came in on from a co15 customer asking for my help opening their bathroom door which the locking mechanism had failed, I arrived and found the lock had been damaged from the outside, the son explained that his mum had tried to open the door before going to work, calling me was an afterthought.... the handles had already been taken off and they were bent quite badly, the latch was also bent as someone had taken a hammer to it. I opened the door by inserting a screwdriver into the latch and turning it .. I then replaced the  latch and straightened the handles screwed then back using longer screws and left them with a usable bathroom door...... if you ever have problems with a door or window call lockforce Clacton, it will save you money in the end.

Sliding patio door stuck - 03/11/2020

Lockforce clacton Co15 received the call asking for help as the patio door had failed to open. As soon as I arrived the reason was obvious, the sliding portion of the door had dropped I lifted the door and unlocked it, as soon as it was open I could realign the door to make it work as it should ... oiled cleaned and serviced it now works as new.

New mortice lock - 28/10/2020

The call came in from a clacton customer asking for help as the lock on their front door had seized and would not open. I arrived to find the mortice lock had failed even the original key would not open it, my locksmith skills allowed me to open the door with no damage to the door. I replaced the lock with a British standard mortice and cut two more keys for family .. keeping them safe&secure in clacton.

Broken key in door - 26/10/2020

Lockforce clacton recieved a call from a customer needing help as they had snapped the key in the lock. I arrived to find the key gad been worked on by the neighbour who had made it impossible to remove, if they had left it as it was I could have removed the key saving them the cost of a new cylinder.. but at least I replaced the old cylinder for a antisnap burglar proof lock.

Clacton Opticians - 22/10/2020

Lockforce Clacton was called out on to help an opticians shop in the high st clacton when their door wouldn’t lock. It was a simple replacement of screw in cylinder, but it worked leaving them secure ...

Clacton Gym - 21/10/2020

Call came in asking for help with their pair of doors which they had lost the keys to. I arrived gained non evasive entry and changed the locks leaving them safe & secure.

Locked out in Clacton-on-Sea - 15/10/2020

Call came asking  for my help to get them back in their home after they had lost the key. I arrived to find a soaking wet lady and her husband who had been out for a walk, and got caught in the rain,  they had  retraced their steps to try and find the keys but could not find them. I gained non evasive entry and changed the locks on the front and rear doors so they could feel safe and secure, 

Clacton-On-Sea security worries - 10/10/2020

Call came in asking if we could send someone out to check out their home from a security point of view. I gladly made an appointment and turned up to give some free advice. the front door lock was fine but the rear patio door was in need of an upgrade cylinder for insurance purposes, which they agreed to do, the rest of the window and door locks were very secure. 

French door repair - 06/10/2020

Lockforce Clacton-on-Sea received  a call from regular Clacton property owners asking me to attend one of their rental properties as the french doors were not working. I arrived to find the mechanism had failed, and replaced it with a new one, I also serviced the doors mechanism and adjusted the hinges now the door is working as it should.

Clacton-on-Sea stormy day - 05/10/2020

Lockforce Clacton-on-Sea received a call early about a customer's door that had got caught in the wind and now will not shut.. We arrived to find the doors hinges had slightly bent, I managed to straighten them with a bit of effort, now working spot on again.. while I was there I serviced the mechanism and cleaned the door, one more very happy lockforce customer 

Clacton-on-Sea french door failure - 03/10/2020

Lockforce Clacton-on-Sea received  a rather panic stricken call. I’ve locked my dog in the conservatory and I have broken the key in the lock, I reassured her the dog will be ok and arrived in 20 mins, I picked the broken key out of the lock which was very worn... and let the dog out.. she agreed for me to change the cylinder as it was very old and worn, I changed the cylinder for her and gave her 5 keys, lots of spares for friends and family.

Clacton-on-Sea lock out - 24/09/2020

Lockforce Clacton-on-Sea recieved a call from a customer who have locked ourselves out of our bungalow can you come in about an hour’s time to open it for us, my question was why an hour , they were going shopping and were not going to be home until then .. I laughed and agreed to be there to help ... one hour later I had them indoors we all enjoyed a cuppa and a laugh.

Clacton mortice locks - 15/09/2020

Call came in asking if it was possible to take a look at a door that had 3 mortice locks fitted and the only set of keys were lost. Immediately I made an appointment to go over and help. Upon arrival they said they wanted new modern British standard locks, which is cool because that’s the only lock I will fit, after I had picked the doors locks open I fitted 3 modern 5 lever British standard mortice locks Insurance company approved, keeping them safe and secure.

Free advice for Clacton customers 07/09/2020

Lockforce Clacton CO15 received a call from an elderly customer that was worried about their security as the front door was  old, I arrived to find an older a PVC door which was surprisingly in good condition I did a slight adjustment on the hinges and cleaned and oiled the mechanism making sure the door was working well... the doors cylinder was worn and not antisnap, I advised on various cylinders and replaced with a 3star police and insurance company approved Ultion cylinder. Lockforce Keeping you safe&secure.

Composite door problems - 06/09/2020

Call came asking me to help with a problem door, I arrived to find a door they was very hard to close and lock, the bottom of the door was out of alignment making it hard for the hooks and cams to engage, I looked at the hinges and they were all ok looked under the door for obstruction nothing was visible... I was at the verge of saying the door must be warped when I decided to feel under the doors rubber seal one more time . Something caught my finger.. it was a screw wedged into the rubber seal not seen but sitting there so not allowing the door to close properly.. only a couple of millimetres but enough to stop door closing properly... screw removed door closing perfectly.

Composite door problems - 02/09/2020

Lockforce Clacton recieved a call on the 2/9 asking if I could help with their front door which had become stuck, I arrived to find the door was closed and would not open, after a few mins I managed to gain entry without damaging the door to find the mechanism had failed, I had a spare on my van which I replaced with the broken one so the door would work, after I had fitted the mechanism as well as cleaning and adjusting the door I left two more very happy customers.

Door not locking - 01/09/2020

Call came in from Manningtree CO11 customer on the 1st sep, HELP our front door will not lock... I arranged a meeting and when I arrived later that day I found a door that was open and incapable of closing.. the doors gearbox had failed , luckily enough it failed when it was open ( bigger problem if it had failed when closed) upon inspection it became clear that the problem was due to the door being massively out of alignment.. I replaced the doors gearbox and realigned the door so it worked smoothly in the frame.. leaving another very happy Lockforce customer.

Clacton emergency - 30/08/2020

The call came in on the 30th. We have broken a key in our lock and we can’t lock the door, Lockforce Clacton arrived to find it was a mortice lock key that was broken, the end of the key had broken off in the lock jamming the lock... I managed to take the lock out of the door open it up and take out the broken bit saving them a bit of money..... keeping you safe in a Clacton-on-Sea.

New home locks in Clacton - 11/08/2020

Lockforce locksmiths Clacton received a call from a gentleman enquiring about the price of changing the locks on he’s new property, I advised that it was very hard to guess what locks, level of security and what type of locks were needed. I told him I give free advice, and free quotations with no call out fees, we arranged a meeting the next day and I advised him on security and insurance needs. I showed him various cylinders and he chose the Ultions 3 star police and insurance approved locks. I duly fitted locks to four doors and left my customer happy safe and secure.

Hinge adjustment in Clacton - 08/080/2020

Lockforce Clacton received a call wanting us to look at their french doors that would not lock. I arrived to find the door had dropped .also the doors that had been fitted were 2nd hand, although 2nd Hand they were in good condition with good locks that were out of adjustment... after a few minutes we had them back working smoothly again, leaving some very happy customers.

Clacton steel door - 03/08/2020

Lockforce Clacton received a call from a property owner from Clacton enquiring about a steel door that had been broken into wanting to make it secure. I arrived and fitted a Steel hasp and a solid padlock to it, keeping It closed and secure.

Lockforce Clacton - 30/07/2020

Customer in Clacton wanted to know if it was possible to fit a secure lock to the side gate. We chatted about the reasons for the extra security and it turns out they have rabbits and are concerned about them being stolen. I asked about the gates height and what sort of fencing it had around the garden, it turns out they had a 5 ft fence all around and a metal see through gate. I said anyone could hop over the fence it’s not high enough so they decided to have a trellis fitted and use a chain and padlock on the gate.

Broken window lock in Clacton - 06/07/2020

Call came in rom a Clacton customer that could not lock the window.I arrived to find the windows locking mechanism had failed, I replaced the mechanism with a modern one and checked it was closing and locking properly, I was asked to check all other windows and door locks whilst I was there, I serviced both doors and cleaned and serviced the windows locking mechanisms, leaving a very happy Clacton customer

Lost keys in Clacton, CO15 - 01/07/2020

Call came in from a women worried about losing her keys. I arrived to find a distraught lady panicking about being burgled. I reassured her that after I had changed the locks for anti snap cylinders that no burglar get into her home with the locks that I was fitting. Reassured she relaxed and after a cuppa, left her feeling safe and secure

Lovely Clacton guy, CO10 - 25/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Clacton had a call from a guy in asking about prices for locks. Apparently he had a price for replacing the whole locking mechanism on the front door. The price was nearly 4 figures, and although the door was a lovely well made door he thought he may be able to save by calling lockforce. Well I agreed to have a look as I have no call out fees and I’m happy to give free quotations, I arrived to find the door had dropped, the cylinder was tired and the handles were worn and had no springs. I changed cylinder for an Ultion, one of the highest specified locks in the industry, replaced the handles and realigned the door with the frame, cleaned the door oiled the original mechanism. We had a chat about life in general with a cup of tea, put the world to rights and left him with an almost new door. One very happy Clacton very happy locksmith 

Redundant aircraft engineer in Clacton, CO15 - 23/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Clacton had a call from a guy saying he knows that the front door needed a new mechanism and wanted a price. Anyway I couldn’t give a price over the phone without knowing which mechanism was needed, I told him I am happy to come out and look at what’s needed and give free quotations and no call out fees. I arrived at his hone and took the  handles off the door to find that it was the spindle that’s was worn and the cylinder was failing. I replaced the cylinder and handles cleaned and oiled the mechanism adjusted the door so it sat square in the frame and there it was perfect as the customer says it was better than new and under half the previous price he had been quoted. We had a chat about his redundancy from his job as an aircraft engineer, hoping to cheer him up, well it worked he’s now feeling better and as he says much safer and a few hundred pounds better off. That’s why I love this job.

Failed mortice lock in Clacton, CO11 - 16/06/2020

The call came in from a customer who had a mortice sash lock had failed on customers workshop door. I managed to pick the doors lock to open it, the lock was a cheap import and had come apart.... seeing that there was lots of very expensive tools. I advised that the lock should be 5 lever 3 star British standard mortice lock... he agreed, and I cut the doors original mortice out to accommodate the larger sash lock. Once fitted my customer agreed that this was the best thing to have done ... leaving workshop door very safe and secure.

Lovely Clacton customer - 12/06/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Clacton had a call from a  customer saying that she had lost her key to the front door, and was worried about someone getting into her home.. she was at home not locked out, she only had one key left and was very worried. I turned up and changed the cylinder for an anti snap and 5 keys ... one for a neighbour and some for her grown up children.. one cup of tea a chat and one more very happy customer.

Locked out customer in Clacton - 03/06/20

A very panicking lady called because she had lost her key. I arrived opened to door and changed the lock for a new one .. now she does not have the worry about someone finding them and using them to enter her home .. leaving her safe and secure.

Locked out in Clacton-on-Sea, CO15 - 29/05/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Clacton received a call from a lady in a little distressed after locking herself out of her home. She couldn’t remember if she had keys with her or not when she went for a walk to the local shop. I opened the door for her and changed the cylinder with new keys just in case she had lost keys, we had a cuppa and a chat at distance, leaving her feeling safe and secure door neighbour said she’ll look in later and check she’s ok.. feeling good today.

Lock upgrades in Clacton, CO15 - 12/05/2020

I met a lovely couple this afternoon. I received a call to help upgrade all the locks on a bungalow to insurance standard, I arrived and at distance explained that none of the locks on the premises was insurance rated, I showed them the differences and gave them choices.. they agreed together that the Ultion was the locks they wanted.. I happily fitted locks and left them felling very safe and secure... 

NHS store room in Clacton-on-Sea - 06/05/2020

Lockforce had a call from a property maintenance company. They needed a new lock on a steel door for an NHS storeroom. I arrived to find an older style locking mechanism which was obsolete. I made various calls to my contact and it was a miracle. I received a call back saying someone had one that was never used from 18 years ago. It was posted to me within 2 days and I went back and fitted it. Saving the NHS hundreds of pounds for not having to replace the whole new locking system on a steel door.

Locked out in the rain in Clacton-on-sea, CO15 - 29/04/2020

Lockforce Locksmiths received a call to attend a lockout in Clacton. I arrived to find a lovely lady that had lost her keys to the house it was a Yale type lock which I opened for her. Carried her shopping in for her .. then changed the cylinder to the door just in case someone had stolen the keys from her bag when shopping.

Keys locked in car in Clacton-on-sea - 15/04/2020

I received a call from Clacton cO16 on the 15th. Elderly lady went shopping and slammed the boot of her car down after putting her shopping away then realising the car keys with the house keys were inside ,the doors automatically locked... she took a taxi home and her neighbour called lockforce to gain entry to her locked door to retrieve her spare car key,  I arrived picked the lock on her door and cut her another spare so she could leave it with her  neighbour, then took her back to Tesco’s to retrieve her car.. one very happy Clacton customer!

Locked out in Clacton-on-Sea - 14/03/2020

Lockforce received a very stressful call on Sunday morning. The call came from an man who has popped to the local shop for a newspaper on his mobility scooter and lost his key to the front door. I arrived to find one cold but relieved man .. I gained entry and changed the lock .. made a cup of tea for us both .. no charge for customer.

Stuck Patio doors - 03/03/2020

Lockforce received a call from desperate customer in Clacton-on-Sea asking if there’s anything I can do to help him with an aluminium sliding patio door which had been stuck closed for over a year. He has had 2 previous locksmiths that had looked at the door and said that it needed renewing because it was beyond repair, i arrived and managed to open the door and fixed the lock as well as servicing the whole system .. one very happy and relieved customer 

Patio door locked - 26th February 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Clacton received a call from a Clacton-on-Sea customer asking if I could help with a patio door which had become locked shut and would not open . I arrived within 30 minutes and got to work on the door .. after ten minutes I managed to open the door and repaired the lock , leaving another very happy customer. 

Another lock out - 18th February 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Clacton received a call from a customer that had lost her keys and was sitting in her car. I arrived within 20 mins and carefully opened doo. The lady had no spare keys so I offered to change lock for security. She agreed that would be the best action. Lock changed and spare keys handed over to one very happy lady.

Locked out in Clacton-on-Sea - 14th February 2020

Lockforce received a call from a very panicked lady  having closing the door behind herself. I arrived opened the door and had a nice cuppa with a lovely couple of elderly people.

Locked out in Clacton - 14th February 2020

Lockforce received a call from an elderly customers in Clacton-on-Sea. They went out for a walk and neither of them had remembered to take keys with them. After contacting their insurance company and waiting an hour and a half for a National locksmith to arrive they contacted me through google. I arrived within 30 mins and opened the door for them, two very happy customers... the national company was cancelled.

New door handles - 3rd Februrary 2020

Lockforce received a call from a customer in Clacton-on-Sea co15 on the 3rd of feb who enquired about changing their front door handles to make it easier to open and close door as they both are suffering with arthritis in the hands. I gave them two options and they agreed to have lever/lever handles fitted. I fitted the new handles and serviced the doors locking mechanism. Leaving my customers very happy.

Stuck and broken window locks - 29th January 2020

Lockforce Clacton received a call from a customer having problems locking and unlocking some of their windows... I had a look around and advised that all the windows  and doors could do with a service.... I cleaned and oiled the doors adjusted one to open and close smoothly, fitted 4 new window handles , and cleaned and oiled the others customers were over the moon when I had finished now that all the doors and windows were working like new.

Quotation to change all locks to BS - 27th January 2020.

Lockforce Clacton received a call today from a customer in Clacton-on-Sea asking if it was possible to change all locks on their doors to make them insurance compliant. I agreed and duly turned up have then my best advise and a written quotation.. which they were very happy with ..they cannot start the work until next months because it’s being rented until then.

Fire door stuck in Clacton - 14th January 2020

Lockforce Locksmiths Clacton received a call from customers in Clacton (co15) yesterday their fire door had become stuck.  I arrived to find someone had tried to open door after the lock was broken. I managed to open door and replace lock and new handles ..leaving customers safe and secure 

Repairing caravan door lock in Clacton - 31st October 2019

Customer called Lockforce Locksmiths Clacton as they urgently needed to have their caravan door lock sorted. I arrived and repaired the lock and replaced cylinder. One very happy pensioner - great guy, had a cuppa and left him happy. 

Which door??, CO15 - 17th October 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Clacton were called out to help a tenant who had an issue with a door that was sticking. I arrived, met the customer and sorted the front door so that it was running smooth. However as I was leaving the landlord turned up and said that it was the back door that needed to fixing. Well, I then went to the back door and found the handles were hanging off and the lock was stiff .it was a mess. I asked the tenant ..laughing, how did you not know that was the one, didn’t think came the reply. Anyway door handles and lock replaced. One happy tenant and one very happy landlord. 

Locked out in Clacton, CO15 - 10th August 2019

Lockforce Locksmiths Clacton-on-Sea were called out on Tuesday by a lovely elderly gent, he had closed the door and left the keys inside. I arrived, picked the lock and got him indoors quickly. We then spoke about not leaving keys in door lock and and he decided to change lock to thumb turn to ensure this did not happen again. I duly fitted one and left the customer very happy and safe.

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